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It was a long ride home and over the final four hours I kept getting more and more horny. I decided to stop at one of the adult stores close to home to see about buying some jerking material. I’d never visited the area that had all the adult type stores and when I pulled in, I had two buildings to choose from. The building on the left was the bookstore and that’s where I headed.

When I stepped inside, the brilliant white light surprised me and so did the volume of options. I walked up and down the ten rows packed with every imaginable type of porn and I noticed they had a rather large selection of gay and bi-sexual fare. Since I’d lately been fantasizing of bi and homosexual encounters I started checking out many of the offerings. Lots of great bodies, cocks and penetrations on the box art and even though there were several other people (all guys) in the store, I didn’t feel at all intimidated. I went to the other side of the last aisle and saw a curtained doorway I hadn’t noticed even though I’d been standing almost right in front of it just a moment ago.

I looked up and saw a sign that read “Booths.” I’d never been in a viewing booth in my life and I wondered what they were like and so I stepped behind the curtain. Immediately I was engulfed by almost complete darkness. About all I could make out was the red “exit” sign at the end of the hallway. A solid wall was on the right and when my eyes adjusted, I saw a row of doors (maybe around ten of them) on the left. Above the doors were red lights that I found out meant that particular booth was occupied. I selected a door and stepped inside.

The room was around four feet square with a small view screen in the center of the wall opposite the door with a smallish control panel to the right. Letting my eyes again adjust to this new surrounding I found that the booth worked on “tokens” available at the check out counter. I thought to myself, well, I’m here and might as well just check this whole thing out. So I left the darkness and was assaulted by the brilliant white light of the front room. Blinking, I went to the counter and asked for 20 dollars worth of tokens. I was impressed that the clerk treated the whole thing as nothing but a business transaction with no sign of judgement. It made the whole thing a lot easier to get into. So I took my booty (along with my tokens) back to the darkness.

I chose the fourth door in, opened it and stepped into the room. I inserted half my tokens (having no idea how long that would last and all at once the screen brightened and the selection panel came to life with multiple options. I started checking out the offerings and noticed that they were indeed exclusively bi-sexual and gay. Without knowing it, I had stepped into just the right place. For several years I’d been curious about what sex with another man would be like and the idea had become more and more the subject of my masturbation. So I chose one that showed two younger men, one dark haired and one light having oral sex.

I pressed the button to begin play and the scene got right to it. Both were naked and standing facing the other. They both had huge cocks (since mine was merely six inches they had to have nine inches at least). Not only were their cocks huge, but also gorgeous. My cock told me I liked what I saw.

They stepped into each other’s arms and kissed full on the lips, tongues sliding between lips.

My cock started to strain against my shorts. I definitely got turned on.

Their cocks were semi-erect and pressing against each other. “Hot, really hot,” I thought to myself. Then the dark haired guy started kissing his partner’s neck, shoulders and nipples as he worked his way downward. Then he took that beautiful rod in his mouth and began to lavish it with his affections.

My own hard on continued to evolve as I watched this monster cock disappear into the other’s mouth and what could only have been down the back of his throat! WOW! I reached into my shorts and started to massage my own staff. Precum had begun to wet the front of my shorts and I saw no reason not to liberate myself so I unzipped and slipped my penis out into the open and began stroking myself.

In front of me the light haired guy was now at full erection and he beckoned his partner to stand up. They kissed again and the dark haired guy turned around and bent over an available chair. The other poured some lube between the crack of his ass and brought his power to bear on his partner’s love hole. Legs spread he took that entire rod into him as he groaned with ecstasy. With a cock pumping violently in and out of his nicely muscled ass the other grunted, pumped harder (somehow) and came in his partner’s love canal. Cum poured from his ass as the other continued to fuck.

I was wildly turned on. I’d never seen this kind of sex before this and I had to admit I liked the idea!

Then without me doing anything, my screen switched to a scene of three guys all sucking and fucking. I had no idea why the picture changed and so I tried to switch it back to what I was watching. I got it to switch back but then the same threesome reappeared. I figured why not and I began watching the action and pulled on my cock. Suddenly I heard the sound of wood sliding and saw a guy of about 50 looking through a 2’ X 2’ opening about waist high. I was completely freaked! My cock was in my hand and this guy wanted to watch! Not knowing what else to do, I turned away from him so my own vulnerability wouldn’t be exposed. But there was no getting my own shaft back into my pants because I was indeed rock hard and still really turned on and horny. Neither of us said anything and that made it kind of possible to ignore him. Then the screen changed again and a gorgeous hard cock was squirting it’s full load into the face of a young boy. My hand continued to work and I was sure the guy behind me was still watching me.

Then the door to my right (which I was pretty much fully facing) slid open and a younger guy (maybe 20 or 25?) was standing there naked torso, jerking himself off. We looked at each other and I continued to jerk off but now I felt comfortable doing so. This second guy seemed so at ease with showing himself to another that I started to loosen up. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my shorts and let them slide to the floor. I was still intimidated by the first guy (whom I could tell was still there) but I started to want to be the object of desire as the second guy was for me.

I put my fingers into the waist band of my boxers and pulled them down over my hips, causing my stiff rod to bounce as I did so. The second guy was watching me as he continued to pound at his cock with a renew fever. His cock was everything I could’ve wanted. Smooth and a bit larger than my own, I immediately ran a fantasy through my mind about sucking that wonderful rod. As I was having my mini fantasy I decided to become one myself and being freed by my comfort level with the second guy I put my hands on the wall above the opening and bent forward so the first guy would get a look at my asshole. My body shook with excitement when I did this and then my liberator began to grunt. He began to arch his hips and I realized I was going to get to watch him shoot his wad for me. Then he came. One burst that traveled maybe a foot in front of him and then came three consecutive gushes that went at least two feet out!

I was sold. There was no question that there was power in homosexual sex. I could feel it and see it right in front of me. Man was I turned on! So much so that I hadn’t realized that in the meantime my hands had found their way to my ass cheeks an were spreading me so that the original guy was getting a very good view of my now absolutely open and exposed love button.

When I realized just how far overboard I was I looked over my shoulder to see the first man furiously jacking off. I could see the head of his penis appearing and disappearing with each stroke. I gave him a small, quick nod and looked back to see the second guy wiping the head of his cock with his fingers, put them to his lips and lick them clean. WHOA! Did I really just see that? And did I really just expose asshole to a guy that originally I thought didn’t interest me at all? I was in way over my head but it’d already gone too far and I might as well just enjoy it. And I was enjoying it. Unbelievable as it sounds but things actually got better.

The second guy pulled up his pants and without a word began to exit his booth. I wanted to tell him to wait, that I had to get to know him (and that beautiful cock). But there was no way I could leave my booth because my cock was as stiff as it’d ever been. When I turned around to face my initial contact, I was stroking my own member and he also began to gasp.

His cock was in the window and without warning he blew cum all over my legs and feet! In the instant that it happened I thought I would be revolted that he would do such a thing…but just the exact opposite happened. I remember saying in a low voice (for fear of someone else listening) how hot that was.

His reply was, “let me suck you off.”

He saw my hesitation and said, “I’ll swallow every drop you have and trust me you’ll love it.”

My body was literally shaking with excitement at the absolute abandon of the entire last ten minutes and without any thought, I put my hands above the opening and presented my rock hard and believe me, my truly throbbing, aching cock toward the opening. His mouth opened and as I pushed my hips forward to let him take me, I felt his warm wet lips slide over my own red knob head. I let out a soft moan, as much from the sheer taboo and outright naughtiness of this situation as from the physical pleasure and I slowly pushed my cock deeper into his mouth and throat.

He didn’t need any encouragement (I quickly realized he’d probably done this more than a couple of times) and he set a rhythm of his own. Sucking, licking, swallowing, thrusting my cock into his mouth for the next five minutes was all I could take. Usually I can last forever getting a blow job, but the pure excitement of having another male suck me off was too much to hold back.

That wonderful rush began to surge through me. I pushed my hips forward again and grunted probably louder than I should have and burst into his mouth. When I’m really turned on, I can come forever and I was as turned on as I’d been in 15 years of sex! I must’ve shot at least five (more likely more) ropes of cum into him. He never took his mouth off my cock. He was right. I did love it. God did I ever love it!

When I finished, I slowly slid my softening cock from between his lips and I saw him wipe some of my cum from his chin and lick it off his finger. Then he licked his lips and said, “delicious.” I really didn’t know if it was or not but I do know it was very, very erotic!

I pulled up my pants and began to walk out of my compartment wondering if I was going to see him outside of his box but it didn’t happen.

I never did buy that dvd. But I did have the experience of my life that night. Everything I’d always heard about those viewing booths turned out to be true. One visit, two mind blowing experiences.

Needless to say, I returned to the bookstore many, many times after that and made numerous erotically charges friends. Since, I’ve been fully initiated. Gay sex is so hot! Having cocks inside you, cumming on you at the same time is something every male should experience. And I have one chance stop at the bookstore to thank for it all.

Hope to see you (and your cock) at the bookstore, and the box next to me, I’ll be the one masturbating and cumming for your enjoyment!

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2012-04-05 13:23:23
That was a very good story, well written and yes, I can't wait to read more.....

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2012-04-05 13:22:54
That was a very good story, well written and yes, I can't wait to read more.....

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I hope you write more very good


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Interesting, well written and easy to read.

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Enjoyed your story and look forward to reading more of your adventures. It's hard to find a book store with booths that has glory holes anymore.

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