Jack woke first Saturday morning. He rolled over to spoon with Jennifer, who murmured contentedly and pressed her luscious butt into his crotch, awakening his cock. He wrapped his arm around her to cup her lower breast, and then lightly stroked her nipple. Her purring increased. Reaching around a little awkwardly with his other hand he gently moved her hair away from her long, graceful neck, and then nuzzled and kissed it softly. She smiled and opened her eyes. Turning her head, she kissed him. "Good Morning, Master."

"Good Morning." He returned his lips to hers. She rolled onto her back, and they kissed leisurely while he continued to play with her breasts, and she snaked a hand between their bodies to lightly fondle his balls and shaft.

When their lips parted many languorous moments later, Jennifer said, "That was a nice way to waken, Jack."

He grinned. "I'm glad you like it. It's good that you do, because I only have so many ways to wake you..." he raised his eyebrows, "or do I? You can use your powers without my direction when it's for me, like we talked about the other day, right?"

"Yes." She said, looking curiously up at him. She was also looking delectably beautiful, lying on the pillow with her dark red mane fanned out around her head, and he had to concentrate for a moment to bring his thoughts back to his question. "I know you said you can't give me any of your powers..."

"Correct. I cannot give you the power to grant wishes."

"Ok. But can you give me the ability to direct your powers without your conscious knowledge? When it's just between me and you, like you can do? What I'm looking for is a way to be able to wake you in just as interesting a fashion as you are able to wake me... among other things."

She looked interested, but doubtful. "I'd love to, Jack, but that is a bit too close to granting you my powers."

"Hmmm. Can you forget wishes I make?"

She shook her head. "Nope. That could cause all sorts of problems, even more than having you forget the wrong things."

"Okay, then, can you... block or hide wishes I make, like you only remember them subconsciously until they are done or something."

She narrowed her eyes at him, "Maybe..."

He thought for a moment, then said, "Because some sexual fantasies that I might have planned between us wouldn't be nearly as fun if you knew what I was planning ahead of time, I wish that, whenever I preface an acceptably sexual wish with the words 'Secret Wish, ' you will grant the wish unconsciously, and that you will not be aware of the wish being made or remember it on a conscious level until what I have wished for is complete. I will still be able to undo the wish, though, if necessary. Oh, and I should be able to make the wish while you sleep so that I might give my share of morning surprises." He looked at her expectantly. She squinted at him. He felt a serious tingle. Her eyes flashed.

"I think that should work." She grinned. "Try it."

"Ummm, Secret Wish: You will have a mild spontaneous orgasm."

She continued to look at him expectantly, and then her expression changed to one of surprise as her body shuddered. "Oh, my. I'd say that works quite well."

Jack grinned like a kid in a candy store. He then moved to lay atop her, most of his weight on knees and elbows, and started kissing her again. Ironically, both of them forgot about kinky sexual wishes for awhile after that... except for when two invisible mouths attacked Jennifer's breasts while Jack's was busy further down... and when they 'reappeared' to return the favor on Jack's balls a bit later... and...

By the time they finally finished playing and got cleaned up, it was almost lunchtime. They raided the kitchen for something to eat, and then Jack took a little time to check e-mail and his clients' sites before he and Jennifer got ready to head to Skip and Sharron's for the evening's get-together.

Knowing how things often went with those guys, Jack packed a small bag for an overnight stay. "You might want to 'pack' your stuff in there, too."

"Ok, what should I take?"

Jack shrugged. "Casual stuff; shorts, t-shirt, skimpy string bikini."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Thong?"

He grinned. "Naw, I just want to make them jealous, not give them coronaries."

They finished packing the bag and headed out the door. The only thing Skip had said to bring was anything they wanted to drink other than beer, so Jack stopped at the liquor story to grab some alcohol, mixers, and a few regular sodas.

Once back on the road, Jack said. "Ok, Jennifer Holiday, time for me to learn all about Jennifer Holiday."

She swooned at him. "Ooo, just like a first date! My birthday is December first, my sign is Sagittarius, my favorite color is purple, I love long walks on the beach in the rain..."

"Very funny, Miss December. What degree did you decide on?"

"I have a double degree in Business and Public Relations from University of Washington at Seattle."

"Why there?" Jack interrupted.

"Because it is a very good school far away from here, that isn't as well known as many others."

"Goctha. How did you like Seattle?"

"Lovely, rainy, lots of coffee."

Very well, please continue."

"I supported myself through college by doing some modeling - legitimate modeling - and I still do a bit on the side. Nothing anyone here would have seen so far, of course, just local catalogs and stuff."

"Really? I'd like to see your portfolio." He replied, grinning.

Her eyes flashed and she smiled back. "Very well. It's on the bookshelf at the apartment for your perusal when we get back."

"It is, is it? Does that mean that there are also now lots of catalogs in the northwest with your photos in them?"

:No, not at the moment.That could cause some anonymity problems. The portfolio is made up of some unused but very, um, flattering photography. If we need some references later, you'll have to wish something up.

"Ok, got it. So, what are you doing now?"

"I just moved into the area, I am looking for a position, we met and fell in love." She fluttered her eyelashes at him.

"Secret wish: give your ribs a quick tickle."

She jumped and shrieked. "Hey!"

"You deserved that."

She stuck her tongue out at him, and then wrapped her arms around her ribs defensively, not that it would have done any good.

"So how shall we say we met?"

"That's part of both our stories, so I need your help on that one."

"Hmmm. How about... we were introduced by my aunt shortly before she passed away? We'll say she met you in some little antique store, and thought you would be a perfect match for her nephew, so she engineered an encounter. That's sort of true in a way, and it sounds like something she'd do." A sudden thought struck him. He narrowed his eyes at Jennifer speculatively. "Maybe it's something she did do?"

Jennifer's eyes widened. "Do you really think so?"

Jack shrugged. "Who knows, with the way she was? We may never know, although that might be a question we can investigate indirectly with mom at the beach, if we're careful."

They continued to discuss Jennifer's background for most of the forty five minute drive, but as they neared their destination, Jack turned to the topic of their hosts. "Skip works in shipping and receiving for a large industrial manufacturing firm. Sharron is an administrative assistant in one of the departments at one of the universities. I met them when we lived in the same apartment complex. They lived a couple doors down."

"Skip always reminds me of an upside-down pyramid with a head placed on 'top'. He has wide shoulders and chest which then narrow down through his stomach and legs to the point at his feet. Don't get me wrong; he's a pretty good looking guy, I guess, in a sort of manly-man sort of way; you know, buzz-cut, all that."

"What about Sharron?"

Jack frowned. "She has a great personality, a little on the wild side, but lots of fun. She's actually a bit of a mystery, body-wise. Her face is lovely, but in the casual clothes I usually see her wearing, her body appears fairly nondescript. Yet in some of the pictures they have displayed of trips like their honeymoon in the Bahamas, she looks to be fairly hot in her bikini top. I've been wondering just how she really looks unclothed, so I'm looking forward to the hot tub for that reason if nothing else."

Jennifer raised an eyebrow. "Am I to understand that you expect us to be nude in the hot tub?"

Jack grinned. "Well, although I was meaning that hopefully Sharron would be wearing a nice skimpy bikini herself, now that you mention it, it wouldn't surprise me. Both Skip and Sharron are fairly... rambunctious. With that little exhibitionist streak I have apparently wished into you, I assume that isn't a problem?"

She grinned. "Nope, not unless it is for you."

Jack grinned back, then said, "One possible barrier to that happening, though, might be Betsy and Robert. Skip mentioned that he invited them, too. I don't know them very well, as they moved in on the other side of Skip and Sharron shortly before I moved out. Betsy, if I remember, is a cute little blond. The description 'petite yet curvaceous' always came to mind. I also seem to remember Robert being fairly quiet and reserved, which is what could possibly put a damper on 'skinny tubbing '.

"One ironic thing I definitely remember is that, although Betsy seems to 'wear the pants' for the couple, Skip said that she likes to be spanked. You have to take many things Skip says with a grain of salt, but in this case both he and Sharron have mentioned hearing some interesting sounds coming through the wall that they couldn't identify as being anything else."

"Want me to find out?"

Jack grinned again. "Not yet. Let's see how things go this evening, first. Ah, I believe this is it." He pulled into the driveway of an attractive, fairly new-looking brick ranch-style house with a dark green shingled roof and matching shutters. "Let's knock and make sure before we unload the stuff."

Regardless of her earlier confirmation of her exhibitionist streak, Jennifer suddenly looked nervous again. Jack just grinned and got out. He was a little jittery himself, not from nervousness, but from anticipating his friends' reactions to his new look and especially his new girlfriend. He took her hand and they walked up to the door and rang the bell. A few seconds later Skip answered it, as broad and effusive as ever.

"Jack! You look great! What the hell have you been doing to..." he made the 'mistake' of glancing at Jennifer, and all thoughts of Jack were blown out of his head. "Whoa! Who's the super model?!"

Jack grinned and shook his head, thinking that some folks never change, while Jennifer smiled demurely. "Skip, please meet Jennifer Holiday, my girlfriend. Jennifer, this is Skip Parks, the guy I warned you to stay away from at all costs."

This comment flew by Skip completely, although one earlier word finally percolated through. "Girlfriend? A total babe like this actually went out with a guy like you? And more than once?"

"Thanks, ass-hole. You going to let us in or not?"

"Oh. Yeah. Come on in. Sharron is in the kitchen." He led them a rather erratic path inside to the kitchen, as he was looking over his shoulder at Jennifer most of the time.

They did indeed find Sharron there, puttering around, her shoulder blade-length dark brunette hair currently pulled back with a scrunchie, her loose blouse and shorts once again hiding the details of her medium-tall, slender figure. Jack did confirm that what he could see of her legs below her shorts was quite nice.

She turned at their entrance, took one look at Jennifer, and said, "Shit. My husband's going to be absolutely worthless for the rest of the day." But then she smiled her unique dimpled-cheek crooked smile, and, eyes sparkling with good humor, came around the counter to greet Jennifer. "You must be Jack's girlfriend. I'm Sharron." She extended her hand.

Jennifer shook it gracefully and said, "Yes. I'm Jennifer. It is very nice to meet you, and thank you for inviting us to your new home."

"And polite, too!" She turned to Jack and looked at him closely for the first time. "Wow Jack! You look great, too." She hugged him briefly, and when she released him her lopsided smile was part smirk. "Meathead there may not be the only worthless one this evening."

It was Jack's turn to blush a bit, while Skip, who had recovered sufficiently, protested "Hey!" good-naturedly.

"So, where's your stuff? You did pack a bag, right?" Sharron asked.

Jack grinned. "I though we might need it, so yeah. It's in the car, along with some drinks and stuff."

"Well, go get it. Skip, go help him."

Jack turned to go, giving Jennifer a 'you ok?' look as he did. Sharron caught it, and laughed. "She'll be fine! I can't grill her that deeply in the time it will take you to unload. Go!"

As soon as they were out of earshot, Skip said conspiratorially, "Ok, dude, where'd you hire her. You had to, right?"

"No, you fucker, I didn't!" He went on to relate the concocted story of their meeting.

"Dude, you are one lucky sonofabitch. Does she screw as good as she looks?"

A typical Skip question, and Jack decided to give him the answer it deserved. "You know, as hot as she looks, that's nothing compared to the sex. It's unfuckingbelieveable."



"Like, triple-x porn star sex?"

Jack snorted. "Amateurs."

"You're full of shit."


By this time they were almost back to the kitchen, and when Skip caught site of Jennifer, he murmured, "Lucky bastard."

"You have absolutely no idea," Jack murmured back.

At their approach both girls turned and smiled. Jack smiled back at Jennifer. Everything ok?

Yep. She's nice. I like her.

Jack hugged Jennifer lightly as Sharron turned to check on something on the stove, a task made challenging due to some mild molestation from Skip. She interrogate you yet?

Not really. Just asked how we met, wanted all the sappy details. You know, girl stuff.


Sharron slapped Skip's hand away and said, "Make yourself useful and give them the tour."

"Ok. Right this way, guys." He showed them through the nicely decorated and furnished four-bedroom house, and then what was obviously his pride and joy, a covered deck that ran the length of the back of the house.

"We spend a lot of time out here. We love to sit in the Jacuzzi. The ceiling fans help keep it cool, and to keep down the bugs. We also have some screens we can lower to help keep them out, and add a little privacy. There's a wet bar out here, with a bar fridge. I'll bring your drink stuff out, and you guys can make yourselves at home. I'm going to help Sharron finish up a couple of things."

Jack was fairly sure what they needed the privacy screens for, although he doubted that they used them very often. He didn't see them as a couple that cared much if someone watched. Um, is the Jacuzzi fairly clean?

Tingle. Yes, fairly.

Why don't you make it really clean?


"Can we help?" Jack asked Skip as he headed inside.

"Naw, you guys just hang out. We'll be done in a few. I hope burgers and dogs on the grill are ok?"

"Great! Anyone else coming?"

"Yeah, Betsy and Robert should be here in a bit."

"Cool." Jack followed Skip back in long enough to help carry out the drink supplies, and then he asked, "Might I fix the lady a drink?"

"That would be wonderful, Jack."

"What would the lady like?"

"I have absolutely no idea."

Jack grinned, and fixed her a Pina Colada. He popped open a beer for himself.

"Yummm! Thanks, Jack!"

"Sure. And there's plenty more where that came from."

"Trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me?"


"'Unfuckingbelieveable', huh?"

"You were listening, were you?"

"Nope, just caught it on instant replay."

Jack grinned. "I see. Well, again, the answer is 'absolutely'." He gave her a peck on the cheek.

They chatted and joked for a few minutes, and Jack was seriously considering some subtle fooling around when he heard voices signaling the arrival of Betsy and Robert. A moment later, Skip showed them out to the deck. They were both pretty much as Jack had remembered, although Betsy had let her short-cropped blond hair grow almost down to her shoulders. Introductions were made all around, and, predictability, Robert had a hard time keeping his eyes off of Jennifer. Betsy seemed fine with this, but when she in turn gave some similar attention to Jack, Robert didn't look happy.

"Well, Jack, as you tended bar a bit in college, I pronounce you bartender for the evening. Get these kids some drinks," Skip said.

"Alrighty. What can I fix you guys?"

Everyone chatted amiably through a few drinks and then a casual dinner. Jack's liberal bartending helped greatly to get everyone mellow and happy, especially Jennifer. And the happier she got, the friskier she got, not that anyone witnessed the invisible butt grabs, nipple nibbles, ball tickles, and cock licks. At least not until one particularly firm butt pinch made him jump, and Sharron noticed.

"You ok, Jack?"

"Yeah, just one of those little random shivers, you know?" Jen, better lighten up on the teasing, or people are going to start thinking I'm acting really weird.

Yes sir, Jack! Shhhhhhh!

Jack rolled his eyes. Great. It looked like he had a drunk Genie on his hands.

Not long after that Skip suggested they adjourn to the large hot tub, and the anticipatory tension peaked as everyone contemplated seeing the others, and particularly the ladies, and most particularly Jennifer, almost naked and tipsy in the Jacuzzi.

The girls hopped up to go change, while the guys simply shucked off shirts and shoes - they were already in their trunks - and grabbed fresh drinks for the ladies and themselves before sampling the waters.

"Hey, no fair getting in before we got here!" Betsy protested as they returned. Still, all three girls seemed to enjoy putting on a little strut and jiggle as they approached the tub and slowly entered the hot water. First was Betsy, who was wearing a blue two piece that, while not as skimpy as the two suits to follow, still proved that she was indeed petite yet curvaceous, with full round breasts for her size, a tiny waist that flared to full hips and round ass, and somewhat short but nicely toned legs.

Next came Jennifer, and all eyes were riveted to what her skimpy green bikini revealed, and what it didn't.

Last came Sharron, and Jack was pleased to see that his suspicions had been correct. Her clothes hid a slender, wonderfully understated yet magnificent body, with the curves of her small-to-medium sized breasts flowing into her torso and slender waist, then to lightly flared hips, and on to lovely legs that were actually fairly long for her height. Skip and Robert were still staring mostly at Jennifer as she arranged herself, but Jack looked only at Sharron. She noticed, and smiled at him. Jennifer noticed too.

I SHOULD be offended, she teased, but that was very nice of you Jack. She is lovely, isn't she?

Yes, it wasn't too much of a sacrifice. All three of you are stunning. Then he decided to say it out loud. He raised his glass. "To three stunningly beautifully ladies." The three guys clinked glasses and drank while the girls blushed and grinned.

The friendly talk resumed and some friendly jostling in the water commenced, both getting slightly more risqué as more alcohol was consumed. Finally, Skip said, "I have an idea."

"Oh no, here it comes," Sharron said, rolling her eyes but smiling.

"What?" he asked in mock hurt tones.

"Nothing, go ahead."

Everyone figured they knew what was coming, and seemed fairly comfortable with it by this point. A possible exception was Robert, who appeared to waffle back and forth every time he looked at Betsy, then Jennifer. But Skip pulled a surprise. "I was in that novelty store in the mall the other day, you know, the one with the gag gifts and adult novelties? Anyhow, I found this electronic game called Super Strip. It's kind of like Strip Poker on steroids, although the poker part isn't really even in there."

"What do you mean 'isn't in there, ' and what does 'on steroids' mean?" Jack asked.

"Hold on, I'll go get it and the instructions." He jumped out of the tub, splashing everyone liberally as he went, and ran into the house, Sharron's "at least wrap a towel around yourself first, you big doofus" completely ignored. He returned a few moments later with what looked like a largish hand-held video game and a small instruction booklet. He sat down in a chair by the tub, scanning the booklet, dripping a puddle onto the deck. Sharron shook her head.

"Ok," Skip began, "here's how this works; we enter in each person's name, gender, sexual persuasion and clothing items worn..."

"What do you mean, 'sexual persuasion'?" Betsy interrupted, blinking at him a bit more rapidly than normal in inebriated concentration.

"You know, straight, bi, or homosexual."

"Oh. Ok. So what's the goal? How do you win?"

"You win by being the last person to have either clothes or points. Or both, of course."

"How do you get points?" Sharron asked. Apparently Skip hadn't mentioned this game to her beforehand.

"I'm getting to that!"

Sharron threw up her hands in an exaggerated motion and said sarcastically, "Sor-ree! By all means, continue!"

"Everyone starts the game with 20 points. The first person 'picks' a card. If it isn't a face card or ace, the next player picks. Whenever an ace or face card comes up, the next player has a number of chances to also turn over an ace or face card; four chances if the card was an ace, three for a king, two for a queen, and only one chance for a jack. If that player is successful, then the next player has to do the same thing.

Whenever a person isn't successful, he or she loses that hand. When you lose, you have four choices; you can take off a piece of clothing and receive 40 points, you can take a punishment and receive 10 to15 points, depending on how risqué the card is, you can take a reward at a cost of 10 to 15 points, ditto, or you can take pot luck, which is just that, at a cost of 5. Oh, and once you are naked, you lose 20 points each time you lose a hand."

"What are rewards and punishments?" Robert asked.

"Well, I currently have this thing set to 'R-rated, ' so pretty much anything that you might see in an R-rated movie. A punishment might be that you have to bare and shake your boobs - if you are a girl, of course - or that you have to chug a beer. A reward might be that you get to kiss anyone of your choice matching your persuasion."

"R-rated, huh? Am I to assume that there is something beyond R?" Sharron asked.

Skip grinned. "Yup, 'X', but I figured that might be going a little too far," his grin turned lecherous, "at least for the first time." Sharron rolled her eyes as he turned back to the group. "Oh, and there are a couple of extra things like surprise cards and a little dice game on the side that I disabled because they looked too complicated for the first time." He took a breath. "Ok for everyone? Wanna play?"

Jennifer looked at Jack and raised her eyebrows in question, listing slightly to port, then overcorrecting to starboard. He gave a 'what the hell' shrug and said to Skip, "Sure, we'll play."

Meanwhile Betsy and Robert were in serious whispered conversation. What's that all about? Jack asked.

Jennifer frowned at them intently. Umm, Robert doesn't want to play because he doesn't want to reveal what he thinks is a small penis. Betsy is telling him it isn't too small, don't be silly, let's play.

Jack hid a smile. Even her silent speech sounded slurred. Is he?

Is he what?

Jack had to resist rolling his eyes. Is he small?

Oh... Well, he's a bit shorter than average, but thick enough. As pretty much all of Betsy's inside sensitive spots are within the first couple of inches, she's satisfied for the most part.

Well, would making him longer help or hurt their sexual enjoyment?

Help. They could try some different positions and stuff.

Jack grinned. Ok, make Robert as long as Betsy can comfortably handle, and thicker if it will improve their sex... no make Robert just slightly longer than she can handle. It will give them something extra to play around with. But don't let him notice yet. Can you handle that in your current condition?

She drew herself up in an over-dignified expression of offense at his insinuation. Of course!

He glanced at Skip and Sharron to see if they had noticed her odd behavior, but they were too busy watching Betsy and Robert. Ok, do it. Now, while we are at it, what about those two?

Jennifer's head swiveled their way. Actually, Skip is almost too wide for her. They have to use lots of lubrication. Sharon isn't complaining, although it has prevented them from trying anal sex so far, which they are both interested in. His length is fine for them both.

Hmmm. Can you make both 'entrances' more elastic for her, but still nice and tight for him? And, you know, still have her function normally in all other respects? I wouldn't want that to cause any unpleasant side effects like incontinence or anything, so make her tight, but still healthy and normal for the rest of her life?

Tingle. Even that felt inebriated! Done. <hiccup>.

Oh, I should have asked one other thing first, I guess. Can you tell if all these guys would want these changes if they were given the choice?

Almost definitely.


They were interrupted by Betsy saying enthusiastically, "Ok, we'll play!" Robert looked anything but enthusiastic. At least for now, Jack thought.

"Great!" Skip said, his eyes lingering on Jennifer again for a moment. She stuck her tongue out at him. He had the grace to blush while Sharron glared at him in what appeared to be mostly mock annoyance before turning to leer outrageously at Jack.

Skip cleared his throat. "Ok, so the first thing I need to do is enter everyone's name and stuff. I'll do mine first." He pressed buttons for awhile, cussing occasionally. "I have put myself in as a male heterosexual. Oh. What clothing items are we going with?"

After some good-natured volleying between the guys and girls, it was decided that the guys would wear T-shirts, swim trunks, and shoes, while the girls would wear either bikini tops or T-shirts, bikini bottoms or shorts with no underwear, and shoes. They all started hopping out of the tub to dry off and dress appropriately.

Skip finished entering the clothing items for himself, then asked Sharron, "Persuasion?"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Just R-rated, right?" He nodded hopefully. She pondered for another moment. "Bi."

"WooHoo!" Skip entered her information.



Skip entered his info. "Jennifer?"

She looked at Jack questioningly again. He looked back at her. Don't ask me. It's Jennifer's decision, although, is there really any question?

She smiled, and then looked at Sharron. "Bi."

"Oh, boy." Skip entered her information with slightly unsteady hands. "Robert?"



"Sorry guys, I gotta go straight. I don't think I'm up for the bi thing."

"Aw!" collectively from the guys. She shrugged apologetically, doing nice things to her cleavage.

"Ok, everyone who doesn't have on what they are going to wear, fix it. It's my game, so I'm picking the first card!"

Skip was about to press the draw button, but then said, "Oh, I forgot to mention; there are 35 punishment cards, and after those are gone, Pot Luck is also gone. There isn't a limit on reward cards. Ready?" He pressed the button. "Four." He handed the game to Sharron. She pressed the button.

"Eight." She handed it to Jack.

"Queen," he announced as he handed the game to Jennifer. "You get two tries."

"Four, nope. Nine, shoot!" She squinted at the screen. "It says I have to choose to lose an article of clothing, take a punishment, take a reward, or choose pot luck. Um, I think I will lose my shoes." She pushed the appropriate button. "Ah! I have 60 points! Now what?"

"You pass it to Robert. And take off your shoes, of course," Skip replied.

She gave the game to Robert, and slipped off her sandals. Robert pressed the button. "Six."

The game made it around to Jack, who lost. "I'll sell my shoes, also."

"Borrring!" Skip droned.

Jack grinned. "Bite me." He handed the game to Jennifer. This time the game made it all the way around to Jennifer again and then to Skip, who finally lost.

"I am going to take a punishment in order to earn some credits" He pushed the appropriate button. "You must share a long slow French kiss with Sharron and Betsy."

Betsy said, "It doesn't say that!" while at the same time Sharron said "That's a punishment for you?" He showed the screen to everyone.

Betsy harrumphed. "I think you've programmed that thing to cheat for you. Ok, so both of us at once, or individually?"

Sharron said, "Well, as you chose straight, I would have to say individually. But first, everyone drink!"

Everyone took a swig of their respective adult beverages, except for Skip, who said, "Hey! Why do you need to take a drink before you kiss me?"

"Liquid courage, my dear," Sharron said, her patented lopsided smile on her face.

"You didn't need any of that last night, missy!"

Sharron stuck her tongue out at him, them gave him a sultry look, "Come here, big stud. Me first." He leaned over, and they shared what was indeed a long, steamy French kiss. He then crawled around to Betsy. "Ready?" he asked, obviously nervous now that the game was being played for real. Betsy nodded back just as nervously. They tentatively kissed, obviously very self conscious to be doing this in front of their significant others, not to mention Jack and Jennifer. After a moment, though, they lost their rigidity, and the kiss was pretty steamy by the end. Robert looked none too pleased.

Sharron, who didn't seem bothered at all, picked up the game and pressed the draw button. It made it all they way around to her again, and then to Jennifer, who lost again. "Again?!" She sighed. "Ok, I'll take a punishment." She pushed the button. "Hmmm, I must wear a blindfold for five minutes." She looked up and shrugged.

Skip stood and said, "Wait, got one right over here." Everyone looked at him incredulously. "What? The instructions included a list of items to gather ahead of time so you wouldn't have to search for them during the game." He grinned as he went behind the bar and opened a box. "You should see what else is in here!" He extracted a strip of cloth, which he brought to Jennifer. Jack helped her tie it on.

Robert picked up the game and hit the button, it made it to Skip. "Oh, all right, I'll lose my shoes."

"Borrrring!" everyone mocked him.

Sharron started again. Betsy lost. "I'll take a punishment." She hit the button. "I must pretend I am a drowning swimmer. Skip the Lifeguard saves me, and gets to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation." As she had decided to wear her bikini bottoms rather than shorts, she gave the game to Robert, ran over and hopped back into the Jacuzzi, and started splashing while saying, "Help, help. I'm drowning," in a monotone voice and rolling her eyes. Then she dunked under.

"Aww," Jennifer whined, "now I see why this blindfold is a punishment."

Skip hopped up and ran over to the tub. He had no problem lifting her short, curvy body out of the water, taking the opportunity to grab a little ass as he did so, as she was currently "unconscious." He laid her out on the deck, admired the view of her round breasts hugged by her now wet string bikini for a second, and then opened her mouth, put his over it, and started puffing. Her chest visibly inflated a couple of times before she lost it and started giggling.

"Ok, I'm 'resuscitated'," she panted, "although I don't think lifeguards usually stick their tongues so far down the drowning girls' throats." Skip just grinned and shrugged. "That is an interesting feeling, though, having someone else breathe into you." Robert looked even less happy.

Skip returned to his spot and resumed the game while Betsy dried off again. The round only made it to Jack. "You know what? Screw it, I'm taking a reward." He pressed the appropriate button. "It says I get to hug whoever I want." He showed it for proof. He then stood up and went over to Betsy, who also stood. He picked her up into a bear hug. She laughed. Setting her down, he went over to Sharron. Putting his arms around her, he pulled her close and gave one firm, round ass cheek a good squeeze. She narrowed her eyes at him. He grinned, and then went over to Jennifer. He helped her to stand, and then gently pulled her close and held her until he got a couple of "aww's" from the girls, and a raspberry from Skip. He removed her blindfold, saying, "I think it's been five minutes." Once Jack released her, Jennifer grinned, kissed him on the cheek, snaking her tongue into his ear briefly while in the neighborhood, and then sat and picked up the game to continue.

Robert lost for the first time. Not surprisingly, he sold his shoes. Betsy started again, and it made it all the way back to her, whereupon she lost. "Crap! Ok, I'll sell my shoes, too."

Skip started again, and it went around to him, then around to him again, whereupon he lost. "Hmmm. Ok, I'll sell my shirt." All the girls Ooo'd and Ahhh'd as he again revealed his barrel chest with a fuzz of medium brown hair. Sharron took up the box, and it made it to Betsy.

"Again?! Ok, fuck it, I'm taking a reward, too." She pressed the button, and her eyes got big. "It says that all of the guys must stand in front of me and take down their shorts while I - aw damn! - visually determine who is biggest."

"It doesn't say that!" Skip objected. She showed him the screen. "Damned if it doesn't." He stood, and slapped Jack on the shoulder. "Come on, buddy."

Jack slowly stood, and they both walked over to stand in front of a kneeling Betsy. A very, very reluctant Robert joined them. He said, "You've seen mine already, Can't I just..."

Now, Robert, it will be fine, don't worry..." she trailed of at the look on his face. He had pulled out the front of his trunks.


"Robert, what is it?"


"Robert?" Betsy was starting to sound a bit alarmed.

Unable to say anything coherent, Robert just dropped his shorts. Betsy gasped. "Oh, my!"

Skip looked down, and then slapped Robert on the back. "Nice one, big guy. Nothing there to be ashamed of." Sharron started to edge her way around to get a look, but Skip caught the movement over his shoulder. "Uh uh, ma'am. This isn't your reward!" Sharron pouted and sat back down.

Skip turned back. "My turn!" He dropped his trunks. Betsy had to tear her eyes away from Robert's shocking cock, reminded that she was still playing the game, and that it would look very particular if she displayed too much surprise at seeing Robert's penis. She had to admit, Skip's rod was impressive... until Jack dropped his bathing suit. "Oh, my!" she said again.

Skip looked down again. "Holy shit, dude!" He turned to look at Jennifer over his shoulder. "Damn, woman. How can you still walk?!" Jennifer just smiled and shrugged. Sharron made to get up again, then sat and pouted some more.

"Ummm." Betsy said, a bit flustered, as her eyes went back and forth between the three biggest cocks she had seen in person. "Jack's is definitely the longest, although Skip's may be just a bit thicker." She paused and looked up at Robert. "But my favorite is Robert's." Robert still just stood there, too stunned to respond.

"Hey, no fair playing favorites," Skip complained. He turned to Jack. "Tie?"

Jack laughed. "Sure."

They pulled their shorts back up, followed very slowly by a still-bewildered Robert, and returned to their seats. Betsy handed the game to Skip. He started it, and it made it back around to and past him to Jennifer. "Oh, well, I guess I'll sell my bikini top."

"Why?" Betsy asked, immediately receiving shut up looks from Skip and Robert, who had come out of his daze at Jennifer's decision. "You have plenty of points, don't you?"

Jennifer shrugged. "I like points. How many do I have, now?" Skip motioned for the game, and then pushed some buttons.

"70. Removing your top will give you 110, which will make you..." he pushed more buttons, and grinned, "tied for first with me!"

Jennifer grinned back. "Good enough reason." Her hands went to her back to untie one string, then her neck to untie the other. She cupped her breasts before the bikini top could fall off, and then displayed some of the stripping talent she had shown to Jack on their first day. She pulled the bikini top away to give them what they were expecting to finally be a good look at her tits, but instead her hair, which had been lying across her arms, fell to cover them. She sat and looked at everyone innocently, then grinned at their protests. She moved her hair over her shoulders at what seemed to be one strand at time, until finally her glorious chest was completely revealed, and all cocks and nipples were rock hard, even Betsy's. After everyone had a chance to salivate over her tits for a few moments, she finally broke the spell by saying, "Who's next?"

"Rah..." Skip cleared his throat and tried again. "Robert."

Robert started the next round. Skip lost it. "Damn! Well, I guess I'll retake the lead by taking a punishment." He read the screen. "I must give Sharron and Betsy full body massages." He clapped his hands and rubbed them together enthusiastically. "Who's first?"

Sharron looked at Betsy. "As nice as that sounds - he gives really good massages, Betsy - maybe we should write out an IOU for those. That might take too long right now. Is that ok with everyone?" Everyone nodded. Skip actually ran to find a pad and pen and scribbled IOUs to hand to the girls.

Sharron hit the button, and it made it to Robert. He sold his shirt, again to Ooo's and Ahhh's from the girls. He blushed.

Betsy resumed the game, drew a face card, and handed it to Skip, who immediately lost again. "DAMMIT! Oh, well. You know what we haven't tried? Pot Luck. I can do that and still keep my lead." He hit the button, then said, "uh, oh."

"What?" came the chorused reply.

"Um, everyone has to remove one piece of clothing. See." He showed the screen for proof, and then smiled innocently and shrugged. After that he was dodging and ducking as everyone threw their already-removed clothing at him, including a couple pairs of shoes.

Sharron finally said, "Very well, you first, 'big guy'." Skip shrugged, stood, and shucked off his shorts. There was a murmur of approval at his thick semi-erect shaft, and a smattering of applause as he displayed it to them proudly.

Sharron was next, and as she had lost no clothing yet, she removed her shoes to boo's and from the guys and 'show us your tits!' from Skip.

Jack's shirt went, earning even more Oooo's and Ahhh's from the ladies.

Jennifer stood and 'stripped' off her shorts, once again leaving everyone aroused and speechless, except for Skip, who leaned over to Jack and whispered, "Did I mention that you are one lucky bastard?" Jack could only nod.

Robert stood and nervously but not nearly as hesitatingly as earlier removed his shorts. His new and improved shaft got an appreciative nod and smile from Genie, which caused it to stiffen a bit, a "Wow," from Sharron, who then gave Betsy a look that said, "You told me he was a bit short. What the hell do you consider long to be?" and then a smattering of applause from Jack and Skip.

Betsy was last, and she stood on her knees. Knowing she couldn't compete with Jennifer's performance, she simply unhooked and removed her bikini top. Still, she got a very appreciative response. While her round breasts weren't quite as big as Jennifer's, they were almost as perfectly shaped. She noticed the attention, and grinned, embarrassed but appreciative.

Sharron began again, and the game made it back past her to Jack. "Let's see how many points I have... eek! Only 45. I'll take a punishment." He groaned. "Or not."

"Why, what'd you get?" asked Jennifer, grabbing the unit from him. She laughed with glee. "Betsy and I get to spank you for one minute. Aww, but you get to keep your shorts on." Betsy's nipples had hardened to diamonds immediately upon Jennifer's revelation. Interesting. It looked like Skip and Sharron might be right.

The girls pushed two chairs together, sat, and made Jack lay across their laps. "Ok, somebody start the timer."

Skip said, "Got it. Go!" Apparently they had both chosen a cheek, as the rhythm and impact was different on each. One was much slower but harder, and Jack figured that must be Betsy. Soon though, the other cheek was receiving the same treatment, and both were being smacked in tandem. It was really starting to smart, although Jack had to admit that he was also rock hard. He looked over at Skip, only to find him mesmerized by the incredibly jiggling the spanking was having on four big tits. "Hey! How long?"

Skip looked down. "Oh! Stop."

"Bastard." Jack mumbled as he got up, rubbing his tingling cheeks. He looked back at the girls, and while Jennifer looked aroused, Betsy looked like she was about ready to rip his cloths off and fuck him right now. Interesting, indeed.

Sharron lost the next round, her first loss. She took a punishment, and had to remove her bra with one hand. She did so, easily and unconsciously, revealing her medium-small breasts to be perky with large, puffy nipples and areolas.

Skip lost next, and as he had no clothes on, he lost 20 points immediately, costing him the lead. He took a punishment to gain some back, but the punishment itself, allowing Sharron and Jennifer to tickle his hands for 10 seconds, didn't do much for anybody.

And so it went for a bit. Robert lost, and had to rub ice on his nipples for thirty seconds. Sharron lost, and had to recite a dirty limerick or lose an item of clothing. She had no problem remembering "There once was a man from Nantucket..." Jack then lost three times in a row. Jennifer silently swore she had nothing to do with it.

The first punishment he took was pretty much a repeat; Jennifer got to spank his ass for a minute, bare this time, though. She took it easy on him, much to Betsy's disappointment. Jack figured Robert might be in for a rough time if she decided to start swinging the paddle instead of receiving it.

His second loss was more interesting. He took a second punishment, and had to hide a coin somewhere on his person. Betsy had 50 seconds to find it, or she had to grant him a favor. They both left the deck for a moment while Jack hid a dime.

When they returned, Skip said "Go!" and her hands immediately went to his shorts, the only clothing he had left. Finding nothing in the pockets, she quickly started at his head, checking his ears, making him open his mouth, checking his navel. Finding nothing, her hand went down the back of his shorts and he jumped. With three seconds to spare, she pulled the dime from between his cheeks. "Nice butt," she whispered. Her playing with his ass had gotten him partially aroused, and Sharron, the only one who hadn't seen his cock, was getting very curious.

She didn't have long to wait. Jack took another punishment for his third loss, and lost his shorts. Jennifer and Sharron were to pull them down with their teeth. Both of them eagerly knelt in front of a leg and grasped his trunks with their incisors. Having two lovely women kneeling in front of him, tugging down his trunks did nothing to lessen his semi-erection, so when it finally popped free of the elastic waistband and bobbed Sharron's way, giving her a very close look, she let go and said, "Holy shit! How big is that monster?" Jennifer just shrugged and kept pulling. Sharron was having a hard time getting her teeth back on task with his cock dangling in the way, but she finally nudged it aside with her cheek and resumed her pulling. His shorts were quickly pulled down far enough to step out of them. "We need to talk." Sharron said to Jennifer as they resumed their places.

Betsy finally broke Jack's streak, and took pot luck. She had to reveal her underwear or perform a favor for Jack, but as they hadn't started with any, everyone agreed that she could simply moon them with her lovely round ass, instead.

Jennifer lost next, and had to massage Robert's palms. It sounded lame to everyone else, but Robert sure seemed to enjoy it.

Robert then lost, and took pot luck. "Ummm, Sharron has to describe, in detail, a sexual fantasy with Jennifer and Skip."

"What?!" Sharron exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah, come on, honey, make it a good one!" Skip encouraged her.

"How good can I make it if it's R-rated?"

"Oh, that's true, I guess." Skip was very disappointed, but they gave Sharron a pass on that one.

Jack resumed his losing record next. "Jennifer and Betsy may bite and nibble my thighs for three minutes."

"Again, how is that a punishment for him?" Betsy asked while moving quickly to comply. She and Jennifer gently spread Jack's legs wide apart and started nibbling his inner thighs, coming close to but never touching his genitals. It was the first time he had ever had two real female mouths in that location at the same time, and he was immediately hard as a rock, prompting another quiet "holy shit!" from Sharron. All too soon Skip called "Time."

"That's a punishment," Jack said unsteadily, "because that's all you do." Betsy just grinned wickedly up at him.

It was the Sharron's turn to lose three times in a row She took a punishment for the first, and it was her turn to French kiss two other players; Skip again, then Jennifer. Skip and Sharron's kiss was a little more perfunctory this time, as everyone with the possible exception of Betsy was looking forward to the main event, the first Girl-Girl action of the night.

As before, this one started out a bit stiff, at least on Sharron's part, as she was quite nervous about kissing Jennifer in front of everyone. Jennifer's patient lips and tongue soon had Sharron worked up, though, and the kiss became steamy. No one complained as it went on and on, becoming more and more passionate as the minutes went by. Finally they parted, and Sharron said softly, "Oh, wow." Both sets of nipples were once again rock hard, and there was the smell of horny woman on the air.

For her second loss, she again took a punishment. "I must go to Principal Jack for a paddling for 50 seconds. If I make a sound, I get another 50." As Skip went back to his box for the paddle, in this case a thin wooden one that the little ball on the rubber band had broken off of, Sharron looked imploringly at Jack. "Please, Principal Jack, I'll never do it again. Go easy on me!"

"We'll see, little girl." He indicated she should lie across his lap. As the instructions didn't say otherwise, her shorts stayed on. Jack began wacking her ass. It sounded loud, and she squirmed, but he wasn't really hitting her very hard. Just as Skip called "Time" in an unsteady voice, Jack gave her a harder 'thwack.'

"Ow! Hey, that doesn't count, it was after the 50 seconds."

Jack grinned and said, "Yeah, I know." He looked over and saw that Betsy was about to go batshit.

When she lost for the third time, Sharron said, "Fuck it, I'm taking Pot Luck." She hit the button, and read, "Jennifer must remover her bra. If she isn't wearing one, she must thoroughly kiss her nipples for one minute. If she can't she must kiss someone else's."

All eyes went to Jennifer, who was looking thoughtfully at her breasts. She took the left one in her hand. "Give me thirty seconds, Skip."

Uh, ok, go!"

Jennifer lifted the nipple of her full breast to her lips and kissed it. As the card did not forbid French kissing, her tongue also came into play. Everyone was transfixed at her erotic, sensual display. Several minutes later she lifted her mouth away and asked, "Is that thirty seconds yet, Skip?"

"What? Oh, yeah, thirty seconds, just now."

"Ok, thank you." She said with a straight face, and then made to switch breasts. She gave an artful and convincing display of not quite being able to bring her right nipple to her lips, regardless of what she had just done with her left. She sighed. "It looks like I'm unable to do that one. I guess I'll have to kiss someone else's for the last thirty seconds. Sharron, do you mind?" Sharron shook her head mutely, eyes wide.

Jennifer crawled to her, catlike, and when her lips were near Sharron's puffy right nipple, she said. "Thirty seconds again, please, Skip."

"Uh, yeah, sure," Skip said, his eyes glued to her lips, stopwatch forgotten.

Jennifer lowered her mouth to Sharron's breast and gave the nipple the same treatment her own had received. Sharron watched and moaned. There was no way Skip was going to stop this intentionally, and Jennifer seemed lost in her work and oblivious to the time, so her kissing and licking went on for quite a while. Sharron threw her head back and closed her eyes, then finally said. "Enough! That's driving me absolutely insane!" She looked down at Jennifer and whispered, "Thanks, that was incredible."

Jennifer mouthed back "any time," with a grin, and then returned to her place.

Next, Jack lost once again. He again chose punishment. "Jennifer, Betsy, and Sharron may blow on your genitals for one minute, but cannot touch them. Aw, Man!" Jack new this was going to be rough. He was right.

The girls sat him in a chair, spread his legs wide again, and then arranged themselves between them so that there was a triangle of faces, Jennifer and Betsy on the bottom corners, Sharron on top in the middle. Jennifer and Betsy started blowing on his balls, which was oddly but highly pleasurable. Then Sharron started directing a strong stream of air directly at the sensitive area under his cock head. It was an incredible fantasy, three faces inches away from his genitals, blond, brunette, redhead, "blowing" him, and incredibly frustrating, since they weren't actually blowing him. Then Skip called "Time!" what felt like a few seconds later.

"Now you start actually looking at the timer?" he threw up his hands and almost shouted. Skip just shrugged and showed him the stopwatch. Jack went back to his place grumbling Yosemite Sam-like, but then grinned to himself. Genie's powers were going to be put to good use later reconstructing this little encounter, and there wasn't gong to be any of this 'blowing' shit, then, dammit.

Robert lost next, and had to slam a shot. He came back from the bar coughing hoarsely.

Jennifer was next, and decided to take Pot Luck. "Robert gets to ask anyone questions for one minute. They have to be answered honestly."

Robert blinked in surprise. "Um..." he rasped.

"Go!" Skip shouted.

"Um," he turned to Sharron. "Did you really enjoy what Jennifer was doing to your, uh, nipple?"

Sharron grinned. "Yup."

"What about you, Jennifer?"

"Oh, yes. Even more than doing my own."

"Well, would you guys like to, you know, do more to each other?"

The two girls shared a look. "Yup," they said in unison, and then giggled.

"Like what?"

They shared another look, this one more sultry, yet a bit embarrassed, too, at least on Sharron's part. She said, "Oh, I don't know. I'm not really a lesbian, or even bi, I don't think, beyond the R-rated stuff, anyway. On the other hand, having my nipple kissed and licked by Jennifer was one of the hottest..."

"Time!" Jack shouted. He had been looking over Skip's shoulder, figuring Skip would again 'forget' about the stopwatch. Jack wanted to hear what Sharron had to say, too, but figured he could later on 'Genievision', so he was more interested in getting a little payback on Skip.

"Aw, man!" Skip whined. Jack punched him on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, big guy. She can always entertain you with the rest of that as pillow talk, later."

Skip pepped up a bit at this, but Sharron gave him an "in your dreams" look. Jack's work here was done.

Sharron lost the next two in a row, and figured afterward that it should have just been one long one. For the first she took a punishment, and had to be Jack and Jennifer's 'bad slave who needed to be punished' for one minute. They didn't even need to discuss it; four hands attacked her and tickled her unmercifully for the whole time. Skip knew better than to let this go for more than sixty seconds if he ever wanted sex again.

Then, on her next loss, she figured nothing could be as bad as that and took another punishment. Skip and Jennifer, again her punishers, were instructed by the game to use feathers - helpfully provided by Skip from the box - to tickle her puffy nipples for another minute. At the end of it, she panted "God, that was excruciating, but I'm actually disappointed it's over. Where the hell did you guys learn to do that?" They just grinned and shrugged.

Jack lost next, and had to pose sexily for 30 seconds. It lasted much longer, as he and everyone else cracked up at his attempts, until they finally let him sit down.

The game' screen was flashing. "Only five punishment cards left!" Skip read. "Get your points while the gettin's good."

The last five punishment cards went quickly. Betsy lost first, and had to remove a piece of clothing above the waist. As she didn't have anything above the waist, nothing happened. Skip lost next, and was tied to a chair for one minute while Sharron and Betsy got to do anything they wanted. They blew on his genitals, just to give Jack a little more retribution.

Robert lost the next, and Betsy and Jennifer were instructed to gently bite his nipples. Even with the evidence of his instantly hard cock at the first nip of teeth, it was still unclear who got off on it more, him or Betsy.

The next to last card was Skip's, who had to chug a beer. "Oh, great," Sharron murmured, "he's blitzed enough already." Jennifer then took the last punishment card, and had to give Skip a neck massage.

"Alrighty," Skip said lazily as Jennifer's hands did their work, "Ooo, that feels good... um... after this it's all reward cards, which cost you. When you lose all your points you are out. And remember, those who are already naked have been losing 20 points for each hand you have lost since your clothes were gone."

Play resumed, and Jennifer lost. "My reward is to get to massage two players' breasts for one minute each player. Sharron?"

"Sure." Jennifer moved to sit close behind Sharron, and then reached around to gently cup her breasts. But then she looked at Skip. "Any massage oil in that box?" Skip almost blew a rod getting to the box and back. "Squirt a bit on each breast, please," Jennifer said, having never released Sharron's tits. Once the oil was applied, she began to massage Sharron's now glistening breasts sensually, and Sharron moaned, closed her eyes and, a moment later, leaned back into Jennifer. Again Skip 'forgot' the clock as Jennifer gently worked Sharron's breasts over, both relaxing her and arousing her, especially when a hard, slippery nipple would slip through Jennifer's fingers.

Jennifer finally raised an eyebrow at Skip, who said, "Oh, time." Jennifer removed her hands, but let Sharron lay against her for another few moments. Sharron sighed deeply, opened her heavy lids and looked at Robert. "Does that answer your question?" Robert swallowed and nodded.

"Who's next?" Jennifer asked, looking questioningly at Betsy." It was Betsy's turn to swallow.

"Oh, what the fuck. Me, I guess." For once Robert did not look the least bit upset.

Jennifer stood, grabbed the oil, and moved gracefully to sit behind Betsy. She handed the bottle to Robert, and then reached around to gently cup Betsy's full, round tits, eliciting a small gasp from the blond. "Oil, please."

Robert, in his haste, over-squirted. Jennifer moved her hands to quickly dam the overflow before it reached Betsy's navel, then gently massaged the excess into her torso before returning her oil-slick hands to Betsy's tits. Betsy sat stiffly for a moment or two, her face frozen, but the torso massage plus Jennifer's talented touch on her breasts soon had her relaxing, until she, too, lay back against Jennifer and surrendered herself to the magical hands. Jennifer massaged her even longer than she had Sharron, four pairs of eyes following every move of her hands as they rubbed, squeezed, caressed, and occasionally tweaked. Jennifer didn't stop until Betsy gave a mild but prolonged shudder.

"I'm glad to find someone else whose nipples are so sensitive," Jennifer whispered in Betsy's ear.

"Th... that's never happened before," Betsy murmured in awe.

"Well, if you need help figuring out how to make it happen again, let me know," Jennifer whispered back before rising to return to her spot.

"Holy Shit! Did she just... did you... ?" Skip stammered. Jennifer just smiled and shrugged.

Once everyone recovered and had a stiff swig of their various adult beverages, play resumed. Jack lost again, and read his reward. "You can direct any two players to remove a piece of clothing. If everyone is naked, then two people must do me a favor." He looked at Sharron and Betsy. "Well, ladies, looks like you guys finally get nude."

Sharron and Betsy both rose and unceremoniously shucked off their bottoms, Sharron her shorts, Betsy her bikini bottom. Sharron revealed a neatly trimmed almost black bush over fairly small nether lips, while Betsy bared a completely shaven and much puffier nether region. The guys made the appropriate appreciative sounds, and the ladies, blushing a bit, returned to their spots.

Betsy lost next. Her reward was for Robert and Jack to flatter her outrageously for 30 seconds. Robert stammered for the first few, but Jack's flowery yet x-rated flattery quickly inspired him to greater heights, and by the time Skip stopped them, Betsy was rolling on the deck laughing and blushing furiously. She looked at Jack with teary eyes. "Two perfect rose buds perched atop two snowy mount Olympuses?" She collapsed in giggles again.

Next was Jennifer. "Hmmm, I get to kiss any part of Jack and Skip I wish." Before he could react, Jennifer reached over to pull Jack's lips to hers for a toe curling kiss. She then crawled toward Skip. She looked at Sharron, who gave a small lopsided grin and nod. Skip seemed to expect what was coming, as he pursed his lips outrageously, but at the last second Jennifer dipped her head and shocked everyone but Sharron by kissing the tip of his cock, then scurried back to her spot, giggling like a kid. She gave Jack a defiant smile.

You are so doomed.

No, I believe it's called 'drunk'..

After he recovered, Skip looked at the beeping game. "Uh, oh. Jennifer, you have negative five points after that last reward."

"Doesn't that mean she is out?" Jack asked, receiving a stuck out tongue for his efforts.

"No, she is actually still in until she loses another hand. If you have positive points when you take your reward, like she did, you can stay in even if you go negative from that reward. She could conceivably still win if the rest of us go out without her losing another hand."

Jack lost next, to more buzzing from the game. "Jack, on the other hand, just went to zero with that 20 point nude penalty, and IS out." Skip read. He continued in sing song, "Jack went out Fir-hirst!"

"Aw, man!"

Betsy lost the next hand. "My reward is to have Skip and Jack grant me a wish."

"Can Jack still do that?" Robert asked.

"Yes, even though he is out, he still can participate in other peoples' rewards," Skip confirmed.

"Very well guys. Kiss my ass!" She stood and turned her firm round moon toward them. They both walked toward her on their knees, cocks bobbing, and chose a cheek. They then proceeded to kiss, lick, suck and slobber outrageously until Betsy was again in stitches. "Ok, guys," she gasped between giggles, "that will do!" As outrageous as she apparently found the act, though, her nipples had still become very hard.

Jennifer lost again, and was truly out.

Robert lost next. His reward was to get to explore with his hands a completely passive Betsy and Sharron for thirty seconds each. He began with Betsy, and gently caressed all her private areas except her actual pussy. He then moved to Sharron with slightly shaking hands. She smiled at him. "Don't worry, Robert. I don't bite." Robert gave a worried look at Skip, but Skip only grinned at him, so Robert gave Sharron the same treatment, although he spent more of his time on her puffy nipples. Skip even gave him quite a bit of extra time before he called it.

Next was Sharron's turn. "My 'reward' is to kiss Jennifer's and Robert's bare butts." She shrugged. "Who first?"

Knowing Robert would be a bit bashful, Jennifer stood and came over first. Sharron looked at the perfect hemispheres, said, "Maybe not such a bad reward after all," and got to work with sensual lips and tongue, making sure not to overlook Jennifer's crack. Jennifer bit her lip as her nipples visibly hardened.

Seeing what to expect, Robert did not hesitate when Sharron called him over. His already hard cock quickly turned to steel as he got the same treatment.

Skip lost next. His reward was to choose a piece of clothing for someone else to remove. As everyone was nude, nothing happened. "The game should keep up with that stuff and not waste rewards like that," he grumped.

"It's your game." Sharron reminded him with a smirk.

Betsy lost next, and went out.

Robert did the same.

It was now between Skip, at 60 points, and Sharron at 40.

Skip lost. "I get to direct a player to do a handstand for 10 seconds. If he or she can't do it, others can help." He looked around. "Um, Jennifer."

"Ok." Jennifer rose catlike to her feet, bent double at the middle to place her palms on the deck, and then gracefully unbent into a perfect handstand. She held it still for 10 seconds while Jack noticed how odd yet still gorgeous her upside-down breasts looked, then she slowly spread her legs into a complete split, leaving nothing between them to the imagination as she held them there for another ten seconds or so, then slowly put them together again and gracefully tumbled back to her feet.

"Showoff," Jack said as she sat back down, earning him a grin and another stuck out tongue.

Skip lost. His reward was for Sharron to say a tongue twister six times fast or French kiss him. There was no way in her inebriated condition, so she soundly kissed him again without bothering to try. Skip was at -5, but still in.

... Until he lost again, and was out.

Sharron raised her fists in the air, doing nice jiggly things to her breasts. "I win!"

"Yup. You get to ask everyone to grant you a reward."

She thought about it for a moment. "Fuck R-rated." She pulled up a chair in front of the hot tub, sat down and spread her legs lewdly. "You," she pointed to Jack and Jennifer. "Go over there, spread out your towels, and have sex," she commanded, pointing to one side of the tub. "You," she pointed to Robert and Betsy, "go over there and to the same," she pointed to the other side of the tub. "You, she pointed to Skip, "eat me," she pointed to the deck between her legs.

Jack normally would have been too reticent and embarrassed to have sex in such a situation, but the alcohol and the evening's activities had pretty much blown away any significant inhibitions. He quickly laid their towels out for a cushion, and then lay on his back with his head toward Sharron. "You on top, I think, dear. You'll give a better show."

Jennifer stroked him a few times to make sure he was at his hardest, then moved her pussy over him. Making sure Sharron was looking, she slowly sat down on Jack's long rod, eliciting an extra-loud moan from Sharron as it disappeared completely. Jennifer then proceeded to ride him slowly, fondling her own tits, and pinching and licking her own nipples while alternating looking down at Jack and up at Sharron.

At this rate it would be quite a while before Jack exploded, but that was fine. The show was great, and the surround-sound moaning was pretty hot. He was somewhat surprised to hear sounds of passion coming from the other side of the tub, though. He had expected Robert to be too reserved to go for the sex, but apparently their desire to test drive his new cock had been enough to overcome.

Jack wasn't sure how many orgasms Sharron had, or what transpired on the other side of the tub, but eventually Jennifer sped up enough to send them both off to rewarding orgasms.

After everyone recovered, a bit of post-sex sanity returned and everyone looked a little abashed at what had transpired as Sharron showed them to the spare bed rooms and where the extra towels for showers were. Everyone except Skip, that is.

"Poor guy," Jennifer said. May I give Sharron a hint about the anal sex?


Jennifer went over to Sharron and whispered in her ear for a moment. Sharron's eyes got wide, and then she grinned.

Isn't she suspicious as to how you know about their anal sex interest?

Nope. I mentioned that perhaps she should try it - with lots of lube, of course - as all the evening's activities have her really relaxed right now. She's too distracted by my suggestion to try it tonight, plus too inebriated, to wonder how I know to suggest it in the first place. Skip should have a nice nightcap.

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the game was boringly slow and convoluted

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