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If you don't like it, don't read it.
My name is Alex, and I'm a 22 year old billionaire. My father and mother started a gym together, and turned it into a huge corporation, having 100 thousand of their gyms open throughout Canada, and the USA. I was their only child, amd they had me work out till I was a monster, 5'10", and 210 pounds, all muscle, but more importantly I was their sole heir. So two years ago when I was supposed to be in the USA for a trip on my own, I checked into the hotel, stole a car and drove to the border. I went to an unguarded part of the boarder, hopped it and waited until I could find another car to steal. I did and within 3 hours for when I left the hotel I was walking into our mansion when my parents were out. I put on the bi-hazardous suit my parents had bought me for me birthday, then grabbed a carving knife. I hid in my closet and waited for them to come home. A few hours later they came home together, my mother made them supper, because she refuses to have anyone but her family inside her house. Then they continued on with their night. Finally they went to bed. When I was sure they were asleep, I crept into their room, with the knife in my right hand, gripping it tightly. I walked up to my father, and with one hard slash to his neck I killed him near instantly. I then walked around to my mothers side of the bed, and repeated this action on her, and left the knife sitting in her neck. I put the suit back where it belonged, after making sure none of their fluids had gotten on it. Then I left the country the same fashion I had gotten in, and was back to sleep in the hotel by 4 am. I got the "sad" call later that day, had their funeral two days later and sold their stock in the company for billions.

I have spent the last two years changing the basement of the mansion into a 1500 square foot dungeon, and now I'm finally done. I expect to be able to house upwards of 20 or 30 women or girls in it. Now that it's done I need to find my first victim. My favorite are teenage and tween girls. I have fantasized about them for ever, and I'm determined for at least my first slave to be one of them. I decided that the best way to do this would be to get one would be to go to the high school volleyball tournament being held at the school near by. With so many teams no one would ever know that I don't belong their, as despite being rich I wasn't at all famous, and to help capture the girl, I drove a black work van, with no back window, and a piece of wood attached to the back seat, to stop anyone from seeing inside. As I sat down on the bleachers, I saw a bunch of hot girls, in sexy yoga shorts and tight shirts. My 10" dick got rock hard, but I hid it by angling it up, out of my pants and into my shirt. As I watched I couldn't help but notice one girl who was noticeably hotter then the rest, and she was clearly one of the best at volleyball too. I leant towards the guy beside me and said "who's that", as I pointed at her, "she's pretty good". "Haha ya, Karley Mavic, pretty good for a 9er and, between us she's pretty hot to, eh?" The boy replied. "No kidding".

The game ended and I left and stood out side of the front door, at the side of the school out of site and searched her up, found out where she live, she only had a dad, mom was dead, and the boy was right, she was only 14, a 9er for sure. I decided she would be my target. Just as I was about to leave, I heard some giggling, I peaked around to see five girls, including Karley and the coach walking out of the school. I over heard the coach say, "Just gotta lock up, turn of the lights and the surveillance cams need to go off to, they waste to much electricity when schools not on to run, nobody would vandalize the school in this area." Then the lights went out, followed by the coach saying, thanks for having your dad come get you Karley, theirs not enough room in my car for all of you." What luck I thought, I ran to my car parked right in front of me, unable to be seen. I grabbed a chlorophyll soaked cloth, shoved it in my left pocket, and a pair of handcuffs and a ball gag in my right. I watched the coaches car drive away and saw Karley sit down. I kept up behind her, and in one quick motion shoved the cloth into her nose and mouth. Ten seconds of struggling with her to keep in on, and that was it. She went limp in my arms, unconscious. I quickly grabbed her cell phone from out of her hand, shoved it in my left pocket, with the cloth, then grabbed the ball gag, tightened it around her mouth, then attached the hand cuffs to her. I then picked her up, and walked with her to the back of the van, placed her in the back, shucked her feet to the ground and drove away towards home. As I was driving I received a text on her phone from her father asking where she was. I replied saying I'm walking home, wanted the exercise, to put of anyone searching for her, if only for a hour or so. It was enough time for me to get of the street, and start using my new slave.

When I got home I walked into the house, put her phone in my study, and then left. I walked back out to the car, opened up the trunk to discover she was still unconscious. I unshackled her feet, picked her up and carried her into the house. I put her down, walked back out to lock the car, then walked in, locked the door, and carried her down stairs. I decided I would uncuff and ungag her, then wait for her to come around. It didn't take long, with in 5 minutes she started to come to. She started to freak out. "Where am I? What do you want? Please don't hurt me." She whimpered. "You my friend" I replied, are in my dungeon. Your going to be my new sex slave baby." With that she started to ball. I reached and grabbed her, getting a closer look at her. She was super hot. A 14 year old white girl, 5'2" probably, 100 pounds, with a cute childish face, C cups and a hot ass.

I pushed her down, dropped my pants and boxers, then pulled of my shirt. I pulled her up by her pony tail, and then she saw my massive cock. She started balling her eyes out, and I slapped her 3 times. "Bitch, your going to suck my dick, and if you bite I'm going to fucking slit your throat slut." She tried avoid my dick, but I grabbed her nose, and pinched it shut, till she opened her mouth to breath and I shoved 3" of my dick in. "Suck it slut, or I'ma facefuck you till you can't breath anymore more." I shouted at her, and with that she started sucking, half asked. "Listen up, whore. If you don't do a good job your gonna get facefucked pretty hard." Just like that she grabbed the hilt of my dick with her hand and started rubbing it, slowly, as she bobbed her head on my cock, going between 3" and 6" in her mouth, along with rolling her tong around my dick. "That's it, bitch, just like that" I told her. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, and I figured that she better learn that even if she does what I say, I can do what I want to her because she's my slave. "Very good slut" I told her, then took her hand of my dick, grabbed the back of her head and shoved her head forward as I shoved my dick forward. Just like that all 10" was in her mouth, and it felt like heaven. She started gagging, and her face turned red, but I wasn't going to pull out till every last drop of cum was down her throat. Then I felt it building up in my loins. She really started fighting trying to get me out of her, but I exploded 5 huge times down her throat. I pulled out, and some cum and tons of drool fell out of her mouth down her face onto her cute little pink and white striped tank top, and her black rippled skirt.

As she was attempting to catch her breath I grabbed her top, and pulled it over her head, reveling a black, lack push up bra that barley covered her nipples. Then with a tug hers shoes came off, quickly followed by me pulling down her skirt. Then I pulled of her white leggings to revel a lace skinny thong that matched he bra. "Man, you must be the big fucking slut at you school with this kind of equipment" I told her. "Pl. Plea. Please, sir I'm still a virgin." She whimpered. "Stilled a virgin, better for me. Your getting what you deserve, being such a cock tease." I told her, causing her to break down and cry. I got down on one knee, grabbed her by the pony tail and yanked her over to me. Then I bent her over my knee, and spanked her till her juicy ass turned beat red. By this time she was a total wreak, and I unclasped her bra, with out any reaction. It fell to the floor, I pushed her down onto her back, figured I should finish getting naked, and pulled my shirt off. Then I stepped with both legs around her, and dropped to my knees, and started kneading her breast. "You got some nice tits, wonder what they taste like" I said before bending down and sucking on the right nipple for 5 minutes or so, then I moved on to the left one, giving it just as much attention. I then go up, and grabbed her panties, "wonder how you taste down hear" I said before pulling them down, spreading her legs and eating her pussy. I ate her till she started to come. Then I place my cock at her opening. "No, please, I'm still a virgin" She begged. I slapped her, "bitch, your my fucking slave beg me to fuck you, fucking be me" I said, then slapped her again. Through even more tears she cried, please fuck me." "please fuck your slave" she barely got out. That's better, I stated, before shoving all 10" of my cock deep into her, hitter her cervix. She started screaming, I just kept going with full, hard strokes as fast as I could, despite feeling like I was fucking a vice with how tight she was, and within 5 minutes I felt myself ready to explode. "Here I come, I'ma fill you with my baby juice" I told her. "No, please pull out, I might get pregnant" She whimpered. That's the idea, bitch. Your my slave slut, I can do what I want to your body, when I want to." I replied. I shoved my cock in as far as I could, slightly penetrating her cervix, causing her to begging screaming again, and then I exploded. I sent 4 huge streams of cum as deep as humanly possible into her, right into her fertile womb.

She was broken, but I wanted one more hole. I spent a few minutes getting hard again, before flipping her over, and spreading her ass. Her hole was so tight I could barley wedge my pinky into it, but I started moving it around, and it began to loosen. I pulled my pinky out and shoved my thumb in. When I was satisfied my dick would fit, I pulled my thumb out, fingered her pussy, and spread her juices around her ass for lube. I then positioned my dick at the entrance of the hole, with Karley whimpering the whole time, and began to push. I finally got it a little bit of the way in, and the rest was easy. I put all my strength into fucking her as hard as I could and quickly had 6" in, as I continued going in, I began to hear her tearing, and she started to scream like I'd never heard her before. "Please, please take it out you ripping my insides up." She cried. "Bitch, I'ma fuck your ass till I cum, then your gonna suck me clean, now shut the fuck up!" I yelled at her as I slapped her, I was tiring of her begging. I finally bottomed out, then I began to fuck her ass like I did her pussy, hearing more tearing as I did. I had never fucked anything so tight, and started to come 2 minutes in. I pulled out. Rolled her over and sprayed 5 large streams of cum all over her face, hair, and tits. I grabbed her face had her suck me clean, but as soon as I started to get hard again, I stopped her. I grabbed her, pulled her to one of the 32 dog cells I had down their. I threw here in it, and went to get the keys. I walked in and started at her crying in the corner, grabbed my dick and aimed it at her. I begin to piss all over her, mostly paying attention to her head hair. I left the cell and locked it, and walked upstairs, to my study, and grabbed her phone. It had 7 texts form her dad asking where the fuck she was, I replied, that's one good piece of ass you got their. Then I pulled the sim card out, put it in the food disposal where it was shredded, just incase there was a tracing cell in it. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with this one, and to think I still have room for 31 more. Breading these bitches and sell the kids on the black market is gonna make me more rich, and it's gonna be a hell of a lot of fun." I said to my self, before going to get ready for bed.

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I have one request.....


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Get her friends and more her age and younger and breed them all.

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You spelled rapist wrong

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The grammar is pretty awful, that's for sure. The story is pretty messed up as well, but on this website... I've read worse.

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Needs work on grammer and spelling and a little short but a god idea.

Definitely want to read about how that dungeon gets to full occupancy

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