Jack rang Mary Carson's doorbell with a slightly shaky finger. He couldn't believe he was actually here, and was very, very nervous.

Out of the blue she had turned to him in Geometry class the day before, just after they received their latest quiz scores, and said, "Jack, I don't know how you aced this thing! I just can't seem to get the hang of these proofs. Is there any chance you might help me understand these? I've got to get them down before finals."

"Uh, sure!" he had stuttered, not believing he might get the chance to spend some time with Mary, even if it was only to study.

"Great! I know tomorrow's Saturday, but are you busy? Do you mind? Saturdays are the only free time I have for the next couple of weeks."

"Sure!" he said again.

"Okay. Here's my address," she jotted it on a page torn from her notebook. He didn't tell her that he didn't need it, that he knew where she lived. Most everybody did. Handing it to him, she asked, "Eleven o'clock ok?" He nodded mutely, then she delivered the knockout punch just before the bell rang and she flew out of the room, "Oh, and bring a bathing suit. We'll splash around the pool when we get done."

And so here he was, Geometry book, notebook, and bathing suit in the backpack on his shoulder, waiting nervously as light footsteps approached the door. It opened, and Mary greeted him, her warm, friendly smile in place.

"Hey Jack! Thanks for coming! Come on in." She led him through the house, and he couldn't help but admire the view before him; tight round butt undulating under a pair of tight short-shorts; long, lightly tanned, athletic legs that only a teenager could have, extending down to feet clad in ankle socks and tennis shoes; long hair, currently in a pony tail, its shiny, dark golden blond/light satiny brown color as difficult to pin down and describe as she was.

Mary was one of the prettiest girls in school, and quite popular, yet didn't participate in any of the activities those attributes might suggest; she didn't cheerlead, or enter any of the various pageantry. She was fit and athletic, yet didn't participate in any of the school's organized sports. She was intelligent, made good grades, and the school activities she did participate in were the slightly nerdier ones; French club, year book staff, etc.

Beyond that, she was always friendly towards everyone, and gave her warm smile to even the geekiest kid in school. She often hung out with the popular crowd, but would never date anyone seriously, which only served to stoke the crush Jack and pretty much every other boy in school had on her. All of this made it even harder to believe that he was following the tall hardbody through her house on a Saturday morning.

She led him to a bright sunroom with the pool visible just outside its windows. There was a table with a couple of chairs in one corner. Covered with books and papers, it looked to be where Mary did much of her schoolwork. "Will this be ok?" she asked, pointing at the table.

"Oh, yeah, great." Jack answered.

"Would you like a glass of lemonade before we start?"

"Yeah, that would be great." Jack said, feeling a little foolish for his repetitive vocabulary so far. Mary just smiled, though, and bounced off in the direction of what he assumed was the kitchen.

Jack removed his books from his backpack while he waited for her return. She came back a few moments later carrying two large glasses. She set them on the table, sat down, and they got to work. She sat close by him, and her beauty and charm were incredible distractions, although no more so than her clean, flowery scent. The only thing that saved Jack from being a complete basket case with constant boner was the fact that he had been subjected to the same stimuli during every third period of every school day of the year as she sat innocently beside him in the next row, and he had learned to function around them.

That is, unless she was wearing a certain skin tight, pink furry short-sleeve sweater. She wore it once every other week or so, and it drove him nuts. He had spent several erection-filled study hall periods analyzing why this was. He finally decided that it was for two reasons. The first was that, if it was as soft on the inside as it was on the outside, then it must feel incredible to wear, especially on her boobs, which appeared to be unfettered by a bra when she wore it (although it was impossible to tell for sure through the fur). The second reason on was that, while the idea of feeling her up over any sweater (or anything else, for that matter) was exciting, doing so over something as soft and furry as that pink sweater was especially so.

But then his theory suffered a setback. He saw an identical sweater hanging in a store one day, and after looking around to make sure no one was watching, couldn't resist feeling the garment both outside and in. He was surprised to discover that the inside was not soft at all, but rather scratchy. How could she wear something that felt like that, especially over her bare nipples, assuming she really was braless? The idea that she would actually enjoy wearing something like that seemed a bit kinky, but no less cock-firming than the soft-inside theory.

Luckily - or not - she wasn't wearing that sweater today, so they made decent progress, although her closer proximity and undivided attention still made for quite a challenge. After about an hour and a half of good progress, she held up her hands. "Enough! I think I've got all of this so far, but if we go any further, it'll just leak out my ears. How about a sandwich, then we can hit the pool!"

"Uh, okay." Jack said nervously.


"Yeah, that sounds great."

"Be right back!" She got up and bounced back toward the kitchen.

"Can I help?" he called after her.

A cheerful "Nope!" came floating back.

She reappeared balancing two paper plates containing sandwiches and chips, and containers of mayo and mustard. "I wasn't sure what you wanted on yours, so I brought the bottles."

"Thanks." Jack said. He slathered some mayo on his sandwich as she did the same with the mustard. They exchanged knives and bottles and repeated the process. The next several moments were silent except for munching, crunching, and slurping. When they both were left with only crumbs, Mary said. "Just leave your plate here. I'll get it later. Did you bring your suit?"

Jack nodded mutely.

"Great! Come on!"

She jumped up and led him out to the pool. She pointed to a small open-front pool house. "You can change in the bathroom in there and grab one of the towels. I'll be right back." And she was gone back into the house. Jack opened the door of the pool house bathroom and went inside. It was nice but basic, with a shelf holding lots of fluffy beach towels. He locked the door, shucked off his shorts and donned his swim trunks. Grabbing a towel he headed back out to the pool. Mary wasn't back yet, so he sat in a chair under an umbrella to wait.

He heard the sliding door open a moment later, and turned. His mouth dropped open. Mary was wearing a skimpy red bikini that left little of her athletic, curvaceous body to the imagination. She saw his expression and laughed. "I guess I don't need to ask what you think of my new bathing suit."

Jack turned a bright crimson as he stammered, "I... uh... I'm sorry..."

She frowned, "For what?"

Jack was now looking everywhere but at her, 'Uh, you know... for staring..."

She looked at him like he was crazy. "Why? If I didn't want guys to stare, I wouldn't wear this thing. Stare all you like."

Jack blinked a couple times at this. Had he heard right? Had she just given him permission to goggle at her nearly nude body all he wanted?

Meanwhile, Mary was spreading her towel on the deck by the pool. That done, she sat down on it and retrieved a bottle of suntan lotion from the bag she had also brought out. Watching her rub the lotion on every square inch of exposed skin she could reach, leaving it glistening with an oily sheen, had him quickly erect. He crossed his legs in what he hoped was a nonchalant manner. He thought a little distracting conversation was in order. "Um," his voice cracked only slightly, "so, your parents are at work?"

"Yeah, they both work on Saturdays. They'll be home around six or so. Aren't you going to join me?" She grinned at him. "That pale skin needs some sun."

"Uh..." he was embarrassed at the thought of displaying the rest of his slightly pudgy body to this wonderful girl, but to not do so, sitting there in the shade with his shirt on, would be way too dorky, "sure." He removed his shoes and socks, then stood, built up his nerve for a moment, and removed his shirt. Mary at this point was lying with her eyes closed, so he spread his towel out fairly close and lay down stiffly, all the while trying to maneuver so his still semi-hard cock wasn't noticeable. Something bumped his arm. He looked over to see Mary holding the suntan lotion out toward him.

"Better put some of this on, or you'll be a lobster by the time you go home."

Jack sat back up on his towel and took the bottle. He squirted some on his hand and started applying it everywhere he could reach. When he was finished he tried to hand the bottle back to Mary, only to find her looking at him critically. "What?"

"You missed a couple of spots." She took the bottle, applied a bit of lotion to her fingertips, and rubbed it on his nose and ears. Although these weren't very sensitive areas, the combination of her gentle touch and the fact that this was the first touch from any female other than his mother and the occasional whack from a sister quickly had him firming again. He dared not look down and give himself away. He just hoped his seated position hid the bulge. Apparently it did, as she didn't seem to notice anything. "Uh, thanks," he said, a little unsteadily

She smiled and said, "You're welcome!" before lying back down and closing her eyes again.

Jack took the opportunity to admire her oiled figure for a few moments, but then realized this was sending his boner in the opposite direction from where he wanted, so he looked away and tried to think about geometry until his bulge was no longer noticeable. He lay down, closed his eyes, and continued desperately to try to ignore the thought of an incredibly hot girl laying a couple of feet away.

He was marginally successful, although it felt like hours until Mary said, "Time to flip over!" He looked over to find her suiting action to words. Once she was on her stomach, he was tantalized by the site of her reaching around to untie her bra straps to let them fall by her sides, revealing the barest hint of the rounded outside of her breasts. He flipped quickly before this latest assault on his hypersensitive libido once again hardened his shaft, but then she said, "Will you put some lotion on my back, please?" while holding the bottle out to him again.

"Um... sure."

He stalled for a moment, and then got up awkwardly, trying again to hide the bulge in his shorts. Luckily she was relaxed with her eyes closed once more. He sat on his knees close beside her and opened the bottle with shaking hands. He squirted some lotion into one hand, looked apprehensively at her back for a moment, and then tentatively touched it with his lotion-filled palm. She twitched and giggled. "That's cold!" She relaxed once more, and he began rubbing the lotion in. Becoming slightly more confident, and much more erect, he applied lotion to her whole back, drawing out the procedure as long as he thought he safely could.

Finally, figuring he had pushed his luck far enough, he made sure he hadn't missed any spots, then lay back down on his stomach to hide his hard-on. She sighed as if she had enjoyed the rub. "Thanks. Now I need to do you." She made as if to push herself up, then her eyes got wide and her mouth made a big "O" as she realized what she had almost done. She gave him a naughty grin. "Close your eyes, please."

He did, although he was sorely tempted to peek. Why hadn't she told him to turn his head? Didn't she know he was a hormonal teenager, and that the temptation could be overwhelming? He sensed her sit beside his thigh, then felt her return the favor of the cold lotion. He, too, twitched, and she giggled. That was good, as it covered the sound of his almost stifled groan as she began to rub in the lotion. She took as long as he had, and it did indeed feel wonderful. All too soon, though, she said, "Done!"

He said "Thanks," as he felt and heard her move back to her towel. They lay there broiling for another short eternity. Jack's hardness was hidden, pressed into the warm concrete through the towel, which allowed him to fantasize about the beauty lying beside him more freely. This helped the time pass faster, but not much.

Finally she stirred, and said, "I'm frying. I think I'll hop in the pool." She quickly retied her top, stood gracefully, walked daintily to the edge... and did a cannonball, drenching his lower legs and the towel beneath them.


She surfaced giggling. "Sorry," she said, grinning as she smoothed her now medium-brown wet hair to her head, "I couldn't resist."

Jack turned to sit cross-legged on his towel facing her, again hoping that she wouldn't notice his bulge. Mary had moved to the side of the pool, and was resting her chin on her crossed arms, which lay on the lip of the pool. "Jack, can I ask you a personal question."

Uh, oh. "Uh, sure."

"Have you ever fantasized about me?"

Jack thought he had been expecting the worst, but that was nothing compared to this. He stared her in shock, but then a realization struck, and he suddenly felt angry, offended, and hurt. He rose to find his shirt, not caring anymore if she saw his now rapidly dwindling erection. "I think I should go, now."

"I'm sorry, Jack! I didn't mean to offend you, I just..."

"Yeah, well, I don't think I want to give you and your friends something to laugh over in the lunch room whenever you see me walk by."

It was her turn to look hurt, "Jack, I would never do something like that. I thought you knew me better than that."

"I really don't know you that well, Mary, although I would have hoped you wouldn't. But most of the people you hang out with sure would."

She looked at him for a long moment, and then sighed. "You're probably right. But please believe me, I would never do something like that. I've just noticed you look at me a lot, and, um, seem to have a bulge quite often, and I was curious. I'm sorry, I really didn't want to upset you. Please don't go. We can talk about something else."

Jack looked down at her as indecision warred. What the hell else could you talk about after that had been breached? Still, he didn't really want to leave.

He finally shrugged and sat back down on the towel. She smiled, and then floated away from the edge on her back, her pretty face and round, pert breasts the only things breaking the surface.

A little streak of perverseness, egged on no doubt by his libido, surprised him by voicing the words, "The answer to your question is 'yes'," through his lips.

"What?" she said, standing up.

Now why the hell had he said that? Too late now, though. He cleared his throat. "The answer to your question is 'yes'."

"Really?" she moved back to the edge. "Like, um, how? In what way?"

There was no way the little bit of perverseness was going to overcome his self-consciousness that much, no matter how his libido tried to help. He shrugged. She looked at him for a moment.

"I've already said I would never tell anyone about anything you said, but I'll promise, cross my heart, hope to die, okay?"

He shrugged and nodded. Still no way, though.

"What if I told you a secret first? One that you in turn would have to promise not to tell?"

He shrugged.

"Promise? Cross your heart and hope to die?"

He nodded.

"I'm masturbating right now."

He looked at her in shock again. She was once more resting her head on her crossed arms, lying across the edge of the pool. She grinned at his surprised and confused expression.

"There's a water jet down here on the wall. It circulates the water back into the pool after it goes through the filter. It's really strong, and at just the right depth to hit my clitoris when I relax like this on the edgel. I discovered it not long after the pool was put in. I can't count the number of orgasms I've had from this thing. I've learned to hide when I'm cumming so no one knows what I'm doing. I've had a bunch of orgasms with people laying out and walking around and stuff." She laughed. "One time my mom cornered me while I was playing. She had been trying to talk to me about boys and safe sex, and I had been avoiding her. She told me 'don't move a muscle, ' so I didn't. She gave me this long lecture, during which I had three consecutive orgasms. It was really ironic." She laughed again. "I see you like my secret."

Jack had been so engrossed in her confession that he had completely forgotten to hide his raging hard on. He looked down quickly, and then put his hands in his lap while turning scarlet. She laughed again, but it wasn't mocking.

"Too late now! And there's no reason to hide it, I'm not offended. You've already told me you've fantasized about me, remember? Now I want the details. Spill it!" He had been avoiding her gaze, but looked at her now, sheepishly, to find her grinning good naturedly and encouragingly back.

Where to start? What to tell? He finally picked something easy that he had been thinking about earlier. "Well, I really like your pink furry sweater..."

"Yeah?" she said encouragingly, still grinning.

"Um, and I've always wondered what it would be like to, um, feel your breasts through it and stuff."

"Oh, yeah? And what 'stuff'."

"Well, I've always wondered if you wear a bra under it."

She giggled, "Sometimes. Not always. I guess you've noticed it's so furry that it's hard to tell, so I can get away with it."

Getting into the spirit of things a little more, Jack said, "Well, I figured that if you weren't wearing a bra, that fur sure must feel nice on your breasts. But then I saw a sweater just like it in a store."

"Oh, really? And what did you find out?" she asked, looking at him with an unreadable expression.

"Well, the inside of the sweater I saw was kind of scratchy."

She looked at him for another moment, and then grinned again as she turned slightly red, herself. "You got me. It is itchy, but it drives my nipples absolutely nuts. It drives me crazy all day. I usually come home and spend quite a while where I am right now on days that I wear it. I've been thinking about cutting two little holes in the front of a thin tank top and wearing it under my sweater to relieve some of the itchiness without covering my nipples, but my mom would be sure to find it, and the jig would be up." She paused, "Ok, that's two confessions for me to one for you, and yours brought on my second one. Come on, get to the good stuff!"

The utter surrealism of the situation suddenly struck him like a dash of cold water. Here he was, a slightly pudgy somewhat-geek, talking to one of the prettiest girls in school about his fantasies involving her while she masturbated on a water jet in the pool. This sort of thing just didn't happen! Yet there she was, in that same spot, grinning at him expectantly. A welcome stalling question occurred to him, although even it was tough to ask. "Um, have you, uh, orgasmed yet?"

"Nope. I've backed off a bit. Now quit stalling!"

He shrugged. "Well, other than the sweater thing, there isn't really a lot to tell, other than the obvious stuff. You know kissing, making out, stuff like that."

"Oh, no! You aren't getting out that easy. I want details."

He shrugged again uncomfortably. "There aren't really any details I can tell..." he trailed off, turning red again.

"Oh," she said in understanding sympathy. "I take it you don't have much experience with girls."

He shook his head.

"Have you ever done anything with a girl, even kissed one?"

He thought to bluff, but then shook his head again, not looking at her.

She was silent for a moment, and he had just looked up to see what expression was on her face when she said. "Would you like to?"

He looked at her in shock. Had she really just asked that question? To which part was she referring? "You mean, in general... ?"

She rolled her eyes. "No, dummy, with me."

"But... but..." his mind was threatening to shut down, "why would you... I mean, you're the prettiest girl in school... and I'm, I'm..."

"Cute," she finished for him, "and inexperienced. I've always wanted to corrupt an inexperienced boy. Do I take that as a yes?" He just stared at her. Finally, she rolled her eyes again. "Stand up!" she commanded. He stood. "Take off your shirt." He took it off.

"Jump in the pool." He jumped, and gasped. As it was only late spring, the water was still quite chilly. As he was still under water, when he surfaced he was coughing and sputtering.

"Oh, yeah, the water is still pretty cold." She paddled over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He warmed up immediately. "Ok, here's the deal. As you are obviously healthy and clean, and I've just had a checkup and everything checked out ok, everything should be safe. So, I'm willing to do most anything with you that you would like to try, except anything anal. I might try that some day, but for now, nothing goes in there," she paused, then turned a little pink, "well, with one possible exception, but we can talk about that when the time comes, if it does. If you want to have actual sex, then we'll have to use a condom. I'm also on the pill, but I'm not taking any chances. Did you bring any?"

Although this appeared a serious question on her part, the absurdity of it from his point of view, plus the ongoing and increasing impossibility that this was actually happening in the first place, caused him to answer, "Oh, yeah. I figured, what with me being one of the biggest geeks in school, coming over to the house of one of the hottest girls in school to study, I'd need a bunch. There's a gross of 'em in my backpack."

She grinned at his sarcasm. "Well, if we run out of those, I have several." Her expression turned more serious. "And I really wish you wouldn't call yourself the biggest geek in school. You shouldn't put yourself down like that. Like I said, I think you're cute, plus a really nice guy, to boot." He just shrugged in embarrassment. She looked at a large clock visible inside the pool house. "Ok, nice cute guy, we've got a little over three hours. What would you like to do first? She pulled gently on the back of his neck to bring her face closer to his. "Kissing is always a good place to start." She murmured.

When Jack didn't object - like he would - she pressed her lips to his. After a moment's shocked hesitation, he kissed back. Awkward at first, especially regarding where to put his nose, and eliciting several giggles from Mary as a result, he finally got it fairly right, and they kissed hotly for several long moments while Jack alternated trying to come to grips that this was actually happening, and trying to memorize every second, as this quite possibly might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Pulling back slightly, Mary murmured, "That was very nice, Jack, once you got going. You're a quick learner." He grinned sheepishly and shrugged. She released her hold around his neck long enough to drag him a little deeper in the pool. Once she had him at the depth she wanted, she placed her hands on his shoulders for a little support while she wrapped her legs around his hips, then she wrapped her arms around his neck again. She brought her face close once more, giving Jack the opportunity to notice just how deep her grey-green eyes were and how they sparkled when she smiled, and how cute her small round nose was, and how puffy and incredibly kissable her lips...

"Let's try it with tongues this time, Jack," she said, interrupting his thoughts and sending a heart-thumping thrill through him as she brought her lips back to his. He felt the tip of her tongue requesting entrance, and he happily, if a little dazedly, parted his lips to let it in. Meanwhile, with her wrapped around him as she was, he was unsure what to do with his hands, so they wound up placed awkwardly on her waist. She broke the kiss long enough to say, "Put you hands on my butt, Jack. Caressing and squeezing lightly are nice, but most girls won't want you to knead their ass like it's dough at this point." Then she reattached her lips to his and sucked his tongue into her mouth.

He hesitatingly moved his hands back and down to her firm, round, bikini-covered cheeks. Timidly at first, he began caressing and lightly squeezing the taunt flesh as she had instructed. As he became more confident and relaxed with his touch, he was rewarded by an approving moan around their tongues. Meanwhile, his cock had become so stiff that it was bumping her in the crotch on occasion. She seemed to mind not at all, and the thought that only a couple of thin layers of cloth prevented them from fucking right then almost sent Jack over the edge.

As their tongues continued to dance and wrestle, Jack worked and worked and finally got up the nerve to slip his hands beneath the fabric of her suit and onto the bare skin of her butt. She started slightly, making him think he had gone too far, but she pulled away only long enough to give a throaty chuckle and say, "Mmmm, taking some initiative. Very good, Jack," before reattaching her mouth to his. As their kissing became more passionate, she tightened her arms around his neck, and he brought one arm up to hold her to him while the other hand squeezed a cheek more firmly.

Some time later their tongues and lips parted. Panting slightly, Mary said, "Wow, a very faster learner, indeed. Are you sure you haven't ever kissed a girl before?" Jack shook his head, not trusting himself to speak.

"Mmmm. Take me a little shallower?" Jack walked toward the shallow end of the pool, and Mary got heavier around his neck and hips as their bodies rose from the water, not that he minded in the least, as she also slid down to press more firmly on his cock. "Someone sure is happy! I've always wanted to have sex like this. Maybe we can later." Again Jack was struck dumb with disbelief, this time from Mary talking so nonchalantly about having sex with him, much less about doing so standing in the pool!

When they got to where the water was around Jack's waist, she slid off to stand in front of him. Her wet bikini top clung to her high round breasts, hard nipples poking out proudly. "So, you've fantasized about feeling me up, eh?" Jack could only nod, staring at her chest. "Well, now's you chance. Help yourself. Or is your fantasy usually doing it from the back?"

Jack shrugged. "From the back, I guess."

She grinned. "I like from the back." She took his hand and led him to the broad steps leading down into the pool at the shallow end. Seating him on the middle step, she turned and sat in his lap and leaned back into him, lifted her arms to lace her fingers behind his neck, and said lazily, "My tits are your tits."

Riding the surreal wave, Jack nervously lifted what would normally be sweaty palms toward her dripping mounds, and after pausing for a second, cupped the globes gently. Mary closed her eyes and smiled. He squeezed very lightly, and hefted their tantalizing weight. He released them and rubbed his hands over them lightly, then ran a finger around each rigid nipple. Mary gasped softly. "You must be reading too many sex books, Jack. Most guys grab and squeeze like they are trying to milk you... not that there is anything wrong with that at the right time, but this isn't it." After several more long moments of allowing him to play and explore, then several more adding some gentle suggestions on what to do to make a girl even more aroused, she released her hold on his neck and pulled away from him. Turning, her hands went behind her back.

"I assume you have fantasized about more than just fondling them through my bra?" Jack nodded again. Without further preamble, Mary untied the strings of her bra, removed it, and casually tossed it on the edge of the pool. Jack stared at two incredible breasts; high and round and firm, whiter than her surrounding skin due to her bathing suit, and capped with two turgid pink nipples, pointing up and surrounded by quarter-sized areolas that begged to be suckled. She moved closer to him, grasped his hands, and placed them on her breasts. Jack repeated his fondling, marveling at the softness and firmness of her flesh.

After a few moments of this, Mary again guided him deeper in the pool, this time until the water was up nearly to his neck. She then jumped up to wrap her legs tightly higher around his torso, bringing her breasts to mouth level. She grinned naughtily at him. No initial instructions were necessary, as he happily if still disbelievingly brought lips to nipple. She had been right about his reading. He figured that if he ever did get the chance to make out with a girl, he wanted to be ready. Apparently some of what he had read had been worthwhile, as she moaned and cooed several times with what sounded like genuine pleasure before complementing him on his technique, then giving him pointers on how to hone it even more. He had to admit, the moans were more frequent and louder as he tried to put her instructions into practice.

He would have happily continued this until time to go home, but Mary eventually stopped him. "I'm being greedy, Jack. It's your turn to have some fun." He was about to protest that this was fun, but then what she said registered, and he kept his mouth shut. She got out of the pool and walked over to the pool house, her hips swaying provocatively as she grinned at him over her shoulder. She retrieved a bottle, then came back to the pool and jumped in, splashing him again. Placing the bottle on the side of the pool, she moved over to him. He couldn't tell quite what she was doing until he felt a hand grasp his cock lightly through his suit. He gasped loudly. She grinned and wiggled her eyebrows at him. "First girl to touch your cock through your clothing is that exciting, is it?" she teased. She obviously knew the answer. "Well, how's this for exciting? I plan to stroke it until you fountain, suck it until you shoot down my throat, then fuck it until you fill a condom to bursting."

Jack gasped in shock again at her words, and at the fact that she would say them both so brazenly and matter-of-factly. Luckily she had released him before she spoke, or her touch, no matter how light, combined with her statement would have sent him off immediately.

She surprised him again by taking a big breath and disappearing under the water. He felt fingers at the tie of his suit, then the waist band loosening and his suit being shucked down his legs. He had to force himself not to cover his privates with his hands. He felt something flick against his cock-head a couple of times, then her head burst from the water suspiciously soon after. Had she just... ?

"Nice unit you got there, mister! Now, go sit at the corner of the pool," she pointed to one of the shallow end corners. He stalled for a moment, embarrassed to be showing his privates to a girl. She giggled, "I've already seen everything, you know. No need to be embarrassed now." Egged on by this comment he stepped quickly out of the water and sat where she indicated. She had him reposition himself so that he was sitting on the very edge of the corner, each leg stretched along one side of the pool, his balls dangling over the water. He was really apprehensive about being so exposed, but the lustful look Mary was giving his cock and balls distracted him.

She approached slowly with a naughty look in her eyes, then reached out one hand and began lightly scratching his balls with her fingernails. Jack twitched and groaned. The pleasurable feeling from that particular location was new and unexpected. Although not that intense, when it was combined with the fact that this, his first touch by a girl, wasn't some awkward groping in the back seat of some car, but rather casual yet talented stimulation by this beautiful, sexual girl, it had him very, very close to that fountain she promised.

Evidently sensing this somehow, she stopped and asked, "Jack, do you trust me?" He nodded dumbly. She quickly reached up to wrap both hands around his six inches and squeezed very hard. It didn't really hurt, but it was quite a shock. She held the squeeze for a few seconds, then released him. He frowned at her for a second before realizing that he was much further from the brink than he had been. Her hand went back to his balls. A few seconds later they found the smooth spot underneath, and he really began squirming. She grinned in triumph, and concentrated on making Jack squirm as much as possible, until, disappointingly, the sensations began to fade.

Sighing as if she was expecting this, she moved her hand back to wander around his balls while she lifted the other to lightly stroke his cock. He twitched again in surprised shock at this first skin-to-cock contact. She grinned as if she knew exactly what he was thinking and continued stroking. A few seconds later, as Jack was about to warn her that his explosion was approaching, she squeezed him again. This pattern repeated a couple more times, with her seeming to somehow know how to push him just to the edge before squeezing him back.

She released him long enough to retrieve her bottle. She returned, gave him an extra-firm squeeze, then opened the bottle and squirted some of its clear contents into her palm. She looked up at him. "Ready, Jack?"

Ready? Ready for what? He nodded. She brought her palm to his shaft, applied what he discovered to be a light oil on him, and started stroking. He understood then. The oil magnified her already exquisite touch to incredible new heights, and he knew that there was no coming back from this. She was asking him if he was ready to explode. Only a few strokes later he did, and his whole body shuddered uncontrollably through the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. He did indeed fountain everywhere; in the pool, on himself, on Mary. She just laughed and said, "That's what the chlorine is for!" She continued to stroke his oily rod slowly, trying to milk out every drop. His body twitched strongly every time her hand ran over his now ultra-sensitive cock head.

She finally released him, and then motioned for him to slip back in the pool. He flopped in bonelessly, and she laughed again. "Not bad for your first hand job, eh?" she grinned naughtily. Jack could only mutely agree.

She let him recover for a moment, then said. "When you're ready, you can return the favor. You've got me all hot and bothered." With the libido of a teenager, fueled even more by what was going on, that was all that Jack needed to be ready, even if his cock wasn't hard again quite yet.

Mary took his place with legs spread wide over the corner of the pool after first letting him remove her bikini bottoms, giving him his first up close and personal look at both a girl's ass and pussy. And, oh, what an ass and pussy they were. He was especially surprised and aroused to see that she was completely hairless. That was all it took to get him firming again.

Once seated and spread wide, Mary sensed Jack's lack of confidence with the lay of the land, so she guided him. "Feel that bump? That's my clit. Like most everything else, gentle at first is good, a little firmer later is great. Try gentle circles." She moaned. "Yeah, just like that. You can switch to different patterns occasionally. It keeps the girl guessing." He continued to rub her clit to her occasional gentle direction.

"Ok, Jack," she said, apparently with a little difficulty, "ummmmmm, take your other forefinger and gently feel around a couple inches below my clit... oop!" she giggled, "Not that far down! Up a little... there! Feel that indentation? That's my vagina. Push gently... mmunh... go ahead, push it in all the way. Now pull it almost all the way out slowly. Now back in." she paused then whispered. "Fuck me with your finger, Jack."

Jack was now rock hard once more, and his cock twitched at her dirty talk. She continued, "Don't forget your other hand, Jack. I know it's like rubbing your tummy and patting your head, but if you can get it right, you'll make the girls very hapEEEE," Jack was getting it right, and her body shuddered in orgasm several minutes later. Jack's almost did too, simply from the knowledge that he had just caused that reaction from her beautiful body.

It was her turn to float lazily around the pool for a few moments, but that didn't prevent her from reaching down and grasping his erection when she floated close. "I see he's ready for more. Are you?" Jack swallowed and nodded. "Ok, resume the position." This time Jack didn't hesitate to expose himself over the corner of the pool. Mary grinned at his eagerness. She floated slowly closer, but then she veered to the side to start kissing up one of his inner thighs. Reaching his balls, she teased them with her tongue for a moment, causing Jack to twitch and moan once more, before grasping his shaft around its base and licking it like a popsicle. His surreal disbelief returned as he contemplated the fact that Mary was actually going to blow him. It was just too much to believe... as she licked him several more times.

She rose up higher out of the pool to take him into her mouth. Having recently orgasmed, his fuse was much longer, but burned quite fast, flamed by the sight of her lovely face hovering over and taking in his cock. She performed her squeeze technique again when blast off approached, this time licking his balls as she squeezed. On one occasion she sucked one ball then the other onto her mouth to tongue them, and if she hadn't had his shaft in a vise grip, he would have exploded just from the sight and feeling.

After several rounds of sucking his cock, and squeezing while licking his balls, she again asked him if he were ready. He hesitated for a second before nodding. She said, "It's considered courteous to warn a girl before you are about to cum in her mouth." She grinned, "In this case, though, I pretty much know, so don't worry about it." As he tried to consider the implications of this statement, she took him in and began bobbing her head while sucking and tonguing aggressively, one hand holding the base of his cock steady while the other fondled his balls. He could endure only a couple seconds of this before cumming. She swallowed every drop, gave a couple of extra bobs for good measure, then released him. He collapsed back into the pool to her satisfied chuckles.

A few moments later they switched places again, and she gently and cheerfully guided him to a reciprocal oral climax, his finger again pumping into her for good measure.

They both floated around for awhile after than, fondling and caressing playfully on occasion. Finally Mary said. "Want to go for the gold, Jack?"

He was finally comfortable enough with the situation to smile a bit bashfully and say, "That's a stupid question." She laughed in mock astonishment, and then said, "Very well. Come on, big stud."

She led him out of the pool and over to the pool house, grabbing her bottle of oil along the way. She indicated a futon sofa with an indoor/outdoor cushion, then with one deft motion, flipped it into a bed. "We call this a 'flip and fuck'," she said with a smile as she spread a towel over it. She fiddled around in a drawer and brought out a foil packet. She fondled his shaft for a moment to get him good and hard, then opened the packet, extracted a condom, and rolled it onto his shaft as he stood mutely; apprehensive, excited, and disbelieving about what was to come.

She lay on the bed, spread her legs, and motioned for him to join her. He crawled onto the bed beside her, and she handed him the bottle. "Lube me up. Remember, a lubed girl is a happy girl. This oil is great for that, and it won't hurt the condom. Normally I don't need anything, but the pool has washed everything away." He squirted some oil on his palm and applied it to her pussy. He used a little more than needed, spread it over a much wider area than necessary, and rubbed for quite a while, dipping a finger in frequently to make sure the lube got where it needed to be... Mary's moans and murmurs said she had no problem with this particular technique.

Finally Jack decided it was now or never. He moved awkwardly to position himself between her wide-spread legs. She smiled and gently guided him to position his cock at her entrance. Her expression turned a bit more serious. "Jack, I want you to know before we begin that, while I really love to fuck, I never cum from it. So, especially as this is your first time, you just go like you want to go. Don't worry about me, okay?"

Jack felt guilty at this idea, and apparently it showed on his face. She said, "Don't worry, I don't mind. Fuck me, dammit!" So, he slowly pushed in as her gentle hand guided him. Her tunnel was incredibly warm and tight, and felt better than anything he could imagine, even through the condom. He stopped when he was completely inserted, and was shocked to feel her rhythmically squeezing him as she grinned wickedly. He slowly pulled out, but went too far and slipped free. She said "That's ok, no problem!" and helped guide him back in. He wanted to savor the experience, and succeeded in limiting his first few thrusts to a slow leisurely pace, but all too soon instinct took over and he accelerated to a strong rhythm. She squeezed him on each outstroke, and that plus her hips rising to match his rhythm thrust for thrust soon had him cumming strongly. He made a few more thrusts before slowly collapsed onto her. She rolled slightly so that he lay partially on the bed, and partially on her, his cock still buried within her. She squeezed him once or twice, and he smiled. They stayed entwined and chatted for awhile, neither feeling like moving. She continued to give him occasionally squeezes, and both were surprised when he didn't fully deflate. "Wanting to go again, are you, big stud?" she teased. He just shrugged self-consciously. Their chatting turned to fooling around, and soon he was fully hard within her again.

She looked at the clock. "We've got half an hour. What will it be? A different position?"

Jack thought for a moment, then grinned his own naughty grin, causing her to raise her eyebrows. He said, "I've got a better idea," and pulled out of her, causing a disappointed whine, then held out his hand to help her up. He led her back to the pool, and she grinned her own knowing grin.

"I did say I wanted to try this, didn't I?"

Jack didn't say anything, just led her into the pool. When she moved to mount him, he shook his head and grinned. He turned her around, placed her hands on the edge of the pool, and positioned her to enter her from behind. "Oooo, getting kinky already are we?" she teased. After a little maneuvering, he slid his cock into her still-oiled tunnel. She moaned. Once fully inserted, he pulled her free from the wall and held her supple form against him, one hand on a breast, the other on her clit. "Ah, you naughty boy. I see what you are doing. I just might cum this way."

Jack wasn't through, though. He slowly maneuvered them a little deeper into the pool and towards one wall, all the while pinching a nipple and fingering her clit. Her eyes closed, she didn't realize Jack's plan until he removed both hands, maneuvered them under her arms to grasp the side of the pool for leverage, and then thrust his hips to bring her clit in line with the water jet. He held her there, perfectly still, letting the water do the work, as she murmured "you evil bastard" over and over, interspersed with lots of moans.

Her body shuddered several moments later, and Jack enjoyed the muscular spasms squeezing his cock. It wasn't nearly enough to make him cum, though, so he didn't move, except to put a little more weight on his knees against the wall, bringing her clit closer to the jet, and allowing him to free up one hand. He used his free hand to caress, then pinch her nipples. A few moments of this was enough to send her to her second orgasm.

Lowering his hand to her clit, he discovered that the jet's stream was partially deflected by her hood. He gently pulled it up, and she gasped as the full force of the water hit it. Jack whispered in her ear. "You know, there's no one here but me. You don't need to stifle your orgasm." The whispering plus the direct jet on her clit sent her over again, this time accompanied by loud, lusty moans.

Jack wanted to go for four, to break her record, but it wasn't to be. She pushed them away from the wall, saying, "I can't take that any more. My clit's going to be sore for days!" Then she realized there was still a rock-hard shaft impaling her. "I can still fuck, though." She directed him a little shallower, hoped off long enough to turn around, then impaled herself on him again. They experimented with different spots in the pool, seeking just the right depth where Jack could grab her by her ass cheeks and lift her easily, yet leaving her enough weight to sink back down again. They found it, and had a lot of fun playing, but just couldn't get up a good rhythm.

Going with plan B, they moved to the side of the pool. Mary turned on her stomach and again grasped the side of the pool, leaving her body floating free. Again experimenting with the right depth, they found the spot where Jack could enter her and thrust by holding her hips. This was more effective, and Jack was able to achieve a satisfying, pool frothing orgasm several long moments later.

As it was nearing six o'clock, they hurriedly exited the pool, dried off, and changed clothes. They decided it would be best for Jack to leave before her parents got there, as it might look a little suspicious for him to still be around when they arrived, so long after their eleven o'clock study time. As they neared the front door, Mary gave him a passionate kiss. "You know, we only got through part of those proofs. I'm afraid I'm going to need some more tutoring. Can you come back next Saturday?" she asked suggestively.

Jack appeared to ponder this seriously for a moment. "I'm not sure. I'll have to check my calendar, but I can probably work you in."

Her eyes widened and she laughed in mock outrage. "Work me in?!" She slapped his ass on his way through the door. "Just for that, I'm wearing my pink sweater on Monday. And don't be surprised when I lay a couple of nipple-sized circles of t-shirt on your desk. We'll see how fast you 'work me in' to your schedule then!"

Jack opened his eyes, disoriented. Where was this? He looked over to discover a breathtakingly beautiful, very casually yet very erotically clad redhead lying next to him, smiling a smile that made his heart thud in his chest and his cock immediately harden. As hot as Mary is, this definitely isn't her, he thought.

Then memory returned and his orientation shifted. He raised his eyebrows. "Wow. We'll definitely be having some fun with that ability."

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in the past that he and Vanessa consider each other hsnbaud and wife, and even refer to each other as such.So it doesn't exactly shock me that he'd refer to other couples in relationships similar to his and Vanessa's as hsnbaud and wife. That being said, I saw something on PopSugar last night about that that really made me chuckle. They mentioned Johnny referring to Brad as Angie's hsnbaud and wondered if it was just an innocent slip or if Johnny had is in the know and knows something we don't.They even had a poll where readers could vote whether they thought Johnny's referring to Brad as Angie's hsnbaud was just a slip or if he's in the know (for the record, the overwheleming majority, myself included, have voted that it was just an innocent slip).Now, I didn't mind the article per se, especially since they made it clear that it was very possible that, because Johnny is in a similar relationship as Brad and Angie and he and Vanessa consider themselves married, he was just using t

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