This chapter has some brutal and cruel violence in it. That's what you get sometimes when you deal with barbarians.

Chapter 2

Mother stopped me on my way to consult my warriors. “Your people are very happy this morning. They could hear you all night. I assume the coupling was satisfactory.”

“Yes, Mother, you did well to prepare her. She did not seem so timid or shy, nor did she mourn the loss of her family or village.”

“I do not think any of the three will complain. There were few prospects for a good marriage in the village and the life of a woman there is dreary, even worse than it is here.” I was about to reply when a scout rode into the encampment, dismounting rapidly before falling to his knees before me.

“My lord,” he panted, exhausted from what were probably hours of hard riding. “There is trouble in the north.” I waved him up, provided him with water, and listened to his message. Another tribe had entered our territory without permission and had raided one of our outlying settlements for food and livestock. A number of the men had been killed and many more wounded. I summoned my lieutenants. We gathered our warriors, sharpened our swords and lances, gathered extra arrows from those recently made by the tribe’s women and rode out. It would be a five hour ride at a gentle pace, one that would conserve our energy and that of our horses. I looked at our band of warriors. We were more than a hundred. As I checked them I noticed several boys and girls of about ten years nervously joking before going into their first battle. I rode into mine at the age of nine, killing three of the enemy with my bow. I was sure these youngsters would do as well—it is our tradition.

It was mid afternoon when we reached the settlement. There were many injured for they would all fight any intruders, even the children, but the huts were intact. This told me the intruders were weak. The Kozok would have burned the village and slain all who could not be used as slaves or concubines. I dismounted to speak with the survivors after sending scouts to follow those who would be dead tomorrow. I learned that several foreigners had approached the village the previous day claiming to be nomads in search of food and water. Although we are warriors we are also a desert people who do not turn away any who come in peace. During the night the strangers guided the attackers into the village where they slew the elders before making away with more than twenty horses and even more goats. They stole sacks of grain and casks of mead. With luck they would be drunk by the time we reached them.

Refreshed, we mounted and followed their trail. It was child’s play to follow all those animals and, more importantly, the goats would travel slowly making it easy for us to catch them. We had ridden only until dusk when several scouts returned to tell us that they had camped for the night only an hour ahead. They described the camp laughing as they did. These people were amateurs at warfare. They were in a flat plain but had not posted any sentries. We would kill many. We rode slowly and silently, my officers keeping their warriors together until we were approximately 5,000 cubits (two miles) away. We split into four groups to attack from the four points of the compass. It was dusk—pre-dawn—when we rode in, screaming to disorient the enemy, swords flashing in the dim light. It was more a slaughter than a battle. Many were beheaded when they rose startled from sleep. My own sword dripped blood. Others were felled by arrows from our youngest warriors. It was over in minutes. The wounded were slain where they lay; the survivors rounded up in the center of the camp. We found the leader hiding among the women and girls. He cringed in terror when he was brought before me. “Mercy, oh, mighty Gar-Nok. Mercy, please!”

“Where was your mercy for the members of my settlement? You knew you were in Kozok territory when you snuck into the village in the night to steal my property. If not, why all the trickery? No, there will be no mercy for you, or for any of your men.” I ordered four horses and ropes. My men smiled at these orders. He was bound at the wrists and ankles and each rope tied to a horse’s saddle. The lines were drawn tight so he was suspended above the ground. I approached him as he struggled fruitlessly to escape. “Now you will learn what happens to those who steal from Gar-Nok and kill his people. I raised my sword and when I dropped it the horses paced away pulling his arms and legs from his torso. My men had the torches ready. Blood spurted from his body but the wounds were cauterized by the fire so his limbless torso lived. “The jackals will enjoy their feast,” I whispered to him. “They will eat you alive.” I rose and turned away, leaving him to his fate. His warriors were slain by the arrow, all except one. They had merely followed his orders. The lone survivor was released. “Go home and tell all who will listen what happens when they come uninvited to the lands of the Kozok to steal and murder. Now go before I change my mind. My warriors would enjoy some more sport.” The corpses were burned leaving only the crippled leader to face the jackals. The women and children in the band were bound with their hands behind their backs, their necks circled with rope and tied to a long tether. They were marched back to our encampment dirty and defeated. On the way they were raped repeatedly by my men--women, girls, and even the boys. Such is the fate of the vanquished.

We rode slowly into our encampment where the women and children watched and cheered. My three Russ women seemed appalled. I rode up to them and dismounted. “This might have been your fate had my mother not intervened on your behalf. Instead of rape you have received respect. Instead of hard labor you will have lives of relative leisure. All you have to do is serve me.” I looked at Marya; she nodded knowingly—tonight it would be her turn. I retired to my tent. My men knew what to do with our new slaves. They would be divided among the senior men unless some junior warrior had distinguished himself or herself in the fight. Such valor was always rewarded.

I removed my weapons and armor, giving them over to the old man who cares for them. They would be sharpened and repaired if necessary to be ready on the morrow. I stripped to my tunic and ordered some food and water. To my surprise they were delivered by Marya. “Are you now my food servant?” I asked her, admiring her long slender legs and breasts bulging against her tight coarsely woven shift.

“It is my desire to serve you in any way I can, my lord. May I help you bathe when you have eaten?”

I had always bathed myself but this suggestion held promise so I agreed. I tore into the cold roast goat, flat bread, and cheese while Marya poured a flagon of frothy mead. When I had finished she followed me to the bathing pool, stopping to disrobe then laying her clothes and my clean ones in the soft grass. She removed my clothing and helped me into the pool. The cool water eased my tired muscles; Marya’s touch as she applied the soap to my back and chest felt even better. She washed my entire body, including my manhood and sack, causing my organ to stand erect. She looked me in the eye brazenly. “You can take me here if you wish, my lord.” I looked at her long slender body, punctuated by the orbs on her chest and her small pink nipples. Her skin was a delightful shade of white and very soft to the touch. It was tempting but the Warlord of the Kozok does not mate under the eye of his people. “We will wait,” I told her. “You may return with me to my tent.” Marya scurried from the pool to grab my towel. She rubbed me dry, ignoring her own needs until I took it from her and dried her to prevent her from turning blue in the fading afternoon light. I felt like running back to my tent, but we walked at a leisurely pace. A warlord must preserve his dignity.

Back in my tent Marya rushed to disrobe, but I stopped her. Clapping my hands brought my chief house slave to my door. “I do not wish to be disturbed unless there is an emergency. Do you understand?”

“Yes, my lord,” he replied, barely able to suppress a smile. Had I caught him I would have had him flogged even though he has been a faithful slave to my father and me for almost twenty years. I drew the flaps across the doorway and returned to Marya. It was hard to believe this beauty was only thirteen years old. I drew her to me. She looked up with anticipation in her eyes as I leaned down to kiss her. Her soft lips opened to me; her tongue pressed against mine. It was only seconds before they wrestled back and forth between our mouths. I gripped her, sliding my hands under her shift to the round buttocks. She was thin and firm, but there was strong muscle here—muscle that would serve me well, I thought. I broke from the kiss to pull the shift over her head. She stood naked before me again. I noticed for the first time the tiny patch of blond hair just above her sex. Her body was almost boy-like except for the beautifully shaped breasts and slightly flaring hips. I also admired the space between those long thin legs—perfect for my cock.

I held my arms up and Marya disrobed me, smiling once again at the sight of my erect organ. She reached tentatively to touch it. “It’s hot and so hard,” she exclaimed, remembering at the last minute to add, “my lord.”

“Kneel, Marya. Kiss it and place it into your mouth.” Marya smiled as she sunk to her knees. I guessed that Irina had told her of this act that so stimulated me. She extended her tongue to lick all around the head before opening her mouth around my organ. I watched as it slowly disappeared into her mouth. She washed my manhood with her tongue as I groaned with the pleasure she was giving me. If she continued this way I would soon send my sperm uselessly down her throat. I needed an heir so I pulled her up into another passionate kiss. We pulled each other close as our desire for each other ruled our bodies. I picked her up and carried her to my bed. She laid back opening her legs in invitation to me. I leaned forward, my cock head at the entrance to her tunnel. Like Irina her tunnel was dripping with fluid. I slowly pushed my way in.

“Don’t worry about hurting me, my lord. Please…just fuck me. Please, my lord…now.” I pushed into her hard, breaking her barrier in the single thrust. Marya winced but did not cry. She threw her arms around my neck, kissing me wildly as I slid into and out of her hot, tight canal. Faster and faster I pumped into her until…suddenly I froze as my first jet of sperm shot into her, soon to be followed by four more. Thick white sperm leaked from her hole, so plentiful was my eruption. “Let us rest now,” I told her as I exited, my organ shrinking rapidly.

“Tell me, Marya, will you miss your village?”

“No, my lord. I was thrilled when you chose me as one of your consorts.”

“Why? Will you not miss your family…your parents?”

“Ha! No, my lord, I will never miss them. You rescued me from a horrible fate. My father was about to sell me to a wealthy farmer to be his ‘servant.’ Besides all the work around his house I would have to lie with him—an old fat pig of a man, covered with black hair. Yuck! I would much rather lie with you, my lord. I hated my father for doing that to me but I suppose he needed the money. We were very poor.”

“I see. Do you know about the other girls? Will they miss their families or their village?”

“I know them, of course, my lord. Ours is a very small village. Like me, they were very poor. We all had to work very hard just to survive. They would probably have suffered a fate similar to what my father planned for me. I would be surprised if either of them missed their lives there very much.”

I was well satisfied with her answers. I pulled her close to me before pulling several yak pelts over us as we rested. It had been a very long three days for me, not having slept since I had left our encampment two days ago. I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke the following morning to fine Marya in the same position. She was wide awake. “Have you been awake long?” I asked her.

‘Yes, my lord, I slept well with you to keep me warm and woke with the sun, as I usually do. I did not move because I did not wish to wake you, but now that you are awake, may I serve you again? It would be my pleasure to do so.” She reached out for my manhood which was already hard as it was many mornings. “Oh, my lord, it seems you are ready for me.” I just smiled and lay back, motioning her to climb onto me. She rose and kneeled above my organ. She rubbed it back and forth along her slit, moistening herself and me in the process. Smiling again and staring into my eyes she slowly lowered herself onto me. I watched in awe as this slight girl’s body swallowed my long hard organ. She seemed even tighter and hotter this morning than she had been last night.

Just as slowly as she had swallowed me she rose now almost, but not quite all the way up. She repeated this action fucking herself on me, determined to milk me of my sperm. I could feel something happening deep within my core. When she rotated herself around my manhood it was more than I could handle. Once again I erupted into her, grunting hard several times as each thick spurt was forced into her. I noticed her body shaking violently as I finished. “Thank you, my lord. That was fantastic. It was something I had never before experienced. My whole body shook and tingled. I hope it happens again.”

“I am pleased you enjoyed it and, yes, I look forward to being with you again. Let us rest some more. My lieutenants know how to handle most matters and if there is an emergency they will call me.” I pulled her down to my chest, my organ still hard within her. I rubbed her back and buttocks before gripping her head, reaching up for another kiss. I pulled a pelt over her to keep her warm. It was some time later that my mother knocked at the door suggesting that I get up and tend to the day’s needs. Reluctantly, I left Marya, dressed and walked to the pool to cleanse myself.

On the way to the pool I met Katya, the youngest of the three Russ girls at eleven. “I am looking forward to serving you, my lord. May I hope to do so this evening?” I led her to the pool, stripped her and myself before handing her the crude soap. I wanted to see how this child would handle herself. To my surprise she washed me from head to toe just as Marya had done yesterday. She smiled broadly at the sight of my engorged organ. “I’m looking forward to having that in my body, my lord,” she whispered to me. “I have much to offer you, in some ways, my lord, more than my friends.”

I looked at her with a question in my mind. What could this child do that the others could not? As if reading my mind Katya spoke, “I know you wish to have an heir, my lord. That is why you always deposit your sperm where you can impregnate Irina and Marya. But I have not yet begun to bleed so I cannot give you an heir…at least, not yet. So,” she hesitated a moment to give my imagination the chance to determine what she was saying to me. I smiled a moment later. “Yes, my lord, you can deposit it in my mouth, or in my birth tunnel, or even in my ass, if you wish. That is why I have more to offer than my friends now.”

I stepped from the pool now that I was clean, pulling Katya behind me. Once she had dried me and herself, I told her, ”Come to my tent after the evening meal. We will see about all these holes you are offering me.” I left Katya there with a broad smile on her face. These Russ women were certainly a challenge.

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