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For those who don't know Death Note is the story Of Light Yagami { Kira } a Japanese highschool student who found the Death Note { Note Book } and gained the power of the Shinigami { Gods Of Death } and with this power he tried to become the God of a new world. When you write a Humans name in the Death Note that Human dies of a heart attack in 40 seconds however if you write all the details leading up to a Humans death and then write that Humans name then you can control that person before he/she dies. A Human who finds and uses a Death Note is visited by the original owner of the Death Note { a Shinigami } several days later.

If the Human decides that he/she no longer wants the Death Note then the Shinigami will take the Note Book and erase the Humans memory of the Death Note and seeing the Shinigami but if the Human decides that he/she wants to continue using the Death Note then the Shinigami must follow that Human until {1.} he/she gives the Note Book back to the Shinigami, {2.} he/she dies, {3.} the Death Note is destroyed, only Humans who have touched the Death Note can see and hear the Shinigami.

There are 2 main differences between Shinigamis and Humans who use the Death Note {1.} If a Human was supposed to die at the age of 80 and a Shinigami writes that Humans name in their Death Note when that Human is 20 then the Shinigami will add 60 years to it's lifespan { 80 - 20 = 60 } so as long as Shinigami keep writting Human names in their note books they cannot die { they can't be killed by being shot in the head or being stabbed in the heart }. {2.} A Shinigami can see a Humans true name and lifespan just by looking at that Humans face so they always know exactly how many years they will gain after killing a Human.

A shinigami will offer the Human using a Death Note a deal, they can give the Human the eyes of a Shinigami in exchange for half of that Humans remaining lifespan so if that Human was supposed to live until 80 they would die at 40 however unlike the Shinigami Humans who use the Death Note cannot increase their lifespans no matter how many names they write in their note books. Although he was killed Kira was very close to achieving his goal of becoming the God of a new world, because of him all wars have stopped and the world crime rate was reduced by 70% however many still believe that Kira is not dead but resting and will return one day to complete his mission and create a perfect world free of crime and evil and recently there have been reports of Kira like killings wich keep his legend alive, only the Japanese police know the truth about Kira, Shinigamis and the Death Note { they have Kiras Death Note }.

3 Years after the death of Kira.

Bobby is not your average Canadian highschool student, he's extremely smart in fact his IQ is off the charts and just like most really smart people he is a target for bullies, for most of his highschool years he's been bullied but all of that is about to change. On his way to school he sees some of the kids who bully him so he decides to hide behind Tim Hortons, he thinks to himself [ I'd rather be late for school then get beat up again ] and that's when he sees something fall from the sky. Once it hits the ground he goes to see what it is and he sees a black note book with words Death Note written in white on the cover, he picks it up and starts reading the instructions { written in English }. Bobby decides to skip school and returns home telling his mother Barbera that he isn't feeling very good and asks her to call his school telling them that Bobby won't being attending class today.

After calling the school she makes her son a hot bowl of chicken soup and brings it to his room and and she says " after eating try and get some rest, after a good night sleep you'll feel much better " Booby thanks his mom for the soup and watches as she leaves his room, he locks the door and grabs the Death Note he found. He sits at his desk and reads the instructions again, one part of him thinks that this is fake just like those chain letters people get but another part of himself thinks [ what if it's real and I write someones name down and that person dies? would that make me a murderer? ]. Bobby turns on his tv and the local news is doing a live report about an old priest who is accused of molesting several young boys at an orphanage he runs { a female reporter is following the priest asking him about all the molestation charges } Bobby thinks to himself [ all monsters like that deserve to die ] and he writes the priests name in the Death Note.

40 seconds later the old priest grabs his chest and collapses on the ground, the female reporter checks on the old priest and after checking his pulse she says " I can't believe it, he's dead, one momemt he was trying to walk away from me and now he's dead ". Bobby looks at his Death Note and thinks to himself [ did I kill him? he was pretty old maybe he just had a heart attack after being hounded by that reporter, I have to know, I have to try again ]. A few days later the same news team does another live report on a young priest who is accused of molesting his alter boys but wasn't facing any jail time due to lack of evidence, Bobby writes the name of the priest as he is being interviewed by the same female reporter from the previous molestation report. 40 seconds later the priest grabs his chest and lets out a gasp and he collapses on the floor and again after checking his pulse she says " It happened again, he's dead " and then she says " Kira has returned " and the channel goes blue with the words technical difficulties.

Bobby just stands there starring at the Death Note thinking to himself [ I did it, I killed 2 people but that makes me a murderer doesn't it?,,, no they deserved to die, I'm not a killer I did what the police and the courts failed to do,, I AM JUSTICE ]. Over the next several days Bobby writes the names of all the pedophiles, murders, rapists, wife and child abusers, he can find either on TV or on the internet and all the news stations report all their deaths claiming that Kira has indeed returned. One night while writting names in his Death Note he hears a voice that says " wow!!! look at all those names you've written " and he sees a skeletal figure standing next to his bed, the creature is wearing a long coat and black pants, it's got glowing red eyes and is wearing a red tie around its head and has a huge bone hammer strapped to its back.

Bobby stands there in shock starring at this thing in his room but before he can say anything the creature says " Don't be afraid Human I'm not going to kill you, I just wanted to see who was using my Death Note " then the creature says " I am the Shinigami Kular " Bobby says " this is your Death Note? do you want it back? Kular laughs and says " No the Death Note now belongs to you unless you don't want it anymore but if you give it back to me then I would have to erase all your memories of the Death Note ". Bobby smiles and says " no I want it, I want to use it's power to clean this world of all the filth " the Shinigami thinks to himself [ Mmm just like the other Human I heard about from Ryuk ]. { Ryuk is the Shinigami that followed and eventually killed Light Yagami aka Kira }

Bobby tells Kular that he wants to finish what Kira started, to create a world free of crime and evil, Kular says " I'm not here to help you or oppose you I have to stay with you until you either give the note book back to me, or you die or the Death Note is destroyed " then Kular says " but if you truely want to use the Death Notes power then I can offer you a deal ". Kular explains the 2 differences between Shinigamis and Humans who use the Death Note and he says " If you give me half your remaining lifespan then I can give you the eyes of a Shinigami wich will allow you to see the true names and lifespans of all Humans you look at making the Death Note much easier to use. Bobby says " it's true that the eye deal would make it easier to use the note book but I want to live long enough to see all my hard work pay off so I won't take the deal ".

Barbera knocks on Bobbies door and says " Bobby is there someone in there with you? who are you talking to? " Kular says " Don't worry she can't see or hear me unless she touches the Death Note " Bobby says " It's ok mom I'm on the phone ". Several days have passed and Bobby continues to be bullied at school, Kular { invisible to the bullies and other students } says " why don't you just kill these punks or does that go againt your Human moral code of ethics? ". After school and back in his room Bobby thinks to himself [ my life would be so much easier if I did kill all those people who bully me and the other students ] and after reading the instructions of the Death Note again he realizes that he can control Humans before they die and it doesn't have to be heart attacks he can make their deaths look like an accident or suicide.

After careful planning he picks the biggest bully and sets his plan in motion and writes down all the details followed by 2 names in his Death Note and he says " Hey Kular you want to see something really nasty? " Being a Shinigami Kular can fly by growing huge wings from his back, he can also climb walls { like Spiderman } and phase through solid objects so Bobby says " I can't be seen there or the police would suspect me so go to this address and then tell me everything you saw ". Kular shows up at the address Bobby gave him and phases through the wall entering the house and he watches as the boy who bullied Bobby and his mother take off all their clothes and start to hug eachother. Kular thinks to himself [ is this what Bobby wrote in the Death Note? ] the boy and his mother start kissing as they feel eachothers bodies, soon the mother gets on her knees and starts sucking her own sons rock hard cock.

After a while the boy gets his mother into doggystyle position and he rams his cock deep inside her pussy and he starts to fuck her hard, fast and deep. The boy lets out a moan as he cums deep into his mothers vagina and after he pulls it out they both go to the bathroom where the mother fills the tub with warm water, when the tub is full she gets in the tub and her son puts his foot on her chest forcing her under the water where she drowns, the boy get on his knees in front of the tub and sticks his finger in his dead mothers vagina and then puts his head under the water until he also drowns.

Kular returns to Bobby's room and reads what Bobby wrote in the Death Note and realizes that everything he saw at the house is exactly what Bobby wrote down in the note book. Kular says " I can understand killing the boy who bullied you but why did you kill his mother? " Bobby smiles and says " she knew her son was bullying me and other students and she did nothing about it and that makes her just as guilty. The next day Bobby makes an anomynous phone call to the Police from a phone booth and then returns home to watch the news wich reports the incident as a case of incest, murder, suicide. Bobby sits in his chair laughing, amused at how well all his plans have worked out and how the Police could never link him to the deaths, Kular stands there and says " it's just like Ryuk said, Humans are so interesting ".


It's good to be back.... Please leave comments letting me know what you all think about my lastest story { based on my favorite anime } all comments both negative and positive are welcome.

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2012-12-06 07:35:31
not only the above comments but have you no creativity you basically just copied the real thing with a different kid and ur "sex scene" was just thrown in take a creative writing class or something u obviously need it

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-21 02:21:36
I only clicked this story because of the title. I think death note was a pretty good series. You have taken that series and have completely trampled it to the ground. I was sad when Light died btw. :(

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-21 02:21:22
I only clicked this story because of the title. I think death note was a pretty good series. You have taken that series and have completely trampled it to the ground. I was sad when Light died btw. :(

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2012-04-21 16:38:34
Why did you choose to ruin tne greatest anime ever?Kira strove for a purpose to rid the world of evil, this Bobby guy is just a pervert.Light almost didn't care about sex, his relationship wlth Misa was just so he could manipulate her as the owner of the other notebook.

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2012-01-06 10:21:04
also if you watch Death Note, Light makes an observation that IS correct. He says that while there will be those that whine and cry about how Kira was a vile, evil person MANY of those same people would be cheering him on in their hearts. I am just glad that something like the Death Notes arent in the RW, if someone was to try to make the RW a better place than well over 8/10s of the population would fall to the book

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