Tuesday morning Jack was awakened by the feeling of large, fluffy feathers swirling around his cock and balls. Agreeing that he probably deserved it, he closed his eyes and tried to relax and let them do their thing. He couldn't resist squirming, though, and only then did he discover thick, soft silken ropes lightly restraining him at ankle and wrist. He knew he could demand to be set free at any time, but he found being tied added a new level of excitement to his stimulation. He squirmed to an orgasm several long moments later.

When his cock had finished squirting all over his stomach, he opened his eyes and looked around for Genie. He found her perched on the other edge of the bed, hiding behind a pillow held hugged to her chest. He could only see her eyes over the top, but the way they crinkled at the corners, he could tell she was grinning.

"Very funny. Now how about untying me and cleaning this off so I don't drip on the way to the bathroom." His semen and the ropes disappeared, and he jumped up to go take a leak. Once he was done, Genie joined him in the bathroom at his invitation and they hopped in the shower, where Jack introduced her to the mundane but quite effective massaging hand shower. One arm holding her against his chest and cupping a luscious breast, he used the other to aim the massaging stream against her clit. His arm around her soon had to support most of her weight as her knees buckled from the incessant warm watery thrumming against her clitoris.

Once her first orgasm of the day was satisfactorily complete, they finished getting clean, dried each other off, and got dressed. Genie chose to dress herself this morning in a denim mini-skirt, v-neck t-shirt and sandals. "Anything under that skirt?" Jack asked lecherously.

"What do you think?"

Jack had a lot of work to do, but decided they should take care of a couple of other things first, most importantly getting some actual food into the apartment. They headed out the door toward the car, and Jack handed over a pad of paper and a pen. "Jennifer, would you mind making a shopping list as I call some stuff out?"

She blinked in mild surprise at his use of her 'public' name. "Sure, Jack." After doing a mental inventory of what was in his kitchen - a quick task - he called out items they needed as he drove to the Grocery store near by. When he was done, she asked, "Master, can I ask you a question?"

Jack was in turn a bit surprised by the honorific. "Of course. Is something wrong?"

"Well, I still have somewhat of an internal dichotomy between my base nature as your purely subservient Genie, and the fairly free-spirited, self-reliant individual you wish me to be."

"Is that causing you some discomfort, or going to cause you to go schizo and start boiling rabbits in pots of water, or... ?"

She grinned and rolled her eyes. "No, nothing like that, Master. I simply need more direction as to how you would like me to be in public, and even with you in private, as your companion. As I have said before, at root I must always be your willing servant, but..." she shrugged.

Jack gave a heavy sigh and thought for a few moments. "Well, it's only been a few days, but I can already say without hesitation that I want you as my girlfriend, my lover, my best friend and my mate for the rest of our lives. I want you to get as much enjoyment out of your abilities as I do. As I said before, I do get off on the Master/Slave thing a bit, but even that I want to happen as a little diversion in our relationship. I never want to think of you as an actual slave. I want you to be as much of an individual as you can while being all those things. Does that help?"

She smiled a happy, teary smile. "It does, Jack. Thank you."

He smiled happily back. "You are quite welcome." A thought occurred to him. "Will this allow you to use your powers by yourself?"

She shook her head. "In general, no. That isn't allowed. That would pretty much be making me an autonomous Genie. It can allow me some latitude to use them with and for you, though."

"What, you mean like tickling me awake with feathers without me asking."

She grinned. "Yes, that would be one example. You actually gave me leeway to do that our first day, if you member."

"To tickle my genitals with feathers?!"

"No, to wake you up in interesting ways."

Oh, yeah. Well, take as much leeway as you can, just don't do anything too freaky without warning me first."

She grinned naughtily and said, "Whatever you say Master."

By this time they had arrived at the shopping center, and Jack got lucky and found a spot close to the grocery. He got out and was getting ready to close and lock his door when a flying redheaded mass leapt into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist, nearly knocking him down. She covered his face with kisses, ending with a heart stopping one on his lips, then said, "I am taking advantage of the autonomy you have allowed me to say that I love you, Jack. And that's from Jennifer, not just Genie."

Jack didn't hesitate. "I love you too, Jennifer AND Genie." They kissed again, but were interrupted by a wolf whistle. Jennifer in her enthusiasm to wrap herself around Jack had forgotten the fact that she was, indeed, going commando under her short skirt. Now, with legs around Jack's hips, her skirt was bunched up around her waist, completely exposing her glorious moon to anyone that cared to look. She blew a kiss to the whistler before jumping down and casually adjusting her skirt. Jack then took her hand and they walked into the store.

The shopping adventure Jack expected began almost as soon as they walked through the automatic doors, although not quite as Jack had figured. He grabbed a cart and they hit the first department, which in this particular store was produce. Jennifer wasted little time in exploiting her new personal discretion by noting just how many different phallic-shaped fruits and vegetables there were. She made some very suggestive comments concerning an impossibly large zucchini, and by the time they got to the carrots, she was stiffening Jack's rod by demonstrating with a long, thick specimen just how well she was able to suppress her gag reflex.

She had looked around to make sure no other customers were watching before putting on her little show, but this didn't prevent a produce boy from bustling through the swinging doors from the stockroom with a tray of strawberries in his hands. He stopped dead in his tracks, eyes going very wide at the sight of Jennifer, who was in turn frozen in surprise with a carrot down her throat.

Jack's mortification was real for a second, then he whispered plenty loud enough for the guy to hear, "Jennifer, put that away, you are gong to get us into trouble." He left it up to her to decide what putting it away meant.

Although he didn't feel a tingle, she picked the most risqué way he could think of to put it away, anyway, as she slowly removed it from between her lips, shrugged to the young man and said, "Sorry, we'll take this one. I'll put it away, now," and then slowly lowered it to between her legs, moved it up under her skirt, and started to insert it. She had to lift up the front of her skirt as she pushed the vegetable in, and her hand and wrist were the only things preventing the wide-eyed boy from seeing the complete show. Once it was all the way in, she pulled her skirt down and patted it straight, then walked calmly over to him and perused the tray of strawberries that was currently being used to hide a raging erection. Picking a carton, she smiled happily at the guy, said, "I just love strawberries," and brought them back to the cart. She looked innocently at Jack. "What's next on the list?"

"Uh," he cleared his throat, "onions, I think." She went over to the onions, moving for all the world like she walked around with a large carrot shoved up her all the time. Jack rolled the cart after her, using it to try to conceal his own massive erection. When they got to the onions, he murmured, "Is it really in there?"

"Of course," she murmured back, looking over the onions. "It would be cheating, otherwise."

"Didn't you have to cheat to even fit it in? That thing is longer than I am, even at your new 'normal'."

"Perhaps, but that's a different kind of cheating."

"Is it... uncomfortable?"

She gave a small shrug as she handed him an onion in a plastic veggie bag. "It's a bit cold," she looked up into his eyes and gave a small secretive smile, "but it's warming up quickly."

They continued shopping, and Jack was really glad that he had thought to have Jennifer make a list, as he was now having trouble concentrating on what they needed. They progressed slowly, as Jennifer had to examine almost every product in the store, and their cart wound up containing a lot of stuff that wasn't on the list. Apparently word of Jennifer's little show had spread, as there seemed to be quite a bit of restocking and shelf straightening in whichever aisle they happened to be.

Otherwise their shopping experience was fairly uneventful - if you can call shopping with an incredibly hot woman who had a giant carrot shoved up her twat uneventful - until they reached the checkout line. Business was fairly slow this morning, and there was only one line open. There were a couple of people in front of them, so Jack's eyes automatically went to where they always did when standing in line at the grocery; the beautiful celebrities on the glossy 'pop culture news' magazines, and the beautiful and scantily clad models on the fitness and fashion magazines. He gasped when he saw they were looking back, the celebrities vogueing for him and blowing kisses or suggestively sucking on fingers with collagen-enhanced lips, while the models flashed him brief and tantalizing shots of ass and tit from beneath their revealing dresses and skimpy bathing suits.

"See anything you like?" Jennifer whispered to him. He could only nod, eyes going from one cover to another. "Isn't she a lot smaller than that?" he murmured, pointing to a celebrity on one of the pop magazines, another long-maned redhead who he had always been fond of. She had somehow lost the top of her dress, and a few finger tips were the only thing hiding her nipples. "The running joke on her TV show is how flat she is."

"She has a new child, and her breasts have gotten several sizes larger while breastfeeding."

"Would she like them to stay that size?"

"Well, she's lamented on many occasions the fact that they will disappear after she stops, but, as you say, their small size is a running comedy element on her show."

"Well, have them stay that size, firm and perky, after she stops breastfeeding. They can find another running gag. She is much hotter that way."

"Hot, eh?" Jennifer teased.

"Absolutely. The only thing better on one of those covers would be you. You put them all to shame." It sent a thrill through him to know that was absolutely true. She started turning red at the praise, but then it was their turn to check out, and her blush disappeared as Jennifer prepared for her finale.

The bagger boy was studiously trying to ignore them when he thought they were looking his way, and staring intently at Jennifer when he thought they weren't. When they reached the conveyer belt and Jack started unloading the cart, Jennifer made as if she'd remembered something, reached down, and slowly removed the carrot. She shrugged at the boy and said, "Can't shoplift this, now can I?" and laid it with the two other carrots they were purchasing as they passed on the belt.

Jennifer had been situated so that no one else saw the removal, including the checkout girl. The girl had also apparently not heard Jennifer's comment, most likely because she was partially deafened by the popping of her chewing gum. Thus as the carrots approached on the belt, she picked them up, weighed them, rung them in, and sent them on their way to be bagged. The bagger boy watched them with wide eyes as they approached, and then reached out with a shaking hand to pick them up and put them in a bag. Only then did Genie reach in, retrieve her special carrot, give the boy a cheeky grin, and take a big, crunchy bite. The young man involuntarily winced, groaned, and a wet spot suddenly appeared on the front of his pants. Luckily his grocery boy apron concealed it from casual view.

Once everything else was bagged, he asked bravely, "Do you want to drive up for this?"

"Yes, please," Jennifer said before Jack could form an answer.

As they walked out to the car, Jack said, "You certainly decided to start naughty, didn't you?"

Jennifer shrugged and gave him a wicked smile. "Well, I figure I have a long way to go to make it back to 'especially, extra naughty' so that you can repeat the punishment that I know you want to repeat, so I thought I had better get started."

"I'm starting to think that you WANT me to do that again."

"I do... eventually. I've never been so aroused."

"In all your three days?" Jack said with a grin.

She shrugged.

"I see. So I have a lot of this to expect whenever we go out in public?"

She smiled her wicked smile again.

They pulled up to receive their bags, then Genie gave the bagger boy one more bit of entertainment, as somehow her skirt had ridden quite high by the time he came up to her window to accept the tip that Jack had given to her to give to him. "Bye! See you next time!" She waved as Jack pulled away.

They returned home, and after unloading and putting away the groceries, Jack made Denver omelets and toast for them both for brunch. Mopping her plate clean with her last bite of toast, Jennifer said, "That was yummy, Jack."

"Thanks! Glad you liked it." They cleaned up the dishes, and then he said. "Can you amuse yourself while I do some work?"

"Sure. Can I help?"

"Ummm, not at the moment," he grinned, "but maybe when I start working on Forbidden Indulgences' stuff."

She grinned back and padded over to turn on the TV. He watched her perfect ass sway beneath her skirt, sighed, and went to his desk. He worked for an hour updating a couple of clients' websites, and then an hour and a half putting a draft of a flyer together for another. He had been checking on Jennifer every twenty minutes or so, and had developed a suspicion that she was quickly becoming addicted to soap operas, some of which were not in English. E-mailing the flyer off to the client, he called Jennifer over.

"Yes, Jack?"

"Want to help me now? I have some ideas for the Forbidden Indulgences site that you can assist me with."


Jennifer pulled up another chair, and they worked the rest of the afternoon and into the evening on a basic design for the website, taking a break for a couple of homemade hoagies for dinner. Jack put his basic design ideas down first, then utilized Genie's abilities to tune what he had in order to best tantalize and titillate their target audience while still keeping the site as tasteful as the subject matter would allow. The names of some of the products weren't going to help, Jack knew. They were just too tawdry. There wasn't much he could do about that now, though. FI was a major customer for the manufacturers, and perhaps in the future they could use their purchasing power to get them to slap a more tasteful name on their products. He made a note to mention that at their next meeting.

Finally around eight o'clock Jack called it a day. They had a pretty good basic layout for the site, and tomorrow he planned to add in the sample products they borrowed from FI. He was trying to decide what to do next when the phone rang.



"Hey, Skip! Long time no talk to. What's up? How's Sharron?"


"Great! How's the new house?"


She did, huh?


"That sounds like fun. Can you hold on for a second?" He put his hand over the receiver and asked Jennifer, "Would you like to go over to the new house of some friends of mine and help break in their new hot tub Saturday night?"

"Uh, Sure." Jennifer looked a little nervous.

Jack put the phone back to his ear. "It's a plan as long as I can bring my girlfriend."


Jack laughed. "Yes, believe it or not."


"Ok. What do we need to bring?"


"Are you sure?"


"Ok, well, we'll see you then."



He hung up and grinned at Jennifer. "I can't wait until they meet you. Skip will freak. Sharon probably will, too. Have you got your Jennifer Holiday background worked out?"

"Mostly. I haven't decided on a college degree yet."

"Well, you'll think of something. You should probably do so by Friday, though, so we can discuss it. I can't go there on Saturday not knowing anything about Jennifer Holiday."

"Ok, Jack." She still looked nervous.

"Something bugging you?"

"I'm just a little apprehensive about meeting your friends, I guess."

Jack waved that off. "Don't be. You'll win them over immediately, I'm sure, especially Skip. Just be yourself," he paused, then grinned, "although you may want to hold off a bit on the 'yourself' that visited the grocery this morning."

She turned a bit red, but grinned back. "I'll try to hold off as long as I can, but..." She rose from her chair and threw a long dancer's leg over him to straddle his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she gave him a sultry look between waterfalls of dark silken red hair that now framed her face and continued, "I am a Genie built for sex, after all." She made that special head toss to move her hair out of the way and then lowered her lips to his. Jack had no problem figuring out what to do with the rest of his evening after that.

Jack awoke the next morning to the erotic weight of a woman's body laying straddled along his legs, and the incredible feeling of a mouth working on his cock. He looked down lazily, and was shocked to find that the red mane of hair rising and falling over his cock was not Jennifer's, but the TV star's on the magazine cover from the previous day's grocery trip. He looked beside him to find Jennifer, lying on her side, head propped up in her hand, grinning impishly at him while her other hand played between her legs.

Jack wasn't sure why, but above and beyond the sexual excitement of waking to a fantasy - this beautiful, naked TV star laying atop his legs while performing oral sex on him - having Jennifer watch with obvious enjoyment was an incredible additional turn-on. So, although she wasn't as skilled as Jennifer, the star's ministrations in addition to the rest of the erotic overload quickly had Jack approaching blast off. Try as he might to hold out, she was soon swallowing spurt after spurt of his cum. She continued sucking until she had the last drop, then finally removing her mouth from his shaft and sat up. She gave him her own thousand-watt smile, cupped her now nicely proportioned breasts, said, "Thanks for the boobs," and disappeared.

Jack turned to Jennifer. "Was that really her?"

"Not exactly. She is currently in bed asleep, as she is several hours behind us. But that is how she would have actually been in the scenario I created."

"Ah. And is she into girls?"

Genie frowned at the non sequitur. "No, not really, she's done the usual practice kissing with friends when she was younger, but..."

"Well, the real one at home asleep may not be, but THIS one LOVES to lick pussy, and as your punishment for this little show, she's going to get her fill of yours right now."

Genie gasped as the tall, slender redhead again appeared on the bed, this time by Jennifer's legs. She gently but firmly grasped them, rolled Jennifer onto her back, spread them, and dove in. Her licking was as enthusiastic as her cock sucking had been, and she soon had Jennifer moaning and writhing on the bed, especially when she reached around Jennifer's legs and up to roll and pull her nipples.

Now it was Jack's turn to watch, and he felt he should definitely be at his most horny to enjoy his first ever live girl-on-girl encounter. Recharge me, please. His softened cock engorged again, and he was immediately almost excited enough by the show before him to spontaneously explode.

Like many guys, Jack had always found the idea of one girl making love to another incredibly and inexplicably arousing, and scenes depicting such were usually some of his favorites in any adult movie. Now, though, he found watching a video versus the real thing roughly comparable to a silent black and white movie versus an Imax with state of the art surround sound. In spite of everything that had happened over the past several days, he thought this might be one of the hottest things he had ever experienced. The rather unique vision of long-haired redhead on redhead certainly did nothing to lessen this.

Jack decided that there was only thing that could possibly make this hotter. He leaned over and said softly into the woman's ear. "Do you mind if I... ?" he indicated her currently neglected nether region.

She took the time to remove one hand from a breast and move it to Jennifer's pussy, slowly inserting her long middle finger while using her thumb to take over the stimulation of Jennifer's clit. Jennifer moaned loudly. "Wow, she's nice and tight." Confident that Jennifer would not cool off while she talked to Jack, the woman smiled up at him and said, "Help yourself, normal entrance only, though, please." Then she looked down at his cock and her eyes widened, "but take it easy with that monster. It looks like it might split me in two!"

Jack looked down to discover that while his cock had shorted by a couple of inches, it was also thicker, the better to give her a more pleasurable screw, although she didn't know it yet. He grinned. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you."

He stood and moved behind her. She obligingly rose up on her knees at the bottom edge of the bed while at the same time replacing her thumb with her eager mouth back on Jennifer's clitoris. When her index finger joined her middle in thrusting aggressively into Jennifer's pussy, she moaned and shuddered through another intense orgasm.

Lining up with the lovely star's spread opening, Jack slowly inserted his cock. She was not nearly as tight as Jennifer, no doubt from delivering a baby if nothing else, but with the increased circumference of Jack's cock she was still a nice, snug fit. It was her turn to moan as he gently but inexorably sunk his cock to its root, and as her mouth was currently adhered to her clit, Jennifer found out first hand just why Jack liked her humming around his shaft. She gave an echoing moan.

Jack gradually built up to a pleasant thrusting pace, eliciting a series of grunts and moans from the woman he was thrusting into, and then more echoing moans from Jennifer, as the woman allowed Jack's thrusts to assist her in rubbing the flat of her tongue repeatedly through Jennifer's lips and over her clit. She also timed her finger's thrusts to match Jack's.

Jack wanted to reach around to finger the actress's clit, but couldn't without affecting his thrusting, so he cheated. Feel free to retaliate with a ghost hand on her clit, if you like, but make it feel like it's coming from my direction.

The woman twitched, and the volume of her moaning increased markedly. When Jack increased the force of his thrusts a bit more, it was enough to send the woman and then Jennifer into nearly simultaneous orgasms, and the music of their orgasmic duet was finally too much for him. He continued to thrust deeply into the woman as he rode his own explosion, then they both collapsed on the bed with Jennifer. The scarlet-haired star panted for a moment, sat up and said. "Wow, you guys are a trip. That was an awesome fuck. Thanks again!" and disappeared once more.

Jack looked over at Jennifer. "Are you planning to wake me up in such interesting ways every morning?" he panted.

She nodded enthusiastically. "Yup, unless you tell me not to."

Jack sighed, and then grinned. "Well, it certainly beats the alarm clock. Just allow me to wake up before you once in awhile, ok?"

"Ok, Jack."

They got up, cleaned up, had some cereal and fruit for breakfast, and got back to work on Forbidden Indulgence's demo site. Today Jack planned to add the photos of the sample products. He began by setting up his 'photo booth', a couple of boxes covered and surrounded by black fabric to match the black background of the website. He had his 'assistant' arrange the items one by one on the fabric while he took digital photos of each. Once he had the shots he wanted, he had an idea. "Want to try a little modeling?" Jennifer raised an eyebrow at him.

After they took a break for sandwiches and chips for lunch, Jack replaced the boxes under the black fabric with pillows and had Jennifer strip, collect the first toy, and lay down. The first item happened to be the Buzzy Buggie, a cute little insect-shaped vibrator that was held against the clit with elastic straps around the legs, meant to leave the vagina open for other activity.

Jennifer donned the toy and adjusted it to fit correctly. Then, just to be perverse, Jack cranked the bug up to high, eliciting a squeak from Jennifer, before taking his time framing up the shot on her crotch and telling her to remain absolutely still while he took the pictures.

He continued this game over what turned out to be most of the afternoon. Jennifer would complain frequently and completely insincerely as her sensitive body 'suffered' several orgasms at the hands of the little toys, while Jack equally insincerely berated her for not holding still enough and ruining all his shots.

It did take quite a bit longer than expected for Jack to get some useable photos, but as both of them were in truth having a lot of fun, he certainly wasn't complaining. Confirming that he was going to have enough photos to complete the demo site, he took a quick break before five o'clock to call Forbidden Indulgences.



"Hey, this is Jack Phillips."


"I'm doing great, I hope you are. I just wanted to let you know that I will have your demo site ready by tomorrow morning, and to ask if you wanted to schedule a meeting to review it.


"Friday morning? That should be fine. I'll see you at ten. Oh! Do you have any projection equipment or a presentation setup I can use with my laptop?"


"Don't worry about it. I have a small projector I can bring. I'll see you then!"



Jennifer was standing by his side, and he was about to turn to her when his cell phone rang. He traded the cordless for it. "Hello?" This time it was a throaty contralto at the other end.

"Oh, yes ma'am!"


Tomorrow afternoon? That should be fine. What time?"


"Very well, I'll be there."

He hung up and turned to Jennifer. "That was..." he trailed off, noticing she looked a bit distressed. "You ok?" She pointed to her breasts, whose nipples were still hosting a pair of vibrating nipple clamps from the interrupted 'photo shoot', firmly attached and buzzing at full speed. He grinned. "Sorry. Had a nippular orgasm yet?"

In answer, her body shivered for several seconds as, if cold. "That was the second since you have been on the phone," she said reproachfully, although Jack saw that she was holding the clamps' wired control in her hand.

"Well, would you like to hear about the phone calls or finish the photos, first? That's the last toy."

She sighed as if in resignation. "Oh, go ahead, tell me about the calls."

Jack grinned again. "Well, I, we, have a meeting at FI on Friday at ten in the morning to discuss their website."

"Ok," she said a bit shakily.

"And the second call was from Marsha Jacobs, Mr. Brown's secretary at Smith & Brown. They want me to attend a meeting tomorrow afternoon at two."

"Ok," she said again.

"You know, I don't think I've met Ms. Jacobs yet. She sounded pretty hot over the phone. Is she?"

The question distracted Jennifer from her mild distress for a moment, as her eyes got a far away look and flashed. She shrugged and nodded, then gave a small wince as the motion got the weighted nipple clamps swinging. "Fairly. She's..."

Jack held up his hand. "Stop! Don't spoil the rest. I'll find out tomorrow. Shall we finish the photos then have some dinner?" She nodded, and then winced, again. Jack got a speculative look. "You know, since we have until Friday, maybe I'll break out the digital video camera after dinner."

Jennifer raised both eyebrows.

Jack requested that Jennifer let him sleep in the next morning. After dinner they had indeed broken out the video camera, and had stayed up very late having fun 'working'. At one point Jennifer lamented the fact that they didn't get any toys for guys, and suggested that they rectify the situation. However, when they looked at Forbidden Indulgences' current website to see what might be fun, they found the selection of toys for men to be quite lacking. A set of lips and 'throat' molded from the mouth of an actual porn star just didn't do much for either of them, no matter how 'lifelike' the rubber might feel.

They finally rose in the late morning, enjoyed the now-customary fooling around in the shower, and got dressed. Not wanting to worry about fixing anything to eat, they decided to eat lunch on the way to S&B. They stopped at a casual Mexican restaurant, and lunch was fairly uneventful other than Jennifer making a big production of trying to figure out what her first Mexican dish should be. She received excellent service; all the staff at the restaurant were men with whom she flirted shamelessly.

Arriving at Smith & Brown a few minutes early, Jack and a once-again-invisible Genie were ushered into the conference room to await the other attendees. They started trickling in almost immediately, including Margaret, who looked like a new woman, and a statuesque middle-aged blond woman who had to be Marsha Jacobs, Mr. Brown's secretary. Mr. Brown was the last to enter. Conspicuous in their absence were Ms. Krieger and her crew.

As soon as everyone was seated, Mr. Brown spoke. "Thank you, everyone, for coming. As you know, due to the removal of Ms. Krieger as Operations Manager," Jack's eyebrows rose at this, "things are a bit disorganized as we scramble to reassign her and her associates' duties temporarily to other employees until replacement personnel can be promoted or hired." He turned to address Jack. "Mr. Phillips, while I do not wish to air our dirty laundry in public, and therefore ask you to keep what is discussed here to yourself, I will tell you that, after your little altercation with Ms. Krieger a few days ago, I took a broader look at her management, and found that your prognosis was correct; had she remained in her position and been allowed to continue 'managing' as she had been, this company would not have stayed in business much longer. The damage is severe, and it is my fault. I gave Ms. Krieger too much authority and not enough accountability. It will not happen again. Mr. Phillips, we all owe you a debt of gratitude for assisting to pull the wool from our eyes or," he gave a quick glare at Ms. Jacobs, who just grinned smugly back, "MY eyes, over what Ms. Krieger was up to."

Jack was embarrassed at the praise, then shocked speechless when the group broke into a round of applause, along with big smiles directed his way from Margaret and Ms. Jacobs. "I... uh..." he stammered.

Mr. Brown, smiling a bit himself at Jack's discomfort, came to his rescue. "We have a lot to cover this afternoon, and as most of it does not directly concern Mr. Phillips, we will cover what does concern him, first, so he can be excused afterward." He paused to consult his notes for a moment. "Jack, it has been made clear to me in no uncertain terms," this time the glare was directed at Margaret, who nodded, "just how much we rely on our web site to do business these days, and therefore how important it is to keep it running smoothly and uninterrupted. It has also been stressed to me that it was doing just that until our recent change of staff. On the other hand, I am not quite ready to entirely let go of our requirement that subcontractors work from our facility." He paused.

"So, I suggest a compromise. Would you be willing to come in to this office one day a week, say Wednesdays or Thursdays, and work with my folks on whatever needs to be done for the site that week? Plus perhaps half a day the second Friday of the month to post the new pricing files? This way you could get all of your work done for us here, in one day, with much better access to our personnel and information. We can give you access to whatever other recourses you need; a cubicle, network access, a PC if you need one."

All heads swiveled to Jack, but he remained silent a moment, thinking. Finally he replied, "The time I spend supporting your website each week is not constant. Some weeks I might spend an hour on it performing small maintenance tasks. Other weeks I may spend two business days or more on it if you have major changes for me to make. For the weeks where I do little, spending a whole day here would waste my time, and I would only be in your way. For the weeks where I do a lot, one day would not be enough. And, while the offer of a PC to use is generous, my workstation at home has all of the software and tools I need, some of which is fairly expensive. If I were to work from here, copies of all of that software would have to be purchased again."

"Therefore, let me make a counter proposal. What if I were to come in for half a day each week to meet with your folks, review any issues, obtain any data to be updated to the website, etcetera. Otherwise we would work as before; I would work from my location, still be available via phone or in person for meetings, all of that stuff. Nothing would need to change with the contract for now. We could consider this a handshake addendum for a couple of months while we determine if it works or not. After that, well, the contract is up for renewal or renegotiation in four months or so, anyway."

It was Mr. Brown's turn to mull things over, but he didn't do so for very long. "That sounds fine, Jack. For now your primary contact will be Margaret, so please coordinate with her as to the best time for you to come in each week. Thanks for being patient with us, Mr. Phillips, and thank you for coming in today."

That was unmistakably a dismissal, so Jack said, "You are quite welcome." He rose and headed for the door. Margaret also stood and met him there, then indicated they should step outside.

"I wanted to say a personal thank you, too. You are a bit of a hero around here Jack. Did you know that?"

Jack blushed and shrugged. "I was just covering my ass." He changed the subject. "You are looking like a new woman since last I saw you."

It was her turn to shrug a bit self consciously. "Well, let's just say lots of things have changed for the better since the last meeting we both attended?"

Jack grinned. "Really?" He gave her tote board a quick scan, and was not surprised to see that her sexual experience had widened a bit in the past few days.

She blushed, although she figured there was no way he could know of all the ways things had improved. "Listen, I've got to get back in here. I'll call you later to set a time for your weekly visits, ok?"


"Oh!" she whispered as she started to slip back into the conference room, "and you're looking pretty damn hot, yourself!"

Jack smiled as he headed for the elevators. He didn't make it a dozen steps, though, before he was stopped by another woman's voice, this one rich and throaty.

"Mr. Phillips?"

He turned to find Ms. Jacobs approaching. "Yes. Ma'am?"

She smiled. "Call me Marsha. I, too, wanted to add my personal gratitude for your assistance in removing that... woman and her associates." It was quite obvious which word, or words, were substituted for 'woman' in her head. She stepped closer. "I also wanted say how glad I am that you will be working with us in person. If there is anything I can do to make your time in the office more... pleasant, just say the word."

"Thank you Marsha, I look forward to being around, and I am sure I will be coming to you for all the assistance you can give. And please call me Jack."

"Very well. See you soon, Jack." She turned and headed back toward the conference room.

Did she mean what it sounded like she meant? Jack asked Genie, as he still thought of her when she was moving around as her ghost-self.

Yes. She is VERY grateful for your part in getting rid of 'that raging bitch.' It would seem that they were having a bit of a power struggle. It isn't that Ms. Jacobs wants the position that Ms. Krieger had. Ms. Jacobs, as Mr. Brown's secretary, knows about everything that goes on in this company. She could see what Ms. Krieger was doing, but couldn't get through to Mr. Brown what was happening until you broke the ice, so to speak.

Beyond that, she is single, sexually adventurous, and quite attracted to you over and above her gratitude, as you would have known if you had consulted the tote board.

Damn! Why hadn't he looked at her tote board? On the other hand, perhaps it might be more fun on occasion to fly without the tote board, as long as he had Genie as his safety net.

S&B most likely thought they had won a small victory by his agreeing to come in to work half a day per week, plus keeping to the rest of the contract. Come to think of it, it wasn't much of a thank you, but that was ok. There was something to be said about working in an office; beyond the unexpected but very promising opportunity just presented by Ms. Jacobs, Jack figured in an office the size of S&B's there had to be quite a few attractive women to have a bit of fun with during the spare time he was going to have most weeks, even being there for only half a day. He was actually pretty happy with how things had turned out.

Jack and Jennifer headed home to some pasta for dinner and then a few of hours putting the finishing touches on Forbidden Indulgences' demo site. As Jack lay in bed later that night spooned with Jennifer, a perfect breast cupped in one hand, he felt pretty confident about the presentation the next morning. If all went well, he had the beginnings of an idea on how to use Jennifer's/Genie's powers to start down the road to fortune, if not necessarily fame.

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