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This is my first story. I have dramatised it a bit but it's pretty much based on real experiences I have had. Let me know what you think.
I had a nine o clock meeting with a customer four hours drive away, so my boss had let me drive down on the Thursday afternoon and because the meeting could easily run into five or six hours, he said he wasn’t expecting me back on the Friday.

I wasn’t away from home much and so had left my husband of seven years instructions on how not to burn his dinner. Although he probably would anyway and end up getting a takeout or something.

I wasn’t really too worried about him. I knew he would be pleased to have a night by himself, surfing as much porn as he could. Like he thinks I don’t know what he gets up to!

I was just annoyed that I would have to miss a gym session really. For the first time in my life, I finally had the body I’d always wanted, but that didn’t come without a lot of hard work and I didn’t like anything that was going to risk me not being able to turn every male head in the room at my thirtieth in a few months. I had never been unfaithful or anything, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like feeling I’ve still got it. Blondes are supposed to have more fun after all.

I was on the phone to the office dealing with a few last minute details of the meeting and completely missed the service area I usually stop at for a coffee and toilet break. Damn I cursed. I knew it was the last one for quite a while and I really needed to pee.

Then the traffic ground to almost a total standstill, double damn!

After a few miles I was contemplating having to pull off the motorway and find a garage or something, when I spotted a hand made sign on the verge, with “WC” painted in blue and a blue arrow. I think it said next exit underneath.

The next exit seemed to just be some kind of service road, and I wouldn’t have even taken it but for the other sign right before it with just a blue arrow.

The service road lead to a flyover across the motorway and then to a country lane which I followed, now getting pretty desperate.

At the T junction I cursed when there wasn’t another sign. I went left and after about a mile or so turned around and tried the other way.

Just before I gave up another small blue arrow pointed up an even narrower lane and then a few hundred yards later another pointed down a track that wasn’t even surfaced.

I drove along it anyway. At least it was quiet so I was contemplating having to go behind a bush or something.

At last I came to a clearing which seemed to have a building.

There were some other cars there, and some men milling outside the building, and it was only the blue WC sign which gave me any confidence that I was in the right place.

I parked and went over to the building. I would never usually have stopped at such a place. It seemed pretty seedy to me, but it was better than having to hitch up my skirt at the roadside.

There seemed to be only one toilet so I asked one of the men if there was a ladies.

The man who answered seemed to speak only broken English, but explained that there was only one, but that is was uni sex, at least I think that’s what he said. It seemed almost like he said “good for sex!” He could see my hesitation, I think (and my discomfort) so he showed me the lock on the door and that it worked. God he had the most piercing blue eyes!

So in I went. Locking the door behind me.

It was one of those toilets which absolutely stinks of piss and where you stick to the floor as you walk. I shouldn’t have thought it had been cleaned in months if ever! And used only by men I would guess but I was so desperate by now that I walked past the one basin and the urinal and went into the cubicle. At least this had a strong looking bolt on the door which I locked as well.

There is really nothing quite like that kind of relief is there?

I noticed some of the graffiti on the wall.

I started to read some of it as I finished up.

It would seem that most of it was from men to other men, and that didn’t really surprise me I have to say, but then I saw a slightly longer sentence that seemed to suggest that someone’s wife was involved. Or at least was willing to be?

It was only then that I noticed a large wad of tissue on the door in front of me. I poked at it with the empty toilet roll holder and it fell to the floor revealing a hole in the door of about fifteen centimetres diameter.

How curious I thought.

I couldn’t believe my own naivety when a few seconds later I realised what it must have been for!

I looked around me as I pulled up my knickers. Trying to imagine some of the depraved things which must have happened here!

As I unbolted the door, my knees buckled involuntarily and for a second before I quickly stood again, I found myself face to face with the hole. I shuddered.

Outside the cubicle most of the men seemed to be back in their cars, and I quickly made my way back over to mine.

The man I had spoken to seemed to be coming back from it. I was pleased I‘d locked it!

He seemed to say something about a phone number, But I just ignored him with a smile and got into my car locking the doors before making a hasty getaway.

Just before the end of the gravel track I noticed a small piece of paper flapping under my windscreen wiper and after a look in all the mirrors, I stopped and retrieved it, only noticing as I climbed back in how moist my knickers seemed.

ANDREZ it said. Above a mobile phone number!

Well I’m not usually the sort to daydream, but I can pretty much say that for the rest of the journey, after I finally gave in and allowed myself to start fantasising. I thought of little else.

In fact after about an hour, I pulled over at the next services, contemplated calling the number, and then even though I had given up smoking nearly three years ago, bought a pack of cigarettes.

I didn’t call him though. But I had smoked three of the cigarettes before I even realised that I was driving back the wrong direction!

I threw the rest away and turned around. Then stopped at the same services and bought some more!

God by the time I eventually got to the hotel there was more that hadn’t happened in my fantasy than had!

My husband called just as I got into the room, but I made an excuse that I was just checking in and would call him right back, such was my need for a very different kind of relief!

Fortunately I had with me a little clit vibrator my husband had bought as a joke or something. I had never actually used it. Always worried the sound would be too obvious through the very thin walls.

I think I must have been very horny indeed though because this time I made very good use of it. Not even stopping when I heard whoever was in the next room turn their television down (I am sure to listen to me!) I think I even cried out as I came!

I can’t believe I left it so long to give it a try. It was wonderful!

After I called my husband back, and listened to him lying to me about what he was up to, for the first time ever I spent the several hours, surfing some very hot toilet orgy and glory hole porn on the internet. And trying not to call the phone number. I used the vibrator several more times.

Eventually I did call it though.

I think I do know why the thought of sucking cock anonymously appeals to me so much. A teenage event I suppose. I will briefly mention it only because it might explain what was driving me.

The first bit is not really relevant to what I am writing but I feel that I need to explain so please bear with me.

Several years earlier, just after my sixteenth birthday, I had gone through a pretty wayward stage. And although I had a boyfriend, and wasn’t a virgin, I was experimental with my sexuality, and almost constantly horny.

The man I was around most of course, like many girls I suppose, was my Dad. And I’m not proud of the fact that I did give him more than a healthy amount of my attention.

After several months of this, one Sunday morning, when my mum had gone to church, I found myself sitting in the lounge, gazing longingly at his cock, which I could clearly see as he read the paper, on the sofa, still wearing only his bath robe.

I had no idea that by now he hadn’t just noticed my attention, but he was very interested in taking things further! Until that is that he allowed himself to become fully erect, right in front of me.

I did what any girl my age would have done I suppose, and bolted to my bedroom, though to this day I’m still not sure if that was from shock or horniness.

Dad, seeing everything after that as a further invitation, followed me at what seemed to be just the right moment. Just long enough for my shock to have subsided a little, but my horniness to be still very much present.

No one but Me and Dad have known until this day what really happened over the next twenty minutes or so.

Well I did tell my husband about most of it, just after we got together. At least about Dad telling me how drop dead gorgeous I was, and about how strange his voice sounded. I’m not sure if I mentioned about Dad asking me to take off my nightshirt, so he could “fully appreciate how beautiful I was” (I still have no idea what made me actually take it off!), but I definitely told my husband about Dad touching me. Although actually it was more like frenzied molesting!

But I’m pretty sure I didn’t say anything about him licking me. Or for how long!

And definitely not how willing I was!

I did tell him most of it though, that I’d cried at some point (which I really did) and about Dad coming on my belly after simulated sex.

And I wasn’t completely lying.

Just not completely telling the truth!

Dad did come on my belly.

After he pulled out of me anyway. Though god knows I thought he was going to cum inside me.

There was nothing pleasant about what he did to me though, it was more that he was kind of teaching me a lesson about what happens to a slut!

He certainly seemed to enjoy giving the lesson though. In fact he pretty nearly fucked me to death, if the blueness around my nose and lips afterwards are anything to go by anyway.

Not that he didn’t make me cum. But still I wouldn’t say it was pleasant!

Anyway, a few months later, he told my Mum that he’d had an affair and left her pretty soon afterwards. I blamed myself a bit for a while.

A few months later during the divorce, he was trying to throw me and Mum out of the house. We had no money and nowhere to go, so I hatched a plan that seemed to make sense – at least at the time.

I planned to bargain with the only thing I had… Myself.

I went to the flat he was staying at, dressed to tease, with every intention of sucking him to his total satisfaction.

And then, once he had cum perhaps masturbating in front of him, or at least showing him everything else, and promising that he could have me whenever he wanted if he let me have what I wanted.

I had played the scenario out a thousand times in my head, and I have to admit it had given me a lot of pleasure too!

On the day though, his girlfriend had also been there and, since I hadn’t anticipated that, I hadn’t even made it in the door.

I hadn’t seen him since. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t still fantasised at times about what might have happened.

So the reason I find the thought of sucking a cock through a glory hole so appealing is that it really could be anyone’s!

And I suppose that feeds the fantasy I have never been able to fulfil.

On the phone, I told Andrez everything.

And it felt good to tell him. Though I’m not completely sure he understood or even believed me.

I was pleased to get confirmation though about the toilet I met him at. That it was indeed “good for sex” and that was exactly what he and the other men there were interested in me for.

We talked a lot about my concerns too, if in theory I went further with it, about not wanting to get caught, about just sucking, or whether I was happy to be fucked too, and even about never having had anal sex.

The getting caught bit wasn’t a problem. It was not a public site but a private farm, which he worked at! And they would take down the signs so nobody else would find it. And the sex? Well that would only go as far as I wanted. It certainly wasn’t his intention to put me off the first time I ever did anything like that.

I was so horny after speaking to him, that we even contemplated him driving up to the hotel and spending the night with me. I surprised myself at how easily I agreed to that! But eventually he persuaded me to at least meet him at the same place again on my way back home, and we could either see what happened there or go somewhere quieter.

One way or another I knew then that he was going to fuck me, and I wanted that!

I suppose the good thing that came out of what happened with my Dad is that after that, I had really turned my back on the slut I might have been and became no more than pretty average and ordinary woman.

I had no idea that a chance meeting at a random toilet was going to lead to me discovering where all those feelings had been hidden away, and once I had found them, and started to explore some of the exquisite pleasures it was as if I had unintentionally opened the flood gates.

I think I even dreamt about it, and masturbated in my sleep. And in the morning when I woke, although I wasn’t sure if I would really go there again, every time I considered it, my heart would race and my mouth got dry as a rush of intense arousal washed over me.

I skipped breakfast, instead taking longer than usual to get ready. Just in case I did stop there. And everything I did seemed to turn me on. Even shaving my legs in the shower, and then completely shaving around my pussy.

Andrez had said that he liked completely shaved pussy, but I was worried that if I came home to my husband having done that, then it would be far too obvious, so I settled in the end for leaving the tiniest little strip of hair above my pussy that I have ever had. And even that I trimmed closely as I sat spread eagled on the edge of the bath at the same time as doing probably the kinkiest thing I have ever done with a shower hose.

Andrez had explained how to prepare for anal sex, and even though I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to go that far, the intense dirtiness of the preparation ritual was something I felt I just had to experience.

He was right at how, if I let the water run from the hose gently as I pressed it to my anus, the pressure of the water would open me easily and allow the hose to simply slide in.

Then I could hold it in place and turn on the pressure more, feeling myself literally filling up with water to the point that I just couldn’t take it in anymore.
God the rush of the eventual release almost made me cum, but I had to hold the hose in place with both hands to prevent it being squirted out, as I worked it in and out, and around in all directions as I cleaned my insides out totally.

I was pleased as I eventually dressed that I had by pure luck packed a very sexy pair of knickers!

By the time I was ready to leave, I needed to cum even more than when I had arrived at the hotel the previous evening, but I didn’t have time so I just had to bottle it all up somewhere and concentrate on the work I was actually there for.

Needless to say, that despite going pretty well, the meeting the next day really dragged on.

Eventually, and at long last I was heading back home.

I worried for a few minutes that I wouldn’t be able to find the site again without the blue arrows that had been there the afternoon before, but a little late and after a few wrong turns and I did eventually manage to find it.

Andrez was there waiting for me as I parked. My heart was almost beating out of my chest when he walked up to my car and opened the door for me.

Despite being nervous as hell, my pussy was now very wet. So wet in fact that I think I had soaked right through my knickers.

I was actually trembling as I climbed out of the car. Andrez held out his hand and took mine to help me. I stood, half stumbling into him as he held me, I looked up at him and we kissed for the first time, my whole body tingling with arousal as his tongue found mine and then teased and explored my mouth.

I started to calm down a bit and to feel more arousal than nervousness. Over his shoulder I could see several other cars with men in them. All of them watching us intently.

Andrez handed me a small brown bottle of liquid. We had discussed this the night before, he called it poppers, and said it would help me to feel less nervous and to enjoy things more from the very beginning.

He suggested that while I was with him by the car, I give it a try to make sure I knew how it would feel.

Before I did, Andrez asked me if I would feel confident, right there in front of everyone, to lift my skirt, and let him put his hand into my knickers. Of course I replied that I wouldn’t, although it seemed strange that I didn’t feel confident considering what I might be about to do in the toilet.

Then Andrez opened the bottle and held it in turn to each of my nostrils while I took a good sniff of the slightly sweet smelling liquid. Wow! – within a couple of seconds I felt a rush of blood to my head and my heart was really pounding, then I just felt warm and a bit light headed. But my level of arousal seemed to multiply by billions and when he asked me the question again I honestly wanted nothing more than to show everyone watching how horny I was, and that I was totally up for everything they wanted to do to me.

I don’t think I actually said anything, just responded by lifting my skirt. OMG my knees almost buckled as Andrez kicked my feet apart and slid his hand into my knickers God what a rush! My pussy was sopping wet. I heard him release a low sound from the back of his throat as his fingers played with the slick swollen lips of my cunt. I tried to pull away from him but Andrez pushed me back trapping me between him and my car as he held my throat with his other hand, immobilising me. Stay still slut, he whispered as his fingers slid deep into me and he used his thumb to rub my throbbing clit.

I didn’t even care that all of the men could clearly see us, even when he told me he had recorded our phone conversation and all of them had heard it. In fact I just felt liberated and free and I loved it. I wondered how much of my pussy they could see through my knickers, and whether it was obvious how incredibly wet I was.

I would probably have sucked him right there in the car park. But after a couple of minutes once the head rush had subsided, Andrez stopped what he was doing to me, straightened up my clothing told me that he wanted me to go into the toilet.

Both of us wanted to go much further with each other, and it was so difficult having to let him go, but Andrez said as we got over to the toilet door, and shared a cigarette, that if I still wanted to see him afterwards, he was definitely interested. God he is so hot!

The smell of stale piss hit me as soon as I opened the door, but for some reason today, the smell and how filthy it was in there just seemed to add to my slutty arousal. I closed the outer door, but left it unlocked this time, and walked over to the cubicle. My high heels echoing on the sticky concrete floor.

I went into the cubicle and closed the door, bolting it behind me. I needed to pee quite desperately. I had planned it like that as then it would be more natural to end up on the toilet, with my knickers around my ankles.

I was fully aware that what I was about to do was highly risky and very wrong, but I couldn’t help myself.

I felt almost possessed with the aching need to feel for myself just some of the pleasure, the girls in the porn I had watched last night had experienced.

I sat on the toilet, and relieved myself, my piss echoing loudly in the metal bowl. I could hear the exited voices of the men gathering outside the toilet block.

The tissue wad was now blocking the hole in the door again, and this time I left it there. These were to be the subtle little signs which I had discussed with Andrez, which would indicate my willingness to go further. Well the first one wasn’t very subtle.

After having a few minutes alone to compose myself, if I wanted to continue, I was to remove my knickers, and slide them out under the door.

Then when one of the men opened the outer door to check if I was ready, my knickers on the floor would indicate my invitation for them to enter, and congregate outside the cubicle.

Then, if I wanted to go further I would remove the tissue from the hole.

After that, remaining seated on the toilet would allow me to go no further than flash for them, and perhaps to bring myself off in front of an audience.

And if I wanted even more, then standing up would be my invitation for someone’s cock to be put through the hole.

I felt like such a dirty slut as I sat there with my hands in my lap, looking at my wedding and engagement rings on my finger. I really was in two minds still about whether to continue or not. It felt so very wrong, and yet, somehow, I really wanted much more.

Then, after a very long hesitation and a few deep breaths, I finally slid my knickers off completely, trying not to snag and tear them with the heels of my shoes.

I felt another tug of dirty arousal as I dropped them onto the filthy floor and kicked them under the door, knowing that later I would be putting them back on again.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, I heard the outer door open and the hushed voices of several men right outside the cubicle.

I don’t think I have ever felt my heart pounding so hard. Twice I nearly stopped after almost removing the tissue wad. In the end I took a little sniff of the poppers to help me to feel more confident.

I removed the tissue from the hole.

Then I had another deeper sniff and after that, once the rush had taken hold of me, I had no problem at all pulling my skirt right up around my waist, spreading my legs and sliding two of my fingers into my pussy in full view of the men jostling to get a look at me through the hole. I think I even licked them clean. And told them how good it tasted!

I only finally decided then that I really was going to suck somebody.

I stood up, and sniffed at the little bottle several more times while I waited for something to happen.

I noticed on the wall among the graffiti someone had drawn what looked to be some five pointed star’s and some kind of skull with symbols all around it. And someone else had written the lords prayer backwards just above the hole.

I started to read it in my head. The chatter of the men gathering outside the door, almost seemed as if they were chanting it too.

Suddenly the effect of the poppers gripped me completely. I have never felt such extreme arousal in my life as I watched a very big, hard white, circumcised cock push slowly though the hole. My nipples were so stiff they hurt, my pussy was literally dripping, and it felt as if every cell in my body was buzzing and throbbing with lust.

I’m sure it was just the high, playing tricks on me but it felt as though I kneeled in mid air without even touching the floor.

I remember watching my legs as they were spread wide open as if I was being held by invisible forces. And then, I literally floated slowly but definitely down to the hole, an almost perfect diagonal line between this complete strangers cock and my open mouth. It felt like something was touching my pussy, and licking me too, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples, but it was just my horny imagination because I can assure you no one was there.

I stopped, still floating off the floor so close to the cock that I could smell its musky aroma and feel the heat from it.

My mouth was watering, and as if I was watching someone else, before I even realised I had touched it, I had wrapped my fingers around its base, as I literally pulled myself forward, and my mouth onto it.

I cannot find words to express how much pleasure I felt with that cock in my mouth. The poppers seemed to amplify my arousal, and numb out everything else, yet still I seemed to have extreme focus on just my mouth, and the cock. I could not have comprehended how much I enjoyed what I was doing, and I think the man could feel it too.

I could literally feel him twitching and throbbing as I used my mouth and tongue to tease him to his point of no return before finally wanking him off into my mouth. I felt him stiffen even more just as he was about to cum and instinctively wrapped my lips around his cock head as his hot cum started pulsing out filling my mouth. The cock started to withdraw from the hole and I dribbled some of his cum as I tried to lick his cock one last time.

I wasn’t sure whether I should spit his cum out or swallow it. But I instinctively swallowed as another slightly smaller and uncircumcised cock pushed through. It seemed as though it would be very rude somehow, to suck a mans cock while still having a mouthful of someone else’s cum.

I realised as I was sucking this one that I really enjoyed the way a cock feels in my mouth, and I absolutely love the taste of cum. This one I could take a bit further down my throat, and when he came I swirled my tongue all around his cock head trying to get completely covered with it.

Over the next several men I sucked off, I enjoyed experimenting with different techniques of using my mouth, sometimes with my hands too and sometimes without. I tried to work out quickly whether the man liked being sucked hard, or teased and licked. Or sometimes a combination of both, whilst always trying to increase their pleasure and arousal up to the point that they unloaded their seed into my mouth.

At one point, one of the men had laid on the floor and pushed his whole arm under the door as someone else was fucking my mouth through the hole. I quickly spread my legs and squatted onto his hand and it felt wonderful to have my pussy and arse touched and fingered at the same time as giving someone a blow job.

Just before the man finger fucking me made me cum, I almost managed to take the cock all the way down my throat.

After that one had cum too, someone knocked on the door and told me to open it. I hesitated. I hadn’t intended to go any further than sucking, I was definitely horny enough to be fucked but I still only wanted Anrdez to fuck me and I was nervous as hell about being the only girl in a completely out of control gang bang.

No one else put their cock through the hole, and I heard the men giving me instructions to stand up and sniff the bottle again. I knew how wrong it was, even as I did it.

When I opened the door and came out of the cubicle there were at least seven men in the toilet, and their hands were all over me.

By now I was just wearing, my blouse bra, skirt and one shoe. The strap on the other had broken as I had squatted to get my aching pussy onto the mans hand.

I had taken my jacket off when one of the cocks I had sucked previously had continued to spurt cum when I had thought he had already finished, and a big spurt had gone all over it. Even as I removed it, and started to unbutton my blouse, several more spurts went onto my face and in my hair.

Then before I could finish taking off the blouse another cock had pushed through the hole and I had lost myself on it again. That was the one who’s cum I had only just swallowed.

They didn’t even finish undressing me before I was kneeling on the dirty floor, sucking three of them in turn, between them kissing me, pushing my bra down and mauling my tits. Then two others pulled up my skirt and started to touch my pussy and arse. All of them had their cocks out, and were very hard and extremely horny. Several of them, including Andrez looked big! Bigger than I had felt since Dad anyway.

I was half lifted to my feet as one of them got behind me and tried to push his cock into my pussy as I swapped between sucking two of the others. I didn’t care though as by then I was literally aching to be fucked.

I was being pulled this way and that, and it took him several attempts before I finally felt him enter me and then push all the way in. Sweet Jesus, he felt good.

It felt like this was one of the bigger ones, god he was stretching the entrance to my cunt so much that my clit was pushed hard up against his cock and was being dragged along it every time he fucked it into me. I knew instantly that he was going to make me cum.

I think Andrez was kissing me as the orgasm ripped through me, my god I have never felt anything so intense, and before it had even peaked another one crashed through me and multiplied on top of it. While my entire body was reeling with the convulsions I went down on Andrez and tried to give him as much pleasure as the cock in my pussy was giving me by taking his cock as far down my throat as I could.

I felt my blouse being pulled off me, over my head as someone else undid my bra and it fell to the floor underneath me.

The cock in my pussy pulled out of me and was replaced by another one so quickly that for a second I thought it was the same one. But it wasn’t and I came again with the realisation that I had just been fucked by two different men in as many minutes.

After that I wasn’t really aware of who I was sucking or being fucked by. My skirt and remaining shoe had been removed and I was now completely naked. I was grateful that my wish for anyone fucking me to wear a condom was being heeded.

After they had cum, some of the men left, and several more arrived, and once again the toilet was full of very horny men, all desperate to get a piece of me, and it soon became apparent to me from their comments that all three of my available holes were going to be utilised.
In fact I was surprised that apart from fingers my virgin arsehole had so far remained untouched.

Then the door opened again and another man came in who several of the others seemed to know.

Andrez shook his hand and I realised that this was obviously the owner of the farm we were on.

Some words were spoken in a foreign language and all of the men backed off and watched as the owner of the farm approached me.

It was apparent from the way he spoke to me and touched me as he manhandled me over to the urinal that he considered himself to own me too. He only referred to me as slut.

He faced me away from him and lifted one of my legs as he spread them, placing one of my bare feet into the urinal. Then pushing me to bend forward he squatted behind me, spread my arse cheeks with this hands and began to lick my arsehole.

I understood now why none of the others had tried that hole yet. The owner was to be the one to take my anal virginity. Fortunately from the look of him, he didn’t have one of the largest cocks there I was thankful for that.

After licking my arsehole and pushing his tongue right up me, he came around to my face and pushed his cock into my mouth. But when his cock head reached the back of my mouth and I started to gag, he didn’t stop pushing. In fact he had no intention of stopping.

I was grateful that I had already had plenty of practice with trying to deepthroat the other men, and once I realised what he wanted I managed to relax and not gag again. Actually it seemed easier somehow to take it with him tightly holding my head and forcing it in too, and the second time he pushed in, although a gaggy cough sound came involuntarily from my throat, I managed to take him all the way down. Much to the approval of the other men, now watching what he was doing to me.

He totally used my mouth and throat as a fuck hole, and each time he pulled out I seemed to have even more thick saliva in my mouth, he told me to spit it on his cock, then lick it off again, and then spit it into my hand and use it to lubricate my own arsehole.

Then he moved round to behind me again.

While one of the others held an open bottle of poppers to my nostrils and covered my mouth with his hand forcing me to inhale it every time I took a breath, I was told to spread my arse cheeks with my own hands as the owner inserted first the head, then inch by inch the whole of his cock into my arsehole.

After giving me a few seconds to stretch around him, he started to fuck me.

Actually it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I had anticipated. I guess the poppers made it easier. Although I was so high I was all but numb with it. And when he pulled out of me and told me to lick his cock clean, I didn’t even hesitate.

Afterwards he left me to the others who by now were more than ready to take over from him and this time around it was no holes barred!

At least twice I think, different men were fucking my mouth, pussy and arse all at the same time, and once I even had two cocks in my pussy!

I really have no idea how long it lasted, or how many men fucked me. Although I think more than one came back and had me for a second time.

Eventually I was just there with Andrez. And I was really grateful that he hadn’t left me.

Andrez helped me to get dressed and then walked me back to my car. It was dark by that time.

When I got back to the car, the familiarity of it, made me realise what had just happened, And the thought of then driving home to my husband in such a cum stained stinking state made me burst into tears. Andrez just held me and when I explained why I was crying, he invited me back to his to clean up.

I agreed, and back at his flat, after a glass of wine, we came up with a story for my husband that my meeting had only just finished and that I had a little more to do the following day, so I would get an early night at the hotel (where there was very bad phone signal) and that I would be back home again by mid day, or Saturday night for the latest.

I called him, and having convinced him (I’m sure he could hardly believe his luck!) I finally had a well earned shower and Andrez put my clothes in his washing machine.

Naked on his sofa, he just cuddled me as we talked, enjoying the warmth of each others bodies.

Halfway through our second bottle of wine, it would seem that Andrez was also naked, and after some incredibly tender kissing, we found ourselves on the rug in front of the fire, where we made love. Andrez was the perfect gentleman again. Offering to where a condom. But there was no way I was going to let him do that this time.

And not for the rest of the night either.

It was the best sex I have ever had. I love it when it feels like its almost just too much dick to handle, like at any moment you’re simply going to come undone and you’re going to break apart from pleasure. I love it even more that Andrez knew that was the case and he didn’t stop, he just kept fucking me and touching me, shoving me over the edge making my whole body jerk and strain against his cock past the point of my orgasm and right through several more.

When we woke in the morning, after going down on him, I offered Andrez my arse and used my clit vibrator on myself as he took me anally. I actually managed to time my orgasm to perfection, and it was very intense to feel Andrez squirting cum deep into my arse at the same time as I was cumming myself.

Then I returned home, as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, although when my husband had sex with me, he said that I seemed distant, and even that he didn’t feel big enough! I just smiled, and kissed him on his forehead.

It wasn’t that I didn’t cum. Just that what actually made me cum eventually was how little pleasure he was actually giving me, and the endless possible things I knew I could do about it.

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2012-07-12 18:16:10
the filthiest and sexiest story I have read in a long time. I loved how you knew it was wrong but still loved it.

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2012-06-03 22:17:58
very boring life someone has not captivating AT Aat all

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2012-03-29 02:10:37
This was so naughty,and I love naughty:)

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2012-03-27 07:24:36
I was married to a cheating bitch just like that, all she had to do is let me know and I would have enjoyed watching her, but no, the cheating was part of it for her, after 41 years of marrage I let the bitch go, divorced her.

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2012-03-18 09:24:39
You should be ashamed off yourself!

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