When everyone was finished and had visited the small restrooms to wash sticky fingers, Jack was pondering the best strategy to get Zane and Lea some private time when Cindy pointed in the general direction of the street and said, "There are a couple of little shops over there I'd like to check out, or at least window shop." When Zane groaned, she replied. "Well, fine! You guys don't have to come if you want, although I'd like Jack as a chaperone, if he doesn't mind. Do you, Jack?"

"Uh... no! I'd be happy to walk with you."

"Okay, you two run along, then, if you like. We'll see you later back at the house." Cindy said to Zane and Lea.

The pair didn't need to be told twice. Although both looked a bit nervous at the idea of being alone together, they both uttered hasty goodbyes and disappeared onto the beach.

Cindy took Jack's offered arm and they strolled across the street toward a row of shops. "So where did you want to look?" Jack asked.

Cindy shrugged. "Nowhere, really, I was just trying to give Zane and Lea an excuse to go off on their own."

Jack laughed. "And here I was trying to find a way to do the same thing."

Cindy snorted. "I'm not blind Jack. I see the way those too look at each other. It's really cute, and for both of their sakes I hope they can strike up a little something. Zane sure hasn't had the best luck with girls. I try to give him advice, but he doesn't want to listen to his dorky old mom."

Jack grinned conspiratorially. "So you're saying you're rooting for your son to get lucky with the pretty girl?"

"Well, I wouldn't go that far. But I don't think he's even really kissed a girl, yet, and from what I understand she probably hasn't kissed a boy, either. I've been starting to worry about him a bit. I want them to be careful, and I want them to be safe, but... Hell! I was making out in the back seat of my father's car when I was sixteen, and all of my friends were making fun of me because I waited that long."

Jack laughed again. "I'd say you are a pretty awesome mom."

She sighed. "Well, thank you, but Zane doesn't see me that way most of the time. It makes it hard, what with no man around for him to relate to. And it makes me feel really old, sometimes."

Jack put his arm around her shoulder "He'll come around someday, and until that time, while I'm not that experienced as a 'man' yet myself, if there's anything I can do to help him, let me know."

"Thanks, Jack, I just might take you up on that."

"Oh, and for what it's worth, I think you are a pretty awesome aunt..." he grinned mischievously, "and a pretty hot one, if I do say so."

It was Cindy's turn to laugh as she poked him in the ribs. "Thank you, you young rapscallion, but what would Jennifer say if she heard you talking to your old aunt like that?"

Jack shrugged. "Well, she would probably say something like. 'Bad Nephew! How dare you flirt with your smoking-hot aunt like that? I mean, I know she's got that awesome little body, and I simply cannot believe that she is as old as you claim she is. She looks twenty! Not that forty two is old. Why, some women are at their sexual prime at..."

"Jack, stop! You're making me blush." She was fanning herself, but it was too dark to tell if her claim was true. "And you really shouldn't talk about me that way."

"Oh, that's not me. You asked what Jennifer would say." Jack replied innocently.

"That is NOT what Jennifer would say."

"Wanna bet?"

"You're just saying all that to get back at me for pulling your shorts down, aren't you?" she accused.

"No, but if telling the truth has a fringe benefit of embarrassing you as partial payback - and I mean a little, teeny part — for the grave public shame that was visited on me this afternoon, then all the better."

Cindy snorted. "The only one who saw anything was me, and believe me, I've paid enough already."

From his earlier conversation wit Jennifer, Jack knew what she was implying but said, "Hey! That's mean! What, has the sight given you walking nightmares or something?"

"Ha, just the opposite, I can't... oh me and my big mouth. Never mind! Let's go back. Those two have enough of a head start."

"Okay," the silently, Hey, Jen?

Yes, dearest?

Is Cindy okay?

I need a more sexual reason... ah, no I don't either, do I? I told you all she would be able to think about is large cocks, and what she would like you, or more correctly someone just like you who isn't her nephew, to do with that equipment.

Oh, yeah.

However, while there have been moments that she truly would have considered jumping your bones if you happened to be around, as I also indicated earlier, she really isn't quite up to breaking the taboo of incest, even with her hot, non-blood-relation and now obviously well-hung nephew.

I understand. I'm not really, either. It's fun to flirt a little, though, but I guess in this case that's just fanning her flames higher with no extinguisher in sight.

True, although she's a big girl. She can handle it, as long as you aren't too over-the-top.

They had walked down the beach a little ways in silence while Jack conversed with Jennifer. As they left the pool of light projected onto the sand around the ice cream shop Jack broke out the flashlight and broke the silence. "Sorry if I went too far."

He could sense her shrug. "Oh, you didn't, Jack." She sighed. "It's just that it's been so long, since, well, you know. And to have such a graphic reminder literally exposed in front of your nose, well... my own fault, though. It is nice to hear from someone that I'm still attractive, even if it is only from my nephew."

"Only?" Jack said in mock offense.

"Well, it would be nice to hear from someone who I can actually go on a date with. You know, a real date." She continued in a low mutter that Jack barely heard over the surf, "With a guy who could give me some of what Jennifer's getting without committing incest. Lucky bitch."

He laughed in shock at her actually speaking what was going on in her mind. "Cindy!"

"Oh, did I say that out loud? Sorry."

Jack wasn't sure how to respond, so they walked on in silence for a few more moments.

"Would it help to know that Jennifer agrees that you are pretty hot?"

"No! Men!"

"I didn't mean it that way!" as far as you know.

"Oh. Okay, then, yeah, I'll take all the compliments I can get. Does she really think I'm attractive?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, can she send some of the men whose hearts she has to have broken my way for consoling?"

Jack laughed. "I'll see what she can do."

They walked the rest of the way back to the house in companionable silence until they reached the pool deck. "What to do now? It's too early for bed." Cindy mused.

"Well, if I know mom and dad, their card game is just getting warmed up. They'll be playing well past midnight."

"Yeah, I never could get into that."

"Hmmm. TV?"

"I can do that at home."


"Ummm, too hot."

"Video games?"

Cindy just snorted.

"Dip in the pool?"

"That might be nice." She looked at him suspiciously "Or are you just trying to ogle your old aunt some more."

"That would add to the pleasant pool experience, yes." Jack replied amiably.

Cindy rolled her eyes. "I'll meet you at the pool in a few minutes. Would you grab me some wine on your way back out?"


Jack went to don his still-damp swim trunks before climbing the stairs to the kitchen level to grab Cindy's wine and a beer for himself. As expected, he found his parents and Jonathan and Doreen deep into the card game. They paused long enough to ask him if he had a nice walk up the beach, then it was back to the game.

He descended the stairs to the bonus room and was just about to exit through the sliding doors when he noticed that Cindy was already in the pool, her arms crossed and resting on the side, a dreamy look on her face. He recognized the spot she was resting in, and grinned and backed into the darkness of the room to watch. A few moments later he saw her shudder and then sigh as she floated lazily away from the wall. He took that as his cue and slid open the door.

"There you are. Took you long enough."

"Well, I stopped to chat with the folks for a moment, and once I got down the stairs..." he set her glass of wine on the edge of the pool at her vacated spot, sat down cross-legged behind it, and grinned naughtily, "I figured I shouldn't disturb you."

She frowned, then her eyes grew round and her face turned red. "Why you... how did you..." her eyes got bigger "Jennifer! How long did she stay there?"

"Quite a while. Feels pretty good, I understand."

"I... it... oh, fuck it. It feels wonderful, you evil bastard."

"Payback's a bitch. Want me to leave you in privacy?"

"Too late now! And besides, unlike Jennifer's apparently cast-iron puss, it's too intense for more than one at a time for mine. I can't believe I'm talking about this. You are a very naughty nephew."

"So I've been told. Want me to move your wine?"


Jack moved the wine away from the danger area, set his beer beside it, and slid into the pool. "Feeling better?"

She frowned at him for a moment before his meaning dawned. She rolled her eyes. "For your information, yes I am... for the moment."

"So you want me to call Jennifer back and tell her not to worry about bringing the twins she met from the university men's swim team home for you?"

She splashed him. "You asshole." She sighed. "That's part of the problem, no privacy. Not at home in that little apartment with Zane, and certainly not here, even if I was up for going and picking up a guy in some club, which I'm not. Privacy's been a big frustration for Zane, too, I know."

"Well, he's going to State in the fall, right?"

"Yeah, and then I'll have too much privacy. It's going to be awfully lonely without him."

"Sounds to me like the perfect opportunity to find someone to keep you warm and cozy."

"Yeah, maybe..."

They floated around for a while, chatting and paddling over to the edge every so often for a sip of their drinks. When both bottle and glass were nearly empty, the conversation was interrupted by a slightly disheveled and somewhat sandy Zane and Lea. The pair made it halfway across the pool deck before noticing Cindy and Jack bobbing in the pool.

"Oh... hey." Zane said in a laughable attempt at casualness.

"Hey, guys. Nice walk on the beach?" Cindy asked brightly.

"Uh, yeah. Great. Um, we're gonna go watch TV or something."

"Okay, have fun."

Cindy waited until they were well into the house before she laughed. "Was I ever that naïve?"


"Maybe, but at like fifteen, not eighteen. Still, there's something to be said for waiting until you are older. I just hope one of them thought to procure some protection."

"Yeah." Jack asked Jennifer a couple of quick silent questions. Getting the answers he suspected, he added. "Although as hesitant as those two are, I'd be surprised if they got that far, tonight."

She looked at him doubtfully. "As horny as they are? Wanna bet?"


"Nuh uh. I'm way too buzzed from that huge glass of wine you brought to trust myself to set any stakes. Just a friendly wager. Besides, how will we know who won?"

"Don't girls talk about that sort of thing?"

"Yeah, some times, but they won't to me."

"They will to Jennifer. I bet she gets every detail."

"You're probably right. She's quite remarkable, that girlfriend of yours."

"You have no idea."

"Well, I'm off to shower and bed," she said as she climbed out of the pool.

"Good night, Cindy. You know, most moms don't make bets on if their kids are going to get laid or not. You really are a pretty cool one."

"Yeah, and hot too or so I'm told. Good night!"

Jack laughed, climbed out himself, retrieved his towel and their empties and headed in after her. Hey, Jen, how's it going?

Pretty well. We've found a club where the guys aren't too aggressive and the music's good.

Not too aggressive, huh? Does that mean that they were in the other clubs?

A little. Nothing Sarah and Janie couldn't handle. Mostly just guys on vacation looking for a casual romp.

And Saran and Janie aren't?

They might consider it if they were here on their own. Being here with the whole family, and especially their mothers, and extra-especially with Kathleen and her 'motherly intuition, ' they aren't going to risk it. At least not with the crop of guys so far. I did overhear Janie tell Sarah that she might reconsider if they met a younger version of Sarah's older brother.

Oh, really?

Yes, but don't get any ideas, studly, at least not without a few wishes. Janie thinks the idea of doing anything with her cousin too 'weird, ' plus she figures Sarah would die of an 'epileptic gross-out' when she found out, which Janie figures is a given that she would.

Huh. So, what about you. I can't believe the guys have been leaving you alone.

Nope. I've been refining my strategy as the evening progresses. I started out telling those that won't take a polite "no, thank you," that I'm a flaming lesbian. That was enough for some, but others were so confident in their manliness that this couldn't apply to them, and said things like "Well, bring along a friend, then!" For those, I tried pointing out another guy across the room and asking something like, "See that guy over there? How would you like to kiss him passionately, or suck his cock..."

Jack shuddered. Uck!

Exactly. Once I had them sufficiently and obviously disgusted, I'd finish off with, "Well, I'm afraid that's exactly what I think of doing the same things with you. Flaming lesbian, remember?" But that just pissed them off, like I was calling them gay or whatnot. So, I've settled for just saying that I have a fiancé — I hope you don't mind, it works better than boyfriend — and am here for a girls' night out. Not nearly as much fun, but more effective.

Need a wish to keep them at bay?

No, at least not for now. If I do I'll yell. That does bring up a question, though. I keep expecting my earlier lesbian act to attract some female attention. You only said 'no guys'. What about girls?

The question created an unexpected swirl of emotion; part arousal at the idea, part jealousy, at least at the idea that any theoretical goings-on would be without him. Still, she was fine with, and even encouraged and actively assisted, his romping with other women. Sure, that was predominantly due to her base nature, but he had desired from the first that she be her own person as much as that nature would allow. He didn't think he was open enough to ever revoke the 'no other guys rule, ' but...

Well, I'm allowed to have fun with other girls, so it's only fair that Jennifer should be able to, as well. Do what you want... as long as I get the same consideration of instant replays that you do.

He received a delicious mental giggle. Thank you, Jack. But I don't think Jennifer will do much beyond dancing tonight, if that. Sarah and Janie might not understand.

True. Jack felt both relieved and disappointed. Well it sounds like you guys will be out awhile longer, so I'm not gonna wait up, although I'll really miss you not being there to snuggle up to. This will be the first time I've gone to bed alone since you arrived.

Oh, that's true. I hadn't thought about that. Want me to come to you?

Jack sighed. No, I guess not. If you did, any protection you can give the girls would leave, too, right?


Well, I promised Doreen that you would look after Janie, not that it sounds like she needs it. No, stay with them and have fun. If a hot girl wants to dance, do it and explain to Sarah and Janie that you had to in order to keep up your lesbian façade or something.

Okay, Jack.

If I don't wake up when you come in, see you in the morning... oh, one more thing. How about we give Cindy a nice dream tonight, to give her some relief. Whatever her fantasy is, and very realistic, like it really happened. She should wake up in the morning remembering everything and feeling physically as if it really happened, at least in the positive ways. No soreness or anything.

He felt the tingle. Done. Good night, Jack.

'night, Jennifer.

The prince entered his bedchamber, his slippered feet silent on the thick carpet as he padded with the easy, powerful grace of a hunting cat toward the large canopied bed that dominated the center of the room. He had been informed that a new sex slave awaited him, something special, and for the first time in many nights he was looking forward to his evening with anticipation, if not yet excitement.

He received confirmation of this slave's uniqueness, and the evening's first surprise, when he reached the end of the bed. The first thing his eyes were drawn to was the woman's short, golden yellow hair. He had heard of hair of different colors than the glossy black of his own people, but had never expected to see it. And it was so short! It would come barely to her shoulders when standing. The women of his land rarely wore their hair shorter than to the small of their backs.

Hot on the heels of his first surprise was his second; the color of her skin. It was a light pink, with only a hint of the sun's touch that turned his own people's skin such a deep bronze. His eyes roamed freely over the slender, curvy figure bound spread-eagled below him, marveling at the pale flesh, lingering on the rosy pink nipples and areolae capping pert, smallish yet deliciously round breasts, and the neatly trimmed patch of hair, slightly darker here at the junction of her legs. She even cuts her hair there?

He received his next surprise when his eyes finally met hers. It took him a moment to identify what he saw there. It was not the fear that he most often saw, or the resignation, or even eyes closed altogether. It was lust. Uninhibited desire. He saw that infrequently, and when he did, it was usually near the end of lying with a slave. He wasn't a cruel man in bed, much preferring the sound of a woman moaning in pleasure to moaning in fear and pain. It was just that, for some reason someone had gotten it into their heads that he preferred innocent, ignorant virgins to anything else. Yes, he felt powerful and virile in taking their maidenhoods, but...

He stared in fascination at the unique green-brown orbs, and found that here, at least, she was similar to the others who had been brought to him; she would not meet his eyes for long. Or maybe not, for she did not look away in shame or deference. Her eyes were studying his body as intently as he had hers, taking in his oiled bronze skin rippling and flowing over his sleek yet muscular physique, everything warmly highlighted by the glow of the many candles lighting the room. Even as the affront of one such as this appraising him in such a manner stirred his anger, the hungry gaze stirred his manhood beneath his blousy silken pantaloons.

When his swelling cock started to tent the sleek ivory fabric, it drew her eyes like moths to a flame. Her stare in turn seemed to pull his shaft to its full, impressive length much more rapidly than he was accustomed. He normally made a habit of concealing his endowment from his women for as long as possible, as its size usually intimidated and frightened the inexperienced. Too late for that this night, though, and if there was now a bit of trepidation in the expression below, it was overshadowed to the point of inconsequence by the hunger also to be found there.

The woman muttered something through her gag. Intrigued, he reached behind her neck and untied it. She licked her lips, although she apparently didn't have enough moisture in her mouth to do much good. She rasped a single syllable that he didn't understand. It sounded like a question, or a request. "Ah."

He stepped to a side table and poured some lightly sweetened wine from a golden decanter into a matching goblet. The wine was refreshing yet surprisingly potent, and had soothed the nerves of many a frightened virgin before tonight.

He brought the goblet back to the bed and to her lips. She drank several large sips, and then licked her lips again. This time they were left glistening redly in the warm yellow light. She spoke a few more unintelligible syllables that had a tone of appreciation. She was thanking him. He nodded curtly and returned the goblet to the table. Stepping back toward the bed, he stopped a couple feet away and began to undo the sash of his pants, watching her reaction as he did so.

Her eyes were once again glued to the bulge his erection produced. When he released his grip, allowing the slick fabric to flow over and off of his manhood and down to pool around his ankles while has shaft bobbed free and proud, the eyes only widened. She uttered another few syllables, this time in a tone of admiration. The apparent meaning of her words was enough to harden him a bit further, although he wasn't sure it was proper for a slave's opinion of him to affect him so. Still, it was refreshing.

He stepped to the edge of the bed and was preparing to lie beside her when he caught her licking her lips again, seemingly unconsciously, while still staring at his turgid rod. It was almost as if...

A surge of arousal coursed through him, stronger than he had felt in a long time, as he recalled a passage in an obscure scroll he had run across in the library. The scroll was incomplete, but seemed to describe various sexual acts. One of the more intriguing sections had told of a woman pleasuring a man with her mouth. While he had felt a similar surge of arousal when originally reading the passage, he had wondered at the time how a man could allow his manhood between the lips, and more importantly teeth, of a woman, trusting her not to bite him off.

Now, with the possibility of receiving such attentions apparently presented to him, he had to remind himself to be careful. Experimentally, he climbed onto the bed and moved to hover his cock several inches above her face. She looked up at him for a moment. Obviously understanding what he wanted, she lifted her head and parted her lips. When he didn't move his shaft to meet her welcoming mouth, she even extended her tongue to try to make contact, her arms pulling the ropes taut while her fingers scrabbled at the air, trying to grasp him and bring him closer. She dropped her head back to the sheets and whined when it became obvious that he wasn't going to come within reach.

Her enthusiasm and disappointment seemed sincere, but he had to be sure. Rising and stepping back to the side table, he retrieved a small, sharp dagger used to slice fruit. Returning to the bed, he placed the tip of the dagger between her breasts before bringing his cock near her mouth again. He felt sure his message was clear.

She looked down at the blade, then up at him. She spoke several words, the most so far. They were as unintelligible as the rest, but their meaning still clear; "the knife is unnecessary."

He looked intently into her eyes for several moments. Finally he nodded and removed the blade from her skin. With a quick thrust he jammed the blade into the bedpost, still close at hand. He studied her for a moment longer, contemplating how best to try this new experience now that he had made the decision to do so.

Finally he moved to straddle her upper chest, his knees spread wide and just touching her bound arms, the head of his cock once again hovering over her lips. And once again she lifted her head, then extended her tongue. With more anticipation than he would ever allow to show, he leaned forward.

The underside of his head made contact with her tongue, and the wet, pink digit immediately began to lick and swirl over every bit of taut skin that it could reach. He limited his reaction to a stifled grunt; the moan of pleasure that wanted to sound would be much too close to a sign of weakness in front of a slave.

The sensations were incredible, though, that much was undeniable. In some ways, they were more pleasing than the sensations of sex, itself. If for no other reason, because every sensation was a result of a conscious act; her tongue, lips, her entire mouth would actively try to pleasure him at her direction. A tight, wet tunnel was wonderful, but this...

He leaned a little further forward to see what she would do with a little more access to his shaft. To his frustration and mild anger, she took the opportunity to lay her head back on the pillow while continuing to lick him. Still, he wasn't a cruel man, and quickly realized that holding her head up in such a way was something she couldn't sustain forever. So he simply leaned forward a little more.

And had to stifle another moan as she eagerly sucked the first couple of inches of his cock into her mouth. If the tongue by itself had been an amazing sensation, being sucked into her warm wet mouth while her tongue continued its assault was breathtaking. And sitting astride her, looking down at her head bobbing as she pleasured him was certainly a heady, dominant experience.

On the other hand, the position was awkward enough for her that she could only take in a couple inches of his shaft. Even that was enough to push him toward his climax faster than he wished, so he pulled his rod from her lips to address both concerns. The expression of disappointment on her face surprised and thrilled him.

He recalled another passage from the scroll describing what a man might do with a woman during those times when he could not join with her normally. One of the activities described sounded like it might be fairly disgusting, and in any case was not possible with a woman bound as this slave was. Another though, might prove doable.

Moving to the top of the bed, he removed the pillow from under her head and replaced it with a small, plump one under her neck, tilting her head back. Comprehension and enthusiasm shown on her face even before the pillow was fully in place, and once he had maneuvered so that his knees were spread very wide near the head of the bed, he found his cock perfectly aligned with an inverted mouth open in welcome invitation.

Leaning over her, he placed one hand on the bed by her tight belly for support and slid his knees down, bringing his cock closer to, then between her lips. Her tongue went back to work on his head again as he made a few small experimental thrusts. Soon, however, his cock had to be content with her tongue rubbing along its top as he thrust a little deeper. Before long he was thrusting over a third of his nearly half-cubit length into her eager mouth, her tongue active wherever it could reach, her cheeks hollowing on each retreat as if to keep him sheathed by suction alone.

Thrusting a bit deeper, his head encountered a constriction, which he quickly identified as her throat. Figuring this was as far as he could go, he was content to revel in the wash of sensations he was experiencing as continued to plunge into her mouth, and his pleasure steadily built. She, apparently, was not.

After several thrusts just to her throat made it clear that he didn't intend to go any further, she took control of the matter by stretching her neck to receive a couple additional digits of his shaft. He gasped at the brazen act, and the sensation of the tight wet flesh receiving his rod. Over the next several thrusts, as she continued to stretch her neck, and even pull on the ropes to try to slide up the bed, it became obvious that she wanted all of him. Inwardly trilled anew at her shameless enthusiasm, he gave her what she wanted. He watched in aroused fascination as her neck expanded with each deeper thrust down her throat.

Eventually he found himself nearly laid atop her, most of his weight on hands and knees as he repeatedly stroked nearly half a cubit of cock fully into her throat, his balls bouncing off of her small pointed nose, before retreating until his tip nearly left her lips. He knew he couldn't last long through such an incredible assault of pleasurable stimulations, but had already decided that her throat would receive his seed. His stamina would rebuild quickly, and expending himself this way first would make the copulation to come last all the longer.

Several moments later he buried his shaft to the hilt as he blasted shot after shot of his seed down her gullet. He sighed deeply as the explosion of pleasure, one of the greatest he had ever experienced, slowly subsided. Then he felt the nip of teeth at the base of his shaft. Shocked and enraged that the women intended treachery after all, he wrenched his cock from her mouth and reached for the knife, only to stop with has hand partly raised as realization struck with the sound of heaving breaths.

She was gasping. He had nearly strangled her. She hadn't been able to make a sound, and the nip of teeth was the only way that she could get his attention. He felt some remorse for treating her thusly, but a prince never apologized to a slave.

Then yet another portion of the scroll surfaced in his memory. No, one never apologized to a slave, but one could reward a slave for excellent service.

He moved to the edge of the bed and down her body, pausing to admire the interesting things her deep breathing was doing to her chest. He lowered his head for a time to capture and lightly suckle a nipple each time a breath brought it to his lips, eliciting several breathless moans in the process. Pleased with the reaction he had elicited, he left her breast to kiss his way down her flat belly toward his ultimate destination.

When he had read about this particular activity, he could not imagine demeaning himself enough to perform it on woman, much less a slave. Now, though, it seemed appropriate, and intriguing. She smelled of aroused woman, a slightly musky but not unpleasant aroma. He was surprised to find that her nether lips and hood were completely bare, and lowered his head to lick experimentally. The taste was a bit salty, more musky than the aroma, but no unpalatable. And the full-body jerk against the ropes and lusty moan were surprisingly rewarding.

He was generally familiar with the sensitive places of a woman, and that knowledge plus a bit more experimentation soon had the golden-haired little slave continuously moaning and writhing against her restraints. He found that a tight swirling motion with his tongue around her pleasure bud produced the greatest response. So, great, in fact, that he would back off after a moment or two of such stimulation for fear that she might hurt herself, so violent was her response. Surely that wasn't a growl and curse every time he did this.

He explored the rest of her womanhood, as well, licking all along and deeply between her lips, from protruding bud to the entrance to her tunnel before returning to swirl once more. After a while, he had a thought. If some suction on his cock in addition to an active tongue added that much more pleasure for him, what would it do for her? Suiting action to thought, he lightly sucked her bud between his lips while he continued to swirl. He was immediately rewarded with a sharp gasp as the woman's back arched completely off the bed while her whole body shuddered violently.

So intent was he on his task that it took him a few seconds to realize what was happening. Fearful that he had brought on some sort of fit, he released her and retreated a bit, wondering if he should summon a healer. Her body collapsed bonelessly back onto the bed with a sigh. Studying her face, he found the expression of a woman well and truly pleasured. And they hadn't even joined, yet! He smiled a tight smile of satisfaction and triumph. Far from demeaning himself by performing this act, he felt a unique and highly arousing sense of virile power in causing such a response in the woman bound below him. Perhaps he could try the same on some of his other slaves? He found that his rod was once again rock hard.

He had some doubts as to whether the little slave was currently up to receiving it, though. Then she caught sight of his pole at full attention, and the hunger in her eyes erased most of those doubts. As he crawled up her body and his cock neared her womanhood, her straining against her ropes to spread her legs as wide as possible erased any remaining.

He didn't think that either of them could be more ready, so with no further preamble he aligned his cock with her entrance and thrust firmly, knowing from experience that this was usually the least painful way to take a virgin.

She gasped in surprised pleasure as his cock buried half way into her with no resistance.

He gasped, in pleasure yes, but mostly in outrage. This was no virgin! They had brought him someone used, unclean! But no, not unclean, at least. They would never do that. And as to used, well, hadn't he repeatedly requested someone other than an ignorant virgin? They had apparently finally obeyed, and he certainly had no room for complaint.

Meanwhile, her face took on a look of concern as the expression of rage played across his face, then faded. He looked down, and slowly began to insert the rest of his shaft. Her own look of concern melted as she closed her eyes, bit her lip, and moaned in contented pleasure.

He pressed on slowly but relentlessly until, assisted by a few small, delicious adjustments of her hips and pelvis, he found himself buried to the hilt. He gave a minute shake of his head in grudging admiration. He had no idea how she had taken him in completely on the first thrust, even slow as it was.

Then he felt her tunnel grasp him firmly and rhythmically several times, and he did moan, finally. That had never happened before. Her eyes were still closed, but a small smile of triumph played across her lips. He felt sure he should be outraged at such effrontery, but he just couldn't produce it. What he did instead was pull out of her until only his tip kissed her entrance, and then teased her there until she was begging and pleading in her unintelligible language to be filled again. That small vengeance out of the way, he relented and thrust smoothly. He was rewarded with another quite satisfying gasp and moan. And then with a pleasant squeeze as he retreated.

His thrusts increased slowly but steadily until he gained a rhythm that he knew from experience would give him the best combination of pleasure and endurance. She met him thrust for thrust to the extend allowed by her bonds, her tunnel continuing to grasp him on each retreat, even as her head tossed back and forth, her teeth gnawing on her lower lip as she emitted a constant moan.

The candles had burned significantly lower when his rhythm unconsciously increased, signaling his rapidly approaching climax. The golden-haired slave was nearly incoherent, now. He was unsure at this point if she had reached many climaxes, had been riding one long one, or was about to explode for her first (well, second), as he was. It didn't matter at this point, as nothing was going to change the fact that he only had a few thrusts left.

Those few thrust later, he one again buried himself fully into her as he hosed load after load of seed deep within her. Whatever her condition up to this point, his detonation triggered a reaction; her body shuddered violently for a long moment, her eyes rolled back into her head, and she went limp as a rag doll.

As he came down from the new record holder for the most powerful climax he had ever experienced, he once again knew concern over her well being. And that concern once again turned to manly satisfaction at the realization that he had simply fucked her senseless.

After resting for a moment, he rose to summon his servants. He would have them deliver the slave to the massage harem for a complete work over to alleviate any soreness brought on by the vigorous activity while bound, another reward for her enthusiastic service. Service that, unlike almost every other slave that had visited his bed, he would demand again.

Maybe next time, he might even consider untying her.

Jack half-awoke with a small start.

I hope you enjoyed Cindy's dream. Now go back to sleep, my darling master.

He did.

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2012-11-22 04:32:35
Hey,Its Sinead the other mom from South Lake! Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye to you guys, but I rllaey enjoyed meeting you! Made my day go by little smoother and meeting such a great couple was very nice! I'm so happy ur home with ur little man. Enjoy!!! I should be home soon. I hope to hear from you and get some photos! Your work is absolutely amazing!! Beautiful stuff and very creative!!Please contact me anytime!Sinead xox


2012-01-28 22:16:38
Hey why did it end. It was getting really good. What happens to jack. What does mom say. Why does it stop. Come on this isnt right please. at least let us know why you killed off jack and theyre side of the stories.

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I heard this was the last Jack/Genie story...
I'm afraid to read the next chapter. I really wish this series didn't end.

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