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John, a young accountant, takes advantage of his older secretary.
A Reasonable Deal

Chapter 1

The situation was bad for Bianca and her family. 37 years old, married, three children, and with a house just large enough for her and her husband to afford, cars just decent enough for them to buy, and care for their children (private schools, sports teams, and events) that their combined income just managed to cover. Needless to say, her husband losing work was devastating. An independent contractor, his fairly regular income was substantial enough to pay for just about all they needed, while her lower-income job as a secretary at an accountant's office was steady enough to supplement her husband Jim's income and provide for basic bills when he was without a contract.
His fall off a ladder, resulting in a broken leg and arm (along with several other problems) was going to lay him up for the indefinite future. She was thankful he was alive, but more than a little concerned for the future. The cars could be sold, but the housing market was not promising for their house, and she wanted her children to have a good education badly, so they would not have to deal with the same situation that she was facing now.
How to make ends meet was the question plaguing Bianca's mind as she walked into work on a Monday morning.

John's situation was completely different. He had graduated from a four year university in 3 years with an accounting degree at 20, having started a year early. He had attended on a full ride academic scholarship. His master's degree was completed just after his 21st birthday, at a remarkable speed, and, being somewhat of a control freak, and wishing to be his own boss, established himself as an independent CPA with his own office in the city. He was 23 years old. He was doing very well for himself, and his rapid career path was impressive by any standard.
Bianca had joined his office a year previously. He had chosen her out of the many applicants for several reasons: first, though she had limited experience, she seemed to have a good attitude and work ethic, and John appreciated that. Second, she was asking for a somewhat lower salary than he had anticipated, and, of course, that was an important factor. Third, and perhaps most importantly, Bianca was hot. Bianca's father and mother were from Brazil, and though of a lighter complexion, her eyes and beautiful long dark hair were unmistakably Latin. She had large breasts, maybe a 34 or 36C, and her ass was to die for. Trim (she had become a mother at a younger age), athletic (she enjoyed jogging, swimming, the gym, and yoga), and fashionable, there was no way a 22 year old young man, extremely intelligent or not, could pass her up as an employee.
So, John, a year later, and like always, enjoyed seeing his hot secretary come into the office he owned and operated. It was satisfying. Regarding Bianca, he had fantasized about her, but never really considered it a possibility that he would have a chance with her. She was older, married, and seemed pretty happy with her situation.
Today, he was quick to notice, she didn't seem too happy.

It wasn't long before he found out about her situation: her husband's incapacity, the growing bills, the difficulty of the situation. John was sympathetic, and asked if she needed some time off to deal with the crisis, which Bianca thanked him for but refused, since, money being the problem, time off of work was the last thing she needed.
“Take a couple days off of work, consider it a paid vacation. I will too. Postpone my meetings, I'll do some work from home, and you spend some time with your husband. Hopefully something will turn up to help with this, okay?”
Bianca was grateful, and went home to her husband, who was impressed by the college-educated, somewhat stuck-up young boss of his wife's. He had had nothing good to say about John, who he felt was an arrogant, privileged college boy, and Bianca was constantly annoyed by her husband's blue-collar inferiority complex. She was glad that he was able to show some gratitude to her employer.
John went home and thought about the situation.

Chapter 2

Bianca came into work after her short vacation. The situation hadn't yet improved, but their families had chipped in a little to support them. Her oldest daughter Jamie, who was 17, had picked up a job at a supermarket near them to try and pay for gas and maybe a bill or two.

Walking into the office, she wore a black suit jacket with light pinstripes, and a matching skirt that stopped right above the knees. Her white blouse underneath the jacket was open just enough to show a hint of cleavage. Her hair was down, and her shoes were high heeled. Again, she was hot.
Seeing her confirmed the decision John had come to in his mind.
Opening the door to his office, he said “hey, Bianca, when is my first appointment?”
“Not till 1 in the afternoon today John. And by the way, thanks so much for the days off, I needed that,” she replied.
“No problem, that's a lot on your plate to deal with. I'm glad I've got time. Why don't you come in the office for a moment. I want to talk with you about something.”
He went back to his desk, and in a moment Bianca had entered.
Here it is, John thought, go time. He pulled a chair out for Bianca, which she sat in, with a nod and smile for his politeness, and John took his seat behind the desk.
“Bianca, I've been thinking about your situation. I can't do much, but I've decided to give you a slight raise. Again, its not a whole lot, but its the best I can do now.”
What a nice young man, Bianca thought. “What?! Thank you sooo much John. You have no idea how kind this is of you.”
“This is a little impersonal, actually, let's sit on the couch instead.” John got up and walked to a leather couch that was in the corner, Bianca following. As they sat down, John sitting fairly close to his secretary, he said:
“Its not just me being kind. You're important to me. You do a good job coordinating appointments, keeping records, and helping me organize.”
Bianca was flattered and was about to thank him when he said,
“And besides, you're hot enough to keep my clients coming back.” Which he followed with a big smile, that Bianca, who was somewhat blown away, took to be a joke. She laughed a little, then proceeded to thank him.
“Thank you so much John, really, you're too kind, and I appreciate the raise more than you know. If there is anything my family or I can do...” Hot? That was flirty. It was just a joke. Or was it? I've seen him check me out before...Well, whatever his reason's for giving me a raise, because he's nice, or thinks I'm hot, or both, or whatever, I needed that. I may get through this month fine since....
Her thoughts were interrupted by John saying, “Well, I like to think I'm kind...but the truth is I'm pretty self serving sometimes. I want to help you, but at the same time, I want to get something else too.”
As soon as he said that, Bianca, who was no fool, had an inkling of where he was going.
“John. What...what would you like to get.....” Its possible he's referring to.....a new roof? Maybe something my husband can do when he recovers? keeps glancing at my chest......oh no, this could be bad....
“Well, to be honest, one of the reasons I hired you was that you are so hot, Bianca—I'm not gonna lie.”
That's it, she thought. Doubts flooded her. I'm not going to cheat on my husband. What we have to deal with we have to deal with. I can't believe this is happening. The little perv....Why can't men just be kind and not think about sex all of the time... well he can fantasize all he wants cause..
John interrupted her thoughts with, “I know it sounds ridiculous, but I just want to see you topless. Please. I mean...come on, that's just incredible,” he said, indicating, with his open hands, that he spoke of her breasts. “I want to help you. Only condition, you let me see your boobs.” He then smiled the same way he smiled with his first flirty comment.
Bianca looked away and thought: Get topless? That's not too bad. I've never taken my clothes off for a man other than my husband though! Its not cheating, but its something....but come on. I'm not going to have an affair with him, he's just a kid. And young guys are so obsessed with older women. Didn't that magazine have an article about that, what do they call it? That MILF thing. He's been nice enough, heck, the kid deserves it.
“Okay. Fine, fine. You men are all the same, old or young,” Bianca said in a friendly, somewhat condescending (in a hot, almost motherly) tone. She began unbuttoning her jacket, a little slowly....
She's going for it! John thought, Oh my god, she's going to show me her boobs, oh man. This is one of the best ideas ever....
John had had a couple girls in college, but not that many. He had been studying like crazy. He did watch quite a bit of porn though. He knew enough to know that this was an opportunity he needed to grab onto.....literally......
Her jacket off, she began unbuttoning her blouse, slowly, the cleavage deepened, and her black lace bra started to come into view. Look at the way he's looking at me, Bianca thought, as John's eyes were glued to her chest, Its been awhile since my husband looked that way when I undressed for him...ha, he was so energetic as a kid, just like John is...... She knew what she was feeling. It was a breathless sort of excitement, like when she first undressed for her husband....there was also a warmth down between her legs, and it was growing.....
The blouse came off, and her flat stomach, flawless skim, and pefect breasts, encased in the bra, were on full display for John. She even pushed her chest out slightly. she knew she was hot.
John was entranced, but brought himself under control. He looked at her breasts, then looked up to her face, making eye contact, and nodded back down to her bust, indicating that the bra was to go too.
With a little sigh, a roll of the eyes, and a small smile, Bianca reached behind herself and undid the bra, which fell away, leaving her beautiful, perfectly rounded, still perky (though clearly softened) breasts, which were happily topped off with dark, hard nipples, with large aureolas.
The excitement in Bianca was strong, as it was with John. She was blown away by the situation, but was appreciative of the admiration. John was looking longingly at her chest....
“Those are perfect Bianca. Too perfect. Ha! Alright, I'm sorry, but they can't be left alone.” Saying this, John, started to reach for her breasts.
“Hey! I thought you were just going to look!”
“Yeah, but this is too good to pass up. Let me play with these for a bit, and then I'll let you go, alright?”
Oh great, now you're going to let him touch you? This is definitely more than just giving him a show. But its not sex....he's just going to do......well...whatever he wants with my boobs....god I wish Jim hadn't fallen off that...but he did, and I need this job, and this is a small price to pay for...
“Okay you.....oh!” Bianca's train of thought and almost-acceptance of his proposal was interrupted by his hands moving onto her tits....His hands eagerly groped them. Squeezing, caressing, massaging....
Whoah! He did not wait for my okay. That is a little aggressive....but I was going to okay it anyways …, that feels good...but this is moving kind of fas...whoah! Easy with the squeezes there buddy,'s so eager
Pushing them into her chest, grabbing softly and pulling away slightly, her boobs were getting worked over for sure. She was sighing occasionally, sometimes looking away, only to look back down at his hands doing their work on her boobs. He grabbed a hold of both, then moved his thumbs slowly in circles, gradually working inwards towards her nipples. As his thumbs ran over her aureoles, she shuddered, and let out a soft exclamation... “Ohh....” It was pleasant.
Okay, this is better than anything Jim's done to my boobs, those thumbs are....Bianca! Don't compare him to your hus......ohhh
His thumbs brushed against her extended nipples, then pushed them down...he let go, licked his thumbs, and returned them to her boobs....playing with her nipples, pushing them right, left, up, down, circling them, and moving them in short circles.
It felt awesome. She loved it. Without thinking about it, she closed her eyes, and opened her mouth into a small “o”. He looked at her beautiful, peaceful face, and caught her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and rolled and squeezed them softly....
[i]Oh my god....oh this is good.......keep doing this John, do it all day.........................oh this is nice.....................I could........... “OH!”
His warm mouth closed over her right nipple. She opened her eyes quickly and looked down to see her right boob squeezed in his left hand, and his face latched onto her nipple, sucking. She was shocked at the sight. She could not have imagined a man, so much younger than her, would be suckling away on her nipple.
“John, please, I'm...uh...” her protest was interrupted by a quick loss of breath as his tongue began circling her engorged nipple as he sucked on it.. “please, this is too much, you're...this...oh....” Her boobs were very sensitive. They always had been. Waves of pure pleasure were washing over her brain as he licked and slurped on her tit. She regained herself and tried to push him away. He removed his mouth from her soaked tit... “There, John, this has gone...gone far enough.” He wasn't looking at her, only at her tits, in a contemplative way, his hands still kneading away at them. “John please, I did what you asked and Ohhhh...” Ignoring her fighting hands, his head went down to her left boob, his lips closing over the dark nipple. “Oh god John, stop...really, stop. I don't want... uh ….I...OH!” His teeth slightly bit down on her left nipple, right as his fingers begin playing with her right. Slowly, his teeth chewed, ever so slightly, on her thick, dark, fully engorged nipple, stopping only to let his tongue slide over her aureola, and caress the sensitive region. After a moment of tongue, the teeth would return.
“Ohh John, Oh John.........John. Please John.....” Her voice was growing weaker, fainter.
I'm going to orgasm. All he's done is play with my boobs and I'm going to orgasm..oh this feels sooooooo good. So good....this can't happen. I hardly ever do that with Jim, and John's made me do it with just my....oh chew on them baby, yeah, chew......oh he's going to make me....oh I have to stop this. I can't let him.
Again she tried to push him away...but his mouth remained attached to her tit, and it extended out with him as she tried to seperate them, which was even more pleasurable, then, with a “pop” her nipple left his mouth and her boob bounced slightly...hungry for her, he overpowered her and pushed her back, so she was laying on the couch, he mounted her, and returned to slurping and sucking and nibbling and licking her breasts.
The show of power, the desire for her, and the attack on her soft, sensitive mammaries was too much. It wasn't a wild orgasm, but John felt her tense up and arch her back, he looked up at her, mouth still full of her boob, and he saw her eyes roll back and then close and she began to twitch slightly under him....
She was screaming in her head, but when her mouth opened only soft breathless sighs and quick gasps for breath came out: “,” followed by somewhat incoherent protests: “stop...oh....yeah, have to....stop....oh......boobs.......”
John didn't stop for a second. He saw her condition, and decided to attack. He sucked hard! He grabbed! He mashed her breasts down! He chewed harder! Twisted a nipple!
The orgasm continued, his attack sustaining it......but slowly it died down, and as he felt her relax, he softened his attack, and finally, as she settled down, he lifted his head from her boobs and softly continued to massage them.
“I love your boobs” John said.
In a haze, Bianca smiled slightly......I love them too......good work kid....geez.....

Chapter 3

After a moment, Bianca snapped out of it. What happened?! Oh my god. He raped me and I orgasmed from it. Wait. We didnt' even have sex. He just.....He just played with my boobs and I...oh god....this has to end now.
“ did something amazing there with my boobs...but I'm married. I didn't want you to suck what you did there. I thought you were just looking, and.....” her voice trailed off as she looked at her young boss. He was looking very seriously at her.
She felt naked and vulnerable. Her boobs were there for him to see. He was fully dressed in shirt and tie, the tie somewhat loosened. Her boobs were wet with his saliva. They had clearly seen some abuse, as there was a hickey here and there, and bite marks around her nipples. There were even bruises from where his passion had been extremely intense.
“That does it Bianca,” John said very seriously. “I'm going to do what I want with your boobs when I want to: from now on. You have a raise if you want. But that's my condition, not just for the raise, but for you to work here at all.”
“John!” Bianca was shocked at the demand, but felt strange arguing in the condition she was in, wet, naked, abused boobs, and soaked panties. “I thought you were being kind...and...John, I can't do this, I'm married...”
“I don't want to hear about it Bianca. I'm not going to look at you every day and not do something about it.”
“But I can't cheat on my husban...”
“You're not having sex, don't be all crazy about it. I'm a young man, you're a woman with awesome boobs, and given the situation, I think letting me have fun is fair.”
Yeah, I guess so. This is crazy though. How long will he be satisfied with my boobs...I mean...oh hell what choice do I have? Leave? That's not going to happen at this point....
“Okay,” Bianca agreed, meekly.
“Something else. I have a raging hardon right now,” as John said this, he stood up, and the tent in his pants was clearly visible. It wasn't small.
Oh my god, look at that.....I can't do anything with his husband would...oh boy..what's he want....
“What should we do about this Bianca? I'm not going to go jack off.”
“Please don't make me do something, like....”
“A blowjob? Alright. Look. Give me a hand job. Jerk me off.”
Not a blowjob? Okay, this is manageable. I want to be as faithful as I can to Jim. I don't even want to look at it...I just.... “Can I jack you off without looking at behind or something? Maybe we could....”
John looked at her beautiful brown eyes....I can take that. I don't want her to walk. I gotta hold back...stay reasonable. Haven't ever had a hand job actually.....might as well, lets see. John sighed. “Okay, okay, a handjob without looking at it. How the hell are we...okay, come over here.”
Sitting down, John pulled Bianca over to him and tried to sit her down straddling him, but it didn't work that well.
“Listen,” John said, “I want you to straddle me, like a stripper or something, and jack me off. To do that, you'll probably have to take off your skirt.”
Goddammit, Bianca thought, this just keeps getting worse. Why'd I have to wear the black thong today.......sigh. Well, lets do this. “Okay John....” she said, with a defeated voice.
She turned away from him and slipped off her skirt...............
Oh, it hurt to look at that ass. John stared. Big, but not too big, round, obviously so soft. The thong only accentuated the curves of her waist that led to her butt.
“God you're hot Bianca.”
He's a perv, but he's cute. He's so sinister in theory, but he's such a kid at times I don't....Bianca didn't know what to think of her young boss. She was no been-around-the-block whore, but she felt much more mature than even her genius of a young admirer. She felt he was a young admirer, not a molester or rapist or, whatever he was...
She turned towards him, and the “v” of her body that led down to her legs was delicious. John reached out and grabbed her hips, pulling her down to straddle his lap. Immediately he began moving his hands over her thighs, hips, stomach, and around to that ass. Bianca knew what she looked like naked. She knew there was no point in arguing his groping at the moment. She just needed to get him off before he got carried away. It would be a lie to say the groping was entirely unpleasant though, too.
Reaching down between them, without looking, she undid his belt, pulled down his zipper, and reached into his pants. Where do I look? I guess I'll look over at the wall...have to think of other things while I do this. There are his diplomas, his CPA license...his..............his............oh my this his.... Her hand was touching something very hard. And very large. Her hand slowly brushed up against, and then started to explore his this his....penis?..yeah.... wow. Her hand slowly moved up his cock. And up. And up. …...oh my.....oh...this is...different.....this is much different than Jim's.....thing.....her hand, as it neared the top of his cock, slowly encircled it, or at least attempted to....I can barely get my hand around it.....its so hard....and big. God its big.....Slowly she reached the top, and her grasp expanded to go up and over the edge of his cock's head. Slowly she moved her thumb over the top, dipping into the hole, and circling the enlargened tip. Suddenly it jumped in her hand. Whoah...its throbbing.....and.....John let out a low, soft groan as her thumb stroked the top.
Bianca wasn't even trying to please him...she was just exploring, and as she'd pleased her husband, her hand instinctively began making the same motions she'd made with her husband's smaller unit...he enjoys this....kid.....god, feels weird to call him a “kid” when he's so much......different then Jim...he, wow, let's just move our hand a little farther down and see.....its soooo at that happy look on his face....mustn't look down...
Somehow Bianca felt that looking at his cock would betray her husband, but just feeling it, in reality, was already doing something in her head. Curiosity was killing her, but she just let her hand do the looking for her....
Hmmm...he shaves down here it looks like, and...should I keep going?...he didn't say anything about...would his testicles be large if his penis is? I....without command, Bianca slowly moved her hand down over his balls, and slowly hefted and felt their weight in her hand...Wow, these feel heavy even...they're huge. I'll give a little squeeze, and....John groaned as her hand slowly closed over his balls and squeezed them slightly, then more. Bianca had always found her husband's balls intriguing. It was so weird how they just hung there...but they were sensitive and he didn't like her playing with them too much. John didn't seem to care, and Bianca began squeezing and massaging them, finding it fun to play with them, she looked at his face and it was pure bliss. Absentmindedly, her other hand found its way to his cock and started stroking....
John was on cloud nine. His gorgeous MILF secretary was nearly naked on his lap, stroking his cock and playing with his balls. God, her boobs are just rising and falling and her hands are she knows how to do this...and her tits are all pressed together since....wait....her tits....
almost forgot his command over her. Ridiculous. John's arms encircled her, and his hands glided down her back to her ass, while his head went down to her boobs. Once again, he was suckling at her tits, while his hands were enjoying her ass.
Now Bianca was on cloud nine. Oh his hands are on my butt again,, his cock is getting wet....yeah, he's got semen running down it....that's a lot.....her hand was lubricated by his precum, and she started stroking with more vigor. He was groaning off and on now. Oh my god he's back at my boobs again.....oh I hope he...yeah, he's doing that chewing thing again...ohhhhhh....his hands left her ass and moved back to her boobs again, while her squeezing of his balls and stroking of his cock intensified. As her ministrations increased, his attacks on her mammaries increased as well...ohhh he's really going at it am I....oh.......I looooove his....I love his....god I love his teeth , and tongue, and....oh.....I love his thing........ohhhh
Rising up from her tits, and putting his head next to hers, and close, feeling his balls boiling and his exploding point coming soon, he started whispering in Bianca's ear....
“God you're so fucking hot.....” as she pleasured him, his hands were running over her body, which was starting to sweat, his hands moved up and down her back..... “I love your body you fucking..ohhhh....” his groan was deep and guttural. He ran his hands around her sides and grabbed her tits.... “I love your fucking soft tits”..he ran his hands down her sides to her ass, which he dug his fingers into, making her cry out softly. “I love your fucking assss,” he hissed. She mewled. Her stroking was driving him mad. His orgasm was coming. He grabbed her silky hair with a hand and pulled it, “God your hair is perfect,” her face was forced to look upwards as her hair was pulled, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, he kissed her exposed neck up and down. He ran the other hand down a thigh “your fucking legs are...ohhh” he grunted harshly......then his hands reached down to her hands, which were stroking rapidly, crazily.....he grabbed them “Your hands, you fucking bitch, oh you fucking hot slutty bitch are....ARRRGHHH UHHHH”
He grabbed her hand as it was wrapped around his cock and he pointed it at her, pushing her over back onto the couch, and moving with her. She looked down at it right as it blasted a huge load of hot cum straight into her face, shooting from way down at their midsections. He let go of her hand and instinctively grabbed her crotch roughly.
“ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHH” a second shot and a third shot, “UHHHHHHH” covered her tits with his jizz.....
His hand grabbing her crotch sent waves of pain and pleasure to her brain, which was reeling from his assault on her body.. “AIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE” Bianca screamed, as the orgasm rocked her. His hand on her pussy, the hot cum covering her, it was too much. John looked down at his cock blasting her body with his semen. He had never cum like this in his life. Shot after shot after shot landed on the writhing woman, her hand still, vice-like, on his cock. Finally the last couple shots landed on her covered pussy, and more cum drizzled out of his cock as it hung over her soaked thong.
Both slowed down from the sexual high. John slumped over in the couch, drained. Bianca lay there, covered in cum. Her arm sore from the stroking.
Both had a lot of thinking to do. This was far far more than what John had hoped for. Bianca was confused, but felt good. She felt bad about feeling good though. As the high from the orgasm wore off, she felt progressively worse.
I can't believe this happened. I gave him a handjob, he played with my boobs and shot his semen all over me, and that was by far the best sex of my life. Wow. I may have done a lot of harm to my family today. He gave me a little raise but is it enough? Probably not. And what does that matter?! I'm not a prostitute..I'm...I'm.....covered in his stuff....
“Why don't you clean up in the bathroom Bianca....ha, uh, sorry for shooting so much.”
“Well, you young guys sure have a lot of stuff to shoot I guess.”
Awkward silence.
She cleaned up, put back on her clothes, and quietly went back out to her desk. John quietly sat at his.
Needless to say, neither got a whole lot of work done.
Bianca was thinking about the future, her marriage, her bills, her children, her reputation, and a half dozen other serious topics.
John was thinking about her tits.

To be continued....

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