A young friend gets naughty on the mower.
I had just finished mowing the front section of our property, when my cousin and her two daughters
drove down the driveway. Elaine and I went way back and were best of friends, and I loved the attention
I always received from her daughters Cindy and Shay. They often dropped in and stayed for the night
when Elaine had to much to drink.

I jumped off the mower to greet them only to be suprised by scantily clad women that near molested me
with a great cuddle. We all began to climb the long outdoor stairs that led to my front porch.

I deliberately went behind Cindy who was wearing tight Daisy dukes that disapeared up her firm and
tight little 12 year old butt. It had been about 3 months since I had last seen them and Cindy had
certainly become a woman. She still had that childish charisma though, which begun to make me hard
as I followed her swaying little ass. She turned and gave me a cheeky smile as she caught me looking
at her arse. She grabbed her pants and pulled them up higher as she winked at me and pushed out her
arse further. I was now rock hard.

She had always been cheeky over the years exposing herself to me from time to time. Letting me catch
her in the shower, asking for towels and showing herself as she opened the shower door. Changing into
clothes in front of me, and just generally wagging her ass. She knew exactly what she was doing and it
was all in good fun. Her kid sister Shay had been watching parts of this play out over the years, and
was now beginning to do the same.

Shay had been behind me and had seen the interaction between myself and Cindy. She was obviously jealous
as she pushed past me to become the new target of my attention. She wore a tight electric blue tank top
that just covered her new little boobs. Another month or so and she would have to start wearing a bra,
but today I was just happy to see them poking out as she past me. Although only 9 she was well developed
for her age and I now noticed her lovely behind wrapped in a tight lycra type black skirt. It went down
to nearly her knees and she had to pull it up a little to walk up the steps properly. But that didn't
stop the tight material hugging her arse and following her every movement. I was in heaven.

After getting everybody a drink and arranging that they would stay for dinner, I explained that I had
to finish the mowing as we were expecting rain over the next few days. I headed off to mow the back.
Cindy ran after me, "Can I come for a ride on the mower." "That's OK isn't it Mum?" she yelled out.
"Just don't get in the way" Elaine replied as she headed back to the kitchen.

I got on the mower and Cindy just hopped straight on my lap. Luckily my boner had gone down and it
was tucked between my legs. Away we went with Cindy jiggling her arse on my lap knowing that she was
getting to old for this position but young enough to still get away with it. She enjoyed the attention
just as much as I did as we ground into each other over every little bump. My Cock was aching to be free
and after about 10 mins I noticed Shay had come up the back to watch us. On the next lap I pulled over
next to her and stopped the mower.

"What are you doing?" said Cindy who was obviously enjoying her time with me. "I just need a leg break"
I said and motioned her off my lap so I could stand and stretch. Finally my cock was released from
its prison and sprang from beneath my legs to semi-hardness as I walked around. "Can I have a turn?"
asked Shay sweetly. I looked over to Cindy to see her reaction, but she seemed resigned to the fact
that her turn had passed. "Thats fine" she said. "I'll go give Mum a hand while you finish" and
happily headed off to the house.

I got back onto the mower but couldn't get my cock back between my legs, so I had to position it above
my legs where it would be in the way off anyone trying to sit on me. This wicked thought made me harder.
"Ok Shay up you get".
"I want to sit in your lap like Cindy" she pointed out.
That suited me just fine as she would be the one insisting on sitting on my cock.
"Thats ok Shay - you just get yourself comfortable"

But she could not get herself onto my lap as her skirt was too long and tight, and in the end she had
to settle for sitting astride one side of my lap. This was a real blow as she couldn't feel my cock
from her position except if we went over a big bump and she slid over towards me. After this happened
a couple of times I'm sure she became aware of my hard-on and on the next bump accidentally put her
hand right on my cock. She just giggled and I smiled and she re-balanced and lifted her hand.

A few minutes later she asked me to stop. "I'm not very comfortable, can I move and sit on your lap?"
"sure if you think you can" I replied hoping for the impossible. So this time she just rolls her skirt
up until it is just covering her knickers. This allows her to straddle me with her back to me sitting
on my lap. Her skirt rides up past her hips and exposes a little of her white panties as she puts her
legs down and leans forward and slowly places herself onto my lap. My cock was quite hard by now and
there was no doubting that she would have felt it as she sat down.

"Lets go" she yelled as she placed all of her weight onto my cock. I played along and didn't say anything.
My cock was very hard and she would have easily felt exactly all shapes beneath her arse. My shorts were
only thin so there was only my shorts and her undies keeping us apart. "This is fun" she exclaimed as
she turned round to smile at me, all the while slowly turning herself on my cock. We both knew what she
was doing was wrong, but neither of us were going to stop at this stage. I was in pure heaven rubbing my
hard cock up into a litle 9 year olds arse. I just smiled as the mower noise was to much to compete with
for any sort of conversation.

Not that I wanted to talk. I had stretched my legs out a little further making them almost straight
which only increased the size of my bulge making it more difficult for Shay to balance on my cock. It
was almost like she was sitting on a tennis ball rolling her arse around to find a better position.
This went on for about another agonising 5 minutes, until I finally grabbed Shay around the waist.
She turned and smiled as I lifted her up out of my lap and lowered her down again. This time so her
arse crack settled neatly over my cock. It was still awkward but felt much better. Shay was still
just looking in my eyes when she began to grind her arse back and forth in the new position. "Yes,
that's much better" she told me, before turning back around as though nothing had happened.

My mind was swimming with desire. I had never thought about fucking Shay, yet here was this innocent
9 year old girl playing out a sexual fantasy and getting herself in for maybe more than she knew.
I began massaging her back with my free hand as I pondered her beauty. She had lovely long black hair
that went past her shoulders, lovely white skin, olive eyes and a gorgeous face that when she grinned
made her look like a sexy 15 year old. I rubbed my hand all over back as she moved her body showing
enjoyment from my touch.

As I was rubbing her and she knew she was sitting on my hard cock, I decided to go a little further.
I moved my hand from just rubbing her back and began to rub her side and round to her stomach letting
my hand rise up enough to brush up against the bottom of her tank top. She calmly wiggled her arse
aganst my cock which enouraged me to go further. This time I couldn't help myself and allowed my hand
to run all the way up and boldly over her tits. I could feel her hard nipples through the fabric as
she moaned and fell back a little into my arms.

I realised we were getting a little bit too obvious and steered the mower towards the very back where
we would mostly be hidden by trees. By this time I had moved her tank top up so I could feel one of
her nipples. We were now on the edge of play and sex. Shay enjoying the play and me now wanting much more.

Shay startled me back to reality when she sat up a little and lifted her arse into the air. I thought
she was going to jump off and expected our play to come to an end. But she simply asked me to stop for
a minute so we could both get more comfortable. Apart from being buried inside her, I couldn't have been
better so I wasn't sure what she had in mind. She hoped of my lap and looked around and I could see in
her eyes she was about to become very naughty.

"Can we do this without our clothes on?" she asked coyly.
"What...!" I couldn't believe what I had heard.
"Well at least without our bottoms on, it will be so much more fun." she added.

I also looked around, now in nervous fear of what I was about to do.
"What a great idea" I said and quickly pushed my shorts down to my ankles.
My cock literally sprang free and grew another inch now that it was in the naked company of a 9 year old.

Shay's eyes nearly doubled in size, she smiled at me and then completely removed her skirt and panties
revealing the nicest little hairless pussy you could ever see. She lifted her long slender legs over me
and came to rest with her cunt sitting right on my shaft. I moaned and my cock twitched underneath her
weight. She rocked back on forth on my cock and then suddenly turned around and reseated herself facing me.

"If your not going to start the mower I prefer this position" She smiled as she again rubbed herself
up and down my shaft. she leaned forward and kissed me quickly, and then gazed into my eyes as she rode
her tight little soft mound up and down me.

"I'm going to cum" I yelled all of a sudden, and pushed her off me quickly.
She seemed a bit worried that she had done something wrong, but I reassured her with a smile.
"It's OK" I said "I just need to change positions"

I rolled her onto the seat of the mower and quickly pushed her legs right back to her head.
Her tiny little hailess cunt popped open and was pink and wet. I lined myself up as I really want to
bury myself inside her. Shay knew what was happening and finally nearly tipped me over the edge when
she blurted out "Yes - Fuck Me"

I rubbed my cock up and down her slit and she began to moan. I may have been to hard because I struggled
to get my swollen head inside her. I alternated between rubbing up and down her slit and trying to push
into her tight little hole.

Each time I pushed I would get another small part of my cock inside her. She was slowly opening up, but
I was just to big at the moment for a quick fuck with this young girl. I eventually got about 2 inches
of my cock inside her. It was pure bliss, I arched my back and shot a large load of cum into her pussy.
I was pumping her as I came, and my cock eventually slipped out shooting the rest of my load all over
her belly. I was totally spent.

"Oh Mike that was mega..."
"Next time you fuck me, I want all of your cock inside of me"

I just stood slack jawed listening to the sex talk coming out of this 9 year olds mouth.

"Have you done this before Shay? I asked.
"No never, that was my first time and I like it"

She put her pants on.
"Oh don't worry" she said " I know what we just did was very bad"
"But I won't tell anyone - not even Cindy"

She gave me a wicked grin, and headed back to the house.

To be continued.

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2016-01-07 12:53:58
Ohhh fuck, everyones dream, i love it, so beautiful.

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Ohh so good I was stroking my dick. wish I was you mate so lucky. I can imagine it

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2015-10-20 05:06:05
That reminded me of a drive I took with my then Stepdaughter who insisted sitting on my lap pretending to steer, didn't finish like your story but pretty close to it.

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How did she put her pants back on if she was just wearing a dress??

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Pedophiles ,I wish you all a painful slow horrid death . I hope the hell you cause comes back ten fold and your heartless soul suffers an eternity of torturous evil at the hands of our creator.......

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