As Jack pulled out of the airport parking lot he groaned at the thought of the four-or-so hour drive ahead of him. His dream-filled nap on the plane had helped a little, but not as much as it might have.

"Want me to drive?" Jennifer asked.

Jack though about this for a moment, then had a better idea. "Can you conjure up a driver instead, while we cuddle and nap, and perhaps fool around a little?"

Jennifer looked at the loaded rear of the little SUV, then back at Jack with a questioning raised eyebrow.

"And perhaps, um, expand the back a bit, with a nice comfy bed in a little love nest?"

Tingle. Jennifer grinned. "Yes master." Jack suddenly found himself naked, snuggled with Jennifer under soft sheets in a bed in the 'expanded' rear of the SUV while Jennifer's 'sister' manned the wheel. Jack smiled in contentment and lazily pulled Jennifer close to kiss her.

Around three snuggly-nap-filled hours later, Jack developed a strong urge to pee. "Um, perhaps we should have her pull over. I need to take a piss." Jennifer looked at him with an expression that said he could do better.


She continued to look at him expectantly.

"Oh! Um, can you get rid of my need to pee so that we can make love?"

She grinned, her eyes flashed, and his bladder was empty. "Not very creative considering the extent of my abilities," she lazily laced her fingers behind his neck and began to pull him down toward her, "but since it results in us doing my very favorite thing, I can't complain." Jack gently resisted her pull long enough to marvel anew at the matchless display of her long russet hair splashed across the pillows, at the golden tan of her skin contrasting deliciously against the light-cream of the sheets of their love nest, at both her brilliant green eyes and the full lips of her cute little mouth smiling up at him in open, lascivious invitation. He couldn't resist her draw for long, though, and it had almost nothing to do with her hands pulling gently on his neck. He lowered his lips to hers.

Their leisurely love making ended just in time to get magically cleaned up and dressed and zap back into the driver and passenger seats before looking for the beach house the family had rented for the week. After a couple of wrong turns they found it and pulled into the driveway. Jack looked over at Jennifer. She looked very nervous. He smiled reassuringly and said, "Don't worry, they'll love you." He had to admit that he felt some nervous excitement himself, though. He fully believed what he had just said, but he was still introducing what was in essence his life partner, eventually his wife if they formalized it that way, to his family. Who wouldn't be a bit nervous?

Leaving their luggage in the car for the moment, they climbed the stairs to the front door — like almost all houses in the area, this one was on pylons, or stilts, as his younger sister used to call them — and opened the door. "Hello?" Jack called.

"Woo Hoo!" came the response from somewhere above. "Up here!"

Jack grinned as he led Jennifer upward. "That's mom."

Two floors up they finally emerged into a large open combined kitchen, dining and den area. A slender, sprightly woman with graying brown hair was puttering around the kitchen until they topped the stairs. "Hey, mom!" Jack said.

"Jack!" she grinned, coming over to give him a hug, then held him at arms length. "Good grief, boy, what have you been doing to look so studly?"

"Mom!" Jack laughed in mild embarrassment. He indicated Jennifer. "It's all her doing. Mom, this is Jennifer Holiday. Jennifer, this is Katharine, my mother."

Katharine had turned at the introduction, and her eyes widened. "Oh, my. Yes I can see how Jack might be inspired to great efforts. You are absolutely lovely, dear." She had taken Jennifer's hand, and shook it warmly. "Welcome to our little family vacation. I hope we don't scare you off."

Jennifer blushed a bit but smiled graciously at the praise, then laughed at the welcome. "Thank you, Mrs. Phillips. That would take some doing, I'm afraid."

"Yes, I bet it would," she mused thoughtfully as she looked between Jack and Jennifer, "I'll wheedle details later." She changed the subject as she headed back toward the kitchen, "You two are probably thirsty. Lemonade?"

"That would be great, mom. How can I help?"

She waved him off, and then waved them both toward stools at the kitchen's counter-slash-breakfast bar. "You can't. It's ice and lemonade in cups. Sit. How was your trip?"

"Long, but... good," Jack said.

"'Good', eh?" she repeated, looking at him shrewdly, a look he remembered well, a look she used when she knew, somehow, that he wasn't telling the whole story, or the whole truth.

Jack grinned back innocently. Not this time, mom. You don't want to know. "Yep," he said out loud.

She narrowed her eyes at him for a moment, "Uh, huh." She let it drop — for now - as she placed glasses in front of them. "Well, your father is taking a nap in our bedroom over there. Why he comes to the beach to nap in the air-conditioned bedroom, the same as he could do at home, is beyond me, but," she shrugged. "Um, let's see..." she ticked off on her fingers as she continued, "I believe Cindy is on the deck outside her room, reading a book. Doreen and Jonathan are taking a stroll on the beach..."

Jack turned to Jennifer, "Cindy was married to Dad's brother until he died in the line of duty. He was an officer in the Army. She's still part of the family, though. Doreen is mom's sister. Jonathan is her husband."

Katharine continued, "Sarah, Janie, and a friend of Janie's that came with her, Lea something-or-other, are sunning by the pool. Zane is down there too, trying to nonchalantly ogle the girls in their much too skimpy bathing suits while trying to hide his boner."

"Mother!" Jack laughed in shock.

She shrugged. "It's true," she said matter-of-factly. "Boys will be boys. And girls will be girls, I guess."

Jack just shook his head and turned back to Jennifer. "Sarah is my younger sister. We've talked about her a bit. Zane is Cindy's son, her only child. Janie is Doreen's and Jonathan's daughter, also an only child. I don't know who Lea is." Jack frowned and turned back to his mother. "What about Martha and Elizabeth?" Martha was Jack's older sister, the wild sibling, and Elizabeth was her young daughter, whose arrival had tamed Martha quite a bit. Martha wasn't sure who the father was. Jack and Jennifer had discussed Martha on several occasions.

Katharine sighed. "She couldn't get the whole week off. She'll be here Wednesday."

"Oh, Okay. Well, I guess we should get our bags moved in. Where is our room?"

Katharine pointed downward. "You guys are in the back bedroom to the left when you come out of the stairs. Sorry, the old folks got dibs on the ocean-front rooms. You should still have a great view from your little balcony, though."

"Okay. We'll go get unpacked, and be back up in a little while." Jack said, gulping the rest of his lemonade before heading for the stairs. Jennifer took a final sip of hers, placed both of their glasses in the sink, and said, "Thanks for the lemonade, Mrs. Phillips," before following after Jack.

Katharine waved her off. "Call me Katherine, please. No thanks necessary, although if you can get that boy to put his dishes away after he's done with them..." she shook her head while pointing to Jennifer having done it for him. A moment later she called down after them. "Dinner is going to be simple tonight; hot dogs and hamburgers. Jonathan'll be lighting the grill when they return from their walk on the beach in a few minutes, so chow time should be in about an hour."

Jack and Jennifer unpacked casually, exchanging frequent caresses and playful grabs as they moved around their bedroom. True to Katharine's word, while their bedroom was on a corner of the house opposite from the ocean, it had a private deck on the side of the house that enjoyed a great view down the beach, and plenty of shade from another deck above. After they finished putting things away, they relaxed in the hammock on the deck, Jack feeling slightly but pleasantly guilty as they swung lazily that he wasn't helping with dinner.

"Your mom's great, I really like her," Jennifer said with a grin, but Jack could tell that there was a 'but'.


Jennifer screwed up her face as if she was a bit afraid to go on, or that the Genie was afraid to anger her Master. "Well, she's a little... different."

"Different? How? Do you mean, like, lesbian or something?"

Jennifer rolled her eyes. "No!" But then she frowned and shrugged, "well, maybe. I don't know exactly. She's different because I can't read her like I can most people."

It was Jack's turn to frown. "What do you mean?"

Jennifer thought for a moment. "Well, this isn't the best analogy, but think of most people as, say, a college dorm room, with an open door. Just by walking by the door and glancing inside, you can see a bit about the occupants, and without an invasion of their privacy. That's what I can usually do, sexually related, with most people, just through my basic ability and without a wish or anything from you. A step further would be to stick your head in the door for a quick look. That might roughly equate to the tote board.

"Now, the next step would be a closed but unlocked door. That's kind of what I get from your mom. I can read nothing from her now. If you wished me to, I could 'open the door' and look in without harming her in any way, as the door is 'unlocked', but she might be aware of something going on, just as you would know if someone opened your actual dorm room door and looked inside. There's also the question of if that's more of an invasion of privacy. It certainly would be in the case of the dorm room, but, well," she shrugged, "perhaps that's where the analogy breaks down a bit. Beyond that, as you have mentioned before, she also certainly seems incredibly intuitive."

Jack absorbed this. "So... what would cause this 'closed door'? And as for the intuitive part, we've always written that off as 'motherly intuition'."

Jennifer shrugged. "Hard to say, at least without a wish from you to investigate, and even then my investigation would be restricted to sexual. Or protection, of course, but I certainly don't sense, or expect at this point, that your mother is any danger to you."

Jack raised his eyebrows. "I would certainly hope not!"

"I don't know if you Mom's 'closed door' and intuition are some innate ability, or perhaps something magical. I think I can say, though, that if they are magically related, it isn't Jinn-wrought."

"Huh? What else would it be?"

Jennifer lifted her head from lying on his shoulder to look at him with a raised eyebrow. "It could be many things. You don't think Jinn magic is the only magic, do you?"

Jack looked back at her in shock. "Well, no, I guess not. I honestly haven't thought about it at all, but now that you bring it up, it only makes sense..." he trailed off as the implications flooded his brain. "Holy shit! How could I not have thought about this before? Does that mean that there are, like, really witches and vampires and wizards and stuff?"

Jennifer shrugged again. "Now? I don't know. Back in my original time..."

"Jack?" Jack's dad's voice interrupted from the deck above them. "Are you kids down there?"

Jack was so engrossed in Jennifer's revelation that he nearly jumped out of the hammock in surprise at the call. "Hey!... Dad. Yeah, us 'kids' are down here."

"Well come on up. Dinner is almost ready, and all of us are dying to meet this girlfriend of yours. Your mom tells us she's quite the looker."

Jack shook his head and shrugged apologetically to Jennifer. Typical Dad, Jack thought to himself. Jennifer just giggled. Jack sighed and started maneuvering them out of the hammock. "I guess we'll have to continue this later. Ready?"

Jennifer looked nervous again, but Jack just grinned.

Jack and Jennifer climbed the stairs to the living area to be greeted by a cheerful, slightly cacophonic welcome. Jack looked around to find that all the adults were present, but the kids still must be changing. He waved at everyone and said a general howdy, then steered Jennifer toward his Dad. "Dad, this is Jennifer Holiday. Jennifer, this is Ronald, my Dad."

Jennifer returned Ronald's firm hand shake and said, "It's wonderful to meet you, Mr. Phillips." She released his hand and performed a graceful little spin. Even in her current simple light green pair of corduroy short-shorts, matching sleeveless v-neck t-shirt, and comfortable nearly-flat sandals she was heart-stoppingly gorgeous. She had brushed her long hair until it glowed a deep red, and as she turned she flashed to good effect legs that, in flats, more than equaled what a pin-up model would require spiked heels to achieve. So the answer was already a given when she looked at him, head tilted, eyebrow raised, a saucy little grin playing on her lips and asked "I hope I meet your 'looker' expectations?"

Jack's father was a generation older, and thus a bit old-school, the breadwinner while his wife was the homemaker. Still, he had been a good father, showing up at the important baseball games, dance recitals, etc. Sometimes he was a bit clueless on the finer points of family goings on, and interpersonal interaction, but he knew enough to 'harrumph' and look a bit bashful, now.

Jack's mom laughed and slapped his arm, "Serves you right!" She grinned and held a thumbs-up to Jennifer, "Good for you!"

Jennifer grinned back and shrugged.

Jack led her to a middle-aged couple, next. "Jennifer, this is Jonathan and Doreen Schubert. Doreen is mom's younger sister. Jonathan, Doreen, this is Jennifer Holiday, my girlfriend."

They both greeted her warmly. Jonathan made a heroic effort not to ogle. He was somewhat successful.

Last of the adults was a short, attractive dirty-blond. She was slender and lightly curvy, and Jack was happy to see that the only change in her since the last time he saw her was a slight deepening in the laugh wrinkles around her eyes and at the corner of her mouth. "Jennifer, this is Cindy. Cindy, this is Jennifer Holiday."

Cindy smiled. "It's so nice to meet you. Finally, someone worthy of my favorite nephew!"

Jennifer blushed and said thanks, while Jack snorted. "Cindy, I'm you're only nephew!"

Cindy shrugged. "That just makes my standards higher."

They all stood around and chatted casually while awaiting the arrival of the grilled meat, which Jonathan had gone to retrieve, and the rest of the younger generation, at whom various adults took turns yelling down the stairs to hurry up. Everyone wanted to know how Jack and Jennifer had met, of course, and they repeated their now familiar, totally BS story. There wasn't time for much of anything after that, as the burgers and dogs arrived, followed seconds later by the stragglers. The first was Zane, Cindy's son, a gangly, stick-thin young man sporting a shock of unruly brown hair. Jack was surprised at how tall Zane had grown since the last time he had seen him, but determined not to mention it. That was way too grown-up a comment.

Unsurprisingly, Zane headed straight for the food, giving a grunted reply to any greeting he received on the way. He didn't even notice Jennifer until he had a plate overloaded and started looking for a place to sit. He almost dropped it, then, and spent the next while staring at her while managing to look everywhere but. And shoveling in food, of course.

Last up the stairs was Sarah, Jack's younger sister, and what appeared to be her entourage; their cousin Janie, and a girl Jack didn't recognize who must be Lea. Sarah was worthy of the entourage from a girl's point of view, he supposed; a pretty blond who had always been popular, always a cheerleader, always with the 'in' crowd. Now a senior in college, it wasn't surprising that the younger ladies idolized her, especially Janie, who would be a college freshman at the end of the summer. Long, straight dark hair to Sarah's long, curly blond, slender, understated curves to Sarah's more voluptuous figure, Janie looked like she might be catching up to Sarah in the looks department, even if her look was quite different.

Lea, though, was a surprise, and a bit of a puzzle. Her slightly short, stacked figure had larger breasts and a rounder, fuller, tighter ass than Sarah, yet had a tiny waist and toned, tan legs that only a teen could possess. Her pretty face and lustrous, wavy brown hair combined with the rest to make for a very hot young lady, yet she gave every indication of being extremely self conscious, and deferential to both of the other girls. Jack made a mental note to nose into that a bit.

Sarah led her little procession halfway into the room before she spotted Jennifer, and then she visually deflated. Jack and Jennifer walked up to the trio. "Hey, Sarah. This is Jennifer, my girlfriend. Jennifer, this is my sister Sarah, my cousin Janie, and this must be Lea, yes?" Lea nodded mutely as she stared at Jennifer in awe. Janie said, "Um, hi," as she did the same thing. Sarah managed to extend her hand and shake Jennifer's as she said, "Nice to meet you," while also staring half in awe, half in something a bit more sour. Jennifer greeted them all warmly.

"Come on everyone, let's eat before the food gets cold... or Zane eats it all." Katharine said. Zane blushed slightly, but didn't stop shoveling it in, or staring in what he hoped was a surreptitious manner at Jennifer. Jack and Jennifer slowly moved toward the buffet where the food was laid out, winding up in line behind the girls. Filling their plates, they looked for a place to sit. The girls had ensconced themselves at one small table, and the youngest two at least were giving Jennifer looks as if they hoped she would join them. Jack looked over at Zane. "I'm going to sit with Zane. He looks a bit lonely."

"Ok, I'll go with you."

"Sure you don't want to sit with your new fan club?"

Jennifer smiled ruefully, "I have a feeling there will be plenty of that this week."

"Aw, poor baby." Jack said completely insincerely. Jennifer narrowed her eyes at him.

Zane sat up straighter and looked a bit uncomfortable yet excited when it was obvious they were heading his way. "Hey, Zane! Mind if we join you?" Jack asked.

"Uh, sure!"

They sat, and then realized they had forgotten beverages. "I'll get them!" Jennifer said, bouncing back up. She looked at Jack with a raised eyebrow and asked in a voice suspicious for sounding remarkably flight attendant-like. "Ice cold bottle of beer, sir?"

Jack narrowed his eyes in return, "Sure."

Zane observed the obviously charged exchange, then Jennifer's captivating backside as she walked away. He noticed Jack noticing his noticing, and looked hurriedly down at his plate. Jack smiled. "Zane, let's go ahead and take care of something now."

Zane looked up with a miserable 'busted' expression on his face. "Yes, Uncle Jack."

Jack snorted, "No, let's take care of that first. Call me 'uncle' again and I'll smack ya. It's just Jack, got me?"

Zack grinned. "Yes, un... Jack."

"Good. Now. She," he indicated Jennifer across the room putting ice in a cup, "is incredibly hot, yes?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Zane said noncommittally, obviously unsure of where the conversation was going.

"You 'guess so.' Not to brag, but honestly, have you ever seen anyone hotter in person?"

"Um, no, I guess not."

"Good. So, it would be very unfair, and unrealistic, for me to expect you, a healthy young lad, not to admire her, yes."

"Uh, I guess so?"

"Right. Therefore, I give you permission to ogle her as much as you want. I don't mind, and she won't either."

Jennifer returned at that point, cutting off their discussion. She looked back and forth between them suspiciously. "Have you boys been talking about me?"

"Yep." Jack nodded emphatically.

Jennifer grinned a big grin. "Good!"

The rest of dinner was casual, easy discussion, with Zane's initially self-conscious, monosyllabic contributions slowly expanding to actual sentences, especially when the topic turned to video games. When Jack happened to mention that he had packed his game console, Zane said, "You did?! My mom wouldn't let me bring mine."

"Well, mine probably wouldn't let me either, but she doesn't tell me what to do anymore... most of the time."

"Let me get this straight. You boys are going to come to the beach and spend all you time playing video games?" Jennifer asked incredulously.

Jack shrugged and said in wounded innocence, "Maybe."

Jennifer rolled her eyes and sighed. "Well, that just leaves me more time to sunbathe topless by the pool, I guess."

"Ouch!" Jack exclaimed, laughing. "You don't fight fair!" Meanwhile, it was a wonder that Zane's instant hard-on didn't 'thunk' against the bottom of the table.

Everyone chipped in and made short work of the after-dinner cleanup. The adults decided to go for a walk on the beach, while the girls went off to do something... girlish. That left Jack, Jennifer, and Zane. Jack was still a bit tired, so passed on any evening beach-type activities, putting them off to other nights, and the three of them plopped down to watch some TV.

After nodding off for the third time, Jack decided it was time for bed. Staying awake long enough to determine that Zane was currently the only occupant of the 'children's room', called such because of its two sets of bunk beds, and that the room had its own TV, Jack deposited the game console with Zane, advised him to keep the volume low to avoid discovery for as long as possible, and then collapsed into his own bed with Jennifer and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning Jack woke to bright sunshine lighting the room, and to the lovely but mundane feeling of Jennifer lightly stroking his shaft with one hand, tickling his balls with the fingernails of the other. "That feels wonderful, and you are welcome to do it all day, but I must say it isn't very creative for an all-powerful sex genie."

She grinned back at him, and then shrugged insouciantly. "I'm on vacation."

Jack laughed, then motioned for Jennifer to come lay with him. She did so, pouting at leaving his shaft. They cuddled and kissed for a few minutes before Jack said, "What do you say to an early dip in the pool?"


They hopped up and donned their bathing suits. Jennifer chose a royal blue one-piece, causing Jack to take his turn to pout. She grinned. "Don't worry, I've got skimpy bikinis for lying out. If we are paddling around, this is better."

"Better for whom?" Jack asked as he grabbed a couple of towels and started for the pool, jumping when Jennifer grabbed his ass on the way out of their bedroom.

They found the pool pleasantly warm in the still-cool early morning, and paddled around and played grab-ass for a little while as they chatted. "Let's get back to this 'other types of magic in the world' thing we were talking about last night," Jack said.

Jennifer had been floating around lazily on her back, causing interesting blue islands to rise from and recede back into the water as she occasionally gave a languid backstroke. She now turned over to face him, just her head out of the water. "Okay."

"So... there were lots of other magical creatures in your original time?"

"Well, the ones I'm most familiar with are those that populated Persia at the time of my creation, and even those I'm not an expert in, as that wasn't - isn't - my specialty. There were the sorcerers I mentioned before, of course..."

"When I think sorcerer, I think wizened old men with long white beards, velvet robes and pointy hats. Or is that wizards? Are they the same as your sorcerers?"

Jennifer shrugged. "Maybe. There are, or were, different names for the same things in different parts of the world, I think. Or at least similar things. Sorcerers in what is now Europe may not have worked so much, or at all, with Jinn, but much of the rest of what they practiced could have been similar to those in Persia." She shrugged again, and Jack noticed that even her shoulders appearing briefly out of the water was sexy. "I'm afraid that while I know that magical creatures, and magic itself, existed in significant amounts during the era in which I was created, and I feel fairly sure it existed to a similar extent around the world in general, I don't know much about it," she grinned, "unless it dealt with something erotic, of course."

"Oh? So you do know something about other magic sexual creatures?"

She nodded emphatically, sending out ripples from her chin. "Oh yes, there I can speak from a little more authority. Succubae, for instance. Now those..."

"Morning guys!" a cheerful voice interrupted. They both looked up to see Cindy padding out from the house wearing a fairly modest bikini that still managed to show off her slender curves to advantage. She had a large fluffy towel over one arm, flappy flip-flops on her feet, and carried a large book and larger bottle of sun tan lotion. "How's the water?"

"Nice!" Jack replied.

Are you referring to the water, or her?

What do you think? "Join us!"

She's your aunt, you naughty, naughty boy! How dare you look at her that way!

He snorted. You'd do her in heartbeat.

Yeah, cuz she's not MY aunt.

"I will in a bit. I want to bake a little, first."

I mean, it's bad enough that she's wanted to jump your bones since you were 18, and even more so once she could admit the desire to herself after she got over her husband's death, and probably would have molested you if she had the chance. Now with your new all around hotness, I'm surprised she isn't all over you right now, with me floating here beside you! And you have to go and ogle her in return!

But... she's hot!

True. Hotness recognizes no boundaries, I suppose.

Is all that really true?

What, her having the hots for you?


Pretty much. Oh, she's not nearly as likely to molest you in broad daylight as I might have portrayed... well, okay, at any time for that matter due to how she believes things now stand, what with you having an, ahem, stunningly gorgeous girlfriend if I do say so myself, not to mention the whole aunt/nephew thing, but otherwise, yeah.

Jack pondered just what that statement meant for a moment, remembered the tote board, pondered if he should be looking at his aunt's tote board, then got distracted when he noticed Cindy applying oil to her abdomen.

Bad nephew!

He decided to table the whole thing for the moment and stalk Jennifer instead. Seeing the look in his eye, she gave a small shriek and started paddling away from him. He hunted her for a couple circuits around the pool, on the second lap coming close enough to the wall to feel a strong jet of water on his leg. He was instantly reminded of a different session of play in another pool, and was disappointed for a second to find that the jets in this particular pool were too low on the walls to do much good. A quick wish would fix that, though, and he was about to make it, but at the last moment had another naughty thought, and after mulling it over for a moment and taking into account what he had learned in the previous pool experience, switched the wish to a secret one. He then caught up to Jennifer and dunked her. She came up sputtering and laughing, and a wrestling match with some very illegal holds ensued.

Jack allowed Jennifer to dunk him and maneuvered to come up behind her. He wrapped one arm around to hug her to him and palm a breast, the other to palm her mound.

"Jack!" she hissed, looking over at Cindy.

"She's not watching, she's sucked into her book. Besides, my hands are both under the water, she can't tell what I'm doing," Jack whispered.

"She'll know if I start moaning," Jennifer hissed back.

"So cum silently."

Is that a wish, Jack? she asked with interest.

Hmmm, why not? Any orgasms that you might have until you get out of the pool will be silent ones. As a matter of fact, there will be no outward sign of them at all.

Yes, master!

As they silently conversed Jack had maneuvered her towards the repositioned water jet. He made another secret wish to remove the fabric over her mound as long as it was aimed at the jet and to spread her hood a bit to expose her clit, and that she would not notice the changes until he positioned her into line with the strong stream of water. She gasped.

Jack! What are you doing? Oh, my!

Jack made another wish, not secret this time so she'd know what was coming, that her clit would remain aligned for maximum pleasurable stimulation, no matter what the rest of her body was doing. Once that was in effect, he moved his hand from her mound to cup and fondle her other breast while nuzzling her neck. She laid her crossed arms on the edge of the pool for support. Her moan was heard only in his head.

This particular jet happened to be on the side of the pool facing Cindy, and the sudden silence, plus two people hovering at the edge of the pool facing her direction was eventually enough to pull her attention away from the book enough to look up. While Jack's fondling was hidden by the edge of the pool, his nuzzling wasn't. She grinned. "Hey, you two, get a room!"

Jack grinned back and moved to the edge of the pool beside Jennifer. "So how have you been, Cindy?"

She sighed, and her smile grew a bit rueful. "As well as any single mother with an eighteen year old son can be. I can't complain."

This led into a casual conversation of what had been going on in their lives since the last time the family had gotten together. The conversation between the three of them was so normal that Jack nearly forgot Jennifer's situation for a moment.

You okay?

That... <moan>... depends on your definition of... 'okay.'

What's the count?

Siiiix... wait, a long series of mental moans followed, seven.

You aren't getting sore, are you?

A little.

No you aren't.

Thanks... I think.

Want to stop.

Maybe... no...

The brief mental conversation had managed to get Jack fairly erect, and he had an idea. He repositioned himself a bit and thought, how about I share a bit of your fun, then. Give me another jet over here.

Tingle. Jack felt a strong stream of water impact the sensitive underside of his cock head through his swim trunks. He barely stifled a grunt of surprised pleasure, but then the force of the water pushed his cock off to the side. He tried to reposition, but it just pushed him to the other side. Putting a hand down in the water to hold himself steady would be a dead giveaway, so he asked Jennifer to give him the same treatment she was getting. He wasn't completely successful in stifling the next gasp as he felt the fabric of his shorts disappear, releasing his cock to stand free in the water and remaining still as the stream of the jet strummed directly against just the right spot on the underside of his head.

"You okay, Jack?" Cindy asked with a small frown.

"Yeah, fine. Just stubbed my toe on the wall," Jack replied in an almost normal voice.

The small talk continued, and Jack managed to participate fairly normally while at the same time marveling at the stimulation he was receiving from the stream of water. It was a new and unique experience, and although not as erotic and personal as the touch of skin, or lips and tongue, or especially a receptive vagina, he figured that the strong flow of water was one of the most direct and intense ways he could be stimulated, and it had him building toward climax faster than he thought possible. Luckily, at least for him, the conversation was going on between Jennifer and Cindy when he came. He then had to quickly ask Jennifer to stop the flow, as it was uncomfortable on his now ultra-sensitive post-cum sweet spot.

Instead, he found himself recharged. He was about to protest, then gave a mental shrug. Only fair. He started to have doubts about keeping a straight face this time though, as Jennifer had apparently decided if her progressive orgasms should each be more intense, then his should, too, even if she had to cheat and recharge him each time. Okay, then, have me be able to talk normally, too.

It was weird. He was still experiencing all of the sensations leading him to an intense orgasm, yet he was now able to speak normally and casually. Not exactly on auto pilot, as part of him was able to actively participate verbally in the conversation, while the rest of him exploded.

Holy shit! That was a good one... um... you okay? he asked, even as he recharged again.

Incoherent mental moaning, then in a rush, probably before the pleasure started mounting again, Yes. It's a good thing Jennifer isn't just Jennifer, though, because if a normal human experienced this, she would probably be having some mental issues at this point.

Oh? Wow. Should I stop it?

He received the mental equivalent of a challenging grin. It is whatever master wishes. A sex Genie can go on like this indefinitely.

The idea was enough to jumpstart him on his own next orgasm, but he decided to change things a bit. He had Jennifer remove the jet and the accompanying wishes for a moment, returned a mental raspberry at the wave of amused derisiveness he received that all but shouted 'amateur' — she was too busy with her next orgasm to utter the word even mentally — and then asked that the jet be replaced with a water intake, instead.

He felt a slightly protracted tingle as Jennifer had to read a bit more detail mentally than usual due to his sketchy wish, then a constant tug in the general area of his crotch. Curious at what his wish had actually wrought, he made a pretense of his head roasting in the sun, took a deep breath, and dunked under the water. The chlorine stung his eyes, but he was still able to see quite clearly the water intake. It was a pipe roughly three inches in diameter that flared out a bit at the end with a smooth rounded edge flush with the pool wall. He was about to resurface when he was distracted by Jennifer's crotch aligned and unmoving in front of the water jet, the strong flow of water evident in the constant ruffling of her dark red fuzz above her exposed clit. It was such an erotic sight that Jack nearly drowned before he could tear his eyes away. He finally resurfaced and tried gulp air silently, but Cindy wasn't fooled.

"What were you doing down there for so long?" she asked with a smirk.

Jack figured a near-truth would be best. "I got distracted admiring a very fine fanny."

Jennifer blushed and rolled her eyes, while Cindy laughed and did the same. Jack just grinned mischievously as he resumed his place at the wall, and then resumed the wish that removed the front of his trunks. He aligned his shaft with the tug of the water flow and stifled a sigh as he let the pull slowly suck him into the pipe. The diameter of the intake was large enough to let water flow along his shaft on all sides. The sensation, while incredibly pleasurable, wasn't nearly as intense as the strum of the water jet directly on his hot spot, and he relaxed into what should be a long, leisurely build.

His relaxation lasted all of a minute, at which time the sliding door leading into the ground level of the house flew open and expelled three chattering young women onto the pool deck. The majority of the house was suspended on pylons above the ground, with the mostly open ground level used for parking, storage, and an outdoor shower. But a portion of the ground level facing the pool was enclosed as a bonus room, carpeted with indoor-outdoor carpet, furnished with a couch and small TV, containing a large bathroom for changing to swimwear etc. and an indoor staircase leading up to the rest of the house.

At the girls' appearance Jack suddenly felt very exposed and embarrassed, like a teenager caught masturbating, but at the same time thrilled, as the girls were completely unaware of what was going on just over the edge of the pool as they arranged their towels by Cindy. Sarah and Janie were both attired in skimpy bikinis, while Lea was in what would have been a more modest one-piece had it not been for the fact that it was at least one size too small, hugging her curvaceous figure like a second skin, plus it looked to be fairly thread-bare. Jack suspected, hoped?, that it would be near-transparent when wet.

"Hey, Jack, hey, Jennifer, how's the water?" Janie asked cheerfully as she sat down.

"Nice!" Jack replied immediately. Jennifer groaned silently.

As the girls got settled and broke out their various tanning products, Cindy took the opportunity to turn over to give her back an equal bake. Jack relaxed again to enjoy a favorite guy pool-side pastime; the application of suntan lotion on nubile nearly-naked female bodies. He skipped his sister, as, while he recognized in a general way that she was hot, he had no interest that way. Janie was a different matter, for some reason, at least so far as admiring her apply oil to her slender curves. He wasn't sure why, but he supposed it was innocent enough.

Bad... Unnnnncle! came Jennifer's taunting and completely insincere admonition, made even less so by a moan in the middle.

Jack just smiled inwardly, and then moved on to Lea once Janie had reclined on her towel. Having less exposed skin to grease up she was already done, and had started applying oil to Cindy's back at Cindy's request. This was quite interesting, but at Jennifer's bad Nephew! he grinned again and concentrated on Lea's toned, curvaceous form as she slid around to oil-up Cindy's back half.

Bad... well, I can't fault you on that one. She's not even a minor.

All too soon Lea was done, and lay back down on her own towel, so Jack idly admired four of the five female bodies in and around the pool as he enjoyed the rush of warm water along his shaft. He tried to experiment by pulling part of the way out of the tube, but found his crotch just as immobile as he had wished Jennifer's to be. Hey!

Serves... you... right... then, Actually...

Jack's crotch was pressed more firmly into the pool wall, and his legs were gently spread. At the same time, the suction on his shaft surged for a moment before returning to its original flow. The suction began surging rhythmically, and he was now situated such that the flow of water swirled around his suddenly freely hanging balls, creating an intensely pleasurable sensation that he later suspected was magically augmented to feel even better than it would have otherwise. Even his wish that he be able to remain calm and appear normal was now barely able to prevent him from groaning every time the warm flow surged around and over his privates.

He also later suspected Jennifer of magically extending his fuse, as it was quite a lengthy, intensely relaxing time later that he caused what he was sure had to be an even greater surge of 'water' down the pipe... He quickly thought to Jennifer, Enough! That was awesome, but it's all I can handle for now. Besides, I'm turning pruney.

Does that go for me, too?

Unless you want it to continue.

She immediately pulled away from the edge of the pool and sighed in relief. He grinned. That bad?

Not for an all-powerful Sex Genie. For any lesser being? She shrugged with a smart-ass grin on her face.

Oh? Can I feel a bit of what you were feeling?

She looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He felt the tingle. You asked for it.

The blast of pleasure hit him like a continuous bolt of lightning, more intense than imagining, and rendered him completely incoherent and immobile. Luckily it ended a couple of seconds later, because he wasn't able to even form the thought to ask her to stop, and he was fairly sure that exposure for much longer would have literally blown his mind. As it was he had sunk under the water when the blast of pleasure struck, then surfaced sputtering when it released him.

Holy fuck!

See what you just put your Genie through.

Holy fuck!

The sputtering had not gone unnoticed. "You okay, Jack?" Cindy asked.

"Oh... yeah. Jennifer just dunked me."

Sarah, who had also raised her head from her towel at the commotion, chortled. "Big studly brother let a girl dunk him?"

Cindy grinned and said in a loud, conspiratorial whisper to the other girls, "I think he let her just so he could get another look a fabulous fanny." This earned her three frowns, all containing various mixtures of confusion and indecision over whether to be scandalized or intrigued or both.

Jack just shrugged in a non-committal way and gave a non-committal smile as they made their way to the steps out of the pool.

So, was that a pleasure, or a punishment?

Jennifer gave another mental snort, but with overtones of humor. At that level, I'm not sure there's a difference.

Jack looked over at the four ladies sunning on their towels, then back at the pool. He had a wicked thought. Do you think any of the other ladies would enjoy a little of what you enjoyed?

Jennifer smiled a small conspiratorial smile. Perhaps.

Well, for the duration of our vacation, why don't you arrange the plumbing of the pool so that all of the jets are positioned to provide good, and fairly obvious, opportunities for, um, stimulation.

Tingle. Done, but you aren't going to leave the guys out, are you?

Ah, no, thanks for the reminder. Do the same with a few water intakes spread about. And keep it all functional, of course.


Hmmm, can you make similar arrangements for the Jacuzzi? That might be interesting.

Tingle. Done. You're right, that will be interesting.

I just hope the pool cleaner doesn't come and find the odd plumbing.

No worries, Jennifer reassured serenely.

Jack had a bit of a squinky thought. Oh, and can you keep the water clean?

Of course.

Jack had a really squinky thought. He shuddered. And if my parents happen to, um, take advantage of the upgrades, PLEASE warn me off if I happen to be near.

Jennifer rolled her eyes. They are regular people, too...

Stop! I know! Don't want to talk about it!

Jack gallantly held out a hand to assist Jennifer up the steps, and took the opportunity to admire the view of broad feminine shoulders, then sculpted back, hourglass waist, deliciously rounded hips with tight, wet-fabric-hugged ass cheeks, and finally long, long, gloriously toned legs rising in a vertical parade in front of him.

Are you looking at my ass again?

Among other things, absolutely!

Just making sure, as she gave an extra wiggle the first couple of steps out of the pool.

They spread their towels on the opposite side of Cindy from the girls and lay down to dry out a bit before applying suntan lotion. Jack found it pleasant for a few moments, with the warmth of the pool deck relaxing his back while the water evaporating from his skin in the ocean breeze cooled him. He wasn't much for just lying around broiling in the sun, though, and rather than slather on lotion and bake he was prepared to get up and go find something to nibble on for breakfast when Zane appeared, wearing a rumpled t-shirt, rumpled swim trunks, rumpled hair, and squinting in the bright morning sun. "Mumph," he uttered by way of general greeting.

"Morning sleepyhead!" Cindy said in a loud, cheerful voice. "Finally awake at the crack of noon?"

"Aww, Mom, it's not noon yet," he whined sleepily.

"Close enough! If you hadn't been playing those video games that appeared from somewhere all night," she was now glaring at Jack, "maybe you would've gotten up at a decent hour."

"This IS a decent hour," Zane protested while Jack made a great show of looking around at the lovely bright blue sky in exaggerated innocence.

"Humph," Cindy humphed. "Well, why don't you studly young men go over there and check out the storage closet." She pointed to a door at the corner of the house. "There's supposed to be some pool floats and toys and stuff in there. I feel like a little float around the pool."

"Yes, Ma'am," they chorused, and Jack jumped up to follow Zane to the closet. They spent the next few moments inventorying what was indeed a fairly extensive collection of pool and beach toys, floats, and chairs. "Don't let the girls see those, or they'll want us to bring them out for them," Zane murmured, pointing at a stack of folding lounge chairs.

Jack studied them a moment, then grinned and slapped Zane on the back. "Excellent idea!" He started extracting the chairs.

"You want to take then chairs?" Zane asked incredulously.

Jack's grin turned conspiratorial. "Watch and learn, young apprentice." He gave Zane two chairs, took three himself and headed back to the pool. Setting two down, he took the third over to Cindy. "Ma'am, may I offer you one of our comfortable chaise lounges on which to recline while we prepare your pool float?" He held out a hand to help her up.

She looked at him in confusion and perhaps slight suspicion for a moment, then at seeing the chair he held at the ready in his other hand, broke into a large flattered smile. "Why, thank you, sir that would be lovely!" She took his hand and stood, then bent to retrieve her towel.

"Allow me, ma'am." Jack bent and picked up her towel and threw it over his shoulder. As he started to unfold the chair, he nodded his head to a nonplussed Zane, indicating that he should do the same for Jennifer. Zane's look turned even more nonplussed. He looked down at Jennifer's reclined form, grinning back up at him. His discomfort didn't disappear, but it was now obviously at war with his interest in pleasing the stunning hard-body stretched out languorously below him. The battle didn't last long.

"Uh, chair, ma'am?" he finally croaked gamely.

"Yes, thank you." Jennifer replied, her grin replaced with a more regal smile. She looked up expectantly at him. He frowned for a moment.

"Oh!" he thrust out a hand. She took it and rose gracefully. He bent to pick up her towel and then imitated Jack in unfolding the lounge, adjusting it so that it was in a reclined position, and spreading the towel over it. Jack held out a hand to Cindy. She took it and reclined onto the lounge.

"Thank you, sir!"

"My pleasure, ma'am" Jack grinned back.

Zane held his hand out to Jennifer. She took it, but before lying down she placed her other hand on his arm, stood on her tiptoes slightly, and kissed his cheek. "Thank you sir."

Zane turned bright red, but was able to murmur, "yes, ma'am."

The other three girls had watched the show, and now looked between Jack and Zane and the other chairs expectantly. Jack didn't keep then waiting, grabbing another chair. Lea was next, and the offer was on his lips when he had a thought. "Zane is bringing your chair, if you wish for one, ma'am." He moved on to Janie. "Lounge, ma'am?"

"Yes, please." She allowed Jack to help her up, giggling. Meanwhile it looked like Lea was trying to decide whether to be offended or not, at least until Zane came up with another chair.

"Chair, ma'am?" he asked a bit bashfully. She grinned back up at him just as bashfully.

"Yes, please," she replied softly.

Are you up to something? Jennifer asked.

Jack gave a mental shrug. Not really, just thought Zane might rather offer a chair to someone who isn't his cousin.

Okay. Then, hmmm.

What are YOU up to?

Oh, nothing.

Uh, huh.

Jack deposited Janie on her lounge and moved on to Sarah. From the look on her face, she obviously half-expected some smart-assed offer from her brother for her own chair, but he was just a courteous to her as the others. Once reclined on her own lounge, it was equally obvious that she didn't know what to think about that. Jack turned to address the group of lovely reclined forms.

"Okay, now who would like a float?" After a moment of consideration, Cindy, Janie and Sarah indicated they would. Jack dragged Zane back to the storage room. They rummaged around and pulled out three floats that looked to be in good shape. They spent the next fifteen minutes huffing and puffing to inflate the mostly-flat floats, and then offered them to the ladies. Receiving more thanks in return, Jack dragged Zane back to the closet once more.

"What now?" Zane nearly whined.

"Let's set up that pool volleyball rig."

Zane grumbled.

"Don't you like pool volleyball?"

Zane shrugged. "I guess."

"You know, pool volleyball? In the pool? With girls? In bathing suits? Jumping all around?"

Zane got the picture, and his enthusiasm for the project rose markedly.

They found that the last tenants of the house, or at least the last ones to use the volleyball set, hadn't been very considerate, and in fact appeared to have tied the net in knots deliberately before they left. As Jack and Zane worked to untangle the mess, Zane asked, "So what was all that with the chairs and floats?"

Jack sighed. Had he been that clueless with girls by the time he was 18? He didn't think so. He hoped not. "Think of it as earning brownie points."

"Brownie points?"

"Well, present girlfriend aside, I don't claim to be the expert on women, but I have found that they usually like it when guys are all gentlemanly and do stuff for them. That earned us a few Brownie points."

"Toward what."

It was Jack's turn to shrug. "Who knows? Your mom, for one, might lighten up a little on the video game thing. As for the others..." Jack shrugged again. Zane's face took on an expression of contemplation. Jack turned away and grinned. He had a sneaking suspicion what might be being contemplated.

They finally got the mess unsnarled and carried it out to the pool. The volleyball set consisted of two stubby poles with large bases filled with water. They were placed on opposite sides of the pool, and the net stretched between them so it extended across the pool just an inch or two above the water.

Cindy, Janie, and Sarah were floating lazily about the pool, and expressed interest when the boys started setting it up. The two girls that seemed to attract the majority of Zane's attention, though, were the two that were still lying by the pool, especially Lea. Jack caught him sneaking glances at her often, and smiled to himself again. It looked like his suspicion might be right.

They made sure the net was adjusted correctly to stretch across the pool without sagging, then undid one end and coiled it up on the edge of the pool so that it wouldn't be in the girl's way.

Jack considered the three floating ladies for a moment, then the other two on the deck at the far end of the pool. "Of course, we can always earn more Brownie points..." he murmured.

A moment later, the serene floating of three ladies was interrupted by a loud, chorused "Cannonball!" followed immediately by a drenching simultaneous double-splash, which in turn was followed by some significant waveage. The waves might not have been enough in and of themselves to capsize the ladies, but in combination with their startled reactions and over-compensation to the motion on the skittish floats, flipping was unavoidable. A quick retraction of Jennifer's toes left the other two girls completely untouched by the collateral splatter.

All three came up sputtering, which turned, for the most part, to outraged laughter. Sarah also wore an expression of righteous affirmation that THIS was the kind of behavior she expected from her older brother.

Before it could be determined whether superior numbers could overcome superior size in an all-out splash-and-dunk battle, Doreen's voice called down from the top deck, "Anyone hungry? We've set out a late brunch of bagels and sandwich stuff."

The combatants stared each other down with challenging smiles that said, "This isn't over!" for a moment before Jack called back up "Sure, Doreen, we'll be right there."

"Chicken!" Cindy accused, and there was a smattering of small-splash-fire as they all made their way up the pool stairs and retreated to their respective towels to dry off. As Cindy passed on the way to the sliding doors, she pointed an accusing finger at the boys, "We'll settle this on the volleyball court. This afternoon!"

As soon she was out of earshot, Zane complained quietly, "You mean my mom's playing?"

Jack just couldn't resist. The opportunity was too good to pass up. He replied so only Zane could hear, "I sure hope so. She's pretty hot."

The look of horrified disgust he received was everything he could have hoped for.

You know, YOUR mom...


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