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Keith and I really are lovers. - Cathy Cook
Dear Reader,

People keep asking me the question if I am the Cathy Cook that Keith, the author of the Surfside series, was writing about. I think of "Letter to readers" as a love letter to me personally that we wanted to share with our readers. Also I was the author of the two comments at the bottom, numbers 6 and 11, that have my name attached. This was not a hack by someone like Keith to make me, the character in the story, look real. I think we both love each other though our romance has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. We've already had two breakups, but can't seem to stay apart very long.

I was overjoyed when I read his letter, delightfully embarrassed even, because he hadn't sent it to me before posting it for everyone else to see. The idea of going public about our relationship was originally mine, and now I'm very happy I suggested it to Keith. He changed more things in the letter than I would have. Obviously he switched our ages. In reality he's older than me, quite a bit older. But he's a lot younger than 99! For some reason he gave me a husband. Some of the essencials are true. I certainly know the pleasure of feeling his cume on my face! At least in the cyber sense.

One explanation about my submissions: I haven't finished the Katlin/ Missy story, haven't made any postings for a week, because I've been taking time off for my honeymoon. And you may notice that Keith's been pretty busy also. The only new thing he's posted is the love letter to me. And that, nearly blew my "knickers" off. It's possibly the most unique love letter ever written. He's writing it as if I were the one telling the story. But he describes my actual thoughts so accurately that it's like he was reading my mind! If you haven't read the letter yet please switch over to his site and read it. I'm so proud of it I'd much rather people read it than anything I've actually written and posted here. The link to his site is:

I should change my name to Tinkerbell and ask everyone to clap who believes in me. I intend to continue this with part 2, an extensive but carefully edited bio of me, the Cathy "X" who calls herself Cathy Cook here. Part of it will talk about Truro Beach in Massachusetts on Cape Cod, a nudist beach I went to for a week every summer while growing up. Officially it ceased to exist in 1975, five years before I was born. It's reminants are still around. If you see part 2 of this essay listed jump to it now and continue reading. If not then I haven't finished it yet. I want to post this as soon as possible because I want people to know I was Keith's Cathy Cook.

Love and Kisses to everybody and especially to Keith, Cathy Cook
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