"She's late and very upset," Adam said to his sister as the plane touched down at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. "Car trouble. Helen won't be meeting us at the gate as she planned. Damn! She's so angry, she's crying."

"That's terrible. We'll need to cuddle her, make her feel loved and happy. When did you connect with her," Sherry asked.

Adam hesitated because he understood his sister's real question. She wanted to know if the range of his telepathic abilities had increased. "The first time happened about a week ago."

"Jeez! You mean..."

"She was thinking about me, and my second mind, the one that listens in the background and sorts the noise, let me know a thought existed out there with my name attached, so I focused on the tendril of a thought, which I discovered was emanating from Phoenix. Once I made a connection I was able to sort of amplify the reception - I say sort of, because amplify is not quite the right word to explain the process. Now I can connect with her at will as if she were in the same room with me. I don't believe my empathic and telepathic talents are affected by distance anymore, Sherry."

"Why didn't you tell me?" she said and slugged him on his shoulder.

"Because I didn't want to be slugged," he remarked, chuckling.

"I can't help you, secretive stud, if you don't keep me informed."

"I'm sorry. I'm also sad because Helen is sad, and not merely because I'm connected with her and feel what she's feeling. Our trip to Phoenix is all out of proportion in her mind. It's the second most important event in her life - the first when we saved her from the clutches of her vile parents. She's been in therapy, and those sessions helped, but I'm concerned, very concerned."

"Then our job, Big Boy, is to help her heal herself."

Adam nodded, but he had not informed Sherry why he was so concerned. The young man knew Helen's childhood environment had conditioned her to be submissive, and by reading her thoughts the past week, Adam knew the young woman not only loved him but also considered him her authority figure; in her mind Adam had become the dominant male her conditioning required. She was a submissive female whose only purpose was to please her dominant male.

After Adam and Sherry deplaned and gathered their luggage, they sat in relative privacy inside a coffee shop.

"When we see her," Adam said, "she'll be afraid she has disappointed me, failed me somehow. Car trouble caused her delay, something beyond her control, but her reasoning ability is skewed. She'll beg me - us to forgive..."

Adam then informed his sister all he knew and had inferred about Helen Reed's submissive personality.

"... I don't want to be a master to a slave, Sherry," Adam said. "I prefer equality, neither dominance nor submissiveness. I'm going to need your help with this problem."

"Do you have a plan?"

"Not a clue. Ah, she's arrived. Let's see, yes. Help me with the luggage and we'll meet her."

"This is your bedroom," Helen said apologetically. "I know it's small, but..."

"It's not small; it's bigger than my bedroom at home," Sherry said. "Adam, go watch TV, take a walk, have a nap, whatever. Helen and I need to talk without your male logic getting in the way."

Adam grinned. "I do need to stretch my legs."

"Sit here, Helen," Sherry said patting the bed next to her after Adam had exited the apartment. Adam felt Sherry take both of Helen's hands in her hands.

"Pretend I'm your loving sister, because that's what I feel I am for you. Why are you so upset? You've done nothing but apologize since our arrival."

Helen's chin quivered. "I could hardly wait for your visit, and everything has gone wrong. I missed you at the airport. The goddamn car broke down again, and we had to take a taxi. It's hotter than Hades; my underarms have soaked my blouse, and I'm..."

"Stop it, just stop feeling badly about everything. Stop it right now, Helen Reed," Sherry demanded. "Can't you see those silly problems don't matter a wit? What matters is the three of us are together again." Sherry snickered. "Except you. You need to get it together, nervous lady."

The chin quivering transformed immediately into full-blown sobs, and Sherry took Helen into her arms. "It's okay. You deserve a good cry. You're all alone in a strange city, and the man you love comes to visit. Then all the welcome plans you made for him go to hell in a hand basket. You deserve a cry."

"Adam is your man, not mine," Helen managed to say between sobs.

"Yes, but you love him. Love is fickle that way - it ignores situations, just happens."

"You must hate me."

"Why? Adam is easy to love. Do you want him enough to take him from me?"

"Oh, no. I'd never do that."

"Good, then we have no problem. Now, get out of your wet blouse. That's right. Wow! Your tits are magnificent! Here, let me shuck my clothes, too. We both need a shower. I'm stinky from the flight, and if I can sniff the whiff of your nervousness, so can Adam. Let's get squeaky clean and become the sweet smelling, eminently huggable girls we really are and greet Adam in the altogether when he returns. That is, if you don't mind. I don't wear clothes unless needed for propriety, and around that horny hunk you know as my brother we won't need to wear anything but our skins."

Smooth, Adam thought. His sister had taken a nearly disastrous situation and turned it into a fun experience.

The ladies giggled and scrubbed each other with slick, soap-covered hands. Nipples puckered, and pussy juices flowed. The girls dried each other with thick towels, laughing together and talking - planning how to trip Adam so he fell between Helen's long legs. Sherry had decided to share.

Once again, I don't have a chance, the young man thought.

The ladies grabbed him at the door and hustled him to the shower. Without real knowledge of how it happened, he suddenly wore the attire of the day - nothing. The girls soaped him, rubbed against him, fondled him and teased until finally he couldn't resist any longer. He lifted Helen to his waist, and his excited cock slipped easily into her wet and ready cunt. Helen climaxed as he entered her, taking Adam with her, and his come splashed inside her each time her orgasm constricted her cunt. Valiantly, Adam remained standing, trying successfully not to drop the girl as she continued to hump against him as she reached for another climax.

"Let's take this to the bed," Sherry said after she had kissed Adam, the kiss awkward because Adam still held Helen on his cock. Then Sherry turned to Helen and buzzed her with an equally clumsy but satisfying kiss.

Adam knew it was Sherry's turn with Helen as they hurriedly dried each other. Except for touches and kisses, his sister had withstood her urge to make love with the exquisite young woman they were visiting. Sherry knew Helen needed to experience Adam's love first, and the wait had increased Sherry's need. Sherry had not decided to share Adam unselfishly. She, too, wanted the beautiful girl.

When the ladies tumbled onto the bed, Adam stayed back and watched. He could feel Helen's hot breath in Sherry's ear when Sherry took Helen into her arms. Legs entwined, and breast rubbed against breast. Sherry kissed Helen again, and this time no awkwardness existed, and Adam felt Helen release all reticence and flow into the embrace. Soft lips touched soft lips, and Sherry's tongue intruded and was accepted. Tongues entwined; Helen shivered. Sherry cupped the bottom of one of Helen's breasts with her hand, lifted it as if to weigh it and softly turned her palm to cover the nipple.

The love emanating from Helen thrilled the young man. He had felt her love when he was inside her in the shower, but now her love was directed at his sister. As the kiss continued, the ladies started to grind their bodies slowly against each other. One of Helen's thighs slipped between Sherry's lovely legs, and she rubbed her wet pussy against Sherry's thigh. Sherry did the same to Helen. The touching of pussy to leg wasn't fast or hard, but very slow and performed without volition on the part of either participant.

Thighs became wet.

The romantic kiss finally ended and the girls gazed into each other's eyes. Sherry emanated lust; Helen's love superceded her lust, but lust existed and was building, Adam knew. He could feel it deep inside the woman, like a charley horse, a knot of lust and need becoming larger and larger.

Sherry slid down on the bed and admired Helen's magnificent breasts before she leaned forward and kissed each turgid nipple. Adam felt his sister's labia swell with need, and her clitoris screamed for attention, but Sherry ignored her own needs as she left wet marks from small kisses while descending down toward Helen's wet center. Sherry surprised both Helen and Adam when she skipped over Helen's cunt and raised Helen's legs to explore the back of her knees with her mouth and tongue. Helen gasped and the lust that had been building exploded, infusing her entire body.

Sherry kissed the soft inner skin of Helen's thighs, alternating kisses by rubbing her soft cheeks against the silky smooth skin, and moving inexorably closer and closer to Helen's vulva. Helen's aroused scent combined with the acrid odor of Adam's semen assaulted Sherry's nostrils, and Sherry turned her gaze to Helen's open flower. Adam's come was puddled at the entrance to Helen's vagina and had run down to cover the soft fold of her buns and onto the sheets. Sherry leaned down and licked, starting low and working up toward the center, cleaning as she went. Helen squirmed with pleasure and anticipation. Sherry ignored Helen's throbbing clitoris while she lapped at Adam's come.

"After Adam fills me with his come, you can do the same for me," Sherry said.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" Helen exclaimed.

Adam tasted his semen on his sister's tongue and was amazed at the softness, the tenderness, Sherry used with each kiss, each lick, each touch. His cock had become rock hard again, but he had no urge to move to either of the women. He didn't want to intrude, not yet. They were making love, had forgotten about him completely, which pleased him immensely.

Finally, Sherry had eaten all of Adam's semen she could find and moved her lips and tongue up to Helen's throbbing clitoris.

Adam connected with Helen to experience the feel of Sherry's tongue on her most sensitive bundle of nerves. He gasped when Sherry encircled Helen's clitoris with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth. 'She's close, Lover. You'll come when she comes on my mouth, ' Sherry said silently while she continued to roll her tongue over Helen's clit. 'Come inside me, not in the air.'

Adam smiled and moved to the foot of the bed. He grasped his sister's narrow hips and raised her slightly as his cock slipped between her legs. Moving back a little, the head of his cock sensed Sherry's opening and he pushed slowly into her.

'Nice, ' Sherry muttered with a thought. 'I love you, Adam, but I love Helen, too. She's so utterly beautiful she takes my breath away, and her need is so very, very great.'

Adam, still connected with Helen, felt her orgasm start to overtake her as Sherry sucked her clit into her mouth and lashed it with her tongue. Helen's orgasmic sensations grew, becoming stronger and stronger. Her body quivered and started to stiffen. Helen's eyes had remained closed, but suddenly they snapped open, and she gazed at Adam as exquisite feelings overwhelmed her. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and her hips reached for the ceiling, taking Sherry up with her with Sherry's mouth still connected with her cunt. Helen's eyes remained fixed on Adam.

'I love you, Adam. I love you! I love you! I love you!' Helen screamed silently. Her gaze dropped and her eyes widened as she took in the sight of Sherry's mouth covering her cunt. 'And I love you, too, Sherry! I love you! I love both of you!'

Helen's mouth closed and a beautiful grimace twisted her face as the first contraction of her orgasm jerked her body. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her silent scream became verbal. Her wail of pleasure reverberated off the walls, and Adam joined her with a roar of his own as he shared her orgasm with her.

The young man collapsed first, but his body jerked with each contraction that wracked Helen's beautiful body. He took her into his arms and kissed her. Her silent expressions of love continued, but finally she vocalized them. Sherry moved up on the other side of her, and Helen turned and kissed her. The two of them cuddled, once again ignoring Adam, and he didn't mind in the least. He basked in the love the two of them felt for each other, and smiled because he knew the cuddling wouldn't continue much longer.

Sherry had not yet had an orgasm.

Somehow, Helen sensed Sherry's need, and the Sapphic embrace started all over again, as Helen explored Sherry's body with her mouth and the soft touches of her hands. Sherry had waited long enough. She didn't want or need a slow buildup of passion and pushed Helen's mouth to her cunt. Connected with Sherry, Adam's cock regained its strength, and he moved behind Helen to repeat the sexy dance he had just enjoyed inside Sherry, only this time, Helen's lively cunt massaged his throbbing cock.

Sherry climaxed quickly, and Adam joined her. Curiously, Helen came again, too, and Adam sensed Helen empathic abilities were above average. As they cuddled again, Helen thanked them again and again.

"Now I know love," she said. "Now I understand why everyone enjoys sex. I love sex. I love you, both of you. Thank you. Thank you for helping me understand. Thank you."

The threesome explored the city and surrounding communities during the day and made love each evening and morning - or when the mood hit otherwise and a private place could be found. But as the days slipped by, Sherry and Adam noticed Helen became more frantic as the departure date loomed closer.

"No doubt she's submissive; that's her personality, Adam. We can't change that," Sherry said to her brother.

They lay in the sun next to a dazzling blue pool. Helen lounged in the shallow end and waved to them when she noticed them looking at her.

"And I know how you feel. She relates to you as her master, and by extension, I'm her mistress. She's submissive to both of us. Actually, I kind of like it; it's nice to be waited on hand and foot. And fuck! She can suck pussy better than anyone, even you, empathic lover boy. You know what I'm feeling and give me what I want. Helen surprises me, gives me pleasures I didn't know existed so I couldn't ask for them."

"I don't want a sex slave, Sherry."

"Well, you have one whether you want one or not. The question is what are you going to do about it?"

"Nothing. We're leaving in three days. I don't need to do anything; time will solve my problem."

"It's not as simple as that. You love the girl, Adam. I do, too. Look at her; she's exquisite, the loveliest creature I've ever seen, and others share my opinion, you included. You've read the thoughts of both men and woman as she walks by. If it weren't for Cousin Eleanor and the anticipation of our visit, she would have already succumbed to a dominant male, one who would surely mistreat her, like her parents. Maybe not as badly, but..."

"I saved her life, so she's my responsibility for the rest of my life?"

"Sort of. Do you really think you can leave her here, Adam?"

He hesitated. "No, but I haven't a clue what to do. We can't take her home with us. Even if the parents gave their approval, it isn't safe. Someone would recognize her if she returned. Her parents may be behind bars but they still have connections with members of their sick organization, members who escaped prosecution. Her evil, rotten, poor excuses for parents would certainly extract revenge. Like I said. I don't know what to do. I'll consider any reasonable suggestion."

Sherry pondered the problem. "You can connect with her, feel her emotions, and listen to her thoughts. Can you communicate with her? You certainly communicated with those thugs in the mall a few weeks ago."

Damn it! Adam cursed silently and privately. Why didn't I think of that? Maybe I can...

"I don't know. Let me try." The young man concentrated, created a join with Helen both empathically and telepathically as forcefully as he could without mentally shouting, and then said with his mind, 'Helen, if you can hear me, raise your right hand.' He waited until her hand reached for the sky. 'Good, now raise your left hand. Don't be frightened, Helen. You aren't going insane. Lower you arms. Everything will be fine. Come to me and I will explain.'

Helen, with a fearful expression, exited the pool, started to move toward Adam, and then broke into a run. Adam rose to meet her, and she threw her arms around him. "Hold me, Adam," Helen whispered fearfully. "Hold me tight, because I'm losing it. I just heard you speaking to me, but I heard the words with my mind, not my ears."

"You're not losing it, Helen," Adam said. "I did speak to your mind with my mind. You see, I'm an empath, and I'm telepathic. I can..."

Adam and Sherry spent the next hour explaining Adam's amazing abilities. Back in the apartment, they answered many questions and the young man, as per custom, promised to honor a privacy command invoked by Helen. As the evening closed, Adam demonstrated his psychokinesis abilities by making love to Helen while they floated above the bed. And during the remaining three days of the visit, he experimented and perfected his newly discovered ability to transmit his own thoughts to the minds of the ladies. The ability did not appear limited to distance.

"I hope I don't frighten her," Adam said after he had informed Sherry and Helen about his plan to communicate with his mother to test the range of the ability.

Adam searched and found his mother. She had just stepped from the shower and tweaked her nipples.

'That's naughty, Mother, ' Adam projected and felt a returning twinge of curiosity - not fear. 'Yes, it's me, your loving son. I've discovered how to beat the telephone company at its own game.'

Adam could see his mother's wide grin in his mind's eye.

'I wondered when you would figure out how to talk to me with your mind. It wasn't until after you and Sherry left for your Phoenix trip, and I became lonely and wanted to speak with you, that I remembered your incident at the mall. I knew then you could transmit as well as receive. I miss you, Son. It's too quiet around the house without you and Sherry bouncing in and out.'

'Sherry and I miss you too, Mother. I'll talk with Dad in a moment. I tried to make a simultaneous connection with both of you, but it appears I can only transmit to one person at a time. I love you. Wait - Sherry says she can't wait to see you again and get one of your infamous kisses.'

'And just where does she want me to plant the kiss? Tell that bawdy broad I can't wait to capture her face between my thighs again. Are the two of you having fun with Helen. She is one gorgeous hunk of female flesh, Son Stud. I know I'd be seriously tempted and your father wouldn't hesitate to trip and fall between her long legs. I want a blow-by-blow when you return.'

'You're a dirty old lady, but I love you.'

'Leave out the old part, and I'll agree with you. This is cool, Adam. Check in with me from time to time until you return.'

'I promise. Bye for now.'

Adam grinned proudly at Sherry and Helen. "It worked. It was like a telephone conversation, a little awkward and formal, but at the end Mother became her bawdy self. She wants to know where you want her to plant her kiss when you return, Sherry."

When Helen gave Sherry a quizzical look, Sherry giggled and said, "Mother and I are lovers, Helen. I hope that doesn't shock you."

"No, I think its cool. My mother forced me to lick her while she beat me. We were never lovers. Thanks to the two of you, I know the difference. You've both made me so happy, I don't know what I'm going to do when you leave."

'I do, ' Adam said with his mind. 'You and I will talk with each other any time you need me. You need only to ask with your mind, and I'll answer. I'll be with you, Helen, no matter where I am.'

Adam watched as a smile spread across Helen's gorgeous face - happiness enhanced her beauty.

'So that's why you connected with your mother - to make certain you could communicate with me from your home. Oh, Adam, this is marvelous. I won't be left here alone. I won't be lonely. I'll have you to talk to, to help me over the rough times. Oh, I love you so much, Adam Johnson, I could kiss you!'

'What's stopping you?'

"Nothing, absolutely nothing," Helen said aloud and wrapped herself around the young man and kissed him so thoroughly he became lost in the most basic of embraces. Adam's trip took him inside Helen's mouth where he bounced and tumbled from one exquisite nerve ending on her tongue to another. He never wanted the sheer joy he was experiencing to cease. Fortunately, when the kiss ended, as kisses tend to do, it was replaced with another, one equal if not more stimulating, when his sister, his lover, demonstrated her ability to take him on a similar trip.

When the aircraft shuddered as it lifted from the runway, Adam turned to Sherry and smiled. 'Helen says your pussy is sweet, and you cuddle better than I do, ' the young man thought.

'That's true; I can cuddle much better than you. When it comes to cuddling I'm in a class by myself. Tell Helen my pussy is sweet because it usually contains your juices, and tell her I miss her cuddly, squirmy, marvelously responsive titties all ready.'

This is going to get confusing, transferring Sherry's thoughts to Helen and vice versa. I wish I could set up a link that would allow them to communicate directly. Oh well, maybe someday.

Adam had not noticed, but Sherry had. Sometime during that summer, Adam's physical development had accelerated. In less than two months, he had grown three inches, taking his height above the six-foot mark. But he didn't slim down with the growth spurt. Rather, his body bulked up as if he were lifting weights daily, an exercise the young man abhorred. Prominent ridges developed like washboards at his stomach. Adam's shoulders widened, his pectorals bulged, and his waist actually dropped a notch or two on his belt.

The day Sherry noticed, Adam stood nude with a book in his hand. "Damn it, big brother, you're downright sexy. You've become a real hunk this summer. Standing like that, you look like Michelangelo's statue of David. Your body is approaching the ideal - beautifully proportioned, exquisite in form - and your mine, all mine."

"Mine, too. And his cock has grown; have you noticed?" Adam's mother said with a mischievous grin as she strolled through the room.

"You're right, Mother," Sherry said. "He's as long as Daddy now, maybe longer. I can't swallow his length as easily as I could before. Where's Daddy?"

"In the garage working on the car," Karen said.

"Go get him. I'll get a tape measure. We'll play dueling cocks!"

Karen laughed. "Your father may not want to play, Sherry. The game is after all a bit sophomoric. Still, it does sound like fun."

"Daddy will play if I promise to use my mouth to get him hard, and you promise to finish the job after we measure the two of them. Or vice versa."

"What about me," Adam asked.

"Mother will get you hard, and I'll finish you off. Or vice versa."

"That sounds like a plan," Adam said and looked to his mother.

She winked and turned to go to the garage.

"I can't get over how you've developed this summer, Adam. You've become..."

"Dad's in trouble!" Adam exclaimed with obvious concern, and was moving toward the garage when he heard his mother scream. The young man entered the garage and immediately perceived what had happened. His father had been rotating the tires on the Buick and the jack had failed. The vehicle had fallen, trapping his arm. He was unconscious and bleeding.

Adam didn't hesitate. He reached for the bumper, squatted and strained mightily to lift the car. His face reddened and his cheeks bulged, and inexorably the vehicle's dead weight moved upward as he lifted with his legs, arms and back. The lad then remembered his psychokinesis powers and brought them to the task. The combined effort allowed him to straighten his legs, and the vehicle cleared his father. "Pull him out, Mother. Sherry, you help," Adam gasped, his muscles straining and veins bulging. The ladies dragged the injured man from under the car, and Adam lowered the vehicle back to the concrete slab of the garage.

"His arm is crushed!" Karen exclaimed. "Sherry, call 911 and then throw some clothes on and bring clothes for Adam and me. Adam, you get the first aid kit. We've got to stop this bleeding."

Adam soon knelt beside his mother, handing her the kit. "I'll put that tire on. We'll need the car to follow you and Dad in the ambulance," Adam said.

"Be careful, Son; I don't trust that jack, but I think I did this to him. When I opened the door, he twisted to look at me, slipped and kicked the jack. What makes me really angry is the fact that he was rotating the tires. The damned Buick is a demo. The garage at the dealership would have done the job for nothing. But you know your father; he likes to tinker. There, I think I've stopped most of the bleeding, but he's in shock. I wish the ambulance would get here. If it doesn't arrive soon, we'll need to take him to the emergency room ourselves."

Sherry arrived dressed and carrying clothes for her mother and Adam. Adam finished putting on the tire and was half-dressed when the ambulance arrived.

The paramedics took over, and Karen climbed into the ambulance to ride with her husband to the hospital. Adam tossed the car keys to Sherry. "You drive," he said. "I think I hurt myself lifting the damned car."

"How badly are you hurt?" Sherry asked with concern as she started the vehicle.

"Not seriously. I strained some muscles and broke a few blood vessels."

"We'll have a doctor look at you while were at the hospital."

"Let's not worry about me. I think Dad's arm is crushed."

"Adam, how did you lift that car? You're a hunk, but not many men, if any, could do what you did."

"Similar circumstances have happened. I read a story about a woman who lifted a car off her child. Emergencies often produce super-human feats of strength or courage. I just knew I didn't want to waste the time it would take to set the jack and raise it so Dad could be freed. Let's keep the fact that I lifted the car to ourselves."

Adam then connected with his mother, and the two of them spoke silently to each other until the ambulance arrived at the hospital. Minutes later, Sherry dropped Adam at the curb and drove off to find a parking space.

When Karen saw her son approach, she ran to him flinging herself into his arms. Tears slid down her cheeks. She had turned her injured husband over to professionals and no longer needed to maintain control of her emotions.

"They're looking at him now, Adam. He's in shock, and - oh god, they told me he might lose his arm!"

The sliding tears became sobs, and Adam guided her while holding her erect to an empty section of the visitor's seating area. Sherry arrived and the three of them held each other. The two ladies cried, and Adam's eyes also filled with tears.

Shortly a doctor appeared, looked around and located Karen.

"Your husband is stabilized for the moment, but the situation is still very serious. If we have any chance of saving his arm, we'll need to operate immediately," the doctor informed Karen.

Adam watched as his mother composed herself. She's needed again, the young man thought.

"Then do it; do whatever it takes," Karen said.

"The operating rooms are on the second floor. There's a waiting area adjacent to the operating theater. We'll need you to sign consent forms, and..."

"Who will perform the operation?" Karen asked, interrupting.

"Dr. Ellington. He's considered the best orthopedic surgeon in the city. I share that opinion."

The three of them waited. Adam connected with the surgeons operating on his father. He didn't understand many of the words and procedures they talked and thought about during the operation, but he was able to grasp enough to understand what was happening. During the operation, he kept his mother and sister informed of anything positive. The negative thoughts and comments emanating from the operating arena he kept to himself.

"They've done what they could do now, Mother," Adam said three hours after they had been shown to the waiting room. "Father will need at least one more operation, probably two, but they think they might have saved his arm."

Adam didn't tell his mother and sister the doctors believed if they saved his arm it would probably remain useless. Nerve damage was severe, and they were not able to remove all the bone fragments.

In any case, it would be about eight months, more likely a year, before Steve Johnson could return to work. The medical bills and loss of his monthly income placed the Johnson household on shaky financial ground.

Adam Johnson, at least temporarily, became the head of family.

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