Adam looked down at his mother. She lay on her bed naked with her knees raised and spread exposing her lush bush and mature cunt. Her ample breasts had flattened slightly, reducing her cleavage, and she held out her arms, beckoning her son to join her.

She's more beautiful than my mind could have imagined, the young man thought and slipped between her legs. She kissed him then, and Adam discovered the source of Sherry's talent for kissing him so thoroughly the environment around him disappeared and only the feel of bodies mingling existed.

Without assistance, Adam's cock found the entrance to his mother's excited cunt, and suddenly it was swallowed completely by the wet, warm membranes he had experienced so often with his mind. The reality far exceeded the ephemeral pleasure from a mind join. Adam would recall this feeling for the rest of his life whenever he stacked one pleasurable experience against another.

"Yes. Oh, yes," Adam sighed. "This feels so right, Mother. I'm where I've always wanted to return, and I'm not talking about my trip down the birthing canal." The young man retracted his cock and shoved it back deeply into his mother. "When I read your thoughts about you sucking on me as a baby, I remembered some other times, Mother. Times you pushed my baby cock inside you like this. I loved it then and I love it now."

"You can't possibly remember, Adam," his mother said as she matched his rhythm. "You were too young. I must have thought about it while you were listening to..."

"No, Mother. You buried the thought too deeply in your mind for me to find it - a protective reflex perhaps; but it wasn't hidden that deeply in mine. I remembered it not long after the first time I joined with you and could once again feel the insides of your delightful cunt. The feeling was so familiar, I knew it had happened before."

"Guilty as charged, Adam. When we were alone and your little prick stiffened, I couldn't resist it, like I can't and don't want to resist you now. I slipped your baby hard-on inside me. And I never felt guilty about fucking my baby boy, not for one second. Why should I? Like you said, you loved it; you even moved like you're moving now. The fucking motion came instinctively to you, Adam. Do you remember me coming all over your baby cock?"

"No, but I'll search my mind for the experience now I have knowledge of it."

"Enough about when you were a baby. It's much better now you have a full-sized man cock. Fuck your mother, Big Boy. Yes, like that! You're using your empathy, aren't you? You know what makes me feel pleasure. I'm going to come soon, but then you know that, too. I want your come inside me, Adam. You couldn't come as a baby..."

"Are you certain, Mother? Of course, I didn't squirt any semen, but I remember coming. You gave me my first orgasm, Mother. You gave me my first many things. I love you. And - and I love fucking you."

Mother and son stopped talking then. They kissed each other again, and Adam suckled her tits as he had done as a baby. Her breasts were sensuous pillows with well-chewed nipples - mother's breasts and playing fields for lovers. Her cunt chewed, too, but didn't bite. A sensuous, nibbling cunt. It nibbled along the length and around the circumference of his cock, pinpointing diminutive areas on the shaft that gave pleasure with its nibbling vibrations.

But soon her cunt wanted more; it pulsed, demanded and took extra pleasure as it sucked his shaft inside and then spat it out, only to draw it back in again. Then suddenly it was as if Adam himself were wandering among the folds of the pulsing cavern, roaming with his mind in the dark, wet canal of his birth. Lost in the dark, Adam could only feel sensations so exquisite he never wanted the strange trip to end.

Still his mother demanded more, and their motion became forceful; Adam pounded into her; he knew she wanted him to abandon all restraints. Their moans became wails as they plunged and pounded against each other violently and then retracted only to slam against each other again and again. The mating became primal, an end in itself.

The exquisite need for release rose to a towering peak Adam had never experienced before, and finally they came together with one savage thrust; they stiffened against each other, straining their bodies to maintain and prolong the ecstasy of their mutual orgasms, and Adam experienced her exquisite climax, as well as his own.

It was later - how much later Adam had no idea; time had become irrelevant - when the young man heard his mother say, "When you can, put us down gently, Adam."

What does she mean? Adam asked himself and opened his eyes. Still sexually coupled, mother and son were floating about two feet above the bed. Adam tried, but the shock of discovery caused him to lose his psychokinesis control, and the pair fell ignominiously to the bed. When they slammed onto the mattress, the force pushed Adam's still hard cock deeply inside his mother, deeper than he had been before.

"Never mind," his mother said and giggled. She nibbled at the young man's cock with her cunt and felt its still erect state lengthen slightly.

"Sorry," Adam said and tentatively started the fucking motion again. "I didn't realize I had lifted us off the bed."

"It was cool. I've never fucked while floating in air before. You just gave me a first, Adam. Let's do it again sometime - like right now, if you can manage it." She grabbed his youthful hips with her dainty hands and pulled him to her, giving her own hips a couple of shakes. The motion of cunt and cock created renewed twinges of arousal in both of them.

As usual, Adam thought, her first orgasm is only a prelude. His mother wanted to come again. And still a little later she would want more. The young man saw no reason to disappoint her, but...

"I'm willing and able mother, but Sherry is standing outside the door. She's lonely, even a little anxious..."

"Oh, I'm so selfish," Karen said, obviously annoyed with herself. She pushed her son away and rose from the bed. With her son's juices mingled with hers, dripping onto her thighs as she walked, she opened the door and took her daughter into her arms.

Sherry wore her preferred attire - nothing, and soon mother and daughter were kissing each other as only the two of them could kiss.

When the ladies disentangled their embrace, both looked expectantly at Adam.

"How do you want to do this, Son," his mother asked.

Adam grinned. "I've no preference, but why don't the two of you get acquainted while I recover and watch. Knowing both of you as I do, I know neither of you is averse to female/female loving. And I've never watched..."

"Move over, Big Guy," Sherry said, interrupting him as she landed in the middle of the bed. She beckoned her mother with upraised, extended arms and spread her legs. "Let's give the lecherous lad a show that will keep him horny and hard until we no longer have any use for his obvious talents, Mother." Sherry giggled as she ogled her brother's hard cock.

"That's a plan worth exploring, Sherry," her mother said as she covered her daughter. They kissed each other again and rubbed their nipples together. When they came up for air, Karen said, "I love you, Sherry, just like I love Adam and Steve. I'm so excited sex can now be part of the love I feel for both of you. In truth, daughter of mine, I've wanted to fuck you as much as I wanted Adam."

"Then fuck me. Then I'll fuck you. Then we'll fuck each other." Sherry turned to Adam. "Feel free to join in when the urge hits you, Big Guy. Your welcome anytime."

Mother, son and daughter lay in a disheveled bed, exhausted but happy as puppies after a romp. Adam wondered if he would ever recover from the afternoon's sexual marathon. He smiled when he remembered his father would soon be helping him keep the ladies happy because he seriously doubted he could accomplish the feat by himself. No way. Not with these two bawdy bundles of loveable energy, he thought.

"Your father will be home soon," Karen said to Sherry. "How and when do you plan to trip him so he falls between those lovely legs of yours?"

Sherry groaned. "At this moment, I couldn't trip anyone."

Adam and his mother laughed.

"I know your recovery time," Adam said. "In an hour, two at the outside, you'll be as randy as you were when you joined us."

Sherry grinned. "True. Let's see. I'll need him alone with me. Why don't the two of you disappear after dinner, and leave the rest to me. You have my permission to listen in Adam, even if I must invoke the privacy command to make Daddy comfortable. I want to share this with you, both of you. I'll let you know when to return. Mother, will Daddy balk at the four of us fucking at the same time?"

"I don't think so, but I want him completely involved. Your father has a lot of love in him. More importantly, he needs a lot of love. He needs to feel as we do - as close as we three feel. That won't happen if he believes he must sneak around to get into his daughter's panties. I don't believe he is inclined to male/male sex..."

"That's okay with me," Adam said interrupting his mother. "Neither am I, but if he doesn't enjoy watching the two of you go down on each other, he's..."

"Don't worry about that," Karen said with a chuckle. "I happened to know first hand that Steve enjoys threesomes, at least when two women and one man are involved."

"Mother!" Sherry exclaimed pretending to be shocked and then giggled. "Now I know why Adam thinks I should be wearing a mattress on my back. It's in the genes."

This is going to be fun, Adam thought.

Two hours later, mother and son sat eating the sumptuous picnic dinner Karen had laid out a wooden table in the park about a mile from their home. Sherry had amended the plan to have her father arrive home with only the two of them in the house.

A warm breeze rustled through the leaves in the trees. A lock of hair caught the breeze and fell across Karen Johnson's face. She brushed it away and smiled at her son. She noticed his look of adoration and blushed.

"You are truly beautiful, Mother," Adam said. "You're beautiful in form and in spirit. I love you a lot."

"Why, thank you, Adam. I love you, too."

"I know. I also know you're horny again merely thinking about Dad and Sherry."

"Yes. I know you know."

"Sorry. I know your loss of privacy bothers you sometimes."

"No need to be sorry. I've become used to you rambling about in my mind. I like you there." She smiled mischievously. "When the action starts at the house, I want a blow-by-blow description, Adam."

"You'll get one," he replied. "And, the description will make you so randy, you'll... Ah, Mom, Sherry and I found a private place inside that stand of trees over there - a very private place, if you know what I mean. As the plan unfolds at home and things start to get exciting, let's..."

"I can read your mind, Adam. Not really, but I'm pleased you want your old mother on her back for you while Sherry is tripping her father." She looked around and seeing they were alone kissed her son - thoroughly. She started to clean up the picnic mess. "Actually, there's really no need to wait, is there?" she said with a lustful expression and a bright smile.

"No reason at all." Adam helped and soon guided his mother to the grass-covered sanctuary among the trees.

"I'm home," Adam heard his father announce as he walked through the door from the garage.

'Goody, ' Sherry thought. 'It's show time, Adam. The poor man doesn't have a chance. I'll turn him every where but loose.'

The first hour Sherry teased the man unmercifully, but made the touching and the sights she offered her father seem natural without blatant sexual overtones. Then she decided to ratchet up the action. Dinner was over and father and daughter sat in front of the television. Neither paid any attention to the show being broadcast, Adam knew. Sherry cuddled next her father, a position the two had taken often in the past. This time, however, Sherry eagerly planned to demonstrate her round heels. She reached up and kissed her father on the cheek, and in doing so placed her hand high up on his thigh.

"I love you, Daddy," she said. "I really appreciate how understanding you've been about Adam and me."

"And I love you, Kitten," he said and felt his daughter's hand slide farther up his leg nearly to his crotch. His cock had been semi-hard for an hour. Now it rose up, tenting his trousers. The man feared his daughter would notice and think him perverted.

"Do you know why I appreciate your acceptance, Daddy?"

"Because the two of you need and love each other."

"There's that, but there's another reason. Once Adam and I started having sex, I discovered something about myself. I found out I really enjoy fucking, Daddy," she said and placed her hand on his father's cock. She quickly examined its length with her fingers outside his trousers, and then partially rose and straddled him without releasing her hold on his cock.

"I'd rather fuck someone I love than do anything else. And you know, Daddy, I love you; I love you a lot."

With those words, Sherry released her father's cock from her hand and wrapped both arms around his neck. She scooted forward on his lap until her panty-less cunt under her short skirt rubbed against his hard-on; at the same time she proceeded to give him one of her most memorable kisses. The girl humped against his cock and rubbed her blouse-covered but braless breasts across his chest until finally the kiss ended, and Sherry looked intently into her father's eyes. "I want you to fuck me, Daddy. Would you please fuck me?"

"She's correct," Karen said to Adam after he had provided the blow-by-blow description of Sherry's seduction to that point. "The poor man doesn't have a chance." Karen grabbed her son's tight buns and pulled him to her. "Keep fucking me, Big Boy. This is fun. I understand why you listen in all the time. It's like living your fantasies."

"Now he's protesting, trying to wriggle out of it to assuage his own guilt." Adam rolled to his back without removing his cock from his mother's cunt. "Your turn on top. I'll describe what's happening while you ride me."

Adam's mother giggled. "Your father can protest all he wants. It's a done deal," she said and settled into the hitching movement she used so well when she took the superior position.

"Sherry just placed his hand on her cunt. God, she's wet! He's still protesting, but he hasn't moved his hand; in fact, he's exploring. Ah, one of his fingers just slipped inside her - and another. Now she's unzipping his trousers. Ah, that feels so good. I just experienced what Dad felt when Sherry wrapped her hand around his cock. He nearly came, Mother. I hope he can control himself until she can get it into her juicy cunt. They're both so hot their first fuck won't last long. Good girl! She's got him, Mother. Sherry just sat on his cock, and now she's fucking Dad like you're fucking me. She's astride him, hitching her cunt up and down on his cock. Sherry's cunt feels so good; so does yours, Mom. I can't decide who has the most sensitive cunt, you or Sherry. Right now, Sherry is a little ahead of you, hotter, closer to her climax, but you're catching up. She's really fucking him now, Mom. And he's hitting bottom with each bounce, slamming up against her cervix. He's longer than me, and Sherry is intrigued by the difference, the different feel, the stretching." The young man chuckled. "She's thinking about Star Trek; she's being fucked where no cock has gone before."

'But you're thicker, Adam. I like your girth, too.' Adam heard Sherry say to him with her mind. She knows I'm joined with her, the young man thought. I'm joined all right, joined with all three of them.

"He can't hold back any longer, Mother," Adam said. "Dad is coming, like I'm coming now. Feel me! Yes! He's coming deep inside his daughter's cunt, and he's thrilled beyond comprehension. So am I. Oh, oh, now Sherry is coming. She started to come when she felt his cock jerking as he shot his first spurt of semen inside her. I'm coming again with her, Mother. Can you feel me jerking? Can you feel my contractions, my come splashing into your cunt? I love it. I get to come with everyone!"

"Get ready for one more," his mother said panting. "Come with me, too!"

The woman's hitching movements became frantic. She rubbed her clit against his public bone so forcefully he knew he would feel bruised later, but he didn't care. He moved with her, magnifying the connection. Both of them screamed when release soared through their bodies and took them to that place Adam assumed everyone goes when the climax becomes everything, blotting out all else. No semen exited Adam's cock with this climax, but its absence didn't reduce the pleasure for either of them.

'If you two have the energy, you can come home now, ' Sherry thought.

Adam vaguely grasped his sister's comment as he returned from wherever he had gone with his mother when they climaxed.

'The two of you are in our private place in the trees, aren't you?'

Mind reading must run in the family, Adam decided.

"Okay," Steve said to his wife. "I'm busted. But so are you. You and Adam didn't try too hard to brush all the grass off your clothes. What were you two doing rolling around in the grass?"

"Fucking," Karen and smiled. She wrapped herself around her husband and buzzed him with one of her thorough kisses. "How was she?" Karen asked when she leaned back from the embrace. Her eyes twinkled with mirth and her smile teased. "Do you still want to fuck my tired, old, loose pussy now you've experienced a young, tight one - and your loving daughter's wet and willing pussy, to boot?"

Steve blushed. "Your pussy isn't old or loose, woman. Stop teasing. You know I love you."

"I know you love me, but will you want to fuck me again? That was my question."

Adam grinned. He had rushed up the stairs to see Sherry, while his mother had moved to the kitchen where his father sat with a stunned, just-fucked look on his face.

"What are you grinning about?" Sherry asked him when he bounded into her room.

"Mother and Dad. Mother is pushing his buttons. He doesn't stand a chance."

"Males rarely do. Come here, Big Boy. I haven't kissed you for a long, long time. I need to be cuddled. I need to know you still love me. I've been naughty girl, you know. I just fucked my Daddy. And I'm going to fuck him again and again, Sweet Stud. I like Daddy's cock in me almost as much as I do yours, and it isn't merely because he's so proficient, which he is, but it's because I love the man to pieces. I love him almost as much as I love you." She stopped speaking while she completely, meticulously, and painstakingly kissed him. "How was Mother, by the way? You didn't brush all the grass away."

"You know how Mother is. She gives herself so completely, it's hard to imagine fucking anyone but her until the next moment when I think of you. I love both of you, Sherry."

"I know what you mean, but Daddy still needs a little guidance. He's not at all certain this situation is healthy, and the loveable man is definitely feeling guilty. We all need to help him break down a few more silly barriers."

Adam grinned again. "Mother is doing her best. Dad is standing and fucking her with his trousers around his ankles while she's spread eagled on the kitchen table. She's asking him if he likes sloppy seconds."

"Oh, that's sexy. Adam..."

This time Adam kissed his sister and believed the kiss equal to the one she had planted on him a few moments before. His hands roamed, and one of them found her just-fucked pussy.

"That's sexy too, Adam. That's my Daddy's come drooling out of my cunt. Can you feel it? I saved it; I saved it because I want you to eat me now, Adam. I want you to eat Daddy's come out of my cunt and make me come with your mouth. Will you do this for me, Lover? My fantasy started with Daddy and will end when you put your mouth on me. I haven't told you this in so many words, but I know you know all my fantasies. Would you...

"Yes! Lick me! Like that. Jiggle my clit with your tongue. Yes! Now stick your tongue in my cunt as far as it will go. Yes, yes, yes. Does Daddy's come taste good? No, don't stop to talk. Keep eating me. I know first hand it taste's good. I dipped my finger in my cunt and tasted it before you and mother returned. But, you know that. You know about everything I do, everything I think. And that's okay now, Adam, lover of mine. It's like we're one person. I'm no longer frustrated about my privacy. I don't want to feel alone ever again. Good, now give my clit some more attention. Ah, nice! How's mother doing?"


"Don't talk, damn it. The question was rhetorical. Just keep sucking me off. I hope the two of them come up here when they're finished. I want to eat Daddy's come out of Mother. And she's got some of your come inside her, too, doesn't she, Adam? I'll taste some of your juice, some of my Daddy's and Mother's at the same time. Oh, that's sexy, downright nasty - a come cocktail. I'm coming, Adam. Don't stop, but swing around so I can drink your come when you come with me. I don't want you coming on the sheets. I want your cock in my mouth.

"Good, but push your pants down. No, push them off. Oh, you stopped sucking me. Put your mouth back on me. Yes! Umgth. Umgth."

Adam appreciated how he finally shut her up by pushing his cock into her mouth. Her lewd thoughts continued, but he tuned them out when Sherry's talented tongue, combined with his mother's mounting arousal soon had the young man coming into his sister's mouth while she climaxed on his. He didn't, however, shoot a gallon of come until the girl gagged with its volume - as sex stories were prone to exaggerate. He did courageously manage a few drops, but would not have made the effort had he not known his sister wanted a taste - to compare his flavor with her dad's, her thoughts had informed him.

Because he had experienced the combined orgasms of his mother, his father and his sister, as well as his own, Adam could take no more and blissfully passed out with his head between his sister's legs.

When Adam opened his eyes a few hours later, he found himself alone. He went in search of his family, and found them asleep in his parents bed, all three of them. Bedding and clothing scattered the room. Obviously the sex party had continued without him and had evolved into a threesome. He turned to leave the room. At the door, he heard his father whisper, "Adam, let me get untangled here - and dressed. We need to talk. I'll be downstairs in a few minutes.

Adam smiled and acknowledged his father's request.

True to his word, Steve Johnson soon entered the kitchen and plunked into a chair across from Adam.

"Ugh, I'm thirsty, but I'm too wiped out to get up."

"Let me," Adam said and with his mind retrieved a beer from the refrigerator for his father. It floated to the man, and Adam mentally popped the opener just before the beer settled onto the table. "Want a glass?"

"No. This is fine," his father said and drank thirstily from the can. "You're an unusual young man, to say the least. What are your feelings about what happened today? By the way, I know about your afternoon with your mother and Sherry."

"I really don't know what to say, Dad. If you want to know if I approve, I do. We all love each other, and the love became stronger today, bubbled over into a lustful sexual arena. But lust didn't cause what happened."

"Are you certain, Son? Lust was the driving force behind what I did with your sister earlier."

"The only driving force behind what you did with Sherry, Dad, was Sherry herself. Oh, lust was involved, a lot of it, but... Let me ask you a question. If you didn't love Sherry, would you have fucked her this evening?"

His father pondered the question. "No. But nonetheless she's my daughter, and it's wrong to..."

"Who says it's wrong? The government? Religion? Shamans have been trying to regulate the morals of their followers since the beginning of time. They do so because it's profitable and gives them control and power. Without the power, they'd be discovered for what they truly are - sophisticated confidence men. Because one of these rip-off artists long ago noticed children conceived by a man and a woman with close family ties often produced deformed children, the incest taboo was born and has been promulgated by other shamans over the ages. Shamans of small clans planned annual festivals with other clans so the young members of the clans could meet and marry outside their own clans and thus avoid inbreeding. Today, with birth control and our knowledge of genetics, incest doesn't need to be the reviled taboo it has become, but the concept is still useful to present-day shamans, so incest remains a religious issue and a taboo."

Adam sighed and swallowed before he continued. "And what about government? Governments have no business regulating morals at all, but moral-based legislation remains the favorite pastime of governments everywhere. The leaders of society pass laws, and shamans make up an important element of that leadership. Incest and other sex related issues are against the law because religions and governments and the ever-present, parasitic lawyers find it to their advantage to make it unlawful; it gives them purpose and power. And lawyers - well, a perfect world would have no need for lawyers.

"You believe you fucked Sherry because the incest taboo made it more exciting for you. Hogwash! You fucked Sherry because she wanted you to fuck her. The males of our species can only accept or reject when the female offers; we rarely initiate the offer. They might make us, as males, believe the offer originated with us, but in truth only one choice exists for us. We can turn a female down when she falls on her back with her legs wide, but if we love her, we'd better be ready to accept the severe consequences she is certain to exact. You fucked Sherry because she wanted you, that and the fact that you love her and she loves you. The incest taboo is peripheral at best to the issue. We're a couple of lucky guys, Dad. Two gorgeous, exciting women love us. Don't try to complicate it beyond that simple fact. They're randy, round-heeled, bawdy broads, eminently loveable and with enough energy to pound both of us into the mattress. And remember, they're round-heeled only with us."

Adam opened the refrigerator door with his mind and retrieved a soda. When it settled in front of him, he reached and opened the can with his hands. "Now I'm thirsty," Adam said and gulped down half the can's contents. "I'm sorry, Dad. Sometimes I hop on a soapbox and pontificate like the best of the Baptist shaman during their slicer/dicer sermons on television. But the incest taboo pisses me off."

Father and Son sat silently, drinking from cans.

"You're right about the ladies, Adam," his father said, breaking the silence. "They're most definitely a randy pair." He smiled.

Adam snorted. "The bawdy wenches nearly ruined me today. I'm happy you took the second shift."

"I'll drink to that, Son. Float another beer this way, will you? I was feeling a lot of guilt, guilt born from concepts taught me from youth. I must overcome a lot of conditioning from my past to feel comfortable with this new situation."

"No need for guilt, Dad. In fact, guilt and jealousy get in the way of love. What were you taught about love?"

"Love is desirable, the source of all happiness."

"What happened today was love, all love. And love is desirable, and it makes me, for one, very happy."

Adam looked up. "The girls are awake. They're debating about finding us or taking a shower. Ah, the shower won. The way I see it, we have two choices, Dad. We can sit here and feel guilty, worry about whether we can possibly handle another bout with our round-heeled ladies, or we can be proactive, join them in the shower, scrub their squirmy soft spots with our soapy hands and have more fun than we have a right to."

"Fuck guilt, Adam. Let's have some fun."

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