With the completion of the video clips for Forbidden Indulgences' website, Jack had been looking forward to a couple of weeks of less strenuous work leading up to his and Jennifer's vacation. They still had the rest of the plan for FI's grand re-opening promotion to complete, as well as the packaging and marketing for the simulator, but he wasn't expecting this to require quite as much time as they had been putting in over the last couple of weeks. That expectation went out the window during the meeting on Monday to discuss FI's promotion.

"Jack, I know this is last-minute, but I think we want to make a change in our promotion strategy. We always have a small booth at the trade show we will be attending in a couple of weeks, but I'm thinking about going bigger. I've checked with the organizers, and they inform me that a larger space has become available. I've put a hold on it pending what we decide in this meeting." Nick glanced at Susan, then did a small double-take. She was once again stylishly attired and coifed, and Nick still wasn't used to it.

"Uh, that's great," Jack replied, a little confused, "how can we help?"

"Well, the reason I'm thinking about the bigger booth is that we want to feature the blow job simulator in a big way. We think it might take the show."

This surprised Jack. "But I thought you wanted to be a bit cautious about the simulator."

Nick smiled ruefully and shrugged. "Well, I was, but I've been talked into being a bit more aggressive, instead," he pointed with his head at Alice, who beamed triumphantly. "And I have to admit, she makes a good case. This thing really should take the show by storm."

Jack beamed back. "Sounds good to me. How can we help?" he repeated.

"Well, we'll want the usual booth stuff; display, fliers, artwork, you know the drill."

Jack though about this for a moment. "We already have a flier designed and at the printers about to be run that should work. I'll call them and up the order. That's easy. The booth display and artwork may be more of a challenge. I've got a pretty good specialty printer that I've worked with before. I'll give them a call. Just so you know, though, a rush job like this will be more expensive.

Nick sighed and looked at Alice, who continued to smile back. "Yeah, I know. Get us the best price you can, but we want an eye-catching booth."

"Will-do." Jack replied, thinking that was about all they needed him and Jennifer for. He was already planning what he needed to do, but Nick continued, "Now, about the recording video software thingy, is there any way that it might be available for the show?"

Jack raised his eyebrows and thought hard for a moment before answering. "Yes, I think so. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, if we could have that on hand to demonstrate, I'm thinking not only will it draw a bigger crowd, but it would help to attract the 'talent' we are looking for to record the video scenarios. Many of the ladies, or at least their agents, will be at the show."

"Ah! That sounds like a great idea. I'll push the inventor to make sure we get a copy of the software ASAP. It might not be the final version, but it should work fine for the show. I'll even see if we can get a couple prototypes of the 3D glasses, and maybe even the ejaculation sensor."

Nick's eyes lit up at the mention of the glasses. "That would be great! Would there be a demo video to run on them?"

"Sure," Jack said, and then hesitated before asking, "Um, I've never been to one of these shows before. How much, uh, stuff, really goes on?"

Nick frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, would people come to be booth to experience a real live demonstration of the simulator, or..."

"Oh," Nick grinned, "no, even at this type of show, that wouldn't be allowed. At the booth, we could show the simulator in action on a demo cock, just like you did when demonstrating it for us. We could also show the demo video you shot for the website. A demo of the 3D glasses would also be great at the booth.

"However, private demonstrations have been known to be arranged. You know, for the media folks, especially the various men's magazines who will have people there, and even some of the more mainstream media outlets. Also, some industry folks, things like that."

Jack nodded. "I see. Well, we should have no problem getting some juicy demos for the show. One thing you guys will need to buy, though, is the video equipment for the recording software, and a high-end PC workstation on which to run it."

Nick groaned and rolled his eyes heavenward, then looked shrewdly at Jack. "Is there any way our inventor friend might foot half the bill for the show? He stands to gain quite a bit from this too, after all."

Jack returned the look for a moment, and then said. "I don't know, but I can go call him, if you want to take a little break."

Nick nodded. "Do it."

"Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes." Jack stood and left the meeting room.

Where are you going? Jennifer asked silently.

Out to the car to 'call him'.

Jack did go sit in the car, thinking, for an amount of time he figured to be about the right for the phone call.

When he returned, he said to Nick, "Here's what he is willing to do; he will provide all the simulator product to be used for show..."

Nick looked a bit disappointed, obviously wanting more.

"... equal in amount, at wholesale cost, to what FI is paying for the show. That's booth space, promotional materials, etcetera. It doesn't include travel, hotel, food and expenses."

Nick's eyes had gone wide. "Well, that is generous. That could be..." he did some quick figuring in his head, "a couple hundred simulators, Jack."

Jack nodded. "Yep. He figures that if you are going to be giving private demonstrations, it would be more appealing to let the folks use new ones, rather than ones that had already been used by someone else, no matter how clean they are. So, you'll have a bunch to give out. Maybe enough to have a drawing for a few, too. He is also going to send several more of the clear demo units to use in the booth. Oh, and he will forgo his licensing fees for any software that is given out at the show."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, if you want to give out some copies of the user software, or preferably coupons to download the software for free from the website, you can without having to pay him for the licenses of those copies. As a matter of fact, he suggested giving out coupons to everyone for a free download of one of the video simulations we would normally charge for. He figures that, if all these guys know that they can go download and experience a blow job from their favorite adult star or whoever — once they are available, of course - it will be a great extra incentive to buy the simulator. "

"Wow, that is very generous, Jack."

Jack shrugged. "Well, he has NO reservations about his product, and figures that this investment will be well worth the buzz that the show will create, and the resulting sales."

"I hope he's right."

They went on to discuss a few more details, and then broke up to start putting their plans into action. Jack and Jennifer went back to their 'office' for Jack to make a few phone calls to the various printers, and to do a little planning of their own.

Late in the morning, they stopped by Susan's office so that Jennifer could invite her to lunch and then shopping again, this time for the video equipment. Susan accepted with the caveat that she really didn't know anything about what they were shopping for. Jennifer assured her that she did, so Susan could just bring the credit card, and have fun flirting with the guys at the electronics store. Susan blushed, but didn't object. "What are you going to do, Jack?" she asked, instead.

"I'm going to grab a sandwich and keep working on the designs for the booth displays. We have to get those to the printers as soon as possible."

"Okay. We'll be back."

The booth artwork they had discussed was to be stylish but fairly simple, so that was easy for Jack to design. The blow-ups of the simulator, its box, FI's logos and several other items to spice up the booth took longer. He worked through the afternoon, pausing briefly to check out the girls' spoils. He really wanted to play with the toys they had brought back, but refrained, and by the end of the day he had almost everything finished and sent to the printers. He just hoped they could get it done in time to ship to the show and arrive before it started.

The next morning Jack did get to play with the new toys. He and Jennifer spent the morning setting up the video cameras and PC workstation, and installing the recording software. After lunch they would test it out. Jack intended to do it privately first, but Jennifer smiled naughtily and asked him a silent question. His eyes widened for a second, and then he grinned, shrugged, and nodded.

Once everyone had returned from lunch, Jennifer stuck her head into Susan's office. "Susan, can we borrow you for a few minutes. We need another person."

"Sure." Susan followed Jennifer back to the remote corner of the warehouse where the photo booth was set up. She noticed that Jack and Jennifer currently had the front of the booth mostly enclosed, except for a small gap to one side where a small table was set up with the recording workstation.

"Uh, this may be a bit of an odd request, but we need you to watch the screen while I, um, give Jack some 'oral stimulation'. We need to make sure the software is receiving the information ok, and we figured you might not mind too much since you have already seen Jack 'orally stimulated'." She pouted, "We can't go through a whole blow job, only to discover that the software didn't pick up anything, and make him go through another blow job, now can we?"

"Oh... ok."

Jennifer grinned and pointed to the computer screen, "You don't need to do anything, just watch the timeline here and make sure stuff is filling it once I start." She pointed to a different part of the screen, "Also, watch the video in this little window to make sure that all of the action is visible and centered. It will look a bit odd, as that camera is set to night vision in order to pick up the little infrared reflectors on me and Jack."

Jennifer stepped into the booth, and it was only then that Susan noticed Jack, nude from the waist down, with a partial erection. He grinned self-consciously and waved. Jennifer knelt in front of him and started applying small sensors to her neck, jaw, and cheeks. These were attached to very fine wires that led to the table where Susan sat, joining the rest of the mess of cables attached to the workstation.

Once the sensors were attached, she licked Jack's cock playfully a few times until it was fully erect, then took it between her lips and bobbed her head a couple of times. Jack looked over at Susan and asked in a slightly unsteady voice, "Anything?"

She had been distracted from watching the screen, but looked down quickly to find the timeline blank. "Um, nope, nothing on the timeline, although the video looks like it's centered ok."

Jennifer frowned, and then carefully crawled over and under the table. A few seconds later there was a slightly muffled "Ah ha!" Susan heard a click, some rustling, and was shocked to feel something brush against her erect and now somehow bare shaft. As Jennifer crawled out from under the table with a smirk and an, "Ok, I think everything's set up properly now," Susan felt the now-familiar sensation of a simulator performing its initial 'user familiarization'. She couldn't easily stand or move away from the table without completely exposing herself and risking getting entangled in the equipment under the table and around her. That, plus her utter state of shock, kept her rooted in place while the unit 'familiarized' itself with her, and Jennifer crawled back to kneel in front of Jack. Jennifer gave the simulator a few seconds to finish, then began licking Jack's cock again, this time completely unnecessarily. Susan gasped. Jennifer looked at her and grinned wickedly. She then turned her full attention to Jack, parting her lips and slowly sucked him in to his root, knowing the simulator mimicked her actions perfectly, automatically taking into account Susan's smaller size. She bobbed her head slowly, sucking strongly and swirling her tongue. When his cock head began to part her lips on its way out, she would open her mouth to circle her tongue around his sensitive crown before recapturing it with her lips and sucking him back in again.

Part of the reason for this trial was to test the recording of all the different inputs the simulator was capable of reproducing, so Jack eventually felt Jennifer transition to a familiar and somewhat tormenting form of stimulation; as she withdrew, she scraped her top teeth lightly along his shaft until they stopped under the ridge of his helmet. She then bit down a little more firmly as she swirled the tip her tongue along the ultra sensitive underside of his cock head for a moment before swallowing him again. While Jack had a love/hate relationship with this technique — mostly love, as the stinging, intense stimulation was incredible pleasurable, with just a little 'hate', as it usually heralded a long period of the intense yet teasing stimulation with no release — but Susan had never experienced anything like it. She wasn't very successful in stifling a loud gasp and moan.

Luckily and unluckily for them both, Jennifer didn't keep this up for long before returning to the more traditional suck and swirl. The goal wasn't a marathon blow job session, but rather a good test of the recording system, and Jennifer, with Jack's permission, had already needed to prolong Susan's endurance just a bit. Otherwise, she would have already cum from the combination of this unique blow job — both personal and simulated at the same time - and the excitement and fear of being discovered. So, Jennifer bobbed her head relentlessly, sucking strongly and swirling her tongue along the bottom of Jack's (and, effectively, Susan's) cock, until they both blew into tight throats as they were deep-throated.

Unbeknownst to Susan, but caught by Jennifer and relayed silently to Jack, there was one spectator. Jamie had been taking any opportunity she could to pass by Jack and Jennifer's office and the photo booth that morning, hoping to catch something interesting going on. She'd witnessed Jack and Jennifer setting up the video equipment, and although that in itself wasn't really interesting, it sure looked like it promised something interesting later.

When she returned from lunch, she struck gold. She arrived just as Jennifer was beginning her blow job in earnest. Noticing that the booth was set up to give some privacy, she felt a little guilty, but not enough to prevent her from ensconcing herself where she could watch unseen. From her angle she could not see what was happening to Susan - and Jennifer, after a silent wish from Jack, would have prevented it in any event - and just figured Susan was really into what was going on in the booth. Jamie couldn't blame her, as her own hand was quite busy inside her unzipped slacks.

Only when the show was over and Jamie figured she should beat a hasty and quiet retreat before she could be noticed did she leave a small telltale sign of her presence, a hint of movement visible from the booth. Susan didn't see it. though, as she was much too distracted. She looked offended, angry, confused, appreciative, and still-partially aroused, all at the same time. Jennifer walked over to her whispered for a moment in her ear before discreetly crawling under the table to move the simulator and rearrange Susan's skirt. Susan stood, most of the offense and anger gone from her face, and fled.

Is she ok? Jack asked silently.

She'll be fine. That was definitely pushing her a bit, but that's the only way to get her out of her own boundaries. She wants to loosen up, but she's having a hard time doing it on her own.

Okay. So, what'd you whisper in her ear?

Jennifer grinned, I promised her we would get her a copy of that little performance and the user software so she could enjoy it in privacy until such time as I am able to give her the real thing.

Wow. You really are pushing her.

Jennifer shrugged and continued to grin, then repeated, She'll be fine.

Jack sighed. Well, you know best. Now, what was that you said about Jamie watching us?

The rest of the week was spent taking care of the thousands of details, big and small, that needed to be addressed before they traveled to the show, a process made more stressful due to the fact that all the tasks had to be performed on such short notice. Friday morning dawned looking very iffy; there was a lot of stuff that had to happen before the end of the day, more than looked possible. Everyone worked incredibly hard, though, and, with the help of a couple of strategic and imaginatively worded wishes by Jack, everything got done. They even received a call from the printers late in the afternoon while they were in a quick review meeting. The printer informed them that everything was ready early, and that a courier was on his way to deliver it.

"Whew! That's a relief. Thanks, Jack, for getting that pushed through." Nick said.

"No problem." Jack replied with a smile.

"Alright, that's one big checkmark on my list. We just need to make sure that stuff ships out with everything else Monday morning. Speaking of which, what's the status of the demo simulators, Jack?"

"That whole shipment is going directly to the convention center. It will arrive Thursday morning and be there waiting for us in our booth area, just like the stuff we are shipping from here. We will simply need to put the simulators in the printed box sleeves when we get there."

"Great! Now, how do we stand on simulation scenarios, both for the booth and the private demonstrations?"

"Well, we will have a pretty incredible blow-job scenario, complete with 3D video, for both the booth and the private demonstrations. We will also have a couple non-video scenarios, perhaps one with audio only. Susan also had the interesting idea of setting up a 'recording booth' at the party, where VIP guests or whoever can go in with their significant others and record their own scenarios, which we could then give to them burned to CD. The edit would be very rough, but it would still be a cool souvenir. That would mean shipping all of the recording equipment there, though."

"That sounds like a great idea! Can we do it?"

Jack shrugged and gave a lopsided grin. "Well, we still have all the boxes from when we unpacked the video cameras and workstation last week. We'll just box 'em back up again. That reminds me, though, what is the schedule for the show?"

Nick looked at the ceiling as he ticked off on his fingers, "We fly out Thursday morning and set up Thursday afternoon and evening, depending on how long it takes. We show on Friday until five, and hang out on Friday night. We show again on Saturday, and have our party on Saturday night. Technically the show is open on Sunday morning, too, but most folks sleep in and pack up on Sunday."

"Well, Jennifer and I are still scheduled to fly back fairly early Sunday morning. Someone else will need to pack up the recording equipment. Will that be a problem?"

"Uh, huh. Staying long enough to have fun, then leaving the rest of us to clean up, eh?" Nick teased, and then said more seriously, "No, that shouldn't be a problem. We'll have some help in setting up and breaking down. That brings us to the next thing on my list, though. Where we do need some help is manning the booth." He looked at Jennifer. "I don't suppose..."

Jack and Jennifer had been discussing the trade shows he had attended in the past, mostly of the IT and consumer electronics kind, so Jennifer was able to say with some knowledge and in mock indignation, "You want me to be a booth babe?!"

Nick in turn put on airs of complete sincerity and obsequiousness as he replied, "Well, I can think of no one more attractive or better qualified than you and your new best friend, here," he pointed with his head across the table at Susan, "To man... er... woman, the booth."

"Hey, wait a minute! How did I get included in this?" Susan protested, but Jennifer was now grinning.

"Oh, come on, Susan. Let's do it. It'll be fun."

"I don't know," Susan looked decidedly unconvinced, "and where will you guys be while we are getting slobbered over?"

"We'll be there too, of course, although you know it will be mostly guys in attendance, and guys won't want to talk to other guys about getting simulated blow jobs."

Susan sighed heavily. "Yeah, you're probably right. But we'll need more than Jennifer and me. I'm not standing in that booth all day long for two days."

It was Nick's turn to sigh. "True. They have a service, sort of a 'Rent-A-Booth Babe', but they wouldn't know anything about the products, especially the simulator..." he trailed off in thought.

"What about Jamie?" Jack asked. Nick and Susan looked at him thoughtfully as he continued, "She knows most of your products well, and we can get her up to speed on the simulator."

Nick and Susan looked at each other. Susan shrugged. "It might cost us a bit more, but she would do a much better job than someone who has never seen the simulator before. We could get one or two of our customer support folks who want to work a few more hours to cover for her while she's gone."

Nick nodded. "Okay, if she wants to go, we'll take her."

"Unless you'd rather take Alice?" Jack said with a straight face, and got the expected 'Ewww!' expressions at the thought of a plump little old lady trying to talk about blow jobs, or rather in this case, attendees actually listening to a plump little old lady enthusiastically talking about blow jobs.

Nick said with a grin, "Actually, we invited Alice to go along, although not exactly as a 'booth babe.' She declined, saying she would remain here and mind the store. She says her bridge club is planning a trip there later in the year."

"Bridge, my ass," Jennifer muttered with a smirk. Jack almost asked her what that meant, then thought better of it.

Jack had requested the honor of asking Jamie if she wanted to go, so after the meeting he found her behind the desk in the reception area, just getting ready to go home for the day. "Hey, got time for a quick question?"

"Sure. What's up?" She replied with a smile, a somewhat hopeful-looking one. Jack figured she wouldn't be disappointed.

"How many slinky dresses do you have?"

She looked at him with a confused expression. "Uh, a couple, I guess. Why?"

"Well, get 'em out and dust 'em off, because you'll need them for manning the FI booth at the show next week."

Her eyes grew round. "What? I get to go to the show?!"

Jack grinned. "Yep, if you don't mind manning the booth with Jennifer and Susan. They..." He was interrupted by a squeal from Jamie as she flung herself around him in a fierce hug. He blinked his eyes in surprise for a second, and then wrapped his arms around her slender torso to hug her back, a not entirely unpleasant experience. He released her, a bit regretfully, when she loosened her grip.

"I'm sorry. I was just so excited. If Jennifer saw..."

"Saw what, you wrapped around my boyfriend?" Jennifer interrupted with a friendly smirk as she joined them.

Jamie turned crimson. "I'm SO sorry," she stammered, "I was just so excited..."

Jennifer adopted a look of profound disappointment. "You mean you weren't going to ride him here on your desk?"

Jamie stared at her in openmouthed surprise, obviously unsure of how to reply to that. Jennifer grinned and reached out a finger under Jamie's chin, closing her mouth with an audible 'clop' of teeth. "What Jack was getting around to mentioning to you was that if you want to go, we will need to work with you on a couple of things. Most importantly is getting you more familiar with the simulator and all its accessories. That can wait until tomorrow, though. Tonight, Susan and I are going shopping for some appropriately hot booth babe attire. Want to go with us?"

"Uh, sure!" Jamie replied, starting to look a little overwhelmed by recent events.

"Great! Meet us at the mall at seven, in the food court."

"Uh, okay. See you then." She headed toward her car, still looking a bit stunned, but quite happy.

Jack turned toward Jennifer. "Looks like another bachelor's night for me."

She looked at him like he had a screw loose. "Didn't you just hear what's going on? There are going to be three hot women trying on dresses designed to tent men's pants. Are you really saying you want to stay home and play video football?"

Jack stared at her for a moment. "You are absolutely right. What the hell was I thinking?"

Monday morning, after a long hard fuck, Jack and Jennifer arrived at FI only slightly late. The morning sex, in addition to quite a few long and infinitely less mundane rounds of sex over the weekend, took care of most of the remaining hard-on that the women had enjoyed giving Jack while modeling various dresses Friday evening. Apparently Jennifer and Susan had come up with some way to hide Susan's most unique attribute, as the dresses she modeled were just as slinky as the others'. Jack had become slightly concerned that, while their booth was now certain to draw a crowd, no one would pay any attention to the actual products.

They arranged for someone to cover for Jamie at the front desk for the day, and she joined Jack and Jennifer in their 'cloffice', as Jack had started to call it. Jamie had been in attendance for Jack's video shoot with the simulator, but they didn't feel like that was nearly enough exposure to be able to talk it up at the show. A much more detailed training session was in order, "... and we'll use a real cock for it!" Jennifer announced, grinning cheekily at Jack. Both Jack and Jamie looked at her in surprise. "It's only fair, Jack. You have seen her experience many more orgasms than she has you."

Jack was embarrassed at the idea, but this did not prevent him from stiffening quickly. So, after a token protest or two, just for form, he found himself stripped from the waist down again, simulator on its stand with mouth open, ready his cock. Jennifer proceeded to train Jamie on every aspect of the simulator, and thus indirectly, on giving a blow job. As it turned out, the girl had very little experience giving head, having only sucked off one or two equally inexperienced and thus quite appreciative guys.

Jennifer and Jamie took turns with the remote control as Jamie learned the techniques the simulator could perform, and then how to sequence them together into blow job scenarios. Her embarrassment evaporated into fascination and arousal as she orally stimulated Jack by proxy. Jack's embarrassment evaporated as he watched the concentration and arousal on her pretty face as she played, and then his legs got weak as she got better and better at it. Finally he had to lie down and reposition the simulator over him after taking a quick break to cool down and pull back from the brink.

While he was resting, Jennifer decided to switch the simulators for a clear one, and then had Jamie program in a scenario from scratch as a 'quiz.' They let the program run, and Jamie watched in satisfaction as the stimulator sucked and licked Jack to orgasm, then swallowed his strong jets of cum as his hips made small thrusts. She beamed in triumph, then her smile took on a bit of embarrassment again as she realized what she had just done to Jack.

Jennifer patted her on the shoulder. "Very nice. Wasn't that very nice, Jack?"

"Uh," he cleared his throat, "yes, very nice." Jack answered as he stared up at the ceiling, recovering.

"Thanks," Jamie said quietly, blushing.

"Okay," Jack cleared his throat again, "why don't we take a quick break, then we'll show you the user software. We won't need me as a test dummy for that. All you really need to know is how the basic user interface works versus the remote control, and how to use the time line and save and open scenarios. We'll also look at the advanced interface a little, just so you know in general what it's capable of."

After the break they worked with the software until lunch, and then went out for Chinese. Once they returned, Jennifer adopted a thoughtful expression. "Jamie, you've gotten pretty good at creating a simulated blow job, and you obviously enjoyed watching me give Jack a real one the other day, so how would you like to give him one for real?"

It took Jamie a second to realize what Jennifer was referring to, at which point she turned crimson and stuttered, "I didn't!... I mean..."

Jennifer interrupted her with a friendly smile and a shaking finger, "Don't bother denying it, young lady. I saw you leaving your hiding place the other day, and I'd bet your panties were wet for the rest of the afternoon. So, how about it? Wanna blow Jack?"

Both of them were now looking at Jennifer a bit disbelievingly, Jamie also still looking fairly mortified at being discovered. What are you up to? Jack asked silently.

Trust me.

Always. But... what are you up to?

Jamie, meanwhile, didn't look like she was quite ready to so casually perform a sex act with Jack, so Jennifer continued, "Here's why I'm asking; for the show we will have a full oral scenario with the works; 3D video, audio, everything. We will also have a recorded scenario only, no video or audio. Now we need something in the middle, a scenario with audio only."

"Why audio only? How would sound help." Jamie asked.

Jennifer smiled a naughty smile. "If done right, it can help in lots of ways."

"But, why me? You know I don't know much about giving a, uh, blow job."

"That's what makes you perfect. We'll already have two blow job scenarios from a fairly experienced performer. Having a scenario where a girl is learning to give her first blow job would fulfill quite a few guys' fantasies."

It took a little more convincing by Jennifer, but Jamie finally agreed. Jack sure wasn't going to refuse, so they set up the recording equipment and placed the reflective markers on Jack and Jamie, and then the sensors on Jamie. Jennifer mysteriously suggested that they set it up so that Jack was once again lying on his back. Jack looked her with narrowed eyes, suspicious, but she just grinned enigmatically. He shrugged, and they did as she suggested.

Jennnifer explained to Jamie, "We have the equipment set up to record audio, but no video except for the camera doing the motion capture. Now, there are a couple of rules. The first is; no hands. The simulator doesn't have hands, so everything you do must be mouth only. Second; I'm afraid you will need to swallow, or at least finish orally and spit. Again, no hand stroking to finish the job. Jack has been a naughty boy several times over the last forty eight hours, including due to your talents earlier today, so there shouldn't be too much to cope with. Is that ok?"

Jamie shrugged. "I swallowed the last time I did it. It was a little gross, but not too bad."

"Okay. So here's the plan. I am going to talk you through giving Jack a blow job. Just follow my instructions."

Jamie frowned at Jennifer. "Won't that sound weird on the tape? Are you going to edit that part out?"

Jennifer just grinned her secret smile. "Trust me."

Jamie shrugged, and then positioned herself over Jack at Jennifer's direction, looking a bit self conscious. As Jack looked down at Jamie's nervous but aroused expression, he was pleased and thrilled to find that Jennifer's promise to him, made soon after he had released her from her vessel, was holding true; while the number of his sexual encounters and sexual partners, both real and fantastic, had increased unbelievably since her release, he still found himself anticipating each new sexual adventure and participant with equal if not increasing excitement, and this went doubly so with Jennifer, herself.

Now, he found himself looking forward the touch of Jamie's lips on his cock just as much as he had anticipated his very first touch of a girl's lips. Perhaps that was part of his current excitement; the chance to relive receiving a girl's (almost) first blow job? On the other hand, he was glad to know that he certainly should have a longer fuse than his first time. The poor girl had gotten a face full of cum before either of them knew what was happening. He had tried to repay her as best he could by clumsily but effectively eating her to two tongue aching orgasms.

Jennifer started the software recording, and then in a low, sensual voice began instructing Jamie on how to blow Jack. At first it was predominantly what not to do — don't actually blow, cover your teeth until you know what you are doing — while occasionally stopping Jamie's hand as it drifted unconsciously to try to grasp Jack's cock. After awhile, though, the instruction changed to what to do to give Jack greater pleasure, including how to try to suppress her gag reflex in order to deep-throat him. As Jennifer predicted, Jack was enjoying the experience of Jamie learning to give a great blow job, and thought about asking Jennifer to magically prolong the experience. He realized, though, that she couldn't do that, as the guys running this scenario later wouldn't have their own Genie to do the same thing. What she did instead was to include several small breaks in the action while she explained something in detail to Jamie in her sensual voice, giving Jack a chance to recover a bit. These breaks would remain in the recorded scenario, giving others the same opportunity.

Jack couldn't last forever, though, and eventually he was pumping into Jamie's eager mouth as Jennifer gently encouraged her to swallow every drop. Jamie did, and then said, "Hey, his isn't gross at all."

Jennifer grinned, "Nope."

They stopped the recording, made sure everything was captured, and then Jennifer said, "Alright, here's my idea. I didn't go through this before because I didn't want it distracting you, Jamie. We present the scenario like this: Jack is your hunky older brother. I am your experienced older sister. Early one Saturday morning you come to me asking about sex. The conversation turns to giving blow jobs. I know that our brother was out late last night, and nothing will wake him from his coma for a couple more hours, so I suggest that we go experiment on him.

"That would be the setup for the scenario, fleshed out and erotically written, with the person experiencing the scenario playing the part of the older brother. I will probably narrate that opening setup for the guy to listen to before the scenario starts, and end it by saying something like, 'but we only thought you were asleep. You were actually wide awake, keeping your eyes tightly closed, trying to stay as still as you could to fake sleep, as one sister teaches the other how to give you the blow job of your life' or something. That's why I talked the way I did during the recording, and that's how a scenario with only sound can be very erotic."

You are a very imaginative, very naughty girl, Jack complemented her silently.

Meanwhile, Jamie was saying, "You're right, that's pretty hot! But what about my voice? Can't it be recognized?"

Jennifer smirked. "If you'll go back and listen, you'll find that I phrased everything so that you didn't say a word. The only sounds you made were a few 'um-hmms' and slurps."


"Now, if you approve, we'll use that as a demo at the show. We will also be giving out coupons at the show for a free download of one pay scenario for any attendees who receive or later purchase a simulator. We can make this scenario we just recorded a pay one, and anyone who doesn't have a coupon and wants it will have to buy it. You will get a portion of that purchase price."


"Yep, if you approve the scenario, and approve its posting as a pay scenario. You will also have to fill out some paperwork with Nick or Susan, I think."


With Jamie's approval, they had the three demo scenarios promised to Nick, although when Jack and Jennifer had decided to include an audio-only scenario, Jack figured he and Jennifer would just record one with a few extra slurping sounds and 'do you like that, baby?'s thrown in. Jennifer never ceased to amaze him.

By the end of the day Monday, pretty much everything had to be done so that it could be sent on its way in time to meet them at the convention center on Thursday. This gave everyone a couple of days of calm before the storm, although Jack kept fairly busy. The following Friday was once again the last of the month, so Jack made arrangements to pick up Smith & Brown's pricing file early on CD, which he would then use to update their website on Friday from the internet connection in his hotel room.

He had informed all of his other clients of his vacation a couple months ago, and then of his additional time out of town as soon as Nick had notified him four weeks ago. This did not prevent them from all coming to him two days before his departure with vital things that had to be done before he left. He performed the items he recognized to be truly vital, and informed the appropriate clients that the rest would have to wait until his return. Some complained, and he politely reminded them of how long they had know about his departure, how long they had obviously been holding these 'vital' jobs, and suggested that next time they not wait until two days before he left to ask him to do them.

The rest of his time was spent between packing for two trips at the once, and of course a fair amount of Genie-powered sex. Jack was surprised at just how long it took for a Genie who could magically create her clothing to pack, but by early Thursday morning everything was ready, and a somewhat excited Jack and a very excited Genie headed for the airport.

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