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Heavy breathing
Quietly smiling

He looks over to her
And asked if he
Could crack that backdoor
Her mouth hit the floor
But before she said
Hells fucking no
She thought of F1’s
Words just months before

I says to my homey…

“Guuurl that’s the best trick
Having anal sex with a loving dick”

Yes, he gotta love your soul
To enter your backdoor
It’s not a game to him
It’s not a spiritual sin
To him
It’s loving you whole
It’s needing every inch of you
Begging for more

“It’ll hurt
At first
But then your tight hole
For him
Will thirst

Let it happen
This one is the one
He loves every inch of you
So let ever inch of him
Crack that ass off you!”

And so
Last night
Anal sex for her
Was perfectly

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2013-04-25 20:50:41
Sophie,I like to wish you for this day, I hope today is Holloween in your country,pls Don't laugh if I wish wrong beascue we don't have holloween .Happy Holloween day .Damu

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