Psychometry is a handy tool, Adam decided after holding Erica's father's pipe and her mother's necklace Erica in his hand.

"Do you remember your mother taking photographs of you when your father raped you the first time?" Adam asked.

"Vaguely. I was so terrified I don't remember much except the pain. I still remember the pain."

'It hurt at first every time he raped me. I was always dry, never prepared for the invasion of his prick. But later, after he had stretched me - I'm so ashamed. After the initial pain went away, it started to feel good. He made me come sometimes. I didn't want to like it, any of it. But when I came I - I just hate myself. I came and I liked it!'

"Your daddy has a cache of photographs and videos starring your parents and the little girls they have molested over the years. His pipe told me where they're hidden. Between conquests your parents watch the videos. That's when he rapes you now, Erica. Watching the videos excites him, and he rapes you because no little girls are available for him to molest. Your mother is more violent than your father. She thrives on pain. Your grandfather first molested your mother at the age of six. I almost felt sorry for her until images of her beating children nearly to death flashed in front of me."

Adam leaned back against the tree. "I need to ask some hard questions now, Erica. Please answer me as truthfully as you can, okay?"

She nodded.

"How do you feel about your parents being arrested and prosecuted for sexually molesting and abusing children, including you? With the videos, we can put them in jail for a long time. But because your dad is a judge, the publicity will be huge, and unfortunately, you will be as infamous as your parents. Is this what you want?"

"What I want Adam is to feel safe, to be free from their abuse. If that's what it takes, somehow I'll handle whatever happens."

"Social Services will separate you from your parents and place you in a foster home. Frankly, I don't believe you'll be safe in foster care. There's no question your parents will be released on bail. If they're determined to exact revenge on you, they'll be able to find you and get at you."

'I'll never be free! Not until I'm dead! Maybe that's the only answer, ' her thoughts cried out.

"Because of the additional pain their arrest and prosecution will cause you," Adam continued, "but mostly because they could harm you while they are free on bail, I don't recommend this approach."

"What do you recommend then?"

'Dear God, I hope he has a solution. If he doesn't I'll kill myself. I'll have no other option.'

"I need to ask another question first. Are you willing to disappear? I don't mean hide out for a little while. You'll need to leave this city and take on an entirely new identity. You will be permanently cutoff from everyone you know. Your new identity will be manufactured, and you will never be able to be Erica Anderson again. Can you live with this or not?"

'Yes!' Adam heard her thoughts exclaim. "Oh yes, Adam, I'd be happy to disappear," she repeated aloud. "I'm so isolated now, disappearing from my current painful existence will cause me no hardships. My parents purposefully cut out all extended family ties. I have no one close to me. I have no close friends, save you. Adam, I've actually dreamed of becoming someone else, someone who enjoyed life, and someone who looked forward to each new day. If you can help me disappear, let's do it. What's the plan?"

Adam grinned. "You're going to be kidnapped."

"What? Kidnapped?"

"Here's my plan," Adam said. "We'll need to crack your father's safe, which will be easy; touching his pipe gave me the combination. We'll need the cash money he's hoarded and keeps in the safe. Discovering the money was the final key to the success of The Project. Your father thinks of it as his 'get away' money should he ever need to disappear to avoid prosecution. We'll use it to help you disappear. There's enough money to take care of you until you can take care of yourself. You must promise you'll get some therapy with some of the money. Your scars aren't just physical. The trauma exacted on your mind will require professional help."

"I couldn't agree more, Adam. I promise." The girl was shaking with excitement. She could see the end of the reign of terror from her sick parents.

"We'll also need the photographs and videos he keeps in the safe. But first, we'll need a vehicle, one that can't be traced. I have an idea about how this can be done. Then we'll..."

Adam laid out his plan over the next fifteen minutes. "What do you think?" he asked Erica when he was finished.

"Yes! I like it. I like it a lot. Adam, I could kiss you."

In fact she did kiss him.

She kissed him just as Janet walked by.

Adam grinned. It was time to bring Sherry into The Project. He and Erica needed some help, and Sherry was a perfect participant for some of the tasks required.

"Well, Adam's a red-blooded, all-American boy, Janet," Sherry said on the telephone. "If Erica Anderson is his girl friend, I think that's a real coup for my brother. Listen, I've got to go. Yes, real soon. Bye."

Sherry turned to her brother. "I see what you mean about Janet, Adam. She's pestering me to be with her again. God, what a gossip she is. Yak, yak, yak. Where were we? Oh yes. Let's see. You feel not only other people's emotions and sensations and hear their thoughts, now you tell me you can see a slide show of the highlights of an individual's life if you touch an object that is personal to them. Is that it? What other tidbits about your amazing talents haven't you told me?"

Adam grinned shyly. "It's just starting, and I'm not very good at it. In fact, I don't know if it will develop any further. Have you heard of psychokinesis?"

"Isn't it the scientific term for bending a spoon with your mind, or something like that?"

"Yes, but I certainly can't bend anything. I did move a pencil across my desk today, but the effort wore me out. If moving an object wipes me out every time I try, I'll probably just quit trying."

"Just call me Lois Lane. I'm in love with Superman."

Adam laughed. "No way. I don't own a cape."

"Good, I'd rather be Adam's Eve, a bawdy broad I hear. The apple was a metaphor for a pussy, you know. The first recorded instance of cunnilingus happened when Adam wrapped his mouth around that apple and destroyed innocence. Speaking of cunnilingus, my cunny needs a little attention; after all it's been nearly an hour."

"You're incorrigible. Well, you know about Erica, and you've heard my plan. Will you help us?"

"Certainly. Wild horses couldn't stop me." 'Silly expression. Wild horses are so rare today they couldn't stop anything. A horse cock, now that's a different matter all together. Oops. Sorry if I got too nasty, Adam. I forgot to say the keywords.'

"You could never get too nasty for me, Sherry. Get dressed. Let's find Mom and have a talk with her. We'll need her help. And Mom is the person to recruit Cousin Eleanor."

"Shucks. I hate clothes. Mom won't mind me in the altogether."

"Get dressed or I'll make your bottom pink."

"Promises, promises."

"Why can't the two of you get involved in small problems, keep life simple?" Karen Johnson asked her children while shaking her head.

"Will you help?" Adam asked. He already knew the answer. Her thoughts beyond her words let the boy know she was proud of him and would help in any way she could.

"Of course. That poor girl deserves a chance at a normal life with all the suffering she has experienced. I do, however, suggest a small change in your plan. I think your father should be recruited to acquire the vehicle. And, you'll need more that one."

"Are you sure, Mom?" Adam asked.

"Yes. Borrowing, as you put it, a van from the Bolton Motors lot is too big a risk. I understand why you need an untraceable vehicle, but why take the risk of being caught with a stolen van. Your father will help us. I don't know anyone who hates the thought of a child being molested more than Steve Johnson."

"Okay. Will you talk to him or do you want me to tell him the story and lay out our plan?"

"I'll talk to him. Consider that element of your plan taken care of. And I'll recruit Eleanor. Hand me the telephone behind you, Sherry."

Eleanor was actually Adam and Sherry's second cousin. She was the youngest child of Karen's mother's sister. The woman lived in Phoenix, Arizona, and ran an underground shelter for battered women and children.

"... Thanks, Eleanor. We'll keep you informed. Adam might call to discuss details instead of me. Just be aware I'm fully involved and approve. Okay. Bye now." Karen smiled. "Eleanor is on board."

Adam had hoped Eleanor would take Erica in without question. Like the A-Team, I love it when a good plan comes together, the boy thought with a grin.

Adam's father drove the black van onto the driveway at the side of Judge Anderson's house. Adam followed Sherry to the back door; each of them carried an overnight bag and wore surgical gloves. Steve and Karen Johnson remained in the van. The back door opened as Adam and Sherry arrived and the pair followed Erica inside.

"I'll open the safe. You two start the blood flowing," Adam said.

The Internet had provided methodology about how blood is taken, and Sherry had actually given blood at the blood bank to make certain she understood the process. While at the blood bank with Sherry, Adam had read a few minds and surreptitiously acquired the paraphernalia needed to take Erica's blood. It would appear that violence had occurred in the Anderson household that night.

Inside the safe Adam found the photographs, videos and money he expected. The addition of an address book was a surprise, probably a recent addition to the safe, Adam deduced. And a good surprise it was. Adam recognized a few of the names. They were members of the S&M club the Anderson's had joined. He left the safe open after it was empty. Erica's blood was needed to make it appear the kidnappers had forced the combination from the girl. Although her parents didn't believe she had the combination, there was no way for them to be certain.

Back in Erica's bedroom, Adam noted the bag was nearly full with Erica's blood when Sherry removed the needle from Erica's arm and pressed a gauze pad over the tiny wound. Erica flexed her arm while holding the pad in place.

"As planned I held out $10,000 to defray expenses and pay for your new identity papers," he said and placed the open suitcase containing the rest of the money - over $50,000 - on Erica's bed. "This should take care of you until you can take care of yourself." He transferred the photographs, videos and address book to the other overnight case, and removed the tire iron. "Get packed, and remember, only one change of clothes and nothing that would be missing if you were truly abducted."

Erica reached for a small pile of clothing she had already set aside and placed it in the bag with the money. She grinned mischievously. "There. I'm packed. What's next?"

"Now, let's have some fun and trash this place," Adam said with a grin.

Erica had asked to splash her blood on the walls and furniture in the room with the safe, but Adam had declined her request. He didn't want any blood on Erica when she arrived at the airport; Sherry was assigned that task. Adam grinned as he watched Erica break up some furniture. Breaking things will dampen the stress she's felling, he thought as he felt her anger dissipate with each swing of the fireplace poker. When the threesome exited the house, Adam ripped into the doorjamb of the rear door with the tire iron, breaking the lock.

Soon the van pulled up at the back of a motel just off the Interstate midway between the Anderson house and the airport. Adam's mother had rented the room earlier in the day, paying cash and using an assumed name. She had purchased the airline ticket the same way. Adam and the two ladies entered the room, and Steve Johnson drove away to return the van to Bolton Motors. His part in The Project was finished.

Karen, Sherry and Erica moved immediately into the bathroom. Adam's plan required Erica to find out if blonds with short hair really do have more fun. She'd also discover if boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses, albeit the glasses contained clear lenses. Adam had calculated dark glasses at night might attract attention, the opposite effect they desired. He also had insisted Erica travel in baggy, frumpy clothes to hide her outstanding body.

A little under an hour later, the women emerged from the bathroom. Damn, Adam thought. Even as a blond with a pageboy cut she's still gorgeous, but I don't believe anyone will recognize her unless the person knows her well and is up close and personal.

Adam's mother had wanted to drop Erica off at the airport, but Adam felt this was the most dangerous point in the plan and insisted the job was his and his alone.

"Time to go to the airport; do you have your ticket?" He asked Erica.

"Yes," she said and turned to Sherry and Karen. "I don't know how to thank you. I know I'll be grateful to all of you for the rest of my life."

"That's why were here," Sherry said. "So you could have the rest of your life."

"Eleanor will meet you at the airport in Phoenix as you exit the plane," Adam's mother said. "You have Eleanor's photo and Adam emailed one of you to her and described how you planned to alter your appearance. If for some reason the two of you don't connect, you have her phone number. You'll be safe with her, Erica. Helping women and children like you is what Eleanor does."

Sherry and her mother took turns hugging Erica and saying their goodbyes. Bittersweet tears flowed.

Finally Adam guided Erica to another car from Bolton Motors his father had acquired for the night. Sherry and Karen drove off in the family car.

"As planned," Adam said as they traveled down the Interstate, "I won't be able to go into the terminal with you. I'll drop you off at the departure gate for Southwest Airlines. Don't check your bag; carry it onto the plane with you. Check in and get your boarding pass, and then stay in a stall in the ladies room until just before boarding."

"I know what I need to do Adam. We've gone over it enough times I have it memorized."

"Sorry, I guess I'm a little nervous."

"You have a right to be a lot nervous. Tell me, Adam, why did you and your family do this for me? You hardly know me."

"Because I believed it was the right thing to do. That's why my parents and sister helped too, Erica. Don't try to look for ulterior motives. We all helped you merely because it was the right thing to do."

'Should I tell him?' she thought. 'No. I'm in love with him, but... Damn! It's obvious to me he's in love with Sherry, and his sister is in love with him. Society might frown on their relationship, but I don't. I wish them happiness.'

"You're a good friend, Adam Johnson. Will I ever see you again?"

"Of course. Sherry and I are planning a trip to Phoenix this summer," he said as he pulled up to the curb at the departure gate.

"Really? Oh, Adam, you don't know how happy that makes me." She leaned across the seat and wrapped her arms around him. "I love you, Adam Johnson. You're the only person I have ever loved. You're like a brother to me." She kissed him, and no one would consider it a brotherly kiss. It was one of the most thorough, toe-curling kisses Adam had ever experienced.

Erica hopped from the car with her bag, turned and said, "I'll see you this summer. Tell everyone thanks again for me for all they did." She turned and disappeared in the crowd.

Phase One complete, Adam thought. Now to implement Phase Two.

Abbot and Costello, Adam thought as he watched the two detectives enter the living room with his mother. Adam immediately typecast the pair. The tall skinny one must play the good cop; he has a pleasant face. The stubby fat one who looks like a bulldog could play nothing but a bad cop. As it turned out, the boy guessed wrong. The tall one hated his job, his frumpy wife and life in general. The bulldog took everything in stride, happy with his lot in life.

They questioned him about Erica and their relationship. Yes, he knew the girl. Yes, they had been eating lunches together for about a week. Yes, they had kissed, but that was all. No, they had never been on a date. Adam answered their questions truthfully and told them nothing. When they left, Adam didn't believe they would return.

Adam had decided not to send a ransom note. A note would attract the FBI. They might eventually get involved without the note, but their absence during the early stages of Erica's disappearance improved the probability for the ultimate success of The Project.

The newspapers and television made Erica's disappearance news because of her relationship with Judge Anderson. The stories assumed a robbery had gone bad, and Erica had been beaten or more likely murdered by the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime.

Adam had originally wanted to blackmail the Andersons for every dime they had so they wouldn't have the funds for bail or a shyster defense attorney when they were exposed as child molesters. After watching just part of one video, Adam's father talked the boy out of that approach. He feared for his son's life should Adam attempt a blackmail scheme.

A week later Adam used FedEx to mail Erica the papers needed to prove her new identity. Her new name was Helen Reed. Driver's license, social security card, a usable Visa credit card, and transcripts from a high school in another state so she could enroll and finish her high school education in Phoenix made the package bulge. Mailing new identity papers was the first step in Phase Two. The next step soon followed.

The Johnson family sat with rapt attention in front of the television for the afternoon news broadcasts. The Anderson's had been arrested that afternoon. Adam and Sherry cheered as they watched Erica's sick, perverted parents try to hide their faces from the news media's cameras.

During the week the story became larger. Search warrants for the homes of the membership roll of the S&M club found in the address book Adam had taken from Judge Anderson's safe produced more evidence and more arrests. The authorities added white slavery to the charges when they determined some of the members of the club had adducted children and sold them to pedophiles around the world. The information Adam had gathered and turned over to the news media caused the breakup of the largest child molestation ring in history.

Phase Two was complete. Phase Three - prosecution and imprisonment - would take time, would crawl along at the slow but inevitable pace of the justice system. And as Adam had predicted, the Anderson's were released on bail. Adam knew the pair would search for Erica, but without a trail to follow, the search would be fruitless.

A week after the euphoria caused by the success of The Project, Adam's world took a steep negative downturn.

Sherry can't stop how she looks at me, Adam thought. Hell, I'm sure I appear love struck when I look at her. The loving glances between the pair had initiated Steve Johnson's suspicions. When Adam became aware of his father's assumptions, he had a talk with Sherry about the problem. They even staged a sibling-like argument in front of their father to hopefully reduce his suspicions, but their efforts were laughable. It wasn't long until the man knew his children were lovers; he just couldn't prove it. Nonetheless, he tried. He barged in on them at odd moments trying to catch them in the act, but Adam's telepathy forewarned them. The ability also informed him the man was becoming more and more angry and frustrated. When - and it was when, not if - his father was able to prove his suspicions all hell would break loose. Adam decided to talk with his mother.

"Mom, Dad knows about Sherry and me. He just can't prove it, and soon, proof or no proof, he's going to confront us. What do you think we should do?"

She shook her head. 'I knew this would happen. It was inevitable.'

"I certainly knew he was suspicious," she said. "He asked me if I had noticed anything. I hated to do it, but I lied to him."

"I'm afraid the situation will go from bad to worse. Do you think I should talk to him like I did you? I don't want to tear our family apart, but if we do nothing, disaster will be the probable result."

"I don't know. Let me think about it until this evening."

'I don't believe Steve will listen to Adam like I did. If Steve were his father, maybe, ' she thought.

Adam was stunned. His father wasn't his father! 'What the hell happened?' Adam's thoughts demanded.

"Are you all right, Adam?" his mother asked concerned. "You suddenly went pale as a ghost."

'He looks like Joey looked when I told him I was pregnant just before my brother was killed. After Joey's accident, Steve came to me. He had been in love with me for years. He found me in tears, and I blurted out the truth - that I was pregnant with Joey's baby. He believed and still believes Joey forced himself on me. He offered to marry me and be a father to Adam, and he has. I know he loves Adam as if the boy were his own. And I learned to love Steve, not like I loved Joey, but still I love him. He's the kindest man I know, and he's devoted to the children and me.'

Karen Johnson closed her eyes and shook her head as if to push her thoughts from her mind. Adam's need to know 'what the hell happened' forced her thoughts to comply with his mental demand, but her thoughts didn't make sense to her, were out of context, so she was confused.

'Why wasn't I told, ' Adam's mind insisted further. He had lost all semblance of mental discipline with the shocking revelation.

'Telling you Steve wasn't your real father and my brother Joey was your father served no real purpose with Joey dead. Telling you would also force me to admit my incestuous relationship with my brother. Also, Steve didn't want that bit of dirty laundry to surface.'

She shook her head again and then stared at her son. "You're manipulating my thoughts, aren't you, Adam?"

Still stunned by the shocking knowledge her thoughts had given him, he nodded. When he realized his error, he quickly shook his head and said, "Don't be silly. No one can..."

He gulped and decided to come clean. "Yes, Mother, I can manipulate and read your thoughts. You just told me my father isn't my real father, that Uncle Joey was my father."

Mother and son sat staring at each other, both complexions white as sheets.

"How long has this been going on, Son," his mother finally asked. "How long have you been reading my private thoughts?" Her voice rose in anger as she spoke.

"We've both hidden secrets from the other."

"How long?" she demanded. She didn't want a conversation. She wanted facts.

He gave her the facts. Adam talked for over an hour. His mother spoke only to ask questions or to have the boy clarify a point. At first she was skeptical about the breadth of his talents. When she accepted his abilities as real, she became angry her privacy had been invaded. She became angrier still when he described joining with her. Appropriately, she felt she had been violated. At the end, she wasn't happy about what he could do or had done to her and others, but she accepted the circumstances.

She looked her son in his eyes and knowing he could read her mind, thought, 'You are my son, Adam, my love child, and I love you. I will always love you, but I'm pissed. I'm angry and hurt. Angry because you invaded my privacy and violated my body without my knowledge. Hurt because you didn't tell me what was happening to you.'

"I know, Mom, and you have a right to feel as you do. Please know that I love you. I hope someday soon you can forgive me. I also love Dad. The two of you are my parents regardless of how I was conceived. Are you going to tell him about what I can do?"

"No, but you are as soon as he walks in the door this evening. With Steve, I think you should keep the joining thing to yourself, and furthermore you and I are going to perpetuate the lie I started so many years ago. Steve is not to know how I felt and still feel about Joey. Do you understand?"

"Yes, and I agree. And with the exception of your awareness of my unique abilities, I have no intention of informing Sherry of this conversation."

"I think that's wise."

They stood and hugged each other. Adam glanced back as he was leaving the room and noted a mischievous look on his mother's face.

'I'll let you know when you can join with me again, Adam, ' she thought. 'It might be fun. Just don't do it without my knowledge, okay?'

Adam grinned. "You've got a deal."

Sherry and Adam were in the living room when Steve Johnson entered his home that afternoon. Adam had listened to his mother's thoughts frequently during the day, and finally she had resolved to inform her husband she believed their children were in love and were in fact sexually active with each other. Janet Johnson had also decided to dispel the myth in her husbands mind that her brother, Joey, had forced her to have sex with her. Adam was left the task to explain his abilities to the man later that evening. His mother believed it would be more appropriate if the revelation of his and Sherry's incestuous relationship come from her; she wanted the time to blunt his anger. As agreed, Adam and Sherry left the house after they greeted their father. The siblings walked to the nearby park. At that distance, Adam could still listen to his parent's thoughts, and because both parents often thought what they wanted to say before they spoke the words, Adam hoped he could follow most of their conversation. His hope was rewarded.

'You were right, Steve. Sherry and Adam are in love, and they're sexual active.'

'I knew it! I saw how they looked at each other. I'm going to kill him, I swear... '

'Why just Adam, Steve? They're both to blame, not just Adam. Is it because he isn't your son?'

'Goddamit! I seriously resent your implication. Adam is my son! I didn't produce the seed that created him, but I've raised him, and I love him as much as I love Sherry. I've never condemned the son for the sins of his father.'

'Not until now, you haven't, but when you placed the blame for this situation solely on Adam, you did precisely that, Steve.'

Adam listened to the man's thoughts as he debated the question in his mind.

'Yes, I did make that association, and maybe it was the right assumption to make. Like father like son. What makes you believe Adam didn't force himself on Sherry like Joey forced himself on you?'

'To start with, Steve, Joey didn't force me to do anything. Force was something you conjured in your mind. I admit I said nothing to dispel your incorrect hypothesis, so I'm guilty by omission, and I'm sorry I didn't correct your assumption years ago. To be honest, Steve, I loved Joey and he loved me. In that regard, like father like son applies. Adam loves Sherry. This isn't teenage sexual experimentation between siblings. If that were true, we could stop it easily.'

'Damn you, Damn you to Hell! Why did you keep this from me? I feel betrayed, used!'

'I told you I didn't love you when you asked me to marry you, Steve. You said it didn't matter; you wanted me anyway. Well I soon learned to love you, Steve Johnson. I couldn't find a better husband if I looked for a lifetime, and you're a great father. But this family is in crisis, and we don't have many options. We can either let our family blow apart or somehow work rationally together to solve the problems and keep it together. Right now, I'm concerned for our children. If you feel too betrayed, if you no longer love me now you know the truth about Joey and me, well we'll handle that issue between the two of us later.'

'No, we'll handle that issue right now. I'm angry and hurt, Karen, but damn it to hell, I'm still in love with you. You are and always will be the love of my life. Deep down, I knew about you and Joey. I just didn't want to admit it to myself. We'll say no more about that subject. What do you want to do about Adam and Sherry?'


'Nothing! How can we do nothing?'

'What options do we have, Steve? We could make them promise to stop having sex with each other. That would work only if they didn't love each other as they do. We might be able to extract the promise from them, but then they'd just break that promise, and they'd break it at every opportunity. We could separate them, send either Adam or Sherry away to a boarding school or to live with a relative. If we successfully separated them, which I don't think is possible, we must prepare ourselves to accept their unhappiness and resentment for our acts.'

'But they are committing incest, Karen. Incest is wrong. It's against the law and is frowned upon by our society. Are you suggesting we allow them to live as man and wife under our roof, move them into one bedroom? What kind of signal would that send?'

'Signals be damned. Of course, we don't move them into one bedroom, and they can't live as man and wife. Their incestuous relationship would soon become common knowledge if we did that. They must continue to appear only as a loving brother and sister to the world around them, not as lovers. That's just what they are trying to do now, Steve. Which leads us back to what we should do about the situation. I still say we should do nothing. We should maintain the status quo with one exception. We need to lovingly help and guide them to effectively keep their secret from others.'

Adam felt his father's angry emotions soften. Mother had won the day.

'Time to come home, Adam, ' the boy heard his mother thoughts say. 'Wait! I really need to show your father I truly love him. Give me an hour, maybe more. Oh hell, I'll let you know when to come home. And don't listen in, you nasty boy. I want this time private.'

Adam grinned. He turned to Sherry. "Everything is going to be all right," he said and watched Sherry's face light up. "Remember our private spot in the trees? Let's get naked, bawdy broad of mine, and celebrate in the grass with an orgasm or two."

"Grass makes me itch," Sherry said grinning ear to ear. "But I've got another more needful itch brought on by your suggestion." She skipped away. "Last one naked has to suck the other one off." She started to shed her clothes before she reached the private spot.

A no-lose situation, Adam resolved. And the way she's hurrying she wants to be sucked off. So be it. Sherry grabbed his head and planted his mouth on her wet spot before he could remove all his clothes.

"Suck me, big boy. Lick my pussy real good and make me come at least twice, and maybe, just maybe, I'll let you poke me with that big tool of yours. Yes, right there. I'm so glad you know the spots that make me wiggle. Whee!"

Adam raised his head. "Tone it down, lewd lady, or you'll attract a crowd."

"Don't tempt me, sweet lips. You know I'm essentially an exhibitionist," she said and giggled, but she spoke the words softly. She had gotten the point.

'Pretend I'm Dad, ' Adam nudged Sherry and felt her arousal peak as he swiped his tongue across her clitoris.

'Yes Daddy, like that. Suck me off Daddy!' Her face reddened with an embarrassed blush. "You heard that, didn't you Adam?"

"Yes, and it made me hot."

"Doesn't it bother you I sometimes think about Daddy sucking me off, even fucking me?"

"No. That would be hypocritical of me. I've certainly thought about fucking Mother, quite often in fact."

"Cool. Get your mouth back down there on my pussy, stud of mine, and I'll pretend you're Daddy. You can listen in, but only if you tell me about your Oedipal fantasies while I suck you off."

"Go for it, earthy woman. Feel free to fuck our Daddy to your hearts content."

'I saw Daddy's hard cock once, Adam. I couldn't get the image of his long boner out of my head. I masturbated while seeing it over and over again in my mind's eye until I made my cunt sore. In my fantasy, I drooled and sucked on that cock, and I fucked it, Adam. I fucked it over and over, and it was as if I could feel it enter me and slam up against my cervix. I imagined it squirting come deep inside me, and I came really hard, like I'm going to come in a few seconds. God, this is making me so hot! Lick me, Daddy! Stick your sexy tongue up my cunt. That's it, no deeper, as deep as you can get it. Now wiggle it around. Yes. Don't forget my clitty, Daddy. Suck on it; lick it. Oh you're so good, Daddy. Do you like your daughter's pussy? Does your little girl's cunt taste good? I'm coming now, Daddy. Fuck your tongue in me! Can you taste my come juice, Daddy? I'm coming. Daddy, I'm coming! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!'

Adam spent his seed in the grass when he joined Sherry's orgasm; it was one of the most intense climaxes Adam had ever experienced. He knew at that moment Sherry would fuck her father someday, and the fact didn't bother him. He had every intention of fucking his mother soon, as soon as she indicated she was ready. The human female decides whom she wants to fuck and when. Adam knew the male of the species had little to say in the matter.

The grass did made Sherry itch, but Adam successfully scratched her other itch, at least temporarily, and the young man, though he was seriously tempted to disobey, had complied with his Mother's request and had not listened in or joined with his parents as they made love. It was a glorious afternoon under a clear blue sky. Adam's world had once again righted itself.

"The two of you must be very careful, Adam. Folks are quick to recognize when a man and a woman love each other because they feed off the emotion. They want to vicariously experience the happiness two people in love feel."

Adam and Sherry had recently returned from the park. They sat at the kitchen table with their parents.

"We know, Dad. But I might have a way to at least partially defuse the problem." Time to get everything out into the open, Adam decided.

His mother nodded at him. 'Go ahead, Son. Tell him, ' she thought.

"How could you defuse what people observe when they look at the two of you?"

"Because I can read and manipulate their thoughts."

'Sure, and I'm Elvis Presley back from the dead, ' his father's mind said.

Adam giggled. "You can't wiggle your hips like Elvis, Dad."

'How? This has got to be a joke.'

"No, Dad, it isn't a joke. I've been able to read minds for about a year and a half. I can also feel emotions. Right now you doubt your sanity. Don't. If anyone here is crazy, it's me. I'm a paranormal phenomenon. I can join with individuals and experience what they are feeling as if I were that person. I'm getting better and better at psychometry, and..."

'Psychometry, what the hell is that?' his father questioned silently.

"Don't feel bad for not knowing, Dad. I experienced psychometry before I had ever heard the word. Psychometry is..."

Adam continued, explained and answered questions. Because his mother had only discovered his talents that morning, she had more questions herself. Even Sherry asked a few. All three wanted Adam to demonstrate his increasing ability with psychokinesis. While sitting at the table, he opened a kitchen drawer across the room. "I can pick up or move almost anything I can see," Adam said. "I've been trying to move something I can't see, like something in that drawer, but I can't quite figure out how to do that yet. I'm getting close, though."

They ordered a pizza for dinner and continued their discussions into the night. They talked about Adam's psychic talents and the sibling's incestuous relationship, and by the end of the evening, the family had congealed into a strong unit, one committed to remain close and help each other.

As the family trudged up the stairs to go to bed, Adam's father said, "We'll make a one-time exception. If it's all right with your mother, the two of you can sleep together tonight."

The Anderson's trial convened just after school recessed for the year. The media recognized a subject of interest to everyone. The public fed on the lurid, sick details of such crimes. The newspapers, television, and magazines carried images of the infamous couple. Fortunately, the prosecution team didn't make any serious errors, and the arrest had been constitutional, the evidence Adam had given the media, who had in turn turned it over to the police, was not suppressed. The jury deliberated only long enough to poll one vote. Found guilty, the Andersons were the first of many in the child molestation ring to be sent to prison. The Project's final phase was complete.

The Johnson's fought each other for the two phones in the house as all four wanted to speak at the same time with Erica, now Helen Reed, to celebrate her freedom and congratulate each other for putting Judge Anderson and his wife behind bars for a very long time.

Everyone had wisely deferred direct contact with Helen (Adam had insisted everyone make it a habit to call Erica by her new name, Helen) until after the trial. Shortly Adam's parents said their goodbyes, leaving the youngsters on the line with Helen to plan their visit to Phoenix.

"Summer isn't the time to visit Phoenix," Helen said. "I'm told it's hotter than Hades, but I want to see the two of you so much, I don't care if you leave here broiled. I'm selfish."

"Is there a hotel or motel close to where you live?" Adam asked.

"Hotel, Smotel. You'll be staying with me. I've a second bedroom in my apartment just for the two of you. You're still lovers aren't you?"

Adam laughed. "I didn't think we were that obvious."

Soon all the plans were solidified, and Sherry and Adam said goodbye to their friend in Phoenix, Arizona.

"She's in love with you, you know," Sherry said after she hung up the phone.

"Yes, but she doesn't obsess about it," Adam replied. "I think she confuses gratitude for love."

"We'll see," Sherry said and kissed him. She whispered in his ear, "If it's appropriate, if it won't hurt her when we leave her alone again as we must, I want you to fuck her, Adam. She needs to experience honest, loving sex, not the sick kind she's had in the past."


"Until then, you have me, lover boy, and I'm not your any-old-port-in-a-storm kind of girl. You can't fuck me and leave me; you're mine for the duration." She pulled him toward her bedroom.

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Lies and liars. Disgusting. Adam hiding his abilities is self defense. The lies his mother told were only to cover er embarrassment. At the very least her husband and her son deserved to know the truth.

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I also find pregnancy a turnoff

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