The next two weeks were a busy but enjoyable whirlwind of activity. The workdays were for the most part split between shooting video for the demo clips and working on the box art and marketing materials for the blow job simulator. After the simulator materials were sent to the printers, Jack and Jennifer met with Nick and Susan to discuss and plan the marketing campaign for the new Forbidden Indulgences, then transitioned part of their time to working on that.

One of the first challenges they faced, before they could really get going on the box art for the simulator, was what to name the thing. After much discussion and deliberation, they settled on the 'eFellatrix'. With that done, they were able to design a box and accompanying marketing materials that were titillating and informative yet not trashy, matching FI's new philosophy.

The evenings and weekends were spent doing the little bits of work that couldn't be wished away, and enjoying the lots of sex, both mundane and fantastic, that was 'required' to make good on the wishes Jack used to magically do the work that could be wished away.

There were several interesting surprises that would stick out more than the rest of Jack's memories of these two weeks. The first happened when they arrived at FI on Monday morning. Nick stopped them as they passed in the hall on the way in. "Morning, guys. Oh! I've been meaning to ask you; what are both of you doing the last weekend of this month?"

Jack checked his PDA to confirm, then said, "Well, we drive to the beach that Sunday for a family vacation-slash-reunion. Before that, we are free. Why?"

"Well, I know it's fairly short notice - a little under four weeks - but things have come together such that we will be sponsoring a party in 'sin city' to promote the new Forbidden Indulgences. There's a big adult industry trade show going on that weekend, and we can't pass up the opportunity. We would love to have you guys attend, as you have been such a big part of our remaking. FI would pay for your flight and room. Coach, I'm afraid, although they have a deal where a first class upgrade is fairly inexpensive if you book in the next couple of days. What do you think?"

Jack looked at Jennifer, who was grinning excitedly and nodding her head so enthusiastically that he thought it might fly off. Jack grinned back and said to Nick, "That looks like a definite yes. It might make for a long Sunday, flying back and then driving to the beach, but hey, we can sleep by the pool for the rest of the week. Count us in."

"Great! Jamie's handling all of the travel arrangements. Just let her know that you guys are going, and she'll handle everything. Oh, and if you want to upgrade, let her know that, too. She'll work with you on payment."

"Alrighty, will-do."

Jennifer was so giddy about the idea of the trip that they turned around to head back to the reception area right then to talk to Jamie. She wasn't there, but someone else was, giving Jack his second surprise of the morning. A stunning raven haired, cinnamon-skinned beauty was coming through the front door as they got there. It took Jack a moment to realize that it was Susan. She wore a flattering dress that was quite a bit more form fitting above the waist than usual, showing off to great effect a nicely rounded chest, a feature that could heretofore only be guessed at with her old clothes. The skirt was still fairly full to continue disguising her secret. Her hair was glossy and lightly styled, and her face made even more lovely than usual by just a hint of subtle makeup.

Jack stared at her in shock. "Wow," he finally said, a bit stupidly. Jennifer had refused to tell him anything about their shopping trip on Saturday unless he ordered it. She said she didn't want to spoil the surprise, and this certainly was one. He also figured her silence was partly out of spite in return for the feather attack on her tits. She had complained that he had been lucky Susan was in the dressing room when the attack came, as she would have had a hard time explaining her collapse to the floor as she giggled and tried to protect her chest. This was complete BS, of course, as her anonymity powers would have been more than enough to take care of any questionable situation. Not to mention that, at the same time she was complaining, Jennifer was also magically ripping off their clothes before jumping him.

Susan smiled demurely and blushed at Jack's stare and praise, obviously pleased. She said good morning and walked by them and through the inner door, going a bit slower and with more turning than absolutely necessary to give Jack another good look. Damn she was hot. If only... but no, that wasn't fair. Still, as hot as she was, the penile appendage was a bit of a squick for him, though.

Wow, Jack said again, silently this time, I guess that's all her, since you couldn't do anything to her without my wishing it?

Yep, just a little bit of makeup and a minimally padded bra. Everything else is her.

'Minimally padded'? So she would like larger breasts?

Well, they actually fit her figure quite nicely as they are, in my opinion but yes, she would. I thought about asking you to wish it, but...

But we've decided not to do anything to her without her permission, Jack finished.

It didn't take them long to find Jamie, and the start of yet another memorable item for the week. She was waiting near their office, so they discussed the trip arrangements with her briefly before resuming shooting the demo videos. Jack noticed that she hung around once again as a fascinated spectator, and this time silently asked Jennifer about it.

Well, if you will recall, she's a big fan of the toys, so she's sort of 'catching the live show', as it were; trying to get some pointers and ideas on what toys to try that she hasn't tried yet, and how best to enjoy them, just as we hope our visitors will use the videos on the website. Beyond that, while she hasn't really swung any more in the Bi direction, she certainly seems to be getting off on my getting off, if you know what I mean. She's especially hoping to see us shoot the Orgazmoretron.

Interesting. An idea occurred to Jack. Do you think she would be willing to be the model for any of the videos?

Ooooooo, that's a wonderful idea! I'm not sure though, she could go either way.

Hmmm. Let's see what we can arrange.

A few minutes later, while Jennifer prepared for the next round of video - one sure to be an orgasmic ordeal, as the toy in question was a combination clit/g-spot vibrator - Jack sidled over to Susan, and got distracted momentarily by her new perfume before finally saying quietly, "You know, Jamie sure has been spending a lot of time back here the last couple of days."

Susan looked over at her. "Well, her work load is pretty light right now, and there's the doorbell out front for our few visitors to use if she doesn't happen to be there. Still, I guess I should say something to her, especially if she's bothering you."

Jack hurried to reassure her, "No, no! On the contrary, since she seems so interested, we thought we might see if she would like to model for a video or two. It's all shot from the neck down, so she could do it anonymously."

Susan raised her eyebrows and looked at Jamie again in a different light. "Hmmmm. I suppose that might be ok. It would give us a little variety in the videos, not that we really need it with Jennifer, but..." she trailed off and blushed a bit, realizing what she was saying. Jack just grinned at her. She cleared her throat and continued. "I expect she would want to be paid, though."

Jack shrugged. "Well, what say we split her 'modeling fee'?"

Susan considered this for a moment, then nodded her head side to side in a 'maybe' motion while saying, "That could work. I'll need to pass it by Nick, but she's been a great employee, so it shouldn't be a problem, if she's interested. We might even be able to pay for it all, as a kind of 'bonus'."

"Okay. Can I go ahead and mention the idea to her?"

Shrug. "Sure."

Jack returned to the video camera, as Jennifer was now ready. The duel between the vibrator, as it did its job, and Jennifer, as she tried to maintain her composure long enough to effectively demonstrate the best way to use the buzzing thing, was indeed epic. Again, it was a catch 22 sort of situation; the better she demonstrated the vibrator, the better it did its job, making it that much harder to effectively demonstrate the vibrator in a method that could be considered instructional. Still, Jack finally got what they wanted on tape. As Jennifer recovered, Jack went over to Jamie.

"Whadaya think?" he asked.

"Oh, uh, she's very good..."

"Yeah, she's a trooper. She's getting tired, though." Jack paused for a moment, then made an expression as if an idea had just occurred to him. "I don't suppose you'd be willing to take over for a few, to give her a bit of a break?"

Jamie looked at him in shock, her face turning beet red as her eyes got wide. "Me?! Oh, no! I could never do that!"

"No? Why not?"

She just stared at him incredulously, as if the answer to that question should be so blindingly obvious that it didn't bear asking.

"No, really. Why not?"

"Well, I, I," she blustered, "I'd be too embarrassed, for one thing!"

"Hmmm, how about if we cleared out everyone so there was no audience. I can even leave, if you want. Jennifer can shoot the video. It would just be you and her."

"Yeah, except for the millions of people who saw me on the internet!"

"But that's the cool part. No one would see you above the neck. They couldn't identify you unless you have some distinguishing birth mark or something, and even then we can edit that out on the video. Sure, millions of people might get excited by your video clips, but no one would know it's actually you."

That got to her. It seemed the idea of a little anonymous exhibitionism was appealing. She remained unconvinced, though. Jack added another incentive. "And although I'm not sure how much, I think I can get you a bit of extra money as a 'modeling fee'." That almost clenched it, but there was still a bit of doubt in her eyes. Jack piled it on thicker, "How about this; I think Jennifer can make it through the rest of the day. I'll talk to her when we take a break, and arrange for her to stay around after everyone goes home. You and she can shoot a bit of video with your favorite toy, or simply any one you choose if you haven't used any before," yeah, right. "Then you can watch the results. If you like what you see, we'll set it up so that you and she can shoot your videos alone, and we'll guarantee that you will not be identifiable. You can even approve every clip you are in before it is posted. If you don't like it, then we'll give you the tape to destroy, and that will be the end of it." Damned if she wasn't still teetering. Jack though for a second, and then remembered what Jennifer had said earlier. "Oh, and we haven't shot the Orgazmoretron, yet. At this point I'm not sure that Jennifer could handle it..."

Wanna bet?

"... so we really need your help."

That did it. There was no way she could afford an Orgazmatron on her own, and she had been coveting one. She screwed up her face, and said "Okay" almost in a whisper.

"Cool! I'll talk to Jennifer in a bit, then she'll get with you to arrange things."

Very nice, Jack. It looks like you can work a little magic of your own.

Jack snorted softly. That's only because I have you to bolster my courage and give me inspiration, not to mention inside information. I would never be able to do that truly by myself.

That's sweet, Jack, although I think you give yourself too little credit.

And so, after everyone had trickled out at the end of the day, including Nick and Susan once they had been informed of what was going on, Jamie and Jennifer met in the now closed-off photo booth. Jack took his laptop to the 'server room' to check his e-mail and piddle around on the internet while the women worked. He was sorely tempted to have Jennifer let him 'peek', but he refrained. Finally, a couple of hours later, Jennifer informed Jack that Jamie was hooked; she loved the video of herself, and had agreed to help out as long as they could keep her involvement secret, and edit out a couple of freckles that might identify her. Jennifer agreed to all this, with the caveat that at least Jack, Susan, and Nick would have to be aware of what was happening. This made Jamie a bit embarrassed, but she agreed.

Jennifer and Jamie shot for several hours each night for the rest of the week, and part of the following. This arrangement didn't really help give Jennifer a break, but then she never really needed it. Jamie's body would make a nice complement to Jennifer's for the customers, though; lithe and fit, with almost the exact amount the eye wished to see of every curve, her figure gave the impression of being barely and deliciously shy of the perfect ripeness it would some day soon obtain. Beyond watching her enticing body squirm on-screen, Jack was also interested and aroused to note that Jamie was getting into the act more and more as time went by. This didn't affect the quality of the earlier videos, they all were quite informative. It just meant that she began to give Jennifer a run for her money with regards to cumming at the hands of the toys, as she loosened up and became more excited at the idea of folks watching her orgasm anonymously on their computer screens. It was even her idea to suggest that they offer a Blooper and Moan Reel, a stream of video clips of both her and Jennifer's more humorous gaffs and hottest cums (still anonymous, of course), free to customers who spent a certain amount of money at the online store. This earned her high praise from Nick and Susan when they were informed of the idea.

The Orgazmoretron played a big part in loosening Jamie up, while living up to and well beyond her expectation. With Jennifer operating the controls of the thing, how could it not? Jack had originally thought to simply use the demo video that the manufacturer provided, only to discover that they charged a hefty fee for anyone else to use it. They didn't even give the video away to their own customers, but rather charged them a fee to watch it. This apparently brought in a fairly decent portion of their total revenue.

The issue was roughly the same with various adult films that featured the device. Those films were copyrighted, and the owners certainly wouldn't want FI showing clips of those films for free. So, FI would make its own clip, and Jamie would get to star.

The device had several covers/attachments that could be mounted to the top of its padded, saddle-like shell. One was simply a rubber cover with a hump to vibrate against the user's clit. A second had the hump, plus a five inch ribbed dildo that would rotate at an angle around the inside of the vagina, hitting all of the sensitive areas, especially the g-spot. A third cover had an eight inch molded cock which did the same thing as the smaller dildo. Wanting to demonstrate the unit's complete functionality, but not cause Jamie any discomfort, they chose the middle cover.

Jennifer started the camera as Jamie knelt down to lube up the dildo before carefully mounting the device, sitting just behind the dildo at first. This allowed Jennifer to film the rotation of the dildo before it was inserted. Afterwards, it would be hidden, although Jack thought that a little suggestive narration by Jennifer when she did the voice-overs for the video would keep the viewer informed as to what was going on inside. So, Jennifer filmed the phallus slowly rotating, rubbing through Jamie's lips and across her clit with each pass. When Jennifer had enough video of this, and Jamie had enough warm-up, Jennifer stopped the dildo long enough for Jamie to impale herself on it, then started it up, again. She also started the vibration going. She slowly increased both the rotation and the vibration as Jamie went from fairly calm, to looking a little worked up, to constantly moaning, her eyes closed, biting her lip, lost to everything else. A few moments later she shuddered through her first orgasm. At that point Jennifer had the knobs for both vibration and rotation at less than a quarter.

Having watched a few videos of the device being used, Jack had suggested using a second camera to shoot the control box as Jennifer operated it, just to help illustrate how intense a response the device could generate at such a low setting, and how incredible it must be at higher ones. He figured he would either cut to the box occasionally during editing, or perhaps overlay it in a corner of the screen.

So, for the next half hour Jennifer played Jamie like a virtuoso plays a Stradivarius, turning up the knobs a little further each time to achieve more and more intense orgasms, backing off a little after each one before building up again, with the second camera capturing each adjustment. By the time Jennifer had worked up to nearly full power, Jamie was panting in great sobs, her body taunt and covered in sweat, her fingers savagely twisting her nipples as she quivered in massive orgasm. With a final vicious twist, Jennifer turned up both knobs to max, Jamie opened her mouth in a silent scream, vibrated like a plucked harp string for a moment, then toppled off the unit.

When Jack later accused Jennifer of augmenting Jamie's response with her powers, she reminded him again that she couldn't do something like that without his wishing it. Jamie's response was due simply to her sensitivity to this particular combination of stimulation, helped by Jennifer's mundane but still effective empathy as to what would send the girl through the roof. This made Jack wonder what would happen if he did wish for Jennifer to use her powers as he accused of doing. He answered his own question by figuring that the poor girl's head would probably explode.

When Jamie regained consciousness, her first words were that she would like any money she received for appearing in the videos to go toward the purchase of an Orgazmoretron. When Jennifer informed Jack of this, he wished that she receive one with all the extras as a thank you from and Jennifer and him, in addition to the money she would receive from FI for her 'modeling'.

Near the end of the video shooting schedule, both Jamie's new-found exhibitionist streak and Jack's own courage were tested, as the last items to be shot were the two-female toys, such as the double-dildos, and the eFellatrix. With a lot of gentle but persistent coaxing, Jennifer got Jamie to agree to do the two-female toys with her while Jack shot the video, with the understanding that she would again get to approve each video before it was posted, and that she could stop the proceedings at any time if she got too uncomfortable.

They started with a fairly traditional double dildo, although one in a rather startling translucent purple. A very nervous Jamie lay crotch-to-crotch a couple of feet away from Jennifer. At Jennifer's confident, kind instruction, they arranged themselves with legs spread wide and overlapping, moving closer together. Jennifer applied some lubrication to both ends of the dildo, and then calmly inserted it into herself all the way to the bulb in the middle, causing Jamie's eyes to widen. Jennifer then instructed Jamie to insert her own end and then pull it out of Jennifer and into her self until they each had about four inches inserted, with another four each between them and the middle bulb.

Once that was done, the greatest challenge of the double dildo began; how can two women both enjoy it at the same time? At first it looked like this was going to be just as much of a problem for Jamie and Jennifer as it was for everyone else, as, when they both began experimentally thrusting, the dildo stayed still in Jennifer while moving in and out of Jamie. This could be just how it worked out, but Jack suspected otherwise. He figured Jennifer was clamped down on the thing in order to give Jamie all of the fun, at least initially, in order to loosen her up a bit, both literally and figuratively. And it seemed to be working. Jamie looked to be losing most of her nervousness and inhibitions as the silicone cock thrust deeper and deeper into her. Once she was fully involved, Jennifer slowed to a stop and said with a sexy pout, "You seem to be having all the fun. Let's try something. Do you know how to clamp down with your vaginal muscles?" Jamie nodded, a little of her nervousness coming back. "Ok, clamp down now, and let's do a slow thrust, in and out once."

This time, the dildo stayed put in Jamie's pussy while thrusting into Jennifer. "Mmmm, nice, now you relax and let's do one more." Back into and out of Jamie it went. "See how that works? Now let's see if we can get this going in a rhythm." It took quite a bit of practice, with no little bit of false starts and giggling (more material for the gag reel), but they eventually achieved a fairly decent rhythm, each of them taking turns clamping down on the strokes. They kept it going for several minutes, until Jamie announced her muscles were getting sore. They stopped, figuring they had plenty of video, if not nearly enough satisfaction.

The next item looked like it might address that. It was a new item in the catalog, a double dildo held horizontal several inches off a wide rubber mat by a short, sturdy pole. Still hot and ready, Jennifer and Jamie quickly arranged themselves in a similar manner to the first dildo and mounted it. This dildo was a bit longer than the first, nearly ten inches on each side. Jennifer took her side in to the hilt, and then looked with an expectant smile at Jamie. Jamie gave it the old college try, but could only accomplish about 7 inches. Jennifer backed out until she held the same length, and they experimented. They found that both taking the dildo in at the same time worked the best, and looked pretty hot. Alternating taking it in didn't work nearly as well, regardless of looking even hotter, as the see-saw motion tended to move the dildo around too much, regardless of its stable attachment to the mat. Once they had a good idea of what worked best, they shot the video. Jennifer came a couple of times during the experimentation and shoot. Jamie came once.

The last item for the night was a strap-on type double dildo. One end slipped into the fuck-er's vagina, extended up with a little knobly area to stimulate the fuck-er's clit, before sticking out of the strap-on harness as an eight inch cock. It again took a bit of talking, but Jamie finally agreed to trying the toy. When they asked her if she wanted to be the fuck-er or the fuck-ee, she couldn't pick, so they decided to let both have a go in each position.

Jennifer strapped on the dildo first and gently positioned herself between the legs of a once again very nervous and self-conscious Jamie. Those emotions evaporated in about a minute, as Jennifer slowly inserted the firm rubber cock, then began a slow but insistent thrusting. Soon both girls were going at it with wild abandon, and screamed in mutual orgasm several minutes later. After recovering, they switched places. Jamie was much less sure of how to maneuver the unit, but again with Jennifer's patient instruction, she was soon pounding away with vigor. Another nearly simultaneous orgasm followed awhile later.

After the evening's activities, Jack checked Jamie's tote board. He saw with a little disappointment that her interest in girls hadn't really increased any. However, he strongly suspected that she might like to play with the strap on double dildo again some time with Jennifer, just for fun. Jennifer confirmed this suspicion. Jamie did say on their way to the parking lot, a bit self consciously but with obviously sincerely, "Um, if you guys need me for anything else, just let me know." They then headed their separate ways, Jennifer applying some imaginative oral stimulation to relieve Jack's nearly blue-ball state once they got home.

Jack's turn in front of the camera the next day wasn't nearly as private. It was more of a circus. He was so nervous that he actually had a bit of trouble getting an erection. A quick wish to Jennifer cured much of his nervousness, and his lack of a boner. He stripped to the accompaniment of hoots from the female employees - all of them, by the looks of it, including Alice, who Jennifer had kept her promise to - and moved to where the simulator was mounted to a black-covered table. Jennifer drove the remote personally, and gave Jack quite a ride, grinning evilly at him the whole time. She brought him right up to the edge, kept him there for awhile, and then stopped the simulator. Jack's disappointed moan was covered by the disappointed whines from the spectators. It sounded like there were even more voices than before. Jennifer held up her hand.

"Never fear, that was only half the show. The other half we will do with the clear demo unit so that you can see the insides work. We will also use the stand, and let the software package run the unit so we can have video of all the products in action." Suiting action to words, Jennifer and a nervously grinning, rock-hard-nippled assistant Jamie removed the first simulator and table, and brought in the clear model on the stand. Jennifer hooked it up to Jack's laptop, aligned it with his shaft, took the liberty of magically resetting him to make sure he would enjoy the complete demo, and hit go.

She had designed a rather aggressive program for him. It started slow but ramped up steadily, showing everything the simulator could do along the way, until it was aggressively licking, sucking, and nibbling him. Sensing when he was about to blow, Jennifer hit the appropriate key on the keyboard, and the software had the simulator deep throat him and swallow his copious shots of cum. His powerful blasts were quite visible through the clear walls of the simulator, and he thought he heard a few 'Ooo's' and "Ahh's' but he was too distracted to be sure. When it was obvious he was done, there was a loud round of applause, and more hoots. Jack looked up and was startled at the size to which the audience had grown, almost all women, and quite a few attractive.

"Who are all these people?"

"Oh, most of them are the customer support folks who work in the other office suite. You know, the ones who take the phone orders, that sort of thing. Susan thought that it might be a good idea to have them talk up the simulator when they take orders, so she invited them all in to watch, just so they'd have a better idea of what they were trying to sell. She invited everyone, even the off-duty ones," Jennifer informed him with a big grin. Jack looked over to see Susan grinning at him, too. It was a rare sight, although one getting slowly more common, and the fact that it was there, plus the wonderful things it did to her already lovely face, was enough to make up for his embarrassment. Almost. Sort of. Jack took another look at the crowd that was now regretfully breaking up, and at the hungry looks he was getting from quite a few attractive girls. Okay, definitely.

"I think we have been remiss in not meeting all of the FI staff."

Jennifer looked over her shoulder to follow his gaze. "Definitely."

And so they finished the video shooting around the middle of the second week, slightly ahead of schedule. There was still a lot of work to do on it, though, mostly editing the clips and having Jennifer do the voice-overs. They had been slow in wishing them onto the website so far, as it would look suspicious if they appeared too quickly, especially as they had been staying late into the evenings for the last week and a half to shoot video with Jamie, and wouldn't have had time to edit and post much. Jack was really 'dreading' that tough wish-making he would have to do to get it done, and the resulting required sex.

As the second week drew to a close, a couple of other minor items occurred. FI's first order from Techrotica arrived, consisting of two dozen simulators and saliva and mouthwash refills, and a dozen stands. There were also a couple of boxed copies of the user software, although they expected the vast majority of the copies to be purchased and distributed electronically over the internet. Knowing how some people were, they also ordered a few extra copies of just the software manual for folks who downloaded the software, but wanted a printed copy of the instructions.

Jack had been a little offended at the initial small order. He got over it quickly, though. Nick was just being cautious, and Jack knew there would be many more, much larger orders to come.

The order had been delivered freight by, surprisingly, a female driver, and even more surprisingly, a hot female driver in a black jumpsuit. The truck itself was unmarked except for the licenses, registrations, and all the other crap required for freight haulers. All of the trucking records would hold up under fairly severe scrutiny. Jennifer's anonymity powers saw to that. Similarly, she had set up Tehcrotica Inc. using a combination of those powers and her 'business degree' so that it would be very difficult for anyone to determine that she and Jack were the sole stock holders, yet would allow them to draw money from the business once FI started paying the invoices for the simulators.

One other occurrence that stuck out by continuing not to occur was Jack's encounter with Marsha Jacobs, Mr. Brown's secretary at Smith and Brown. She had again been either busy or out of the office for both of Jack's visits the past two weeks, and he was starting to wonder if she was avoiding him. A quick check by Jennifer said that no, she wasn't, she was just very busy. Still, Jack couldn't complain, as the two weeks drew to a close, about the lack of interesting sexual activities. And unless he was very surprised, the remaining two weeks before their vacation, and now their trip to the adult trade show, promised to be equally 'interesting'.

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