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my real story ...
its been 2 n half years .. wo u dont realize its that llong until u start telling it .. :O :P

seems like yesterday to me though...

it was the month of jan ...

chilly weather .. cold winds... stylish jackets .. and a book fair ...

was roaming around.. eyeing every other girl ... watching girls more than the books :P :P

suddenly an angel flew past me...

like she has descended from the heaven just to mesmerize me ...

i stood their in awe... felt like a stupefying spell was hit on me... ( thank god she didnt have the broom :P :P ) ..

it seemed there was only she .. n no 1 else present there... suddenly my night day dream was broken by what i saw ...

she moved on to a few guys wid some local people there to threaten them .. coz they were hitting on her n she got irritated ...

i gulped down a lump .. n thought to myself.. u chances are slim to none... coz shes a beautiful angel.. n u a demon ..."she wont even look at u " i said to myself..!!

since then everyday i would go to the book fair just to get a look at her ... n she came everyday ..last day she actually turned n looked at me... i thanked my luck .. i guess i was a few inches off the ground when she smiled... ;) :)

days passed .. book fair was over.. n i didnt know where to look for her .. coz i didnt know where she lived.. not even her name.. i knew only a face.. n the smile that resided in it... bt i didnt see her again ... for long time...

i asked god .. sang to him ( so that he might get iritated n then give her to me :P :P )... prayed everyday .. just for a chance to be with her ... trust god n all ur prayers n wishes take life ...

so one fine day i saw her again...going somewhere with her friends.. so ravishing .. so mesmerizing .. ahem errr sorry too many adjectives... was lost in her thoughts for a moment there :P :P

i didnt know what to do .. i stood there again stupefied .. god shes beautiful... she looked at me again.. n went away .. man i had to get her any how...

some days later a friend of mine actually came up wid her address ... he had seen her going into a locality .. n by luck the same tecaher gave tutions to both of them.. n somehow he managed to know her house...

i was on the highest peak expression saying concured.. just when i was about to become patriotic n put the indian flag in there i realised ..(ummm wheres the ladder ... how m i supposed to come down :O :P )...errrr no m still on the terrace of my house... n i said " show me "n off we went..

then from the next day i started passing though that area a lot more ... hoping that i could see her at least 1ce... n i actually did .. a couple of times.. she would look at me n smile .. thankgod i didnt fall off my bicycle .. when she did that .. :P

now i had intercepted her route with her friends n found a logic that for sure she has tuition coz same days of the week same time she could be seen on the same route wid her friends.. n i knew what i had to do .. stalk her .. errr no i mean keeping a safe distance n follow her .. :P ...

n i would also get to see her on the occasions such as pujas ... the added bonus to the festival of joy n lights :D

it had been a year n the auspicious book fair had come again .. n which meant i would get to see her ... she was used to my presence now.. i used look at her .. she used to look at me .. i used to smile .. she used to smile... but darn it i never had the courage to go up to her and talk .... so many times my friends bros tried to.. persuade, motivate n what not me to to make me go n talk to her ... but the tow steps i took forward .. i moved four back.. so due to this obvious reason i was never upto it ...

one day i was going around with a bro of mine when i saw her coming from the tuition bro said... that he actually knew her .. n i was like u sure ... irritated n astonished giving his face a brand new emotion he said .. yeah he definitely does..

so i finally had got a breakthrough .. a backdoor to her fortress .. ( too coward to storm the front :P ) ..

i said him to ask her if she would wanna meet me ...

he called her up

the conversation was like

" didi a guy wants to meet u .. will u meet him once .. he just wants to do friendship "

" where does he stay "

he said where

" he is tall "


"fair complexion "


"plays the guitar "

" do u .. "

" ohh i know.. okay i will meet him "

i was like o.0 .. n then .. :D n dancing wid joy .. until people started looking at me .. giving me the nutcase look ..( actually no 1 saw me .. m very careful when i do my nutcase dance .. : P :P )

i dressed up all fresh n deod :P :P ... took out my bike ( yeah i had upgraded from bicycle to bike now :P )

went to meet her ... was waiting there ... she was actually in a friend's house so a few minutes late ...

people started to eye me suspiciously n i started to think she wont come ... it was the 4th day of dusshera .. ( durga puja was near ... chathurti we call it in bengali )

then she came ... my heart lit up like the sun.. she said hi.. i said hi .. we shook hands.. " leave her hands now n stop smiling foolishly .." i said to myself..

" 2 years u take to come up and talk to me " was the 1st thing she said ... n i had no answer ... how could i .. even the chickens mocked me seeing the opportunity n ran away :|

we chatted for a while .. initial throat dryness n tongue jam cured soon enough ... she was very friendly .. n then we left ... the smile she flashed me this time was a million dollar smile... it had a different feel than before .. i was ready to die...

i didnt take her number .. so she used to call my bro up and ask about the puja plans each day ... ( actually didnt want to take the number on the first day ... )

n then didnt get the right moment to ask.. my bro used to prompt everyday ask for the number .. i used to say time is not right ... i spent almost an hour on the days of puja .. to look good just for her .. had to impress the angel :D :P ..

on navami i finally asked for her number she gave it to me .. so started our sms chatting ...

we even planned for a movie.. our first movie together .. but wid friends ( kabab me haddiyan :P ) ...

we chatted more than we saw the movie..i was interested in her not the movie anyway .. was more focused on her .. just then she kept her hand on mine...

days passed chatting night and day .. normal things u know.. likings.. this that ...blah blah .. ahem ahem ...crush ... love ... n i said to myself.. now is the time.. n i proposed her ...

like every other guy i got the same answer i was hurt once .. i need time to think .. well she thought .. two days later ...

on 24th October she said.. yes.. i was on cloud 99 .. (9 wasnt enough :P ) ... i wanted to tell the whole world.. bt she said dont tell every1 now.. so i just said to me closest friends..

those romantic talks.. those sleepless nights..

time would fly ... from darkness to light

the love in the air .. hint of a smiles

hand in hand .. could walk hundred miles

the sunset views .. the evening breeze..

a passionate kiss .. and time would cease ..

well but had to make it official to all .. so on the day of saraswati puja ( bengali valentines day :P ) ... friends were there .. people i know.. n even people i didnt know.. i didnt care :P

i took a rose... knelt down infront of her .. looked in her eyes .. n said " i love you .. always n forever "

she took the rose .. i took her hand n she smiled and said " love u too " ..

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2012-01-10 01:45:29
good 1 dude! almost similar to mine......pls write what happened nxt...m waitin

anonymous readerReport

2012-01-08 02:44:20
Okay, I understand that the story could have been done by someone that has English as a second language... But come ON!
Don't use texting lingo when you're putting up a story. This sounds like it was taken from the mind of a twelve year old boy who found his first crush. Non Erotic is definitely an understatement. But how is this crap even supposed to be Romance at the same time? Just childish gibberish.
Normally I'm not one to say this, but finish your schooling and then draft a new version of your story, it was just irritating to figure out what the heck was going on.

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2012-01-07 19:56:04
wtf is this? I'm pretty sure it would have been a great story of it weren't for all the shorthand and broken English among other problems.

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