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Chapter 1

Now that we were finally married I looked back wondering how we ever got here. It all started at a meeting of the families, well, sort of a meeting—actually it was more like a battle. We were in my parents’ apartment above the bakery—Mama and Papa, Sharon and Gino, Susan and me. It was the first, but not the last, time I seriously thought about eloping. Mama was explaining, as she had been for the last hour and a half, how all these relatives—Uncle whoever, Aunt what’s-her-name, Cousin God-only-knows, and like a hundred other relatives, all faceless people to me—had to be invited. “Mama, you’re absolutely no help,” I told her, disgusted by the way this was progressing. “By the time you finish there will be over a hundred people there that neither Susan nor I even know. And who’s supposed to pay for all this? We’d need a formal catering hall, food, booze, disk jockey, invitations, flowers, and God only knows what else. Remember—I’m a teacher. I make decent money, but we just bought a house. A lot of my savings went for that. Some is for our honeymoon and the rest is for Susan’s education. Don’t say it, Mama! You knew Susan was going to college when you volunteered to help raise our child. Don’t even think of backing out.”
“Antonio, you hurt your Mama. I no back out. You know I love babies. But, listen to me. If we no invite all these relatives you Papa and I will be embarrassed. You want them to think we cheap—no can afford big party?”

“Mama, I don’t really care what they think. I have never even met most of these people. Why would I care about people I don’t even know? I know you’re not cheap, but I also haven’t seen you volunteer to pay for any of this, either.”

“Ah, but you Papa and I know them, and they know you getting married. They expect…we invite them. You know we pay if we could. You know the bakery not doing so good. We just scraping by.”

“Then, what’s the alternative, Mama? Either all these people have to go or we have to scale back on what kind of party we have.” I turned suddenly, hearing a loud scraping of a chair. It was Gino. I didn’t know if he was just getting comfortable for what looked like it was going to be a long argument, or what. “ Ummm, I have been thinking. I never thought I would fall in love or get married, or have a family, either. Yet all these things have happened,” Taking Sharon’s hand and kissing it, he continued, “Tom, were it not for you and Susan, I would never have met Sharon and never known the joys of love, marriage, or family, not to mention all the sensational sex we’ve been having, eh, Cara Mia?” Sharon reddened and gave Gino an elbow in the ribs, but it was a playful gesture which I was sure meant that she and Gino would have a fucking good time when they got home. Gino went on, “Sharon and I have talked about this. We understand that the bride’s family usually pays for the wedding, but Susan’s family is dissolved and in disarray. So--we think it fitting that her new family assume that responsibility. Sharon and I will pay for the wedding; Mama, invite all the relatives.”

“What Gino means is that he will pay for the wedding. He’s the one with all the money. God knows, Susan’s father would rather die than spend a penny on her,” Sharon added. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. We had the money. Believe me, Gino has plenty. He confided in me once that he cleared more than $500,000 a year, and that was a bad year. He charged plenty and I guess he was worth it. Women flocked to his salons. I really caught it from him a few years ago when I called his staff--”beauticians.” “Thomas, my good man, beauticians work in common beauty parlors. My exclusive salons employ talented stylists; there is a mountain of a difference.” I figured the only difference was that “stylists” could charge more—a lot more. Now all we needed was the hall, the dress, the deejay, and a lot of other stuff that I really didn’t want any part of. Fortunately, Sharon and Susan would handle most of it while I was at work.

One night, in bed with Susan, I was all set to tell her I thought we should elope and be done with it. Before I had the chance she told me how excited she was to have a big wedding with a fancy gown and loads of guests—just what she had always dreamed of. I kept my mouth closed; I knew I’d break her heart if I told her how I really felt. Instead…I leaned over to her, nuzzling her neck. Immediately, she reached for my cock, gently stroking me to hardness. She arched her back pushing her soft firm breasts into my chest. One hand I used for her head, pulling her into a long hot kiss, the other went straight to her pussy. Why was I not surprised to find it dripping wet? I rubbed up and down her slit, drenching my fingers, before sliding two into her hot tight cunt. I searched for and found that spongy area—her G-spot. I rubbed her rapidly, watching her gyrate and quiver under my touch. She was shaking so hard she couldn’t sustain the kiss. I could see the ecstasy in her face as she pulled away. “Oh God, Tom, what you do to me--I love you so much.”

Rather than answer her I showed her how I felt, taking a nipple into my mouth, nibbling and suckling like our child would do only seven months from now. Susan groaned non-stop as I attacked two of her most sensitive areas. I knew she’d had enough of the preliminaries when she climbed on top of me, sinking my cock deep into her tunnel. Susan was like a woman possessed. Her hair flew wildly as she rode me hard, grinding her clit into me as I massaged her breasts and tweaked her hard nipples. Susan’s head was down as she concentrated on reaching her orgasm and when she suddenly threw her head back she roared as it claimed domain over her body. Just seeing her react was all I needed as I blew stream after stream of hot gooey cum into her. I came in buckets, so much it ran from Susan’s pussy, drenching my abdomen, legs, and sheets. Susan collapsed onto my chest, sweat pouring from her body as she panted and gasped, straining to recover from her exertions. I caressed her back, kissing her cheek, as we slowly returned to normalcy. We fell asleep covered in our sticky fluids, naked and in each other’s embrace.

Eventually, all the details for the wedding came together. Thank God Sharon was no longer working. Yes, she did have their twins to care for, but they also had a nanny, an elderly woman in her 60’s, Sharon having rejected all of the younger women who had applied. She interviewed several caterers and decided on a local country club. She and Susan shopped for a dress after school; it took almost two weeks, but it was worth it—Susan was a knockout when I saw Gino walk her down the aisle. The reception was a lot of fun even though Susan and I knew a total of twenty people there, my close relatives and friends, Susan’s friends, Mama and Papa, Gino and Sharon. The other 108 were total strangers even though they all claimed to be “familia.” I have to say this—for strangers they were extremely generous. Gino and Sharon gave us $5,000—I thought that paying for the wedding was more than enough. Mama and Papa gave us $1,000, which was more than they could afford. Susan’s friends gave us objects like vases, toasters (I already had two!); the strangers gave us more than $30,000, mostly in cash which led me to wonder if it was all obtained honestly. Were we being used to launder money? I prayed they just didn’t believe in banks which would probably have made them smarter than the average citizen.

Chapter 2

Susan and I spent our wedding night in a hotel near LaGuardia Airport en route to Los Angeles and Hawaii the following morning. We had lived together, making love daily for the past three years so our wedding night held few surprises, but it was still a special night for us. We showered together as usual, Susan rubbing her skin all over me. I had told her long ago how much I loved the touch of her beautiful skin and she never missed the opportunity to excite me. She pushed her fantastic firm breasts into my chest and stomach, running her hard nipples over me. She took my cock in hand, rubbing the tip over her areolas—an action that stimulated both of us. I was breathing hard when I stepped from the shower to dry my bride’s body. I carried her to the bed, lying her down gently, before joining her in a warm embrace and long tongue-laden kiss. I rubbed her wet pussy as she stroked my hard cock. I broke the kiss and, backing off a few inches, told her that I loved her—that she was the only woman in the world for me. She spread her legs and pulled me onto her. I moved into her easily, her hot tight cunt gripping my cock as I buried it deep into her. We established a slow sinuous rhythm as we caressed each other. I kissed Susan as I slowly picked up the pace. She was breathing erratically when she locked her legs around my waist bring her big hard clit into contact with my abdomen. We pushed into each other as our pace quickened again. When I looked into Susan’s face again I saw a woman desperate for her orgasm. She pulled my mouth to hers as she drove her hips up forcing me against her cervix over and over again until…suddenly…she screamed as her orgasm hit her hard. Susan squirmed under me as her cunt clenched around my cock. One more deep thrust sent me over the top. I shot rope after rope of sperm-laden cum at point blank range into her womb. Had she not already been pregnant, this would have done it for sure.

I had been to Hawaii once before and I was amazed by the natural beauty of the islands. We flew to Lihue on the island of Kauai then drove to the Sheraton in Poipu on the South Shore where the island’s best beaches could be found. We spent five days swimming, snorkeling and sightseeing. We saw where the movie “South Pacific” was filmed on Hanalei Bay and took a boat trip to see the Na Pali coast where the beautiful fluted mountains rise from the sea. We stood in the gentle waves one day holding each other when I felt Susan’s hand snake its way up the leg of my suit. Susan gave me a wicked smile as she began to stroke me to hardness. I rolled my eyes but did nothing to stop her. Susan lay back in the water, her legs wrapped around my hips as she slowly guided my cock from my swim suit into the hot waiting tunnel between her legs. It was tough fucking her with her bikini pushing against my shaft but—what the hell--we were married and on our honeymoon and, fortunately, the beach was pretty deserted. If someone caught us I would have blamed our movements on the ever-present waves of the South Pacific. I turned away from the beach as my orgasm neared so my grunts, groans, and grimaces would be known only to us and any fish swimming nearby. I noticed a trail of cum in the water when I pulled out. Susan still had that wicked smile on her face so I was sure she still had some surprises in mind for me.

On the sixth morning we took an inter-island flight to Kahului, Maui—in my opinion the most beautiful of the Hawaiian Islands. We stayed at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel near the famous snorkeling area at Black Rock. We watched the sunset each night trying to catch the “green flash.” It was a truly romantic setting, something that was not lost on Susan. We made love every night and almost every morning (and some afternoons, too!). On our third night we took a sunset dinner cruise out of Lahaina. The food was good and, of course, we declined any alcohol because of Susan’s age and her pregnancy. Susan must have really loved the cruise though, because that night she was unusually affectionate. I was in bed while she finished her hair. We had showered together as usual, kissing and preparing each other for the upcoming sex. Susan stroked my cock and fingered my ass, massaging my prostate as she did. I massaged her fantastic breasts as I kissed her, teasing her nipples just enough to make her really hot for what was to come. We had given up sex in the shower when she became pregnant. We didn’t want to take a chance on a slip or fall which might injure Susan, or worse.

She walked from the bathroom wearing a nightie which was a surprise because we always slept in the nude. It was a baby doll of white lace that was translucent in the light coming from behind her. If it was intended to make me hot, the gesture was totally successful. I could see the outline of her body—the swell of her breasts, her narrow waist, the flare of her hips, the delightful space where her legs met her torso. It was super hot and so was she. “You like?” she asked me softly as she slid into the bed with me.

“No, I love it and I love you!” I reached up to touch her cheek as she moved to me. She leaned down; our lips met in a soft sweet kiss. Teasingly, she licked my lips. When my tongue ventured forth to meet hers she sucked it into her mouth. Her breasts pressed into me and she rubbed her nipples across my chest. I reached for her pussy but she stopped me. “Not tonight—tonight I’m doing all of it. You just lie back and enjoy.”

Susan scrambled between my legs and, starting at the tip of my cock, licked a spiral all the way to the base—and then all the way back up again. Fuck! She was driving me crazy! If she hadn’t told me to lie back I would have jumped her right then and there. But, she wasn’t done yet. Once again she pushed a finger into my ass to massage my prostate while she licked spirals down my cock. I was ready to blow and Susan knew it so she kissed my cock and moved forward, positioning her hot wet cunt over my cock. “Remember—I’m doing everything,” she reminded me. I nodded, reluctantly keeping my hands at my side even though I wanted to fuck her in the worst way. Susan grinned as she lowered herself onto my cock.

Susan closed her eyes, savoring the stretching of her pussy walls as she began to slowly sway around my rock-hard erection. I wanted to cum desperately—so hot was I from her oral teasing of my cock, but Susan was taking her time. I expected her to speed up but she fooled me—she maintained that tantalizingly slow pace. On and on, minute after minute, she continued. For almost forty minutes she built heat in me, torturing me the entire time. But it was worth it. It was building slowly, but it did build steadily and when I groaned loudly Susan knew the end was near. She jumped off my cock and shifted it to her mouth. She sucked and jerked me frenetically until I blew. You might think that my orgasm would be weak after all the fucking we had done over the past nine days, but you would have been wrong—dead wrong! Susan’s slow determined approach yielded an explosion of an orgasm. I came and came and came, ramming not less than nine long thick ropes of hot white cum into her mouth. Even Susan could not swallow such a torrent. She gagged as cum poured from her mouth, even as I continued to fill it again and again.

Eventually, I stopped—there was a limit to what my body could produce—completely and totally exhausted, covered in my own cum. I desperately needed another shower but I couldn’t move. Susan moved up to cuddle with me, our abdomens covered and sticking to each other. Just before falling asleep I heard her whisper, “I really, really love you, Tom.” I pulled her close with my last remaining strength and we fell asleep listening to the surf break from our ocean front room.

We were together the following morning—stuck together by my dried cum that covered our abdomens and thighs. It was an effort to separate ourselves, but when we did we walked hand-in-hand to the shower. We washed each other first, then I shaved and, finally, we shaved each other’s pubic areas clean. We stepped from the shower, toweling each other dry. After a wonderful alfresco breakfast we picked out some lounges on the expansive shady lawn before we walked down the beach to snorkel at Black Rock, a lava outcropping that is one of the world’s best snorkeling spots that can be reached from shore. We marveled at the number of fish and their bright colors. We saw a sea turtle swimming in the warm shallow water and when we swam out to the end of the lava I found a green Moray about twenty-five feet down. Susan was obviously frightened so we turned around, returning to shore. I had just dropped our gear by our chairs on the spacious lawn and was about to sit when Susan gave me “that look.” She shook her head “NO!” and pointed up. We returned to our room instead, arriving just as the maid was finishing up. It seemed such a shame to destroy the bed only minutes after it was made, but we were honeymooners, so…. “I’m still hungry, Tom,” she whispered as her suit hit the floor. I knew she wasn’t talking about food so I dropped my baggies and joined her on the bed. She rubbed her body against me knowing how her skin affected me. I was hard again in an instant. Susan bent to take me into her mouth but I shifted us into a “69” side by side. I rolled her on top and dove into her delectable pussy. Her normal sweet musky taste was disguised by the salt from the Pacific so I licked her clean to reveal her natural flavor. Her labia were swollen and hot to the touch of my tongue. I teased them en route to fucking her with my tongue. Slowly I pushed into her hot wet tunnel savoring her musky secretions. In…out…in…out, I fucked my woman with my strong tongue as I flicked her nipples with my fingers. Susan meanwhile had engulfed my hard cock with her mouth, sucking and licking me energetically. She deep throated me which felt pretty damn good, but when she used her throat muscles to “swallow” me the sensation was exquisite—where did this woman get these ideas? Susan was jerking me off with her throat so I obliged her by shooting rope after rope of sticky semen into her stomach. As I was cumming I ramped up the action on her cunt by taking her hard clit into my mouth. I knew what she liked—sucking it between my teeth—until she exploded in a long intense orgasm. She collapsed on top of me, my cock deflating in her mouth.

We loved Maui, but all too soon it was time to go home—me to my summer job, Susan to organizing our home before starting college. Susan had been accepted at one of the state universities on Long Island, the same one where I had earned my masters degree. She would begin during the second summer session, attend the Fall Semester, and take off in the Spring to give birth and raise our baby. We figured that by combining regular sessions with summer school she would be able to graduate in three and a half years before becoming a teacher. That was the plan, but who knew what the future would bring—a second child maybe?

Chapter 3

Susan started school in mid-July, taking some basic courses in child development en route to her degree in elementary education. In early September she participated in all of the freshman orientation programs including the freshman mixer. I went as her date. Susan had a great body so she attracted some attention from her classmates, but whenever a boy approached her she just held up her finger, the one with the engagement and wedding ring, and pointed to me saying, “Husband!” We did meet some of her friends from high school; they were all excited to learn that she was both married and pregnant. Those who had attended my junior high knew me and that we were together, but they, too, were surprised that Susan was pregnant. Susan, of course, enjoyed the mixer; I found it boring.

The school year was well under way when Susan’s body started to reveal her pregnancy. We went to Thanksgiving dinner at Gino and Sharon’s and were both surprised and thrilled to learn that Sharon was again pregnant. Gino confided in me that he was hoping for a really big Italian family. I wished him luck, wondering what Sharon would think about that. After all, she was the one who would have to do all the work of carrying and delivering the children. One thing was obvious—Gino and Sharon were deeply in love. We all could see it in every gesture and every touch they shared. I figured they were almost as deeply in love as Susan and I were. When Susan and her mom began talking about baby clothes and furniture and all the rest I took it as my cue to retire to the TV for some traditional turkey day football.

Susan’s semester ended just before the Christmas break which the school, displaying its most politically correct behavior, now referred to as the “winter intersession.” She had earned a respectable B-plus average and was eagerly looking forward to continuing her education the following summer. This was the time that we stopped fucking (doctor’s orders). Susan laughed hysterically when told me how she shocked her doctor when she asked if we could still do it anally. Luckily, we could. Susan loved sucking my cock, too, so I never had a problem dealing with my sexual needs. Susan was home every day now and by the time I got home from school she was even hornier than I was. It reminded me of the times we had when she came to my rental home after her days in high school. She usually attacked me as soon as I opened the door. I almost fell several times as my pants fell to my ankles and I probably would have if Susan’s mouth hadn’t been attached to my rock-hard cock.

We spent a lot of time, and a lot of Gino’s money, decorating the baby’s room. This was something that Susan and Sharon worked hard on. It might have been a lot easier if we had known the baby’s sex, but Susan refused to have the necessary sonogram. “We’ll find out soon enough,” she told me. “That system has worked pretty well for thousands of years. It’ll work just as well for us.” She was right. In mid-February she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. It was the happiest day of my life.


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