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if i get a good enough rating and positive comments, i will continue the story
I am 2 months away from my 19th birthday and until recently I was still a virgin. That all changed in May. I was searching through websites like and to find an escort for about a year. I didn’t have any money but I figured once I found potential escorts I wouldn’t have to search for them again and I could keep their numbers in my phone. After I finally did get some money I decided to contact Marissa Castro an escort I had found who charged $150/hr.
She only worked Friday thru Saturday, so I called her in advance on Monday. I asked her some questions such as: do you do anal, are their any hidden fees if I do anal or another act and things of that nature. I also asked her if she does A2M, P2M, P2A, and A2P. To all of which she answered yes. So I hung up and told her I would call back the next day.
When Tuesday came around I went to my college classes. In between classes I called hotels and motels to see how much they rented out rooms for and what were their policies for reservation. They said that I could reserve a room over the phone and up to a week in advance. I made a reservation for Saturday.
After I reserved the room, I immediately called Marissa to see if she was available on Saturday at 2:00 for three hours. She said yes. I said see you then and we both hung up.
The rest of the week went by pretty normally with the exception of me reading a lot of manuals on cunnilingus, analingus, anal sex and delaying my cum shots. I also started trimming my pubic hair.
When the day finally came I went to the motel at 1:00 and checked in. then I went to a McDonalds across the street, ordered some food and basically stalked my own motel room to make sure she wasn’t a cop. When an absolutely beautiful woman walked toward my room, I instantly got up and ran over there. Once I was sure that she wasn’t a cop, I walker over to her.
“Marissa,” I asked.
“Are you Lawrence,” she said with a beautiful high pitched accent.
“Yes, Yes I am,” I said (I changed my name just in case she was a cop).
“Nice to meet you,” she said extending her arm.
“Back at you,” I said meeting my hand with hers.
She was wearing a low cut red shirt which left nothing to the imagination. Her breasts were magnificent and I couldn’t wait to do whatever I possibly could to them. She also had on a tight, black, leather skirt that came down to her knees. To top off this sexy ensemble, she wore red and black pumps. As her name suggests she is Hispanic, with the most beautiful light brown skin I’ve ever seen. Her accent was very sexy. She spoke like it was her first day in America, she had a very thick accent laced with innocence and timidity.
I put my key card in the door and let her in first. I really didn’t want to turn on the lights or open the drapes so I decided to leave the room dark.
“do you mind if I smoke before we get started,” came her sexy accent.
“go ahead,” I said as I ate the last fry out of my McDonalds bag. I always hated cigarettes and the accompanying smoke, but imagine my surprise when she pulled out a bag of weed and started rolling it.
“Do you want some, papi,”
I walked across the room to the bed where she was sitting and sat down. She rolled me a blunt and handed it to me. I took a huff and a puff and my mind was blown away. “whyd you want my services,” she said as she took a long huff. “maybe next time,” I said while I mashed the embers of the blunt with my finger. “I’ll save this for later.” I basically stared at the wall for three minutes until she was ready.
“You ready, papi”
“God yes”
Let me go take my clothes off in the bathroom, I’ll be right back.”
I told her not to take her bra off as I had something in mind for later. As she was getting undressed in the bathroom, I got undressed outside of the bathroom and piled my clothes on the dresser. As my 5 ½ inch dick, moistened with precum, sprung out of my underwear, it instantly smacked my stomach. I knew that I was going to have an excellent time when she walked out wearing nothing but a bra. She had no tan lines and a “lightning bolt” landing patch. She must have caught me looking.
“Because sex with me is electric”
“Shut up bitch,” I hollered at her, “get on your hands and knees and come here and suck my dick, cumwhore”
“ahh so very aggressive, I think I’m going to like you”
She did as she was told and crawled over to me like a good little shit eater. The nanoseconds passed by like hours and when she finally arrived she got up on her knees and took the mushroom tip of my penis into her mouth. Then she started slowly sucking the whole shaft. I most have been experiencing contact high because I was in a complete state of euphoria. Even so, I egged her on a little “you call yourself a fuck toy, I wait three hours for you to crawl 8 feet and this is the big climax.”
“ why don’t you show me how its supposed to go.”
With that I grabbed her head and thrusts my cock deep down inside her mouth. I continuously fucked her mouth, poking her uvula as I did. She made those choking sounds that I love ever so dearly. Suddenly I had an idea. I rammed my cock so far down her mouth that her lips touched the base of my cock. I released and she stayed there, spitting out my dick slowly.
“I know what you were trying to do papi,” she laughed, “I used to be an underwater diver in college so you’ll have to try harder than that.”
“Get on the bed,” I growled, “put your feet to the head and your head to the foot.”
She did as I said and I pulled her back a bit so that her head was off and away from the bed. I placed my hands on the bed for stability and buried my cock in her throat.
“Bite when you’ve had enough,” I told her.
She lasted about 2 minutes before she bit, and even then I still kept it in for about 20 seconds.
“aye me encanta,” she gagged as I pulled it out.
After about 4 more repetitions I got bored. I decided to move down (or up as it was from my point of view) a little to her magnificent breasts. I lifted the front of her bra and stuck my dick in between her breasts. I snapped the bra back down and I didn’t feel anything because my dick was numb from her icy saliva. I fucked her tits for five minutes until I was ready to cum. I instantly took it out of her cleavage and put it deep inside her mouth, cumming in the back of her throat. As I finished dropping my last load, I rose out of her mouth and could tell that I came a lot because it overflowed from her mouth.
Her pussy was absolutely gorgeous. The lips were puffy and they met as if to conceal the hole. I started licking, kissing, and nibbling on her inner thigh, working my way to her cunt. When I arrived I took two of my fingers and used it to spread her lips. I kissed and licked at her hole for a minute or so until I found her clit. I eased two finger into her hole, while I rubbed my gums against her clit. She cooed. After five minutes of this she started convulsing erratically. I thought she was having a seizure so I stopped.
“don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” she said.
I put my fingers back in her cunt and started gumming her clitoris again. Soon I felt some water rush to my fingers. I pulled out my finger and she started squirting all over the place. As she was screaming like she was in labor, I opened my mouth to catch all her fluids. They tasted so damn sweet with a hint of spiciness. As soon as she stopped screaming she said “dios mio papi, I needed that.” I spit her fluids back on her fuckbox and said “ are you ready”
“ready for what”
I didn’t say a thing I just lined my dick up with her pussy and…

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2012-01-06 20:28:42
Good story, but you are going too fast!

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