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Did not see this one coming...
Adam Striker was exhausted, coming off his third double shift in the past five
days. Ever since the Borg's invasion of the Enterprise E, practically the
entire crew had been working non-stop, trying to get everything back in order
aboard ship. Those who had been busiest were namely, the Bridge crew and
Engineering. Adam's shifts had felt interminable lately and with good reason.
They were. And his mind's drifting hadn't helped much either. For the past few
weeks his thoughts had been turning to the more... pleasurable aspects of ship's
life, but there hadn't been time for things of that nature lately.
Striding down the corridor of Deck 8, he headed towards his quarters, looking
forward to putting on his robe and going to bed. Although the chronometer at
the end of his shift had said that it was only 2200 hours it felt like much
later. He mentally cursed these 16 hour shifts as the doors hissed open,
granting him access to his quarters.
Surprisingly, the sitting room was illuminated with half lights, and Adam
couldn't remember leaving them on when he left earlier that morning, and they
hadn't been set on an automatic brightening schedule due to the problems there
had been with the Computer as a result of the invasion. Too tired to think
about this, he walked over to the replicator and ordered a drink, but set it
down on the table without sipping from it when he realized that something else
was not quite right in his quarters. The door to his bedroom was open.
In fact, it was more than just slightly ajar. Adam usually left that door
closed, due to the fact that he rarely made his bed, and knew that his unkempt
'bachelor pad' was already somewhat of a legend and he took enough good-natured
ribbing about it as it was. Adam walked slowly to the door and peered around
the corner. If there was someone in his quarters and the tell-tale hiss of the
door opening did not already alert him/her to his presence, Adam wanted to keep
the advantage by keeping them off guard. It was Striker, however, who was caught
off guard when he more fully opened the door and stepped into the room. Sighing
with relief as a smile broke out over his bearded features, Adam approached the
bed quietly, this time for another reason. He paused at the foot of his bed,
savoring the sight before his eyes.
Apparently he wasn't the only one with the idea of relaxing in his quarters
after a long days work, because laying on top of the rumpled covers which he
had so hastily tossed over the bed, was the most amazing woman in the universe,
although to look at her now, someone besides himself probably wouldn't realize
Wild black curls were flowing in all different directions over the covers and
pillowcase, half hiding her exquisite features and lovely face, which was
propped slightly on her arm. And she was wearing... of all garments, the blue
velvet robe he had been coveting during his shift. It all but swallowed up her
slender form, save a pair of tiny feet peeking out from the hem, and one
shoulder was revealed, where the mammoth robe had slipped off her body.
Adam just gazed at her, still surprised that she was here, (She had told him
that she had appointments scheduled past midnight and it was obvious that she
had been sleeping soundly for quite some time) and thrilled that she had chosen
his quarters to come to, rather than hers right next door.
Sensing his presence, even in sleep, Eve McEllen stirred and her eyelids
fluttered. Slowly awakening she opened her eyes fully and sat up, looking
directly into the brightest pair of blue eyes she had ever seen.
'I should have known better than to try and sneak up on an empath huh?" He
asked, speaking for the first time since entering his quarters and sitting down
on the edge of the bed.
"Yes, you should. Especially this empath, Commander." She scooted closer to
him and hooked her arms around his neck, completely oblivious to the fact that
robe had slipped further down on her arm, now revealing the swell of one creamy
breast. Adam noticed, of course, but did not draw attention to it. 
"I thought you were working late." He said, tangling his fingers into her
silken hair, and noting with pleasure that it was still damp. She had probably
curled up on his bed right after her bath, and if he hadn't been working that
damn double shift he would have been more than happy to wash her back, as well
as the rest of her incredible body.
"Well one of my appointments was canceled, another rescheduled and the third
finished earlier then I had expected, so I came here. I hope you don't mind."
"Are you kidding? Eve, you can come here whenever you want, you know that."
"I know, but still..." She trailed off as she felt the warmth of his hand
against the skin of her shoulder, slowly sliding up and down, and easing the
robe further down her arm. Eve shivered, and moved out of his reach. 
"Adam, what do you think your doing?" She asked, drawing the robe back over
her shoulder.
"Well I was planning on wearing that when I came off my shift, you know." He
said neutrally, standing up once again at the foot of the bed. Eve quickly
followed, standing with one leg slightly forward, as the folds of the robe
allowed her long leg and shapely thigh to be visible from within the material.
"Really? And you were planning on putting it on over your uniform?" She
inquired, her tone just as even as his had been, except for the slightly raised
eyebrow. Adam tried hard to keep his expression calm, although he knew exactly
where her thoughts were leading, and that she knew that he was aware, as well.
He stroked his beard slowly, as if considering the possibility.
"Tell me, Counselor, what did you have in mind?" He lowered his voice
conspiratorially as if she was going to share a top security federation secret
with him, and he'd just gained enough clearance to receive it.
"Hmmm, since I'm sure that you weren't planning on that, we'll compromise."
"Compromise?" He echoed, trying to figure out what she was talking about.
"Yes. You take off your uniform and I'll give you back the robe." Her
inflection did not change, it was as if she was discussing something as mundane
as personnel reviews with him.
"You're serious?" He asked, studying her intently, his hand still on his chin.
"Of course." She replied. "Why wouldn't I be? Besides, you still want to wear
the robe don't you?" 
"I had been planning on it, yes."
"All right then. Go ahead."
"Right here?" He asked, momentarily losing his composure. A slow nod was his
"Right now?" He asked. Another nod, accompanied by a beautiful, playful,
"What's the matter, Commander. You don't think you are... up... for the
challenge?" She paused and her gaze drifted slowly downward, as her tongue
darted out and licked the corner of her lips. She had caught Adam slightly off
balance and that pleased her, it was so rare that she was able to do so. 
"Oh, I didn't say that." He said, understanding exactly what she was getting
at. He was enthralled, it had been quite a while since he had seen her so
aggressive and it was extremely stimulating. As if to prove his point, he bent
over and removed his boots and socks. Eve just lounged against the night
table, not saying a word, and waiting for him to continue. Eve straightened
again, and looked into her sparking onyx eyes. 
<<I'm waiting, Imzadi.>> Seductively, her voice wrapped itself around his
mind, and enveloped him in a wave of desire.
"Far be it from me to keep a lady waiting. Especially one as ravishing as
you." Eve acknowledged the compliment by inclining her head, and once again
the robe slipped down on her shoulder. Adam's eyes widened slightly as he
raised his tunic over his head, swiftly followed by the gray turtleneck beneath
Still somewhat tired from her nap, a small yawn escaped from Eve's mouth,
and Adam paused after tossing the turtleneck to the floor.
"So you find me that interesting. Perhaps you'd like to help. Maybe it will
keep you from falling back to sleep."
"On the contrary, Imzadi, I find you... utterly captivating. You don't need my
help, though. You are doing just fine on your own."
"I'm glad that I have your vote of confidence." He said, unfastening his
uniform trousers and sliding them down to the floor. He stood there in his
briefs, rather obviously aroused and Eve smiled upon seeing the apparent
evidence of his desire.
"Oh, you do, Adam, you do." She stepped forward then, stood on her toes and
once again wrapped her arms around his neck. She purposely brushed against his
bare chest and legs with the velvet of the robe, teasing his skin with the soft
fabric. Adam lifted his arms from his sides and placed them on her hips as he
lowered his mouth to hers. Instantly a fire was ignited between them, and
sparks flew between their lips, flowing from one to the other, and back again,
the heat increasing with every passing moment. 
"That's always good to... hear." Adam sucked in a breath when she softly dragged
one of the ends of the velvet belt around his navel. He brushed his beard over
her cheek and down the slope of her neck, nestling his face into the curve of
where her neck met her shoulder. His tongue traced a searing path down the line
of her collarbone, gently edging the robe further off her body. His face was
buried in her hair, she smelled amazing, a scent that he could recognize but
couldn't name, sweet and slightly floral. It teased his senses beyond the point
of madness.
"Do you have any idea what you do to me, Imzadi?" He whispered seductively
into her ear, sending tingles of pleasure into her ear, and sending tingles of
pleasure swimming down her spine.
"Mmmhmm." She breathed, slipping her hand inside his briefs and cradling his
arousal in her hand. Adam groaned, and slid his hands beneath the lapels of the
robe, surprised whenEve pulled back. 
"Oh no, you don't." He reached for her again, and was confused and frustrated
when she ducked away from his touch. She just stood there looking at him, then
swiftly returned to his arms and dragged his briefs to the floor, rasping her
nails down the hair on his legs and driving him completely out of his mind. Her
arms locked around his neck and Eve could feel him, hard and throbbing,
through the fabric of the robe. She smiled impishly and leaned closer to
whisper in his ear.
"Adam, did you want your robe back now?" Adam didn't respond, he was too
caught up in the sensation of Eve's teeth tenderly biting his earlobe.
"Adam?" He walked her backwards until she was trapped between his hard, naked
body on one side and the bed behind her so that she could not move. 
"Yes, Eve?" Adam lowered his head into her chest, placing hot moist kisses on
every inch of exposed skin he could find, while his inept fingers madly
attacked the knotted tie of the belt.
"Did... you... um .. want your... ohh.. robe back now...?" She arched her neck and
moaned as Adam finally succeeded and parted the sides of the robe. The first
touch of his hands on her skin was electrifying. He placed them on her
shoulders, under the garment and with one small push, sent it away from her and
onto the bed. 
"Maybe later." Adam took a small step backwards and gazed at her in the
semi-darkness of the bedroom. He never tired of looking at her or got his fill
of touching her, and he knew that he never would. Each time his caressing eyes
slipped over her body, Eve shivered, as though he was already touching her.
Finally, they could stand being apart no longer, and simultaneously reached for
each other, holding each other so tightly it was impossible to tell where one
ended and the other began. 
Eve's arms were around his waist, and she could feel him, painfully
aroused, against her belly. Her hands were splayed across his back, clutching
at his buttocks with her nails, as he stepped forward again, toppling her onto
the bed. She found herself on her back, on top of the robe Adam had tossed onto
the bed, and the friction it caused against her skin was unbearable. 
"Adam please... come here." At her feverish request, he joined her on the bed,
plying her face and neck with kisses, as his hands roamed around her body with
wild abandon.  <Imzadi...> she sent as he began raining heated kisses over her
chest, holding a breast in each of his hands.  He pressed his face into his
hands, driven deeper into his desire by the scented valley between her breasts.
"Oh god,  Eve,  that fragrance is intoxicating..." He inhaled deeply, then
blew a cooling breath over her already tight nipples, watching them further
harden under his gaze.  She sighed and ran her nails up his chest, tangling her
fingers in the hair. 
"Do you like it? It's honeysuckle." She whispered, her hands descending down
his torso.
"Honeysuckle." He echoed. "That seems rather appropriate."
"And why is that?" She purred, as he lifted her breasts again, shaping them in
his large hands.
"Because, you taste sweeter than honey..." He kissed the underside curve of her
right breast, licking his way up to the tip,  "And..."  he poised his mouth just
above her nipple, feeling her shudder under the brush of his beard against the
sensitive peak, "There are parts of you I love to suckle." With that erotic
statement, Adam flicked his tongue against it, and took her breast into his
mouth, suckling with a fiery intensity which left her breathless. He looked up
when she twined her fingers into his hair.  She gazed deep into his eyes, which
were so dark with passion that they were almost as black as hers were, and
curved her lips into a gentle smile. 
"Oh gods, Adam..." His face broke out into a grin as he moved upward to capture
her mouth again. Their breath mingled and their tongues tangled with each
other, and still the kiss continued. Eve leaned farther back against the
pillows and drew Adam closer to her, wrapping arm tightly around his waist and
crushing him to her body. Her legs entwined with his as she rocked her hips
against his, and rolling herself over on top of his body. The heated contact
between them grew and quickly intensified, as she passionately kissed her way
around his broad chest and shoulders.
"Oh... Eve..." He clenched his fist in her hair, pulling her back up to kiss him
again, and again, as his hands worshipped her body. Her breasts dragged against
the hair on his chest and Eve sighed, pressing herself closer as Adam curved
his hand around her hip and began stroking his way downwards.
"Imzadi..." She trailed off, and Adam ceased in his motions, his hand just
inches away from the glistening black curls between her thighs.
"Yes Eve?" His hand slipped lower and intimately cupped her sex in his hand,
cradling her in his palm. His bearded jaw was set with determination and his
eyes dilated with desire as he smiled up at her wickedly. "Do you want me to
"N..No, Adam, please!" She shook her head from side to side, her tongue
darting out to wet her lips as she rocked back and forth. Adam slipped his
fingers into her hot, moist folds and continued stroking her, watching the
first tremors overcome her shaking body. 
<Please, what?> He asked mentally, watching her shudder as he caressed her
mind with erotic promises.
"Don't stop, Adam!" She gasped as he slipped his finger up and into her, the
rest of his hand applying slight pressure to the center of her body. Her gasp
of pleasure was caught by his mouth as the thrust of his tongue mirrored the
motions of his finger. Even as he continued the brutally tender kiss, Adam
rolled her over into the mattress, his finger still inside her. 
Adam looked deep into her passion-filled eyes as he removed his finger, and
tore his mouth away from hers. 
"Like that, did you, Imzadi?" He breathed, trying to control his rapid pulse
as he felt her heartbeat race against his. Her mumbled response was incoherent.
Adam lowered himself down her body, kissing and licking a path down her chest
and stomach, stopping just after he reached her navel.
"What was that, Eve? I don't think I heard you." He flicked his tongue into
her navel, trying to ignore the fact that if he didn't have her soon, he would
explode. He tried to slow down further, wanting to savor each and every moment,
they had already wasted too much time over the years. 
"Ad...ADAM!" She cried, tangling her hands into his hair and drawing him closer
to her. He kept kissing his way down, running his hands then his tongue over
her thighs, goosebumps breaking out on his flesh as he felt her nails rasp
against his scalp. He ran his hand over her burning flesh again then placed his
mouth against her and kissed the center of her core. Eve closed her eyes,
rocking back and forth under his mouth. 
"Oh gods, I can't take this anymore. Adam, please." Adam raised his head and
began kissing a path back up her body, positioning himself at her entrance. He
just barely brushed against her with his hardness, perspiration covering his
body with a fine sheen as he covered her completely once again... needing to be
completely inside her, a part of her, for now and for eternity. Eve caught
his arms, and stretched them full length against hers, bracing her arms back
against the mattress as he entered her slowly, and her nails dug into the
pillowcase. Her eyes opened and she felt his burn their way deeper into her
soul as he thrust deeper into her body. Her legs tangled around his waist,
drawing his length completely inside her then attempting to remain completely
still until she could resist no longer. 
"Imzadi, I love you." He proclaimed, as he drew her into his embrace,
gathering her into his arms as release washed over them in a fierce frenzy.
Adam held her face in his hands, and kissed her again as she moaned his name
into his mouth. 
Finally, after a minute, hour or eternity, they were still once again. Adam
slowly rolled off Eve's body, so as not to crush her, and Eve rested
herself on top him once again, laying her head on his chest as he traced a
sensuous line up and down her spine. She looked up when he spoke.
"Well, this evening has gone as planned for me, how about you?"
"As planned? What do you mean?" She ran her hand down his leg, and he caught
it and raised her fingers to his lips.
"Well, after my shift was over I wanted to do two things, get my robe and go
to bed. I'm in the bed, and my robe is right here." He gestured to the bunched
up fabric, laying under him. "What more could a man ask for."
"I could think of one or two things." Eve replied, her eyes twinkling as
she readjusted herself on his body so that she was straddling him
"And they would be?" He asked, completely content as he lay back and closed
his eyes.
"Maybe I'd better show you." She leaned over and kissed his lips, and his
Imzadi spent the rest of the evening doing just that.

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