A continuation of the black secuction of this family
A week had passed since that Friday night when all three of Atkins' daughters were put to black cock. The two oldest daughters were still on spring break from college. Little Jenny had been taken to a psychologist during the week because she was having emotional problems from her virgin seduction.

Sandy and Cindy knew what was about to reoccur this weekend. Sandy was looking forward to it but Cindy was not so sure and was nervous about the black men returning to their home. Not to stay but to escort them to each one's personal home. Both girls knew that their white bodies would again be subjected to black lust. Cindy was afraid.

Joan, their mother, was looking forward to having her girls be taken from the house. She had made arrangements to spend the weekend with her two African lovers. Joan helped the girls pack an over night bag since they would be picked up Saturday around noon and supposedly be returned late Sunday. Joan had become wicked in her desire for her daughters to be black bred. She was a bit reluctant about Jenny and had asked her husband's boss to let Jenny have more time to adapt to this bizarre situation.

Atkins, the father, had been notified that he would have to work out of town for several days beginning Saturday afternoon. He didn't like it but Motambi, his boss, did not want any interference. Atkins had been on an emotional roller coaster all week.

He could not get the sight out of his mind from watching black hands grope and fondle his daughters last weekend. More horribly, watching his wife and daughters led to a bedroom or den. He had gotten drunk while listening to the moans and grunts of the girls having black cocks pounding them and the gasps when black seed spewed into their bellies. The pale and listless look on their faces the next morning haunted him.

Urged by his wife, he had surrendered his daughters to black lust. It was not worth the seven-figure contract he was about to get. But now along with the money, there was a fear for his family's safety if they didn't cooperate. His world was caving in and he was helpless to stop the black Africans.

Saturday morning arrived and the family had a 10:00 brunch. The two older daughters were dressed in low cut blouses. Sandy wore a tight skirt while Cindy had on a pretty flowing skirt. Both girls had on high heels. Their make-up was soft and their blond hair was in a ponytail that made them look even younger. Joan knew that would please the Africans. The younger look the better and now these girls barely looked eighteen.

Little Jenny was in her room watching TV and did not want to see her sisters off. She knew what was going on but didn't want any part of it.

At a quarter of twelve the doorbell rang. Sandy anxiously answered it. As she opened the door a large black hand reached out with a bouquet of flowers. Sandy accepted the flowers and reached out to grab the Rolex adorned wrist of the African and guide him in.

"Miss Sandy, you certainly look lovely. I look forward to being with you and promise to show you a nice weekend. I would like you to call me Earl and not by my tribal name."

Sandy blushed but her loins were excited looking up at this tall, muscular and very black man. "Oh, thank you Earl. I've been looking forward to it all week. The flowers are very pretty. Come with me to the family room so we can say good-bye to my family."

Joan went up and gave Earl a hug then turned to her husband and said, "don't you think they make an attractive couple, my dear!"

Atkins looked at the two of them but was not impressed. "Earl, although I am concerned about my daughter being with a man over twice her age, I must say that you are well dressed and are polite. Not to mention, a partner to my boss, Motambi. You know I have mixed feelings about this but all I can do is ask you to treat my daughter well."

"Mr. Atkins, your daughter will be in good hands."

Yeah, in good black wandering hands as soon as he gets her into his limo, Atkins thought to himself.

Earl and Sandy then left and Atkins watch his lovely daughter hug Earl and kiss him as they got to the limo. The African's hands were holding onto Sandy's bottom and pressing her against his crotch while her white arms were around his waist. It was almost as if he was going to do her right there against the limo. They parted lips and Earl looked back at her father and smiled. Atkins swallowed hard and closed the door.

The limo eased off and before it disappeared around the corner, The African had a black hand inside her blouse and his other between her legs. Sandy squirmed with excitement as Earl kissed her neck and fondled her breast. His right hand fingered into her panties and two fingers found the wet entrance to her love canal. Earl puller her down on the seat and they lay facing each other. Sandy's hand unzipped his pants as they were kissing and

Began massaging his black throbbing cock.

Sandy pushed herself down and placed his black meat in her mouth. There was already semen leaking out of the purple black head. Earl was now moaning himself as Sandy sucked on his thick black tool. Here he was with this beautiful white woman lustfully sucking him while he was rubbing her pussy. Yes, he had had her last weekend but she was much more accepting now and gave Earl a more exciting feeling.

The African pulled her from his shaft and began removing her shirt and panties. He wanted to save his first load for after he had impaled her on his black cock. Earl enjoyed fucking more than being given head. He loved the sounds of white women becoming submissive to his blackness and cock size while he grinded them into the seat. Sandy was about to get blacked fucked again and she would milk that black lizard more affectionately this time. Her belly was about to be filled with African juices.

Due to the dark tinted window, the white driver could not see much but he turned up the intercom and listened to the sounds of sucking face and sexual moans. He had mixed emotions about his employer seducing white women. He also wanted to keep his job so he never made his bigoted feelings show. The irony was, he enjoyed interracial sex and after seeing what a lovely white creature Sandy was, his dick was getting hard. Thinking of a black African fucking a white woman was a turn on to him. He had even paid to watch two black men to seduce his own wife.

Meantime, back at the Atkins house, Cindy was being escorted to a Silver colored Cadillac. Her suitor, a black African named Azumi, was grinning ear to ear as he held her hand. His 6'6" thin frame drafted Cindy. Again, her father nervously and angrily watched the two walking to the driveway.

Joan, his wife, placed her hand on Atkins' shoulder.

"Get over it honey. Your daughters will be treated well. These are rich men and we will be enriched as well. That million dollar contract is just about in the bank."

Atkins groaned and stepped back into the house. Thinking of his two young daughters being used for sex by older black Africans was taking it's toll on him. He peaked out the window and watched the African pulling a reluctant Cindy to him. The African hugged and kissed her as Cindy left her arms at her side. She knew what was in store for her. Although somewhat turned on, she was nervous because they had been rough on her last weekend. She could feel the African's semi hard dick against her as he held her.

They entered the back seat and the car sped away.

"Where are you taking me?" Cindy inquired.

"We are going to my villa on the lake where we will relax, take a swim in my pool and then later we will dine at a favorite restaurant of mine. In fact, my father owns the restaurant property."

"But Mr. Azumi, I did not know we were going in the water. I did not bring a swimsuit."

"No Worry Miss Cindy, except for my wife, my two guards, we will be in private so you will not need swimwear. They respect my privacy since they serve me well."

"Wife! You mean your wife will be there? I know what is expected of me because of my father's new contract but I am embarrassed even more by this revelation."

"No more questions, Azumi demanded. White women are a favorite of my wife, especially beautiful ones like you. Relax, you will be treated well and will enjoy the attention."

Cindy was confused. She was nervous and did not know what would be in-store for her. This was really bizarre. She squirmed in the seat as the black African held her against him and massaged her breasts.

Her eyes watched his black hand sliding into her blouse while his other arm held her shoulder tightly. She knew that this black African was going to ravage her again. But what was his wife going to do.

The villa was now in view as the hot African heat blurred the landscape. The car stopped at the gate as two armed guards appeared with two German Shepherds on leases.

It was about 1:30 p.m. back at the Atkins house as a worried Atkins was about to leave for work. He had to drive about 90 kilometers to a new mineral construction site.

The phone rang and Joan answered it. "Yes, this is the Atkins home," Joan replied. "What? Mr. Motambi, I thought that you were not going to subject my youngest daughter to any thing for this weekend. She is resting and is under going psychological treatment. Although she is barely 18 years old, she is emotionally younger. Please no, that will be too traumatic for her ... she is not ready, please no."

"Mrs. Atkins, when I make a decision, I mean it. I am having two of my men pick her up in one hour so get her ready. Do not obstruct my plans. Not only will your husband not get a new contract but your family may find it difficult getting out of this country alive. I have a very rich client from Kenya that wants a young and pretty white girl for this weekend. I will spare no expense and you have no choice. Get her ready or we will just take her. Am I understood?"

Joan was furious and she went and told her husband. "No damn way, Joan. Little Jenny is not prepared for that. Who do they think they are?" Atkins yelled.

"But honey, can we afford to refuse the?. What good will it do? We have no choice. I'm going to get her ready, I hate to but I have to."

She went to Jenny's room and informed her of what was going on. Little Jenny broke out in tears and threw a fit beating on the floor.

"Mom, please no. I'm afraid. I know what those black Africans want to do. No please!"

Joan began dressing her daughter and packing a night case. "Honey, I'll have several changes of under garments in your bag. There is also a personal kit that you must use."

The doorbell rang. Two black African guards were on the front stoop as Atkins peaked out of the window. He opened the door and the two men briskly walked in.

"Where is the girl?" they demanded.

Joan brought little Jenny out to the foyer. Jenny looked so young with two blond ponytails and a pink dress. She was so petite and looked so pretty except for two swollen eyes from crying.

One of the black men grabbed Jenny's wrist but Jenny yanked back and started to turn and run.

"Little girl, have you ever been cuffed before?"

"No sir, Jenny nervously replied."

The guard again grabbed her and pulled handcuffs from his belt. He put them on her wrists with her hands out front but had to snap them all the way because her wrists were so small. The other guard, kept Atkins and his wife at bay.

"My God man, you're scaring my daughter. This is deplorable. There is no reason for doing this. Please, no ... no," Atkins pleaded. The guard pushed him back.

Joan was resigned to the inevitable and kept quiet. Before, she had surrendered her young daughter to African lust but as a mother she knew little Jenny was unprepared for this.

It was so strange to see this small girl in her pink dress and angelic face standing there with handcuffs on. The two guards held her small arms and escorted her to the driveway. Then they placed her in the back seat of the car. One of the officers slid in next to her. He had an uncanny smile on his face as he held her handcuffed wrists.

Jenny looked at her mother and dad with moist and frightened eyes as the car door was closed. The vehicle sped away to wherever the rich black African was awaiting this young morsel.

The black guard next to her had strict orders not to violate this girl. But, black African male lust, as with any nationality, has a way of impeding a lustful man's responsibility. His eyes crept over her small and curvy white body as his manhood swelled. She froze as black hands touched certain parts of her body. She was alone and handcuffed with no way to escape. The journey to her new rich black businessman was purposely slowed and then took a sudden turn to a remote dirt road...

The vehicle then stopped and the guard-driver got out and scanned the countryside for other vehicles. He motioned to the guard in the back seat that everything was clear. He then opened the trunk and spread a blanket on the ground.

She wiggled helplessly as the two guards pulled her from the back seat and placed her on the blanket. Four black hands begin to undress little Jenny as she struggled with the nickel- plated handcuffs. Her tiny wrists were almost able to slide out but every time they came close, a black hand would grab them and hold her wrists at bay.

Here was this small white girl, barely 85 to 90 pounds, with blond hair and teary blue eyes starring up at the sky as black hands removed the pink dress from her body. Then, her bra and panties were slid down as she wiggled helplessly on the blanket.

"Please take the handcuffs off. They are hurting," she begged.

"Don't' struggle with them girl. They are loose on your small wrists and only hurt when you pull at them," the black guard responded. Just lay there on your back while I spread you small legs apart"

"Please don't do this. I am too small for large black men like you to violate me. I'm scared and fear for my life. Please don't."

Although, frightened and unselfish, she wondered what was happening to her sisters. Were they being taken by black Africans, She knew that they were. Since last weekend, it was inevitable that her and her sisters would be used for her daddy's new contract.

All of a sudden little Jenny felt his rigid black cock invade her loins. She tried to move backwards but her cuffed wrists hit a large rock and she could not advance further. She screamed. Then a black hand from the back of her cupped her mouth while another held on to her wrists.

Her back arched and she felt the black shaft surging into her more deeply. The black African then laid on her and began to stroke her loins. With her mouth cusped and wrists in shackles, she could only lay there as her small body bobbled up and down.

A bolt of African jism exploded in her belly. Millions of African sperm tadpoles jetted into her body as the charcoaled black African continued to spew into her. Jenny felt the intrusion in her body and her body shook in an unexpected orgasm.

Then a chilling remark came from the other black African guard. ""Hold her wrists, I want this small girl now ... you can have her again after you have rested..."

Jenny's life had taken an even more dramatic turn.

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