Part 1

Ever since the age of 5yrs old, when I'd walked in on my stepfather fucking my mom's brains out, I've been obsessed with him. I was rendered speechless at the sight of him hammering her pussy, of course unsure what was going on. They didn't see me standing there in the doorway for the longest time... Both were naked, and he was giving it to her hard from behind. I'd been taught that nudity is something to be ashamed of, yet there they were, nude and glistening with sweat, and I couldn't tear my eyes of their rutting bodies. The sounds of my stepfather dominating my mother -- the slapping sounds, their grunts, moans, and groans -- it was titillating. How he squeezed her asscheeks and ran his hands along her back while pounding into her again and again, it looked so intimate, so hot! I was instantly jealous of my mother. This seemed to be a new kind of enjoyment they weren't including me in on.

When my stepfather, Frank, turned his head and saw me he jumped and shouted in surprise and pulled away from my mother. My eyes fell upon his glistening, engorged, massive erection as it slid out of my mother -- I had no idea what it was! I didn't have one of those! It was so strange, so powerful looking! And his balls, they were huge, swollen, lightly covered with fur; they were so confusing to my young mind. His chest was slick with sweat, sparsely covered with hair, and muscular. He was so manly, so different from me! I gasped, he gasped, my mom gasped and screamed and covered herself with the bedsheets before running over to me and ushering me back to my bedroom. She didn't speak of whatever she'd been doing with Frank in their bed and I didn't ask. The vision of him ramming her body hard from behind, practically on top of her, the vision of his glistening manliness, it was something I couldn't possibly forget. I wanted to be naked with him, too.

My little pink slit and hole would get all wet when I thought about what they were doing -- it was such a peculiar feeling! At some point I discovered rubbing myself "down there" was incredibly pleasurable and I got hooked on it. I didn't know what an orgasm was at the time, but in retrospect, I was making myself cum in kindergarten. After school, I'd rub myself, making my little hole so moist, breathing harder and harder and getting goosebumps all over! I'd always have the urge to keep rubbing even after orgasm, never quite satisfied. I always imagined by stepfather's naked body and how he pounded my mother so hard -- but I imagined he was pounding me instead. Of course I couldn't look at him the same. The looks I started giving to him after seeing him fuck can only be described as the lustful looks of a little bitch in heat.

It seemed everything was different after I walked in on them that night. I became more physical with Frank, rubbing my body against his often in a hard embrace and telling him I loved him. My mom looked a little sheepish after it happened, like she was embarrassed. Why had she been doing it if she was embarrassed by it? Frank must have been somehow rubbing her hole the way I rub mine, which feels so good, what's wrong with that? I had so many questions, yet was too shy to ask them. I'd gotten the impression it was something not to be talked about. For years, I masturbated myself while fantasizing about my stepdad, constantly wondering about the scene in the bedroom. When I finally took sex-ed class, it all became so clear. Shocked, I realized I had been craving my stepfather sexually for many years.

He'd always raised me as his own daughter. I was more confused than ever by age 12, and my horniness was amplified as puberty fell upon me. It was almost like I couldn't control myself... Now that I was growing and filling out more, my long, warm embraces were leaving Frank with a bulging hard-on in his pants. I'd go masturbate after seeing him with an erection, excited that I'd made Frank's cock hard. My mom traveled a lot for business, and I found myself taking the opportunity to flirt more and more brazenly with my stepdad while she was gone. I began wearing tighter, more revealing clothes to show off the breasts I was developing, both now heaping handfuls with tiny pink nipples. It became almost a game to me to try to get my stepfather hard. I'd take any chance I'd get to bend over, showing off my round ass and/or cleavage in my little terrycloth shorts and tank tops before straightening up to show a glorious camel toe. I'd brush up on him whether giving him the mail, sitting next to him on the couch, whispering things to him, and so on, savoring the feeling of my body against his.

Frank would often have to leave the room due to the huge bulge forming in his pants before Mom would see. I took gymnastics so I could show off my lean, flexible body around the house, wearing a tight leotard or little dresses while doing moves in the living room as Frank tried to watch the evening news. One day, I came out to the kitchen wearing only a tiny towel while Frank ate his breakfast. I could feel his eyes burning into me from behind as I poked around in the refrigerator, bending over to deliberately show off my naked pussy slit from behind, my heart pounding. My cuntlips were fat and engorged from my arousal, since I'd just masturbated to an intense orgasm in the shower. His fork dropped noisily to the plate and I quickly turned and walked back down the hall. Another time, I came out in the same small towel, but this time I let my breasts fall out of it. I could see my stepdad's jaw drop at the sight of my tits. Even though I was about to be 13, I was already a full B cup and was very proud to show it off.

I wanted to take things up a notch with Frank. So while my mom was away on one of her business trips, I laid down in my bed nude and left the door open more than a foot. I kept a dim night light on to illuminate my firm body and glistening pussy lips. Sparse blond pubic hair had begun growing on my pussy mound. I was happy -- it meant I was becoming a woman! Laying down naked on my bed, with my sprawled body in clear view of the cracked door, I began touching myself all over. My hands started cupping my breasts, already an ample handful, and it felt so good to massage them and rub my nipples. I was so impressed with my growing breasts, and overjoyed knowing I was becoming so sexy and womanly! Then my hands wandered down my flat belly and cupped my hot pubic mound. My fingers became moist as they lay over my wet slit.

Frank was in the living room with the night news on low volume. Knowing he was so close, and knowing it was just him and me in the house, and the feeling of my hand now rubbing on my sex made me even more aroused. My pussy oozed juices as I continued massaging my clit steadily and dipping my fingers in my hot pussyhole. A moan escaped my lips. I began writhing on the bed and it creaked with my movements. My fingers began jamming more eagerly into my hole and I rubbed more vigorously, the bed creaking louder. Another moan fell from my lips and my heart pounded harder than it ever had in my life. Images of my stepfather, his massive, glistening cock, replayed again and again in my mind. And he was so close, just in the next room while I fingered myself hard with dirty thoughts of him and his cock on my mind.

Soon I was moaning steadily and the bed was creaking rhythmically underneath me. Pussy juices were flowing on my hand. My moans grew louder and I knew Frank would be able to hear me now... An orgasm was growing inside of me, beginning to branch out and surge throughout my body, and this time I wasn't going to stifle my scream. The bed shook and rattled under my intense rubbing and I knew it'd be any moment before my climax would break upon me like a violent wave. My body seized up, my finger pressing hard on my clitty while my other hand's fingers penetrated my pussy hole steadily, my breath catching in my throat before I began moaning loudly and screaming with orgasm. Through the haze of my powerful climax, I could hear footsteps creaking in the hall outside my room.

I trembled on my bed after the orgasm subsided, my legs shaking and my heart pounding wildly. Pussy juice leaked down my asscrack. When I turned my head towards the doorway, I could see a shadow move quickly away and footsteps creaking down the hall to the bathroom. He'd heard me and seen me cum! The next morning in the kitchen, I eyed him up with a seductive smile. I was wearing a short, satiny nightie that was low cut, with no bra. My hard nipples jutted upwards, clearly visible through the thin fabric. I wore no panties, and again showed off my wet, pink slit by bending over to get some veggies from the crisper, wiggling my ass slightly as I did so. When I straightened up, I let one of the straps on my nightie slip down my arm, nearly revealing my hard nipple. Frank coughed nervously and then threw down his newspaper, quickly walking off into the bathroom again before leaving for work. I smiled wickedly to myself, knowing I was seducing him.

Later that night, I showered with the bathroom door open so he could see my naked body lathered up through the clear shower doors after doing splits and other gymnastic stretches and moves out in the living room while wearing a skin-tight leotard -- but Frank never said anything to me. The next night, I masturbated myself again while sprawled out on my bed, my pussy oozing juices from my intense climax and again hearing the creaking of Frank's footsteps outside my open bedroom door when I'd finished.

The next day, after he came home from work, he found me completely naked and spread-eagle on the family couch watching one of his secretly stashed porno movies. I turned and looked him dead in the face when he came in, his jaw dropping, his eyes immediately going to my nearly bald cunt with my fingers inside my hole. Then his eyes moved to the raunchy porn movie behind me. He was speechless. I stared him right in the eyes while rubbing my pussy hard and I moaned loudly. My cheeks were flushed, my breasts heaving, my nipples hard as rocks. I was about to orgasm right there in front of him!

Frank stood frozen, staring back at me as I writhed naked on the couch. I open my legs as wide as I could and aimed my pussy directly at Frank so he could get the best view of my wet, spasming teen pussy. My moans and shouts echoed through the house as an orgasm shook my body hard. Cunt juice squirted out of me, all over the couch, all over my fingers. I stared into my stepfather's eyes the whole time, aware of the raging bulge forming in his trousers. My legs trembled with my climax, my tits bouncing around wildly. Frank let out a groan. Then, before my orgasm subsided, he turned abruptly and walked away, a door slamming somewhere down the hall. I lay there on the couch in a puddle of my own cum, knowing I'd made his cock hard once again. The silence was killing me!

Almost a month went by before Mom took another long business trip. I resumed my brazen sexual antics immediately. When Frank came home from work the afternoon she'd left, there I was sprawled out on the dining room table, naked with two of my fingers penetrating my hole knuckle-deep and my tits bouncing all over the place. His jaw dropped again. He stood there and stared a few silent moments before hurriedly walking away again. I was disappointed -- why wouldn't he say something to me? Didn't he think I was sexy? I was his young, horny, supple stepdaughter. After bringing myself to orgasm on the table, I pondered my next move.

Later that night, I was laying in bed of course thinking about Frank and how badly I wanted him, tortured by knowing he was laying in a room only a few feet from mine. I masturbated myself to a noisy, wet orgasm but didn't hear him or see him peek around the corner. Frustrated, I threw the covers off and walked down the hall to get a cup of water. As I was walking back to my room, I heard a soft slapping sound coming from his room. The door was open wide with the bedside light on. Of course I couldn't resist the urge to look in.

My heart beat wildly in my chest when I saw Frank, naked, the base of his thick cock in his hand as he pumped his raging erection! His fingers rubbed against his balls with each stroke. A moan escaped my lips at the glorious sight. He looked back at me and he jerked his cock slowly and steadily, a sexy smirk on his lips. Instantly my pussy was a whole new level of wet. His eyes fell to my nearly bald pubic mound, glistening with my pussy juices, and I could see his face contort with arousal. I was wearing only red leg warmers as I stood naked in the doorway, watching my stepfather pleasure his turgid prick.

His dick twitched every so often as he stroked it. It made me unbearably hot. With his cock still in hand, Frank cleared his throat and in a low voice told me to come closer. I did so slowly, as if hypnotized by his huge cock. It was so thick, almost as thick as my forearm! And long, too! Probably 8" at least. It was covered with bulging purple veins, the cockhead a raging purple color. A drop of pre-cum glistened on the head and I shuddered, so aroused at the sight of his glorious cock and naked, muscular body up close. I'd imagined it so many times, masturbated so often to the vision of his rippling muscles and engorged prick!

He stared at me in a heated gaze while pumping his cock steadily. I stared at the bubble of sparkling cum on the head of his thick prick, knowing it was his seed, his sperm, seeking to erupt. The room was thick with silence and sexual tension. After several minutes watching my stepfather jacking his hard cock while I stood next to the bed, I wordlessly reached down and began caressing his balls. He moaned instantly and closed his eyes.

I wasn't sure what to do. So I started rubbing his cock, too. His prick felt so hard in my hand! I couldn't even get my fist around it. I stared at it, never seeing a human penis in real life before, amazed at its stiffness and intimidated by the angry purple mushroom cockhead and bulging veins covering it. My pussy juice was dripping, getting my thighs wet. Frank kept his eyes closed as I rubbed and pumped his dick the way I'd watched him rub and pump it. Then I sat down and bent my head, putting my small mouth around the huge cockhead like I'd seen porn actresses do, making Frank gasp loudly. His cock twitched in my hand. I kept pumping his hard meat with his cockhead in my mouth as he began tensing up on the bed next to me.

"Steph, stop..." moaned my stepfather. I took my mouth off his cock, confused. He didn't like it? I wasn't doing it right? I kept jerking the firm base of his shaft. I wanted to fuck him so badly!

"What's wrong, Daddy? You don't like my mouth on your dick? Or you don't get turned on by me? But look, look at my nice titties! They're overflowing handfuls now! I love my nipples poking right up, and they're so cute, so small and pink... And my pussy, it's always so wet for you, Daddy... I fuck myself everyday thinking of you and your cock. You don't like my pussy, Daddy?" I said with an exaggerated pout.

"No, no Steph, it's not that..." he groaned. I kept pumping his erection slowly. Frank sat up, trying to swat my hand away from his cock. I got to my feet and stood next to the bed, glaring down at him. He gasped and stared up at my naked body, inches away from him. His eyes were on my firm tits, then making their way down my smooth belly to my pubic mound and slit while he held onto his raging erection. Then he gasped again and suddenly I felt wetness covering my lower body -- his cock was spewing cum right at my pussy mound as I stood before him! My mouth fell open as trails of white cum coated my lower abdomen and pussy slit, making my skin glisten. A jet of semen sprayed right over my slit and we both moaned. I reached down and rubbed it in. Frank let out a final moan, the base of his pulsing cock still in his hand. He looked stunned.

"Steph, you should, you should go back to your room now..."

Without saying anything else, I backed out of the room and retreated to my bed where I masturbated loudly for the next several hours. I knew I was driving Frank crazy! He left for work the next morning before I'd gotten up. The vision of his strong, large cock bulging with veins, erupting sperm, spewing it all over my pussy mound, it replayed incessantly in my head. The feeling of his semen oozing down my slit... I wanted to feel that cock erupt deep in my womb! I wanted him to flood my insides with his sperm, wanted it to swish around inside of me before leaking down my thighs as I went off to school.

Later that afternoon when he got home from work, Frank found me laying naked in the bed he shared with my mom. A bulge formed nearly instantly in his pants at the sight of his horny 13yr old stepdaughter, laying there naked and hungry for his cock! His eyes surveyed my taut body, the bulge growing more massive. I cupped my firm breasts while staring up at him innocently, my nipples standing hard and proud.


"What, Daddy?"

"This isn't right... You, you..."

"I want you so badly, Daddy... I want to feel you inside of me, I want you to fuck me like I saw you fucking Mom so many years ago. I NEED you inside me now..."

Frank swallowed hard. I was splayed open wide on the red satiny sheets and he was staring, transfixed, into my wet pussyhole, his cock starting to grow in his pants. He cleared his throat, his face flushing. I began rubbing slow circles around my hard little clit nub while staring up and him and moaning. My breasts jiggled, and I tweaked my nipples with my free hand. Frank's bulge continued getting larger. I felt almost in a dreamlike state, intoxicated with lust. I knew it was wrong, and I didn't care.

For eight years, I'd fantasized about him fucking me like he fucked my mom. And for eight years I'd been jealous of my mother for getting such passionate sexual attention from Frank. Now I wanted him badly, and I finally told him so as I stared up at him while laying naked and fingering myself in their marital bed. It was a sin to crave him so, but it seemed such a delicious one, one I was not only living for but would probably die for. Standing before me for the longest time, Frank was silent, not knowing what to do. Just watching me, his erection growing stronger and harder with every passing moment.

"I wish these were your hands touching me, not my own," I said softly. My pussy was so wet with arousal, I knew my fat cuntlips were shimmering in the bedroom light. Frank took a deep breath and walked out of the room. Tears began welling in my eyes.

Then, a few moments later, he walked back in, yelled, "Fuck!" and started unzipping his pants. I was overjoyed! With his raging cock free and hanging out, he jumped on the bed with his head in between my legs and proceeded to eat my pussy to an incredible, violent orgasm that left me writhing on the bed and squirting at his face! Never had I cum so hard! The feeling of his mouth and lips on me was exquisite, sucking on my most sensitive flesh, his tongue twirling around my clit while his strong fingers penetrated my virgin pussyhole. My moans were loud throughout the quiet house as my stepdad lapped my cunt up and down eagerly. I grinded my pussy into his face, getting him wet with my cunt juices after my intense climax, knowing another orgasm was already building up!

He took his face away from my pink gash and looked up at me in a heated gaze. I trembled on the bed as he got up and began unbuttoning his shirt while staring down at me. His solid chest was soon exposed -- I wanted to plant kisses on it it and bite it while he fucked me hard. Then his muscular abdomen was free; next he was taking the pants off, then his boxers, and then he was on the bed, naked and straddling me! I felt exalted, overwhelmed with joy. He stared down at me, surveying my growing body, his massive erection resting on my firm abdomen. It went from my pubic mound up above my belly button! I shuddered, so ready for him... Pre-cum oozed from the head of his cock as it stared at me from my belly. Frank held the base of his thick meat in his hand and looked me deep in the eye. He knew I wanted it badly. I kept my legs spread wide, inviting him to dive in and take me, his young, virgin stepdaughter!

"Get on your hands and knees, Stephanie," he said.

My heart pounding fast, I obeyed. I presented my ass high in the air for him, and for the longest time he was motionless and silent aside from jerking his cock slowly. Then I felt his hard prickhead poke against my cuntlips and I shuddered. The air was knocked out of my lungs suddenly when Frank bucked his hips hard, forcing his turgid cock into my wet hole. I couldn't believe it! Finally, after so many years of longing, my stepfather was fucking my pussy! He rammed forward hard, tearing my virginity away with a single stroke of his thick, long cock. I cried out as he began building up a faster pace in my tight cunt almost immediately.

"Goddammit, is this what you want, Steph? Huh? You want me to fuck you hard like this?"

"Yeah, yeah, Daddy..." I moaned, my voice muffled by the bedsheets. Tears welled in my eyes but didn't spill.

"Fuck, you're so tight! Oh, fuck... oh my God..."

He began penetrating me steadily, my pussy so snug around his raging shaft, and I wailed from the intense feeling of being overstuffed. His muscular thighs slapped against mine with his pounding. My cries filled the room as he fucked me hard from behind, giving it to me like I'd seen him give it to my mother so many years ago. It hurt slightly at first but was gradually becoming more pleasurable! My pussy walls seemed to be stretching to accommodate his hard prick, and I was oozing plenty of juices to lubricate the massive cock penetrating my young hole.

"Ugh, Christ, you fuckin' little minx!" shouted Frank, plowing into me. I moaned in return. It felt so incredible! My pussy squelched around his steel hard cock; I loved the sound of his cock in my hole! The sounds of our sex filled the room: Slaps, grunts, moans, the sounds of my tight, wet hole being penetrated athletically...

Frank built up to a wild pace in my pussy -- at the time he didn't realize I was a virgin. He was slamming into me with wild abandon, seeking a final release for the sexual tension that had been building between us for so many years now! His cock was making my pussy wetter now, my pussyhole making loud sucking noises around his raging shaft. He easily reached into my womb with every hard thrust, his huge balls smashing against my gash.

I began moaning louder, intoxicated with lust as my stepfather took me from behind. His hands gripped my hips hard as he penetrated me manically, and I loved every delirious second of it! I loved hearing him grunt and groan like an animal as he stuffed my cunthole full of his meat! Loved hearing the slapping sounds of his balls on my ass. His sexual prowess, the domination of my growing body by his strong, manliness, his cock in my hole, it all felt intoxicating, like the influence of some kind of drug! Frank seemed to be enjoying it, too!

"Ah, yes, yes, Steph, fuck you feel so goddamn good... Shit! Fuck, oh your cunt is so fuckin' tight... You're so soft... Christ, I'm gonna cum soon, Steph! Gonna cum all up in your little pussy!" he said through gritted teeth.

He rubbed my smooth belly before reaching beneath me to cup my bulging pussy mound, thrusting as deeply into my womb as possible. I'd learned about ejaculation in school and knew it could get a girl pregnant, but in the heat of the moment, I didn't care. Frank sure as hell didn't either! He rammed into me slow and hard for a few more minutes, holding my pussy mound tightly while doing so. I closed my eyes, feeling like I was in some kind of dream! Was this heaven? Would I wake up any moment now, pussy dripping, really having just another wet dream?

Frank shoved his body forward into mine hard, smashing his balls against my ass, his cock throbbing inside of my pussy. I moaned loudly and Frank grunted like a beast, his prick spasming inside of me. A torrent of sperm suddenly erupted from my stepfather's cock, flooding my womb, filling me full of my his seed. His cum instantly started to leak out of my tight pussyhole down my thighs. I felt ecstatic! Frank gasped, hands still tightly grasping my hips, his cock still throbbing its last jets of semen into my unprotected teen womb. He stayed still inside me for several more minutes. At the time I wasn't exactly certain what was supposed to happen next. Was his cock supposed to get soft again?

Because it sure didn't. After a few minutes motionless inside my pussyhole from behind, my pussyhole overflowing juices, Frank put an arm around my waist and pulled me into his lap, bouncing me up and down on his cock. I moaned, my cunt so wet and oozing our sex juices! Then he laid me down on my back and I spread my legs wide for him, my pussy glistening in the light. He grinned, his fat prick in hand, coated with cum and pussy juice.

"I just can't help but stay hard at the sight of your perfect little cunt, Steph... The feeling of being inside of it... The smell of it..." Frank said, looking into my eyes and rubbing his cockhead against my slit. He let out a deep sigh. Then he pushed forward, bucking his hips into mine, totally filling my womb up once again with his stiff prick as he pawed my breasts hard. He slowed for awhile, fucking me deep, then penetrated my pussyhole shallowly before ramming into me hard and then fucking me fast like a machine! Fuck, it was incredible!

I moaned, my back arching, writhing around beneath him on the bed. Frank bent down and we began kissing passionately, exchanging tongues in the heat of the moment. His cock was squelching around noisily in my pussyhole, his naked, muscular, sweaty thighs slapping against mine. I thrust my hips back at his, forcing his cock completely inside my womb, his balls bouncing against my asscrack. We moaned together, in each others' mouths, and he continued fucking my hole hard and fast for at least twenty more minutes! I was starting to get a little sore, but there was no way I wanted to stop!

He was letting me bounce up and down on his prick, riding him like a cowgirl, when he started yelling that he was about to cum again. I was so excited and happy to know I was turning my stepfather on, to know he was filling my belly up with his baby-making juices, sharing them with me and not just my mom! And I wanted him to like it so much that he'd stop sharing with my mom. Frank held onto my hips hard, pulling me close to him, kissing me again as his prick spasmed within my hole. He groaned again, pulling on my hip flesh with his fingers as he bucked hard up into my womb one last time. I felt the jets of his sperm soaking my insides, dripping out of me immediately and leaking down onto his balls. My ass was even wet with cum and pussy juices!

His prick finally went soft several minutes later. I loved having his cum inside me! I didn't want it to escape! I laid on my back and put my legs in the air, trying to prevent it from leaking out of me. With Frank's cum oozing from my pussy all over my fingers, I began massaging my clit to an intense orgasm right there next to him while he was trying to catch his breath. He shook his head and grinned at me as I writhed on the bed and shouted that I was cumming! My pussy spasmed, Frank's cum sloshing around inside me. I loved it! My head was dizzy, delirious with lust. I already wanted more of my sexy, mature stepfather's sperm.

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