Wednesday afternoon's meeting was once again attended by Nick, Susan and Alice on the FI side, and Jack and Jennifer. Nick began things by asking for an update on the website.

"Well," Jack replied, "we are finished with taking the demonstration photos of the products and writing the supporting instructional text. This evening Jennifer and I will post the last few, taken this morning, and then everything will be available on the website."

"Great! How's the traffic on the new site?"

"From what I can tell by comparing the current stats with what stats are available from the old website, it looks like visitor hits are up roughly fifteen percent so far, and that's without any advertising regarding your new look and direction."

Nick turned to Susan. "And how about actual purchases?"

Susan smiled, which appeared to surprise Nick and Alice a bit. "Also up a roughly corresponding fifteen percent. They're up even higher for things like batteries." She smiled at Jack. He grinned back.

"That's fantastic, guys. Wonderful job so far. What's next?"

"Well, we were planning to get started on the video clips tomorrow morning. As I mentioned previously, that will probably take another week or week and a half."

"Hmmmm. Ok, so it would be safe to say that the website will be up and running with all planned content in two weeks?" Nick asked.

"Yes, I think we can safely say that, although that might change a bit depending on the results of this meeting."

"Understood. We need to start planning our marketing push. Jack, Susan and I have discussed it, and we definitely want you to help us with our advertising campaign for the new site and our new direction, if you are still willing and available, that is."

"Absolutely!" Jack enthused.

"Great. We'll set up another meeting to discuss that, because right now I want to see your presentation of this miraculous new product your associate is offering to us," Nick said.

"Very well. Might I suggest a quick break while I go grab my materials, and you guys grab the simulators from wherever you have them stashed?"

Susan spoke up, "I've got them in my office. Jennifer, would you mind helping me get them? I don't know that I can carry both of them and all the extra paraphernalia."

"Sure!" Jennifer hopped up lithely.

"Ok. Fifteen minute break, everyone. And no wandering off and getting tied up in a phone call or anything!" Nick said with only partially mock severity.

Jack took a quick whiz, grabbed his laptop, small video projector and a few other items, and returned to the conference room. He had just finished plugging everything up, turning it on, and setting up his 'stunt cock', a 'realistic' rubber penis mounted on a stand at crotch height, when everyone streamed back in.

"Well, this certainly looks interesting." Nick said, eyeing the presentation setup, demo cock, and simulators that Susan and Jennifer were placing on the table.

"What, no real-life demonstration Jack?" Alice asked, nodding at the stand with a naughty grin.

Jack was barely successful in not giving a tell-tale glance at Susan as he grinned back and replied, "It's hard to make a coherent presentation while experiencing one of these things, um, doing its thing. Maybe we can arrange a personal demonstration with a willing test subject later."

"Well, if the hints I have heard about this thing are anywhere near accurate, Nick would be stupid not to carry it, and I'm sure you'll put one of those video thingies for it on the website. Just make sure you tell me when you are shooting the video for this thing and I'll wander by the photo booth."

"I'll come get you personally, Alice," Jennifer said in a conspiratorial stage whisper. For some reason that made Jack a bit nervous.

Jack began with the same demonstration he gave Susan, substituting the rubber stunt cock for his own. At the end he gave the same offer and pricing requirements as he had to Susan, and Nick had pretty much the same reaction. "I just don't know if we can accept that restriction, Jack," Nick concluded.

Jack grinned. "You haven't seen the accessories, yet."

"True, but I really can't see how that can make too much difference."

"Well, I gave Susan one example of the type of marketing we are suggesting," Jack explained the console video game sales model to Nick and Alice. "Another similar example is inkjet printers. Many personal inkjet printers sell for incredibly cheap prices, because where the companies make their money is on the replacement ink cartridges. I have actually seen printers, which come with one black and one color cartridge in the box, sell for less than a pair of replacement black and color cartridges."

"So you are saying that there will be ongoing accessories for this thing that will continue to bring in revenue?"

"Yes. Let me show you a few. I'll start with the basic and obvious, first." Jack removed the stunt cock, and then indicated the remaining stand. "This is actually a stand for the simulator." He grabbed the black simulator and attached it to the stand. "As you can see, its angle and height are adjustable to accommodate pretty much anyone." He removed the simulator and center pole from the stand, and then placed the base of the stand on the table. "The base has four legs. These two legs extend out quite a bit further than the other pair. The user should position himself between these two longer legs, as that makes the stand more stable when the simulator, uh, sucks him in. Also, each leg goes almost straight up for about a foot before angling in to the center of the base." Jack attached the simulator to the stand base and pointed it almost straight down. "This also allows the base to be used to suspend the simulator over a prone user, say while lying in bed, and can, again, accommodate almost anyone." He looked at Nick. "This should cost you around twenty five bucks, with no maximum selling price limit. Yes, it's a one time purchase, but we figure most buyers of the unit will want one."

Jack grabbed a couple of plastic bottles next. "Refill 'saliva' and 'mouthwash.' The simulator will operate with regular water as saliva, but it doesn't feel nearly as good, surprisingly. The unit can detect if real 'simulator mouthwash' is in the reservoir, though, and won't function without it. Regular mouthwash won't work. Saliva is three bucks your cost, mouthwash, five. The use of saliva is variable, but a bottle of mouthwash this size should be good for about a dozen cleanings. The inventor is also willing to supply larger 'economy sizes' of bottles if you want." He paused. "Questions so far?" Seeing there were none, Jack grinned. "Now for the fun part."

Moving the simulator mounted on the stand base to the center of the table and readjusting the unit so it was horizontal, Jack slowly rotated it so that everyone could see what he was pointing at on the unit's back. "These two little receptacles are USB ports, just like the one I plugged my hard drive into on your web server the other day. There are actually three on here, the remote is plugged into the third one. These remaining two offer lots of exciting possibilities. The main one is what I'm going to show you now." Jack hooked up a cable leading from his laptop to one of the ports, then turned on the projector.

"What you see is a software package that can be use to control the simulator. It has two modes; basic mode and power user mode. Basic mode offers an attractive and user-friendly interface that mimics the functionality of the remote, plus adds a few additional features. The first additional feature is these on-screen sliders that allow you to adjust the intensity of a particular action rather than holding a button down on the remote. This gives you much finer control. Another cool feature is this timeline, a graphic representation of what actions are happening when, and for how long. So, if I press 'start' to begin the sample sequence," he pressed the button on-screen, "you can see the simulator doing its thing while watching the little indicator travel along the corresponding timeline. The user can adjust how long a particular action in a sequence lasts simply by dragging its start or end point up or down the timeline. The rest of the sequence adjusts accordingly."

Jack clicked another button, and the screen changed. "This is power user mode. It offers the same functionality as basic, plus it adds almost infinite control of each individual movement that the unit can perform. For instance, it allows you to program not only the general movements of the tongue that the remote control and basic mode do, but also gives fine control over each portion of the tongue in order to create some very specific movements or actions. It allows that same level of control for the whole unit. It's fairly complex, and not for the casual user, although there are extensive help files available. However, with some patience, the possibilities are infinite in creating almost any mouth and tongue action that a human is capable of, and probably quite a few that aren't."

Jack looked at his audience, to find their interest much more piqued by this latest 'accessory'. "The software will cost you fifty dollars per license. As you would be the only supplier of the simulator, we can set it up so that the serial number of the purchaser's unit is encrypted into the copy of the software before we send it to them, making it so that the copy will only work with that unit, preventing piracy. The software allows you to save as many of the scenarios as you want, so I suggest setting up a community site within your main website where users can upload, trade and discuss their favorite custom made scenarios."

"Would we charge for that?" Nick asked.

"You could, I suppose, but I suggest not. It wouldn't take too many resources, and would build a good reputation with your customers, plus it will bring in lots of repeat traffic to the site. We can place ads or product announcements on the community page. That does segue into the next item, though."

"There's more?" Susan asked, surprised.

"Yep. I don't have it yet, but there will be another software package. This one won't be for sale, at least not initially, and probably not ever. It can be used, through video motion capture and bio-feedback, to record an actual, um, oral sex encounter. That encounter can then be played back with the first software package, just like any other scenario."

"That sounds incredible, Jack, but if it isn't for sale, what good is it?" Susan asked. Nick, though, looked to be one step ahead, as he had an excited expression.

"Are you familiar with the DVDs in your catalog that feature various porn stars giving blow jobs, shot from the recipient's point of view? You know, as if you are looking down at them sucking on 'you'?" Jack asked.

"Yes," Susan replied. Jack had to suppress a grin at the thought that she probably had much more of an interest in them than most women.

"Imagine if you could also feel what she was doing."

"Oh... holy shit! Oops, sorry," Susan apologized.

"Are you saying that the software can also incorporate video, too, Jack?" Nick asked.

"Yes, although the setup is a bit complicated. The motion capture can be done with any high quality digital camcorder that can work with infrared. Most of the ones with low light functionality do. The motion capture is used to track both 'giver' and 'recipient', and requires that small reflective dots be placed on both people for the software to track. However, using infrared, these dots can be transparent, pretty much invisible.

"The biofeedback sensors aren't quite so easy. They have to be applied to various points on the 'giver's' face and neck. However, many of them are below the jaw line and won't be seen from a top-down angle. The software does a pretty good job of editing out the rest automatically when it runs through a script combining the video with the simulator scenario."

"So we could bring in porn stars, or..." Nick tapered off as he tried to grasp the possibilities.

"Or anyone who is willing to be recorded giving oral sex. It would actually need to be a couple rounds of oral sex, as you would want to record a scenario with a couple different sizes and colors of penises. The user software and the simulator are smart enough to take size into account when running a program, but it would look odd having the unit work on your six inch cock while you watch someone sucking on a ten inch one, or your black one while she sucks on a white one. I say 'she', but I guess you could also, you know..." Jack made a hand wave gesture indicating that, 'you can pretty much figure out the rest of what I'm saying for yourself, because I'm not into that personally.'

"How much will that software cost us?" Susan asked.

"The software is free. The creator asks for a third of whatever you charge for any recorded scenarios and or video/scenario combinations you sell. Remember, too, you don't have to have video. You can do just the recorded blow job itself. Those would probably sell for much less, of course. You will need to buy the video cameras and other equipment, by the way.

"Oh, and the only other stipulation is that you pay the 'performers' fairly. The adult entertainment industry has a reputation for not treating its performers well, and the inventor sees that as something that should be improved. Perhaps they could be paid a percentage of each copy of their scenarios sold? That might give them some incentive to do their best, knowing that the better their scenario sells, the more money they make."

"I think we could probably work something out. That fits in with our desire to try to make this business more respectable. But what's to keep those recorded scenarios from being traded just like the user-created ones?" Nick asked.

"We can set up these scenarios to play only on the purchaser's unit, just like the user software. The user-created files can play on any unit."

"Gotcha. Wow, that's a lot to absorb Jack... that is all, isn't it?"

"Nope. There will also be a pair of fairly inexpensive 3D glasses comprised of two small LCD screens, one for each eye. The video portion of the scenario can be shot with two video cameras and combined by the recording software into a 3D video that the user can enjoy with the glasses. It will be much more enjoyable than watching the action on a computer screen, and way more realistic. The end-user software will be able to handle that 3D video, and even stream it to the glasses via USB. Also, there will be a sensor attached to an elastic band which will go around the base of the user's testicles. Worn correctly, it can detect when the user is about to ejaculate, and trigger the end of the sequence, so the user doesn't have to press the 'Now!' button manually. I don't have any details on availability or cost on either of those items yet, though." Jack paused. "Any other questions?"

Alice, who had been silent so far, raised her hand. "I don't pretend to understand all this tech stuff, although what I do understand sounds really exciting," she grinned, "especially the recording the video part. What I'm wondering is, can this thing be used on women?"

Jack was surprised to realize that he actually hadn't considered this, yet. Thinking quickly, he answered, "Yes, it can, with certain limitations. The main one is that this unit can't tilt up and down in a 'licking' motion, as is common for oral sex on a woman. The inventor, being a rather reclusive and nerdy guy, didn't have any women around for his initial development, so couldn't really test and perfect that. His thinking is that, if this is as successful as he expects it to be, he will be able to bring in some suitable test subjects to help him develop a female version. However, as it will be more complex, it will also most likely be a bit more expensive."

Alice grinned again. "Well, if he needs volunteers, sign me up." This elicited a gasp from Susan, a chuckle from Nick, and a knowing grin from Jennifer.

"Uh, will-do, Alice," Jack replied, trying not to imagine the plump little grandmotherly woman using a female simulator. He cleared his throat. "Until that time, we could probably record a couple of female scenarios using the recording software and offer them, perhaps for free, as a kind of appetizer to the release of the female version."

Nick, Susan and Alice asked a few more questions, then Nick gave a big sigh. "Well, I've gotta say, you've sold me, Jack. I don't think we can pass this up. I think you had Susan sold on Friday, and from the kid-in-a-candy-store grin on Alice's face, it looks like she's all in." Alice gave an enthusiastic nod. "So, where do we go from here?"

"Well, come up with your initial order, and we'll work it up and send it to my friend. He has set up a business called Techrotica Inc., and as long as you want you will be his only client. The inventory will arrive in plain boxes. It will be up to you, us, to come up with product names, box art, etc."

"Wow. He must really trust us if he's going to allow us to actually name his product," Nick commented.

Jack nodded. "He does. This will pretty much be your product."

"And I assume also our liability if something goes wrong with a unit?" from Susan.

Jack shrugged. "He will replace any unit that is returned as defective, either out of the box, or due to normal wear and tear during the first three months after purchase by the original owner. Beyond that, all of the products are extremely safe. Someone would have to be colossally stupid to get hurt. So stupid that it should be blindingly obvious that it was their fault, and not the product's." Jennifer's powers would see to that. Still, Nick and Susan seemed a bit concerned, and discussed it in low tones for a moment until Alice interrupted.

"How is this any different from all the crap we get from China and those other B.F.E. places? They sure don't take the blame when something goes wrong. At least this stuff isn't crap. Besides, I thought we had insurance to cover this sort of thing."

At this Nick and Susan shared a 'what the hell' shrug. "Ok, Jack, we'll put together an order. Give Susan the contact info on where to send it. Just to recap, the products that are available now are the simulator itself, the stand, the liquid refills, and the user software, is that correct?"

"Yes, that's it so far."

"And he doesn't want to do a credit check or anything before setting up and account for us?

Jack smiled. "No, as I said, he trusts you guys."

"Okay. So if we get the order sent to him in the next day or so, what timeframe are we looking at?"

"Ummm, probably about a week."

"Wow, that's pretty quick. It looks like we need to get going on the packaging and marketing for this thing. Can we get the dimensions for the plain boxes so that we can start designing box art, stuff like that?"

"Yes, I'll check with him. I should have that later today."

"Okay. Can you help us with the product artwork?"

"Sure. I'll even do it for free."

"Well that's very generous of you Jack." Nick smiled a lopsided smile. "Something tells me you aren't doing all of this out of the goodness of your heart."

Jack smiled back. "Nope, I get a fairly decent commission from Techrotica Inc. for the products sold."

"Uh, huh. Plus, if this does well, it's fairly certain to get you some commission from us, too."

Jack just shrugged and continued to smile. Nick looked at him for a long moment, then shrugged, as well. "It seems like there ought to be some double-dipping conflict of interest here, but I can't really find any room to complain. If you make lots of money, that means we are making lots more. I'm ok with that. I do have one other question, though."


"Are we ever going to meet this mysterious inventor friend of yours?"

"Probably not. He's quite reclusive."

"Uh, huh. Very well. Let's get this ball rolling. How is this going to affect our timetable for finishing up the website and starting our marketing campaign?" Nick asked

"Well, as I see it, there are three thing we need to complete; one, get the video of the various products for which we are posting demo clips shot, edited, and posted on the website; two, get the box art and other marketing materials for the simulator designed and printed - in the case of the boxes - or posted - in the case of the website; and three, discuss and create the marketing materials for your promotion of the new website and new direction for FI.

As we discussed earlier, the video clips will probably take a bit more than a week. The design of the box art and marketing materials should take, oh, three days to complete, after which the printing of the boxes should take another week and a half, perhaps two, depending on the printer's schedule. That week and a half is out of our hands, though. So, you asked me earlier if the website could be done in two weeks. I would say that we should be able to complete the web site and the simulator artwork and promo materials in two weeks. After that we can work on the marketing for the new website promotion while the printer does their thing. How does that sound?"

Sounds like a plan to me, Jack. Susan? Alice?" Both ladies nodded their heads in agreement. "Great!" Nick paused, "Is there anything else we need to discuss this afternoon?" When no one said anything, he continued, "Alright, then, thanks everyone. Let's get to it."

The meeting broke up, and Susan, Jack, and Jennifer returned to Jack and Jennifer's 'office.' "Well, it's getting fairly late in the afternoon. Do we have time to start working on the demo videos?" Susan asked, sounding a bit hopeful.

"By the time we get the equipment set up, it will almost be time to go home. Why don't we hold off on that until the morning, and brainstorm a bit on the art and stuff for the simulator? Don't forget, we need a name, too." Jack replied.

"Okay, that sounds like a good idea." She managed to hide most of her disappointment. They discussed some ideas for the remainder of the afternoon, and then called it a day.

The next day was Thursday, and Jack would normally have spent the morning at S&B, but Friday was the last one of the month, so he would be going there Friday morning, instead, to update their website with the latest pricing info. Therefore, Thursday morning found them setting up to shoot video, Jack drawing on his newly-wished cinematographer/videographer skills. As the wish had to be sexually based, he was now dubiously happy to know that, if all other gainful employment failed, he could always make a living as one of the best porn cameramen in the industry.

So, after a few false starts while getting everything and everyone working correctly, they spent a cock and nipple hardening day shooting video of Jennifer succumbing to the attacks of toy after toy, made all the more intense as the whole point was to show how to use them correctly and/or to their best advantage. Productivity around the office dropped precipitously as she drew a continual crowd. There were signs up around the booth asking for quiet, so the only sounds to be heard echoing through the warehouse were Jennifer's, which she did nothing to subdue. They figured the it would make good background music to the narration Jennifer would record later.

Finally, at five o'clock, Jack had to carry a limp Jennifer to the car while she complained loudly about the overload of orgasms. When they got to the car, she grinned conspiratorially, hopped out of his arms, and scampered into the passenger seat.

"Ham," Jack accused.

She shrugged and continued grinning as she replied, "Hey, some of it was true. I really did lose count of the orgasms not too long after lunch."

Friday morning at eight found Jack once again at Smith and Brown, meeting with Margaret. She actually had quite a bit of work for him to do in addition to posting the latest pricing file, and he was hard pressed to finish it all by lunch time.

After lunch he and Jennifer returned to FI to continue shooting video, and to her sounds echoing through the warehouse drawing a constant audience. Jack noticed at one point that Jamie, the receptionist, seemed to have a particular interest in the goings-on. He figured it would be a shame to interrupt Jennifer's current duel with a vibrating dildo with rotating pleasure beads, so he made a mental note to ask her about it later.

Near the end of the day, Jennifer again pestered Susan, this time until she agreed to go shopping the next day. When Jack asked what she was up to, Jennifer said it was time to get Susan out of her frumpy clothes, and that just because she wanted to hide her endowment didn't mean she shouldn't look as lovely as she could.

So, after a fairly mundane but nonetheless hot and satisfying wakeup 69 Saturday morning, Jennifer was off. Jack decided to walk a couple of blocks to his favorite coffee shop for a cup, a bagel, and a paper. He normally didn't drink coffee in the summer, and hadn't visited the shop since Genie arrived, but the morning was cool and overcast, so he figured what the hell. When he arrived, he grinned; perhaps he would forgo the paper.

This particular coffee shop was one of several owned by a fairly large and interesting family of Mediterranean immigrants. Jack was never absolutely positive of the relationships, but as far as he could tell there were three sisters; two quite attractive, one - the oldest - not so much. There was currently only one husband, who was married to the 'not so much', although he seemed to argue amiably with all three equally.

All three sisters had children. The youngest sister, who looked to be in her mid to late thirties, had fairly short, medium-brown hair, and was slender, almost willowy, but had a very nice ass. She had a beautiful raven-haired daughter in what appeared to be her late teens. The girl was only about five feet tall, but had an incredible figure packed in that fairly short frame. The only negative thing that Jack could say about her was that the hair on her arms was a little dark for his tastes.

The middle sister, who appeared to be around 40, was a bit more curvaceous than her younger sibling, with dark brown hair, nice medium round boobs, and a ready smile that crinkled her laugh-lines attractively. A MILF, indeed. She had two children, one daughter and one son. The daughter was around twenty, and had also received the curvaceous gene in spades, nearly too much, perhaps. Her chest was large and high, her waist narrow, and her ass quite full. It might have been too full, except that she kept it in check - and incredibly round and firm - through her athletic lifestyle, mostly by running. Completing her particular package was a gorgeous head of long, uniquely cinnamon-brown colored hair. Her brother, a couple of years younger, was as equally attractive as his sister and cousins, if Jack's limited judgment, combined with the looks that he had seen the guy receive from female customers, were any indication.

Ironically, the daughter of the oldest sister and her husband was the most strikingly beautiful of the younger generation. She was taller, but had otherwise received the same raven hair and shapely figure as her youngest cousin, perfectly ripened at twenty two or so, and without the arm hair. There was no telling where she had gotten the exotically shaped, green-tinted eyes, though.

Jack had always felt either sorry for or envious of the lone boy in the family. Unless he was an absolute raging homosexual, the incestuous urges bought on by living in such a close-knit family comprised of so many gorgeous women had to have been overwhelming, and either he had been able to satisfy those urges, or he hadn't.

On this particular Saturday morning Jack was pleased to find the middle sister and her daughter manning the shop. "Hey, Jack! Where have you been? Wherever it has been, it has done you good. You are looking great!" Maria, the mother, said in her delicious accent.

"It's summertime! Too hot for coffee."

She scoffed good naturedly at this absurd notion, and then asked, "What can we get you, then?"

He grinned, "A medium coffee - the usual kind - and a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese, please."

She rolled her eyes, smiled and shook her head while muttered something in a language he didn't speak, and went to fill his order. The daughter had gone into the back to do something or other, so he watched Maria's slender yet curvy figure move beneath her tight T-shirt and jeans as she poured his coffee and cut and cheesed his bagel. "Here you are Jack."

He paid, thanked Maria warmly, and sat at a nearby table. He grabbed a paper and pretended to peruse it while surreptitiously reading Maria's tote board. He saw that she was fairly open and casual about sex, had quite a bit of experience, and her attraction to Jack was fairly decent. Hmmm. Jennifer?

Yes, dearest?

Jack grinned. I'm at the coffee shop, and thinking about having a little fun. Can you read what's going on so I don't have to explain it all?

Tingle. Okay, got it, naughty boy. What do you want to do?

Jack knew he could just wish for Maria to have sex with him, but didn't really want to be that heavy handed, even knowing he could make her forget afterward, and make it like it never happened. He decided to try to go at it from a different angle.

Well, not to put too fine a point on it, I want to fool around with Maria and her daughter. However, I don't want to just wish that they have sex with me. Instead of adding an irresistible desire to have sex, I think I'd like to try to remove some barriers and see if that's enough. Maria's attraction to me looks like it might be possible.

Sounds interesting. Where would you like to begin?

Well, with privacy, I guess. Can I wish that we not be disturbed by any customers... hmmm I hate for her to lose the possible income, though. How about this; I wish that we not be disturbed by any customers until I decide we are done, and that twice the usual income for the time taken be deposited in the register, with no problems about how it got there.

Tingle. Done.

What, no problems about wishing up the money?

Not in this case, when you are wishing it for someone else, and in order to clear the way to have sex with them. Jack could hear the grin in her voice.

"Great, it's easy to wish other people money," Jack grumbled quietly to himself before continuing. Okay. Now. What other barriers are preventing Maria from having sex with me?

Well doing it in public, still. She doesn't know what you just did.

Oh! Right. She should know subconsciously that no one will interrupt or see us.

Even the daughter? Jennifer asked lecherously.

Hmmm. We'll get back to that.

Okay. Done.

What's the next barrier?

Concerns about STDs and getting pregnant. She isn't on any birth control.

Very well. She should know subconsciously that she will not catch anything, or get pregnant. Beyond that, there will be no unpleasant or undesired physical repercussions of any sort from our encounter. Oh, and she should know that anything that might happen would stay absolutely confidential. What else?

That's most of it. She has fewer moral qualms about casual sexual encounters that most females around here, mostly due to cultural differences in her home country. Plus, she's pretty horny, as you can see from her board, due to the fact that she's been busy working their various locations and hasn't taken much time for... leisure.

Okay. What about her daughter, after removing the same barriers?

Hmmm, Jennifer paused, a tougher nut to crack. She's in college, and pretty much has her pick of the boys when and if she wants a fling. She thinks you're pretty hot, with your new bod, but a little old.


Sorry, Jack, it's just how girls her age think.

Humph. Old. We'll see about that, Jack though to himself. Then to Jennifer, Well, the daughter is exempt from the no spectator rule. She can watch if she wants to.

Jack looked around for Maria. With perfect timing, she was approaching his table. He thought quickly, and made a silent wish. He turned his knees out from under the table, as if to get up, just in time to bang them into Maria's. She squeaked and fell into him, twisting to plop into his lap. She laughed.

"I'm sorry, Maria!" Jack apologized.

She smiled at him. He was pleased to see that her arousal and interest in him had risen higher with the removal of the barriers. "That's ok, Jack, as long as you didn't do it on purpose," she mock scolded him with a wagging finger.

"Oh, well, what if I did do it on purpose?"

"Well, then I might have to punish you."

"Oh?" A quick look at her board confirmed little interest in D/S or spanking, "In what way?"

"Mmmm, I think I would make you give me a shoulder massage. I've been moving cases of coffee beans all morning."

Well, in that case," Jack murmured, "I've been planning it for months."

"Ah," she twisted and re-plopped her ass on his crotch, "massage my shoulders, please."

"Yes, ma'am."

Jack gave her an excellent shoulder massage (another skill gained along the way from Genie's power) as they made pleasant conversation loaded with double entendre and his now-hard shaft poked her in the butt. Jack watched her tote board closely in order to keep the conversation as titillating as possible while not pushing her too far. Was this cheating? Hell yes. Did he care? Hell no.

She finally shrugged her shoulders. "Wow, Jack. All the stiffness is gone! Thank you. Is there anything else I can get you?"

"You are quite welcome. "Um," Jack stalled for a second, then went for broke, "I'd like a little more milk for my coffee, but I don't want you to get up to get it."

She pondered this for a moment. "Well, there's only one way I could do that sitting here, and I'm afraid those pretty much dried up when Jonn was one. You would have a hard time getting anything out of them." She paused, then whispered, a slight quiver to her breath, "But you are welcome to try."

That was certainly all the green light Jack needed. Placing one hand on her side, he used the other to gently move her shoulder-length dark brown hair out of the way, exposing her neck. Bending to nuzzle and kiss her skin softly, he placed his free hand on her other side, then slowly moved both up toward her breasts. She bent her neck to expose it to his lips, and moaned softly, then again when he gently cupped her orbs. He lightly fondled, caressed and squeezed her breasts, paying extra attention to her nipples as they perked up at his touch, while exploring ever square inch of her neck and ear with lips and tongue.

She began murmuring in her native language, an incredibly erotic sound, made even more so by his not understanding a word. It sounded extremely hot, though, and Jack was sorely tempted to have Jennifer translate, but then figured that the mystery was better. For all he knew she could be saying, "Beige, I think I'll paint the ceiling beige," although from her panting, turgid nipples, and musky smell, he doubted it.

At his gentle direction, she stood long enough to turn around and straddle him. Their lips and tongues immediately sought each other, as his hands returned to her chest. They were only there a few moments, though, before she leaned back enough to shuck off her t-shirt and unclasp her bra. Their kissing resumed, and Jacks fingers now played over firm, bare flesh.

Some time later, Jack's lips left hers to travel a slow, meandering path along her jaw line, down her neck, across a shoulder blade, then finally to a nipple. There he gently tried to tease and cajole a few drops of milk forth for his coffee. After quite awhile at this, accompanied by moans and more erotic but un-translated utterances, he left that breast to reconsider its selfishness, and tried the other.

After even greater efforts, and still having no luck, he was on his way back to the first to see if it had changed its mind, when she suddenly stood up. "But, I haven't gotten my milk yet!" he said with pretended petulance.

"It is MY turn to milk something," she growled in barely understandable English. Apparently it slipped when she was highly distracted. She grabbed his waist band and hauled him upright with very little help from him. She led him over to the carpeted 'conversation nook'. A quick, silent wish had the carpet clean and more than normally padded, if no less worn.

Stopping Jack in the middle of the nook, she dropped to her knees to unbutton and unzip his shorts, then jerk them to his ankles. She gasped softly at what was revealed; a long, thick cock, tailored just for her. Jack noted that while it wasn't as long as Jennifer preferred - not a surprise - it was just as thick. After a few seconds of thought, he recalled that she had birthed two children, which probably explained it.

She grasped his shaft lovingly at its root and expertly inhaled as much as she could. She was quite talented, and her aggressive sucking and tonguing had his fuse burning quickly. She didn't go long, though, before removing her lips and stroking his shaft from root to helmet with a tight fist until she got what she was looking for; a drop of pre-cum. She tongued it from his cock tip, and then said, "Now the real milking can begin."

She lay on her back, bent her legs to put her feet on the floor, and lifted her ass off the carpet in order to do that special dance women do to wriggle out of tight jeans while lying down. Tossing them aside, she revealed her body to him. Yes, there were a few stretch marks from childbearing, but those were faint on her flat belly, and there was no way two children had fed at those still-high, firm tits. Yes, there were a few fine wrinkles here and there, but all in all, still a very beautiful woman.

She basked in his admiring stare for a moment, and then beckoned to him. It was obvious what she wanted, so he moved between her legs to align his shaft with her opening and slowly push in. His thick shaft was a perfect, snug fit, and she moaned loudly as he filled her completely. Beginning a slow, pleasant rhythm, he had a thought. Jennifer?

Jack! She scolded, you should be concentrating on her, not talking to me! And besides, do you know how hard it is to shop with Susan when you keep sending these images into my head?

Jack was barely able to suppress a smile. You better be careful, or you are going to be trying to shop with a few of those invisible feathers tickling your tits.

His warning was greeted by silence, most likely as she weighed the various pros and cons of this particular ultimatum. Jack continued before she made her decision. Can you give Maria control over my, um, fucking, for lack of a better word? Have her unconsciousness or libido or whatever control my speed, angle, position, etcetera, to give her the greatest pleasure? And have me hold off to cum with her last orgasm?

Tingle. Done. What I want to know is, why didn't you think of that with me?

I'm perfecting it on this test subject before subjecting you to the finished product.

Her mental laugh was just as lovely and arousing as the real one. Bullshit, but I'll hold you to that, anyway, Jack.

Before returning his full attention to the task at hand, he silently, secretly wished that the feathers attack... but only for thirty seconds.

His thrusting quickly picked up speed, until he was slamming into her harder than he would have on his own. It was an interesting experience, having his body fuck as if on autopilot, although he was briefly concerned that he was going to hurt her. That didn't seem to be a problem, though, as the harder he pounded into her, the louder her moans became, until she screamed out in orgasm an few minutes later. His thrusting immediately slowed, until he stilled, buried within her. He stayed this way for a moment as she recovered, then quickly accelerated again.

It became obvious that this was how she liked it; no fancy positions, just hard and fast in the missionary. Finally, on the fourth round, Jack's grunts and spurts joined her screams as they exploded together. His sweaty body collapsed on hers for a moment, and he kissed her before gently rolling off. They lay panting for awhile, until she finally had the breath to say, in now improved but still deliciously accented English, "That was incredible, Jack. It was if you knew exactly what I wanted when I wanted it."

Jack grinned a cocky grin. "I aim to please."

Panting a moment more, Maria rose shakily to her feet to retrieve a couple of damp dish towels from the kitchen for clean-up. Returning and handing him a towel, she smiled as Jack used it on her instead of himself. She returned the favor. It wasn't until then that he remembered the daughter, and wondered what happened to her. Recovered yet?

Barely. Baaaaad Master.

'S what you get. Now, what happened to the daughter?

Interesting. She watched the whole thing, pounding away at herself for most of it, then fled to the upstairs apartment to finish the job once you guys were done.

Uh, huh. Does she think I'm too old NOW?

Nope. I'd say that, after that performance, she'd jump on you in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, that's what she's fantasizing about right now. Want to take her up on it?

Well, as much as I'd love to get my hands on that killer body, I think I'll make her wait. But that brings up the question of how do we leave this. Would either of them want to remember this after I'm gone?

For Maria, definitely. It wasn't much of a stretch at all for her to go for you, and as far as I can tell, she will have no regrets once you go, and will probably be quite willing for a repeat performance. The daughter on the other hand, well, as open sexually as this family is compared to most from this country, it's still a little gross to her to think about her mom having sex, or at least it will be once she finishes masturbating and cools off.

Well, can we blot out the memory of her mom, but leave her with the hots for me? Maybe make it seem like a fantasy or a dream where it was her with me instead of her mom? That can be a fantasy she continues to have until I get around to making it a reality.

Yep, done.

Jack and Maria had been dressing while Jack silently conversed with Jennifer. That was now threatening to turn into an uncomfortable moment, but Jack didn't let it. He hugged Maria, kissed her lightly on the cheek, and said, "Thank you, that was a wonderful breakfast. I think I'm going to need to start a new Frequent Coffee Cup card."

"I think I can do that. I'd give you a couple of extra punches, but that would mean less return visits..."

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