Both Jack and Susan were awakened by the feeling of wet, wonderful things happening to their respective members. Jack's mostly still unconscious mind registered that the mouth sucking on his cock was not Jennifer's, and he looked down blearily but still curious and excited, wondering who, or what, she had conjured up this morning to be his alarm clock. It was only when he recognized Jamie did the events of the previous evening - or more correctly earlier that morning - come trickling back into his brain. He wakened quickly after that at the thought that this was the first real person other than Jennifer to have awakened him in such a manner. (Except possibly for Sharron the morning after the hot tub party. He still didn't know if that counted, dammit.)

"Do you wake all of your fellers this way?" Jack asked, grinning down at Jamie. She started, and then removed her mouth to look up at him with a kid caught in the candy jar grin. The nip of her teeth at the surprise of his voice had been half-way down his cock, so he didn't mind it, but he made a mental note that if the same opportunity should ever present itself again, it would probably be safest to speak when his cock was actually not in the girl's mouth.

She shrugged and said, still grinning, "I was awake and he was irresistible. Plus, I figured I owed you a couple of good cums after last night."

With his wish that everyone awake refreshed Jack was now alert enough to do some quick figuring, even with her fondling his balls as her mouth headed back for his cock. "The way I figure it, after the scenario you programmed using remote while learning the simulator, your real blow job while recording the audio-only scenario, then the sex last night, we're even."

She frowned at him in surprise and disappointment and said, "So you don't want me to do this?"

Jack grinned, "Oh, yeah. I just want some breakfast, too."

Jamie continued frowning at him for a moment, then understanding dawned and her frown transformed to an excited grin. Jack laughed at her enthusiasm as she scampered up to throw one leg over his head and gently lay atop him. In imitation of Jack's laying on her earlier, she kept much of her weight on knees and elbows, but Jack wasn't having that. He gently but firmly pulled her down until her entire delicious weight was on him. He then went to work with lips and tongue as he felt her mouth do the same.

Jack ran his hands over the graceful curve of Jamie's back and down to the much more acute curves of her tight round butt. He squeezed lightly and received a pleasant moan around his cock in return. He continued to squeeze, pressing her pussy more firmly to his mouth. He licked up and down her split, on a couple occasions experimentally overshooting his boundary to sloppily lick her bud. Each time he did this her bud would pucker, and he would receive another small moan against his cock.

Encouraged, he moved his hands down her thighs a little in order to bring his fingers within diddling distance of her pussy. Concentrating his tongue action on her clit, he inserted one index finger and received a louder, longer moan. Once that finger was liberally lubricated, he exchanged the other for it, and then moved the slickened finger up to lubricate her bud and slowly, gently push it in. This resulted in a hip thrust, another teeth nip, and a loud, vibrating groan. Taking this as approval, Jack grinned and went back to work with fingers and tongue.

A moment later he was shocked to feel a slender, spit-slickened finger worm its way into his own rear, and it was his turn to buck, driving his cock into her throat for a second, causing her to gag. She didn't let up with mouth or finger, though.

Jack knew that Jamie hadn't had much luck on the receiving end with any of the few inexperienced partners she had so far been with, and had hoped that beyond being highly enjoyable, their earlier round of sex would show her that she was certainly able to, and should expect to, receive sexual gratification with a partner in addition to giving it. However, Jack hadn't really intended for the little minx to take the 'equality' thing this far. He was uncomfortable with the idea of anything invading his exit, although a girl's finger was one of the least objectionable things he could think of. And he had to admit that her slim digit was hitting an interesting spot or two as she wormed it around.

It was also pushing him more rapidly toward blast off. So, ignoring his surprisingly only mental discomfort, Jack went back to work with a vengeance. It was lucky that Jamie was still a bit freshman at giving blow jobs, or she would have easily beaten him. As it was, Jack was able to hold out long enough to eat her to orgasm first, her head and hands frozen as she shuddered against him, then her attack beginning once more while Jack lay back and enjoyed the hot little body laying atop him, working to drink his cum. A moment later she did, and thanks to her finger playing in his ass, it was a surprisingly strong jet. The little trooper swallowed it all, though. She was learning fast.

She lay her head on his thigh as they both relaxed and panted for a moment, then she looked at the clock, said "Oh, shit!" hopped up to don her gown and dashed out of the room. Jack raised an eyebrow at the door as it clunked closed behind her.

Susan, meanwhile, woke much more abruptly, heart beating, as she had never had anyone wake her in such a manner, except perhaps in her wildest dreams. She looked down to find Jennifer calmly straddling her, head tilted down a bit so that she was looking at Susan from beneath her brow, a naughty crooked smile on her face, as her talented vagina slowly milked Susan's shaft. Susan looked further down at their junction to find something even more surprising; Jennifer had a cock of her own, one which Susan quickly recognized as a new type of strap-on that securely held the dildo for the most vigorous of activity while leaving the wearer's pussy open for other activity, sort of a 'crotch-less strap-on'. They had seen it at the show, and Susan was thinking about buying it for the catalog.

Noting Susan's gaze, Jennifer said, "I borrowed it. I thought we should try it out." Susan just looked at her, until Jennifer leaned forward to place her hands over Susan's breasts and lightly press and squeeze for a little leverage, and then started moving slowly up and down on Susan's shaft. Susan's eyes locked with Jennifer's as the gorgeous red head rode her, until she felt her orgasm stirring. She growled in frustration when Jennifer moved off of her then, but spread her legs wide when she saw Jennifer's destination. Jennifer kneeled between Susan's thighs and aligned the tip of the dildo with Susan's opening and slowly pushed it in. Susan moaned as Jennifer's hot cock slowly filled her completely. Wait, hot cock? she thought. She looked at Jennifer in wonder. Jennifer grinned back.

"I take it you forgot the insert this thing has which allows you to add hot water to make it feel more realistic. I assume it feels pretty good?" Jennifer didn't wait for an answer; she had already begun slowly thrusting. Susan just nodded and watched the cock disappear into her a few times, then closed her eyes, laid her head back, and gave herself to the experience. Jennifer didn't disappoint her, building up to a nice fast pace, pumping at it for awhile, then suddenly withdrawing. She pushed Susan's legs together, threw her own leg over, impaled herself back onto Susan's shaft, and started riding before Susan quite realized what was going on.

Jennifer switched back to the strap-on one more time, than back to riding Susan again. Jennifer knew that Susan thoroughly enjoyed being fucked, but hadn't come very close to orgasm from it. Jennifer also knew that she could fuck Susan to orgasm with the strap-on given enough time, but this was supposed to be a quick morning wakeup screw, so the third time back on Susan's cock she rode them both to satisfying, vocal orgasms, most likely giving any folks in the surrounding rooms their own special wakeup call.

Once they had both recovered a bit, she leaned over to kiss Susan lightly on the lips. "Time to go get ready. I hope you had a pleasant night?" Susan could only nod dumbly. "Good. I hope we can do it again some time soon. You still owe me some rubbing and some licking." With that Jennifer hopped up, removed the strap-on, donned her pajamas, blew Susan another kiss, and walked to the door. Susan just stared stupidly after her.

Jennifer cracked open the door, and grinned as a blue silk blob streaked by. She pulled it open the rest of the way and calmly walked to her and Jack's room, Susan's door latching behind her.

Jack lay for a moment, wondering what happens next. He was answered by a knock at the door. He hopped up, still naked, and walked to open it a crack. Seeing it was Jennifer, he stood behind it and opened it far enough for her to enter. She breezed in saying, "No, I didn't forget my key, I just don't have anywhere to put it." She turned and noticed Jack's state. She smirked. "Have fun?"

Jack raised an eyebrow. "You didn't watch?"

"Nope, I was having my own fun."

"How did it go?"

"Mmmmm, very nice." She looked at him, and then her eyes unfocused for a moment, "As was yours. I see." She grinned again. "Does this mean that I can play with your ass now?"

Jack grunted. "... We'll see."

Jennifer gave a theatrical pout, but then stepped closer to wrap her arms around him. "Come scrub my back, big stud, and you can tell me who you want me to send to your room the next time I go screw Susan senseless."

The atmosphere was a little odd for a while after the crew arrived at the FI booth for Saturday's session. Susan looked a bit fearfully at Jack, but relaxed at his cheerful good morning, given with only a slightly knowing smile. Jamie received the same thing from Jennifer. Nick was cheerfully oblivious, simply happy that his second marathon sex session in as many nights somehow hadn't left him completely spent, but actually feeling great.

Things quickly smoothed out as everyone assumed their posts. It had been decided that both Susan and Nick would work the floor most of the day, the rest of them agreeing to work their own booth all day, receiving a break by Susan and Nick so that they could grab some lunch after Susan and Nick took their own.

It quickly became obvious that this day would be a bit different than the previous one. Nick and Susan weren't the only ones hitting others' booths on Saturday. Jennifer politely refused offer after offer to pay her more money to be a booth babe for someone else, or to appear in porn, or to make her a star, etc. Some got pushy or insulting when she refused, but none of those walked away feeling they had enjoyed the upper hand in the conversation, and none wanted to cross wits and words with her again.

Jack, meanwhile, had to deal with vendor after vendor wanting to get in on the distribution of the eFelltrix. Most went away disappointed when Jack informed them that Forbidden Indulgences was here solely to promote the product, not to look for distributors, but one just wouldn't take no for an answer.

"Come on, there's no way that little Forbidden Indulgences is going to be able to handle all of the demand this thing will generate. This sort of thing needs to go through Sexual Fantasies Incorporated!"

Jack knew the name as one of FI's chief competitors. 'Little' FI? What's up with this guy? He asked Jennifer.

He's the president of Sexual Fantasies Inc., which as you know is one of FI's big rivals. From what I can read of him, he is, so far, the most deluded man I have ever met.

What do you mean?

He sees himself as one of the kings, soon to be THE king, of the sex industry. He has his fingers in much of it, including the porn industry. He sees FI as a tiny competitor that he will soon crush.

And are they, we, tiny in comparison?

Hardly! Other than certain lines of adult videos, which he has an inside track on and is thus able to carry as exclusives, FI is pretty much an equal match in sales. He would never admit it, especially to himself, but the simulator has him scared.

So... he decided to come to FI and tell us that we can't handle distributing this incredible product, that he should be doing it instead?

Yup. Such is his delusion.

He has no idea that I am a 'link' to the 'inventor', he just thinks I work for FI?


Unfuckingbelievable. What does he possibly hope to gain?

I have no idea. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to antagonize him too much, though.

Luckily at that moment Jack saw Nick approaching the booth. The other guy did too. He harrumphed. "Please excuse me, I have an appointment to keep," and he walked hurriedly off.

Nick came up frowning. "What the hell was he doing here?"

Jack shrugged innocently. "Oh, he was just about to tell me how his company could do a much better job distributing the simulator than FI."

"What?!" Nick exclaimed, shocked. "How did he... did you... ?"

Jack rolled his eyes and grinned. "Nick! That moron just came up to what he believed to be a FI employee to tell said employee why FI couldn't handle what FI was trying to do. He's insane! He has no idea of my connection with the inventor. Even if he did, the inventor has a partnership with you guys. He will distribute with no one else unless you say so. And even then, I am absolutely confident in saying that there's not a snow ball's chance in hell he would work with that freak."

Nick breathed a sigh of relief. "Ok. Sorry. It was just when I walked up..." he shrugged and let the comment drop, then looked after the guy and shook his head.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon flew by smoothly until shortly after Jack and Jennifer returned from another adventure in lunch-time dining. Jack, and most everyone else, noticed a guy walking down the aisle in the general direction of FI's booth. He was certainly good looking enough to draw some attention from the ladies, if Jack was any judge of things, but what seemed to be drawing most of the attention was the almost visible aura of ego that wafted around the guy. It was like a miniature black hole, sucking in everyone's attention as he passed.

Who the hell is that? Jack asked.

Jennifer concentrated on the guy for a second. That is Richard "The Cock" Johnson. He's one of the few current well-known male porn stars. And I must revise my earlier statement; HE is now the most deluded man I have so far seen.

Wow, two in one day. Jack was about to ask what made him the new champion, but got distracted by another thought. He frowned. So, he's Dick "The Dick" Dick?

It took all of Jennifer's restraint and poise not to laugh out loud. This was fortunate, because it would have been in Richard's face, as by this time he had noticed Jennifer, his powerful ego focused on her as he approached.

"We... have not fucked yet," he said by way of introduction.

Jennifer did laugh, then. "You've got me there! We certainly haven't."

"I am Richard Johnson. You have heard of me." It was not a question.

"I have."

"Ah, good. That makes things so much easier. So, when may Richard have you?"

Jennifer knew what he meant, but even she was so surprised at the actual asking of the question out loud that she automatically said, "'Beg pardon?"

"If you have heard of me, then you know that Richard is the best cock there is. You cannot wait to experience it. When may Richard make your fantasies come true? If you are good enough, he might even recommend you for his next motion picture. Richard has not seen you before, so you must be new to the business. A fresh face is always good in a production, although it would only be a minor part until you pay your dues, you understand."

Meanwhile Jack was broadcasting dramatic, sarcastic thoughts along the lines of, Must... resist... giant sucking ego!...

Jack! It's hard enough talking to this guy as it is.

Sorry. So is old triple-Dick really that good?

NOBODY is that good. Except you of course, she finished with syrupy sweetness as she battered her eyelashes at him over Richard's shoulder as the guy turned to vociferously greet someone walking by. Jack snorted. Can I take him down a peg or twelve, please? She asked in the same voice.

Have at it. I WISH you would. Just don't get us in trouble.

Richard turned back to Jennifer. "So, how about it. I actually have tonight free, so you can experience the full Richard with no distractions."

Jennifer made a regretful face. "I'm sorry, Richard, but tonight is Forbidden Indulgences' VIP party..."

"I know! Richard has received an invitation. Perhaps Richard might attend after all, and then we could..."

"It would be wonderful to see you there, Richard, but I'm afraid I will be there quite late, so I don't know that I could do you justice afterwards," she paused and made a cute frown, "or anytime, for that matter."

"What do you mean? I..."

Jennifer laid a hand on his arm familiarly, "You're right, I am new to the business, and I just don't think I can take that massive unit of yours, at least not until I've had some more experience with some of the smaller guys in order to... work my way up, if you know what I'm saying. I mean, I've overheard some of the other experienced girls talking — you know, from your films and stuff - and even THEY say it's painful when you slam that salami into them and fuck them like a jack hammer, no matter how well lubed they are." Jennifer sighed wistfully, "I'm just not a good enough actress yet to make it look like that feels good." Then she grinned, "Hopefully some day, though! Maybe some day I'll be ready to take Richard 'The Cock'!"

"Uh, okay," Richard said, frowning as he tried to figure out if he should be offended or not. His ego certainly looked to be dampened for the moment, anyway. "I'll, uh, keep an eye out for you." Regrouping slightly, he walked away. Jennifer waited until he was out of sight, and earshot, before she released the delighted laugh she had been holding in.

"That was fun!"

Jack just shook his head with a grin. You certainly can be evil. Was any of that true?

Yup, every word. The guy has the finesse of a rutting elephant.

Hmmm. For the sake of the ladies should we... ?

You know, I think they would rather endure the pain as it is, brief in comparison to the torture of enduring his ego if he actually became GOOD at sex.

Ah, very well.

Jennifer turned to greet the next group of visitors.

A little while later Nick returned again, grinning like a fool. The reason for his grin accompanied him; a short, beautiful oriental girl who, unlike Cassie, Jack recognized immediately. "Jack, this is Lotus Jade, a friend of Cassie's. 'Lo, this is Jack Phillips, our media guru and liaison for the simulator." With impeccable, even suspicious timing, Jennifer walked up to them then, having a small break between visitors, "and this is Jennifer Holiday, Jack's girlfriend and assistant..."

"Partner," Jack amended.

"Partner's right. I think she's the true power behind the throne," Nick stage-muttered out of the corner of his mouth.

"You have no idea!" Jack laughed.

"Jennifer this is Lotus Jade, a friend of Cassie's." The ladies exchanged a friendly handshake. "Jack, Cassie has been really talking up the eFellatrix, so much so that Lotus asked if she could come by for a demo, especially of the recording process. If it turns out well, she's interested in being our first... 'guest fellatrix', and will put in a good word with her friends and associates, as well." Lotus just grinned and nodded.

"Oh... great!" Jack said in surprise. "Um, let's see, I guess we'll need to go to the hotel for that. I can set up the recording equipment early in the hall where the party will be. We have it from the afternoon onward, right?" Nick nodded. "Uh, were you going to be her test subject?" Jack asked him.

Nick made a face of both disappointment and, Jack though, relief, "No. Cassie said there was no way she was letting Lotus near me without her being there," Lotus laughed, "and besides, there are a couple more vendors I have to visit this afternoon. I was hoping you could..." Nick looked suggestively with eyebrows raised between Jack and Jennifer.

"Oh, so I'm supposed to leave her alone with my boyfriend? I can't go either, not with Susan on the floor," Jennifer laughed in mock offense. Nick shrugged guiltily. Jennifer shook her head and rolled her eyes. Another group was approaching her station, so she said, "Very well, dear, you run along and play with the hot little porn starlet. Don't you worry about me, slaving away here..." she tapered off as she walked away. Jack and Lotus both laughed.

"Thanks mom!" Jack called after her. He turned to Lotus. "Well, um, shall we?"


Jack led her out of the hall and towards the monorail station. It was surreal and incredibly exciting, leading one of the few adult film stars he both knew of and was a fan of off to perform oral sex on him at his direction. It was also a little intimidating.

The first few moments of the ride were spent in a slightly uncomfortable silence. Jack was trying to come up with an icebreaker, but Lotus beat him to it with a surprising question. "So, have you seen any of my stuff?"

"Of course! You're one of the few stars I look for."

"Really?" She looked genuinely flattered. "That's great!" They went on to chat about their backgrounds. Jack learned that "Lotus" was of mixed oriental descent, but had grown up in southern California, explaining her English. "I can speak with accent, though. Many American fans, they like!" she said in a thick Japanese-accented sing-song. Jack laughed. Dropping the accent, she asked, "So, Jennifer really doesn't mind you receiving oral sex from me?"

Jack shook his head. "Nope, as long as she gets to watch the video from the shoot later to make sure nothing funny went on."

Lotus laughed at this ridiculous answer. "So, does she get the same consideration with other partners?"

Jack nodded. "Absolutely. If you want to perform oral sex on her, I'd be more than willing to watch the tape."

Lotus laughed again "No, dummy, I mean with other guys."

"Well, she claims that mine is the only cock she wants. I'm not kidding about the oral sex with you, though. She'd be more than willing."

You're damn skippy!

Hey! Who said you could eavesdrop? Jack asked in feigned outrage.

Who said I couldn't?

"Well, that must be some incredible cock, then, to satisfy someone like her. She's gorgeous, and hot."

"Yeah, she's the incredible one. I'm just average."

Lotus appraised him with a raised eyebrow. "Well above average, I think."

Jack shrugged and turned a bit red.

Arriving at the hotel, they went directly to the large ballroom where FI would be hosting the evening's party. The hotel's hospitality folks were already setting up and decorating. There were several small rooms partitioned off at the back, each with an entrance from the main room and an exit to the hall outside. The largest of the partitioned rooms would host the recording setup for any couples that wanted to record their own impromptu blow-jobs to enjoy again later with the simulator. The next two rooms would be running Jamie and Jennifer's sound-only scenario, and the two after that the full video and sound scenario that was partially looping in the booth. The idea was for any interested attendee to take his simulator into the room, hook it up with the help of one of the FI ladies, enjoy the scenario in privacy, then leave with his simulator by the exit to the hall, giving him some continued modicum of privacy and time to freshen up before rejoining the party if he so wished.

All of the boxed PC and video equipment was waiting, and Jack continued to chat with Lotus as he efficiently unboxed everything and set it up. "So, how long have you been in the industry?" Lotus asked at one point.

"Um, how do you define 'in the industry'?"

"You know, being part of adult films."

Jack though for a moment. "Well, since now, I guess, if this counts." She frowned at him in confusion, so he continued, "The only video shooting I've done before this that might be considered as 'in the industry' was for some demonstration video clips for FI's website, and almost all of that was solo stuff, from the neck down. Well, there was the one demo video scenario for the simulator, but that's really the only thing I would consider as an 'adult video'."

"Have you appeared in anything?"

Jack grinned, "Maybe. From the neck down."


A few minutes later Jack had everything set up. "Okay, I think we're ready."

"Cool. How do you want me?" Jack looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She frowned. "What? Oh!" she smirked, "I forget how that sounds outside a studio." She paused and raised an eyebrow. "So? How do you want me?"

Several responses came to mind, but he finally said, "Um, how about topless?"

She smiled. "Sure." She casually shucked off her top, revealing a plain white bra which contrasted starkly with her naturally dark-tan skin. That came off just as easily, and Jack was distracted a moment, staring at her perfectly round tits, just as tan as the rest of her skin, and nicely full for her small frame. She noticed his admiration. "Like them?" she asked, jutting them out a bit.

"Yes, they are pretty incredible."

She smiled. "Thanks!" Her grin turned a bit rueful. "Best money can buy!"

"Oh?" it was fairly obvious, actually. There were no scars or anything, and they truly were a beautiful pair of breasts, it was just that they hardly moved when she did. Jack began applying the clear reflectors to her face for the video capture to track, then the small wired sensors on her face and neck. "You know," he said conversationally as he worked, "I think yours are the first pair of enhanced breasts I have seen in person."


"Yep. Since you seem so comfortable and casual about the topic, can I ask you a question?"


"How did it affect your sensitivity when they, uh, did whatever they did?"

She chuckled. "Well, my nipples were never all that sensitive, unfortunately. For many of the girls, it lessened a bit when they had it done. For me it actually got a little better. It still isn't that great though."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

She gave a small shrug. "No biggie. I make up for it in other areas."



Jack wanted to ask, and she knew he wanted to, but he decided to let it lay for now, as he realized he was about to receive oral attention from this hot little starlet, but first he had to apply the clear reflectors on himself, both of which meant he had to get naked. Oh, well, he thought to himself, no time like the present, and he somewhat nervously started to strip.

Lotus watched him calmly, until he stood naked in front of her, cock standing at attention. She smiled a naughty smile then, one nearly as beguiling as Jennifer's. "You're hardly average, and definitely not in the business."

Jack frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, I don't remember the last time a guy was hard by the time he was undressed. Most of them take a bit of warm-up before they are hard enough to do anything. There are girls on the set especially for that."

Jack gave her a mildly horrified look, then said, "Well, if that's what it means to be 'in the business', then I'm glad I'm not, and never want to be. Just seeing you should be enough to get any guy hard. I know it did for me... actually, that's a lie. It would have, except that I've been hard since Nick mentioned you wanting a demo of the simulator."

Jade gave him a different smile, although one no less captivating. "You know, I think that's the nicest thing that anyone has said to me in a long time." Then she made a disgusted face. "Maybe Cassie's right, maybe I need an actual boyfriend. She sure seems happy enough with Nick."

Jack laughed. "Yeah, he's pretty happy, too, except that he's complaining that she's fucking him to death."

Lotus giggled. "She did mention being fairly randy the last few days. Should I tell her to take it easy on him?"

"Oh, hell no. He's a big boy, he can take care of himself, and besides, he's loving every minute of it."

By this time Jack had his cock ready to go. He moved into position for both the motion capture camera and the two cameras that would capture the 3D video, and then said a bit nervously, "Okay, I think we are ready."

Lotus moved to kneel in front of him. "Ok, so how does this work, again?

"Well, both this camera over to your left and the sensors on your cheeks and neck capture your physical movement, which can then be perfectly recreated by the simulator. These two cameras pointing straight down at my eye level will capture the actual video, which can then be played back either on a regular monitor screen, or on these 3D glasses," Jack reached over and grabbed a pair of glasses hooked up to the recording PC. "Here, try them."

Lotus put them on, then said "Oh, wow," as she moved around, trying to coordinate her movement with what she saw looking down on herself. She reached out and after a couple near misses, grabbed Jack's cock. Leaning forward, she banged her nose against him, giggled, and then took a few experimental sucks. Jack moaned. She stopped and cocked her head. "That was real, wasn't it?"

"Oh, yeah."

She sighed. "That's another thing. Most of that stuff I hear is fake. It's much hotter to do it to someone who is a really enjoying it." She grinned, "What's also hot, and kinda kinky, is watching myself as if I were you while I blow you. Can I do the shoot with these on?"

"Well, how about we do the first one normally, just to get a good recording, then later we can do the glasses."

Lotus pouted as she took the glasses off. "Yeah, that makes sense," then she smirked up at him, "although I think you are just trying to weasel another blow job out of me." Jack pursed his lips, tilted his head, and nodded thoughtfully, as if he found that to be an excellent idea. Lotus laughed.

They got ready to start the recording, but then Jack said, "Oh! And no hands. The simulator can only reproduce what is done with the mouth."

"Oh, yeah, that makes sense. So, do I need to swallow?"

"Well, either that, or finish it with your tongue, which would result in pretty much a, um..."



She made a face, "I'm not big on facials, but swallowing is fine, if that's good for you."

Jack just raised an eyebrow at her. She laughed. "Let me guess; it's a sacrifice you are willing to make."

They began recording, and not surprisingly there were a couple false starts. For one thing, Jack still had to remind her a couple of times not to use her hands. Finally she slapped her thighs and said, "I've got to do play with something."

Jack thought for a moment, and then grinned. "How about yourself?"

She looked up at him in surprise, then grinned back. She stood and turned, careful of the wires leading to her sensors, and made some interesting hip gyrations as she wriggled out of her skin-tight jeans, revealing a tight round ass, then short yet nicely proportioned and deliciously toned legs. Pulling down her thong to join the jeans on the floor, she knelt in front of him again. One hand on a tit and one between her legs, she said, "Now I'm ready."

And boy was she ever. She gave Jennifer a run for her money, both in technique and the simple sight of her gorgeous oriental face looking up at him as her small, bow-shaped mouth opened wide to take him in. He didn't much care for watching blow jobs where the girl was more interested in looking at the camera than the recipient of her attentions, especially if her enthusiasm was obviously mostly fake. It was a big difference when one of those same girls was looking him in the eye while he received, though, especially as it certainly didn't look like Lotus was phoning this one in.

Even with the greater longevity granted him when Jennifer had 'tuned up' his body their first day together, he was very close to asking Jennifer to put another quarter in his meter. But once again he refrained, as once again anyone else enjoying the replay of this simulation later wouldn't have that option. Still, he figured that many more users would be hitting the "Now!" before the blow job was actually over, rather than the 'extend' button because they weren't quite done. It was all he could do to remain standing, much less fairly still, as she enthusiastically sucked and swallowed every drop before slowly sliding her lips from him, then licking them provocatively. "Mmmmmm, yummy."

Jack stood on weak legs for a moment, recovering, and then stopped the recording software and the video cameras. "Wow."

She laughed. "Is that the best you can say?"

Jack laughed, too, at her echoing his question to Jamie after performing a similar service for her in the wee hours of the morning. "That was absolutely incredible."

Lotus smiled, and actually looked to blush a little. "Thank you. It was my pleasure."

"Uh, no, I think not," he paused, "Unless you... ?" He pointed in the general direction of her hand still at her pussy. She shrugged.

"Nope. I was too busy concentrating on other things."

"Well, can I, uh, return the favor or something?" She looked at him with a raised eyebrow, and it was his turn to shrug. "I just hate to leave a girl hanging."

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Oh, yeah. I always try to give at least as good as I get," then he hedged, "well, in this case at least as much as I get. It wouldn't be as good."

"Somehow I doubt that." She looked at his softening member. "Although, since you're offering, what I would really like is this nice big guy inside me. It's been awhile since I actually fucked for enjoyment."

Even with his libido having been temporarily drained, this pronouncement got his heart thumping and his juices flowing, although not back into his rod quite yet. He grinned, "Well, in that case, how much have you learned from the ladies who get the cocks good and hard for you."

Lotus opened her mouth in feigned shock. "Are you implying that I need to learn something about getting a cock good and hard?"

Jack's grin grew. "When you put it that way, no. How about a compromise?"

And thus for the second time that day Jack found himself with a hot little body laying atop him, delectable pussy in his face while the mouth at the other end sucking on his cock. Lotus was shorter and lighter than Jamie, but slightly more curvy, and it was interesting having her two full, firm mounds pressing into his abdomen. He also enjoyed the feeling of her longer hair tickling his balls and the inside of his thighs. He used the hand that had been at Jamie's ass to explore one of Lotus' firm tits, unsure if he was ready for the return of anal attention this time if Lotus decided to give it.

Before long Jack understood what she claimed made up for her low nipple sensitivity; he licked her through an orgasm before she had him fully hard again. It would have been more, except for two things; he kept getting distracted by the very interesting things she was doing to his privates — how the hell did she get both my balls in that tiny mouth? — and those very interesting things got him hard again much quicker than he expected.

Once she had him fully erect, she slid off of him and onto her back, spread her legs wide, and said without preamble, "Fuck me, Jack!"

Jack shook his head at the impossibility of a hot porn starlet commanding him to fuck her, but only while moving to do her bidding. He crawled up between her legs and lowered his crotch to hers, rubbing his cock through her lips a few times and receiving a favorable response. Rubbing a bit lower, his cock tip slid into place at her entrance, and he slowly, teasingly, pushed in.

"Mmmm, with no hands. Very nice, Jack." She closed her eyes and relaxed as he inched into her. When he finally bottomed out, filling her surprisingly tight passage, she sighed, "Ah, a perfect fit. I knew it." They began moving together, Jack trying to use all of the knowledge he had gained from Jennifer so far on how to move and angle his thrusts for greatest effect, while at the same time taking his cues for speed and forcefulness from Lotus. He was extremely gratified to see and feel her experience orgasm several stroke-filled minutes later. From his vantage point, he was fairly sure there was absolutely no acting in it.

"Yeah," she sighed a few moments later, "it's been too long since I've done this for fun." Jack lay down lightly on her to kiss a nipple, and then deftly orchestrate a roll so that she wound up on top, still impaled. She laughed. "You are pretty good at this, aren't you?" Jack just shrugged. "My turn on top, eh? Very well. You asked for it."

She began slowly riding him, laying low over his chest. She surprised him by dropping her head to lick and lightly suck a nipple. This wasn't nearly as much a homo-esque squick as the anal thing was, but it still made him slightly uncomfortable for a moment. But only for a moment, as it was surprisingly erotic, especially when she added another new wrinkle. "Does honored sir like his nipples licked?" she asked in a thick Japanese accent. She went on to say that this geisha girl was at honored sir's disposal for his pleasure, and to service him in any way he wished, and other subservient dirty talk, all the while retaining complete control of the action. Her movement, her contradictory submissive words, and her occasional nipple play all combined to get Jack working quickly toward blastoff, and soon he was pumping jet after jet into her. She followed almost immediately.

Once they were both spent, she sat up and looked down at him, grinning. "That was fun." Then she pouted, "But now I owe you another good cum or two, if we are to be even."

Jack grinned, "No you don't. I'm quite satisfied with the afternoon's activities. Although, I might tell my friends that the hottest porn star I know of owes me a couple of blow jobs or something. They won't believe me, but then they didn't believe me when I showed them a picture of Jennifer and told them that she was my girlfriend, either."

Lotus laughed. "You're both hot, but seeing her in action in the booth, well..." she shrugged. "Now, though, after I've gotten to know you, I'd say she got a pretty good deal."

Jack blushed. "Thanks... I think."

She laughed again. "You're welcome!"

They disentangled and cleaned up with the supplies already in the room, intended for the same purpose later in the evening. After getting dressed, Jack checked the recording PC to make sure everything was captured correctly, then put it to work compiling the video motion capture, sensor data, and video and audio from the other two cameras into a scenario.

"Can I see it?" Lotus asked.

"Well, it will take about an hour to process it. After that, sure, if you want to hang out that long."

She shrugged. "I got nothing else I need to do. Can I help with anything?"

"Well, I figured I would go work on the other booths. Everyone is supposed to come here after the convention hall is closed to help set up, and then run get freshened up before the party, but I figure I'd get a head start. You can help me with that, if you like."

"Sure, what can I do?"

They unpacked the equipment for each booth, then Jack hooked everything up and tested it. Lotus was a more than willing test subject for his 'dry runs'. She listened to the audio-only scenario while she watched a simulator performing the action on a demo cock Jack had set up. When it was done, she said, "Man, that was pretty hot! Makes me kinda wish I had a cock for a little while."

Jack was sorely, sorely tempted to have her wish granted, but then he would just have to make her forget it happened or something, which defeated the purpose. He had another much less satisfying but still interesting idea, though. He made a quick silent wish, then ran to the other room and came back with a strap-on.

"We thought this might be fun for girls to use if they want to see what the simulator does. It's a poor substitute, but," he shrugged. Lotus thought it a neat idea, though, and strapped it on over her jeans for the test of the full-blown scenario.

Jack hadn't liked the idea of Jennifer recording a scenario that millions of guys might enjoy, and they hadn't really had anyone else to perform it at the time, so Jack had wished up a stunt double who he took to calling Jennifer's sister, a temporary girl who was almost as hot as Jennifer in all respects, and looked sort of like her, except with black hair instead of red.

They dressed her in a gypsy bandit sort of costume, complete with black silk scarf tied over her head and with two eye holes cut out, Zorro-style. While they were cheating, Jack had Jennifer create a small gypsy 'encampment' behind the girl to add to the atmosphere.

The idea of the scenario was to show the complete capabilities of the simulator system, along with challenging the user a bit. The story was that the beautiful gypsy had captured the recipient while he was sneaking around her encampment, trying to spy on her as she began to undress, and tied him to a tree. If he wanted to see her so badly, then he would get his wish, she would say, after which she would perform a strip that guaranteed to get any user hard as a rock. She then started an hourglass and said that if the recipient could last until the sand was gone, he would go free. If not, well...

The blow job that followed wasn't really an hour. It was intended to challenge a user with an average longevity, although the length could be adjusted in the software. It also required the ejaculator sensor, which Jack had offered to give to all attendees along with the simulator. Nick bellyached a bit about the loss of sales due to giving all of the sensors away, at least until he saw the video for the scenario. After that, he didn't say a word.

Lotus certainly found the scenario erotic, even with only a silicone cock. "Wow, that's really hot," she said, returning to the room where Jack was monitoring the compiling of her own scenario. "The guys should love that!"

"Yeah, well, the guys should love this one, too. It isn't quite done yet, but it looks like it's going to turn out awesome."

Lotus grinned in appreciation. "Thanks!"

Jack had an idea. "Any way we could use it in one of the booths tonight?"

"You want to?" She looked surprised.

"Of course! It's hot! I'll run it by Nick, but as excited as he was at your recording it, I can't imagine that he would object. That is, unless it interferes with some other contract you have or something."

"Nope, I'm between contracts at the moment. Nick and I have already talked a bit about selling a scenario with me, so we should be able to work something out."


"Would you guys like some help tonight?" Lotus asked. Jack looked at her with in surprise. She shrugged. "If you want to use my video, I could work that booth or something."

"You'd do that?"

She grinned. "Man the booth where guys are inside experiencing a blow job from me? Sure, that'd be a hoot!"

Jack grinned back. He certainly wouldn't complain about her presence, and neither would absolutely anyone else, he figured. He looked at his watch. "Well, the guys should be here in about an hour. They'll be happy we have done a lot of the prep already. Do you need to go get any clothes or anything?"

Lotus grinned and went to her large bag. She rummaged around, and then pulled out a shimmery piece of material. "Nope, I'm good."

Jack frowned at it a moment before realizing that it was an article of clothing. "Uh..."

Still grinning, she quickly removed shirt, bra, and jeans again, before shimmying into what turned out to be a skimpy, strapless dress that barely covered her ass. "I'm always prepared." Then she gave a small frown. "Although I would like to freshen up a bit."

"I'm sure one of the ladies would be happy to share their bathrooms with you," he frowned at her with concern, "although I'm not sure which one. I mean, if I let Jennifer and you get together, for instance, we might not see either of you for days."

Laughing, Lotus slapped Jack's arm. "Hey! Are you saying just because I'm a porn star, I can't keep my hands off of your girlfriend?"

Jack continued frowning at her in. "Oh, it isn't you I'm worried about. It's Jennifer. If I let you near her in that dress, well..." he shrugged suggestively.

She looked at him with raised eyebrows for a moment, until Jack broke into a grin. Lotus rolled her eyes. He continued, "In all seriousness, I need to share Jennifer's bathroom, too, but I'm sure Jamie would be happy to share with you." He frowned again, "although, I'm not sure how that would work, either. I mean, she's a sweet little girl, and I'd hate for you to bring her back as a... OW!" Jack rubbed his arm where Lotus had severely pinched it.

The evening's party was a lot of fun for everyone, although everyone complained good naturedly to Nick that they couldn't enjoy it because they were working.

All five ladies were stunning. Jennifer, Susan, Jamie, and Lotus worked the four simulator booths, while Nick and Cassie, who had consented to join him for the party, schmoozed. Since all the girls had to do at the booths was to spend a moment or two helping a guest set up his simulator, then wait for awhile outside the booth as the guest enjoyed the scenario, they spent the majority of their time chatting and flirting with the other attendees, basically enjoying the party, just close to the booths. After the attendees had enjoyed the heavy hors d'oeuvres, most of them split their time either mingling around or standing in line for the booths, and on the dance floor, so the booth girls missed little.

Jack worked the recording booth, and was a little more tied down. He would prepare the ladies who were willing to be recorded giving their husbands/boyfriends/whatever oral sex with reflectors and sensors, then instruct them on how to apply the reflectors on their guy's cock. The vast majority of the girls willing to be recorded were fairly attractive, and as he didn't have to see the guys except for the part disappearing into the girls' mouths, Jack wasn't too unhappy with his duty, although it was a bit surreal.

Once each couple was done, Jack would burn a CD with a rough compilation of their scenario while they cleaned up. The hour of compile time taken for recorded scenarios such as Lotus' was mostly spent by the computer analyzing the data recorded to make sure that the recorded motion capture and sensor data matched, and automatically editing out of the video the sensors that the girl was wearing.

The rough copy that the couples received contained only the raw data from the video capture camera and the sensors, and raw video from the two video cameras. It still made for a good replay, definitely a unique souvenir, and Jack even offered to clean up their scenarios and ship them later for a small fee. A few took him up on it. Those Jack had fill out some info while he saved their files. The others he erased from the PC's drive after their CDs were finished. By the end of the night Jack could pretty much tell who would want to get the cleaned-up copy by how the blow job went. He even saw one or two he might mention to Nick to pursue to sell on the website if the 'performers' — mostly the girl — were interested.

Elsewhere, Lotus was, unsurprisingly, a hit. The line for her booth was quite a bit longer than the others, at least initially, as it quickly became obvious why she was there. The other booths manned by Jennifer, Susan, and Jamie, soon had lines nearly as long, though, either because the folks who were in them assumed that the equally attractive ladies were also featured in the simulations they 'manned', or that they simply didn't want to wait in Lotus' line.

In any event, the shindig went well, and went late into the evening, until everyone finally left after experiencing their desired demo simulations. Jack and Jennifer stayed around a little while to help organize and pack up, then returned to their room to pack their own things for their early departure the next morning, and to hit the sack. Jack wanted to make another wish for a restful evening, but was caught in a catch 22, where he was too tired to perform the sexual activity that would be required to allow him to make the wish. He figured he could come up with something if he thought about it long enough, but fell asleep first, pleasantly spooned with Jennifer.

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