Jack woke spooned with a naked Jennifer, his nose tickled by deep red sleep-tousled hair, his morning sausage nestled between two warm buns. He would have expected her to smell like smoke after her previous evening out, but she smelled only of her usual intoxicating spice and desert rose. He lay there for a pleasant while, enjoying the cozy snuggle with his perfect woman.

He also pondered how he should wake her. It wasn't often that he awoke first, and the rule was that the first to wake had to awaken the other in an interesting and pleasant manner. He grinned as he made his decision. It was a little selfish, but that didn't stop him. He made a secret wish.

A still-slumbering Jennifer rolled over and sleep-mounted him. It was a disconcerting, watching her climb aboard him like an automaton, eyes closed, face in expressionless sleep. She rose and in one smooth motion filled her wish-slickened tunnel with his shaft as a sigh escaped her lips, deep sleep or not.

Her unconscious mind took over and she began to slowly move over him. Jack smiled contentedly and relaxed with his hands behind his head, anticipating a long ride. She was starting literally from a dead sleep, and Jack knew that he wouldn't be lasting through four of her orgasms this time. He was aiming for a simultaneous explosion.

As her stimulation slowly built, her face became more animated, and her body more active. Her hands, which had been limp in her lap, came alive and slowly caressed up her taut belly and abdomen to her incredible large, round breasts, where they tickled, than massaged, then mauled the perfect spheres while pulling and pinching nipples as she progressed ever so unhurriedly from a slow, silent ride to a crotch-slapping tempo, moaning constantly while her hair flew around her face. During the same period she rose from deep sleep to the edge of wakefulness, but was not allowed consciousness until the moment her orgasm struck.

As her enthusiastic ride continued with louder and louder moans, increasingly intense tit-mauling, and wilder hair flying, Jack began to fear that he would not be able to hold out. But before he could make the silent wish to assure their synchronicity, her eyes flew open. Her bewildered "Wha... ?" turned immediately to an inarticulate exclamation as she came powerfully. So did he.

As she slowed to a stop over him she pouted down through disheveled hair. "You are a very wicked master." Then she grinned, "But I must admit that was a very interesting way to awaken."

At his invitation she lay down atop him and they snuggled for a while, his cock still impaled deeply within her. It softened very, very slowly and reluctantly.

"I sure hope Jonathan and Doreen are already up and about. You're a really loud sleep-fucker."

Jennifer lifted her head from his chest and bit his nipple lightly.


"For your information, they were inspired by my earliest moans, and were too busy to pay attention to the rest."

"Ugh, too much information. Let's hit the shower and get some breakfast."

Scrubbed clean, they climbed to the top floor to be greeted by Kathleen and Ronald and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

"Morning!" Kathleen said cheerfully. Ronald lifted his head from the newspaper he had obtained from somewhere to murmur the same.

"Morning, Mom. What do we have available for breakfast?" Jack asked.

"Just cereal and bagels, I'm afraid." Kathleen replied. "We do have both cream cheese and jelly for the bagels. I thought we might stop by the store sometime today and get stuff for pancakes."

"Cereal will be fine for me." Jack assured her, then turned to Jennifer inquiringly.

She thought for a second. "I think I'll have a toasted bagel with cream cheese."

"Coming right up!"

Jack searched momentarily for the bagels. He split one and popped it into the toaster, then pondered his cereal choices; bland stuff full of fiber for adults, or sugary stuff that Zane must have picked out. He grabbed the sugary stuff with a muttered, "Screw it, I'm on vacation." Then he remembered that with his new Genie-tweaked bod, it didn't matter, anyway. He grinned happily to himself as he poured an extra large bowlful.

They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and cups of coffee while chatting with Kathleen and occasionally Ronald, at least while he was turning pages, until the rest of the family started appearing up the stairs. The first was Cindy, looking relaxed and cheerful.

"Good morning!"

Jack choked on a spoonful of cereal as the memory of Cindy's dream exploded back into perfect clarity from wherever it had been hiding.

"Are you okay, Jack?" Jennifer asked innocently.

"I'm fine," he rasped. Did I really experience Cindy's dream with her?


Bad Genie!

She gave a mental snort. You loved every minute of it.

Does she know it was me?

But it wasn't you, it was her swarthy, virile fantasy prince of indeterminate nationality. You were just along for the ride.

Oh. He thought about that for a moment. So that was her fantasy? To be tied down and molested as a slave?

Well, it's a little more complex than that. As far as just the sex goes, she participated in her three favorite activities; performing oral sex — she really does enjoy it — receiving the return favor, which she obviously took great pleasure in, and being thoroughly, thoroughly fucked. Beyond that, she has fantasized for quite a while about a little light bondage. You know, being tied down, mildly dominated, and enjoyably ravaged. But she's never been willing to give up enough control to pursue it. This was her opportunity.

As far as the rest of the setting, part of it was simply an appropriately exotic locale, and part was inspired by her mostly unconscious anxiety over going through her prime sexual years without taking much advantage of them, especially since she's fairly sure her sexual experience and enthusiasm would allow her to blow the mind of any potential lover who might otherwise be more interested in a younger but much less talented companion.

I see. Well, it certainly seems that referring to her as my 'hot little aunt' is turning out to be quite the understatement.


So, would it be safe to assume that she would enjoy further 'encounters' with the prince?

Quite safe. She would love repeated visits to his castle in far-off-wherever, enjoying all that it has to offer a favored sex slave who is slowly but thoroughly teaching her young 'master' everything about what real sex is, until one day she's riding his prone form while he's tied to the bed.

Jack looked at her suspiciously. A sex slave subjugating her master, eh?

That's only her dream, master, she replied with completely innocent reassurance.

Uh, huh. So, did she really get her massage?

Oh, yes. The 'massage harem' made quite sure that every square 'digit' of her body received just the right attention that each deserved... some of them very, very thoroughly.

Wow. And... was this harem comprised of men or women?

Hmmm. I don't think Jennifer will answer that question. You'll have to order Genie to, she replied, obviously relishing flaming his curiosity and arousal through a little wicked defiance.


Meanwhile, Kathleen was appraising Cindy with a curious look. Then she smiled, "Good morning, Cindy. Coffee?"

"Yes, please."

"You look like you slept well."

"Oh I did! The best in a long time."

The next up the stairs were Jonathan and Doreen. Jack avoided looking at them. Things... getting... too... weird!

Finally the younger folk trickled up. Once everyone had appeared, it was decided that this would be a good morning for the beach. After the various breakfasts were complete they all adjourned to their separate rooms to change and grab whatever gear they wanted.

Jack already had on shorts and a t-shirt, so it was the work of only a few seconds once they returned to their room to shuck off the shorts and replace them with swim trunks. He then gathered the rest of their paraphernalia while Jennifer headed toward the bathroom to change.

"Why don't you just change in here?"

"A girl must have some modesty," she replied coyly.

He almost replied with a smart-ass remark, but refrained this time.

He had to admit a few moments later that the girl knew what she was about. She stepped from the bathroom in a bikini in her trademark hunter green, a bikini which seemed to be designed to be as skimpy as possible while still remaining fully functional as a bathing suit for an active individual. And he certainly yearned to see the small percentage of her body that the material concealed. He pursed his lips. "Oh, my."

She smiled. "Thank you, Jack. I told Lea to hang on to the blue one-piece until we can go shopping for a new one, and that old one of hers is just too tight. So, I'm reduced to this old thing. I hope you don't mind." She batted her eyes at him.

"The only people who mind will be all of the single women on the beach as you attract the attention of every guy on the beach with roughly the gravity of a black hole. You will protect me when they all want to fight me over you, yes?"

Jennifer laughed and replied, "if that were true, then yes, if you'll protect me form all the women, single or married, who want to attack me because I'm attracting that attention," as she grabbed her beach bag, donned her sunglasses, and led Jack out to the pool deck to gather with the rest of the crowd.

They all trooped down the short board walk and onto the sand and made camp. The older couples set up big beach umbrellas and beach chairs. The younger folks spread out towels and started applying various tanning products. Except Jennifer. She had been oooing and ahhing since she stepped foot on the beach. Now she stood stock still and stared at the ocean, her eyes wide.

"You okay, Jen?" Jack asked.

"Yes. It's just so... big. Like it never ends."

"You've never been to the ocean?"

"When would I have, Jack?"

"Ah, true." He put his arm around her shoulders. "Pretty incredible, isn't it."

"Yes," she murmured in an awed voice.

"You guys okay? Whatcha looking at?" Cindy asked.

"Jennifer's never been to the ocean before."



"Well, what took you so long to bring her out here? You've been here two days!"

"I actually didn't know. We never discussed it."

"You knew you were coming on a trip to the beach, and her never having seen the ocean didn't come up?" Cindy asked incredulously.

Jennifer shrugged absentmindedly, still staring out to sea. "It's one of those things that you don't know is a big deal until after the fact, I suppose. 'A body of water thousands of miles across' doesn't really prepare you for the actual thing."

Cindy's gaze joined Jennifer's for a moment, she gave a small 'that makes sense, I suppose' shrug, and grabbed her bottle of suntan lotion.

Jack stood silently with Jennifer for a little while longer as she marveled at the vista before her. They eventually turned to spread their own towels and apply some lotion, lathering up their own fronts, then each other's backs.

"Would you mind, Jack?" Cindy asked, indicating her back. She was wearing the same bikini as the day before.


Rubbing lotion into Jennifer's silken skin and having her wonderful hands returning the favor already had him firm. Oiling up the back half of Cindy finished the job, even as he tried to ignore the picture of the hands of the 'massage harem' doing similar things. He had maneuvered so that his back was to the rest of the group while performing his duty, and he hoped that this angle, plus his baggy suit, would hide the evidence. Then Cindy turned and her hip grazed his protrusion. They both gasped.

She looked up at him. "That can't be caused by your old Aunt," she murmured.

Jack shrugged and replied with a lopsided smile. "Jennifer got it going, but my hot young aunt finished it."

Cindy looked at Jennifer to see if she had caught what was going on, and found the redhead just grinning knowingly back. Cindy shook her own head, rolled her eyes, and lay down on her towel. Jack sat cross-legged on his own to let things deflate.

Bad nephew! You're undoing all the good her dream did her.

Jack gave a small shrug. Not my fault this time. You expect me to rub lotion on you AND her and not get a chubby? Besides, I think we've already decided that she'll be enjoying more dreams.

You could have hidden it better... or maybe not. Zane had a similar reaction when Lea asked him to do the same. He's embarrassed and hoping that she didn't notice, or at least most of him is. She did, and is flustered and flattered.


Hey, you did ask me to monitor them.

True. Sorry.

Apology accepted. Besides, if this is the dorm, then I don't even need to walk by their open doors. What they are broadcasting could be heard halfway down the hall.

Ah. Oh! That reminds me. I did win the bet, right.


Oh, yeah, you weren't there. After I checked in with you last night on Zane's and Lea's activities, I made a bet with Cindy that they were too tentative to go far enough to need any protection.

It sounds like you two had an interesting conversation while I was otherwise occupied.

You haven't caught the instant replay yet?


Well help yourself.

Her eyes unfocused for a moment, then, Oh, my. She discovered my spot in the pool, I see. That was very, um, 'thoughtful' of you to let her finish undisturbed.

Jack just grinned.

To answer your question, yes you won the bet, but only barely. If things continue with no outside intervention, that will probably change if they can get their hands on some condoms. Give them credit; they both are unwilling to have sex without them. Zane has been carrying one in his wallet for a couple of years, but he suspects, rightly, that it will fall apart if he tries to use it. He's scheming on how to get away and buy some.

So it's safe to assume that she isn't on the pill?

Jennifer snorted. With her mom? Not a chance. She would see that as giving her daughter a green light to become sexually active. Lea could get them on her own, but she hasn't gotten up the nerve yet.

Hmmm. Okay, so can I tell Cindy that I won the bet?

Give me a little while, then yes. I'll get the story from Lea directly at some point. She's been starting to ask me some questions. I think she wants some advice, which reminds me. If she does ask for sexual advice, what should I tell her?

An all-powerful sex genie is asking ME about sex advice?

No, your companion and lover Jennifer, who is not really experienced at giving this type of advice from the real-world perspective, is asking.

Ah. I keep forgetting about that, what with you being so confident and intelligent.

Thank you!

Um. Jack pondered for a moment. I would say give her advice that would steer her toward a healthy and safe enjoyment of sex. Be careful, not too promiscuous, but within a safe environment-slash- relationship, feel free to explore and have fun. We don't want to stifle her, but we definitely want to help her steer clear of dangerous or destructive relationships. How does that sound?

Jennifer grinned a lopsided grin. A little light on details.

An all-powerful sex genie needs ME to provide details?

Her grin broadened. In this case, no. I'm assuming that you do not want to make any wishes to help with this?

I'd really rather not.

Very well. Why don't you grab Zane and do something manly so we girls can talk.


Jack rummaged for a Frisbee and called out, "Hey, Zane, wanna throw?" He held up the disk.

Zane shrugged. "Sure."

They got up and moved down the beach a little ways. Both were a bit rusty, but had the disk flying straight and level soon enough. They still had to do a lot of running around the beach, as the breeze would frequently alter the flight of the disk in unexpected directions. Before long both had worked up a pretty good sweat.

Finally Jack stopped, panting, and walked over to Zane. "Whew! I'm hot. I think I'm gonna take a swim. Up for a little body surfing?"

Zane grinned. "Yeah. Haven't done that in a long time."

They walked back to the girls. "We're going for a little swim and perhaps a little body surfing. Anyone want to join us?" Jack asked.

"In the ocean?" Janie asked, wrinkling her nose.

"Well, yeah. It's kinda hard to body surf in the pool." Jack replied. Janie made a face back at him.

"I'll come." Jennifer said, hopping up. "If you promise I won't get bitten by fish or anything."

Jack grinned. "No guarantees. You are quite tasty in that bathing suit." This earned him a chorus of retching.

"I'll go," Lea said, much more nervously.

"Great!" Jack said. The guys grabbed a quick gulp of water from the small cooler they had brought, and then Jack led the quartet toward the surf. They hopped the waves as they waded in. Lea, being the shortest, was the first to get knocked over. She hopped one, but another close behind surprised her. She went under, but popped up immediately sputtering and laughing, and was able to hop the next.

They made it beyond where the waves were breaking and were able to relax and bob around. It was too deep for Lea to comfortably stand, so she tried to float. The dense salt water buoyed her well, but the swells caused her some problems. Jack finally gave Zane a really big hint by scooping Jennifer up and holding her in his arms. She was nearly weightless in the water.

Jennifer helped with, "Ah, thanks Jack. I was afraid I was going to step on a crab or something..."

Zane observed the arrangement then turned uncertainly to Lea and asked if she would like him to do the same. She bit her lip for a moment, and then nodded. He moved to scoop her up.

So, how did the 'girl talk' go?

Very girlishly.


Well, details were lighter than some girls might provide, but that's to be expected from Lea. She's come a long way just to be able to talk about something like this at all. The other girls have absolutely no idea what she sees in Zane, but they are rooting for her. They gave her some advice, some good, some not so much.

Did you steer her straight on the 'not so much'?

Not yet. I will, Jennifer assured.

What about Zane? That's not really something guys talk about.

Well, I can just make sure she knows enough to steer things in the right directions. You're in charge of making sure he's prepared with condoms.

And how should I do that? Can I just wish a box to appear on his bed or something?

You can do that, if you want. Or you can take him shopping.

Jack snorted. Also not something guys normally do.

Well, I'm sure you'll think of something, she said in a condescending tone while patting his arm.

In response Jack dug the fingers of the hand supporting her torso into her ribs. She shrieked a laugh and tried to protect her ticklish sides. Failing, she flopped out of Jacks arms, nearly going under as she gained her feet between swells. She splashed him.

Rather than return fire, he simply dove at her, wrapped his arms around her, and took her under with him. The both surfaced a second later, laughing. When they had cleared the water from their eyes, they found Zane still holding Lea, both watching the exchange. Jennifer turned to Jack.

"Well, I'm drenched now. Teach me how to body surf."

"Alrighty. Let's move up to where the waves are starting to break." They paddled a bit closer to shore. Zane and Lea followed.

"Okay, the idea is to wait for a wave to come up behind you that looks like it's about ready to break, then swim as fast as you can towards shore. With any luck, the breaking wave will catch you and carry you along with it for a ways."

Jennifer looked doubtful. "Show me."

"Okay." Jack turned and searched for an appropriate wave.

It took several tries, but he finally caught one that carried him most of the way to the beach. He stood and turned to find that Zane had caught the same wave, and was now standing a few feet away, grinning. They both waded, and then swam back to the girls, receiving a round of applause when they got there.

"Cool! I wanna try!" Jennifer said, any doubt evaporated.

"Me too!" Lea added.

The girls tried to catch the next several waves with mixed success. Lea, it turned out, swam like a dolphin, and was able to catch a couple before Jennifer could catch her first.

Jennifer was starting to get a bit frustrated when Jack spotted a larger than average wave approaching, and it looked like it would break at just the right time. "Okay, here comes a good one! Go! Go!'

She went, and timed this one just right. She disappeared from their view on the far side of the wave for several seconds, then reappeared tumbling near the water's edge. She stood unsteadily, facing the beach. Her long red hair was hanging like a sodden, dripping curtain over her face, and her bikini bottom was now a thong.

She flung her hair back over her head, glistening water droplets flying in all directions. She then hooked her index fingers under the edges of her bikini bottoms and performed the unconscious little flip of her fingers to adjust fabric over her butt, a maneuver so enjoyed by bikini watchers everywhere. Or she tried to. On this occasion it took a little more effort to get the fabric so tightly wedged between her glorious cheeks back in place.

She turned and marched, somehow, back towards Jack. No wave happened to impede her progress, apparently knowing better. When she got close, Jack asked, "You okay?"

"Jack," she said in a stern, accusing voice by way of reply. "You utterly failed to mention the part about getting sand in my cooch!"

Jack couldn't quite contain his laugh. Surprisingly, Lea also giggled at Jennifer's righteously indignant complaint. Zane just stared at her with wide eyes, doubly flummoxed by the sight of her ass and the implications of what she had just said.

Jack's laugh turned to a throat clearing, "I'm sorry, but I've never body surfed in a bikini before. These trunks don't usually get too much sand in them. Would you like to quit?"

She threw her hands up in the air, then let them splash back in the water. "Too late now! Besides, I just got the hang of this."

Jack waggled his eyebrows suggestively. "Well, then, I'll be happy to wash out every grain when we're done."

Lea gasped, then gave a scandalized giggle. Zane's eyes now looked like they should be shooting out of his head at any moment.

Jack looked to sea and spotted another promising wave. "Bet I can go farther than you can!"

"Ha! I've got this down, mister!"

The little group spent the next half hour or so in the waves. Lea finally said, "I'm tired, but I don't want to get out, yet. Can we go out beyond the breakers, again?"

Zane's nonchalant "sure" wasn't quite convincing. Apparently holding a buoyant Lea in his arms wasn't too much of a chore. Lea just gave him a brilliant smile, though. Jack hid his own grin and turned to Jennifer with an inquiring expression.

"Actually I need to go to the little girls' room." Let's leave them alone.

"Okay, I'll come with you. Shall we catch one last wave?"


They caught a fairly decent one, and were deposited close to the water's edge. As they made their way toward the towels, Jack asked hopefully "So, time to wash out that sand?"

"Every grain," she replied with a grin, although she appeared slightly distracted. Then she laughed. "Good girl!"

"Who?" He noticed they were approaching their towels and the rest of the family, and repeated mentally, Who?


"Good swim?" Doreen asked.

"Yep. Good waves for body surfing. We're going to head back to the house for a bit."

"While you were swimming, we all decided to go out shopping this afternoon, then somewhere for dinner. You guys can join us for the shopping, or just meet us for diner," Jack's mom informed them.

"You mean all the women decided to go shopping," his dad muttered.

Jack looked at Jennifer and shrugged. "We'll probably tag along."

"Okay. We'll be following you in a little bit to clean up and get a bite for lunch."


Jack and Jennifer started up the beach toward the house. So why is Lea a good girl?

Because she's being such a naughty girl. She... well, may I just play the conversation back for you?

Jack shrugged. Sure.

He heard Zane's voice first. "So, um, you didn't, you know, have any problem with sand, did you?"

"There's a little in my suit. Not bad. You didn't warn me, either, though."

"Sorry. I didn't know..."

"That's okay. I was just teasing."

There was a pregnant pause, then Lea asked, "So... are you going to help me wash out the sand?... eeek!"

"He almost dropped her then," Jennifer commentated.

"Sorry! Uh... ummm..."


"Uh... sure. You wanna go in now, then?"

"Not really. I don't think we can get away with being in a shower together. Can't you just do it here?"

"Here?! In the ocean?"

"Sure. No one can see what's going on, and the sea water is supposed to be good for you. You know, as long as you don't go inside. I don't think sand got all the way in there, anyway."

"But... isn't there sand in the water, too?"

"Then you'll just have to wash that much more to get it all out."



"Yeah? Oh."

Your nephew sure is being obtuse. She was interrupted by a surprised grunt from Zane. Ah, I see she found a convenient handle to use for support while Zane's hand is busy. It looks like the little pussy tiger has escaped her cage.

Yeah. Poor Zane, Jack sympathized with no sympathy whatsoever.

As they entered the house he asked, "So, what about you? Did you get any sand 'inside'?"

She shrugged innocently. "I'm not sure. I guess you'll just have to wash me there really well, just in case."

"But..." he said as obtusely as he could. She elbowed him in the ribs.

They stripped their suits and headed for the shower. Once they had climbed in, Jack looked around. "This just won't do for the task at hand." He made a wish.

The fiberglass shower/tub expanded to become a huge multi-headed, tile-lined shower the size of a small room with its own endless supply of hot water. "Much better." He adjusted the controls until they were being pleasantly sprayed from all directions. They used the contents of several ornate dispensers on the wall to thoroughly wash each other's hair and bodies, paying extra attention to the usual spots.

Jack saved Jennifer's pussy for last. "Hmmm. This might require some further tweaking of the shower. Feel free to alter it to allow for the most effective sand removal."

From the center of the floor grew a pedestal covered in the same tasteful tile as the rest of the shower. It expanded into a reclined seat with the end opposite the head split into two wide-spread leg rests. It looked like the worlds' most stylish and exotic gynecological examining table. There was even a smaller tiled pedestal stool between the leg supports.

Jennifer wasted no time in nimbly mounting and reclining luxuriantly on the monolith. The shower of water adjusted so as not to spray her in the face while continuing to bathe the rest of her in a gentle rain that coated her body in a glistening lacquer before cascading off. A slightly stronger flow massaged her scalp before flowing in a rippling waterfall down her glossy deep-red mane which hung over the headrest of the lounge and down to kiss the floor tiles. She sighed in relaxed contentment.

Jack took his seat on the stool, the water adjusting away from his face, as well. He noticed something attached to a silver hose mounted at the junction of the table's leg supports. Unhooking it, he determined after a moment of examination that it must be a douche nozzle, an elegant sliver job, and suspiciously larger than he figured they usually came. He reached out to turn a silver knob below where the nozzle had hung, and his suspicion was confirmed as gentle jets of water flowed from small holes along each side of the phallic device, although again, the much stronger, pulsating jet of water shooting from a larger hole on the top surface didn't seem quite standard.

He admired for a few moments the way the water flowed off of her abdomen, down her mound and around and between her swollen lips before placing the tip of the nozzle at her entrance and gently inserting it. She moaned approvingly as he slid it in, then a little more intently as the pulsating jet apparently hit an interesting spot. He moved the nozzle around a bit, in the interest getting at and washing out every grain of sand, of course, and yet he seemed to return it more and more frequently to the position that generated the most vociferous moans, until it eventually halted there completely. Not having an additional device to use on the outside, Jack made use of the next best thing and leaned forward to attack her lips and clit with his tongue.

Although he loved her taste, it was an interesting change to have the flow of water as the extra layer of lubrication between his tongue and her skin, rather than her own juices. He barely touched her clit before she started cumming, and he attacked it fully to give her a prolonged and obviously intense clit-and-g-spot-combo orgasm. When he looked up several moments later as her deep body shudders began to subside he was amused to note that she was clinging to two ornate silver handles that at some point had been added to the tile-covered lounge, presumably to keep her from tumbling off in her orgasmic throes.

He moved the still-inserted nozzle around a bit more and earned a couple of aftershocks. "All clean?"

"Yes." She sighed contentedly, "Every grain is washed out."

Jack slowly removed the nozzle and turned off the water.

"... of there, " she added suggestively. She languidly turned over as the lounge morphed beneath her until she lay comfortably reclined on her stomach, her legs still spread wide and bent at the waste to present her glorious ass to him, cheeks spread in invitation. "There are a couple of grains buried deeply back there that you need to work on."

Jack studied her altered pedestal. "Hmmm, there doesn't seem to be any sort of enema apparatus to use this time," he observed.

"Nope. I guess you'll have to use something else," she murmured suggestively, looking back over her shoulder at his rigid cock. "And, besides, isn't it past time you took my ass? This seems a lovely opportunity."

"Do we have enough time?"

"Plenty," she murmured.

Jack felt a jolt of excitement at the idea, echoed by a twitch of his shaft. "So... who's ass am I taking?"

She gave a throaty chuckle. "They're both virgin. What's the difference?"

"Well, neither has had anything this size is them, have they?" he asked while stepping close to give her a good look at his larger than average endowment, as if she wasn't already intimately familiar.


"Want me to make it smaller?"


"Well, won't that be painful, for Jennifer at least?"

"A bit at first."

"Want me to wish that away?"

"Nope," then she elaborated, "That just doesn't seem right. I'll be fine, especially if you use plenty of that." She waved a hand toward one wall of the shower. "Take my ass, big stud!"

He turned to where she indicated and found a new dispenser on the wall, a large tank many times the size of the adjacent soap and shampoo dispensers and marked with a plaque, "All-purpose Lubricant." He laughed and shook his head at the outrageous size of the ornate monster as he dispensed a large palm-full. A delightful yet indescribable scent wafted up from the thick liquid.

He turned back to her rear, and once again paused to admire the sparkling coat of water on her skin, flowing off of her perfect buns and down her crack, undulating over her bud. Although she had turned her head away to lie back down, she seemed to know where he was looking and waggled her ass a bit. "Hurry up, that tickles," she urged in a tone of voice that said she was in no particular hurry.

"Won't all the water wash this lube off?"

"Nope. It's my special formula. It's mildly water resistant. It will stay on long enough in the water to do its job, but wash off cleanly and completely later. It also provides the ideal amount of lubrication for all activities, and not only is it edible, it's quite tasty, but never gets sticky. It's also non-staining and hypoallergenic," she concluded in an exaggerated promotional tone.

Jack laughed. "That's quite the commercial. Okay, here goes."

He scooped up a generous dollop of lube with two fingers and applied it to her bud, diverting the flow of water a bit as he did so. She hummed contentedly as he spread the slick liquid around liberally, and then moaned as he slowly inserted one finger. "Okay so far?"

"Very." She purred.

He finger-fucked her ass gently for a moment before removing it to apply more lube. He repeated the process a couple of times before graduating to inserting his thumb, then two fingers. As the two digits breached her tight, muscular ring, he felt her tense up for a brief instant before relaxing again.

"Still Okay?"

"Um hmmm, just adjusting."

He continued with two for awhile, and then applied even more lube before placing three at her rear door. "Ready for three?"

For a reply she pressed her ass back against his hand. He responded by pushing gently forward, increasing the pressure slowly until his fingers finally breached her opening. She gave a small grunt/moan, but didn't retreat. He began slow, small thrusts, inserting his fingers just a bit deeper each time. After awhile he had his fingers almost completely inserted, and Jennifer was thrusting back against him aggressively.

"Any pain?"

"Not enough to prevent you from stopping just playing around and shoving that big cock up my ass, instead," she growled.

"Yes ma'am!" he said with a chuckle and another anticipatory twitch of his shaft. "Although, I kind of like finger-fucking your ass," he added with a few extra-firm thrusts of his hand. He was rewarded with a ragged groan.

He removed his hand and waggled his fingers to relax them while he applied the remaining lubricant liberally to his shaft with the other. He moved to place his tip at her perfectly-aligned pucker and, figuring she wasn't wanting any more cautious questions, pushed until his cock-head popped through her tight sphincter. She grunted when it did, but he still didn't say anything, just waited a moment for her to adjust before pressing slowly inward. Repeating the method of his three fingers, he thrust in a little deeper each time, watching silently for any negative response. He received none, and after awhile found himself buried completely in her ass, her firm round cheeks pressed tightly against his upper thighs. He grasped her hips lightly and held her against him for a moment, enjoying the sight and sensations of the coupling, before slowly withdrawing until the ridge of his head was pulling slightly against her tight ring.

Her moan turned to a bit of a whine at being so empty, so he reversed course, still going slowly as he savored the different sensations her muscular ring generated versus her equally tight pussy. Her stretched pucker concentrated the squeezing stimulation in a narrower band around his cock, and unless he came perilously close to pulling out all the way — pulling out and shoving back in sounded interesting, but he figured doing so frequently might be a little much for a virgin ass - the stimulation didn't quite hit the most sensitive area of his shaft. The upshot of this was that Jennifer was in for a lengthy virgin ass fuck.

The anal stimulation for Jennifer seemed fairly intense if her writhing and moaning were any indication, so he simply retained his firm but gentle grip on her hips and gave her ass a long, moderate pounding until she came. Still not close to his own orgasm, he stopped fully buried in her ass and enjoyed the strong orgasmic contractions of her sphincter around the base of his cock. When her shudders and contractions had subsided, he nearly asked her if she wanted him to continue, but then thought better of it.

He slowly retreated, then thrust again. Her moan was slightly strained, but there was no complaint. Thinking he might change things up a bit, he first considered reaching around to worry her clit for some extra stimulation. This seemed a bit awkward, though, and he grinned evilly and made a secret wish. The reclined angle of the table became more upright while keeping her ass at the perfect height and angle for thrusting. This allowed him to move his hands from her hips to a different pair of handles. He grasped tightly the larger-than-handfuls that were her firm, perfectly-round breasts, his fingers pressing into their dense yet yielding flesh while pinching her nipples between middle and index fingers. Meanwhile, he stuck with the shower theme as a small water jet came into being at the juncture of the two leg support columns. The jet immediately began directing its pulsating thrum against her clit, tracking it's every movement.

"Ohhh, you bast... bad master," Jennifer accused in an approving hiss.

Jack increased his tempo markedly, enjoying the slap of her drenched ass against his thighs. He pulled out of her a little further on his thrusts this time, using her tight muscular ring catching against the ridge of his cock head as a bit of a stopper. His climax rapidly approached after a few moments of this, as, obviously, did hers. She started slightly before him, and he stopped with the ridge of his head pressed against her sphincter as it rhythmically squeezed his most sensitive spot, sending him over the edge.

Instead of pulling out immediately, he slowly pushed all the way back in until her cheeks were snuggled against his crotch once more. He stayed this way for awhile, allowing his shaft to ever so slowly deflate while rubbing and gently massaging her back.

When he was mostly deflated, he pulled free and Jennifer stood. The lounge disappeared and the shower streams intensified, giving them a massaging rinse.

"First anal sex experience okay?" Jack asked innocently.

"Okay. Wonderful. Marvelous. I even daresay a match for the best first anal experience anyone has had."

Jack grinned. "You would know."

She nodded. "I would."

As they dried each other off with impossibly large and fluffy towels, Jennifer observed, "You know, between the pool, ocean, and shower, there certainly seems to be a lot of water-related stimulation going on."

"You complaining?"

"Of course not! It only seems appropriate, at the beach."

Jack looked wistfully at the shower before he nodded for Jennifer to turn it back to normal. Then he grinned. They could enjoy the same whenever they wanted. The massive disappearing tank of lube brought forth another thought.

"Hey, is your 'all purpose lubricant' magical?"

"Do you mean does it contain magic in and of itself to do what it does?"

Jack nodded.

"No, it's simply a cunning combination of all-natural ingredients," she replied with a lofty air.

So, can we bottle and sell that lubricant at FI?"

"You're a creative master, I'm sure you can come up with a way."

Zane's initial reaction to the afternoon shopping plans was obvious from his expression; Shopping?! Yuck! Maybe I can beg off and stay here and play video games. However, one glance at Lea reminded him that he had what was rapidly becoming a girlfriend, and would be expected to tag along. Hard on the heels of that was the recollection that he had an errand to run if he wanted things to progress as desired with said girlfriend later in the evening.

It took no magic whatsoever for Jack to read all of this going on in Zane's mind. He decided to sweeten the pot a little further. He sidled over to Zane and murmured. "Don't forget, some of that shopping is going to be for bathing suits. I'm sure she'll want to model them for you." Then he remembered it was Lea they were talking about. Will she want to model them for him?

In response he received a little tigress growl. He took it as an affirmative. Meanwhile, Zane looked quite a bit more cheerful about the prospect of shopping.

Rightfully so, as it turned out. Jennifer and Lea, then Sarah, then Janie, and finally even Cindy tried on suits in several shops, until they had their own little fashion show going. Everyone razzed Zane for covering his eyes when his mom would model a suit, even as all the guys sat in various cross-legged positions to attempt to hide the effects the scantily clad women were having.

At Jennifer's urging and financial backing, Lea finally settled on a modest dark blue one-piece, similar to the one that Jennifer had loaned her, one to which she figured her mom would not object overly much. She also bought a fairly skimpy yellow bikini, Zane's favorite. Jennifer bought a teeny, tiny red bikini that matched her hair, one that would laugh at even the barest hint of being worn into actual water. "So Lea wasn't the only one buying a suit," she claimed sincerely to Jack. And it was true that the other girls had ultimately decided that they had enough bathing suits. But...

Um, did you actually model that suit for us? I don't think I'd forget that one.

Are you kidding? And give your dad a heart attack? The only man whose heart I plan to get going with this little swatch of fabric and string is my studly master's.


When the ladies headed toward a shoe store next, the older men in the party sighed resignedly and steered toward a line of rocking chairs under the covered porch outside the shop, fanned lazily by a couple of ceiling fans above. One of the chairs hosted a discarded newspaper, evidence that these men weren't the first that the chairs had hosted this day.

Jack put his hand on Zane's shoulder to stop him while announcing to the retreating ladies, "Zane and I are going to wander around for awhile. Can we meet you guys a little later?"

After a brief discussion, everyone agreed to meet back at the rocking chairs in an hour. With a glance to confirm that his dad and uncle were now comfortably ensconced with the purloined newspaper and unlikely to want to go anywhere, Jack led Zane off.

There were few shops in the quaint 'shopping village' that appealed to guys, but they found some interesting things to fill their time. The main one was what first appeared to a toy shop, but on further inspection proved to be a store dedicated to fun things for the beach. And especially kites, some of them quite expensive. Jack didn't quite get the high prices, until he caught a demo video looping on a TV. The kites seemed to be doing some impossible things, until he determined that the kite the guy was flying had TWO lines.

"Hey, guys, can I answer any questions?"

Jack and Zane turned to find a cute, classic beach girl smiling at them in a friendly way, although closer inspection showed that 'girl' was a little under-estimating her age. Still, she was quite cute.

"Yes, as a matter of fact." Jack pointed at the TV, and then waved his hand vaguely at all of the nylon shapes hanging around him. "Do these really do what that guy is doing?"

She laughed, flashing bright white teeth that contrasted with her deeply tanned skin, although not quite tan enough to completely hide a few freckles sprinkled across cheeks and nose. "Sure, with a little practice."

"So how does it work?"

"Well, these kites are controllable because they have two lines. They work kind of like a hand glider, and that's pretty much what a lot of them are; tiny hand gliders. You pull on the left line, thee kite turns left. Right turns right. Put the line handles back together so neither line is pulled, and the kite goes in a straight line in whatever direction it's heading at the time."

"Huh. Sounds easy enough."

She laughed again. "It is. It's also easy to fly 'em straight into the ground."

Jack laughed back. "That's not a very good sales pitch!"

She grinned a bit conspiratorially. "How long are you guys in town?"

"The whole week."

"Are you heading down to the boardwalk?"

"Yes, tomorrow night."

Her grin widened. "Good timing! If you want a good sales pitch, stop by our gazebo on the beach between eight and ten. If you happen to buy something, tell them Sam sent you."

"Are you on commission?"

She shrugged. "Nope."

"Oh, okay. Thanks, Sam."

She flashed another smile. "You're quite welcome."

They left the shop and headed toward another Jack had spotted, "The Sundries Shoppe." It looked to be little more than a glorified and over-priced convenience store, but Jack figured it would have what they needed.

When Zane saw the area that Jack was headed to, he raised his eyebrows and spun off, presumably to give Jack his privacy. Jack grinned lopsidedly, then frowned. He realized that it had been awhile since he had bought condoms, and apparently there had since been a rash of new brands to hit the market since then. Hey, Jen?

Yes, dearest?

Which of these is best?

Which of? Tingle, oh. For Zane, I presume. There was a brief pause, then one of the packages was highlighted in his vision. These give the best combination of durability and sensation.

Jack took the package of twelve from the hanger. This pack a good one?


Can you make it better.

Tingle. Done. Those are now 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy.

Thank you.

Jack walked over to Zane. "Got some cash?"

"Uh, yeah." Zane reached for his wallet, but Jack slapped the package against his chest. Zane automatically reached up to catch it.

"Here ya go. Meet you outside."

"But... I..."

Jack ignored him and headed out the door.

Jack sat on a low brick wall outside the store, wondering how long he would have to wait for Zane to get up the nerve to buy the condoms. A surprisingly short time later Zane came out, red-faced but with a bag in his hands.

"That was quick!"

Zane stared daggers at him for a second then looked away and muttered "asshole," barely loud enough to hear.

Jack just laughed as he hopped down. "Come on, our hour is almost up."

They started unhurriedly back toward the designated meeting place, and Jack continued in a reasonable tone, "That wasn't really so bad was it? The clerk didn't laugh at you or anything, did she? I bet she didn't even blink."

Zane shrugged and watched his shoes for a little while, then, "Yeah, but how did you... does everybody..."

Jack sighed. He decided that the truth, or at least an edited approximation of it, was probably the best answer. "Well, your mom asked me to make sure you had some condoms before you and Lea got too friendly."

Zane stopped dead and looked at him in horrified shock. "What?!"

Jack couldn't help grinning. He shouldn't derive such entertainment from giving Zane a hard time, intended or not, but he couldn't help it. This was an unintended time, though, so he didn't add any extra teasing. The rest would probably be bad enough. Hopefully the results would be worth it to Zane, though.

"Come on, keep walking or we'll be late." Zane grudgingly followed as Jack continued. "Zane, I know this will be hard for you to grasp, but your mom really is very cool. And contrary to what you might think, or hope, she is far, far from clueless. While I don't think she knows, or is wanting to find out, every detail of what's going on between you and Lea, she's got a pretty good general idea. You don't think you were fooling anyone when you came in from the beach last night all covered in sand did you?"

Zane turned red again, and his shuffling slowed, but he said nothing. Jack ambled on, and Zane caught up after a moment. Jack continued. "The good news is, because she is so cool, she understands what is going on between you two, and is happy for you, just as long as you are careful."

"You mean she doesn't care if we have sex?" Zane blurted disbelievingly, turning the heads of a couple passing shoppers.

"Well, don't tell her I told you, but part of her is really rooting for both of you. The mom in her has the usual worries, of course. But as long as you are discrete, and make sure you use those properly," Jack pointed emphatically to the small bag Zane clutched, "I think you can assume you have a tacit green light from her. I can't speak for Jonathan and Doreen, and how protective they feel about Lea, but they're pretty cool, too. I imagine you won't have any issues from them, either, as long as you are discreet. They know how repressive an environment she has grown up in, and you are both legal adults, now, after all. Oh, and you might want to put those away. Just because they are in a bag won't fool anyone."

"Really?" Zane said as he stuffed the package in one of the baggy pockets of his board shorts. "I mean, she really doesn't care if we have... you know?"

"I didn't say she doesn't care, in either sense. She cares in the 'mom' sense, as she certainly doesn't want any grand kids yet, and she doesn't want either of you getting hurt. She also cares in the sense that she remembers what it was like to be young and horny."

The look on Zane's face this last statement produced was classic, a mixture of horrified realization that his mom might have some idea of just how horny he was all the time, and disgust at the thought that his mom was ever the same way. Jack had to laugh.

"Look, I know how gross the idea is of your mom being a sexual person. I feel the same way about mine, just ask Jennifer. But if you can get over that a bit, you might be able to relate with her a little better. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not suggesting anything weird here, but you don't think interest in things sexual just turns off at age thirty or whatever, do you? She's not as much unlike you as you think."

Zane shuddered at what Jack was implying, but seemed to also be trying to consider it. Jack punched him lightly on the shoulder, and then lowered his voice, as they were approaching the meeting place, and Lea and the other girls were already there.

"You're a lucky guy," he said, looking at Lea. Zane followed his gaze. Jack paused briefly, then gave as much guy advice as he could bring himself to give. "Just treat her well, and give at least a little more than you get, if you know what I mean. Oh, and take your vitamins. I think you are going to need them."

Zane couldn't ask what Jack meant, as they had now reached the meeting spot. Lea had noticed the gaze of both guys as they approached, and as she led Zane off with a smile, Jack could just overhear her asking, "What were you guys talking about?"

Jack walked over to Jennifer and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"What were you guys talking about?" she asked with a knowing grin.

"I think you know good and well what we were talking about."

Her grin turned smug. "I do," then she continued, "and you're a pretty good uncle."

"Thanks," Jack said while noticing Jennifer toted several bags. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She shrugged.

"Just a couple of pairs of shoes. They were on sale."

Not that I mind, but couldn't you have just created them for yourself?

Yes, but the other girls said I just HAD to have these, and wouldn't let me leave the store without them.

I see. The logic seemed a little tenuous to Jack, but he let it pass.

"You didn't find anything?" Jennifer switched back to verbal speech.

Jack shrugged. "I found some neat kites that I might buy one of, but I think they demo them at the boardwalk, so I figured I'd wait until we go down there tomorrow evening."

"Oh? Sounds fun."

The rest of the afternoon was spent similarly, then they went in search of a good place for dinner. A friend of Jonathan's had insisted that he take them to a particular seafood restaurant, which he proceeded to try to find.

After traveling down roads that became increasingly narrower and more poorly paved, then just gravel, they finally arrived at a remote shack at the head of a pier leading out into a small inlet. The pier currently hosted two small fishing trawlers.

Murmurs or doubt began to sound in the vehicle Jonathan was driving, but he silenced them with a raised hand. "He warned me that the place is a little... rustic. But he promised that the service and the food were top notch."

He made the same statement to the protests of the folks piling out of the other car, and it turned out to be true. The shack hosted an interior that was a bit nicer than it's outside appearance would indicate, a staff of very friendly locals, and the best seafood any of them had ever eaten, comprised of heaping portions of stunningly fresh local-caught offerings, lightly fried or perfectly broiled.

They all rolled out a leisurely time later, complaining happily of over-stuffed bellies. As they drove off, Cindy asked, "What was the name of that place, anyway?" No one remembered seeing one.

Although everyone protested that they couldn't even think about food, Katherine insisted that they stop at the grocery store if they wanted anything to eat the next morning.

Once they returned to the house and put away the groceries, everyone went their separate ways; Jonathan and Doreen went to 'walk off dinner' on the beach, Zane and Lea disappeared somewhere presumably private, and the rest of the girls went to try on the days spoils, dragging Jennifer along with them. Ronald took the collection of news papers he had amassed over the afternoon and headed toward the 'reading room." Cindy retired to her own room, also to read. "I'm at the good part!"

Kathleen poured herself a glass of wine and went out on the deck off of the kitchen/family room to 'enjoy the breeze.' Jack looked around the suddenly empty kitchen, shrugged, grabbed a beer, and joined his mom on the deck.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Of course not, dear. Have a seat."

"Enjoying your vacation?"

"Very much. I will be even more tomorrow, I think, when Martha and Elizabeth get here."

Jack grinned at the thought of his outgoing older sister and her precocious daughter joining the group. "Yeah."

They sat in companionable silence for awhile, then Kathleen said, "Jack I really like Jennifer. I'm so thrilled you two met, you look very happy together."

Jack felt a strong sense of Deja Vu. "But?"

"Well, don't take this the wrong way, but Jennifer seems a little... different."

Oh Shit.

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