Jack was a little nervous for much of the day on Friday as he waited for the opportunity to put his plans into action. They continued photography during the morning, and after lunch worked on instructional text for all of the photos taken over the last couple days. They finished around three, and then met with Ms. Cooper and Alice for a few minutes.

Jack gave a status report on the website, and then asked, "How has the order process been going on the new site? Everything ok?"

"Like clockwork, Jack," Alice beamed, "that is, once we got used to the new computer thingy. The guys back there tell me it's really 'cool'."

Jack grinned back. "That's good to hear Alice." He turned to Ms. Cooper. "Traffic on the new site has been growing slowly over the last few days. How have purchases been compared to the old site?"

"Well, not surprisingly, they dipped quite a bit on Monday due to the server problems. Tuesday and Wednesday were a little down, but yesterday was good. We'll know more after the weekend, which is usually our busiest time."

Jack replied, "I'll keep my fingers crossed."

Ms. Cooper looked around. "Anyone have anything else?"

Jack figured it was now or never, so said, "I have something to run by you, if you have a few minutes, Ms. Cooper. It doesn't need take up anyone else's time, though."

"Ok. Have a good weekend, everyone." She turned to Jack. "Do you guys want to talk here, or in my office?"

"Office might be better, and it's just me. Jennifer needs to run a quick errand."

Ms. Cooper shrugged. "Ok, come on."

"Actually, I need to run out to the car for a moment. I'll be right there."

Jack walked with Jennifer out to his small SUV, retrieved a large box, kissed her on the cheek, and said, "Wish me luck!"

Jennifer snorted. "Luck? What do you need that for? You have me, remember? I'll be there, too." She kissed him back, and then got into the SUV to drive it around the building to appear as if she had left. She claimed she could drive perfectly well as part of her adaptation to his society, and it appeared to be true, but she hadn't been in any real traffic, yet, so Jack told her to just drive out of sight.

Jack lugged his box back inside and to Ms. Cooper's office. She raised her eyebrows when she saw it, and when he pushed her door closed. "Well, this is certainly a mystery."

"Think of it more as a surprise. Um..." Jack has been trying to figure out how to start this conversation, and hadn't come up with anything he had been really happy with, then inspiration struck. "Did Nick tell you about the first time he and I met?"

"Not much. Just that you reacted a bit oddly when he told you what we do. Or I guess I should say, oddly in a different way than most do when they learn what we do," she qualified with a rueful smile.

"That's true. I told him it was due to a very odd coincidence."


"Yes. That coincidence stems from the fact that I had just spoken to an acquaintance of mine; a rather odd guy who, well, he's a bit of a loner, has lots of spare cash and time on his hands, and happens to be a fairly brilliant computer scientist and mechanical engineer, not to mention, as you will see in a moment, a pretty incredible artist. Similar to our discussion on the first day you and I met, he has also lamented in the past the sorry state of adult toys for men, and decided to do something about it. The result is this."

Jack pulled a smaller box out of the big one, and from that he removed a sleek, modernly-designed black oblong case about eight inches high by six inches wide by eighteen inches long. On one end of the box was what appeared to be a woman's mouth and lower face molded out of silver-colored rubber. It appeared to be a better version of the material used for the 'realistic' mouths, often molded from porn stars, that were meant to simulate oral sex, but were really only sheaths used to masturbate with. The lips were purple and pursed in an 'O'.

"Uh, what is it?" Ms. Cooper asked dubiously.

"It's an oral sex, or if you prefer, blow job, simulator."

Her eyebrows went up. "Really?"

"Yep. It works via a combination of mechanical servos and a small sealed hydraulic system to reproduce very lifelike motion. It is built from the same technologies that many movie special effects companies use to make their creations' movements so lifelike, although more refined."

Ms. Cooper's interest was definitely piqued. "So, how does it work?"

"It has a small computer inside that you control with this wired remote." Jack showed her the black flat rectangle hosting an array of buttons, then plugged its cord into the simulator. "The simulator has six pre-programmed 'oral scenarios', four of which are regular blow-job scenarios varying in intensity from mild to trailer hitch chrome removal, and two specialty scenarios, one teasing, and one tormenting."


"Yeah, it's a bit on the rough side. Some use of the teeth, that sort of thing."

"Teeth?" Ms. Cooper asked incredulously.

"Yep. The inside of the mouth is anatomically accurate."

"So, isn't that kind of dangerous? Couldn't someone get hurt?"

"No, the device is designed so that it cannot exert enough pressure to break the skin. It can bite down hard enough to be uncomfortable, but not actually damaging. Its at-rest position is always with the jaws completely open so that the user can't get trapped. All they have to do is hit this red panic button, or cut the unit off, and it will instantly go to at-rest."

"Wow. So..." She obviously didn't know what to ask next. Jack took the initiative and pulled another simulator out of the box. This one had a clear plastic housing rather than the glossy black of the first one. "This is a demo model. I didn't show it to you first because, as you can see, all the inner workings are visible. That can look a bit intimidating, especially in operation. Would you like to see one in action?"

She started and looked at him questioningly, obviously wondering if he was implying what it sounded like. He smiled and blushed a bit. "It has a demo mode to show how realistically it can move."

"Oh." She sounded relieved, disappointed, curious and excited. "Absolutely!"

Jack lined up the black-cased model so that the mouth pointed at her, then bent to plug it into the power-strip by her desk. "Why the silver and purple?" she asked while he was plugging it up.

"Well, the inventor figured that some folks might be a little creeped-out by realistic flesh, like this one," he turned the clear demo model's mouth to face her, and she had to admit that the incredibly lifelike skin and lips could be a bit creepy, "so he also made this 'android' face."

"Ah. That makes sense," she replied, her tone of voice adding, 'as much as any of this surreal meeting makes sense.'

Jack just grinned and pressed the 'demo' button. Ms. Cooper jumped as the mouth came to life, the lips opening and closing, then puckering for a kiss. The tongue poked through them and licked them provocatively before extending further to show its flexibility by becoming wide and flat, then long and pointed. It even curled up into a little tube.

She jumped again when the mouth started to move toward her, revealing the outside case of the unit to be a sleeve around an inner case. The inside case, containing all the components and with the mouth attached to its end, could extend out of and retract back into the sleeve, allowing the mouth full forward and backward motion.

The unit extended to its furthest point, lips again in an 'O' as if seeking something on which to suck. Reaching its limit, it frowned in disappointment at not finding anything, then the unit slowly retracted again as the mouth went through the rest of its contortions, including baring and clicking together a bright, white set of teeth, before finally coming to rest.

When she was sure it was done, Ms. Cooper said, "That's incredible!... and a bit creepy."

"Yeah, it is. Now watch it on this one where you can see what is going on inside."

The demo model went through the same motions, and this time most of Ms. Cooper's attention was drawn to the inner workings of the thing as they whirred and moved. She noticed that the 'flesh' of the inside of the 'mouth' was almost clear except for the pink-red tongue, which she could see moving around.

She did pay sufficient attention to the action outside to notice that the incredibly lifelike movements of the equally lifelike mouth and tongue were indeed even creepier, yet perhaps also even more erotic, than the 'android' ones. She noticed something else this time, too. "Are those lips and tongue wet?"

Jack grinned. "Yep. Artificial saliva. It's hypoallergenic, and even has very mild antiseptic qualities. It's of a consistency that feels just like the real thing, and the whole mouth is warmed to body temperature. There is also another solution, a 'mouthwash, ' for when the user is finished. Using it in conjunction with the cleaning cycle will leave the unit clean, disinfected, and ready for the next session.

"While it isn't recommended for multiple people to share one of these, just like any other adult toy, in reality the mouthwash and cleaning cycle, when used properly, will leave it clean enough that this isn't a problem, at least not health-wise. The idea still seems a little gross to me, though. Also, even though the cleaning solution won't cause anything worse than a mild sting if it is accidentally used as saliva, the two solutions are kept in two different reservoirs in the unit, and the filler bottles' tips and filler receptacles are shaped differently for each solution to help prevent confusion. "

"That's absolutely incredible." She repeated in awe.

Jack showed her the remote control. "Each oral sex scenario can be set to last a certain time; 5, 10, 15 minutes, etcetera. Also, there is both an 'extend' button, which extends the scenario for one minute for each press of the button in case you aren't quite done in time, and a 'Now!' button, which you can press as you approach climax in order to give you a bit more intense and direct stimulation to make the finish more enjoyable. This can be especially useful in the 'light intensity' and 'teasing' scenarios. Oh, and that can also be used in conjunction with the 'swallow' button. I trust that one is self-explanatory.

"The majority of the rest of the buttons control specific actions by the mouth and tongue such as sucking, licking, etcetera; basically each individual action that the mouth can perform. They can be used individually or in combination to stimulate the user however he wishes. A sequence of them can even be combined to program the user's own custom blow job. There are two empty scenarios in there where long sequences can be stored. Also, as the unit performs one of its pre-programmed scenarios, the LEDs beside the corresponding buttons light up to show what the mouth is doing so the user can reproduce that portion of the scenario if he wishes." He really had to prevent himself from saying 'he or she wishes' this time.

Ms. Cooper looked excited but disbelieving. "That all sounds too good to be true, Jack."

"Well, would you like to really see it in action?" he asked with a nervous but challenging grin.

She looked at him for a long moment. "Won't Jennifer mind?"

Jack's grin grew. "It was her suggestion."

"Oh.' She said softly, and then swallowed. "Well, then, I'm game if you are."

Jack swallowed, too. "Ok." He moved the clear demo box to the side of her desk and judged the height to be just about perfectly crotch level. "It comes with a clamp to attach it to a table or counter or whatever. It needs to be fairly firmly secured," he showed her the clamp he took from the box, and then used it to secure the simulator to the top of her desk. He looked at it to make sure everything was right, then sighed and looked at her. "Ready?" She nodded mutely.

Jack stepped close to the simulator and lowered his fly. He was already rock hard at the thought of personally demonstrating this thing to her in this fashion, and barely remembered to shorten himself before he pulled his cock out of his fly, realizing that if he didn't he might scare her off. He concentrated on eight inches, and then pulled eight inches of hard shaft through. It was still enough to make her gasp softly. He lined it up with the purple lips about an inch away.

"I'm going to start a ten minute level three scenario," he said, almost calmly. He pressed the appropriate buttons on the remote. The unit whirred softly for a moment, and then the pink, glistening tongue snaked out to moisten the lips before they moved toward his cock. As they passed his tip and started to engulf him, he cleared his throat and said, "The first thing the unit does on your first use is determine measurements by taking in the penis all the way to measure length, then sucking down on it to measure thickness. It will remember the measurements until they are cleared."

Ms. Cooper watched in fascination as the lips slowly slid down his shaft, only to see the tip of his cock reappear within the nearly transparent 'cheeks' and slide along the top of the tongue. Once the lips had fully engulfed him, she saw him twitch when the flesh pressed in on his cock as the unit sucked on him.

"Once it has taken and stored the measurements," he said, slightly unsteadily, "the scenario will start." Even as he spoke, the mouth completely released him, and then the glistening tongue poked out to swirl around his cock head. "All... although it's best to stand as still as you can, the tongue and lips have contact sensors that can detect and compensate for small changes in the penis' location outside the mouth." He moved his cock slightly away and to the side. The tongue searched blindly for it for a moment, a surprisingly erotic sight. When it made contact again, it continued it's swirling.

After a few moments of that, the lips took him in once more, and started to move forward and back a few inches on his shaft. Ms. Cooper could see the inside flesh tighten down each time the mouth sucked him in, and the tongue move along the bottom of his cock. After several repetitions of this, the mouth would take him all the way in, going slowly the last couple of inches as if it was reproducing a struggle to deep-throat him. Looking closer, Ms. Cooper could see a downward turn and tightening of the flesh several inches inside the mouth, just about where a woman's throat would be.

Seeing the subject of her scrutiny, Jack said, although it was obviously becoming a challenge for him to speak objectively, "Yes, as I said, the mouth interior is anatomically correct. There's even a uvula in there..." he had to pause and stifle a groan as the simulator deep-throated him again, "it is very realistic."

Soon after this the mouth switched tactics. It opened wide to take him most of the way in, then the lips tightened, the mouth sucked strongly and the tongue swirled firmly as it slowly pulled off of him. After about half a dozen repeats of this, Jack pressed the 'stop' button. The unit slowly released him and retracted fully. He took a couple of deep breaths, and then said, "The stop button is different than 'Panic.' It retracts leisurely, and by hitting 'resume' I could start where I left off. Panic pulls it off quickly and then all power is removed from the unit until you reset it." He hesitated, and then held the remote out to her. "Want to take control?"

She stared at it for a long moment before slowly reaching out a hand to take it. She looked up at him, and he grinned. She looked back down, then pressed the 'swirl' button. The LED beside the button began to blink slowly, the mouth extended, and the tongue came out to quickly locate and then very lightly swirl around the tip of his cock.

"If you hold down a button, you will notice the LED blink faster and faster. The faster the blinking, the more intense the corresponding stimulation. Release the button and then hold it down again, and the intensity will decrease. Give it a quick press to stop it all together, or start it again at the last intensity."

She held the swirl button down, and the swirling of the tongue became more intense, until it was unclear whether the tongue was swirling around his cock, or vice versa. She pressed and released the button, and the tongue stopped and slid back behind the lips. She then pressed a button to take his cock part-way in between the lips before noticing the 'teeth' button. She pressed it briefly. The teeth closed to make very light contact with Jack's cock just below his head. As there was nothing else going on that required the lips to be in contact with his cock, they pulled away to show what the teeth were doing, just like a real woman's might if she were doing a little biting. Ms. Cooper leaned forward for a better look as she pressed and held the button. Jack winced as the teeth bit down, but didn't really mind. For one, it afforded him a chance to take a good look at her crotch and confirm a definite bulge in her skirt. Plus, it was kind of erotic, having her watch as she caused the teeth to bite into him a bit. He was looking down at the teeth himself when she looked up at him. "Is this painful? Did I go too far?"

"No, as a matter of fact, press and hold it briefly to release it a little, then press and hold it again until the LED is solid."

She looked at him doubtfully, but did what he asked. The teeth released a little, but then bit down harder. He winced again. She had turned to look at his face, and winced, too, in sympathy.

"As you can see," he said in a slightly strained voice, "that is as hard as it can bite down, and it hasn't broken the skin. However, it gives quite a sting, and I'd like for you to release me now." She pressed and held the button until the teeth completely released him, then she retracted the mouth off of him, revealing teeth indentations in his rock-hard shaft. She winced again. "Sorry."

"Don't be. I didn't mind, or I wouldn't have asked you to do it, and it's a good demonstration of the safety of the simulator." With some difficulty he stuffed his hardness back into his pants, and then carefully zipped them up. Ms. Cooper looked a little disappointed. He sat back across from her. "Try the 'clean' button." She pressed it, then watched in fascination as the unit went through some serious internal swishing of the 'mouthwash', interrupted a couple of times by the tongue running around the lips.

"The tongue can clean the lips and a bit of the area outside them, but any, um, 'overspray' beyond that has to be cleaned by hand." He paused. "So, what do you think?"

"It's incredible, Jack. I've just seen it work, and I can still hardly believe it. In a business where very few products live up to the fantasy they present, especially for guys, this..." she shrugged, "I don't know what else to say. So, is this something he is looking to try to produce? I don't know if that's even possible, and they would have to cost a fortune."

Jack grinned. "I have some good news, some good news, some good news, and some bad news."

"Should I get the bad news out of the way?"

Jack laughed. "Nope, sorry, that needs to be last."

"Ok, so what's the good news?"

"He already has these units in production."

"You're kidding!"


"Ok, and, uh, the good news?"

"We have been discussing things, and I have told him how good you guys are to work with, and what your goals are. He has agreed to offer FI an exclusive distributorship."

Ms. Cooper's eyes had gotten very wide. "That's very generous and flattering, but..."

"And the last piece of good news, at least for the moment, is that the wholesale price to you is one hundred and fifty dollars each."

Ms. Cooper choked. "What?! How can he do that? These things should cost... well, I have no idea what they should cost, but..." she stopped when Jack held up his hand.

"Now for the bit of bad news. He will only sell these to you if you agree to market them at less that three hundred dollars; say, two ninety nine ninety five."

Ms. Cooper frowned. "We really don't like our suppliers dictating our selling price, Jack. And besides, this thing should sell for way more than that. I mean, these could be the male version of the Orgazmoretron. Their male product is fairly decent, but..."

The Orgazmoretron was the ultimate in female stimulation. It was a saddle-shaped seat that a woman straddled in order to bring her privates into contact with and/or impaled upon one of several attachment covers. If the selected cover had a phallic component, the unit had a motor that rotated said component inside the vagina. It had a second, stronger motor that caused vibration against the woman's clitoris, as well as the rest of her privates. Both the rotation speed and vibration were variable, with the vibrations going from very light to roughly jack hammer in intensity. If both the demonstration video for the product and the clips of it being used in various adult videos were to be believed, it could reduce even the most orgasmically challenged woman to a quivering, panting mass of post-orgasmic goo as she begged for the orgasms to stop.

The device was also very expensive, yet FI, a far from exclusive distributor, sold a couple a month. The manufacturer's male product, basically a specialized milking machine, was effective, but nothing like the Orgazmoretron, and was also very expensive. FI didn't sell nearly as many of those.

"I understand your objection, but the inventor has two reasons for this requirement, reasons I understand and agree with after he explained them to me."

"Okay, so what are they?"

"Well, the first is his goal, similar to yours, to get this sort of thing out to as many folks as possible, to make it as mainstream as possible."

"I understand that, although that doesn't really explain how that covers his costs. What else?"

"Well, how familiar are you with the home video game console market?"

"Not very."

"Okay. The competing video game companies sell their consoles at very cheap prices for what is basically a fairly powerful PC in a small, shiny box. They often sell them for less than they cost to produce, especially when they are first released and production costs are higher."

"So how do they make any money?"

"The games. They sell for fifty or more dollars apiece. I don't know what the game purchasing rate is on average per console, but they have it figured so that over the medium to long term, they make pretty good money."

"Ok, so that relates to this how?"

"Accessories and add-ons. I don't have any details yet," Jack lied, "but he assures me that there are going to be some must-have add-ons for this thing that will have a great wholesale price and much better markup."

"I see. Well, Nick really needs to be here for this. Might I ask why you didn't want to wait for him?"

Jack went over to remove another box from the bigger one. "Because I wanted to give you one of these for your own."

It took her a second for this to sink in, then she looked at her crotch very briefly before saying, "Th... that's very generous, but I don't have a husband or boyfriend to give it to, so..." Her acting was almost good enough to be convincing if it hadn't been for the glance, and all the other evidence he'd seen... plus Jennifer already knowing, of course.

"It's probably not erect enough to see, now, but it definitely was when you were 'biting down' on mine." Jack said with a small smile. The light cinnamon color of her face went surprisingly pale.

"I don't know what you..."

"Ms. Cooper," Jack interrupted kindly. "As I'm sure you have noticed, Jennifer is very observant, and..."

"Jennifer knows?!... I mean..."

"It was she that first mentioned it. She noticed a few tell-tail signs during the demo photography sessions."

If possible, she went even paler. "Did anyone... else... ?"

Jack grinned ruefully. "No. Everyone's eyes were on Jennifer except Jennifer's." Jack paused. "Ms. Cooper, as you probably have also noticed, Jennifer is also very intuitive. If what she believes she has observed is correct, then you haven't been very happy in a lot of ways. I don't know how accurate that is," he fibbed again, "but we just want you to know that we respect you as a business associate, and perhaps more importantly, we are coming to think of you as a friend. If there is anything we can do to make your life in any way happier, we would like to help." He indicated her still-boxed simulator, "This isn't meant to be a substitute for anything - unless you want it to be, of course - but just a little something fun."

"We also want to assure you that your situation will be an absolute secret with us unless you request otherwise. We will tell no one." Jack stood. "I'll go now, but you have my cell and home numbers. Give us a call if you have any questions about the unit, or want to talk about anything... else. Otherwise, have a wonderful weekend, and I am sure we will have quite a bit to discuss on Monday. Oh, and these other two units are for FI. We can use both for the demo photos if you guys decide to distribute it. Either way, Nick or someone else is welcome to try it. All the instructions and bottles of 'saliva' and 'mouthwash' are in there for each unit." Jack gave her one more searching look, just to make sure it didn't appear like she was going to stroke out on the spot or anything, then collected his things and walked quietly out.

Well, the die is cast. He thought to Jennifer as he went to meet her in the parking lot.

You did very well, Jack. You didn't need my help at all! She sounded proud and slightly disappointed.

Yeah, well, she might. I'd say she's in for a challenging weekend. You can watch over her, make sure she doesn't happen to go off the deep end or anything?

Of course. I know you didn't want to do this to her on a Friday, but any other time really wouldn't give her enough opportunity to think and reflect before she had to come back to work and face us again. She really needs the weekend, as rough as it might be for her.

Well, you know best. Now let's go home. I think you are going to have to take up where that thing left off.

Mmmm, yes master! You know, there's always the drive home, and the autopilot...

Jack woke first Saturday morning, and decided to wake Jennifer in a quite mundane fashion; to attack her clit with lips and tongue. But as his face descended toward her perfect pussy, he paused and rubbed his chin. Scruffy. He pondered for a moment. He thought at Jennifer, Secret Wish: I wish that, until I say otherwise, my face will stay perfectly shaven so that I may dine on you at any time of the day or night without causing you any discomfort from my whiskers. Tingle. He felt his chin. Perfectly smooth. He checked Jennifer and found her still blissfully asleep. He pumped his fist in silent victory. He dove in.

He had no intention at stopping after her flawless form shuddered through its first orgasm, and as his tongue continued to thrash her clitoris, he thought it might be nice to have an invisible secret-wished self-propelled Pussy Pounder join the fun.

After her second orgasm, he decided to swap places with the Pounder, and had it turn into an invisible mouth to continue the attack on her clit, while he slid his shaft into her now-gushing tunnel and started thrusting at a pleasant pace. Another quick secret wish assured that their orgasms some time much later would be synchronized.

Once Jack pumped his last, slid from her and stood, Jennifer propped herself up on her arms, panting, as her lovely flushed skin and turgid nipples began to return to normal. She blew toward her forehead to try to clear the delightfully disheveled deep red hair hanging in her face. The effort was mostly futile, as the offending strands were stuck to a light sheen of perspiration. Having more luck with one hand, she looked accusingly at Jack. "You are a very naughty Master, Master."

Jack grinned back insouciantly. "I love you, too."

After a shower and a casual breakfast, they lounged around for the remainder of the morning, watching TV. Jack's cell phone rang a single ring several times over the duration, but the caller ID was always 'no data available.' The third time it happened, he had a thought. "That wouldn't happen to be Ms. Cooper, would it?"

Jennifer's eyes unfocused for a second. "Yes, it was. How did you know?"

Jack shrugged. "Lucky guess. Or maybe an educated one. Is she ok?"

Jennifer concentrated again. "Fair. She's going back and forth between fear that we know and will tell everyone, after which everyone will think she is a freak, and relief that we know, or at least someone knows, and will tell everyone, so she doesn't have to keep hiding. Oh, and throw trying to get up the nerve to try the oral sex simulator in there somewhere."

"She hasn't tried it, yet?"

"She's started to about twenty times, but then gets distracted by the other stuff. Ah! I think she's about to, though. Want to watch?"

Jack contemplated this for a moment. "No," Jennifer looked a little disappointed, and he grinned before continuing, "but you can, you little voyeur. Let me know how it goes. I'm going to check e-mail and my other clients' web sites, which I've been slightly neglecting."

"Ok!" Jennifer lay down on the couch, folded her hands over her stomach, and closed her eyes. Having the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, laying on his couch in one of his thin old T-shirts and boxers while she spied on someone else's sexual activity filled his head with so many different erotic thoughts, desires and ideas that he just about blew a fuse. He did the only thing he could; he went to check his e-mail.

An hour or so later, Jack got up from the desk and went over to Jennifer. "Um... Hello?"

She opened her eyes immediately and smiled up at him.

"How's it going?" he asked, sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Pretty well, but very slowly. Partly because she's a little concerned about safety, regardless of what you told her, but mostly because she wants to go slow and experience everything to its fullest, now that she has gotten up the nerve to start."

"Well, good for her." Jack couldn't resist reaching out to palm a firm, round breast and rub a nipple, whose darker tint was just visible through the worn cotton fabric of the old t-shirt.

She bit her lower lip. "Are you trying to distract me from my voyeuristic duty?"

Jack grinned, and then sighed. "No, go ahead and watch her. I'm just wanting to do something..." he trailed off, releasing her breast and starting to get up to peruse the porn DVDs.

"Why don't you experience a fantasy, Jack? I've been trying to get you to let me do that for you for weeks. Now sounds like the perfect time."

"What do you mean? You've granted me lots of fantasies."

She shrugged dismissively, doing arousing things to her now semi-hard-nippled breasts under the t-shirt. "Those were little things. I'm talking about experiencing an all-out fantasy."

"Like what?"

She shrugged again. "You could live out a fantasy from your childhood, or high school, or college, or a previous job. Or perhaps one inspired from a movie or book. Anything, really." She paused. "You really haven't been taking advantage of even a small percentage of my full potential, Master," she added with an outrageous reproachful pout.

Jack smirked back. "Genie, if I had taken any more advantage of your powers, I'd be dead from sexual exhaustion by now." She just rolled her eyes and snorted. "So, tell me how this works," he continued.

"Ok. It might be best if you first picked an example of a fantasy you would like to experience."

"Hmmm. Well, that's part of the reason I haven't asked you to fulfill one, yet, I guess. I've known in the back of my mind from the first day that you could fulfill more elaborate fantasies such as you describe, but the problem is that when one is offered the chance to have any and every one of one's sexual fantasies fulfilled, one can't pick one to start with." He leaned closer to look into her eyes. "Besides, as I have said before, you are the ultimate fantasy."

She blushed and gave him her special heart thumping, cock hardening smile. "Thank you, Love," She lifted her head to give a quick yet toe-curling kiss, then continued, "but to paraphrase a saying from my original time, 'even the most delicious dish will become tedious if it is the only one ever eaten.'"

Jack frowned at her. "Didn't we discuss this during a previous wish, or more correctly, figure out that a wish to prevent just this thing wasn't necessary."

She rolled her eyes in mock annoyance. "Yes, yes, we will never grow tired of each other. Now, will you request a fantasy, already?! I'm missing prime watching-a-hermaphrodite-using-an-oral-sex-machine time, here!"

Jack narrowed his eyes. "I think someone is trying to earn another round of punishment."

Jennifer's eyes widened while her nipples hardened to full erectness. "Whatever Master wishes," she said, perhaps a bit too demurely. Jack continued to stare at her. She just grinned and shrugged.

"Uh, huh. Besides, I thought you had your 'instant replay' to catch you up on things you missed."

She grinned impudently, "Oh, I do."

He was now torn between the fantasy and the round of Genie punishment. Curiosity over the possibilities of the fantasy finally won out. "Ok, I chose one of my favorite fantasies from high school with a girl named Mary Carson. Now what?"

"Well, if you will allow me, I can read the specifics of the fantasy from you. The biggest decision you need to make is which 'you' that you want to experience the fantasy."


"Well it could be you exactly as you were in high school at the time the fantasy takes place, or it could be you in high school, but changed or improved; bigger cock, longer endurance, whatever you want. Or, it could be your current self in your high school body, knowing what you know now. Or, well, you get the idea."

Jack absorbed this for a moment. "Ok, let's say I want it to be me just like I was then. How would that work?"

"You would experience the fantasy as you were then. You would be completely unaware that you were experiencing a fantasy, or of your life after that time, or of me."

"So, how would the fantasy end?"

"It is usual for you to give me some sort of timeframe or end point for the fantasy to stop."

"And if I don't?"

"Then I can end the fantasy at a likely stopping point, and if you wish it to continue, you may, as long as you have not reached your time limit."

"Time limit? What is my time limit?"

"Well, that brings up another one of my limitations, I'm afraid. It was discovered with the earliest 'sex Genies' that, if given unlimited 'fantasy time, ' many masters tended to spend all of their time in the fantasies, ignoring their real lives. As most Masters of sex genies at that time were important, influential people, that became a bit of a problem, as you can imagine.

"So, a couple of limitations were put on 'fantasy time.' The first is that you cannot experience more fantasy time than real time. Fantasy time starts accruing once the Genie's vessel is opened. In your case, we have been together almost four weeks, so you have four weeks of 'fantasy time'. Fantasy time is the time that you experience passing in a fantasy. Real time is obviously the actual time that passes in the real world."

"You mean I could have a four week fantasy, like a vacation in some tropic paradise surrounded by beautiful, horny women or something?"

"No, at least not yet, due to the second limitation. At first, Masters are limited to fairly short fantasies, with that time limit extending as the Master gains more experience in moving from reality to fantasy and back. The better the Master learns to handle reality vs. fantasy, and the more experience he or she has at it, the longer the fantasy limit. And before you ask me; no, there is no set progression, it varies by Master. It's sort of an automatic thing. I have no control over it. Oh! And you have to wait twenty four hours before you can start another fantasy, or continue one. That prevents you from stringing them all together, getting around the time limit."

"Golly. So, how long can my first fantasy be?"

Her eyes unfocused for a moment. "Mmmm, about a day."

"Oh! I figured you were going to say half an hour or something."

"For some Masters, that could very well be the starting limit. Apparently you are grounded enough to start out quite a bit higher," she pronounced proudly.

"Cool. Um, so what happens to my body while I'm in the fantasy? Is all of me there, or..."

"Your physical body stays here. I would recommend laying on the bed or something before you begin."

"So, it's like a dream, then?"

"Oh, no, it's much more than a dream. To your mind, it's absolutely real, and once you return, the memory will not fade like a dream's does."

"Does time pass for my body at the same rate as in the fantasy?"

"It doesn't have to. Initially, I can slow the time that passes for your body by as much as half. Actually I'm speeding up the fantasy - remember, I can't affect real time - but when in the fantasy, time will feel like it is passing normally. An hour in fantasy time would feel like an hour, and count as an hour of fantasy time, although only half an hour would pass for your body. Again, as you become more experienced with fantasies, this difference will become greater, so that you can experience longer and longer fantasies without losing too much real time."

"Wow. That's pretty complicated." He thought for another moment, and then shrugged. "So, should we both just move to the bed?"

"That's a good idea, Jack."

Once they were both situated comfortably, Jack asked. "What would you normally do while I'm having a fantasy?"

"Anything you wish. I could wait here, I could be part of the fantasy, whatever you want."

"And all the protection stuff is still working?"


"Ok, well, can you still watch Ms. Cooper and also do all the fantasy stuff?"

"Of course." She looked slightly miffed that he even need ask.

"Cool." He gathered his thoughts. "I would like to be pretty much as I was then, except..."

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