'Ah, privacy is grand, ' Steve Johnson thought and sighed, stating the words out loud after thinking them.

Adam felt his father settle onto what the teenager assumed was a bed. As an empath, Adam experienced the emotions and sensations - the senses of touch, taste and smell - of individuals he chose to "join with." But his empathic abilities remained limited. He could neither see with this person's eyes nor experience sound with the individual's sense of hearing. Not yet, Adam thought and wondered if those abilities would ever develop. Telepathic powers also allowed Adam to hear the thoughts of others, and his telepathic abilities had evolved so he could discriminate between a thought that remained silent and a thought that would be spoken a split-second later. Thus, he could listen to conversations without perceiving the actual speaking sounds while being out of view and some distance from the individuals having the conversations.

"We're at least twenty miles away. Finally we're safe from Adam's prying mind." Steve said.

'I'm not so sure, ' Adam's mother thought but didn't verbally contradict her husband.

Adam smiled. Steve and Karen Johnson could be in the next state, and still he could connect with them. Unknown to his parents, Adam's empathic and telepathic range had expanded dramatically.

His parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary. To surprise his wife, Steve had rented a suite in the Downtown Hilton. What surprised Adam was neither parent had invoked privacy. The suite at the Hilton didn't surprise the young man because he knew his father didn't completely trust his son to resist listening to his thoughts even if privacy had been invoked - therefore, the suite at the Hilton twenty miles away. His father erroneously compared his son's ability to hear thoughts to hearing sounds and believed distance eroded the lad's ability and enough distance eliminated it.

"You still excite me after all these years," Steve said. "I love watching you take off your clothes."

Adam felt his mother perform an abbreviated bump and a grind to tease the man and increase his arousal. Perhaps I should give them the privacy my father so obviously wants, Adam thought and tuned them down to background noise. He could reconnect with them at any time, unless they invoked the privacy command. He sat at the kitchen table, finishing his dinner. His sister was taking a shower, and the young man considered joining her. He was, he knew, a bit smelly himself, but his hunger had overridden his need to wash away the sweat and juices created when he and his sister had made love earlier. He heard the shower shut down. Too late, he reasoned.

Adam concentrated on the refrigerator door, and applied his psychokinesis skills, the door opened. He reached in with his mind and grasped a can of soda. The can floated across the kitchen and landed softly on the table in front of him. He heard a giggle behind him while he mentally closed the refrigerator door.

"Cool. Get me one, too," Sherry said. Scrubbed pink and smelling sweet, Sherry sat next to him in her favorite attire - nothing. She rubbed a towel through her still damp hair.

"I'll share mine," he said. "I can't concentrate now, except on you, bawdy broad. I'd drop the damn can." He chugged down about half the soda and handed it to his sister. "Did you use all the hot water?" he asked and pushed back his chair.

"Don't know. It was still hot when I turned it off."

"Your dinner is in the oven. I'm a smelly whiff, need to wash."

She rose with him, wrapped herself around him, as only Sherry could, and thoroughly kissed him. Adam enjoyed her kisses, and enthusiastically expended a like effort to return her embrace.

She sniffed and pushed him away. "Don't take this wrong. I like the way you smell, but..." Her nose crinkled and she laughed. "Go." Again, she urged him toward the bathroom.

In the shower, Adam checked on his parents.

Steve lay on his back; Karen sat astride him with Steve's long shaft fully implanted in her cunt. Adam's cock popped erect as he experienced the same sensations his father felt when his mother dragged the interior membranes of her pussy up the length of his father's cock. She then pushed down slowly gulping up its length in small bites until their crinkly pubic hairs mingled once again.

'I wonder if I'm as good a fuck as Joey?' Steve asked himself. 'Nah, no need to know. Doesn't matter anyway. I know Karen loves sex with me. I also know thinking about my wife fucking her brother makes me hot. I wonder if she'll talk about it, describe how they fucked, maybe the first time... '

"Tell me about you and Joey," Steve said.

Adam felt the slight fear his mother suddenly experienced, felt adrenaline drip into her system - and his.

"Right now I only want to think about you and me, Steve. This slow fuck feels so good."

"Keep fucking me slowly, Karen, while you tell me about the first time you fucked your brother. I know I went a little nuts when you told me you loved each other. I'm sorry about that, but I've been fantasizing about the two of you. Thinking about you having sex your brother makes me hot."

'I'll be damned, ' Karen thought. 'Steve continues to surprise me.'

"Are you certain you want to hear about Joey and me, Steve? Won't telling you make you jealous? This evening is too special to be ruined."

Adam felt his father nod. "If telling me about you and Joey doesn't bother you, I promise jealousy is not what I'm feeling. Maybe it's the taboo, but stories and fantasies about incest make me hotter than other types of sexual scenarios. Go slow though. Thinking about your first time with Joey makes me so hot I'm already close to coming."

Karen giggled. "I instigated our first incestuous fuck, Steve, not Joey. Joey would never have touched me. He was a gentleman and my brother, with the same negatively conditioned attitude about incest you have."

She ground her clitoris against his pubic bone and then abruptly stopped moving. "Don't move or I'll come, Steve, and I don't want to come yet. I want this high I'm feeling to go on and on and on. I'm deliriously pleased the thought of incest makes you excited, because it does the same to me. The first time Joey fucked me, I walked into his room without knocking. I was fourteen then, and ripe. God I was ripe! So ripe, the view when I entered the room made me fall off the tree. Joey was completely naked, and he was jacking off. His long, hard cock was standing tall. One hand fisted the monster - it looked like a monster then; actually you're longer than Joey, Steve. Where was I? Oh yes. His other hand fondled his balls - Joey's balls were bigger than yours. When he stood naked they hung well below the tip of his flaccid cock."

When Karen took a breath, Steve said, "Keep talking."

"I was innocent then - I'd never seen a real live cock before, at least not one hard and throbbing, dribbling pre-cum out the end, but when I saw Joey's I wanted it. I wanted it in me, in my cunt like your cock is in me now. Damn, I'm going to come too soon if I keep moving."

Indeed, his mother ceased all movement, Adam perceived. Connected with both parents, the young man knew his father had been so close to coming for so long the man was feeling that high that gave the impression of a climax, but without the contractions, a sort of perpetual near-come that could be maintained only with difficulty. The two of them have good control, the young man thought. Adam's arousal slowly dipped to match theirs as they relaxed to prolong their lovemaking.

"Don't stop talking, Karen. I can't remember when I've been this hot without coming."

"Joey didn't hear me enter the room, Steve. His eyes were closed; his face grimaced in lust. A thin sheen of perspiration covered his skin and caused his handsome body to shine. I remember hoping he was thinking about me, thinking about his little sister's tits and cunt while he pounded on his cock with his fist. I found out later he had in fact been fantasizing about me at that moment. The lusty lad had been sneaking peeks at me whenever he thought he could get away with it." Karen giggled. "And some of those peeks gave him a hard-on, so I made certain he saw my tits as often as possible without being too blatant about it. One day I walked into the hall after a shower with a towel around me. I knew he was watching me from his room, so I dropped the towel. He saw everything that day, Steve. He saw my round little teen-aged ass - I still have a nice ass, at least that's what you tell me, one of my best features - and Joey saw my tits and my cunt that day. I made certain he saw my cunt because I bent over to pick up the towel with my legs spread. I hurried to my room then and finger fucked myself until my cunt was sore."

Adam felt his mother start to move slowly again, but his father was still too close to erupting. The man grabbed the cheeks of his wife's ass and stopped all movement except the jiggling of his cock in her grasping cunt as he valiantly tried, and somehow succeeded, to resist his nearly uncontrollable need for release.

"Keep talking, but don't move," Steve said.

"As I said, I wanted Joey's cock. I wanted that monster more than I had ever wanted anything before in my short life. I started to take off my clothes and was down to my panties before Joey opened his eyes. My presence startled him, rudely interrupted his jack-off session, but I didn't give him an opportunity to throw me out, Steve. He sputtered and ranted until my panties hit the floor, and soon I was cuddled up with him on his bed with my hand around that cock I wanted. I made him come with my hand before I had an opportunity to stuff his cock in me, but he was young, and my hands soon had him hard and long again. Joey didn't have a chance, Steve. Nothing could have stopped me from having that cock. I straddled him and pointed the head of that monster at my little pussy and stupidly took him into me with one mighty plunge. My god that hurt! I still cringe when I think about it. I yelped; tears smarted my eyes, and the blood... ! Worse than anything, Joey lost his erection. It wasn't the glorious first fuck I had dreamed of, Steve. Oh, a little later we tried again, and that time I worked his cock into me at a more comfortable pace, and soon we were moving against each other like you and I are moving now; yes, it was just like this, Steve. I dragged my clit against his pubic bone and jacked him off with the membranes of my cunt. We fucked, Steve. I fucked my brother just like I'm fucking you!"

Adam felt his father lose control. The man's cock expanded, and he groaned with pleasure when his back arched and his body stiffened as he raised his hips from the bed. Just like his father, semen sped from the end of Adam's cock, splashing the tile in the shower.

"Yes! That's what happened then, too," his mother exclaimed. "Joey came first just like you're doing now! Yes! He came in me; he came in me just like that, like you're coming in me now, deep in my cunt, and then I came all over his cock! All over his cock like I'm going to come all over your cock right now, Steve! I - came - all - Yes! Fuck! Yes!"

Adam shared his mother's climax, too, and enough semen still existed in his balls to splatter the shower walls once again. His mother's climax was one of her more intense, and as Adam experienced her sensations, he soon found himself sitting on the shower floor, his legs no longer capable of maintaining his previously upright posture.

After Adam - and his mother - recovered, he pulled himself upright and exited the shower. While he dried himself with a towel, he heard his mother think, 'No question. Incest makes Steve hot. I wonder if... '

"Have you thought about fucking Sherry, Steve?" Karen asked her husband as she fondled his soft, sticky cock.

"Yes," the man admitted after hesitating.

"That's what makes me hot, Steve. Thinking about you fucking our daughter makes me excited, so excited my cunt literally drools." She giggled. "You have my permission, Steve. You can fuck Sherry if it's all right with her."

"What about Adam?" Steve asked. "Doesn't he have a say in the matter?"

"Not really, but he won't mind. While you're fucking Sherry, I'll be fucking Adam. Well, I see that scenario interests you." She slid down and encircled his half-hard cock with her mouth. When he was fully erect again, she flopped onto her back and spread her legs.

"Please suck on my little pussy, Daddy," she said to her husband. Steve looked up expecting to see a silly grin on his wife's face. Wrong. The woman appeared serious.

"Suck on it real good, Daddy, and I'll let you fuck my little cunt. You'd like to fuck your daughter's little cunt, wouldn't you, Daddy? You'd like to stuff your big cock up..."

'If you're listening in, Adam, set it up, ' his mother projected. 'It's time, time for Steve to join the rest of this family instead of sliding around its edges. Set it up so Steve can fuck Sherry, and more importantly so the two of us can really fuck each other like we've been doing in our minds for so long. Set it up, Adam, as only you can.'

"Does your head ache, Adam?" Sherry asked. "If I had to listen to this many people talking at the same time, my head would be throbbing like a bellows; I'd go bonkers."

Brother and sister strolled together along the center aisle of the busy shopping mall. Adam knew Sherry wanted to hold his hand to demonstrate to one and all that he was her man - her lover. But Adam had discouraged her desire by silently nudging her, suggesting that holding hands was unnecessary. He reinforced the fact that she knew he was her man, and that was enough. He also slipped in a 'Cool it; don't look at me so lovingly' command. Sherry had insisted Adam join her on the shopping excursion. They planned to leave for Phoenix to visit Helen Reed in ten days, and both needed some new clothes for the trip.

"No. I've learned to be selective," Adam replied. "The noise nearly drove me bonkers - as you put it - at first, and I avoided crowds. Now I only read thoughts that intrigue me."

Sherry giggled. "How do you know they intrigue you if you don't read them?"

"I understand my statement sounds contradictory, but it's as if I have another mind that sorts out the noise and when appropriate makes known to my conscious mind those thoughts I should focus upon. I can be proactive and override the selection process by focusing on someone myself."

"Cool. Focus on that dirty old man sitting by the fountain, ogling the young girls walking by. What is he thinking?"

"You don't need to be a mind reader to..."

Suddenly, Adam turned and gazed intently down a side aisle jutting to the right that led to the movie theatre complex and food court. He had connected with two men. Adam couldn't see them, but he knew where they were and what they planned.

"Find security, Sherry," Adam said forcefully. "Two men with guns plan to rob the cashier at the theatres. Hurry!" He turned and rushed toward the pending scene of the crime, but hesitated and turned when he sensed Sherry just behind him.

"What the hell do you think you can do, Adam Johnson?" Sherry stated angrily. "They have guns!"

"Sherry, we don't have time to debate this. Find security. I'll be fine."

"If you'll be safe, so will I. Move it, Superman. Your faithful Lois Lane will be right behind you."

Adam shook his head, obviously exasperated. "Okay, but remember the operative words are 'behind me'." The pair jogged down the aisle.

Just before arriving at the theatres, Adam spied two teen-aged boys a little younger than he. Gang members, Adam deduced. He didn't know which gang but they flaunted their colors.

'If that bitch takin' da money gives me lip, she dead, ' one of the boys thought.

'I do this, I get respect, ' the other boy reflected. The pair sauntered cockily toward the cashier's booth, now less than ten feet away from them. Both fondled the guns in their baggy pants.

No time for nudging, Adam thought, and projected a command at the violent one - the boy in front. 'STOP!' Adam shouted with his mind.

The boy stopped so quickly, his partner-in-crime stumbled against him.

"What the fuck? Why you stopping?" the one wanting respect asked.

'BOTH OF YOU STAY WHERE YOU ARE! DON'T MOVE!" Adam mentally shouted again; he was nearly upon them.

Neither boy moved. They looked stunned, frozen. Their eyes searched without moving, tried to locate the source of their paralysis; their faces expressed their frustration and fear.

Adam glanced around. A security guard presented his back to Adam as the man chatted with a couple of girls. The guard lounged against a column in the food court adjacent to the theatres.

'MOVE YOUR EYES TO YOUR RIGHT. DO YOU SEE THAT SECURITY GUARD?' Adam continued his mental shouts. Mental shouting had worked, and if something worked don't fix it, Adam decided.

"Yes," the one wanting respect said.

"I see da pig," said the violent one.


The boys had reluctantly started to walk toward the guard with Adam's first command. Their hands were clasped behind their heads before they kneeled in front of the guard. Adam turned away. The boys were no longer his responsibility.

"Let's go shopping," Adam said when he noticed Sherry standing with her mouth open in amazement. He turned her from the action, and brother and sister strolled back toward the main aisle of the mall.

"You're a scary man," Sherry said and hooked her hand in his arm. "I'm very glad you love me; I wouldn't want to be your enemy."

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Adam thought. I may be scary, but I'm also scared.

Adam had known for a long time he could nudge a person to think about something on a subject of Adam's choice. He had not realized until the incident with the young thugs that he could force a person to do something the person didn't want to do, something completely alien to that person's nature.

"Remember when you promised you would help me, Sherry," Adam said softly. "You said you would be there for me, that you would keep me from going insane."

"Of course," she replied.

"With what just happened, your job just became dramatically more difficult."

"I know, love of my life. I know."

"Where's Sherry?" Karen Johnson asked her son.

"Upstairs," Adam replied.

"Did you hear my request Tuesday night?"


"I thought so. I think I know when you're joined with me, Son. It's difficult to describe, but it's like having an extra thought pattern in my head, somewhat alien, not mine. Though it doesn't feel alien anymore - almost normal. I actually miss it if I can't feel its presence." Her eyes rolled back as she concentrated. "For instance, I don't believe you're wandering around in my head right now. You're addictive, Adam. Well, what about my request?"

"I haven't discussed it with Sherry yet, but I know she wants to have sex with Dad. It's at the very least a favorite fantasy of hers. I've played the daddy part like you played the daughter role Tuesday night." Adam grinned. "As for me, I'm all for it. And although it's a bit abstract, I think I know what you mean when you say Dad is wandering around the edges of our family. We need to bring him to center with the rest of us."

"How would Sherry feel about you and me?"

"Okay, I think," Adam said. "Shall we ask her?"

"Ask who what?" Sherry said as she entered the living room. She cuddled on Adam's lap and kissed him as only Sherry could kiss - thoroughly.

"Ask you," Adam said when he came up for air. "The what is a bit more complicated."

Adam looked to his mother. The young man was making every effort not to influence the decision Sherry faced by thinking about what he wanted. Since his experience in the mall that morning, he was afraid he guided the actions of those close to him by merely thinking about what he wanted. He had avoided the connections that allowed him to hear thoughts that afternoon. The young man didn't want to control those he loved. He wanted them to make their own decisions, to do what they wanted, and act the way they wanted to act. Adam had no desire to dominate, to force people to his will. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, he thought again.

Sherry looked expectantly at her mother.

"With my approval," Karen said, "I understand you wouldn't be averse to making love with your father."

Sherry's first emotion, Adam knew, was shock. Like a reflex, he had joined with his sister, his lover, regardless of his desire to remain aloof. Sherry rebounded and her second emotion defined pure unadulterated lust. Adam's cock sprang to life under his sister's delectable bottom.

Sherry nodded as she giggled. "I'd be on my back in a flash if I even suspected Daddy wanted me."

"He wants you, Sherry. Take my word for it," Karen said. "And, for what its worth, you have my approval."

Sherry looked mischievously at Adam. "Would you mind, love of my life, if I tripped Daddy so he fell on me? I'd be naked, of course, and my legs would be spread. Damn, I'm wet with just the thought of the possibility."

So is Mother, Adam noticed. Remaining mentally unconnected with the two women in his life was too difficult, the young man decided. Becoming one with them had developed into a habit too strong to break. He gave up the effort, but promised himself to make a serious effort to not influence their thoughts and emotions. He didn't want sex slaves. He wanted to love and be loved by whole females, thinking individuals who could reject him if that was their desire.

Adam grinned. "Not if I can watch. Oh, not the first time; your first time with Dad should be private, sort of, if you know what I mean, but I hope the two of you will let me be with you physically sometime."

Sherry threw her arms around her brother and kissed him. "Thank you! Thank you! This doesn't mean I don't love you more than life, Adam Johnson. You understand, don't you?"

When Adam nodded, Sherry turned to her mother. "Now take this hunk up to your bed, Mother. I'm not stupid, you know. I can't fuck Daddy, unless you fuck Adam. Daddy couldn't handle the guilt. I'm even willing to let the first time between the two of you to be private, but expect me to peek before the afternoon is over."

"Peek?" Adam's mother asked. "Is that all you want to do?"

Sherry giggled. "No way," she said and then thought, 'I'm going to get my first taste of pussy today.'

"What about me?" Adam asked interrupting Sherry's thoughts. "Don't I have a say in... ?"

"No!" Mother and daughter stated emphatically at the same time.

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