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This is my first ever story so i hope for my 1st story it's a good one. I know there isn't alot of sex and the sex in this is gentle but i do have future ideas for how to broaden this story. Don't mind constructive criticism but if gentle sex as well as not sex every other paragraph, then this story isn't for you. Enjoy though.
So this is my first story and I thought about how I wanted to write it for quit awhile. I could go back to my middle school years where I had my first sexual experiences, or I could go into the dates that I went on in my later teen years. But I decided to another story as my first story. I used to DJ for private parties. Not super fancy ones, but the ones where you had to know a guy or two to get into as it was selective invite only. They’d give me a setlist or a specific genre of music they’d like me to stick too and they’d pay me by the hour. Granted it wasn’t much, but the favors with people who knew people always did come in handy.

Before I get into much of the story let me describe myself. Names Mitch, I’m 5’10” with brownish-black hair, and while I’m not the most muscled guy around I could hold my own in a fight. Most of my body weight was natural muscle. Mainly in my chest and shoulder areas. I’ve had more than one lady comment on my broad shoulders and my stamina in bed. I’ve never been super big as some of the other guys. 7” dick and about an inch and a half thick. Too me I laughed at the “jar-heads” that thought that having a bigger dick made them better than anyone else. It lies more with skills and natural talent more so than a big dick.

Anyways back to the story at hand. The usual was happening as I DJ’ed from what I could tell. The Looser women stayed to the sides, generally away from the speakers so they could drag some poor wretch to bed with them and spread the diseases. The people who obviously were dragged there generally stayed to the bar area and would find themselves waking up the next morning with some random person of the opposite sex wondering what the hell they had done. (although same sex was possible and occasionally I did see that happening at the bar) Although, things had kicked off early and there was a girl getting double penetrated by two guys who were nothing more than assholes in my opinion. I felt sorry for her but I did enjoy the show. Something about a girl being put into submission and two guys taking turns on her turned my more animal sex side on. She had boobs that would put dolly parton to shame, and a freshly shaved pussy that was gleaming from the light being thrown around the room from the rave lights. If she wasn’t puking up cum the next morning I’d be shocked, but as I was the DJ and was paid to sit there and keep the bass up I could look, but I could not move from my post. That sucked and still does suck, but there has been times when I have had a girl come up to dance/grind with me while I DJ’ed and that was always well received.

It was just one such night when I was DJ’ing, specifically more electronic/techno material like Dark Oscillators or Headhunterz, that I met a girl that gave me a memory I still haven’t forgotten to this day. Normally it’s custom for girls to hook up with the DJ after the party but this was the first time I had a girl come up to me right as I was shifting to Hey Baby by Deadmau5. Her name was Elizabeth. If you can think back to your highschool years and think of the quiet, shy, white girl that was pretty enough but was often left alone because she didn’t say too much you would have Elizabeth pinned down on looks. She was around 5’6” and had blond hair that came down just below her shoulderblades. Of course me being slightly intoxicated(I never had or have had more than a shot or two while Djing for no more of a reason that it makes it harder for me to pay attention to see how the crowd is doing to the music) but it wasn’t hard to guess that she was drunk as well just from the smell the permeated from her. She wasn’t to big in the boob department although, she wasn’t flat-chested either. Her boobs were about B-cup size if I had to guess, but it was her ass that I liked the most. It was the type of ass that most normal guys(you know, the ones that don’t have a 10” long dick) would love to grind with in a heartbeat while at the same time not making her look slutty.

We didn’t do much that night, but I found out more about her that night that to this day I don’t think she fully remembers telling me. She was turning 17 tomorrow, and her sister was the one being man-handled over in the corner and most likely would not be waking up anytime soon, or even considering getting Elizabeth home soon. Now as much as I wanted to have sex with Elizabeth that night, there was something in me that just could do it to a drunk girl. Specially seeing how she was around my age and she was still a virgin. She didn’t belong here, so against my better judgement I traded places with a friend of mine after setting up a playlist that would last till the party died down and broke the guys off Elizabeth’s sister. I later was told that her name was Taylor. Anyways, I got Taylor in the backseat of my car with a bucket near her so she could puke to her heart’s content and not ruin the interior of my Honda Accord and took Hannah home and had a welcome surprise waiting for me when I pulled up in their driveway.

They were out on this private plot of land that was easily a few hundred acres and the first thing I heard was a gunshot when I pulled in. Talk about nerve-wracking. So as I rounded the house I very cautiously I found out it was their father who was set up on the roof with a Barret 50 cal. Shooting hollowed out bullets into targets located around the yard. Boy did that scare me, but it made it even worse when he saw me with his daughters right there and he pointed that gun right at me. So after Elizabeth explained to her father about what I had done and that I hadn’t had sex with any of them and in truth I was just being kind to bring them home did I find out he was a Retired Military Sniper. One of the best too from what he told me. His wife had died on his last tour so he retired from active duty and came home to supervise his daughters and make sure they stayed out of trouble. He was a good guy, but had trust issues and long after Elizabeth had fallen into her bed and Taylor had been carried to hers me and him sat in his living room and talked.

He was astounded that I was Dj’ing at my age and more shocked when I told him I didn’t have the heart to take advantage of his youngest daughter when she wasn’t in her right state of mind. For that alone I sensed that he seemed to have a lot of respect for me. When I asked him why he let Elizabeth go to such a club he told me that he had grown up on strict discipline and that as long as his daughters got good grades and didn’t do anything to mess up their immediate future he would mostly let them do as they please. He knew his oldest was a slut, a trait she had apparently inherited from her mother as he said; I didn’t push that subject, didn’t think it was wise. He also knew his youngest was looking for a good guy to lose her virginity too as she was afraid she would never lose it.

We talked about other subjects that night as well, but generally nothing happened that night and i left around 4 in the morning after leaving my number in case Elizabeth ever wanted to go out with me to somewhere. And sure enough two days later I got a call from Elizabeth asking if I would like to come over to hang out at their place. At this time in my life I was unemployed and it was summer so I didn’t see the harm in it. My father didn’t even care really, he just wanted me home by midnight. I showed up an hour later in a t-shirt and jeans to find Elizabeth, Taylor, and her father dressed in work clothes asking if I wanted to go mudding with them. I of course said yes and was shocked when Rick, Elizabeths and Taylors father asked if I could drive a stick and when I said yes tossed me a set of keys to a jeep and said lets see what you got. The game was simple, One male and one female to a car and we were to simply get our cars as dirty as could be with mud within the hour. The losing teams had to clean off both cars when we got back to their house.

So after Elizabeth elected to go with me, while Taylor wanted to go with her father we were off. I loved the feel of the jeep and how it could handle those curves but the power behind the Xterra that Rick was using as well as its quick acceleration was impressive as well. Needless to say, I didn’t know the territory around their house and even though I knew where I was as far as home far from the house, the curves of the trails were lost on me but I gave Rick a good race in the end and when we all finally pulled back up to the house half drowned in mud we all worked together to clean the cars up and all went into take a shower. Rick had given me a spair pair of his cammo pants and boots before we left so when I got back and he directed me to the guest bathroom I showered and put on my regular clothes that I had worn their and was done cleaning up in 10 minutes after I entered that bathroom.

Elizabeth was the next one out and she was dressed in a black tanktop shirt and a darker pair of cammo pants with her hiking boots. It was then that I finally got a good look at her. I could tell she had well toned thighs and I had a sneaky suspicion that her tan had never been hindered by any clothes by the fact that there were no tan lines to my obvious line of sight. Rick came down later looking grizzled like an old ranger you would picture from stories and proceeded to go into the kitchen to pull out some ribs and wings for supper for all of us.

Elizabeth asked at this time if I could go on a walk with her. Her father smiled and said sure, be back in an hour. It was a peaceful walk but this was where things first started getting interesting between me and Elizabeth. She took me to a little open glade area about 10 minutes away from her house and we played tag there for a few minutes untill we were both out of breath and laying there on the grass.

It was at this point she perched herself up on her elbow and asked me why hadn’t I taken advantage of her at the party. I told her that I just didn’t have the heart to do it and I remember what her father had said about her trying to lose her virginity. So I played with her mind a little bit untill she asked me if I thought there could eventually be some sort of a relationship between me and her. I laughed and said, “Maybe, but I’m pretty sure your dad would hang my head on a stake for it.” She laughed and pulled close to me to where we were close enough that it felt like we were good friends hanging out like we had done this a million times when in reality we hadn’t met not but 3-4 days ago. And when we arrived back at the house we timed it right as the smoked ribs came out nice and fresh. We all ate well that night and when Elizabeth and Taylor had been sent in to go do the dishes I sat up on the roof with Rick and watched him shoot at the targets.

Well, as you could probably guess we talked friendly enough but eventually Rick brought up Elizabeth and my opinions on her and I told him the truth. She was a pretty girl, very smart and quick-witted too and that it was obvious that she had a good upbringing. Rick laughed and set his rifle aside and sat up and said something to this day that surprises me.

“Mitch, I saw you and Elizabeth in the glade area from here and I heard what you said to her. Now as hard as this is for me I need to ask you a favor. Elizabeth has never shown much of an interest in any guy untill you came along the other night. I want you to be her first. She has that same look in her eye that my wife Trisha had in her eyes for me; I’ve also seen how you act around her, you respect her and her space. But time is running out, I’ve got a new job that we’ll probably cause us to move again which means this house will probably become my Brother’s house for him to use. So I would like you to take her out on a date and at the end of the night if she’s up for it have sex with her.”

I was floored to say the least, but I could tell this was something he wanted for his daughter to make her happy. So after weighing my options I told him I’d do it and that I’d come get Elizabeth two days from now. He thanked me and at that point his daughters walked outside and we sat there on his roof and just talked and laughed and recalled old memories, me sharing my DJ memories and all the idiotic things I had seen while Rick shared his war stories. When it hit around 8o’clock I said goodbye and told Elizabeth I'd see her in two days and then left with a quick wink to her and a knowing smile to Rick. I showed up that Saturday with everything planned to a que. There was a view point up at Signal Mountain that was probably the most beautiful viewpoint around that area and I planned to take her to there to catch the sunset then go see the murder mystery commedy act downtown. However I was shocked to find out when showed up at Elizabeth’s door that there was a note for me from Rick.

If your reading this letter then Elizabeth didn’t tear this letter apart and read it as I had feared she might. Inside the envelope you’ll find a pre-paid credit card with 50$ bucks on it. I know gas isn’t cheap and if you’re the type of guy that I think you are you have probably reservations at a place that even if I called I couldn’t even get a reservation at. Therefore take this card to cover some of the expenses. Elizabeth’s on the pill, has been since she was 14 as I didn’t want to risk her ruining her life. I’m out in town tonight with a co-worker and will be back around midnight tonight. Taylor is going out with her boyfriend and will be back sometime in the morning after I’m home. Have fun, and don’t hurt my daughter.

-- [i]Rick

In the envelope was an empty sniper round and the card. The message was clear enough to me. Don’t hurt Elizabeth. I laughed though and pocketed the card and took Elizabeth up to Signal Point where we caught the sunset and as the sun set, we kissed gently for the first of many that night and cuddled till it was time to head to supper.

The show was good, but there was a new aura that radiated from Elizabeth. Happiness. That night alone there was a beauty about her that I cannot put into words. The night was made better when the main person in charge of the act pulled me and Elizabeth up on stage to participate in the show. It was something to remember for sure and when we left and were outside my car I saw a look in her eyes that was a look of wanting that wasn’t pure animal lust, merely the lust to be close to someone.

We held hands and broke a few speed limits that night hurrying home and weren’t more than two steps into her house before we were all over each other. My specialty had always been foreplay and most girls loved that; Elizabeth was not any different. I’d brush my lips against hers then hide my lips in her neck and bite her neck before she could kiss me back. Meanwhile my hands were sliding up her sides to pull her body as tight to me as I could manage. My knee went in between her leg and I could feel the heat emmenating from her pussy like a furnace. She blushed when I whispered about how beautiful she was in her ear. To which she hid her face in my chest and started taking off my shirt as I kissed her neck.

I took her shirt off and was greated with what in my opinion was the perfect pair of breasts covered by a lace bra that I didn’t even think her father knew she had. Everything about her was glorious. She had a well toned stomach that was muscled, but not scary muscled. I smirked and worked my body behind her and removed her bra. She blushed as it fell away and covered her boobs up.

“You probably won’t like them their not big enough so if you don’t like them I can under…” I never let her say another word. I kissed her and interrupted her train of thought and as I kissed her from behind my hands played with her breasts tweaking her nipples and massaging her stomach getting closer and closer to her pants but never going in them. It only took about two minutes before she had me on the couch and was grinding her crotch into me. I laughed and picked her up as well as her clothes and took her to her room. I unzipped her pants and took them off as well as her panties and took a deep sniff of her panties. Intoxicating. I wanted nothing more than to fuck the shit out of her, but I knew that if I took my time with this, I could enjoy it. Besides we had three hours still before her father showed up and I had about two hours before I would have to be headed home.

I started kissing her gently while grinding my rock hard dick against her pussy making her groan while at the same time tweaking her nipples. After a few minutes of this I could feel she was close and rolled off her and unzipped my pants and took them off as well as my boxers. My dick sprang to attention and I could almost feel the lust eminating from her eyes just seeing it. I teased her a little bit by rubbing my dick against her pussy, but I wanted to taste what I was going to be fucking soon and i wasn't one for tasting my own juice. So I decided to start on her neck and kiss my way down.

I’d randomly bite her which would cause her to blush. God, it felt like an eternity to me as I kissed my way down and would skip over her pussy and kiss down her thighs, then back up and down her other thigh.Closer and Closer I kept getting till I swear she thought I was finally going to get there then I restarted and worked my way out which brought a pissed off sigh from her.

“Come on, please I need to cum.” So without warning I attacked her pussy specifically aiming for the clit. O how her back arched! It didn’t take to long before she sprayed her juices all over my face. I laughed and kissed my way up and kissed her gently.

“I owe you one Mitch, come on put it in me, I want to feel you cum inside of me before you go.” I didn’t even need an invitation and I slowly slid my dick inside of her. My first thought was god she was tight, but I remembered she was a virgin as she grunted and tore into my hands with her fingernails.

So after she had some time to adjust I slowly worked my dick in and out of her. After a few thrusts I would grind my pelvis into hers and it drove her insane. I knew she wouldn’t last too long and neither would I. It was only the slowness of our lovemaking that stopped me from blowing my load on entry. God it felt good too, I could feel her heat and her vagina wall clamping down on my dick live a vicegrip. I loved every minute of it and so did she. She sat their breathless and would arch her back as I would kiss/bite her neck and tease her nipples orally. It didn’t take too long before I knew I either pulled out or let it go and she seemed to sense that and wrapped her legs around me and put my waist in a vicegrip that was arguably stronger than the grip her pussy had on my dick.

“I want to feel your cum inside of me. Please, I’ve waited for this for so long. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted a guy I could truly care for to take my virginity, now I want to feel your seed in me.” I kissed her then, flat on rough and it caused her already sensitive body to meld itself to me in orgasmic bliss as I blew what felt like an oceanload into her.

Several minutes went bye as i layed there on top of her and after some time passed i looked to check the time. 10:30. Still had 30 minutes left, but there was something in the reflection of the alarm clock that caught my eye. I looked behind usand caught a red flashing light. To me, I saw what looked like a video camera attached to a computer. And from what I knew of computers from Djing, it looked like it was not only recording but it was broadcasting…

Anyways, most of this story is actually true. The video Camera at the end is something i added in for an extra twist.. If you would like to see how i continue on with the story leave some comments. I know there wasn't alot of sex in this story, but i will gladly add more sex in the future. I'm trying to get a good frameset for the rest of the story.

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f your reading this letter then Elizabeth didn’t tear this letter apart and read it as I had feared she might.

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