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The Story of the new Kira...
Bobby continues to clean up the world one name at a time and the world is aware, news reports continue to talk about the return of Kira. Kular looks a Bobby and says " If you do make this a perfect world free of evil then all this killing would make you the only evil person left " Bobby says " I know, I knew that the moment I wrote the first name in this Death Note but somebody has to do it, everyone goes through life pretending like nothing bad will ever happen to them but when it does they ask why, it's because this world is rotten filled with rotten people, somebody has to stand up to the bullies. Besides if I get killed in the process it's not like I'm going to burn in Hell, I'm an Atheist I don't believe in Heaven and Hell " Kular says " Your right, when Humans die it's all over, what do you Humans call it? oblivion? "..

Bobby says " I knew there was no afterlife or a biblical God or a Heaven or Hell but to be honest I'm very suprised that beings like you exist " the conversation is interupted when Bobby hears his mother crying, he runs downstairs and asks what's wrong and his mother says " I just got laid off from my job, 15 years and just like that it's all over, oh well that's life I guess, sorry for worrying you I'll just have to dust off my old CV ". Bobby returns to his room and says " you see Kular this is what I'm talking about, good honest hard working people get laid off while criminals live in mansions, this has to end and I'm the one who's going to do it ". Bobby checks on the internet for extremely rich criminals who always avoid jail time by making all witnesses disapear and after finding a Cuban mob boss he writes in the Death note that just before the mob boss dies of a heart attack he'll transfer 12 million dollars into Bobby account.

Several days later Bobby gets a phone call from his bank telling him that 12 million dollars has just been deposited into his account. Bobby tells his mother who almost faints and says " see Bobby you were wrong there is a God and he does bless the faithful " Bobby smiles and thinks to himself [ yes a God of death ]. Several months later and everything has changed, Bobby and his mother move into a nicer home, Bobby has graduated from Highschool and his mom is happier than ever but Bobby hasn't forgotten his mission to clean up the world and he continues killing off criminals.

After being contacted by the Japanese Police all Montreal news stations and online news providers are told not to display the names of criminals and to blur their faces when shown on tv, Bobby quickly realises that this makes using the Death Note extremely hard to use. One night while watching the news a special video is shown on all Canadian Channels the screen goes blue and the letter N appears and a masked voice says " This is for the person pretending to be Kira, turn yourself in before I find you. I know your in Montreal, both pedophile priests you killed were from Montreal so again turn yourself in before I find you. Even if you have the eyes you can't kill me but your welcome to try, I doubt you'll get very far your only half the man Kira was. My name is Near remember it becuase it will be the last name you'll hear after we catch you and your rott in prison ". { Near is the boy who finally proved that Light Yagami was Kira }

Kular offers Bobby the eye deal again but Bobby doesn't want to give up half of his lifespan but he realizes that without the eyes he won't be able to effectivly use the Death Note however Bobby has a plan.. Several days later news stations report the sudden and mysterious death of pimps, drug dealers, rapists, strip club owners and women beaters..

Three days earlier..

Bobby rents a hotel room, wearing big black sunglasses and a big black hood the only part of his face that's visible is his nose, mouth and chin. He calls an escort and when she shows up she says her name is Melanie, Bobby pays her in advance and she starts to strip but Bobby says " don't take your clothes off I just want to talk to you, I'm going to offer you the deal of a life time " she says " listen buddy I've heard it all before your going to promise to save me from this dirty life but your going to end up being a dirty pervert whose worse than all the Johns I've ever fucked " Bobby smiles and says " here touch this " and he hand her the Death Note.

She touches it and says " what is this? a bible? " Bobby laughs and says " it's your turn Kular " and Melanie sees Kular moving towards her, Melanie starts screaming hysterically when Bobby says " Melanie is it? calm down my friend here is going to offer you a deal you CAN'T refuse " Kular offers Melanie the eye deal but before Melanie can say anything Bobby says " it's really very simple Melanie, you either take the deal or you die right here right now ". Kular tells Melanie about the power she would gain from the deal and the price she would have to pay, not wanting to die she accepts the deal. She's told that now she can see any Humans true name and lifespan just by looking at that Humans face but when she looks at Bobby she can't see his true name or lifspan, she's told by Kular that she won't be able to see the lifespans of anyone who touches the Death Note. Bobby tells her that his name is Kira and that from now on she will be the second Kira and he gives her a page from the Death Note and he says " when you filled both sides of the page with the names of criminals then I will give you another page ", Melanie wastes no time deleting all of the filth that abuse the sex trade.

Present day..

Bobby is happy, now he has someone who can continue killing criminals despite the media not displaying names and blurring the faces of criminals on t.v and the best part is if this mysterious Near does track down the new Kira then she will go to jail instead of him and if she ever tries to betray him then he'll kill her using the Death Note { with his new found wealth Bobby hired a private investigator to find out Melanies real name wich is Mellisa Bates }. After deleting all the people who corrupt and abuse the Montreal sex trade Melanie decides to take revenge on all those who have hurt her in the past and she starts with her adoptive parents. Her adoptive parents were very strict and very religious and they used to beat her daily when she was very young, they told her that they were beating the Devil out of her but they never beat their biological son who also used to beat her and treated her like a slave rather than an step sister.

Melanie writes down all the details leading up to their deaths followed by their names she then turns on the internet and goes to a porn site where amateurs can post their live sex videos. A half hour later she and everyone on that site watches as her adoptive parents and brother all strip completely naked and her adoptive father and brother sit on the bed while her adoptive mother begins sucking both their cocks. She takes turns sucking both their cocks and licking their balls, they both call her a filthy whore and after a while they place her on the bed in doggystyle position. Her son says " I love eating your old pussy mom " and he starts to lick her vagina while her husband sticks his cock in her mouth and he says " suck it you fucking whore, all you fucking women are whores ". After a while her son stands up and he sticks his cock deep into his own mothers vagina and starts slapping her ass hard as he fucks her and he says " you like this don't you mom? " she mumbles as she sucks her husbands cock.

Her son and husband take turns fucking her and calling her every dirty name in the book until they both cum on her face, Melanies step brother then walks towards the computer and says " I hope all you sick fucking perverts loved our incest video, now go fuck yourselves " and he turns off the computer, Melanie laughs knowing that soon all three of them will die of heart attacks.. Melanie starts planning for the next people on her list wich are the 5 girls at her school who bullied her daily, calling her a lesbian and a whore. She writes all the details followed by their names and after several days all 5 women meet up at a Montreal Hotel where one of them opens her laptop and begins recording as all 5 women strip completely naked and they all pull out huge strap on dildos from their purses and after putting them on they start sucking, licking, fingering and fucking eachother for hours.

Their live video being posted on the same site Melanies step family were on, Melanie laughs and thinks to herself [ who's the lesbians now bitches? ], the 5 women continue to fuck eachother again and again until one of them turns off the laptop. Melanie then calls the Police from a payphone telling them to show up at the hotel and after hanging up she smiles knowing that the Police will find all 5 women dead { having all died of heart attacks } with their dildos still stuck in eachother..


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2012-04-21 16:49:06
You're just re-writing deathnote with different and much more peverted characters.


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2012-02-12 08:18:25
I have sex with my 39 yr.'s our family tradition that mother takes young sons viginity. Mom let me fucked her pussy whenever my 6" gets hard. She's a single mom and I am a horny teen..we are lovers and live a good healthy live.

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2012-01-07 12:24:18
But the bottom line is... Power corrupts. Soon they'll be killin' people that look at them a little cock-eyed. Then they'll be the only two people standing on the planet.

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2012-01-07 05:10:38
could have been really drawn out but still, wasnt all that bad

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