Although Jack was sorely tempted to explore the possibilities of Jennifer's Genie costume from earlier in the day, he was tired enough that they went to bed upon returning from their stroll down the strip after nothing more than a bit of cuddling. They were therefore fairly well rested when they headed to the convention center Friday morning. Only in this town could they travel on the monorail at this time of day, Jack dressed in a stylish suit, Jennifer in a stunning royal-blue full length dress whose iridescent fabric hugged her every curve, and not attract much notice. Everyone's eyes were glued to Jennifer, true, but the dress was superfluous.

Arriving at the FI booth, they found Susan looking delectable in a dress equally as stunning as Jennifer's, and Nick looking decidedly worse for wear. Jack grinned. "You okay, Nick?"

He grunted, and then muttered so only Jack could hear, "What the hell did Jennifer do to my girlfriend?"

Jack's grin widened. "Who knows what goes on between women when they are doing 'girl things'? Why, is there something wrong with her?"

"Well, no. She's, uh, great, happier than I have ever seen her, in fact. She just about fucked me to death last night is all. She's never been like that before."

"And that's bad?"

"Hell no! It's just, like I said, she's never been that way before, and..." he tapered off and shrugged.

"Do you want her to go back to the way she was?"

"No, I just don't know if I can keep up with her if she stays like this."

"Ah, so now is dating an ex-porn star everything one might imagine?"

Nick wearily shook his head, but grinned. "You have no idea." Then he looked over at Jennifer, already surrounded by a crowd of admirers, easily holding her own. "Actually, you probably have a very good idea. How are you not dead from sexual exhaustion?"

Jack slapped Nick on the back. "It's just like any other strenuous activity, my friend, you have to work up some stamina."

Nick groaned, but his dread wasn't very convincing. Jack laughed, but then thought he should ask Jennifer a couple of questions, just to make sure things would go as desired. First, though...

Anybody grabbed your ass, yet?

Nope, I'm too quick for them, plus I'm succeeding in keeping my back to something most of the time.

Need me to make a wish to keep them off you?

Not yet, but thanks for the offer. I'll let you know.

Okay. What about Susan?

She's been through this before, although not quite in this capacity, and not dressed nearly as hotly as she is today. She's holding her own.

Well, let me know if she needs some help, too.

I will.

Can we discuss Nick and Cassie for a minute, or will that be too much of a distraction?

Her mental snort was a bit derisive. Have you forgotten I am an All Powerful Genie Servant, Oh Master?

Not for a second. Did Cassie really almost 'fuck Nick to death' last night?

Jennifer took a moment to answer a question from an attendee and to gather the info to answer Jack's question before replying, She rung him out pretty good, but he enjoyed every second of it. He's just tired and grumpy now from being kept up half the night.

Well, is he going to be able to keep up with her, and satisfy her, in the long run?

Hmmm, well it could be a bit of a challenge, stamina wise. However, what with the combination of the intimate relationship they share, and her renewed love for physical sex, she should be pretty happy.

Well, what say we make them both very happy. Let's have Nick's stamina increase quickly so that he can keep up with her, maybe even give her a bit of a challenge. Also, all this 'aerobic' activity should tone them up a bit, make them healthier, even erase some wrinkles. None of that should happen so quickly that it seems too unnatural, though. Sound good so far?

Tingle. Yup. Done.

Okay, now is Nick's... equipment sufficient for her needs?

Well, it will be, once she is 'toned up' down there, assuming you want to include that.

I do.

Nick's and Susan's hopes, and Jack and Jennifer's expectations, were met; the booth, manned initially by Susan and Jennifer, was a hit. Nick's prediction that no one wanted to talk to guys about blow jobs was also correct; he and Jack were ignored as much as possible by the guys hoping to talk to Jennifer and Susan. So, after arranging the eager attendees into a queue around the back of the booth, each one waiting for a chance to receive a demonstration from the two lovely ladies, Jack took on the roll of support gopher. First, though, he convinced Nick to return to his room to take a nap, as Nick wasn't doing much good to anyone at the moment. Susan was scheduled to work the booth until two, and could handle any issues or questions that came up.

There were three main stations at the booth. The first displayed a clear simulator clamped to a cutaway of a 'table' mounted at eye level, and was run with the remote. It was intended to show the capabilities of the basic simulator as it came out of the box. Jack would guide in three or four attendees, and Jennifer would give a short and concise demo of what the unit was, and was capable of.

That group would then go to station two, 'manned' by Susan. The second station consisted of a black simulator on a simulator stand with accompanying demo cock, a PC LCD monitor, and several pairs of 3D glasses. The monitor showed the simulator software running a loop of a portion of a blow job sequence and the accompanying video- a masked woman giving a blow job — also looping in a small on-screen window. At the same time, the simulator was reproducing the oral sex loop on the demo cock. Susan would explain in general what the software did, including how it worked with the 3D glasses and ejaculation sensor. The attendees could take turns wearing the 3D glasses, which were also showing the video loop.

Once Susan's little spiel was done, she took questions about the simulator, and about Forbidden Indulgences itself and their other products, a few of which were also sprinkled strategically around the booth. She was also tasked with handing out invitations to anyone she determined should be invited to the party on Saturday night, but hadn't been sent an invite ahead of time. It had been decided that the demo simulators would be handed out at the party, one for each invitation.

Once the attendees were finished with Susan, they could move on to the third station, which was for the most part unmanned. It consisted of a non-functional black simulator, clamped down and locked in place, that folks could check out, plus several clear simulators behind Plexiglas, mounted on simulator stands and with accompanying demo cocks. The remotes for the clear simulators were available for attendees to use to test drive the units. These simulators were in different positions, showing that the stand could be used while standing, sitting, or lying down.

Jennifer quickly took over the duty of bringing in her small groups, allowing Jack to roam the booth, giving out the coupons for a free scenario download and forms to fill out for a drawing for several free simulators, plus performing a little crowd control when attendees lingered in the booth too long.

The show was open from eight AM to five PM Friday and Saturday, so each of the girls would work the booth for six hours each day, leaving two of them working at all times. On Friday Susan was scheduled from eight until two, and Jamie from eleven until five, which meant that Jennifer's six hours were split up, eight to eleven and two to five.

Jamie showed up promptly at eleven, and Jennifer motioned for her to take over the first station. Jamie looked very nervous, so Jennifer gave her a few quick whispered pointers. "Remember, you are in charge. Don't take any crap. If someone gets frisky, don't hesitate to put them in their place. If you need to, call for help, or security. Jack and I will stick around until Nick gets back, so don't worry. Now, let's bring in this next group. I'll do it, and you watch, then I'll help while you do one."

Jennifer wound up supporting Jamie through a couple of groups until the younger girl had the hang of it and looked more confident. Jennifer then relieved Susan long enough for her to take a bathroom and soda break. It was just before noon when Susan and a much more rested-looking Nick returned to the booth.

"I'm sorry guys. I should have been here at eleven to relieve you," Nick apologized.

"No problem. We would have needed to stay around for Jennifer to get Jamie up to speed and relieve Susan for her little break, regardless. Besides, it looks like the extra hour did you good. I think we're going to go get a bite of lunch and wander around a bit. We'll be back at two," Jack said.

"Okay. Have fun."

The food court at the convention center was surprisingly decent, and Jennifer chose a salad while Jack got some fast hibachi Japanese. Their fellow diners made for a somewhat surreal lunch-time environment. The men were for the most part dressed normally, but many of the women were in a wide range of clothing or costume, from glamorous dresses such as Jennifer's to skimpy bikinis, from glossy leather dominatrix to nothing but strategic splashes of paint. It was tempting to spend their entire break simply people-watching. Jack brought up the tote board on several attendees, but stopped before long. The range of things he saw on the tote boards was even wider than the costumes, some very interesting, and some a bit disturbing. They decided to wander the floor not long after.

As they began strolling, Jack had a bit of a flashback to the time he had experienced his first visit to Forbidden Indulgences' world of adult toy distributorship. Like that experience, attending an adult industry trade show was just about what you would expect it to be. There were booths selling adult DVDs, dildos, bondage equipment, and every other type of naughty item imaginable. And of course every booth had at least one babe, scantily and or provocatively dressed. None were as beautiful or tastefully hot as the three in the FI booth, though, Jack noted proudly. When he thought as much to Jennifer, she gave him her special smile, then accused him of being just a bit biased.

One of the last booths they passed on the way back was that of the Orgazmoretron folks. It was drawing nearly as large a crowd as their own, and as they walked slowly past, it became quite evident why. Several lovely young ladies were riding the saddle-shaped devices on a small stage, writhing and moaning orgasmically. Only when looking closely could one tell that they were wearing skin-tight body suits that matched their skin tones, rather than being actually nude.

Are they really... ?

Yep, for the most part. That brunette in the middle is hamming a bit, but that hot little oriental screaming on the left is about to pass out.

Isn't that... ?

Well, the body suits get them past the rules of the hall, barely. They are using the vibration function only, so there is no penetration, and while the display of ' actual live orgasms' is bending things a bit, the only complaint the organizers are likely to get at this point is if they try to stop this.

Yeah. I'm certainly not complaining

After watching for a few more minutes, they returned to relieve Susan. In addition to working their own booth, Nick and Susan had the task of touring the show to buy for the rest of FI's catalog, and to seek some willing ladies to help start fleshing out the library of blow job scenarios for the simulator. So, after Susan ran to the ladies room to change out of what she had begun calling her 'fuck-me' dress and into something more comfortable, she headed off to grab a quick lunch before hitting the floor. Nick would do most of his work on Saturday. Jack told both of them to make sure to walk by the Orgazmoretron booth when they had the chance.

Things went smoothly for the rest of the afternoon, with Jennifer easily slipping into Susan's station and Nick hovering nearby to handle the invitations. The show was not open to the public, so the crowd was mostly industry professionals and media folks, and was fairly well behaved. There was a certain percentage of attendees that either rode in on the coattails of legitimate visitors, or misrepresented themselves in order to gain attendance, but they were the minority. In a show of this type a certain level of lasciviousness was expected and tolerated, but anyone overstepping the boundaries, legitimate attendee or not, quickly received a warning. No second warning was given, the offending party was simply escorted from the hall after their pass was revoked.

Thus the ladies only had to put up with a moderate amount of harassment. The most common question they received was if they had recorded any scenarios for the simulator. Jennifer's response was to give a sexy, enigmatic smile and tell them that there was only one way to find out, then direct them to Jack for the free scenario coupon. Jamie adopted the tactic of putting on an innocent expression and saying something like, "Oh, no, I've never even, you know, done that to a guy." The inevitable response was an offer to teach her, to which she would reply with a coy smile, "I'm sorry, but I already have a teacher in mind." At the time she had left for the floor, the best Susan had come up with was a polite "No."

Entrance to the show was stopped at four thirty, and hall attendants started shooing attendees out shortly after five. By five thirty, the hall was pretty much clear of the crowd, and the FI contingent was gathered back at the booth. Nick was all smiles.

"Great show so far, guys! I think we're definitely a hit. Susan said our crowd looked to be the biggest of the show, and I've overheard several folks say they plan to go on-line and order their simulator tonight! So, as a thank-you for all your hard work, and the hard work coming tomorrow, dinner is again on us. Plus, the show organizers have worked out a special deal for vendors to get discount tickets to the new Sun Circus show, so I've reserved one for each of us."

This announcement was met with enthusiasm from everyone, until Nick added, "Now, this particular show is, appropriately enough, a new adult-oriented one. No one under eighteen is allowed in." This announcement dampened everyone's enthusiasm not one iota. Nick rubbed his hands together, "Okay, then, I'm buyin', so I'm pickin'. We have reservations at the Far East restaurant in the Hotel's Bazaar at seven. The tickets are for the ten thirty show. See you guys there!"

With that, they locked down the booth for the night and headed for the monorail and back to the hotel. After the customary grope-filled shower, then a rush to get dressed and ready, Jack and Jennifer were only slightly late to the restaurant. A smirking Jamie and Susan greeted them at the table. The smirks only grew when Nick and Cassie rushed in a few minutes later.

The restaurant offered an atmosphere and menu that was a conglomeration of several Eastern and Arabian countries, with a bit of fiction thrown in for good measure. No one complained, as the food was exotic and delicious, and their seating arrangements on comfortable cushions around a low table offered them a great view of the entertainment. There were rope climbers, snake charmers and belly dancers, all of whom were quite talented. The dancers were all beautiful, of course, and were able to do things with hips and bellies that Jack didn't think were physically possible. As the dancers' movements were based on age-old dances intended to entice and arouse, though, he wasn't too concerned about what was physically possible. Nor, by the rapt stares from everyone else at the table, including Jamie, was anyone else.

Can you do that?

Jennifer gave a theatrical mental snort. Amateurs.

Really? Then why are your nipples rock-hard?

Jennifer shrugged slightly as a smile pulled at the corners of her lips. Well, I didn't say they weren't talented amateurs.

After dinner they made their way across the strip to the hotel that proudly featured the Sun Circus show in a custom-built venue. They retrieved their tickets from the will-call window, and then found themselves with about forty five minutes to kill. Susan and Jamie headed for the slots, while Jack and Nick searched out the lowest minimum-bet Blackjack table they could find. This being a Friday night in a casino with a popular show, the minimum was still pretty high, and Jack tried for a moment to come up with a way to use Jennifer's power to his advantage, but couldn't think of anything sexual enough. He thought briefly that perhaps just the stunning one-two punch of Cassie and Jennifer would be enough to throw the dealer off, but no luck. The guy was a pro, able to deal normally and ogle the ladies. Still, it appeared that having Jennifer at his side provided at least some good luck. He left the table roughly even, versus his usual losing miserably. Nick left a bit ahead. Jack grumbled good naturedly that the dealer must prefer blonds.

They all met back at the theater's entrance and went to find their seats in the large theater-in-the-round. Jamie and Susan seemed unusually giggly, prompting Jack and Nick to raise an eyebrow. Cassie leaned over and murmured, "I think someone took advantage of the free drinks at the slots."

"Ah," the guys chorused.

Jack had not been to a Sun Circus show before, but he had heard enough about them and seen enough clips on TV to know that this one started similarly to most, with a few performers coming out before show time to entertain the audience. In this case, though, it was also to titillate the audience, as their antics were often suggestive, when not downright dirty.

At one point a clown made up as a lothario came near their table and make a great show of noticing Jennifer and swooning at her beauty. She regarded this with amusement, then shot a quick look at Jack. He shrugged and thought, Go with it, if you want. Have some fun.

With that began an outrageous pantomime between the two, culminating with the lothario kneeling before an imperious Jennifer, lavishing kisses on her high-heeled feet. This was viewed with great delight by the audience that could see what was going on, and lots of standing and craning of necks by the audience who couldn't, quite. It was a bit hard to tell, but the lothario seemed to also be quite enjoying this unique bit of audience interaction, although for all Jack knew this sort of thing happened to the guy every night. As the lights began to dim to signal the beginning of the real show, the clown stood and presented Jennifer with a rose bud as a loud round of applause broke out from the surrounding tables, not the least of which from her own. Jennifer smiled, blushed slightly, and brought the bud to sniff it delicately as she regained her seat.

The show began with an artistic, somewhat surreal, and breathtaking acrobatic routine that was the trademark of the Sun Circus shows. This time, though, the performers were completely nude except for very brief thongs that matched exactly their skin tones. Jack thought that this wasn't that much different from the normal shows, where many of the acrobats wore such form-fitting leotards that they appeared almost nude, anyway. He figured that this fact was part of what inspired the adult version in the first place. They probably figured that enough people were fantasizing about their performers anyway, they might as well go the extra step and make some money off of it.

Jack quickly discovered, though, that all of the acts weren't regular Circus acts simply performed in the nude. The next act featured identical twin young women 'wearing' nothing but long strips of scarlet cloth. They would dance and twirl, and suddenly be bound tightly together in a very suggestive position. They would just begin to perform the erotic act that their position suggested, then suddenly twist to be free again before binging themselves into an even more suggestive confinement. By the end of the performance the audience was very aroused, and very frustrated, as was intended.

The next several acts were of the acrobatic variety, but still quite hot, as the performers bodies were all very attractive. Then came an act that looked to be more of the same, but quickly turned into something else. It was a lone woman on stage, slender and beautiful, completely nude and completely hairless from the neck down, with only a chair. She proceeded to bend and contort into incredible positions while lying on the floor, sitting in the chair, or balancing on the chair's back. Her act as a contortionist was incredible, but it soon became apparent that her positions were not only that of incredible flexibility, but also very interesting and unique potential sexual positions, if only she had a willing and erect partner. It was interesting to watch this realization spread throughout the theater as men shifted in their seats or crossed their legs.

Can you do THAT?

Jennifer studied the girl for a moment. Yeah, she said thoughtfully, that's pretty impressive. That would definitely take a wish.

Well, don't let me forget to make it some time.

Oh, don't worry, I won't.

And so it went for the rest of the show, a mixture of erotically charged acrobatic skill, and the purely erotic. During much of the latter part of the show, Jack noticed Jennifer and Susan in frequent whispered conversation as they watched the goings-on. Finally Jack asked, what are you two whispering about?

I'll tell you later, was all she would say.

Once the show was over, they repeated the previous night's leisurely walk back, this time necessitating walking a ways down the strip to use the crosswalk over the still-busy strip, and then back up to their own hotel. For most of the trip Jennifer, Susan and Jamie walked a little ways behind Jack, Nick and Cassie, their heads together, emitting the occasional giggle or gasp.

Cassie looked back at them as she walked arm in arm with Nick, then grinned at Jack. "If I'm not mistaken, that looks like trouble for you."

"Yeah." Then he asked Jennifer, NOW what are you up to?

Oh, nothing, came the obviously outrageous lie in response.

It was after one AM when they returned to the Arabian, so everyone again said good night and headed for their rooms. From the gleam in Cassie's eye, it didn't look like Nick would be going to bed any time soon, and he looked both happy at the prospect and miserable at the price he would have to pay in the morning.

Once they were back in the room, Jennifer donned a pair of long, dark green silk pajamas, whose voluminous folds did nothing to hide her sexiness, especially where the supple fabric lay over the top curve of her breasts, and just hinted at the bump of nipples. She came over and sat in Jack's lap. "I think the combination of the evening's erotic activities and a little bit of alcohol has Susan just about ready for a little tryst with me. May I go seduce her?"

This unexpected request got Jack's dick hard so quickly he was surprised that it didn't project her off his lap. She grinned. "May I take that as a yes?"

"Yes. Can I watch?"

Jennifer shrugged nonchalantly as she rose gracefully from his lap. "Sure, although you might rather relive the up close and personal replay later?"

"What do you mean 'up close and personal'?"

She returned to straddle his lap and lean over to whisper in his ear, her long russet hair tickling his cheek and chest, "Well, you could always experience it as me."

"You mean experience what you experience?"

"Um, hmmm," she hummed softly in his ear.

Jack was having a hard time concentrating, and Susan was in great danger of having to wait for some other night. "Well, why do it as a replay, why not as it happens?"

Jennifer continued her whispering. "For one thing, I'm sure that she will want me to suck her cock, and I don't know if you want to experience my doing that part. If you wait until later, I can edit out the icky parts you wouldn't want to relive," she said this last teasingly, as it to a child, then rose again, much to Jack's disappointment.

"So I get to sit in here with a hard on for the rest of the night?"

"Silly boy," she said as she padded toward the door, hips and ass doing interesting if barely seen things beneath the glistening loose green fabric, "a fantasy is only a thought away. I'm sure you will think of something to take up your time," and with that she padded out the door.

Jack only had a few seconds to contemplate what fantasy he might experience to pass the night before there was a knock at the door. He frowned. "What, forget your key?" he called out as he walked over to open it. He looked at where he expected Jennifer's face to be, then had to look down a few inches to look into Jamie's instead. She was also clad in silk, a royal blue gown that ended at mid-calf. This fabric, too, suggested wondrous treasures beneath as it hugged her slender, ripening curves. Jack enjoyed a second to take this all in, and then looked into her face; a very, very nervous face, he now noticed.

"Uh, hi. Um, Jennifer said, uh, you might need a little company to, um, help pass the time."

"Oh, she did, did she?" Jack asked with a raised eyebrow. You are a wicked, wicked woman, he thought silently to Jennifer.

Jack wasn't sure how you thought a throaty, wicked chuckle, but that's what he heard before she replied, Thank you.

He suddenly realized that Jamie was out in the hall in nothing but a gown, and ushered her in, closing the door behind her. He turned to find her standing in the middle of the room, arms crossed protectively over her chest, looking anywhere but at him. She looked so miserable, he almost had to laugh.

She looks scared shitless! Jack thought at Jennifer.

She is. Just be nice, and gentle. She'll come around.

He smiled as kindly as he could, inwardly shaking his head. "Have a seat?" he asked, indicating a chair. She nodded and plopped down. Jack sat on the edge of the bed at a non-threatening distance away. "Jamie, are you ok?"

She nodded again, still not looking at him.

"So what have you and Jennifer been scheming?"

She looked at him in surprise. "You mean she didn't tell you?"

Jack shook his head. "All she said was that she was going out for awhile," he said, unsure of how much Jamie knew of where Jennifer was actually going.

"Oh." Now Jamie looked down again, more uncomfortable than ever.

Oops, Jack thought to himself. "Jamie, I do have an idea of why Jennifer talked you into coming here. I have seen your lovely body in many interesting activities while we shot demo videos for the website, and have experienced some extremely pleasurable, um, stimulation from you during the recording session for the simulator. Therefore, I assume from your nervousness that what you and Jennifer have in mind is well beyond that."

She nodded.


She looked up at him.

"Are you here because you truly want to be?"


"Well, you do know that you can trust me, and that I won't do anything to hurt you, or anything you don't want to do?"


Jack smiled, "Then would you mind telling me why you still look so scared?"

Shrug. Jack waited. Finally she said softly, "I guess I just don't know why you would want to, um, be with me when you have someone like Jennifer."

Ah. Jack still wasn't entirely comfortable with the situation, himself. It took some getting used to not only having a companion as incredible as Jennifer, but having that companion be the accomplice, if not the outright instigator, in his having sexual encounters with other women. He thought for a moment, and then said, "Jennifer is truly the most beautiful, incredible woman I know. But what's even more incredible than the fact that she is my girlfriend is that she allows, even strongly encourages me to enjoy being with other beautiful, incredible women." Jack moved a bit closer to Jamie and looked her in the eye. "Jamie, you are lovely, and sexy, and there is honestly nothing I would rather do right now than make love with you."

Her eyes widened, and her cheeks turned a bit pink. "Really?"


Susan heard the sound that she was both dreading and yearning for; a soft knock on her door. Jennifer had asked if she could come to Susan's room for some 'girl talk', but the message behind the words had been plain, that there could be much more if Susan wanted it. She wanted it badly, but was scared shitless.

She opened the door to admit a lovely Jennifer in silk pajamas. Damn the woman, she would be stunning in a burlap sack, she thought as she turned to follow Jennifer back into the room. "Have a seat?" she asked out loud. Jennifer smiled a thank you and sat gracefully in one of the chairs, curling her legs up under her. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Um, do you have a soda?" Jennifer asked.

Susan raised an eyebrow. "Caffeine this late?"

Jennifer shrugged. "I have a feeling we might be up for awhile."

"Ah." Susan said, her light brown-cinnamon skin going a bit more cinnamon at the implication of Jennifer's words. To hide this she turned to the small fridge and retrieve a soda and a bottle of water. When she reached out to give Jennifer the soda can, they both noticed how her hand was shaking. Jennifer smiled as she took the can, but retained a light grasp on Susan's trembling hand. Susan looked into Jennifer's eyes, her own going a bit wide.

"Susan, I take it from your nervousness that you anticipate something else other than girl talk happening tonight. Is that something you want to happen?"

The directness of Jennifer's question took her a little off guard. "Uh... what about Jack?" she stalled.

Jennifer grinned. "I'll be straight with you. As I left the room I told Jack I was coming to seduce you." Susan gasped, again surprised at Jennifer's directness as the redhead continued, "He was hard immediately, and his only complaint was that he couldn't watch. I told him maybe next time." Jennifer stood, still holding Susan's hand, and moved very close. Her full, green-silk-draped breasts lightly kissed Susan's nearly as full, cream-cotton-covered mounds, while Susan's erection poked Jennifer lightly on the lower belly. They both looked down briefly at the contact. Susan looked back up even more uncertain, fearful at the disgust she expected on Jennifer's face, but this concern was at least partially dispelled by the naughty grin she found on Jennifer's face.

"Are you sure... ?"

Jennifer placed the fingertips of her free hand lightly over Susan's lips as she said, "There is honestly nowhere I would rather be at this moment." She then moved her hand to lightly caress the back of Susan's long, graceful neck, and then pulled gently to guide Susan's lips to her own.

Jamie's nervousness had mostly ebbed at Jack's words, but not entirely. Jack therefore thought that something soothing was in order, and offered to give Jamie a massage to relax her. This seemed like a good intermediate step to her, so while Jack retrieved some massage oil that Jennifer had suspiciously packed, Jamie removed her gown, turned down the bed, and lay on her stomach, pulling the sheet up to cover her legs and ass. At her okay, Jack turned and climbed aboard, straddling her perky butt. He applied some massage oil to his hands and proceeded to give the seductively toned expanse of velvet-soft and unblemished skin an expert Genie-trained massage, in this case designed to make her both relaxed and aroused. It was very effective at both, for when Jack finished her back, even though he had not approached any traditionally erogenous zones, her nipples were drilling holes in the mattress, and she was making quite a wet spot.

As he worked, Jack realized that all six of the FI crew were going to have very late nights, so he made a quick wish that all parties involved be able to enjoy the night's activities to the fullest without worry for the morning, as they would all wake refreshed and ready for the day on whatever bit of sleep they happened to get. Noticing with a bit of satisfaction the puddle forming under Jamie, he added the wish that all bedding be dry and clean again before those bits of sleep took place, without causing questions from those enjoying the dry sheets.

Jack suspected the massage was now over, but didn't push things, leaning over to ask, "Would you like me to continue down your rear, or would you like to turn over for the front, now?" The look on her face as she turned her head on the pillow confirmed that she wanted neither, that the preliminaries were now over, but there was also still some residual uncertainty. Jack leaned down a bit further, shifting his weight to lay his chest gently onto her back and lower his lips to whisper into her ear. "Jamie, I have seen this lovely body of yours writhe in orgasm, caused by both toys alone, and toys being worn by my girlfriend and used to fuck you nearly senseless. I would like the opportunity to cause the same things to happen for you, but I won't rush you. Just let me know when you are ready."

That did it. "I... I'm ready," she whispered back. Jack grinned, but didn't move except to use his nose to gently nudge her silky brown hair aside, exposing her ear and neck beneath. He then began lightly kissing and nibbling all around the sensitive area while he said, "I'm sorry, what was that?"

Between gasps, moans and giggles, she was finally able to repeat, "I'm ready."

Jack continued his assault until she turned her head to try to escape, and then simply attacked her other ear and surrounding skin before saying, "Ready? Ready for what?"

Jamie spread her hands wide to either side of the pillow and grabbed the sheets in tormented fists. She pushed up on her forearms, raising her upper body a bit off the bed and pushing her back into greater contact with Jack's chest. This allowed her to drop her head a bit forward, surrendering even more of her neck to Jack as her hair cascaded over her opposite shoulder, exposing a greater expanse of delectable skin. Jack took full advantage.

Finally unable to support her weight and part of his any longer, Jamie collapsed back onto the bed. Jack followed her down, pressing most of his weight onto her. She seemed to not mind this sensual heaviness at all, especially when Jack's lips took a less tormenting track slowly down her jaw line. She turned her head as far as she could to try to kiss him, but he kept his lips just out of reach. She whined.

"You're ready to turn over, maybe?" She nodded eagerly, so he sat up to lightly straddle her hips again. She rolled over beneath him. He took a moment to look down and drink in the erotic sight of her hair fanned out on the pillow, framing her delightful face. Her high cheeks were delectably flushed, and he couldn't decide what he wanted to kiss more, her full, red lips, slightly parted with arousal, or the jaw line and chin that begged for more attention. Actually, there was no question, as he looked into her dark gray-green eyes, as to where his lips should go. He did make a quick detour, though, to kiss the tip of her delightfully pointed nose, eliciting a giggle, before his lips finally touched hers.

Jennifer's tongue gently wormed its way between Susan's rich red lips to seek out its companion. Once met, they wasted no time in becoming intimately acquainted, as two sets of lips parted further to give them room to play. Jennifer's hand lightly caressing the back of Susan's neck, and she released Susan's hand from her other in order to reach up to cup a round breast. Susan would have gasped if her mouth hadn't been locked with Jennifer's, and then again when Jennifer's thumb began circling a large, hard nipple through the soft cotton of Susan's gown.

Unsure of what to do with her own hands, Susan finally imitated Jennifer, bringing one up to run through Jennifer's hair and hold Jennifer's lips to her own, while the other, still shaking a bit, tentatively reached for Jennifer's perfect orb. Upon contact, Jennifer pulled her lips away long enough to murmur approvingly and encouragingly before returning to the kiss.

As the kiss became more passionate, hands caressing necks became more animated, running through hair and pressing heads and lips more firmly together, other hands leaving breasts to wrap around bodies and pull them tightly together, then on to palm and gently squeeze firm, round ass cheeks, first on the part of Jennifer, then a still-hesitant Susan.

Bodies folding into each other, Jennifer made sure Susan's shaft received plenty of delightful friction before their lips finally parted and they loosened their embrace. Jennifer smiled at the lust and disappointment in Susan's eyes, disappointment both at the breaking of their hold, and at the end of the rubbing on her cock, which was so close to giving her first orgasm brought on by another. She would have been quick to admit, though, that this was not her preferred method of receiving such, which Jennifer knew full well. Jennifer looked down to admire the outline of Susan's erection pushing out the front of her gown, joining her hard nipples to make an interesting triangle on the front of her gown.

Susan, out of long self-programming and continuing self consciousness automatically slumped forward to try to hide her tumescence. Jennifer smirked fondly and shook her head. She gently grasped Susan's shoulders and pushed them back, forcing her to stand straight, again. Once Susan was upright, Jennifer's grin grew as she moved her thumbs to push the spaghetti straps of Susan's gown off her shoulders. Susan squeaked and cupped her own breasts to catch the gown before it could drop to pool around her ankles. Jennifer shook her head, again. "Susan, I know that you are very hesitant about undressing in front of someone else, but it's time for that to end." Jennifer reached one hand down to lightly grasp Susan's shaft through the gown, causing Susan to violently twitch and grunt in surprise, "I'm going to caress this, I'm going to stroke it, I'm going to suck it, and I'm going to fuck it," Jennifer said, eliciting another shocked gasp, "so why don't you go ahead and take that gown off. You are a beautiful woman, and there's nothing to be ashamed of. Please," Jennifer half pleaded, half commanded, "let me see this beautiful body."

Susan stared at Jennifer for a moment, her big brown eyes wide with apprehension. She finally nodded once, and let the gown slowly drop.

Jack lay atop Jamie, much of his weight on knees and elbows while they kissed. As the sheet was still covering her up to her waist, the weight of Jack's knees pressing into the mattress outside her thighs kept the sheet tight over her legs, effectively immobilizing them. This fact, in addition to her arms having been at her sides as Jack gently placed his elbows outside them to comfortably support himself for an extended kissing session, had Jamie mildly restrained. Far from bringing back any of her earlier anxiety, this seemed to push her passion up a notch, as her arms would on occasion move as if to wrap around his back or neck to hug him closer, only to be foiled by his own arms holding them tucked by her side. Each time this happened, her lips and tongue would become more insistent, as if they were trying to communicate all of the lust that the lack of embrace denied her. Noticing this, Jack teased her a couple of times when she did this by pulling his head up so that their lips would only brush each other, no matter how she craned her neck. She would mew pitifully for a second then, until Jack grinned around the feather-light kiss before pressing her head back into the pillow as their lips mashed together and tongues began to wrestle.

After awhile he pulled away from Jamie's lips again, received the reward of another disappointed mew, and began to slide down her body, leaving a trail of wet kisses as he went. He stopped when his mouth reached breast level. His knees and legs still held hers tightly together and immobile under the sheet, while his elbows pressed into the mattress by her forearms, continuing to foil her very weak and less than half-hearted attempts at freeing them. This position left his own hands free and within easy reach of her enticing breasts. They appeared deceptively small when seen from the front, perhaps partly due to her dime-sized areolas surrounding small but currently impressively erect nipples, and the fact that she had no tan lines to differentiate her tits from the surrounding skin. It was only when they were viewed from another angle, or gently caressed as Jack's hand began to do now, that their perfect half-teardrop shape and more-than-an-ample-handful size became a delightful surprise.

Jack lightly circled her nipples with fingertips for a moment before taking one in between his lips to lightly lick and suck. Jamie's efforts to free her hands, now to hold his head to her breast, became a bit more aggressive, if less conscious and no more effective. He continued lavishing attention on one breast, then the other, until Jamie's writhing did break an arm free, if not entirely on purpose. Jack took this as a cue to change things up a bit. Keeping a lip-lock on her nearest nipple, he slid partially off to one side. This allowed her body to move more freely, and more importantly loosened up the sheet enough to give him access. Snaking a hand beneath its edge, he ran a finger lightly along the furrow between her pussy lips. Her slow writhe froze, and her eyes flew open as her teeth released the lips they had been gnawing. Jack continued his attention to the current nipple while he slowly rubbed his finger deeper and deeper into the cleft between her dripping-slick lips. His rubbing strokes deepened and lengthened until he lightly touched her entrance at one end, and slid under her hood at the other. At the first touch on her clit Jamie's back arched, her eyes closed tightly again, and she moaned loudly. Jack took this as a sign of approval.

Susan's gown slid down slowly, revealing more of her light cinnamon-tan skin, her enticing full, round breasts with russet areolas and large, jutting nipples, then her slender torso and flat belly. It hooked over her erect cock in front, but continued to drop lower in back, uncovering her firm, round hemispheres. Jennifer laughed at Susan's 'hook' collecting the fabric as it fell, while Susan looked down in relief and possibly now a tiny bit of disappointment that her secret was still veiled. Jennifer moved to sit on the edge of the bed, spread her legs wide to press against its side, and gently pulled Susan to her. She wrapped her arms around Susan's waist, drawing her possessively closer, until Susan's lower thighs and knees also pressed against the mattress, bringing Susan's nipples within a few tantalizing inches from Jennifer's lips.

Jennifer looked up seductively at Susan's beautiful oval face, into her deep brown eyes and said, "You are lovely, Susan." Susan's skin flushed at the praise. Jennifer looked at Susan's breasts for a moment, then back to her eyes, grinning naughtily. "Am I the first to see your breasts?" Susan hesitated, then nodded mutely. Jennifer released her hug around Susan's waist to lightly scrape her fingernails up and down Susan's cheeks. Susan shuddered as Jennifer asked innocently, "How about here? Am I the first to touch here?" Susan nodded again. "Well, then, I have to be the first person to do this." This was to reach out with her long tongue and lightly flick one of Susan's distended nipples, making Susan jump and squeak. Jennifer grinned around her tongue as it headed for the other nipple to repeat the flick, with the same result. Jennifer spent the next several moments teasing one nipple with her tongue, then the other, as her fingernails continued to tickle and tease Susan's ass.

Each round of nipple stimulator was a bit more intense, until Jennifer was aggressively sucking, licking, and circling one nipple with lips and tongue, then the other. Susan was constantly moaning with eyes closed and head slowly rolling from side to side, her long raven hair a glossy shimmering curtain, her body frequently shivering and shuddering. Susan's knees finally buckled, and she would have sunk to the floor except for Jennifer tightly hugging her waist once more to support her. Jennifer forced her to endure another round of nipple play, and then pushed her shakily back to her feet. As Susan panted, Jennifer gently and somewhat surreptitiously reached out to unhook the gown from Susan's cock and let it fall the rest of the way to the floor. Susan exclaimed in surprise at this sneak attack, a bit offended that Jennifer would reveal her secret in so off-hand a manner, but mostly afraid of what Jennifer would think when it was finally revealed.

She quickly discovered that she needn't have worried, as she looked down to find Jennifer admiring the finally-revealed member with what looked to be a hungry smile. And suddenly it was as if a great, smothering blanket was removed from her mind, a blanket of self-disgust and fear of rejection and ridicule. It was only one person that found her desirable so far, and that one person really belonged with another, but right now it was enough. Susan found herself suddenly giddy with liberated sexual excitement. She looked down at Jennifer, and her heart almost beat out of her chest at the realization that Jennifer's lips were so close, and she had said she would...

Jennifer knew that Susan ached for her to take her cock into her mouth, but it wasn't time for that, yet. Instead she scooted around on the bed to rest her back on the headboard, grinned at Susan's look of disappointment, then beckoned for Susan to join her on the bed. She had Susan sit between her wide-spread legs and lean back against her chest. Jennifer hugged her tightly for a moment, then moved Susan's heavy, thick hair away from neck and ear so that she could nuzzle and whisper as she began to play. At first Jennifer's hands returned to Susan's breasts to lightly cup, then caress them. Soon, though, one hand released its lovely orb to lightly tickle and tease its way ever so slowly downward. Susan's eyes were glued to its every motion, and as it neared her shaft her breath became shallow and fast, and her heart thudded again.

Jennifer's fingertips left the quivering skin of Susan's lower belly and reached slowly toward her shaft. They began tracing the shape of Susan's unique endowment, but always a millimeter from touching as she admired Susan's erection. Susan's unique organ looked very similar to a guy's, but there were definitely a few differences. It was a bit smoother and more streamlined, with the head and helmet less pronounced, flowing more smoothly into the shaft, and its six-inch length tapered a bit from root to tip. In some respects it could be thought of as a very long clitoris. For one thing, Jennifer knew from the several reads she had taken of Susan that, while the head was still the most responsive part, more of Susan's sensitivity was spread evenly along the shaft than a man's cock. Jennifer also knew that Susan was one of those fortunate women, with cock or clit, who was multiorgasmic. Any guy would be envious of this, but there was one other cock-like feature that a girl might be envious of, if she would ever admit it; Susan's urethra did run through her endowment, allowing her to piss standing up, which she only did when she was sure no one was around.

As Jennifer continued her teasing non-touching exploration with one hand, lightly twisting a nipple with the other, Susan groaned in frustration. She knew that Jennifer was in control, and that it would be bad form to try to move in order to create contact, but she was getting close to not caring. Jennifer alleviated part of Susan's desperation, if none of her arousal, by distracting her with a whisper, "You've fantasized about someone touching you sexually, touching you to pleasure you, for a long time, now, haven't you?"

"Yes," Susan whispered breathlessly in response, her eyes never leaving Jennifer's floating fingertips. She realized, now, that this was all a part of Jennifer making her first time the most incredible experience she could (as far as Susan knew) and that Susan was going to get everything she wanted eventually, so she relaxed as much as she could to try to relish every second.

"And you have fantasized that it was me doing it since not long after me met, yes?"

Susan hesitated, then whispered almost inaudibly, "Yes."

"So, do you want me to caress it?"


"Stroke it?"


"Suck it?"

Susan swallowed, and ever her whisper was unsteady, "Yes."

"Fuck it... or more specifically, let you fuck me with it, thrusting between my legs as I lay beneath you, impaling me as I ride you, taking me from behind as I kneel of all fours before you... ?"

"Yes," Susan moaned, and her hips involuntarily bucked.

Jennifer just gave a low, throaty laugh as he fingers maintained their excruciating distance through Susan's thrust. "And what are you willing to do in return?"

Susan was silent for a moment before realizing that Jennifer was waiting for a response, all the while continuing her almost-touching exploration, the other hand continuing to caress a breast. "Uh... rub, you?"

"Um, hmmm," Jennifer encouraged with a tickling hum in Susan's ear.

"Lick you."

"Oooo, where?"

"Um, your lips, your clit?"

Jennifer moaned softly.

Stick my tongue up your..." Susan sought an appropriate word.

"Cunt?" Jennifer finished.

"Yes," for some reason Susan found the usually-forbidden 'c-word' to be surprising arousing in the current setting.

"Only if I can do the same to you," Jennifer said, snaking her long tongue briefly into Susan's ear as a preview. Susan shuddered and moaned. They both grew silent again as Susan's eyes were mesmerized once more by Jennifer's not-quite stroking fingers. Then Susan held her breath as the fingertips hovered over her cock before finally lowering to lightly caress its very tip. This alone, after the buildup of all the erotic stimuli that Jennifer had provided, was enough to arch Susan's spine and press her head back onto Jennifer shoulder as she enjoyed her first orgasm of the night.

Jamie's body bucked on the bed as Jack's fingers ran relentless circles around her clit while his equally determined mouth lightly bit and flicked a nipple. Her ankle drumming finally stopped, and she lay panting, looking up at him in wonder. "W... Wow. Nobody else has ever been able to do that to me, before."

Jack casually pulled his hand from beneath the sheet and laid it on his hip just out of her sight where he could make fists to try to relax his cramped, aching fingers. It had been a close thing, but he had persevered. Jennifer had mentioned on a couple of occasions that Jamie hadn't had much luck on the receiving end with boys, and that this was mostly due to the inexperience and lack of perseverance of her partners so far. Jack hoped now that she had seen that it could actually happen, she would be more insistent that it happen in the future, if the guys wanted something in return. He smiled down at her. "It was worth the effort, watching you cum."

Jamie grinned and blushed, and leaned up to kiss him. He returned the gesture. He knew from her video sessions that Jamie was not what he would consider truly multiorgasmic, that her erogenous zones became too hypersensitive after orgasm to receive any serious stimulation for a little while. Jennifer had needed to cut the Orgazmoretron almost off between orgasms as Jamie recovered. He also knew from the Orgazmoetron session that her recovery didn't take long, that her young, active libido would have her ready to go again very quickly, and that each subsequent orgasm was faster in coming, and longer and more intense when it arrived.

So, Jack and Jamie kissed and snuggled for a little while, Jack occasionally testing the waters by playfully tweaking a nipple. At one point Jamie reached for his cock as their tongues dueled, but Jack pulled away from her seeking fingers. When she whined around their tongues, he lifted his head long enough to grin and say, "Sorry, he only has a certain amount of fuse, and I want to burn that fuse doing something else." Jack had determined that he wouldn't cheat by asking for a greater than normal longevity, as this might give Jamie too high an expectation of any future partner. He had silently requested earlier from Jennifer that his longevity for the evening be at the 'higher end of normal', though. Jamie's eyes widened at the implication of his words, then closed as his mouth met hers again.

When his nipple teases resulted in nothing more than a squeak and a giggle, Jack began kissing down her neck and between her breasts. She obviously expected these to be his destination, as she jutted them up to receive his attentions. He obliged her for a moment, snacking on each, before resuming his kissing trek south. When his ultimate destination became fairly obvious, Jamie said, "Uh, what are you doing?" in a nervous voice.

Jack looked up at her face framed by the shallow valley between her breasts and said with a lopsided smile, "What do you think I'm doing?"

"But... you don't have to."

"Wouldn't you like for me to?"

"Well, nobody has ever done... that, down there."

Ah. Time to take this discussion out of the realm of the first timers. "Well, I have done it quite a bit, I enjoy it, and I am especially looking forward to doing it to you. And, more importantly, the girls in question have really enjoyed it, if their screaming orgasms have been any indication. So, unless you forbid me, I am going to lick you, to eat you, until you have an orgasm that makes that first one pale in comparison."

Jamie's eyes had gone wide at his words, her breathing had increased, and from his current vantage point, Jack imagined he could actually see the juices start to flow more torrentially from her. "Oh... ok."

Jack grinned, gently spread her legs very wide, and admired her neatly trimmed triangle of brown hair pointing the way. Following its direction, he lowered his lips to hers. Extending his tongue, he licked lightly up and down their slick, now-puffy skin, and Jamie moaned an, "Oh... my!"

Mimicking his early finger pattern, Jack slowly parted her lips with his tongue strokes, licking deeper and deeper between her lips. When he reached the entrance to her tunnel, he teased it for a moment, and then inserted his tongue as far as he could. This earned him a loud groan and a strong hip thrust. Grinning, he licked his way up to the top of her slit and greeted her clit. This earned another buck, and he spread her knees wider and reached under her thighs and up around her hips to hold her pelvis down and keep his target locked. He alternated between long licks between her lips and swirling tonguing around her clit, adding an occasional dip with his tongue into her passage as he passed, until he had her moaning constantly, forearm thrown over her eyes.

True to form, he sensed this orgasm approaching much quicker than the first, before his tongue was nearly as tired as his fingers had become. He latched his mouth over her clit and tongued aggressively while pushing his shoulders against the underside of her thighs to keep then spread wide apart, then released his grip on his pelvis and reached up to experimentally pinch and pull her nipples firmly. Apparently she like it, as she immediately went crazy. Jack pressed down with chin and mouth to hold her against his shoulders, while he retained a good grip on her nipples as she writhed uncontrollably. He continued to lash her clit with his tongue until her movement weakened, and then he immediately released her nipples and only lightly licked her. When a wince told him that even this was too much, he stopped, grinned and crawled back up her body. She grinned tiredly back and said, "Wow."

He raised his eyebrows in mock offense. "'Wow'? All you can say is 'wow'?"


Jack rolled his eyes. He made to kiss her, but her brow furrowed and she pointed around his general mouth area.

"Um, could you, like, rinse that off? I don't think I'm ready to kiss that, yet."

Jack rolled his eyes again and shook his head, but hopped up off the bed and went into the bathroom. He wiped his mouth with a damp cloth, and then swished a mouthful of mouthwash. As he exited the bathroom, he found Jamie half hanging off the bed to watch his naked body. She grinned and said, "Nice."

Jack leapt onto the bed and straddled her hips again to the accompaniment of a small shriek. Interlocking his fingers with hers, he straightened both of their arms so that they were extended above her head as he leaned down to kiss her. She grinned briefly at his minty breath, then kissed him back in earnest. The kissing was languorous but passionate, Jamie enjoying the afterglow and the anticipation, with a little trepidation, of what she hoped was next.

Eventually Jack felt what he was waiting for; Jamie's pelvis began to make small thrusts against him. Sitting up, he gently moved one knee to part her legs, then moved the other to lay between her thighs. Positioning his cock near her entrance, he looked into her eyes. "Are you ready?"

She nodded nervously. "Go slow?" she asked as she broke eye contact to glance down at his shaft, thick and slightly longer than the maximum amount of the double dildo she had been able to take during the video shoot.

Jack grinned reassuringly and said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." With that, he placed his tip at her entrance, and allowed a small pelvic thrust from her to sink him in the first inch or so. She gasped softly, out of surprise and pleasure rather than pain. Once he was sure she was ok, he pressed slowly and gently until he was in about half way before reversing direction. He just as slowly pulled almost all the way out before pushing back in again. Ever so gradually he increased both speed and depth, until he was thrusting almost fully into her, her hips rising to meet him eagerly. Jack knew this would be a challenge, as Jennifer had said that Jamie had never even come close to orgasming from actual sex, before. He wanted to change that, so he set a moderate pace intended to maximize her pleasure as much possible while holding off his own. They thrust together for a pleasant eternity, until both had to stop for a breather.

Jack suggested a change in position, so they gently rolled over and Jamie sat up. Jack let her set the pace and depth this time, and before long she was pounding down on him, taking in every millimeter to mash her clit on his crotch. Her small, hard, bouncing nipples described fascinating patterns in the air until they were captured between her thumbs and forefingers and fairly firmly pinched and pulled once more. Fortunately this position wasn't as directly stimulating to Jack, so he was able to hold off during Jamie's enthusiastic jack-hammering. Unfortunately it wasn't stimulating enough for her either, even with the nipple play, and she finally gave out and collapsed on top of him, panting.

Jack had one more position in mind, one that had worked well before. He gently moved out from under Jamie and let her lay panting. He folded a pillow and placed it under her pelvis, making sure the fold pointed up and parted her pussy lips. He then moved to mount her from behind, first murmuring for her to relax and enjoy, that he would do all the work. He slid smoothly into her, eliciting a muffled moan. He quickly worked up to a good pace, thrusting downward and an angle designed to stimulate both her g-spot if she was sensitive to such, and her clit against the soft pillow.

As Jamie's moans became continuous, Jack felt his explosion approaching. He increased his pace slightly, hoping he could last long enough for Jamie, but knowing he was on a road of no return, now. A couple dozen strokes later, he groaned loudly as he erupted forcefully deep into her. He continued to thrust as evenly as he could, as his eruption finally triggered Jamie's own, and she began shuddering beneath him. The timing was good, as his still-thrusting shaft began to soften just as her trembling subsided. Once she was finished, Jack's sweaty body dropped onto hers, and they lay together panting while Jack continued to deflate. Once he slipped free, Jack rolled onto his back. Jamie raised her head and looked over at him - apparently requiring some effort — grinned tiredly through the damp hair hanging in her face, and said 'Wow'.

Jennifer completely ignored Susan's first orgasm as she resumed the same caressing motion she had been doing before, only this time making contact. Now Susan could not resist the small involuntary thrusts and shimmies her pelvis made in response to Jennifer's touch. Jennifer also resumed her ear and neck nibbling and breast play, and Susan was in another world. Jennifer gradually increased her touch, going from light caresses to stroking lightly with forefinger and thumb. From there she went to stroking with her whole hand, and Susan's hips began rhythmically thrusting to fuck Jennifer's fist. A short time later Susan's thrusting became a bit arrhythmic, much harder to control as she came again. Jennifer whispered in her ear, "Well, that's two hand job orgasms. Would you like to move on to something else for now?" Susan's nod was a little while in coming, but emphatic.

Jennifer gently pushed Susan forward so that she could nimbly remove herself, then allow Susan to lay back on the pillows. Jennifer stood at the end of the bed and slowly removed her pajamas. It wasn't meant as a strip, but Susan watched as avidly as if it were, because it was just as arousing. Jennifer in turn was enjoying the sight of Susan's cinnamon-skinned body lying before her, longs legs split akimbo, raven hair spread in a tousled fan around her head.

Finally naked, Jennifer grinned and crawled catlike up the bed until her mouth was once again inches from Susan's erection. Susan looked down at her with anticipation and an almost animal lust. "You've been fantasizing about this for a long time too, haven't you?"

Susan's nod was immediate and almost frantic. Still grinning, Jennifer reached out her tongue and flicked the tip of Susan's cock. Susan twitched violently and growled. Jennifer did it again, this time making a little more substantial contact. Her licks came more and more frequently, and lasted longer and longer, until her tongue was in constant contact, licking up and down and all around Susan's shaft. Susan was delirious at this point, but her eyes never left Jennifer's tongue until Jennifer broke contact to lift her head and slowly take Susan's tip in between her lips. Susan moaned/growled loudly again and involuntarily thrust her hips once more, but Jennifer raised her head with the thrust, not allowing Susan to bury her cock down Jennifer's throat.

When Susan's ass returned to the sheets, Jennifer took the opportunity to shock Susan by inserting a thumb into the virgin's non-virginal but still very tight tunnel. Susan gasped and tried to buck again, but in addition to adding extra stimulation, the thumb was there to help prevent Susan from thrusting.

Meanwhile, Jennifer's lips continued inexorably down Susan's shaft until she was completely engulfed. Jennifer then began to treat Susan to the blow job that Jennifer has promised at the end of the simulator test. Later, Susan would admit that, as good as the simulator was, it couldn't quite match the real thing. Now, she was too delirious to have such coherent thoughts.

Finally Jennifer's insistent sucking and tonguing, tailored to wring the most pleasure out of the slightly different wiring of Susan's endowment, could not be denied, and Jennifer allowed Susan to thrust deeply into her receptive throat as the raven-haired beauty cried out in orgasm. Jennifer deep-throated her through it, then slowly pulled off of her with a shit-eating grin. "So, was that ok for your first one?"

All Susan could do was flop her head down and back up in a nod. Jennifer crawled up to lay beside Susan. She gently moved a few strands of hair out of Susan's face, and then kissed her. "So, ready to fuck me, yet?"

Susan's eye widened, then she held up a finger. "One... minute."

Jennifer grinned again, then rolled on her back, spread her legs, and started absently mindedly playing with herself, one hand's fingers on her clit, the other's worrying a nipple, a patient yet expectant expression on her face all the while. This little show was enough to goad Susan into action. She rolled over on her side and motioned an eager offer to take over for Jennifer's hands. Jennifer smiled and shook her head, "You can do that later. Right now I want that beautiful cock inside me. Repeatedly. Will you fuck me, please?"

The thrill of this request obliterated any disappointment Susan might have felt at not getting to play with a clit for the first time. With new-found energy she moved between Jennifer's legs and lined up a bit uncertainly. Jennifer reached down to guide Susan to her waiting opening. Susan thrust, and shoved in more than she had intended. Jennifer simply gave a low moan, though, and then so did Susan. She found Jennifer to be deliciously tight, incredibly tight considering that monster that Jack had to be pounding into her at every opportunity.

After a few erratic thrusts Susan found a rhythm, and they were soon moaning in duet as she stroked her full length into Jennifer's tight passage. She almost lost her rhythm only once, as a shock of reality broke through the pure lust at the realization she was actually having sex, and it was with a stunningly beautiful woman, and the woman was apparently deriving great pleasure from it. Then she was lost in the rhythm again.

She held back as long as she could, but inexperience and virginal excitement prevented her from lasting long, and all too soon she was cuming. She was delighted to see, as she grunted her own pleasure, that Jennifer was obviously cuming with her, an erotic and gratifying sight which only added to her own explosion.

Finally spent, she collapsed onto Jennifer, who received her with an embrace and a happy laugh. "Hey, you can't quit, now! What about those other positions you promised me?"

Susan mumbled something incoherent which nevertheless got across that there was no way it was going to happen right now. Jennifer chuckled again while gently stroking Susan's hair as the exotic copper-skinned beauty lay relaxing atop her. Jennifer welcomed the erotic weight, murmuring soothingly and continuing her stroking as Susan dozed off, barely noticing that Jennifer's tunnel was now squeezing her rhythmically, keeping her member warm, cozy, and rock hard.

Jennifer checked in with Jack to find that he and Jamie, too were close to dozing off. She wished him a good night, and closed her eyes.

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