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Jamie has school troubles and solutions. Bianca deals with her husband. John discusses business with Mark and his wife, Samantha.
A Reasonable Deal (Pt. 4)

Chapter 1

Jamie was on her way to school. She pulled up to the high school parking lot and found a space. Her homework was going to be late again. Leaving John's place a couple days before, she had been planning on getting to it, but she got on facebook, had a few texts, and next thing you know, her readings on ancient Rome hadn't been read. This had happened three times now, and there was no way to escape the fate of a meeting with her history teacher, a young, cool, but demanding and stern teacher named Danielle.
This isn't going to be pleasant she said to herself, and began walking to class.

* * * * * *
Bianca was sitting at her desk. Her mind drifted towards the previous evening's events.
She had gone home from work to her injured husband Jim. His leg and arm were broken. It was difficult for him to move. Other complications had developed, and kept developing. He was moody, on pain killers, and though he had always been tough to get along with, he was practically unbearable.
He had told her he wanted some sexual attention, pretty bluntly, and, being a good wife, Bianca attempted to oblige. Again. Again, it failed. She stroked it, even tried to suck it....nothing. Her thoughts had embarrassed her. It looks so small. Even puny. Her disheveled, unshaven husband looked down towards her. He had a forest of pubic hair around his soft, lifeless member. Didn't smell too great either.
“Damn meds” Jim muttered. “Don't worry honey, I'll be taking care of you soon enough.”
She thought back to earlier sexual acts with her husband, It was fun early on I guess....I just, I wonder what John feels like't think about that. Life will be back to normal soon enough. Do I have any hickeys on my boobs? I don't think so..... “Hey, would you, um, like to play with my boobs maybe?”
“Nah B, its not the same. If I can't cum what's the point?”
John loves my boobs. He could play with them all day I'm sure. I orgasm just from him playing with them. He's a pig to force me like he does, but god, at least I get some attention somewhere.
And so the night had passed. In bed, at last, she was ready for some rest. Hopefully her husband wouldn't.... “hey,” Jim piped up, “fuck, can you get me some water hon. Its such a pain to get up.”
Up she got, some water she brought back, Jim guzzled it down and lay in bed.
Now he's going to have to get up in the middle of the night to pee, always an ordeal, and...ugh..... “Life will be back to normal soon enough”....what if normal sucks?
It had been an interesting evening. Bianca was sitting at her desk. She didn't like being forced to perform for John, but she wasn't looking forward to her life with Jim either.

* * * * * *

John was waiting for his appointment, today, with Mark and his wife S....S.....Sarah? He never could remember her name. He had an idea of what he was hoping would happen, but he was going to have to improvise depending on how the situation unfolded. What he was thinking of was kind of probably wasn't going to happen, it was just a fantasy anyways. What was it about himself that made him fantasize about such things?.....well, thinking about it made him want to jerk off. Good thing he had Bianca so he didn't have to do that anymore.
Bianca would have to wait though, they should be here any minute.

* * * * * *

Jamie sat through class. Rome this, Rome that. This emperor did this, this emperor did that. She heard about the debauchery of Tiberius and Caligula, which caught her attention. Her teacher Danielle noticed the class perk up when she mentioned Tiberius' madness.
“Yes, some of these emperors got really perverted at points. Tiberius was said to rape boys, girls, men, women, make them his play thing for awhile and then have them cast off the cliffs of his ocean side villa.... Altogether, not a good date (laughter). It seems like many of the emperors descended into sexual perversity, as their power grew. There is a lot of emotional power plays in sexuality, and....well...that's for a different class...anyways....” and she continued.
That's interesting. Maybe I'll read about those guys later...hmm.....I hope John doesn't throw me off a cliff....(she smiled)....raping me wouldn't be terrible though...I wonder if Tiberius and Caligula were hot?.....
“Alright, that's class for today. Turn in your homework and I'll give you back your midterms....some of you did great, some of you, well, I may have to toss you over a cliff.....(brief nervous laughter amongst the students)....well, maybe not that, but I'll have to talk with some of you later.” Danielle said, her eyes very serious with the last point. She also looked straight at Jamie.
“Ohhh, something tells me your screwed Jamie.....” a friend told her as they all stood up.
“Um, I am so screwed.”

Chapter 2

Jamie waited till the others left to minimize her humiliation, and she walked up to Danielle.
Danielle was an attractive african-american woman in her late 20s. She had large D cup breasts that every guy in the school masturbated about. She had a large, round ass women of her ethnic heritage were famous for, and big soft lips. Her eyes were sharp, intelligent, and dark brown. But there was a certain coldness and harshness about her that scared everyone, even other members of the faculty.
“What happened with that midterm Jamie? It was pretty bad.”
“Well, I've been working a lot, and just a lot of stuff going on at home, and...”
“Yes, I see, okay. Well, you have to do very well on the final, and on all the remaining homeworks, to even think of passing this class, and this class is required for graduation. This is very serious. Let me see your homework.”
Jamie was feeling sick in her stomach. “Um, yeah, about that....well....”
“You didn't do your homework? Jamie...uh....just give me what you have.” Danielle had her eyebrows raised in disbelief. The homework was not that difficult. It basically just showed you had read the book.
“Um....well.....again, about that, …....................well...”
“What do you have? ….......Anything?” Danielle was annoyed, and speaking sharply and in an abrupt manner. Jamie felt like crying. She shook her head slightly.
“Nothing at all.” Danielle said matter-of-factly. “Alright. I don't see how you can pass this class.
“No! Please Ms. Johnson! My dad is hurt so bad, and mom is paying for this school and working so hard, putting in over-time all the time, and....oh, like, I canNOT fail this Ms. Johnson. Pleassssse...” Jamie begged.
“I can't say you did work you didn't Jamie. Its not fair to everyone else. I feel bad for your mom, and I know about the situation, but don't push this off on me. The responsibility is on you.” Danielle looked straight at her.
“Please, give me some time to do the homework. History just isn't my thing. It's interesting when you talk about it, but the book is sooooo boring, and I try so hard to concentrate, but I just can't...please Ms. Johnson, let me finish the homework, I'll do it, I promise.”
Danielle looked at Jamie. There was something about the fear in the eyes, something in her desperate voice. She was a very pretty girl. It was like Danielle had an instinct inside, a huntress instinct...deep inside she felt this girl was easy prey.
There were rumors about Ms. Johnson at school. No boyfriend. The over-all martial demeanor. “She's a dyke” was a common whisper as she walked by in the halls. But there was no proof. She had been caught, apparently, looking at certain girls' backsides when they wore tight jeans, or at their chests when they wore low-cut tops...either way, it seemed she was either checking them out, or looking disapprovingly at their immodesty. She always dressed respectably. Nonetheless, the high school guys commonly masturbated to fantasies of her in lesbian situations, which can only be expected.
Danielle hadn't broken her look at Jamie. It was solid, hardly blinking, intimidating, a little creepy. Jamie had a few tears running down her cheeks. Something happened though that she didn't expect.
Danielle put her had out, and lightly brushed away the tears. “Hey, its okay. We'll figure something out. How about this? I'll give you more time on your homework (Jamie looked up hopefully), and a couple times a week you come by my place and I'll talk about the material with you.” Jamie didn't know what to say, this was the kindest she'd ever seen Ms. Johnson.....
“Thank you! Thank you soooo much. Oh my gosh. I will definitely learn this stuff Ms. Johnson, there is no...”
Danielle stiffened up again. “Don't miss any meetings with me. Don't complain about the work. Do what I say. Everything. And I won't fail you. Understand?”
“Yes, yes...thank you, you are the best!” Jamie exclaimed, as she picked up her bags and started for the door.
“Just do the work. I'll email you my address. Come by on Thursday night.”
“Okay! Thannkk youuu!” Jamie's voice trailed off as the door closed behind her.
“See you then Jamie” Danielle said quietly, to herself. Why are you doing this? Danielle sat in thought, and looked up at a poster that showed the emperors of Rome. She looked at Tiberius.
Same reason he did I guess.

Chapter 3

The conversation had not been pleasant. John sat facing the couple in his office. The desk separating them. First of all, it had been a surprise that Mark's wife was that hot. He had money, or at least appeared to, so a gold digger or a trophy wife might be expected, but she was no older than 30, a good 25+ years younger than him. She was on the shorter side, but nicely proportional, and her c-cup boobs looked massive on her. She was blonde with a very pretty face and starry blue eyes, that, though attractive, didn't seem particularly intelligent.
Secondly, it was not so surprising that the accounting had been off.
“Sarah,” John began,
“Samantha” she corrected him, for probably the 3rd or 4th time.
“Samantha. The records here show withdrawals from the 2nd, 4th, and 5th accounts, with no explanation given, except, 'miscellaneous expenditures'.................that might work, if you hadn't taken 30 grand. Come on. And the “travel” budget is outrageous. Everything is outrageous. The IRS will have a field day with this.”
Mark jumped in with comments on the economy, and how people don't buy futons anymore, and Samantha looked distressed. John spoke to all of it. The answer to a failing business is not avoiding taxes by listing personal expenses as business ones.
“With some shuffling, I might be able to hide your errors” John said, with a sigh.
The Hendricks both looked at John hopefully. They did not possess even close to the abilities he did, when it came to accounting. They looked crestfallen with his next statement though.
“Its risky for me though, and I should have a pay off for it. I mean, I would charge a lot to organize your accounting records, just as a task by itself, let alone hide tax evasion.” John stopped talking for a moment. Then said, “Really, if somebody were to report this to the IRS you could see felony charges. I mean this goes back a few years. Its a wonder they haven't caught on to you yet.”
“Wha, who would report it? Only.........wait......” Mark looked at John, and John looked back at him. “We came to you in confidence John, you know we don't have the money we did, or said we did. There's no point in blackmailing us.” What a world. I got myself into this mess, what can I say?
“Blackmail? If you go to somebody else, and the IRS comes down on you, I don't want it known that I had access to this and didn't report it.”
“Well, what are you getting at?” Mark was waiting for it. He assumed John was going to want an agreement for a share of profits in the company...what else could he want? “You want profit-share?”
“Are you kidding me? No way. Maybe some more....... tangible assets.” John looked at Samantha.
“What? Like …..what? Computers?” Mark was really lost. He looked at his wife, who couldn't figure out what John meant. “Do you need a futon?” she asked, in all honesty.
“No! I don't want a futon! I don't want rights to your company! By tangible assets I'm referring to your wife of course!” John didn't understand how these people could have owned and operated a company this long.
“Wha, wha, …WHAT?” Mark's mouth dropped. Samantha just stared at John. John stared at her, making his intent clear.
She spoke very quietly and soberly......... “You as your accountant now?”
John averted his gaze from her to her husband, who, though unbelieving and horrified at what John had said, seemed to be in mental agreement with the accountant that his wife was clearly not helping to forward the conversation.
“What the hell are you talking about?! There's no way I'm giving my wife to you. What does that even mean?” Mark was beginning to become angry. Who is this punk who thinks...
John stood up and walked around the table. “You leave this room, I call the IRS. You don't do what I say, I call the IRS. You do what I say, and give me what I want, and I'll take care of your financial problems. At least the organizational ones. We might even save the company. But as of now, since you don't really have a choice, your wife's ass is mine.”
Samantha thought John wanted her to work for him, and was confused, until he walked behind her, and sank his hands into her tits. Then she understood clearly.
“Oh my god! Mark! ….. Mark!.....Do something!” Samantha cried, not that loudly, but definitely with force.
Mark looked at John's hands feeling up his wife's breasts, she was trying to turn away from her assailant, but he was much stronger than her, and his hands continued their groping. Her hands rose to push his away, but he was intent on feeling her up, and there was no way she could stop him.
I brought this on myself. I should beat the crap out of this kid. This kid that's molesting my....wife......But I'm older now, probably couldn't even do that. She shouldn't be disgraced like this. Look at him.....yanking her shirt god, I can't just watch her be raped. What should I do? What should I do....think Mark. Think. This is my fault. The guy has to have a heart....but we can't pick up felonies......prison time maybe? I don't know....oh geez he's squeezing her breasts hard, he's going to hurt her if I don't say something....
“Please, John, listen, you can't do this...” Mark weakly put forward....
“ 'Please?!?!!!!?' John....get up and do something!” his wife angrily said to him.
John was barely listening to the old man. He forced Samantha up and pulled her toward the couch.... “If you don't let me down, I'll scream!”
“If you do that I'm reporting you, and believe you me, the government won't look kindly on your theft.” John said, looking her straight in the eyes....
“John...please, just let us go, we'll give you money” Mark pleaded.
John didn't care about money. He yanked her blouse all the way open and pushed her down onto the couch. She was quiet, except for indigant exhalations of breath, and quick exclamations of shock when he further encroached on her.
Her blouse was open. Within a minute her bra was gone. Samantha wasn't making much noise, but she was struggling against him. As soon as her boobs started flopping around in the open, and John was working at her skirt, she seemed to get a hold of herself and changed her tone..... “okay, John, listen, let me go.....we'll take care of OH! (his hand squeezed a tit hard), please, please don't hurt me, we just, AHH! (he twisted a nipple)....”
He pulled her back up to a sitting position. “This is the only way. Sorry. I'm having my fill.”
Mark looked sadly on. His protests had died off. He was concerned by the physical abuse though... “please don't … don't... (John looked at him angrily).......don't be too rough with her....” Mark said, quietly.
“Fuck that. I'll do what I want.” Mark replied, tired of interruptions to his prize.
His hands began squeezing her tits. Pinching her nipples. Samantha looked away. He loved how small she was. He picked her up and sat her on his lap easily. This made leaning over and sucking on her tits easier.
Mark closed his eyes. Humiliated. However, doing so only amplified the sounds of John's lips on his wife's skin, and his wife's uncomfortable squeaks and soft cries.
John bit down on her nipple. She opened her eyes wide “OWCH!”....he looked at her boobs and took a swing, slapping one, so that it smacked into the other. Then he smacked the second so it hit the first. This was fun.
Smack.....slap......smack.....slap......smack...... her boobs bounced around from the abuse. He loved the way they jiggled as they were smacked. Samantha's pained expression brought him a strange sense of self-satisfaction. He grabbed her tits tight, and stood her up. He ripped off what remained of her blouse, and yanked down her skirt. She had on a thong. With no pleasantries he tore those off too, and she stood naked in front of him. She had a patch of hair around her pussy, but it was well groomed. John walked over to his desk, pulling her with him. He sat down on his chair, and forced her to her knees in front of him. Pulling out his cock, he told her to suck it.
Mark groaned in heart ache in his corner. His dick is huge. I can't believe this is happening, my poor Sam's intense. John was grinding her face into his genitalia, commanding her to lick and kiss it, which she eventually started to do. Mark had a sick feeling in his stomach as he watched his trophy wife being forced to worship another man's cock. Yeah, I've felt that tongue before. It seems like I'm watching a porno. She must feel so degraded. Damn, his cock is getting even bigger. Wait, what's he....... oh god, he's cramming it into her mouth. She can't take that! This has to stop, he's going to....oh my god its going down her throat.....I can hear her choking....she can't take that thing down in her throat like, I've got to say....
“John! You're choking her! This has to stop! Think of....”
“Shut...the fuck...up Mark. I'm going to fuck your wife today, in every way imaginable, and I'm going to do it later too. Umph.....regularly. She may sleep over......keep sucking bitch!.....she may sleep over occasionally at my place too because........yeah, there you go Sam (John liked calling other men's women by their nickname of choice)..........there, look, Mark, she's doing good, look, she's sucking like a pro.....”
Look at her....she's trying to take it all. She really does know how to suck a dick. Look, that's a tear in her eye...poor might be the cock down her throat.....there, finally he's pulling that thing out of her throat at her suck and lick all over the tip of it.....I can't believe this happened. You would never have imagined earlier today that my wife would be.....oh, right back down her throat again.....he's a horrible man....treating my Sam like that. How dare he call her Sam...wait, what's he doing now.....
John pulled his cock out of Sam's mouth, stood her up, the turned her around and bent her over the desk. He pushed papers out of the way, and, without any preparation, slammed his cock into her pussy. “AAAIGHGHGHHH” she cried out.....John began fucking mercilessly.

There was a knock at the door. Bianca yelled through, “is everything okay in there?” It did not sound like a normal meeting. She was good soundproofing, but not entire, and she heard a sort of rhythmic slapping sound.......
slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slapslapslap, slap!
Then John's voice: “Yeah....(slap, slap, slap)...I'm just fucking Mark's wife Sara......I mean, Samantha! (slap, slap, slap)” This was followed by a long low, deep, groan from Sam...... “uhhhhhhOOOHHHH”
Bianca was kind of taken aback....Yeah, that kind of sounds like sex in there.... “But where's Mark?” she asked, she hadn't seen him leave....It didn't occur to her at the moment that this exchange was absurd.
slap, slap, slap, slap “Oh, well, he's in here, but he's just watching...” slap slap slap “Its alright, he's fine with it! Go back to work B.”
That is really, really weird, Bianca thought. Why would Mark...? least Jim isn't like that.
Mark was humiliated. Now that hot secretary knows what's going on...she's going to think I'm a pussy.....I am a pussy....but I can't go to manhood is being robbed by this guy. He has me though. He has me by the balls. Oh hell, and Sam has him up to the balls.

God, this son of a bitch , Samantha thought, life.....oooh
Her thoughts were being broken up by the large cock penetrating her. She tried to get up on her elbows, but John pushed her back down, face to the desk. He's not letting me have any....god he fucks hard....any control at all....I....poor Mark..ooh......he just sits and....goddddd his dick is big.......ah
John decided to take a new approach. Her pussy was pretty well fucked.
He pulled out, which took Sam by surprise, as she had just gotten used to its presence in her, then lined it up with her little asshole. He pushed at the entrance, and Samantha stiffened and went practically upright, “Whoah!!!”
John saw from her actions what was happening. He's going to take her ass too. The bastard. I haven't even done could hurt her....
John didn't care about that though. He did care about her being upright, which he didn't like, and he roughly shoved her down over the desk again, her boobs flattening out nicely. He turned to Mark, “this anal penetration will be made a lot easier by the generous contribution of lubricant from pussies like your wife's. It is greatly appreciated.” He showed Mark his cock, which was dripping in Samantha's cum. For some reason John was thinking of the little clips after PBS shows that said they were the products of generous contributions from so-and-so was a reach for a joke...and...... the timing was weird, but that was part of it.......and......hell, they didn't get it. John got back to stuffing his cock up her ass.
Mark was shocked, He is clearly unbalanced....but that was.....Is she enjoying this?? Its brutal!
Samantha was in an odd state of mind, he keeps making it a point to humiliate my husband....god, why do I have to get so wet with......oh no.....he's doing it..........Her mind shut down and she tried to focus on good things, while her asshole started to stretch to try and accommodate the intruder. “Aargh, AIEE......ooohhhhhHHH ARGH...”
She was having a tough time, but John just settled in for the long haul, this asshole was tight. He steadied himself, and pushed as hard as he could. “OOOHHHHH AAGH!!!” Samantha's discomfort was enjoyable to him. He pushed and pushed....and pushed.... “Aargggghhhhh.....” he had pushed in a few inches. He shifted from foot to foot, took a deep breath, his cock sticking out of her ass in an absurd way. He took her by the hips and, gettting a good grip, pulled her back as he pushed forward.... “AAAGhhhghhhhh ohhhhhhh” Of all the weird things, it was his hands on her hips that really felt good to Sam. He had her firmly. She wasn't going anywhere. When he paused before thrusting, his fingers dug into her skin, and gently massaged her soft hips...which was very pleasant....then the pain in her ass began again, less than it had before, but still sharp.
“Oohhhhhhhh gooddddd that hurts.....” Samantha said quietly.....his hands were working her hips again.....
He leaned in.....”I don't give a fuck if it hurts Sam. You're getting your ass reamed whether it hurts or not.” he whispered back. His hands moving towards her stomach, then up to squeeze her breasts as best he could (they were pinned beneath her)....then heading back to grab her hips again.
“Please, not so hard, not so deep....” she cried, very softly....
“Fuck that.” He whispered very very softly in her ear... “Harder....deeper.....I'm almost all the way in....and when I am.....(his cock started twitching in her ass—he was enjoying the conversation).....I am going to proceed to....fuck (he punctuated this with a thrust into her bowels) ...(another thrust) like a mad(thrust)man....”
Mark couldn't hear what they were whispering. He didn't like that he was out of the loop. Something was going on between John and his wife.
John made another lunge, Samantha made another cry, and he was in balls deep. He stayed true to his word. He reached forward, grabbed a big handful of her hair, and yanked it back as he fucked into her. Her body bent beautifully as her head went back, and her ass went forward. Mark was mesmerized by the sight...
John was in pure delight. Her ass was soooo warm and tight. It felt perfect around his cock. He would stop fucking for a moment and just pull her close to him, his cock engulfed in her ass, then he'd push her forward and begin the fucking anew.
Finally he was ready to cum. “Mark....(panting from the exertion)....I am just about ready to shoot a big ass load in your wife's ass...” John was very pleased to let Mark know the details.
John stiffened, thrust hard, and cum flooded Samantha's ass....she felt his hands tighten like vicegrips on her hips, which she enjoyed, then the weird sensation of the hot, thick fluid being pumped into her bowels occurred. She felt shot after shot of the wet warmth filling her ass..... “oooohhhhhhh” she moaned, and slowly began grinding her ass into the source of the cum.
Mark watched in disbelief as his wife moaned softly and worked her ass back into her rapist's body. She was moving it obviously in pure delight. John just gripped her hips, eyes closed, and grinded his cock into her ass. They pushed against each other and moved their hips here and there, for almost a minute, low groans escaping both of them.

John slowly gained his senses back. His cock was still deep in Samantha's ass. Mark was sitting back in the chair, looking at the wall.
“This is the deal Mark.” John said. “Look at me.”
Mark turned his head to John. John still had a shirt and tie on. His wife was bent over the desk, her head down, panting softly. Her hair a mess, sweat all over her, her eyes closed. John was behind her, his cock buried in her anus. His hands were slowly moving over her body. Absentmindedly, it seemed, he moved a finger around where the shaft of his softening cock was wedged between her butt cheeks.
“Your wife is a hot fuck, and I will easily clean up your financial problems in order to fuck her silly whenever I want.” He paused, and Samantha let out a little whining noise, which John silenced with a quick pat to her butt. “I'll also use my extensive costs to cover some of your irregularities, which you won't have to actually pay me financially, but I will be demanding of your wife's body.”
John looked at the woman in front of him, and at Mark. “Okay, I'm done.” He yanked his cock out of her ass, which evoked a small grunt from Samantha, then pulled her up and pushed her towards her shed clothing. She walked towards them and started dressing on shaky legs. Cum was running out of her ass.
Quietly, Mark and Samantha exited John's office.

Bianca looked at the couple: Mark looked dark and, somehow, older....Sam just looked disheveled, but....not quite as down........She was quick to understand that the situation wasn't perhaps too dissimilar from her own.......... Am I working for..........a serial rapist? She asked herself.
As the couple opened the door to leave, John poked his head out of his office.
“Glad you came to me guys. A lot of other accountants will charge you up the butt.” He had that fun-loving grin on his face again.

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