"Good morning Mr. Phillips, this is your eight o'clock wakeup fuck," said a beautiful face, framed by a deep red mane of long, silken hair, going in and out of focus. It took him a few blink-filled seconds to figure out it was doing so because its owner was riding his rock-hard cock while leaning over him, propped up on her arms. How she had gotten him rock-hard and mounted without waking him up was an interesting question... or probably not. She was a sex Genie, after all.

"Thank you, Miss Holiday. Might I say that you are as stunningly beautiful as ever this morning?" She beamed at him... and kept slamming down on his shaft. He reached up to fondle his most favorite pair of breasts in the entire world until he and Jennifer had a lovely synchronized cum several long crotch-slapping moments later. Having your very own sex Genie certainly had its advantages.

They grabbed a shower, dressed, ate a quick breakfast, gathered the presentation equipment and headed out the door toward Forbidden Indulgences. Jack decided to forgo the blow job this time, so the trip wasn't quite as interesting as the previous one, although Jack enjoyed the time spent chatting with Jennifer almost as much.

They arrived a few minutes before ten, Jennifer having going invisible a block away. The same cute receptionist showed Jack into a small meeting room. This time he took the opportunity to check out her tote board, and saw that she seemed to be both experienced and inexperienced at the same time.

She likes the toys, Genie said before he had a chance to ask. It takes her awhile to orgasm, and she has found the toys give much more consistent gratification than the couple of inexperienced guys she has been with. Plus, working here, she gets to try them all.

Ah. Jack found the mental picture of the cute girl putting something like the Pussy Pounder through its paces an arousing one, and had to quickly think of something else lest he embarrass himself.

"Nick asked if you could go ahead and set up. He and the others will be here in a few minutes."

"Sure. Thanks."

The girl gave him a friendly smile as she left the room. Jack was surprised to see that her attraction to him had risen to an interesting level. Perhaps she hadn't completely given up on the real thing, after all.

Just as Jack finished hooking up his laptop and small AV projector, Nick entered the room with Ms. White and another woman, a quite pretty one, in tow. Jack figure this must be the vice president Nick mentioned last time. He tried not to stare at her as Nick made the introductions, but it was a challenge.

"Welcome back, Jack! You've met Alice. This is Susan Cooper, our VP in charge of purchasing."

Susan extended her hand and shook Jack's with a firm grip. "Nice to meet you," she said in a cool, impersonal business voice.

"Likewise," Jack replied.

"Welcome back, Jack!" Alice said, smiling and raising a currently dildo-free hand at him in greeting.

He grinned back. "Good to see you again, Alice."

They exchanged a bit more small talk, and then Nick said, "Well, it looks like you are all set up. We'll take a seat, and the stage is yours."

Once they were seated around the end of the conference table opposite from the blank white wall serving as the projection screen, Jack began. "At our last meeting, Nick, you gave me the following goals that you want to see met for your website; it should be tasteful yet titillating, to interest a larger, more mainstream market; you want it to show off the products in the best light without being too tawdry or trashy; you want the site to provide plenty of explicit information about your product if the potential buyer wishes it, while still keeping it secure from minors etc.; and you want your purchase transactions to be fast and secure. I have also thrown in one more idea I had, which I will get to as we go."

Jack brought up the first demo home page. Its background was black with tasteful yet modern text, and it prominently displayed FI's new logo at the top. "This is the first page someone would see when they navigate to your website. It is primarily the usual disclaimer stating that the site contains adult material etcetera, and says to only click 'continue' if the visitor is eighteen and it is legal for him or her to view such sites. This page also has keywords embedded in it to alert child protection software to not allow entry."

"What does that mean?" Alice interrupted.

"There are several software packages parents can install on their personal computers which look for keywords and other clues from websites indicating that said sites might be adult oriented. Many of those software packages also have lists of sites which are known to be adult oriented. Either way, they block access to those websites unless the parent's password is entered. It helps if the website is actually registered with those software companies to make sure the site is on their lists. Do you know if yours is, by the way?"

The three looked blankly at each other. Finally Nick said, "I would have to say probably not."

That's no problem. I can help you with that." He went back to his presentation. "Now, once the visitor clicks through the first page, they arrive at your main homepage." Jack clicked through, and then went on to explain what he had done and his ideas about organizing the site. He paused and looked at them to gauge their initial reactions. Nick and Alice were nodding their heads in approval. Susan was expressionless.

"Ok, from here we have a couple of different options. For now, when I click on a product," he clicked on the Buzzy Buggie, "I get a picture of it and a fairly complete description, but everything is pretty much PG. No dirty words, any explicit box art is blurred a bit, etcetera. To get to anything beyond that, I currently have this site set up to require proof of age. That can be done by going ahead and setting up a purchasing account on the site with a credit card - they wouldn't be charged until they bought something, and there would be the standard guarantees that their information will be kept secure - or with an account from one of the age verification sites."

Alice raised her hand. "I'm sorry to interrupt again, but what is that?"

Jack smiled at her. "That's ok, Alice. Ask as many questions you like. Age verification sites are websites that you go to and provide enough information to prove that you are over, usually, 18. Once you have provided that information and proved your age, you can use the login ID that they provide to log in to any adult related site which recognizes their system. Make sense?"

Alice smiled and nodded. "Yes, thank you."

"You're welcome. Ok, so once age has been verified," he clicked a button labeled 'I am 18 or over', "in this case by entering my age verification ID, I can get more information on the product." He went back to the same Buzzy Buggie page again. "As you can see, the full product art is available unaltered, the description includes more explicit information, and I even have a sample photo of the product being worn correctly."

It was Susan's turn to interrupt. "That looks like the rest of your photos. Did you take that yourself?"

"Yes, ma'am, I..."

"And how do you know that is the correct way to wear it?"

"Because I have the most highly qualified sex expert in the world telling me so," is what Jack wanted to say, but actually said, "I don't. My associate simply said that this was where it, um, 'felt best'. Please remember, Ms. Cooper, that this is only a demo. If you like the idea, then photographs could be taken with the confirmed correct position and usage of your products." Jack was starting to get a bad feeling about Susan Cooper. He turned to Nick.

"Oh, and I will need to pay you for the items I 'borrowed', Nick. They aren't really returnable anymore."

Nick smiled and waved him off. "Don't worry about that!" His eyes returned to the provocative photo on the screen. "I hope your 'associate' enjoys them."

Jack gave a lopsided grin. "Well, that kind of brings up my idea I mentioned earlier. I took this one step further." Jack brought up an identical looking page for the Buggie. "This looks the same as the last one, but if I click the photo..." he clicked it, and it changed to a video clip. The clip showed the Buggie being strapped on, while a woman's voice explained briefly how to wear it, use it, and what to expect from it. The last couple of seconds showed the woman's thumb turning the Buggie's control up to full, and a loud buzz began.

"Again," Jack said quickly to forestall any additional objection by Ms. Cooper, "this is just a demo, but I thought this might help sell your products to your customers, provide a little extra titillation to qualified visitors, and perhaps even reduce your returns, if potential buyers could see what they were buying in action ahead of time, and knew what to expect from it." He said this last while looking at Alice. She narrowed her eyes at him for a second, and then they looked away and lost their focus in thought.

Nick said, "That is very impressive Jack. What else do we need to know?"

"Just the boring stuff. I have a very efficient and secure transaction package to use for all the purchases. I can show you a dummy purchase page if you like."

"That isn't necessary at the moment, although I would like to know how long a transaction takes. Our current system is pretty slow."

"The customer will usually see the result of the transaction, i.e. confirmed or declined, within three to five seconds of pressing the purchase button, assuming they are dialed in with at least a 56K modem, or have fast internet access."

Nick nodded his head. "That's pretty quick."

Jack continued, "Otherwise, I have this site designed with some different background colors, type faces, design elements, etcetera, although the layout is basically the same, and all the photos still have a black background. The photo background could change, of course, to match whatever site backgroundyou went with. Would you like to see those?"


Jack briefly presented the other sites, and then said. "I think that covers everything."

"Very, very impressive, Jack. Now, I am sure you have some bad news in the form of a quote?"

"Yes, sir." Jack steeled himself and gave the figure. Nick's eyebrows went up, Alice said "Wow!", and Ms. Cooper looked offended. Jack held up his hand.

"Please, let me outline what that quote includes before you respond. It includes the design and hosting of the website, of course. It also includes all of the product photography. I am qualified to do that myself." With the type of photography they would be doing, Genie had assured him he could be as qualified as he wanted to be. "It also includes the voice and the body of my assistant from the neck down for any photo and video shoots. Thus you are getting your web site design and hosting, photography and modeling all rolled into one, unless you wanted more than one model, or a different one, of course. It also includes maintenance for the site for six months." Jack paused, and then asked. "May I ask the status of your upcoming catalog?"

Nick frowned in though as he changed gears to consider Jack's question. "The layout company tells me the final draft is on its way to us for approval before being sent to the printers."

"Ok, then I will also offer this in that quote; I will take the product photography at high enough quality for print, and once everything is photographed I will lay out a catalog that matches the style of the website. The only bad thing that would mean is delaying your catalog mailing for a few weeks."

"Why would we do that when we have already paid the other company to do it?" Ms. Cooper asked.

Jack shrugged. "I will include it in the quote, so it doesn't cost you anything more, and as I say, it would match the style of your website. It could include some of the same extra product information as the website to hopefully increase sales, and," Jack narrowed his eyes in thought for a second, "while I have not seen your current catalog layout as compared to the sample of the last one Nick gave me, I noticed in that last one that there was a lot of wasted space on many of the pages. So, although I can't guarantee it, even with adding that extra product info, I think I could lay the catalog out more efficiently and save you some printing costs."

Jack pulled a sheet of paper from his case and handed it to Nick. "Here's the printed version with everything I just outlined, except for the print catalog. I can add that. It also includes the figures for ongoing maintenance fees after the initial six months are up. Oh, and it assumes that all photography would take place here. Do you have a spot for that?"

"Yes, we have a little makeshift studio in the back where our other photographers come to shoot product updates and the like. It has pretty good lighting equipment, I understand, but no photo equipment itself."

"That's fine. I can provide my own for that." Or perhaps Jennifer could, with the proper wish.

"Very, well, Jack. Can you excuse us a few minutes to discuss this a bit? If we can make a decision now, we will, I don't like to draw these things out. If not, I'll let you go for now and call you later."

"Of course. Do you want me to leave the room?"

"Oh, no, you relax right here. We'll go to my office."

They rose and moved toward the door, giving Jack his first opportunity to really look at Ms. Cooper. Her heritage was difficult to determine; perhaps Latin, perhaps Native American, perhaps Polynesian, or most likely, some combination. Whatever it was, it had given her a beautiful countenance with a deep-tan complexion, rich brown eyes, and long, glistening black hair. Although Jack suspected that the rest of her was just as attractive, he could not tell for sure due to her loose blouse and long skirt.

Like her? Genie asked.

What's not to like, at least from what I can see?

Well, for one, she's a hermaphrodite.

She's a WHAT?!

A hermaphrodite. Someone who has both make and female...

I know what it means! But... I mean... well, ok, tell me what it means in this case.

In this case it means she has a penis where her clitoris would normally be.

O... kay. What else?

That's it. Everything else is normal.

So, is she, well, I don't even know the right word in this case. Does she like guys or girls?

Well, predominantly guys, although it's most accurate to say she is bisexual, or at least 'bi-curious'. She desires normal sex with guys, and wants a relationship with one, although she also fantasizes about having sex with women, and receiving oral sex from them.

That's... interesting.

Any more interesting than you being my only guy, but my still looking forward to that harem you promised me?

Well, you have a point, I suppose, but still... do you just attract this crap or what?

No! Genie said defensively. You've been surrounded by people with 'interesting' sexual orientations all your life. You simply weren't aware of it. You are now able to peek at the real person beneath their protective surface veneer. With her situation, it makes perfect sense that she is here.

What do you mean?

As you might imagine, someone in her situation can have some challenges in relationships. When she was young she felt she had to hide her condition lest she be ridiculed. In college, she finally though she had found a nice guy who would understand her and accept her as she was. When she told him, he WAS a nice guy, and tried to let her down as easy as he could while telling her that he just couldn't handle it. This pretty much confirmed to her that she was a freak who no one would ever want to be with. And that brought her here. It is a place where she can try to find some private gratification.

And has she?

Physically, a little.

So, is this why she is so... chilly, or does she just not like me personally?

A bit of both, except that it isn't exactly personal.


It's kind of complicated. She finds you very attractive, but is sure that just like every other guy, you would find her disgusting, so you are a personification of her frustration. Plus she is sure that you and your "assistant with the lovely torso" are "fucking like bunnies," which she feels is another slap in the face.

I see. And is this going to cause a problem business-wise.

Well, she's professional enough to try to resist letting anything personal interfere, but isn't completely successful. She is actually impressed by the work you have done, bit is playing a bit of devil's advocate. Luckily, the other two are all for it. Plus, while they don't know the cause, they have come to recognize her moods and read through them somewhat, and they figure she'll come around. Ah, they are returning.

A moment later the three entered the room. Nick and Alice at least were all smiles. "Jack, I think we have a deal. We had considered getting a couple more quotes, but after doing some quick figuring on what we will save on modeling and photography, you are offering us quite a deal. We have two requests, though. The first is, we are loathe to waste what we have already spent on the upcoming catalog, even if it does mean it will not match the website for a few months. Can we take you up on the offer of a free catalog design for the next one in three months?"

Jack didn't really need to consider this, as he had halfway expected it. It would actually spread the work out and not rush him to put both the website and catalog out as quickly as possible, so he said, "Sure, we can do that."

"Great! And the second is, would it be possible to split this payment up over the six months the quote covers?"

"Um, that should be fine, but I will need the first payment before the website is posted, plus the contract signed and notarized, of course. And the contents of the website would not be yours to use as you see fit until after everything is paid."

"That should be no problem. Where do we go from here?"

"Well, I have a couple of questions for you, and then I will need to write up a contract for everyone to sign."

"Ok, shoot."

"It will probably be most convenient for me to work from here several days a week, at least while we do the photography. Do you have a spot where I can work with a desk and fairly fast internet access?"

"I think we can accommodate you there. What else?"

"Well, assuming you actually want to post them, I have anticipated that you would want the instructional video clips for just your newest, most popular products, plus ones that need the most explanation. The quote includes server space and bandwidth for what I expect to be roughly a third of your products. If you want more clips, or demand for them is higher than expected, then either we can discuss removing some other clips that aren't being viewed, or increasing your storage and bandwidth to handle the extra load. Does that make sense?"

"Sort of. What you are saying is that the quote includes putting videos up for about a third of our products, and if we want more, that will be an extra charge?"

"Yes and no. The storage space for the video clips isn't really a problem. It's the data bandwidth used when sending each video clip from the server to the individual viewers, most likely many users at once during peak times. My internet provider allows only so much bandwidth usage per month at the current price. If bandwidth exceeds that amount, then they charge me more. So, if that occurs, we will either need to reduce the bandwidth load, or continue as-is while I pass along the extra charge for more bandwidth to you. On the other hand, if the bandwidth use is less than I expect it to be, we can even add clips at the same price. Actually, you probably want to pay for more bandwidth, because hopefully that means more people are visiting your site and buying your product."

"Fair enough. What else?"

"Well, what kind of pull do you have with your manufacturers as far as the naming of their product goes?"

"What's wrong with the product names?" Ms. Cooper asked defensively.

"In general, nothing. Most are quite... descriptive. However, in line with your desire for a more tasteful website, and your goal to get your products more accepted by the mainstream market, it seems to me that product names like 'The Pussy Pounder' could be a bit of a hindrance."

Ms. Cooper scowled, but Nick looked thoughtful. "You have a point. Actually, many of our products appear in different catalogs under different names, but the item itself is made by the same manufacturer. We might be able to get different packaging on some of the more 'descriptively' named products. Would you mind checking on that, Susan?"

"Sure," she said, looking none too happy about it.

Great, Jack thought, now she's pissed at me for another reason.

"Anything else, Jack?"

"No, I think that's about it." He paused. "Well, one other thing, more of an observation, I guess." This was probably going to piss off Ms. Cooper even further, but Jack figured it might be worth it to gain a little more insight into her. "I've noticed that there aren't many products for men in the catalog, and what there is seems kind of... lacking. And that's not just in your catalog, but..."

He was interrupted by a disgusted snort from Ms. Cooper. She did, indeed, look angry, but this time it didn't appear to be directed at him. "That's because there ISN'T anything good for men. Believe me, I've looked. The vast majority of adult related activity on-line is men. Hell, even the majority of our products for women are actually bought by the men for women. You'd think..." She trailed off, shaking her head.

"Ah. Well, that answers that, I guess. I think I've covered everything else. I will update the contract and bring it in for your final approval and for everyone to sign, and then we can get started!"

"Sounds good, Jack. About how long do you think it will take to get it up and running?"

"Once the contract is sign, and I'm up to speed here, probably in stages over three to four weeks. I would initially introduce the site with the new look but the same basic capabilities as the old one in order to get you up and running the quickest. Then once that was running smoothly, I would add the extra features like the video clips. That would also give us a rough idea of bandwidth usage before and after the clips are introduced."


"Is that a problem?" Jack asked.

"No, we knew it would take awhile. We just have a few new products we really want to get going with."

"Do you have artwork and product text for them?"

I have some product flyers for them from the manufacturers."

"Well, as I said last time, I am familiar with the current e-retail package you are using. If you can loan me the fliers, I'll scan the photos and type out whatever text you want, and add them to your current site when I come back. That's assuming you have all of the administrator account login info for your site, of course. I can have everything ready by Monday afternoon."

"How much will that cost us?" Ms. Cooper asked.

Jack shrugged. "Nothing." Then he grinned at Nick. "Just consider it my payment for the items I 'borrowed'."

Nick smiled back. "Thanks, Jack. That will help us a lot." He rubbed his hands together. "Well, I think that about does it for today. Jack, you can pack up your stuff, and then if you'll come with me, I'll get you those fliers."

Everyone stood, and Alice came over, smiling, and shook his hand. "I look forward to working with you Jack. Now let me go back and see what those people have been up to since I left the warehouse." She bustled out.

Ms. Cooper followed Alice and also shook his hand. "See you Monday," then she, too, left. Jack had been too busy looking at her earlier to look at her tote board. He took a quick peek at it now, and saw it was similar to the receptionist, except that it showed a very wide interest but pretty much no experience whatsoever.

Once the two ladies were gone, Jack put away his projector and laptop and followed Nick to his office. Nick dug out several glossy fliers, and then went out into the hall to the copier and made copies of their text. Grabbing a highlighter, he marked the text he wanted on the website and handed the stack over. "There you go."

"Thanks. Uh, Ms. Cooper didn't seem too thrilled today..."

Nick waved him off. "Don't worry about her. She can be a bit... grumpy, and today is worse than most. She didn't have much luck on her recent buying trip."

"Did she at least find you a source for more durable double dildos?"

Nick frowned at him for a moment, and then laughed. "Yes, as a matter of fact, she did. I guess it wasn't a total waste."

"That's good. Well, I guess I'll be going. Is one o'clock on Monday ok?"

Nick checked a calendar on his desk. "That should be fine. See you then! Do you need me to show you out?"

"No, I'm good. Bye!" Jack showed himself to the reception area.

"Have a good afternoon, Mr. Phillips!"

Jack smiled at the cute receptionist. "I'm sorry, but I don't know your name?"

"Jamie Aron."

"Well, Ms. Aron, see you Monday afternoon."


"Yup. It would seem I am going to be designing your website. I'll be here quite a bit for awhile."

She smiled. "Well, then I look forward to working with you, Mr. Phillips."

"Jack, please."

"Jamie, then."

"See you Monday, Jamie."



Jack smiled as he headed for the car. Hey, I haven't had a chance to tantalize women with this studly bod much, yet. I think it's going to be fun. Jealous?

Nope. Well, not that way. When do I get to flirt?

What the hell do you call all that in the grocery store?

Oh. Yeah. Ok, so when do I get to flirt with someone I can do more than flirt with?

Ah. Want me to go introduce you to Jamie?

I would, but she isn't into girls.

Ms. Cooper?

Maybe some day. She isn't ready for that, yet.

Well, you'll be working here with me, so perhaps you'll have the opportunity.

By this time they were pulling out of the parking lot, and Jennifer appeared in the passenger seat once they were out if sight of FI. She grinned. "That's true."

Once again Jack had to force himself to concentrate on the road, as there was nothing else he would rather look at than Jennifer. "So, couldn't we just give her a regular clitoris?"

"Yes, and she would 'freak, ' I believe is the word."

"... and make her think she has always been that way?"

"Yes, we could do that."

"Is there a reason why we shouldn't?"

"Who are you asking?"

"Ummm, whoever has an answer?"

"Well, neither of us, really. As Jennifer I don't have enough "life experience" yet, for lack of a better term, to advise you. What I can say is that it's a question of taking away her choice by making that choice for her. I'm not saying that is right or wrong. You have done that a couple of times already, hopefully all to good effect."

"I have? When?"

"Well, with Margaret at Smith & Brown, for one."

"What, do you mean by helping to improve her and her boyfriend's sex lives?"


"So are you saying that she wouldn't have wanted that?"

"No, she almost definitely would have. What I am saying is that she didn't have the choice."

Jack thought about this for a moment. "But, for her to have that choice to make, she would have first had to have been convinced that there was a choice to make. We would have had to convince her that you existed and made her believe that you really could do that for her, or something, then asked her if she wanted you to do it. And she might have said no, for the same reason that she has never tried to explore her sexual desires in the first place; because she might have been too embarrassed about looking like a freak."

"That's true Jack. Again, I'm not saying what you did was in any way the wrong thing to do. In the case of Ms. Cooper, though, giving her a clitoris might not be what she would choose."

"Oh. Why not? Wouldn't that make her life a whole lot easier and happier?"

"Probably, if you also wiped her memories and created new ones. But, if given the choice, she most likely would not want that. Who wants their memories erased and false ones put in their place? What she really wants is to find someone to accept her as she is."

"Huh. It sounds like Jennifer just gave some pretty good advice to me."

She shrugged. "Not necessarily. A much more experienced Jennifer might say, 'but forget what she probably would want given the choice. Do what it takes to make her happy now' or something." She noticed Jack getting off at a different exit ramp than usual. "Where are we going?"

"We're near the mall. I thought I'd go pick up that pair of pants that was being altered." He grinned, "And I guess I need a bathing suit for tomorrow night. Is Lacey working?"

"Nope. She has the weekend off."

"Dang! Oh, well."

"But that attractive manager with the dirty blond hair is."


"So, apparently after we left she cornered Lacie and made her tell everything."

"Did Lacie get into trouble?"

"Not as long as she promised to turn on the security camera next time so the manager can watch."

"Watch, huh. So would she rather watch, or do?"

"With a big stud like you? What do you think?"

"She was pretty cute. Does she like girls, by chance?


"Oh, well. I hate to make you go invisible again."

"In order to seduce pretty women and screw them senseless? To what better use could my power be put, Jack."

He shrugged. "Well, when you put it that way..."

Colleen finished folding the teal blouses for the fourth time of the day... so far. She was glad they were popular, but why oh why did the girls have to unfold every single one while looking at them, and then kind of ball them up in a sorry attempt at refolding?

She turned to find what else needed doing, and there he was, the subject of her fantasies, waking and dreaming, ever since she had milked Lacie for every detail of the girl's dressing room encounter, the lucky little tramp! And he was even as she had described him coming to the dressing room counter that evening, big bulge in pants and all!

"Um, hi. I need to try these on." He held up a couple of bathing suits.

"Uh, yes sir, right this way." She could barely think straight as she led him to the dressing room counter. She couldn't do what she was thinking, could she? No. She couldn't. But she also couldn't let this opportunity slip by completely. Gathering all her courage, she looked down at his bulge and said, "I'm afraid that Lacey isn't here today to assist you." Then she couldn't resist adding. "Who was it this time, the twins again, or perhaps just anticipating Lacey's customer service?"

He turned red and looked very embarrassed for a moment, but then looked into her eyes and said. "No, ma'am, it's someone else, this time."

She couldn't believe her ears. There was no way SHE could inspire him to this state. He was still looking at her intently, though. "Uh, you will be needing similar assistance to last time?"

He looked down. "It looks like it, if I am going to be able to try these on correctly."

Well, maybe she could, after all. She looked around to make sure no one was within earshot. "Well," she swallowed, "all my sales associates are busy at the moment, but, um, I... might be able to assist you..." He smiled a charming smile. Wow, what a hunk!

"That would be great. I really appreciate it."

Her heart felt like it was about to beat out of her chest, and she could already feel herself getting moist. "Ok, dressing room one, please, sir. I'll be there to assist you in just a moment." As soon as he had disappeared around the corner back toward the dressing rooms, she went out to confirm that her staff was running things smoothly and to let them know she was taking lunch. She then ran to her office, slapped a blank tape into the 'security recorder, ' started it recording, and locked her door. She hurried toward dressing room one.

Her hand was shaking as she reached up to knock. This sort of thing NEVER happened in real life! Her hand's shaking actually caused her to knock before she was quite ready. She heard his voice say, "Come in."

She pulled open the door, and found him just like Lacey had described; nude from the waist down with his large, hard cock sticking out to greet her. She gasped faintly, and her knees almost buckled at the thought that this shaft would be filling her in a few moments. It wasn't quite as big as Lacey had described - Colleen knew she had been exaggerating, NOTHING was that big - but this would still be the largest she had ever experienced.

"H... How may I be of assistance, sir?"

"Well, about the same as Lacey was, I guess, although I would like to undress you, first."

Colleen stifled another gasp, but nodded eagerly. If Lacey was to be believed, this young stud had fucked her for forty five minutes straight, and through three orgasms. Colleen was not multi-orgasmic, and had never been able to have even one during actual sex. But if Lacey was to be even half-way believed, maybe at least that last part might change this afternoon.

As his gentle hands started to unbutton her blouse, she realized this was what she dreaded most. She wasn't nearly as pretty as Lacey, and these dressing room lights and mirrors were quite unflattering. However, as he revealed her slender body, he seemed quite happy with it, and she could have sworn that when he removed her bra, that her medium-sized breasts looked rounder and firmer than she remembered. Then he gently cupped them from behind and ran his fingers lightly over her nipples, and she forgot about everything else.

"Just like Lacey? Are you sure that's ok?"

She nodded dumbly.

He laid her gently on her back, placed the folded bathing suits under her butt, and moved between her legs. "Ready?"

She nodded again, not trusting herself to speak. She was a little afraid of that rod.

He placed its tip at her sopping entrance and slowly slid in. She gasped, but, surprisingly, not in pain. He was gentle and slow, and took plenty of time to fill her completely. He gradually increased his rhythm until he was stroking into her at a lovely pace. She was in heaven. Fifteen minutes later she exploded. She signed in contentment, but then realized she wasn't contented. She wasn't now hypersensitive, as usual after her orgasm, too sensitive to even touch. She was ready for another one!

They rolled over and she rode him to another, stronger, exhausting orgasm 15 or so minutes later. Too tired then to do much else, she let him lay her on her stomach, spread her wide, and proceed to gently but firmly fuck her from behind, rubbing constantly against what must be her heretofore undiscovered G-spot while at the same time stimulating her clit and hood against the bathing suits. About fifteen minutes later she began the longest, slowest building, most incredible orgasm of her life, until she exploded with him several long moments later.

After relaxing for a few minutes, they went to their separate bathrooms to clean up, he to try on the sticky bathing suits, first. She then went back to the dressing room counter, where he showed up a few minutes later to pay for his suits. "Thank you, Sir. Cum, uh, come back soon!"

He grinned. "Oh, I most definitely will!"

Her pleasure was bittersweet at finding she was multi-orgasmic with this young stud that she might never fuck again. She was overjoyed, then, to find when she got home and popped in the surprisingly clear video tape (sound? When did the camera get sound?) while putting her well used Pussy Pounder to its intended purpose, that she had somehow stayed that way.

Jack and Jennifer went to pick up his altered pants, and then, realizing they were starving, hit the food court. This time they grabbed some Italian, and then found a table near the center of the court and enjoyed one of their favorite pastimes; looking at girls. The scenery wasn't quite as good this visit, and they didn't see anyone they recognized, but it was still fun.

On their way out of the mall, Jack saw a red icon over a girl's head for the first time. She has a sexual disease?

Yes, Jack.

Can we cure her?

Of course.

Should we?

That's another judgment question that I can't really answer yet. Sorry.

Hmmm. Ok, did she get what she has due to a one time accident, or from a habit of risky sex?

She caught it from a boy who lied to her and said he was clean and healthy. She hasn't had sex again since she found out she had contracted the disease.

Good enough. Cure her, please, but she shouldn't forget the lesson to be careful.


As they approached his SUV, he said out loud, "Not that I'm making this wish yet, but can't I just cure everyone of all sexually transmitted diseases, everywhere?"

""Nope, that butts up against another of my restrictions."

"Which one?"

Jennifer gave a small exasperated sigh, and then smiled at him. "I'm sorry Jack, Master, that was not directed at you. While I grow happier and happier every day that it was you who opened my vessel, it would make things easier for you on occasion if you were born in a time when Jinn lore was fairly common knowledge." She paused.

"Curing STDs everywhere is too broad a target for my powers, Jack."

"Really? Why is that?"

"Well, to prevent me, or any Genie for that matter, from, well, doing things like curing everyone of diseases. Or, had I "fallen into the wrong hands" as the saying goes, giving everyone diseases. Or killing everyone immediately. Or, making everyone think that one particular person should rule the world. Or, well, you get the idea."

"Yeah, that makes sense. So how many people can you affect at once?"

"That's a bit complicated. In general, the answer is anyone of which you are personally aware or have a connection to. That connection can be quite tenuous, though."

"Uh, can you give me some examples, not just of the curing disease thing, but in general?"

"Sure. You can wish me to cure someone you meet of sexual disease. You can wish me to cure someone you read about in the newspaper. You can wish me to cure someone that someone else mentions to you. Where it starts to get more complicated is with groups of people. You can affect others in what might be called a cone of association. For instance, you cannot simply say that you want every girl on the university campus we passed the other day to experience an earth shattering orgasm. You do not have a sufficient association with all of them. However if you are attending a concert on the campus mall and every female student happens to be there, then you could very well wish me to give them all one. You, as a fellow concert attendee, being there with all of them, gives you enough of an association. You would be the focal point of a wide, flat cone.

"Going back to your sexual disease example, you could have me cure a person you discover is infected, any persons that person has infected, any persons those people have in turn infected, etcetera. You can even cure whoever infected the first person you discovered. That would be an example of a long narrow cone. The longer the cone, the narrower it must be. What you cannot do is travel back up the line and down all of its other branches, effectively wiping out the disease. Does all that make sense?

"Uh... maybe. So, did that girl back there infect anyone else before she found out?"


"How about the ass-hole who infected her? Has he infected anyone else?"

"Several other girls, yes."

"And have they gone on to infect others?"

"A couple."

"So, if I said that I would like for any girl that he has infected, and any others that they have infected, and so on, were to be cured, you could do that? Is that a good example of a 'cone'?

"Yes and yes. You are close enough to the boy to include everyone he has infected and so forth."

"Ok, then do so, please, although don't let them think that this is a green light to go out and have dangerous sex again or anything."

Tingle. "Done."

"As for the ass-wipe himself, who has knowingly infected those girls, or at least knowingly endangered them, let's have it so he can never do so again. He won't be able to get an erection or function in any other way sexually with a partner unless that partner is fully informed and willing. I am assuming that would have to be someone who is also infected. Oh, and 'informed and willing' also means no rape or sexual assault, or any assault, for that matter. Can't have him taking his frustrations out on innocent folks."

Tingle. "Done."

They rode a few moments in silence before Jack asked. "So, would your powers allow someone to be infected with a terrible disease that might go on to kill a lot of people? Maybe everyone?"

She looked at him seriously. "Yes."

"Holy Crap!" He had a thought. "Has that ever happened before? AIDS, maybe?"

Her eyes flashed. "It is certainly possible, although I cannot actually determine if AIDS was so created."

"Not sexual enough?" he asked doubtfully.

"It isn't that. AIDS could have quite possibly been created by magic initially, but in so subtle a fashion that I cannot detect it. If suddenly one guy had it and started infecting people, then maybe, but it didn't develop that way."

"Huh. So, if another Genie did do something like that, could you detect who it was?"

She shook her head. "No. That goes back to not being able to find other Jinn."

"And you couldn't undo it unless it was by a less powerful Genie, right?"


"So, how could it be stopped?"

"Well, in the case of something like AIDS, pretty much how it is being combated now; sexual education, prevention, and drug research."

"Ah." He thought for a moment. "So, could you create an AIDS cure that could be distributed by drug companies?"

"Yes. But keep in mind that its introduction would need to be just as subtle to avoid it being clouded under suspicion."

"Ok. Man! I'll have to think about that. I hate to let anyone else die of AIDS that doesn't have to, but I see what you mean. It needs to be done the right way or no one will accept it." He sighed. "Wow, this conversation sure has taken a serious turn. What say we go rent a movie or something?"

"Sounds great, Jack."

They rented a comedy and headed home. After enjoying it with several bags of popcorn, they traded it for an adult DVD, proceeded to put the on-screen sex to shame, and went to bed tired but contented.

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