Jennifer squealed and grabbed Jack's hand as the jet accelerated down the runway, pressing them back into their plush leather seats. Jack grinned at her and shook his head in affectionate amusement. She had grown so comfortable in the little world in which they had so far spent most of their time — the apartment, Forbidden Indulgences' Offices, the shopping and dining areas they frequented — that he had forgotten she was still very inexperienced in his world. Her little world was left as they approached the airport, and Jennifer once again became fascinated with new surroundings and experiences. Jack had flown enough that it was now a chore rather than an adventure, but Jennifer's adorable enthusiasm was infectious, both to him and anyone else who got near her as they arrived at the airport, checked their luggage, and boarded the plane.

She was especially delighted at the first class treatment they received after boarding; the free champagne, the steamy towels for their faces and hands, even the wide, comfortable seats themselves. Jack, enjoyed it, too, but was mildly disappointed to find that his streak of less than attractive flight attendants continued unbroken. He wasn't sure where the fantasy of the hot stewardess was being maintained, but it sure wasn't on his flights. He wasn't too upset about it this time, though, as he had the most beautiful woman in the world in the seat beside him. On the other hand, if her current distraction as she commented excitedly about things getting smaller and smaller while staring raptly out the window was any indication, it looked like their joining the membership of the mile high club might have to wait. He didn't want to interrupt her adventure, and there was always the flight back.

Once they were above the cloud layer and she couldn't see much out the window, Jennifer turned her attention inside the cabin. It was like flying with a little kid — a full grown, stunningly beautiful, incredibly sexy little kid. She had to do and play with everything. When he made the observation of her childlike nature out loud, she took great delight in turning it a bit blue by whispering suggestively in his ear things like, "Daddy, will you rent me a pair of headphones so I can watch the movie?"

Their breakfast was served on real china and with real silverware. It was still airline food, but Jennifer enjoyed it nonetheless, as she did the movie, even though it was chopped up to fit the time allowed by the flight and to remove anything remotely sexual or offensive in case kids were watching. Jack fiddled on his laptop for that part, having little interest in the film, even had it been uncut.

A little while after the movie ended the captain announced the beginning of their descent, and that they would be landing in about twenty minutes. Jennifer looked at Jack with wide eyes. "Isn't the landing the most dangerous part?"

He looked back a bit skeptically. "Uh, yeah, I guess."

"Will you hold me, Daddy? I'm scared."

"Um, sure."


Jack couldn't figure what she had in mind until she stood as much as she could beneath the overhead bins above her window seat, grinned, and turned to plop in his lap. "I'd really feel much safer if I can sit in your lap while you hold me, Daddy. Do you think anyone will object?"

"Nah, no one should object, or even notice," Jack said reassuringly while thinking the same thing to her as a request.

"Thank you, Daddy!" She squirmed enticingly in his lap, molding herself to him. The seatbelt magically wrapped over both of them, clicked into place and tightened, holding her ass snugly against his crotch. His cock, which had begun to harden as soon as her perfect, denim-sheathed butt touched him, quickly became uncomfortably stiff when she reached down, grasped his wrists and wrapped his arms around her to hug her body tightly to him, his hands crossed on her chest to squeeze her breasts. "Mmmm, I feel almost safe enough, now, but I think I need one more thing to make me feel really secure." Jack gasped softly as he felt his cock shorten enough so that it could point upward in his jeans, then lengthen again as invisible fingers guided him through a patch of now-ethereal fabric and into her tight passage. Once he filled her completely she gave a contented sigh/moan and said "That's perfect."

Jack couldn't agree more, as her wonderfully talented and not quite human vaginal muscles started milking him slowly but strongly from root to tip. She did a little something different this time, though. In the past when she had used this method, she would milk him from bottom to top, then start at the bottom again. This time when the contractions reached his tip, they traveled back down. Jack stifled a moan.

After a few minutes of this treatment, Jack decided that he wanted to return a little more attention than just the boob fondling they were currently both enjoying. There was no way he was going to get fingers anywhere near his target with her legs held tightly closed by the seat belt, but a quick silent wish had an invisible mouth tonguing and teasing her clit, regardless of the fact that it was currently sandwiched between her inner thighs. She moaned, "Oh, Daddy, you are always so good to me."

Their silent and immobile copulation went completely unnoticed by the flight attendants as the ladies began making their preparations for landing, even when Jennifer's stillness was broken by the shudder of orgasm. Once she was motionless again, Jack remembered an ability he hadn't used in awhile, and shortened his cock until it almost pulled out of Jennifer's pussy before lengthening it to fill her again. This time her moan was almost a growl, "Oh, yes, Daddy, fuck your little girl."

And he did. It was once again a trilling and intensely erotic experience; sitting calmly, completely relaxed, while his cock pistoned forcefully into her. The only evidence of what was happening to her as the stewardess leaned over to politely raise and lock their trays in their upright positions was a small grunt and rise of her body against the seatbelt, causing it to bite deeply into her thighs each time Jack 'thrust'.

Jack wasn't sure if it was pure chance or by Jennifer's doing, but as the wheels screeched down on the runway and the plane shuddered with the combined forces of spoilers and brakes working to slow it down, both of their bodies went rigid in orgasm, Jack holding Jennifer tightly to his chest. As the plane's shuddering subsided, so did their own, and as it taxied toward the gate they relaxed and caught their breath. "So... are we members of the mile high club now, or not?" Jack asked.

She looked over her shoulder, grinned, and shrugged. Her passage, still hugging his decreasing shaft, gave him one more milk for his last drop of cum causing him to twitch sharply, before gentle, invisible fingers tucked him back inside the re-substantial front of his jeans.

The plane rolled to the gate and the chime sounded as the fasten seatbelt light extinguished. Jennifer released the belt and hopped up, giving Jack an up-close view of her magnificent ass, also once again encased in substantial denim, with nary a wet spot. He bit it lightly, earning an equally light protest, before they grabbed their carry-ons and deplaned.

There was no one else from the FI contingent on this particular flight, as Jack had requested Jamie book them from a different airport a couple of hours closer to the beach. It meant getting up earlier and driving a couple of hours that morning, but it also meant a couple of hours less driving on Sunday, when they were sure to be worn out. So, not having to wait for anybody else, they immediately headed toward baggage claim to pick up their luggage and then on to catch a shuttle to the Arabian Nights Hotel and Casino, a huge complex on the southern half of the Strip. All the FI folks were staying there. It looked to be an incredible place, but seemed an odd choice, as it certainly wasn't the closest hotel to the convention center. Jennifer professed complete innocence to this suspicious pick of hotels before Jack could even mention it, and it really didn't matter, as there were several quick transportation options between the hotel and the convention center, including a recently completed monorail.

Their shuttle deposited them at the grand entrance to the hotel's lobby, and as they walked through the revolving doors, this time it wasn't only Jennifer that was gawking. The lobby was magnificent, capturing the grandeur of what one expected from a sultan's palace. It was all a commercial collection of stereotypes, but none the less impressive and captivating.

Just as captivating were the hotel personnel. Almost everyone was at least attractive, if not stunning, with the bellhops and attendants in silky balloon pants and vests, and as they moved through the casino and other entertainment areas, the cocktail waitresses and other female employees in skimpy Genie costumes that would have gotten the old TV show pulled immediately. There were definitely some belly buttons showing, here.

They checked in and gawked their way meanderingly to the elevators. As the doors closed, a particularly sultry and captivating 'Genie' padded by the elevator and smiled at them.

"We've got to get you one of those outfits. I have been terribly remiss in not allowing you to dress in your native attire from time to time," Jack said.

"Your wish is my command, Master," Genie said with an enigmatic smile, suddenly clothed in an outfit that made the one they had just seen look like a little girl's cheesy Halloween costume purchased from a discount store. Jack ogled her stupidly as a bulge appeared in his jeans. The bell chimed to indicate their arrival at the requested floor, and Jennifer was clad once again in jeans and cotton blouse as the doors opened. She led the way to their room with Jack following behind, catching a fleeting whiff of jasmine perfume while watching her hips sway before him as if they were mounted independently from the rest of her delectable frame.

Their room was nice, although nothing extravagant. It was tastefully done in the expected decor, with large king-size bed, awesome view of the strip out the window, and a multiple-head shower in the bathroom. They were supposed to meet everyone in the convention center in the early afternoon, and it was already noon, so Jack asked that Genie do her slowing time trick to allow them a refreshing and playful shower. They then grabbed a quick sandwich in the hotel's huge shopping 'Bazaar' before hunting down the monorail stop.

Once the train rolled smoothly from the station, Jennifer was once again plastered against the window, Oooing and Ahhhing at one fantastic hotel after another. She would point them out excitedly to Jack as they passed, repeating "Can we go there later?" for almost every one. Jack figured it would take roughly a week to explore everywhere she pointed. He had to admit that he was almost as captivated as she was, though, and said, "Just wait until you see the Strip at night!"

The monorail eventually veered away from the Strip towards the convention center, and Jennifer's comments decreased with the more mundane view passing beneath them, but didn't stop completely until they exited the monorail at the convention center station. Her enthusiastic running commentary was silent for all of four or so minutes, the time it took to make it from the station, past security and onto the convention hall floor. Then they were both rubbernecking again at all of the booths being set up while at the same time trying to locate their own spot. Jack had a map, but it was hard to follow with so many of the booths not set up yet that might be used as landmarks. They finally found it, though, and received a surprise as they cheerfully greeted everyone; one more beautiful woman than was expected. Nick introduced her, "Guys this is my girlfriend, Cassie. Cassie, this is Jack and Jennifer, of whom you have heard me speak so much."

They shook hands, and while she greeted them cheerfully enough, she seemed to be a bit reserved. She also looked a bit familiar to Jack, but he couldn't place from where. He thought as much to Jennifer.

Jennifer looked at Cassie for a moment, then thought back, That's because you haven't watched enough of her DVDs on our bookshelf, yet.

Huh? Oh! She's a porn star?

Was. Retired. And Cassie wasn't the name she used.

Jack was distracted from further questioning by Nick gathering up everyone to start unpacking. Jack quickly reviewed boxes to make sure everything had arrived, and then they started popping them open. Cassie was standing off to the side, looking a bit lost. She asked Nick what she could do, and he shrugged. "Just relax, hon', I think we have everything covered." This didn't seem to please her much. Jack had begun unpacking the simulators in their plain brown boxes after locating the glossy printed sleeves that would go over them. He put one sleeve over a box, admired his design work for a moment, and then said, "Cassie, I could use a little help, if you aren't busy."

"Sure." She came over. "What do you want me to do?"

"Would you mind putting these boxes into the printed sleeves?" He showed her what he needed.

"Okay." She took a sleeve and a simulator, but then got distracted for a few minutes reading the product info. Jack took the opportunity to surreptitiously check her out. She had long bleached-blond hair, a voluptuous figure, and deeply tanned skin that was just starting to show a few sun-wrinkles around her eyes and at the corners of her mouth. All in all still a beautiful woman. A quick check of her tote board showed a bit of a surprise; while her experience was high across the board, as would be expected, her interest in sex was fairly low.

The two of them worked together for awhile getting the various products ready as Nick, Jennifer, Susan and Jamie worked on the rest of the booth. Cassie asked several questions about the simulator, out of 'professional interest' Jack supposed, although her interest seemed genuine. They went on to chat about things in general before she said out of the blue, "You know, don't you?"

Jack looked at her in confusion. "Huh?"

"You recognize me. I can always tell."

"Oh. Yep."

She sighed in resignation. "Might as well get it over with. Go ahead."

"Go ahead and get what over with?"

"The ones who recognize me always have questions. I'm sure you aren't any different. Go ahead and ask them."

"Uh." Jack knew what kind of questions she meant, and truth be told he was curious about a few things, but he knew he could always find those out through Jennifer. So, he thought for a minute then asked, "You look a little sad. Is anything wrong?"

It was her turn to look confused. This was obviously not the type of question she had been expecting. "I do?"

Jack shrugged, "Yeah, kinda."

"I don't know why. I can honestly say I'm the happiest I have ever been."

"Oh? Well, that's good." Jack paused, "But are you as happy as you can be?"

She frowned at him for a moment, then her frown turned to one of anger. "Look, I don't know what you are implying or suggesting, but I am very happy with Nick, and..."

Jack put up his hands in a placating gesture. "I'm not suggesting anything, and I'm sorry if I offended you. You DID tell me to ask questions."

They worked silently for awhile, until she said softly, "I'm sorry. It's just that folks seem to expect someone in my profession — previous profession, now — to be always ready for sex, with anyone who looks halfway decent, or even with a group. And there are girls that are. I was, for a little while. But I finally got tired of it, and it just bugs me, now." Her eyes lost focus as she looked off in thought. "Maybe I am a little sad, in a way. I don't regret anything I've done. I enjoyed most of it, and wouldn't change anything. It does have an effect on any normal sex life, though. Anyone that tells you different is lying. What I love about my relationship with Nick is the intimacy, the connection. He's a wonderful, caring lover, but with the physical sex, well, I guess I've just lost something along the way." Her eyes refocused on Jack. "I can't believe I'm telling you all this."

Jack grinned. "You confidence is safe with me." He then frowned in concentration. "If I understand you correctly, you have a great relationship with Nick, except for the physical sex side of things, as you have become a bit... desensitized or numbed to the experience?"

She looked surprised. "Well, yes, that's a very good way to put it. Not physically numbed — I can still cum at the drop of a hat, one of the things that made me so popular — but it just doesn't thrill me, anymore."

Jack nodded sagely. "I think I understand."

She looked at him skeptically and snorted. "You think so, huh?"

Jack grinned, "When I was young, we had this awesome pizza place near our house. The pizza was my favorite thing to eat, hands down. My parents got sick of me asking to go there whenever we went out for dinner. As I got a little older and had a part time job, I spent almost all my extra cash there. It took awhile, but I finally got tired of the pizza. It was just as good as always, and we would still go there on occasion, but I no longer craved it. Only after being away for several years for college etcetera did some of my craving for that pizza return. I have to go get one whenever I visit my folks."

"So, you're saying... what, that if I abstain for several years my love of sex will come back?" Cassie asked continuing to look skeptical.

Jack chuckled. Meanwhile, a little scheme solidified in his brain. "Well, no, not exactly. Or yes, it might, but that isn't what I suggesting. Jennifer is a pretty good hypnotist..."

I am?!



"... and she might be able to help, sort of accelerate the process. Maybe make it so that you still remember your sexual adventures, but that they seem much more removed, remote, perhaps even seeming to have happened in a different life. In that way, your drive for physical sexual interaction might return, augmenting the intimate relationship you have with Nick."

She still looked unconvinced. "That all sounds good, but some of the girls are really into that hypnotism stuff, and I have never seen any evidence that the crap works, other than to empty their purses and perhaps allow the hypnotist to cop a feel." She gave a small smirk, "Although Jennifer wouldn't need to hypnotize me to do that. I must admit that she does get my nipples hard a bit." She apparently realized that this might not sound good in regard to her relationship with Nick, as she looked Jack in the eyes and continued as her smirk grew, "Nick's said that he has no problem with my fooling around with women, as long as he at least gets to watch."

Jack grinned back. "Jennifer and I have a similar agreement, so maybe we can arrange something, some time." He continued, "But as far as the hypnotism goes, this would be different. Jennifer wouldn't charge you, and it really is quite effective. Can I ask you another personal question? Have you discussed this with Nick?"

"What, that I love being with him, and making love to him, but that the purely physical part of sex doesn't thrill me much, any more?" At Jack's nod, she replied, "Oh, sure. He understands." She smirked again. "And besides, just because the physical sex doesn't do so much for me, anymore, doesn't mean I've stopped enjoying giving a good blow job."

Jack raised an eyebrow, then replied, "Still, I bet the results of what Jennifer can do would improve both your sex lives. If you agree, Nick can be there to make sure nothing questionable happens. Or, if you would like for it to be a surprise for him, we can video tape the session and you can watch it immediately afterward to know exactly what we have done."

"You're serious, aren't you? You really think she can help me?"

Jack smiled reassuringly. "Absolutely. No thinking required."

She looked at him for a long moment, then nodded nervously. "Nick has talked a lot about you two, and about all the surprises you spring, but that he trusts you guys. I guess I will, too. When?"

"When is good for you?"

"The sooner the better, before I chicken out."

"With Nick, or without?"

"Hmmm. Well, it would be a nice surprise, I guess, if it works as well as you say." she mused.

"That should work better, actually. It looks like we'll be finished up here by late afternoon. I'll grab Jennifer at some point and let her know what's going on. When we get done, you and she can run to our room with the video camera. Give Nick some story about you guys going off to do something, and then I'll ask him to peruse the floor with me. We'll follow you after giving you plenty of time to finish."

"Okay," Cassie replied, still looking uncertain, but a bit excited, too.

They completed preparing the simulators and accessories, then split up to help the others. Jack joined Jennifer to set up a display. They bumped into each other a couple of times as they maneuvered around, but it soon became obvious that Jennifer was intentionally and more and more overtly rubbing him with butt and chest. After a particularly outrageous ram with her bumper, Jack staggered and laughed, "What are you doing?!" She looked at him innocently.

"Didn't you tell Cassie that you were going to grab me? How big an opportunity do you need?"

"Ah! So I did. I have been quite remiss." The resumed their work, and as she continued to nudge him with tit and ass, she received a good grab or fondle each time. They also quietly discussed Jack's plans for Cassie.

True to Jack's predication, they finished prepping the booth around four thirty. Nick told everyone they could go, but to meet in the hotel lobby at seven, as FI would treat everyone to dinner. Jennifer and Cassie had gotten their heads together briefly, so Cassie told Nick that she and Jennifer were going to take care of a 'girl thing', and she would meet him in the room in time to get ready. Jamie had already skipped off to explore, but Susan looked after the two ladies, probably a little hurt that they didn't include her in the 'girl thing'. Jack went over to her and said, "They aren't excluding you. Cassie just wants to talk to Jennifer a little in private. You know how easy Jennifer is to talk to. Now let's go look around a bit and bug Nick about having a girlfriend. Did you know he had one?"

Susan brightened, and nodded her head. "Sort of. He's fairly mysterious about his personal life, but he's made a few comments in passing. I don't know anything about her, other than she seems very nice, and very pretty."

"Yep. Nick and I will be the envy of everyone at dinner, what with each of us having two of the most gorgeous women in town, one on each arm." Susan smiled and blushed mildly at the praise. Jack wrapped his arm around her waist in a friendly fashion and bumped her hip with his as they walked. "So, will you be my date?" he asked in a goofy voice. Susan's smile widened into a big grin. "I'd tell on you, but I have a feeling Jennifer would just say we'd make great bookends or something. I think I'll have a fight from Jamie for the position, though. She seems rather taken with you here of late." It was Jack's turn to give an embarrassed smile and a shrug.

They caught up with Nick, and Susan peppered him with lots of questions about Cassie. He just grinned a lopsided grin and gave mostly unspecific answers as they meandered around the hall. When Susan stopped to check out a partially-assembled display that looked to promote some sort of odd looking vibrator, Nick sidled up to Jack and said quietly, "You know, don't you?"

Jack laughed at the echoing of Cassie's earlier question, drawing a questioning look from Susan. He just shrugged and pointed at Nick with his head. She looked at both of them suspiciously for a second before going back to her perusal.

"Yeah, I recognized her."

"I figured as much when you guys were talking earlier. You didn't grill her did you? She hates that."

"Nope. We actually didn't talk about it much at all. We did discuss the simulator a bit. She seemed impressed, and expressed an interest in seeing it in action. So, I'm assuming that you haven't mentioned it to her?"

"No. We don't talk about my work much. Or hers, for that matter. I'm really surprised she came out here with me, actually. I think it's the opportunity to see a few of her friends living here that got her to come. She's going to visit with them while we are at the show."

"Gotcha. Good thing I didn't ask her if she was going to help as another booth babe."

Nick nodded emphatically. "A very good thing. I should probably mention to Susan and Jamie not to ask her, even in jest." Nick frowned for a moment. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention her previous profession to anyone else. She isn't ashamed of it, and doesn't mind discussing it with friends, but she doesn't like the big deal everyone makes of it when they find out."

"I understand. I have to ask you though, how does one get an ex-adult film star as a girlfriend, and is it everything one might imagine?"

Nick gave Jack a quizzical and slightly exasperated look. "You, with someone as 'Jennifer' as Jennifer is, are still curious about that? Why the hell do you care?"

Jack shrugged. "I'd be letting down all warm-blooded guys everywhere if I didn't ask."

Nick rolled his eyes. "Well we met at one of the last promo things she did, for her last video. We just sort of hit it off. She later said it was because I talked to her like a 'pretty girl I wanted to get to know better', rather than a 'human fuck toy' while she was surrounded by larger than life size photos of herself, mostly naked. Shortly after that she retired, and we've been dating ever since. We care deeply for each other," Nick looked mock-sternly at Jack, "and all I'm going to say in response to you second question is that it is much more and a little less that one might imagine."

Jack laughed again. "Fair enough. I'm happy for you both."

"Thanks. Now, what's this 'girl thing' she's gone off with Jennifer about? I get the feeling they are up to something."

"Well, I can't speak for Cassie, but that could be said of Jennifer at pretty much any time. You should know that by now."

Nick chuckled. "True. And knowing both Jennifer and Cassie as I do, I guess whatever they're up to will be interesting."

Cassie admired Jennifer's flowing mane of deep red hair and perfect figure a bit lasciviously, a bit jealously, and a bit professionally as Jennifer moved with an unconscious and easy grace around the hotel room. Man, Cassie thought, she could name her own price...

"Okay, all set." Jennifer pulled up a chair in front of Cassie and sat. "Ready?"

Cassie nodded nervously.

Jennifer held up a pendant on a long chain and started swinging it slowly. "Just relax. Watch the pendant and listen to my voice."

Cassie thought this was awfully hokey, but couldn't resist becoming captivated by Jennifer's low, sensual voice and the swinging pendant. What was that on the face of it, a lamp? When Jennifer said, "I'm going to count slowly from ten to one, and before I am finished you will be in a deep, relaxed sleep," Cassie thought lazily, yeah, right.

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five..."

Cassie's eyes drifted closed, and then popped open again. Uh, huh, she knew this wouldn't work. She sighed sadly. "Sorry, I guess I'm just not a good candidate for hypnotism."

Jennifer grinned at her. "Actually, you were a perfect candidate." She reached over and stopped the video camera that had been recording the proceedings and hit rewind.

Cassie frowned. "What do you mean 'were'?"

"We're done. Everything went great."

"Huh? You didn't do anything, you just counted down from ten, and that was it."

"Oh? And what's the last number you remember?"

Cassie blinked in confusion for a moment, "Uh, five, I guess."

"Well, I counted down to one."

"... oh. I see. Well, did it work? I don't feel any different."

"Are you sure? I know from earlier that you love how Nick holds you, kisses you passionately, makes slow love to you." Jennifer sat on the bed beside Cassie's chair and continued in a softer, once again sensuous voice. "But now how do you feel about his sucking your nipples, flicking them lightly with his tongue before kissing his way slowly down to your pussy and spreading your lips with his tongue, licking teasingly between them, his licks getting excruciatingly closer to your clit. His tongue finally touches, and you jump and moan at the contact. He slowly licks the entire length of his tongue repeatedly against your most sensitive bud, while a long finger slowly pushes inside you and starts to fuck..."

Jennifer went on for several moments, until her sensual monologue finally made Cassie say "Stop!" She panted, her nipples obviously diamond-hard beneath her blouse, and looked at Jennifer in wonder and a little apprehension. "What have you done to me? I haven't been this excited and horny since the homecoming king drove me to make-out park after senior prom!"

"Only what we said I would do. Here, look for yourself." Jennifer held out the video camera, which had the small foldout color screen extended, and pushed play. The sound from the camera's small speaker was a bit tinny, but perfectly audible.

"... four, three, two, one. You are now in a deep, relaxed sleep, and ready to receive my instruction. When you awake, you will not remember what I tell you, or even that you have been asleep, but the instructions I give to you will remain in effect unless and until I again put you under and change or remove these commands." Jennifer paused. "From now on, all of your sexual experiences before you met Nick will seem as if they happened in another life. You will remember them vividly, but it will be almost as if they happened to someone else. You will start your sexual life anew, as excited about the experiences ahead as you were for your very first time, yet with none of the anxiety or apprehension, since you will have all of you memories, experience, and knowledge to draw on..."

The actual hypnotism was all complete bullshit, of course. The change in Cassie as Jennifer was describing had been accomplished by a wish made by Jack, with another putting her to sleep while Jennifer spouted the mumbo jumbo, then waking her again.

Cassie watched the little on-screen Jennifer reach out a hand to gently cup sleeping Cassie's right breast and run a thumb around a quickly hard nipple. Fully awake Cassie gave a mostly amused, mildly offended "Hey!" as Jennifer smiled and waved at the camera while she continued to fondle before leaning over to whisper for a few moments in sleeping Cassie's ear. This earned a much more offended "Hey!"

As the on-screen Jennifer said," I will now count from one to ten, and at ten you will waken feeling fully refreshed and relaxed. One..." awake Cassie protested, "You guys said that I could trust you! What was that you whispered?"

"You can trust us. I did that in full view of the camera. I didn't try to hide it in any way. It was just a little fun, a couple of gifts for you, and for Nick. If you don't like them, then I can start the recorder again and put you back under to remove them."

"Gifts? What gifts?"

"Well, the first happens when you hear this word..." Jennifer leaned over and whispered in Cassie's ear. Cassie gasped and then moaned, as she immediately felt more sexually aroused than she could remember ever feeling in her 'previous life'. She writhed in her seat, her hands continuously making fists as they ached to maul a tit, savagely pinch a nipple, flail a clit, and mercilessly finger-fuck a pussy. It was all Cassie could do to prevent them from ravaging her body, or reaching out to grab Jennifer's face and bury it in her own already dripping pussy, or... and then she knew it was more than she could do. Very soon she would be absolutely powerless against her own desire, and would be unable to resist doing something. She had a brief, fevered thought that only some very strong restraints tied to ankles and wrists might stop her, and that thought in turn both horrified her that she might actually be put in a position where she couldn't get any relief, and sent her arousal rocketing to even greater heights at the idea that she might be put in a position where she couldn't get any relief.

Jennifer whispered again, "And the second is this word..."

Cassie's body stiffened, then convulsed violently in orgasm. Jennifer reached out to pull her gently onto the bed before she could fall out of the chair, and then held her as Cassie continued to shudder and quake through the intense experience. Her mouth was open in a silent scream, until she finally came down enough to where she could grunt loudly for a moment, and then pant as her shudders eventually subsided. She looked at Jennifer in wonder as she gasped for breath.

Jennifer said, "It is your choice. I can remove these 'gifts' now, or at any time you wish, or change the words that trigger them. Or you can keep them to give to Nick, or anyone else, whenever you desire. I think you will agree, though, that they should not be given lightly, as they will hold a fairly great sway over you, and should only be told to someone you trust completely."

Cassie nodded, still looking at Jennifer in awe.

Cassie made it back to her and Nick's room just in time to hop in the shower before Nick arrived. The satisfaction from her recent mega-ton orgasm was all that kept her from jumping him and making them very, very late for dinner. Thus they arrived at the lobby right on time, Nick a bit mystified but thrilled about his girlfriend's all-around happier attitude, completely unaware of his impending 'doom' at the hands of a now virginally-horny woman with the knowledge and experience of a porn star.

They decided to travel up the strip a ways to the World of Hollywood restaurant, where they Ooo'd and Ahhh'd at all the move props and memorabilia while they waited for their table. They enjoyed an entertaining and slightly raucous dinner, and then decided to walk back down the strip to try to catch some of the free outdoor shows that several of the hotels put on to attract spectators, which hopefully would turn into gamblers. Their timing was good, and they caught both a pirate battle and an incredible, humongous fountain display on their leisurely walk back. Even Jamie, with her younger energy, was exhausted by the time they entered the lobby, and as they had to get up bright and early for the show the next morning, everyone agreed to call it a night.

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