Paranormal Phenomenon by Paul Phenomenon
The question in Karen Johnson's mind was whether she should confront her children, or not. She had first noticed a change in their interaction with each other the previous evening, but she didn't come to any definitive conclusions until after they had left for school that morning. Being alone allowed her to collect her thoughts and piece together what she believed was taking place.

Number one, she thought, something has happened that causes them to relate differently to each other. Two: the way Sherry looked at her brother this morning leaves no doubt she is in love with him, and not brother/sister love, either, but real honest-to-goodness, gut-wrenching, pussy-tweaking first love. Three: they're either fucking or soon will be. I know this as if I were able to read their minds, Karen thought. I know because I've been there. I know what Sherry is feeling. She sighed. My past is haunting me.

The question now was what should she do about this wrinkle in her family's status. She reviewed her options.

Confront them. Get them to admit their involvement and make them promise not to continue. Result: disaster. Oh, she could get them to make an admission. They're primarily good kids, she thought. They might start out lying, but ultimately they would come around to the truth. And, she continued, she could extract a promise to stop their incestuous relationship. But they won't; they can't. I would not have stopped fucking Joey. I loved him too much. Joey would have tried to resist more than me, but I would have broken his resolve. Promises aside, if the kids are in love, and all evidence points to that end, they won't stop loving each other, wanting each other, because I make them promise otherwise.

Do nothing. Result: disaster. First, Sherry will get pregnant. I did; so will she. At the very least I must take Sherry to a doctor and get her some birth control. Can I do this without confronting her? I think so; I'll merely tell her it was a promise I made to myself when she was born to protect her future. Embellish that with some motherly advice. Next. They're both feeling guilty - probably. The incest taboo is strong and unforgiving, and guilt is destructive. I don't want them to have serious mental difficulties now or in the future. I don't know how to deal with this unless I confront them. She hesitated. I'll figure that out later. I hope. She sighed and shook her head.

Consult with my husband. Result: disaster. No, mega-disaster. I can understand what the kids are feeling, how exciting and important their newfound relationship is to them, especially for Sherry. But Steve would become a raving maniac. He'd put a guilt trip on them they would never recover from. The problem with avoiding this option is that he's likely to discover what's happening anyway. If that happens, it happens. I'll deal with it then and hide my pre-knowledge. He can't know I knew about this and didn't discuss it with him.

Confront one of them. Result: disaster. If I confront one of them so I can openly help them and keep them from making mistakes that will create serious problems, the one I confront will just tell the other one. This option merely takes me back to the first option.

She reached for and dialed the phone. "Hello, I need to make an appointment for my daughter... No, she's not sick. I want to get her on birth control pills... Yes. Her name is Sherry Johnson. She had her first period over three years ago, but she hasn't seen Dr. Hanson since... What?... Oh, she's fifteen, nearly sixteen... I don't know... That's immaterial. Whether she's sexually active or not is beside the point. I promised myself when she was born I would help her when the time came. It's that time... No, that's not good enough. How about tomorrow?... Okay, five o'clock is fine."

They've been fucking, Karen decided. I can smell them. "Where's Adam?" she asked her daughter. She had just returned from grocery shopping. This was the first time she had seen either child since they had rushed away for school that morning.

"He came and left," Sherry replied. Boy oh boy, did he come, she thought. He came and came and came. She giggled silently. So did I.

"Where did he go?"

"I'm not sure. Something about a paper he's doing about the Juvenile Court."

"I'm glad we have a few minutes alone to..."

Mother and daughter talked. Sherry was delighted with her doctor's appointment the next day. The timing was propitious, and her mother's enlightened attitude thrilled her. At the end of their conversation, they hugged each other and promised to continue communicating with each other - a white lie from both participants.

Later when Adam entered her room, Sherry jumped up to kiss him, but backed away when she noted his pale expression.

"She knows," Adam said. "Mother knows about us."

"She can't! How..."

"Take my word for it; she knows. You had a mother/daughter talk today didn't you? What happened?"

"She made an appointment with Dr. Hanson for me. She's going... Damn it, you're right; she knows! She's putting me on the pill tomorrow. How did she find out? What are we going to do? Oh, Adam, this is terrible."

"Maybe not," Adam said. "Let's wait and see if she tells Dad. If she doesn't, we might have an ally."

"Oh God, if she tells Dad, he'll kill you; he kill us both!"

"Not likely, Dad isn't the violent type, but life around the Johnson household won't be pleasant if he finds out."

"Hold me, Adam," she said as she slipped into her brother's arms. "I'm frightened. I'm not frightened because she knows. I'm frightened because I might lose you."

"You can't lose me, Sherry. I love you. I'll always be here for you."

It was two stressful hours before Adam could be alone with his mother. He had decided an open discussion with her was the best option he had. If she wasn't going to be an ally, he needed to know now, not later. If she were on the fence, Adam wanted the opportunity to tip her in his and his sister's direction.

"Are you going to tell Dad?" Adam asked her bluntly.

'Damn. I swear that boy reads minds.' "Tell your Dad what?"

"Please, Mother. Let's not play games. Are you going to tell him or not?"

She hesitated, and then said softly, "No."

Adam's shoulders dropped with relief. "Good. Sherry and I love each other, you know. This isn't casual teen-age experimentation."

"Yes, I know. I could see love in Sherry's face this morning. For what it's worth I'm glad you feel the same way. What do you plan to do to protect yourself? Sherry is going on the pill tomorrow, which will solve one problem, just one of many, unfortunately. If your father finds out what the two of you are doing, I can't predict his behavior, but I do know he won't be understanding or nice about it. And, that's just the beginning. What about your friends and Sherry's friends? This is not like a normal crush, a situation you can be open about. There are laws, Adam. Laws zealously guarded and exploited by supposedly well-meaning bureaucrats. I could lose the two of you to the systems enforcing those laws, and if it were determined I knew of your actions and did nothing to stop it, I could be liable. I could be prosecuted, even jailed. That's not likely; I don't mean to scare you, and I'm not telling you this to make you feel guilty about what you and Sherry are doing. But a good, large dose of reality is needed right now."

Adam gulped. He had not considered all the ramifications. "I understand now, Mom. We've let our passion for each other do the thinking for us." He smiled. "Love does that to people, I suspect. I'll talk with Sherry. We'll be careful, very careful. I love you, Mom. A lot." He hugged her close.

'They might be all right, ' she thought. 'With my help, they might make it.'

"How do you know these things, Adam," Erica Anderson asked. They sat together eating their lunches in the shade of a tree.

"I really don't understand how it works, but I guess I'm a little psychic. When I touched your diary, for some reason I knew what your parents were doing to you. Please, Erica. Don't tell anyone. Everyone already believes I'm weird. I don't want them to add crazier-than-a-bed-bug to their list of adjectives when they talk about me."

"No problem. By now, you know I can keep a secret. How's the project coming?"

Adam had named his plans to help the girl 'The Project'. Erica had picked up and now used the expression.

"Well, we know your dad is pedophile. I've been able to isolate two of his most recent conquests. And your parents belong to a loose group of like-minded perverts - sort of an S and M club. Erica, there's something I don't quite understand. You're really too old to attract a man who lusts after pre-pubescent girls, why..."

"My parents keep me around as a subject for their sadistic games, Adam. My father might prefer little girls, but his preference doesn't stop him from raping me when he gets the urge. And Mother is more sadistic than Dad. She's really the one who doesn't want to let me go; she enjoys the pain she inflicts on me. They also realize I know a lot about them and their sick activities. They maintain their control over me not only for their perverted pleasures but also to protect themselves and their phony reputations."

"That's about the way I had the situation pegged. To answer your question, I need a little more information, but I think we'll be able to kick off The Project next week."

"That soon! That's great, Adam!"

The boy was amazed at the transformation that had taken place in Erica over the past week. At first, she had been extremely timid, too frightened to discuss her situation. Her parents had conditioned her to maintain absolute silence regarding their activities, but when she realized Adam knew nearly everything her parents had done and were still doing to her, she opened up to him. She had rediscovered hope, could finally see a possible future without pain.

"I need you to do something for me," Adam said.

"If I can," she replied.

"Bring me two objects or possessions, objects like your diary, but held in importance by your parents - something personal from each parent."

"How long will you need them? Will I be able to return them?"

"Oh yes. I only want to touch the objects like I did your diary. I want to see if I can learn more about each of them like I did with you. You'll be able to return the objects right after I touch them."

The involuntary trip to the dark room and strobe-like images each time Adam touched someone's personal object had nearly driven Adam bonkers until he learned to take the trip only when he wanted to know something about the person involved.

Erica nodded. "Dad has a pipe collection. Would one of his pipes be all right?"

"I don't know; I'm new at this, but I think one of his pipes would be as good as anything."

"And mother wears gobs of costume jewelry. I don't think she would miss a necklace or something like that for a day. When do you want them?"



As Adam gathered his lunch litter, he noticed Janet and Cindy strolling by on the sidewalk about forty feet from the tree. Janet waved to him. I smell trouble, Adam thought as he waved back. He wondered how long it would take for the gossip the two girls were certain to generate to get back to Sherry. He had not told his sister about The Project or his daily meetings with Erica.

The grape vine moved faster than expected. When Adam entered his home after school, Sherry's expression told the story. He didn't need to read her thoughts to know Janet had enjoyed gossiping to Sherry about his tryst with Erica.

"We need to talk," Sherry said coldly.

"Yes, but privately. Let's take a walk." Adam had picked up the thoughts of his parents emanating from the patio.

They strolled silently, finally entering a park about a mile from their home. During the walk, Adam listened in on Sherry's thoughts. The girl was struggling with jealousy and was frustrated because she didn't know whether she should even be jealous. Mostly she was hurt because Adam obviously had something going with Erica Anderson and had not mentioned anything to her. Because he had been silent about Erica, Sherry had conjured all kinds of lurid circumstances. In her imagination, Sherry envisioned Adam fucking Erica, and that frightened her. She didn't consider herself as worldly or as beautiful as Erica. She thought she might lose Adam to Erica's charms and was terrified of that possibility. Also, Sherry had no doubts Erica had been the girl Adam had told her about the day they became lovers.

'The slut stripped for him! She shoved her big tits in his face and then her pussy. If she tries to take my Adam from me, I'll give her a fight. She won't know what hit her. I'll pound sand into her nasty cunt. She'll need a rotor-rooter to clean herself out.'

Adam pulled Sherry into a thicket of trees. When they were hidden from nosy eyes, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. Angry and hurt, Sherry initially remained stiff, tried not to yield to her loving nature. Finally she couldn't resist her brother's lips, and returned his kiss with passion.

"Damn you, Adam Johnson," She whispered between kisses.

Adam stepped back but held both her hands in his. He smiled. "Let's talk."

"Don't be so smug. I love you, but you've got some explaining to do. Tell me about Erica Anderson. She's the bitch you got naked and played nasty with isn't she?"


'No. How can that be? Adam doesn't lie. I can't ever remember him lying to me, or anyone for that matter.'

"Erica and I are just friends. I'm helping her with a problem she has, a serious problem. I don't love Erica, I love you, Sherry, only you."

"Then who was the..."

"Janet Hemming. She came to visit you one afternoon, a day you had to stay after school in detention. One thing led to another and we ended up playing the sexual games I told you about. I don't love her; she doesn't love me. In fact, I think she prefers you to me."

'Janet! That bitch! Wait! How does Adam know about Janet and me? She must have told him. I'll cripple the slut! I swear she'll be sorry she ever knew me! I'll maim her and... '

"No, Janet didn't tell me about the two of you. You both make a lot of noise when you climax." Adam chortled. "Frankly, thinking about the two of you making love makes me hot."

"I haven't been with her, Adam, not since..." 'He probably thinks I'm lez - at the very least, a real slut.'

"Neither have I, and frankly that's a problem. We've merely ignored her, and ignoring her will only make her angry and suspicious. We both need to break off with her in a manner to stop any ideas drifting into her head that you and I have excluded her because of a relationship between us. And by the way, you're neither a lesbian nor a slut. You just like sex. That's one of many things I love about you."

'How did he... I swear my brother can read my mind.'

"Precisely," Adam said. "I can read your mind." Adam had decided it wouldn't be right to continue to keep secrets from Sherry. Secrets could be destructive. Witness his meetings with Erica. He hoped Sherry would still love him after his confession, but it was a chance he had to take.

Sherry's mouth had dropped open. Adam pulled her back into his arms and covered her open mouth with his kisses. When he released her, he said softly, "I've a lot to tell you, Sherry, but before we continue our talk I want to make love with you. I need you a lot, and I need you right now. You see, I not only can read your thoughts, I can feel what your feeling. I can literally experience the sensations you feel in your body and the emotions rambling through your mind. When I join with you, it's as if I am you. Right now, I can feel your arousal. It started again when I kissed you. It increased when I told you I wanted to make love with you. Your cunt is getting wet, preparing itself for me. And your nipples have stiffened."

He pulled Sherry down on the grass with him, and they quickly eliminated their clothes. As he touched her he told her what she was feeling. He described how her cunt felt when he entered her. When they moved against each other, he told her how he had discovered all the little hot spots in and around her cunt with his tongue and his cock. He described further how he joined with her, became one with her. He told her so she believed him that when they climaxed together he literally experienced her orgasm along with his own. As brother and sister made love, Adam also repeated her thoughts as she thought them so when the siblings finally fell back onto the grass exhausted Sherry knew about most of Adam's unique abilities.

After he had recovered slightly, Adam turned to her. He could see tears in her eyes glistening in the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees. "Don't be sad," Adam whispered. "I feel your sadness as much as your passion."

"I can't help it, Adam." She sniffed. "I can't feel how you feel. I can't do what you do. I can only feel me, what I'm feeling. It's not fair. I want to feel what you feel, and I can't."

"Do you still love me," Adam asked.

Sherry wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. "Oh yes, Adam, you are my one true love. I love you more than before. I know now that you truly need me. Without me, Adam, these things you can do would someday drive you insane. Doesn't it frighten you to be so different from every other person in the world? I feel so close to you now I could cry. I love you, and suddenly I have a purpose besides merely loving you. You're going to need me every day for the rest of your life to help you maintain your sanity. I promise I'll be there for you."

The couple made love again then, and Sherry asked him describe his feelings, not hers, but she soon realized he preferred hers to his and let it happen that way.

"I know you're frustrated," Adam said.

"Yes, I know you know," Sherry replied. "And that's the problem. My inner thoughts are supposed to be mine; thoughts are supposed to be private! Now I know you hear them I have no way to talk to myself, not without you listening in. I've lost my privacy, Adam. Of course, I'm frustrated."

"I do have some control. I can tone your thoughts down so they're mere background noise. Until I gained an ability to be selective about whose thoughts I wanted to hear, the cacophony caused by thoughts bouncing around in the heads of everyone around me nearly drove me crazy."

"You mean you don't hear everything I'm thinking?"

Adam grinned. "Just about. Whenever you're around I want to listen in. I started to fall in love with you from the beginning because your thoughts were interesting; your thoughts have their own sense of humor, vivid, more expressive than when you speak. You have an ability to concentrate better than most people so your thoughts almost always make sense. You'd be surprise how disorganized most individuals are when it comes to their thinking processes. Also, you are honest with yourself. Many people lie to themselves a lot. That always bothered me. Lying to oneself is to my mind counterproductive. But to answer your question, no I don't hear every thought you have, even when we're in close proximity. And, if you get about a mile from me, the reception becomes so weak, I tune you out."

'Shit! I thought he had to see me to read my thoughts. That means this morning when I was in the shower he... ! Shit! Shit! Shit!'

"Don't worry about it," Adam said and laughed. "I told you before that thinking about you making love with another girl makes me hot, especially when the other girl is Erica. Why do you think I grabbed you as soon as you left the bathroom?"

"Shit!" she exclaimed out loud. Blushing vividly, she started to stomp away.

"Come back here, Sherry Johnson," Adam said sternly. "I think I can make you more comfortable, but that will require a discussion."

She hesitated and then suddenly turned and rushed back to him. He noted tears had watered her eyes. She cuddled up to him and kissed him. "I'm sorry, Adam. I'm supposed to be supporting you and your damned abilities, not causing you problems." She giggled. "Do you want to spank me? Make my bottom pink?"

"No. Admitting you're wrong is punishment enough. Although a view of your bottom is intriguing, pink or not. Returning to your dilemma. You feel as if you have lost your privacy. Is that correct?"

She nodded her head and kissed him again. "But that's okay. I can learn to live with it."

"But you don't need to, Sherry. Have I ever lied to you?"


"Okay. Here's my promise to you. If you ever want privacy, don't want me to read your thoughts, just tell me with your thoughts. Think to yourself a set of keywords like 'I want some privacy.' I promise I will tune you out until you think, 'It's okay now, Adam, ' or something like that. There is a caveat. I won't tune you completely out, not ever. That's for your own safety and my peace of mind. If you ever get in any trouble or are threatened in any way, I will know it and hopefully be able to do something about it. I've been doing this for over a year, and it's now a habit I don't think I can break. I do the same with Mom and Dad."

Sherry grinned. "Cool. Okay my key thoughts will be 'Privacy please' and 'Okay to listen'."

"Deal, let's seal it with kiss." During the kiss, Adam heard her thoughts say, 'Privacy please.' After the kiss her thoughts said, 'Okay to listen.'

Sherry grinned. "I kept my eyes opened when we were kissing; I watched you carefully. You're either an accomplished actor or you kept your promise and the keywords worked. If you had heard my thoughts between the two sets of keywords, you would have been shocked. You weren't, so... Thanks, Adam. I feel better already."

Adam had started to tune her out with her command, but stopped as the thought developed.

'I want both of us to fuck Mom at the same time, ' she had thought. Adam wasn't shocked because he already knew this was one of Sherry's hottest fantasies. Frankly, he had the same fantasy. Interesting, he thought. I wonder which of her children should seduce her first and then have the other join them. Oh well, it's merely a fantasy. On the other hand he believed his mother would probably enjoy the threesome. She had had a girlfriend join her and Joey once and she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. Que sara, sara.


"I agree. Mom and Dad won't be home for a while. Let's go, as you put it, fuck our brains out."

'Mind reading can also be an asset, ' Sherry decided with a giggle and started to shuck her clothes.

"Just a minute. I'll be right back," Adam said. He reentered the room a few seconds later carrying a tube of KY Jelly he had retrieved from his mother's nightstand. "I want to try something new."

"I don't need that stuff, Adam. I only need to think about you and your beautiful cock, and my cunt gets so wet I drip."

"This isn't for your pussy, Sherry," he said with a grin. "You have another cherry I'd like to pluck. Are you game?"

"You mean..." 'God, that's nasty. Sexy too.'

Adam's grinned widened after reading her thoughts. "It can't hurt too much. Remember, I'll be feeling what you feel. If it hurts too much, I'll lose my erection. Lay on your belly and I'll get you ready. I've research the process. There's a right way and wrong way to do this. I understand the right way is a lot of fun."

Sherry complied, spread her legs and looked back at her brother with lust in her eyes. After Adam had removed his clothes he started licking her ankles and moving up her legs. Soon he had his tongue pushed up as far as it would go into her cunt. He then spread her cheeks and tongued the crease of her delectable bottom from her cunt to her waist.

"That is so nasty, Adam. I love it. I love it when you get nasty with me. Yes!" she exclaimed when she felt his tongue flicking in and around her pucker. "That can't taste very good, but don't stop!"

Soon her sphincter was soaked with his spittle, and Adam pulled her up so the girl was on her hands and knees. He spread the jelly over one finger and slowly inserted it into her ass while he played with her cunt and clitoris with his other hand. Soon he inserted another finger.

"It feels strange, but I like it, Adam. But then you know that don't you?"

"I think you're ready."

"Oh yes, I'm ready. Put your beautiful cock in my ass, Adam. Ass fuck me, big brother!"

His jelly-covered cock slipped through her sphincter, and Adam felt the slight pain Sherry experienced. He waited a moment then pressed forward slowly. It took him over a minute before he had his cock fully seated inside her.

As Adam pushed into her, Sherry pushed back aiding the deepest penetration possible. She liked the sensation, Adam knew, and would be happy to be ass fucked any time he wanted. Their fucking rhythm increased, and soon he was pounding against the cheeks of her ass so forcefully she rocked with each impact.

"Come in me, Adam. Squirt your stuff up my ass. Take my anal cherry." She reached between her legs and grasped her clitoris between her thumb and first finger. When he pounded into her, she pulled on her clit, jacked it off as if it were a cock.

When her orgasm started, Adam joined her and shot gob after gob of semen deep in her bowels. Their orgasms were very intense, caused by experiencing a new way to make love, Adam decided. Finally they both collapsed onto the bed.

While Adam was still recovering, Sherry rose and ran warm water over a washcloth. Returning to the bed, she bathed Adam's cock. 'We still have some time, ' she thought. 'Now I want you in my cunt.' She bent and slipped his soft cock into her mouth. She discovered she loved sucking on a soft cock. She enjoyed the power she felt by changing it from its floppy, flaccid state to a demanding hard-on, sticking straight into the air. Her efforts produced the desired result as she felt it start to swell. Soon Adam's cock was hard and throbbing and Sherry straddled him. His cock slid in her easily. As she had predicted, her cunt was so wet it was dripping.

While she was still riding him, Adam heard the thoughts of his parents as their car turned the corner up the street. "The parents are coming, Sherry."

"So am I."

She did and so did Adam.

'The kids are probably upstairs fucking, ' Adam's mother thought as she and her husband entered the house. 'I'll delay their father downstairs until they get themselves together.'

Adam was pleased he and his sister had an ally.


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