My cousin's first time in Australia......
Cousin's first trip here #2

I awoke last & Bella had already gotten downstairs & was making breakfast before I woke up....
We had woken up in the early hours of the morning & had a smoke & a laugh... but I needed more sleep.... I finally awoke without any shorts or underwear as I normally sleep naked but this time I had company.... then I remembered the outcome of last night!
I started flustering! 'WOW' It's all coming back 2 me!
'Damn' that was so hot!!!!! My sexy cousin! & she was cool with me cumming on her in her sleep!
I think i'm ready to take it up another step I was thinking in my head.... but for god sakes! dont fuck this up!!!!! I cant remember how many times I told myself this....
Anyway I come downstairs & Bella kissed me on my cheek asking did I sleep well ?
Naturally I replied like a baby.... she smiled & said what are we gonna do today ?
Truth be told all I wanted to do is take her back up the stairs & fuck her brains out.... but I controlled myself & said well it's up 2 you! we can ride the horses, go to the beach... go hiking ? Here's the tourist guide we can do whatever you wish babe!
She was really excited & decided we should go for a hike & then to the beach & then for a horse ride! hahaha she really was too much fun....
We got dressed & took off up into the mountains! Now I thought the cottage area was secluded! These mountains!!!! There was nobody for miles & miles!!!! I'm not 1 for hiking but Bella loved it.... she said it was great workout for her butt & legs... I instantly replied yeah as If you need it!
& Then she gave me another look.... god these looks of hers are killing me! I become speechless.... huh ? I said ? I must have looked like a stunned mullet... your checking out my ass huh ? Is that why your always behind me ?.... I was thinking to myself.... Nahhhh it's got nothing to do with you short shorts riding up so high I can almost see your ass.... I could actually see the line where here legs & ass were connected.... very hot!
Anyway she turned her head & said maybe you better lead! Ahhhhh I'm being tested or pushed away again! ? I dont understand this girl.... I cum 3 times last night over her & I'm practically ready to explode again.... Anyway I said yeah chill Bella! Besides I'm faster then you!....
Genius!!!!! I dont know where it came from but then we had a race up the mountain! It was moist & dirty the ground & I wasn't planning on playing nice.
Either was she!!!! She pulled me down! I pulled her down! Before I knew it we were both covered in mud... laughing as always & now she was ontop of me... pinned me down... I couldn't believe it!

I tried to struggle.... well to make it look like I was struggling. hehe
Bella common were filthy! Get off me! I told her....
Ahh nope not until you admit it....
Admit what I replied instantly ???
I was acting annoyed but common my sexy first cousin! her legs spread & pinned me! her boobs even brushing up against my chest & were both covered in mud....

She said admit you love watching my ass! That you would do anything for my ass!
I couldn't help but feel shocked! Transparent! She really could see right through me.....
Bella.... I said.... Your ass... your everything! I want you so bad it's eating me up inside.
& Then she really shocked me! She said.... Tas you didn't clean up your mess you left last night!
In an angry yet seductive voice... She was so hard to work out.... I said what do you mean ?
She turned around & hiked down her shorts! She wasn't wearing any underwear this time which I absolutely loved.... but my mouth had dropped open way before that.

She pointed her ass to me & said clean me up Tas! Lick me clean! You owe me for being a bad boy last night.
I literally was speechless! I couldn't believe how bold she was! asking me to lick her ass ? I assumed she meant her pussy also.... I couldn't think! all I did was what she commanded!

I kissed her ass... licking & caressing her butt... I'm still lying on my back on the mountain dirty as hell but fuck the mud who can think of mud at a time like this! This was my dream come true even better then last night!..... I was engulfed by her sexual aroma.... god I was in heaven!
Slowly slowly she planted her centre just above my tongue.... I wanted to get the musky taste of my cum off with her pussy juice! god I craved for her pussy!

Normally I'm the one in control but I guess she had hand on me.... I dont know how it happened.... but I was like putty in her hands... finally she rocked herself on my warm breathe... I stuck my tongue deep inside her asshole & then seperated her labia & flicked at her clitoris & her hole....
I felt like a virgin with her I didn't know what to do ? or how to impress her....
But after afew minutes she was rocking & rubbing her clit until she let out a very fucking loud moan! yelling even!!!! cumming in my mouth!!!!

Thank fuck we were alone I thought all of Australia heard her! My god she abolutely goes off!!!!!
She said to me dont you dare waste it! Even though I had no intention of doing so I managed to muffle out yes Bella of course.... sounded more like Blebellblabo she squirted so much!!!!! like a fountain!
I know she pee's also! I'm not stupid I know what pee tasted like.... I guess it was mixed with her cum because she had such a strong orgasm! I loved that :)

Next Part...... When I have more energy.... reliving these experiences turns me on so much.... I'm gonna call Bella now....

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who cares about the spelling you can tell what it says so shut up....great stories keep them cummin lol

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quit spelling quit wrong.....................

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