This is the second story in swim buddies hope you enjoy

"So what were you guys doing in there?" Jeremy said. Jeremy was one of our other teammates, he was 15, in 10th grade, average height about 5'8, same build as Zach and I, with short brown hair, and blue eyes. We both had nervous looks on our faces but Zach spoke up. "We weren't doing anything in there Jeremy." Jeremy had an unfazed look on his face because he knew that was a definite lie. "Listen, I know what you guys were doing in there and it's fine." "Oh thank god" Zach and I both said in relief. "But," Jeremy said, "I think I want to be in this too." he said with a smile. Zach and I both got surprised looks on our faces, we knew that Jeremy still didn't have a girlfriend yet but we didn't know this was the reason why. "Why would someone like you want in on this?" I said. "Because I've always been questioning on whether I like guys or girls and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out." Jeremy said. "Well ok you can join us," Zach said, "We were going to Ryan's house for some more fun but I think his dad would be ok for one more at his house." "Really, you mean it?" Jeremy said with excitement. "Yeh sure, how bad could it be?" I said. And with that we got our clothes on fast because of the anticipation of what would happen tonight. After we got our clothes on we left the locker room and walked down the hall to the lounge where my dad was sitting. "Dad since it's a Friday and we don't have school tomorrow do you think Zach and Jeremy could sleepover?" I said. "Well I don't see why not, is it ok with their parents?" he said. A few seconds later they both chimed in with an excited "Yes" "Well then lets go home." my dad said and we left for the truck.

When we got to my house it was around 10, we were a little late getting home because of our locker room fun, my mom was sitting on the couch with my brother watching TV and she was surprised to see visitors. "Well who's this gang coming to our house?" she said. "It's just me and a couple of friends mom, they're going to sleep over tonight." I said. "Well don't stay up too late watching TV and playing games because everyone's going to bed now." she said. "We won't." we said. "And keep it quiet down there." she said. "We will." we all said. We waited for my parents and my little brother to go upstairs and fall asleep before we talked about what we were going to do.

We played Mario Kart on the Wii until we were sure everyone was asleep, I went upstairs and got some supplies from my parents room and shut their door so that they wouldn't hear what would be going on downstairs, I shut my brothers door as well. When I got downstairs I told Zach and Jeremy that to create less noise we should move to my room, the basement. My room was finished with carpets and a large bathroom so we decided it would be better and less noisy down there. When we got into the basement we walked over to the large bathroom and shut the door behind us. When the door shut I dropped the lube, and condoms on the floor, I also got my laptop from my desk for some porn to jack off to.

After all of that was set up, the computer on some bisexual mmf porn, Jeremy, Zach and I lubed up or dicks to masturbate. I played the movie and started to jack my 10" meat off. During this I saw a surprised look on Jeremy's face when he looked down at my dick. "So do you like what you see Jeremy?" I said, "That's the same look Zach gave me when he first saw my dick." Jeremy nodded in agreement while pumping his 6" dick quickly with his hand. Finally to break the tension Zach started to jack my dick with his hand. His hand felt so good on my dick. Then after that he started to jack off Jeremy's 6"circumcised dick as well and we all seemed to like that a lot.

During this Jeremy caught on to the fact that what he wanted was actually happening. Seeing Jeremy's face in awe I whispered to Zach, "Why don't you give him one of your awesome blowjobs?" he grinned after I said that and with a small nod he dropped his head down into Jeremy's lap. Jeremy had an even more surprised look on his face when he saw what Zach was doing. Zach started to suck on the head of Jeremy's dick to get all of the pre cum off of it. After that he started slowly sliding Jeremy's dick down his throat with ease, in a matter of seconds he had the whole 6" down his throat. "So this is what a blowjob feels like, I've never gotten one before and it feels amazing!" Jeremy said extremely elated. Is this what you guys were doing in the bathroom a few hours ago?" he asked. "Yeh it does feel good doesn't it?" I said. "I think I want a blowjob as well, and you're going to help me with that Jeremy." "But I've never given a blowjob before, let alone have I seen one being done in real life in front of me, I've only seen it in porn." he said slightly scared. "Don't worry you'll be fine, it's like sucking on a lollipop." "Well ok then I'll try it." he said being skeptical. "Good," I said, "and I think I'll help Zach out too, he looks like he could use a blowjob." So I told Jeremy to lay on the floor when I layed on the floor and we formed a triangle, I was facing Zach's dick, Jeremy was facing my dick and, Zach was still working on Jeremy's dick and by the look on Jeremy's face it wouldn't be long before he blew his load. When we got into position I started to suck on Zach's dick and Jeremy followed my lead, watching how I did it.

The triangle sucking went on for another couple minutes until Jeremy was about to cum. Jeremy took my dick out of his throat and said to Zach, "Zach I'm about to cum!" I looked up when Jeremy said that and with a grin Zach moved his head faster on Jeremy's dick. A few seconds later Jeremy started to cum down Zach's throat and he seemed to like it so much that he cummed down my throat, and i was about to cum as well so that moment put me over the top and I cummed down Jeremy's throat. Zach and I managed to swallow the loads in our throats, and Jeremy seemed to like the taste but he couldn't get all of the cum down his throat and some dropped on the floor. "That was the best orgasm I've ever had!" said Jeremy, "What should we do now?" "Well first what you should do Jeremy is get the extra cum off the floor." He quickly slurped up the cum off the floor, I had just cleaned my bathroom before I went to swim so it wasn't dirty. "I have an idea but it might hurt a little, are you still up for it?" I asked both of them. "Sure!" they both said. "But what is it?" Jeremy asked. I looked over at Zach with a grin and he knew what I was implying. "You'll see in a minute." I said to Jeremy.

I went over to the box of condoms and took two out. I threw one of them to Zach "Put this on you'll need it." I said to him. Zach caught it, unwrapped it, and put it on his dick. I put the other one on my dick. "What are you guys doing?" Jeremy asked. "We are getting ready to fuck Jeremy, now turn around and Zach will help you with the rest." I said. Jeremy nodded in agreement and turned around while Zach lubed up his protected dick. "This might hurt a little but then it will feel really good." Zach said "But you need to try not to scream." Jeremy, with hesitation, said ok and Zach covered Jeremy's mouth to try and quiet some of the screaming. Zach then counted down from 3 and when he reached 1 he slowly plunged his dick into Jeremy's tight ass. Jeremy twitched and started to whimper a little but Zach's hand muffled most of the noises. After a minute or two Jeremy settled down and Zach removed his hand from Jeremy's mouth. "I think he's ready." I said, and with that Zach nodded and slowly started to push forward and backward in and out of Jeremy's tight ass. "Now I think I should start to get ready for Zach." I thought to myself. I quickly lubed up my protected dick and started to poke around Zach's asshole. I told Zach to stop for a minute so that I would have an easier time of getting my dick in his ass. Zach, still being a virgin, had a really tight ass. I took some of the lube and put it around his asshole before I stuck my dick in between those wonderful cheeks. I covered Zach's mouth so that if he made a sound it would be muffled, and I started to slowly put my dick inside him. Just like Jeremy, Zach whimpered and twitched a little but after a minute he was fine. I then started up the rhythm of going in and out of Zach's asshole and he looked, and sounded like he was loving it. Jeremy also started to moan with pleasure while being fucked in the ass. After a few minutes of that Jeremy came onto the floor. Jeremy then pulled himself off Zach's dick. After doing that he took off Zach's condom and started to give him a blowjob.

During this time I was going to town on Zach's ass. I started to fuck him faster and faster and he seemed to like it so much that he came down Jeremy's throat and he actually swallowed all of it. I was getting tired of fucking Zach so much that I slowed down. "Can you pull out of me?" Zach asked, "I want you to cum on my face." "Can I be a part of that too please?" Jeremy said with hesitation. "Sure, why not I was getting tired anyways." I said. And with that I pulled out of Zach's ass and took off my condom. Jeremy immediately started to jack me off as soon as I took the condom off. "Wow Jeremy I guess you really want my cum don't you?" I asked. He shook his head yes while still jacking me off. "Hey Jeremy do you think you could fit two dicks in your mouth?" Zach asked. "I could try." Jeremy said with a smile. Zach then stood up next to me and touched his dick to mine. Jeremy first jacked our dicks together with 2 hands because his one hand wasn't big enough to fit around both of our dicks put together. While he was doing this I turned Zach’s head towards mine and started to make out with him. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths while we kissed and it was really hot. Not a minute later Jeremy started to try and fit his mouth around both of our dicks, he barely did it but he managed to fit both of them in his mouth. He then started to give the both of us a blowjob, and it was the best feeling in my life I thought I was going to have an orgasm as soon as he started to suck but I held it out for another 5 minutes. After that amount of time Zach and I were both about to cum and we told Jeremy but he insisted that he kept going. A few more minutes passed and Zach and I cummed down his throat. Surprisingly enough even with 2 dicks squirting down his throat only a small amount of cum came out of his mouth. Zach and I then took our dicks out of Jeremy’s white mouth so he could breathe. We both then sat down on the floor exhausted but Zach wanted more. Zach almost instantly recovered from exhaustion and started to suck on my dick again. I told Jeremy to get one of the condoms out of the box and put it on. He did this and started to lube it up. Jeremy knew what I was telling him to do so he lubed up Zach’s ass as well. He then proceeded to put his dick inside Zach’s waiting asshole. Once he put it in Zach cringed for a second and then kept going with the blowjob. I nodded to Jeremy and he started to fuck Zach in the ass. I told Zach to stop giving me a blowjob for a second and I slid under him and started to suck on his dick, he then resumed sucking on mine.

After a couple minutes of this I was about to blow my load but before I could do this Zach almost immediately cummed down my throat out of pure ecstasy between getting fucked in the ass and getting his dick sucked. I swallowed all of the cum. A couple of seconds later I cummed down Zach’s throat. I then crawled out from underneath him and stood on my knees. I scuffled over to Jeremy, who was still fucking Zach, and started to make out with him. This put him over the top and he squirmed a little and I knew that he just cummed in the condom. He pulled out of Zach’s ass and layed down on the floor. He took off the cum-filled condom but he didn’t know what to do with it. “I have an idea.” I said, so I took the condom and brought it over to Zach and he gladly took it and swallowed it all. I then went back over to Jeremy and got him up on his knees. I started to make out with him again and a second later he started to get aroused again. Zach, seeing this, crawled over and started to jack him off as well as me. We were all into it and then Zach wanted to try what Jeremy did, so Jeremy and I got close together with our dicks on top of each other and Zach took them both down his throat with ease. This went on for a few more minutes and we cummed down his throat at the same time and by that time we were all exhausted. We all hopped in my shower and washed each other off and all three of us made out under the running water. “Let’s do this again!” Jeremy said. “Maybe we will but for right now I’m really tired from all that we did, let’s go to bed.” I said. We all agreed and I went over to my dresser for some extra flannel pajama pants. I gave them both a pair and I set up their sleeping bags on the ground. “Night guys.” I said. “Night” they both said back. And we all fell asleep.

To Be Continued……

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