When I offer to take in a woman and her daughter, a naughty dream causes a weird situation
The knock at the door woke me up from a very restful sleep. 3:00 am, who on earth could be knocking on my door at 3:30 am? I trudged downstairs in my sleeping shorts, and peeked through the little hole on my front door…it was Amy and her daughter Jesse. I had worked with Amy for the past five years, and we had become best friends through discussion around her marital problems and my divorce from my wife of 15 years. We both shared some common frustrations, regrets, and disappointments that the other could relate to.

I quickly opened the door and invited them both inside. Their eyes were puffy and red, indicative of them crying recently. Even before asking, I was pretty sure this had to do with her dick of a husband…the man really was just a butthole. After a brief conversation, she confirmed my suspicions, and told me that she had found out he was cheating on her, and when she confronted him about it, he kicked them out of the house. Being as she had no money and no place to go, she said that I was really the only friend she felt like she could ask. I was always happy to help a friend in need…but especially Amy. I’ll be honest; I have had a crush on her since the first time we met. She was beautiful. She had dark red hair cut just short of her shoulders, incredibly perky breasts, and the cutest little ass you have ever watched sachet past you. But on top of that, she was just one of the sweetest women I have ever known. I hated to see her hurting so much.

Jesse was just as sweet as her mom. She was seventeen years old, jet black hair, and I’m pleased to report, the same sexy breasts as her mother. They were both beautiful, and I was glad they felt as though they could come to be for help. We all went in and sat down on the couch and talked for quite a while. Amy was sitting on one side of me and Jesse on the other. They were constantly crying and just emotional wrecks over the entire incident. Somewhere in the early morning though, I guess we all just fell asleep…and that is when I found myself in a situation I never intended on.

I was having this sensational dream about two sexy little nurses giving me a rather thorough examination. They were sucking on my cock and grinding their pussies against my body as they teased me with various doctor type toys. I guess somewhere in my sleep, I realized that my body was “responding” to the effects of my dream. My arms were trapped behind both of these lovely ladies, so my predicament became evident very quickly. I stared down at my lap, and immediately saw my hard prick resting right in front of Jesse’s face, who was currently asleep with her head leaning on my stomach. Her mother was asleep with her head resting on my shoulder. If I would have moved either arm, I was sure it would awaken the beauty atop it, thus immediately alerting them to my exposed cock that had somehow managed to escape from the fragile fly of my pajamas. I could actually feel Jesse’s breath on the tender head of my shaft as she slept, making it even more difficult to calm down my current excitement.

I didn’t know what to do. Somehow I was going to have to cover up my dick before I caused a big ordeal. The last thing these two needed was the one guy they thought they could count on turn out to be a sick pervert. I sat there for a couple minutes, trying to slowly free one of my hands, but these girls were laying on them pretty good. I tried to wiggle my hips a little, hoping that miraculously my cock would just crawl back in the hole it had snuck out of…yeah, that didn’t happen. My eyes kept watching both girls very carefully for any chance that they were about to awake when all of a sudden, Jesse decided to adjust. Before I knew it, she pulled her hand that had been hanging off the couch, up to her face and let it rest perfectly atop my throbbing shaft. The feel of her soft frail long fingers caused my cock to spasm against her hand. I froze…all I could do was watch to see what would happen. Luckily, she was still asleep, though she seemed to be moving her hand around a little to get it comfortable on my dick. Her fingers even wrapped around it and slid it closer to her face. I was sure she was still sleeping, but this was driving me crazy.

I knew I was in trouble, but I had no idea how to get out of this situation…and to be honest, part of me didn’t want out of it. Her lovely hand felt incredible wrapped around my hot shaft. I heard Amy groan a little as she seemed to adjust in her seat, snuggling only closer to me. I decided to act like I was asleep, at least that way it would maybe seem less obvious. For a few minutes I laid there, still loving the slight movements of Jesse’s hand over my cock, when all of a sudden I heard a whisper next to my ear.

“Jesse…baby girl…you better wake up…” Amy’s voice was so soft and tender as I felt her start rubbing her daughter’s head, encouraging her to awake. “Come on baby…wake up,” she almost pleaded in a quiet whisper.

I felt Jesse begin to stir on my lap, her fingers squeezing even tighter around my shaft as she did. I let out a soft moaning noise, but still acting as though I was asleep.

“Hmmm…what mom? I’m still tired.” I could feel the hot breath from her mouth when she spoke cascading down the full length of my cock.

“Jesse…sssshhhh…honey, be really quiet, but you are holding Jake’s penis in your hand. If you wake him up, it’s going to be a little awkward to explain.”

Jesse’s head lifted up off my stomach a little, trying to move slowly, though her hand stayed wrapped around my cock…thankfully. “What should I do mom?”

“I guess you should slowly let go of it and try to slide it back in his pants without waking him up. I don’t want him to get upset with us and kick us out.”

She was worried about me being upset with them. This was working great, except of course for the fact that she was about to take her hand off of my dick. I was so worked up by now; I really wanted to have some release. Again, I struggled with what to do, but finally decided that it would be better to catch them in the act than the other way around. I was just about to open my eyes when I heard the greatest thing in the world come from Jesse…

“Mom, he has a really nice cock; I’ve always wanted to see one up close like this.”

For a moment the room was silent, as though both girls were trying to figure out what they should do. I felt Jesse’s hand start to move just barely up and down on my dick, as though she was trying to work up the courage to really stroke it. Finally Amy’s voice broke the silence, though still in a tender whisper…

“Well, I suppose we could thank Jake for the kindness he is showing us…if you want to Jesse?” she stopped speaking for a moment, as I can only guess she was deciding how far to take this. “Would you like to pleasure Jake with me Jesse…I will teach you how to take care of a man?”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Was she really asking what I thought she was asking…and was she really asking her daughter? I could actually feel Jesse nodding her head in agreement to her mother’s question. Was this really about to happen?

“Gently kiss the head of his cock baby…let your tongue tease it as you run circles around it.”

Jesse wasted no time, and I was instantly rewarded with the feel of her warm teenage lips and tongue on the head of my shaft. She worked around the head for a few moments and then slowly pushed it inside her mouth, gently sucking it between her tender lips and onto her wet warm tongue. I wanted to see my cock sliding in and out of this lovely vixen’s mouth, and decided that it was a good time to wake up. I opened my eyes and looked down at the sexy little teen now pushing her way even further on to my cock.

“Wh…what’s going on?” I asked coyly, acting as though I was awakened from a wonderful dream. “What are you doing Jesse?”

“Shhhh Jake…Jesse and I just wanted to thank you for your kindness last night…lie back and enjoy.” Amy’s hand began rubbing my thigh as she leaned in and kissed me for the first time. Her tongue immediately pressed inside my mouth, encouraging me to kiss her back. As we danced our tongues together, I could feel Jesse beginning to get more eager about sucking my cock. Her frail fingers were slowly pumping up and down my shaft as she hungrily bobbed her head up and down. I pulled my hands from beneath both women, and moved one of them to the top of Jesse’s head, gently running my fingers through her silky black hair; and then the other hand slid up beneath the back of Amy’s top and managed to unsnap the clasp of her bra. I was half expecting her to stop me, but instead Amy sat up in front of me, pulled her t-shirt and bra off over her head, and exposed her incredible luscious tits to my view. They were perfect as far as I was concerned; large and firm with hard erect nipples great for sucking on.

I reached my hand over to one of them and gently began massage at it and teasing the nipple with my thumb and finger. Amy’s eyes closed as my strong hand cupped her breast and kneaded at it firmly. I glanced down at my lap, and even though it was still in her mouth, Jesse had stopped sucking on my cock long enough to watch her mom get felt up by a man other than her father. I massaged the back of her head, and gently pushed her back down on my cock, encouraging her to get back to work. As she did, Amy leaned back toward me, but this time rose up a little on the couch so that I could reach her nipple with my mouth. Her arms wrapped around my head and held me tight against her chest as my mouth sucked in her luscious globe.

Amy was rubbing her fingers through my hair as I feasted back and forth between both of her tits. I could feel my orgasm starting to grow though as Jesse was getting even better at devouring my cock. “Oh baby…your little girl is about to make me cum….fuck….mmmmm..”

Amy pulled back away from me, and lowered herself down onto the floor, leaving her face right next to Jesse’s. “Here baby, let me have a turn,” she said, wrapping her hand around my shaft as she replaced Jesse’s lips with her own. Amy needed no instruction in how to suck a man’s cock…this woman was incredible. She was twisting and pulling and pumping so feverishly on my dick that I was dizzy with lust. I was fighting the urge to cum too quickly because what she was doing to me was magical. I reached over to Jesse, and pulled her up next to me. Amy’s eyes were watching me as I pulled Jesse’s shirt up off over her head. She was wearing this cute little pink and white heart bra, which I quickly unsnapped and threw off to the side. Jesse started to cover her tits with her arms, but her mother reached up and grabbed her wrist before she could. She nodded her head ‘no’ as she continued to force my cock even deeper into her throat.

“Come kiss me baby,” I instructed, drawing her bare breasts up against my bare chest. Surprisingly, Jesse never resisted. Her lips quickly met mine and this time I was the one to push my tongue into her mouth. I could feel her body trembling nervously against me, but I wasn’t the first guy she had ever kissed, and she only took a second to return my affections. My hand slid back behind her, and I slid it down her back to her shorts covered ass. They were very short shorts though, so it was very easy to slide my fingers up beneath them and quickly find her pussy covered by a silky thong. Jesse moaned into my mouth as I slowly began teasing and rubbing at her already moist slit. I was so turned on by both of these women that I could finally resist no longer. My other hand reached down and pulled Amy’s head tight against my body, forcing my cock as deep in her throat as I could. Amy didn’t relent for a second; she devoured my cock furiously as the first wave of hot sperm shot into her eagerly waiting mouth. She pulled back a little to catch the second and third spurt, making sure to let me see her take it right on her tongue before quickly swallowing it down.

Her hand reached up and grabbed Jesse’s wrist and pulled her back down to my shaft. “Suck it baby, taste his sweet cum,” she instructed, guiding my cock over to Jesse’s willing mouth. For the next five minutes these lovely beauties passed my cock back and forth between them, making sure to drink up every last drop. I couldn’t take my eyes off the sexy sight before me. I wanted to show them the same joy that they had just shown me.

Slowly both women stood up in front of me with a sweet smile on their face. I was so surprised by my good fortune, but I was far from ready to have it end. I looked at Amy, and she gave me a naughty little nod toward her daughter. I understood. I moved toward the edge of the couch, bringing me much closer to Jesse’s frail little frame. Her breasts were standing so proudly and firm. I wanted to devour them, but I wanted to see her completely naked more. My hands moved to her hips, and slowly I pulled down her shorts and her panties at the same time. Again her hands started to move as though to cover herself, but once again Amy stopped her. The sexy teen had trimmed her pussy hair into a little heart. I helped her step out of the clothing, and pulled her even closer toward me. Her pussy was directly in front of me, and I slowly began rubbing me fingers around her sensitive lips. Jesse moaned as I got close to her clit, making sure not to touch it yet. I explored all around her thighs, up her tummy, over her incredible breasts, and then back down to her pussy. I leaned forward and gently allowed my tongue to flick out and glide across her clit. Jesse jumped a little from the sensation as she instinctively bit her bottom lip.

I slid my hands around her body, and allowed my fingers to find her ass cheeks. I squeezed tight on them as I drew her pussy to my eagerly waiting mouth. Jesse didn’t resist at all as I softly began licking and kissing my way around her pussy and clit. Her hips were even pushing up against my face, encouraging me to continue. Her sweet nectar dripped on my tongue as I pressed it inside for the first time. She was trembling again. I could hear here breathing quicken as her hands locked tight to the back of my head. I worked my fingers around her ass as my tongue began probing in and out of her pussy. The more aggressively I began to feast upon Jesse, the more she began to thrust her hips to meet my tongue. Her breathing got even faster and louder, and I could tell she was close. I sucked her clit into my mouth and sucked on it as her orgasm exploded through her body. She began shaking violently, but I did not stop feasting on my young vixen. Eagerly I sucked and tongue fucked that sweet little pussy, savoring every drop of nectar that exploded into my mouth. Her hips were still bucking feverishly against my face as her second orgasm, even more violent than the first, began tearing through her body, when all of a sudden she came collapsing upon me on the couch. I quickly caught her and laid her body down next to me. She had a satisfied smile on her face as she seemed to squirm around a little still basking in her orgasmic afterglow.

I turned back just in time to see Amy pushing me backwards on the couch. My cock was rock hard again after feasting on her daughter’s cunt, and she wasted no time straddling it. Her pants were already gone, something I am sure happened while I was preoccupied with other activities. She too had trimmed her pussy, though hers was just in the shape of a landing strip. She quickly guided her pussy to the head of my awaiting shaft, and slowly began lowering herself down upon it. My cock wasn’t the largest one out there, but at 8”, it was still a worthy adversary. Amy’s frail little body began to lower atop mine as I felt the sweet tight folds of her pussy engulf my cock. It felt incredible feeling her impale herself upon me. Jesse had adjusted on the couch, and was eagerly watching her mother’s pussy swallow my cock. Her hand was rubbing my leg just behind her mom’s ass. My hands reached up to Amy’s breasts, and began playing with them as she began slowly grinding on top of me. She was so tight and wet as she moved around on my cock. It felt so good.

My legs were spread pretty far apart, and yet Amy was still straddling them both, giving me a great view of her pussy as my cock thrust in and out of it. “Go lick on his balls Jesse…tease them with your tongue while mommy fucks him,” she instructed her daughter. Jesse didn’t hesitate for a second as she climbed off the couch and moved down between my legs. I had always kept my balls shaved, and had just finished shaving them smooth the night before. The sensitive skin was immediately stimulated by this young 17 year old tongue as it ran all over it before sucking one of my balls deep into her mouth. I could feel your fingernails teasing at my ball sack as she worked to suck the second ball inside. I leaned forward, completely lost in lust, and began kissing Amy again. She was moaning in my mouth each time she slammed down onto my cock, and within a few minutes, she was exploding all in excitement all over my cock. I was far from ready to cum again though, and I continued to thrust upward into her cunt as her daughter was now feverishly sucking and feasting on my ball sack. It didn’t take long before Amy was cumming a second time, and then even a third. She was thrashing around so violently, Jesse had to stop feasting on me. Finally Amy fell down against my chest, and whispered up into my ear…

“Fuck my baby…she’s never had a man fuck her before…I would love for you to be her first.”

Now, I was hoping this was all going to end with me fucking Jesse, but to get her mother’s blessing actually made my cock jerk inside her pussy. Slowly Amy slid off of my cock and sat down on the couch next to me. She leaned forward and quickly sucked my cock into her mouth, cleaning her own nectar from my shaft. Jesse didn’t want to miss out, so she joined her mother in cleaning off my cock. The sight was too incredible to believe.

Reluctantly, I pulled their mouths from my cock, leaving them almost disappointed to see it leave them. I stood up in front of them, loving the dominance I felt with these two sexy naked women at my feet. I pulled Jesse to her feet, and sat her down on the arm of the couch, spreading her legs on both sides of it. I could see she was a little nervous, but there was still lust in her eyes.

“Jesse baby, would you like for me to make love to you for the first time…if you aren’t ready, I will understand.” I whispered gently to her.

“I want you to make me a woman Jake. Please make love to me.” Her voice was so soft and innocent, almost pleading with me. I slid my hands up her thighs as I moved even closer to her. Her eyes were locked on my cock as I came to rest against her slit. Again she bit her lip as she had done before. My hands found her ass, and I pulled her to the edge of the couch as I pushed my cock inside her. Jesse gasped out as my thick cock spread her tight little pussy open. Her mother moved behind her and rubbed her back as I pressed deeper until I came to her hymen. “This is going to hurt a little baby,” I whispered as her mother looked over her shoulder. Jesse nodded in understanding, and then with a short quick thrust, I drove my cock inside her, tearing away the last little piece of little girl fresh, freeing her to become a woman. My cock was deep inside her, but I just held still for a while, allowing the pain to pass. Finally she relaxed again, and her eyes stared deep into mine. Jesse leaned forward and kissed me gently on the mouth, softly pressing her tongue inside. She tasted so good. As our tongues danced together, I slowly began to slide my cock in and out of her pussy. She was much tighter than her mother, and I loved the way her pussy massaged the full length of my cock with each stroke.

Amy straddled the arm of the couch behind Jesse and pulled herself against her back, reaching across her to get to my ass. Her fingernails dug into my ass as she began to pull me harder and deeper into her daughter. My cock was getting more and more sensitive, and I could feel every ridge of the inside of Jesse’s pussy. I could feel my second load of cum boiling to the surface, and knew time was running out. I began fucking Jesse even faster, motivated by the sounds of her moans and the fingernails of her mother.

Faster and deeper I filled my sexy little teen, anxious to feel her orgasm on my cock as I filled her with my seed. All of a sudden, Jesse began gasping out words like “shit” and “fuck” as her pussy clamped down violently around my thick shaft. This extra stimulation was just what I needed to finally explode in my own violent orgasm. Thick loads of cum fired from deep in my balls deep inside this ravishing beauty. My cock was driving madly in and out of her cunt as she shook beneath me. Amy continued to pull at my ass, grinding me against her daughter’s throbbing pussy. I fucked her as hard and long as I could, but finally my knees went weak, and I collapsed onto the couch. I laid there completely satisfied, still staring up at the two sexy women on the arm of my couch. Jesse climbed down on top of me and cuddled up alongside of me in my arms. Amy moved down to the floor, and knelt over my cock and slowly began sucking it clean once again. It was still hard and throbbing as she slid all 8” in as deep as she could get it. It was slower this time though. She was gently rubbing my balls and between my legs by my ass as she fed my cock in and out of her mouth. Jesse began kissing my neck and chest as her hand found the back of her mother’s head and began guiding it on my shaft. I slid my hand down Jesse’s back and began rubbing my fingers along her ass. As I pressed one of my fingers between her ass cheeks, she let out a soft moan and pushed back against it. I gently teased and rubbed at her ass while her mother sucked my cock so perfectly that it never had the chance to soften in her mouth. I was feeling refreshed by the attention, and to be honest, I was thinking about fucking someone’s ass since I was teasing Jesse’s with my finger…probing it now gently.

I sat back up on the couch, and told Amy to turn around in front of me. She happily complied and took a doggy style position between my legs. Her sweet little pussy and ass was smiling up at me, still begging for more attention. I dropped down on my knees behind her, immediately feeling Jesse move up behind me and start rubbing on my ass in the same fashion that I had been rubbing on hers. Believe me when I say that there is nothing as stimulating as a petite seventeen year old teasing your asshole with her tiny fingers. She was gently scratching up my crack with her fingernails driving me crazy.

I leaned over and began licking my way between Amy’s pussy and ass, teasing both holes with my fingers as my tongue worked back and forth. Amy was squirming beneath me, willingly pushing her hips back against my imposing tongue. I could taste her nectar from before, and it was intoxicating. I would spend a couple minutes feasting on her pussy, and then move back and feast on her ass. I must have spent about ten minutes before she thrust back hard against my face and exploded her juices into my mouth as she thrust about madly in front of me. I eagerly devoured every drop as she shook.

As her body started to calm down a little, I pressed a finger inside her ass and gently began to stroke it back and forth. She moaned a little, but also seemed to tense up.

“Are you okay baby, I don’t want to push you too far?” I asked, almost feeling disappointed at the thought of not getting to fuck her ass.

Amy looked over her shoulder at me with a sweet smile on her face. “I have never been willing to let a man even think about fucking me back there…but…”(‘But’ was always a good word to hear at times like this), I would let you do anything to me Jake. Just be careful please.” Her eyes were soft and kind as she turned back around and pressed her ass up against my hard cock. I couldn’t help but smile at the trust she had just placed in me. The fact was, my wife had never been willing to let me fuck her ass either, so I had always had this quiet secret fantasy to do it.

My hands took hold of her hips as Jesse moved off the couch and came to rest right next to me, staring down at my cock against her mother’s asshole. Without a word, she reached down and wrapped those lovely fingers around my cock, and held it tight against her mother’s ass. I slowly began to pull myself inside of Amy. I could feel her holding her breath as the thick head of my cock forced its way inside. Once the head finally passed through the opening securely, she let out her air, and started breathing again. She was slick from my saliva, but man was that ass tight. I slowly pushed my way further inside; Jesse’s hand still squeezing and stroking at my cock, sliding up it as each inch disappeared inside of Amy. Slow and steady I pulled her back onto my shaft, loving the feel of her tight ass as it squeezed me like nothing ever had, combined by the feel of Jesse’s fingernails now working along the base of my cock and up over my abs. One final little thrust, and I couldn’t believe it…I had driven the entire 8” of my cock inside of Amy.

“OH FUCK…I have never felt this filled up in my life,” Amy moaned under her breath.

“Are you okay baby, I don’t want to hurt you?” I asked, still nervous she was going to make me stop.

“Fuck yeah baby…your cock feels incredible inside me. I want you to fuck me really good now. Show me the kind of sex I’ve been missing with that loser husband of mine.”

The thought of competing for the right to pleasure her like her husband never had strung a new high for me. I wanted to fuck this woman now…not just make love to her…but rather drive her crazy with lust. I instantly began withdrawing my cock and then quickly drove it back inside, eliciting an immediate moan of surprise and pleasure from Amy. But I didn’t stop. Faster and faster I began driving my cock into this sexy little minx; her ass squeezing hard around my shaft, but in no way limiting from my goal. The faster I pumped away inside her, the more she seemed to moan out in pleasure. I reached my hands beneath her and squeezed tight to her incredible hanging tits. I used them to pull myself even deeper and harder inside of Amy, now slamming my body hard against her ass. Amy exploded in another orgasm as I pounded even more eagerly. My cock was as hard as a rock, but felt no need to cum, making it extra enjoyable to fuck this woman so ferociously. Jesse had started running her fingers back along my ass again, and had even managed to push one of those slender fingers up inside it. I had never had my ass fingered before, but it felt incredible. Amy came again, now forcibly slamming her hips back to meet each thrust of my cock, forcing it to the deep recesses of your ass. Then she came a third time. Her arms collapsed beneath her, but I still violently fucked away at her frail flimsy body until she finally begged me to stop. My cock was throbbing wonderfully as I withdrew it from my helpless little victim. Amy rolled over in front of me, happy and exhausted looking.

“Oh Fuck you can do that to me anytime you like Jake…shit I’ve never been fucked like that before in my life. You really should do that to Jesse, she’ll be scared…” Her eyes looked up to Jesse who was still fingering my asshole… “But baby, believe me when I say you will not regret it for a second.” With that, Jesse slid her finger from my ass, and I must admit I was sorry to have it leave, but then she quickly took the same position her mother had started in. There in front of me she assumed the doggy style position, nestled up next to her mother’s sweating glistening form. Jesse looked back over her shoulder at me and pushed her ass back against my cock.

“My turn Jake…make me feel like mommy does.”

That was all the encouragement I needed. I grabbed her hips and once again began my slow descent into one of these sexy women’s ass. She was just as tight as her mother as I worked to force my thick engorged head into her asshole. She wiggled her hips a little, trying to help me out, but she was just so tight. I realized that I had not licked her ass like I had her mother’s though, so I backed off and leaned down and immediately thrust my tongue against her little virgin asshole. Jesse moaned as my tongue began to thrust in and out of her tender hole, teasing it in a manner she had never thought of. I moved down to devour her pussy for a few minutes, and was surprised when she exploded in my mouth as soon as my tongue found her clit. I feasted on her nectar, sucking her through her orgasm, before finally making my way back to her ass. She tasted incredible, but the fact was, my cock wanted inside this young seventeen year old ass. I set back up, and guided my cock back to the tight entrance. The second attempt was much easier than the first. I pulled the thick head inside her frail body, feeling her tense up in the same manner as her mother did. But then Jesse surprised me again…she thrust her hips back hard and fast, ramming my thick cock deep inside her ass. For a moment she froze, allowing her body to get used to my cock. The movement almost made me cum right there. She was so tight that I felt her insides grinding around my cock so that I had to fight the urge to explode right there. I managed to hold off, but I knew that I was not going to last much longer…I was just too worked up now. I started to pump my cock in and out of her ass slowly and methodically. I guess Jesse had watched her mother closely, because she quickly began meeting each of my thrust with her own. I reached beneath her and played with her tits like her I did her mother, but she started fucking back against me even harder. I let go of her tits and moved one of my hands back to her ass and the other grabbed a handful of hair from her head. As I slammed my cock deep inside of Jesse’s ass, I pulled hard back on her hair. The extra stimulation sent Jesse over the edge and she squealed and moaned frantically as I continued to fuck her hard through her orgasm. She didn’t have a chance to calm down as the second orgasm ripped through her body, causing her to lock down tight around my cock. The trapped feeling pushed my cock over the edge, and I began firing hot sperm deep into this lovely young girl’s ass.

We fucked wildly for a few more minutes before finally collapsing on to the floor exhausted. I laid on the floor, and both of these beautiful women laid down on each side of me. Amy looked up at me and noticed I was smiling.

“What’s so funny stud?” she asked.

“I was just thinking that this was the position that got me in trouble in the first place.”

Jesse giggled with her mother and then said, “Who said you were out of trouble?” Her hand slid down my chest and began rubbing my cock. Amy’s hand followed her daughter’s, and before I knew it, both women were stroking and rubbing my cock and balls back to life.


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this should become a series

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Damn, damn, damn! So hot, this story! I love these tales about a mother and daughter setting to work on one man's cock. Great job, Torodon.

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GIRL DIED IN 1993, A MAN BURIED HER IN HER OWN home GIRLwhen she was still alive. The murderer chanted, "Toma sota balcu" as he buried her. Now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. In the middle of the ............night she will stand at the side of your bed starring straight into your eyes. She will suffocate you for revenge of when she was suffocated. This story is sadly true. If you post this 5 differnt times she will not bother you

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