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Hello, I am a sixteen year old from new jersey. This takes place currently in my junior year of high school. You can call me Trey.

I walked into my first period history class with Mrs.F who took a firing passion into hating my guts. I grabbed my failing quiz grade and walked to the back of the classroom throwing my backpack to the ground and laying my head down into my crossed arms and closing my eyes. I woke up during a PowerPoint purposely not taking notes or paying any attention to the class work material. I started staring at my teachers' breasts, they are so beautiful on how body proportional they are. She is the girls lacrosse teacher, and had a toned, defined, body type without being muscular which was perfect. Her 33 year old, blonde hair, and great ass make my cock start to grow as I stared intently at her fantasizing on touching her body and my cock grew filling my jeans and giving the great sensation of a strong boner in jeans.
At the end of class I told her I needed to make a quiz and therefore had to stay after school with her. She told me today was okay and so I made the commitment to stay after.
I walked into the classroom and noticed the thin window on the door had been covered my a fitting, thick cardboard poster. I sat down and Mrs. F turned around in her desk chair with a new top on, one that showed her skimpy little bra, borderline nipple. She handed me the test, grabbing my hand and rubbing her soft skin along my rough, manly palms. I began taking my quiz, believing these hints of attraction my purely my imagination. Immediately, Mrs. F got off her chair and intentionally dropped a pen in front of me and she bent over in her skirt showing me she was wearing a thong so thin, it was like tooth floss thin. She got up throwing her hair back and watching me as she sat back down. Next, she pulled a banana from her bag, and began eating it in the most slutty way by deep throating it and licking it. I handed in my quiz and she finally said that I "Should wait as I grade it."
I stood above her staring at the massive tits that were propped up for me. She turned and reaching for either a pen or a sharpie grabbed my tucked away boner.
"Um, is this for me?" she asked
"I dont see anyone else in the room Mrs.F" I replied
Naughty, she said. And she strutted to the door, locking it and unbuttoning her blouse. She grabbed a meter stick and slapped me with it and pointed to the desk chair and said sit. She took a catchers position and began taking the belt off my pants and ripping them right off my legs showing the outline of my rock hard dick in my boxer briefs. She made me taking off my shirt as she starting blowing my dick. Then we got up and I began fucking her tight pussy on her desk not caring of all the shit that was getting messed up or knocked off. I'm cumming!!!!! she screamed and I felt the grip in her cunt feel looser so I pulled out and she turned around. Pushing her titties together and I began fucking her d34 tits and them I said I HAVE TO CUM, and she said, not on me, so I shot it to the left, right on her stack of papers that we knocked on. The floor during the intense fucking. She went to kiss me but I turned her away and walked out of the classroom.
Two days later I got off the bus and started walking with my under classman girl neighbor, singing to her. I asked her if she liked the song I was singing, Selena Gomez, but unexpectantly she asked me if I was doing anything and if I could come over and hang out. I told Jackie that I had to run home first and throw my books down and say hello to my mom then Id come over. She said ,"fine, your don't have to come over I was just--" I interrupted her saying I want to come over, honestly. I texted her I was almost at her front door ten minutes later telling her to unlock her front door and let me in. She replied with, it's unlocked. But lock it behind you, i'm in my bedroom. I walked up her stairs into the quietest house and gently opened her door. She was in front of her full length mirror completely naked brushing her hair. Oh shit I said, closing her door thinking I did something wrong. She ran out at me saying come back and that she was sorry. I picked her up in a bear hug and she giggled and I walked her to her room and roughly through her on her bed.
"be nicer" she asked.
"baby I am out to fuck your brains out," I said taking off all of my clothes in record time. I jumped on to of her and pulled her into me and began fucking her twat at a vicious speed. She wasn't being loud, she was screaming in ughhhhhhhhs and ohhhhhhuuuuuuuus with the little gasp when I went all the way inside her.i picked her up and braced against the wall and started fucking her little twat standing up staring at her little small tits, cheer leading body. I almost came and pulled out but it was a false alarm, but as I pulled out she squirted the warmest liquid all over my legs. Oopsie, she said as input he down smirking. Then she put her head on the bed and her ass in the air and said, I want my butthole fucked like my friend, she said it was so good.
I spit on my dick and gently pierced her 15 year old virgin little asshole with my thick dick. "OWWWWW" she screamed and tightened more so I gentle rubbed my dick inside her insides, splitting that hoe in half. It was so tight and the friction was so high that I felt the urge to cum. I started groaning and pulled out and spit silently on her back. Thinking I finished she turned around, and I blew my giant load right on her face. She was mad and slapped me but then I laughed and she went in her mirror and started laughing too.
The next day she called me up on how she couldn't walk and how she had to shove a tampon into her butthole to stop the bleeding. We had phone sex and I fucked her multiple times in the mouth, throat, pussy, armpit, but never in the asshole again.


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2013-02-27 21:06:25
This story to gross for everyone u should know that pervert

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2012-09-18 02:30:10
you've got to be black lol fuk deez other readers dat shit went fed


2012-01-08 10:55:50
take ten off your age and you would be close, this is the worst shit i have tried to read in years, total absolute infantile bullshit

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2012-01-07 01:30:22
Please. Do not write this crap anymore

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2012-01-06 20:30:01
I can see why you are failing. You can't write for crap.

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