My first time masturbating in public, naked.
Midnight Run

Ok, let’s start off with a few things, I’m a 16 year old male called Jamie who gets horny a lot, rather typical. I live in England on a usual street full of houses. My house is part of a 4 house terrace and we live on the end of it. On the other end of t is a foot path leading to a field which my road surrounds. This used to be a football field but has since closed down to become an overgrown mess.

It all started in school. In English, I sit next to this girl called Helen, she’s very sexy. I can’t help but stare and fantasise about her. The problem is, we’re very good friends, to the point where she sees me as a friend and not someone who wants to be her boyfriend. I don’t mind though, I’m working on it :P

Anyway, we we’re talking at the back of the class one day, and somehow our conversation has turned a little more filthy, we don’t mind, we talk a lot about private issues to each other, so we didn’t feel awkward. She asked me “Do boys masturbate a lot?”, so of course I replied “Of course, I basically do when there’s no one in the house”. She giggled at this response and said “But don’t you ever get bored of doing the same thing, don’t you ever try to mix it up a little?”

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, I masturbate in my room most of the time, but one day I just got the urge to try it outside, It felt so much different knowing I could be seen by the neighbours”. You could imagine how hard it was for me to hide my hard on from her under the table.

Now, I could go into more detail about that conversation, but it died down rather fast, so I’m just going to skip to later that night.

I sleep downstairs while my sister and parents sleep upstairs, so when they’re asleep I can talk around the house without fear of waking them. I couldn’t get to sleep because I was thinking of what Helen had said to me, I looked at the clock and saw it was 3 o’clock in the morning. All of a sudden I got out of bed and went to the back door. I opened it and stepped outside. It was quite warm, it may have been summer but it was still warmer than usual for night-time.

I looked back at the house, but then just said to myself “Fuck it”. I slipped my boxers off, leaving me fully naked in the night sky, my raging hard on looking at the moon. This was it, I was thinking. I walking round the side of my house to the front and hid behind the car.

I looked out to the road, no lights in the houses were on, just the street lamp above me. I could only hope no one was looking outside of their windows, so I ran.

Right along the pavement, trying to get to the footpath at the end of the terrace, I had to help my dick as it was smacking against my chest, making me run slower.

In the end I got to the foot path, thank god no one was there. I walked up it then turned left onto the field, the grass was dry. The more I walked, the more turned on I got, knowing that the further I went, the further I’d have to walk back to get home. Without even touching my cock, it was still stood a full 7 seven inches, quite big for someone my age I believe, and glazed with pre-cum.

I found a place that I liked the look of, a bit in the middle of the field that was completely empty and flat, if anyone was in the field that night, they would have easily seen me. I sat down, the earth was warm, and I started to pump.

It was already the best wank I’d ever had, the cool wind blowing on me, the grass stroking my back, and the thought that I was very exposed, but I didn’t care, I kept going, I needed more, this was fantastic, I would definitely be doing this again. I was approaching my climax, but I didn’t want this to stop, I was having such a good time, so I stopped myself, right before my climax.

I waited a few minutes, resisting the urge, until I felt it calm down.

When my orgasm had subsided, I decided to go all in, grabbed my dick in both hands and started to beat off furiously. Within seconds I could feel my climax reaching, at which point I decided to stand up, making myself easier to spot, for I was wanking in the middle of the public field at 3 o’clock in the morning, but of
course, no one was awake then, so I wasn’t seen!

I came, and it was the most powerful orgasm that I’d ever had, my legs collapsed and I fell over, spewing cum everywhere. It was pure ecstacy, I forgot where I was, my cum was going everywhere, all over me, all over the floor.

I stayed in this state for a full few minutes, and boy did that feel good, I could see what Helen meant, this was fantastic.

Now that I was back down to earth, my lust for wanking had passed and my cock was retracting, I suddenly had a very different view on the situation. I was in the middle of a public field, naked, and I need to get home. This wasn’t a dream, if I fell asleep I wouldn’t end up in my bed, I needed to run back, someone might see me!

In the end, I felt, I calmed down, I knew the risk, that’s what made me do it in the first place, and it was worth it!

I started to run back home, running as fast as I could, dripping a bit of cum with each step. Still, no one was around, so I was safe. The weather took a turn for the worse, and it started to get colder, but I didn’t mind as I was running, so the cool was refreshing.

I reached the road, and one last time I had to make the run. I started sprinting, then I heard a dog bark! My heart skipped a beat and I looked up, a man and his dog were walking on the same pavement as me, however the man was looking down, scooping up the poo that his dog just did. Without thinking, I jumped behind a parked car, and edged around it as they walked; I was standing in the middle of the road. All was quiet, I dared not breathe for risk of being seen, this was the risk I was looking for, and I started to get hard again.

Still, I kept control, I edged round until they had passed, then ran back to back to my house, and to my bedroom, got under the covers to warm up, and masturbated to another very satisfying orgasm.

Hope you enjoyed my story, I love writing about my life, and finding this site has made it better as I can finally tell the stories of my life that have never been uttered after that night. If you did enjoy it, I’ll happily share more times about my public wanks. I still haven’t talked about my time where i was almost caught, or when my conversation with Helen went further, or even when I did it at daytime! So hopefully you liked this one and want to hear more from me in the future :), and remember, this was a true story, none of it was a lie.

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2012-01-07 14:00:55
Not exciting yet, but I dont want to blow it all in the first part :P

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Maybe true...but not all that exciting!

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