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White boy knows how to beat some black pussy up!
Just to give you an idea of the first two characters… Makayla was a girl of 20, a college student. She was about 5 feet 10 inches, had smooth, ebony skin, and a perfect hourglass figure; 32-DD breasts, a big round ass, and long sexy legs. She wore her dark hair straight and long, and her eyes were a deep shade of brown.

Jamal was a man of 23, but about an inch shorter than Makayla. His skin tone was that of light coffee and he had medium-length dreadlocks. His figure was rather something to scoff at though; he had a bit of a beer gut.

It was early October, when the evenings still had that tiny hint of summer balm. Around 7:30 p.m., Makayla was driving her car from the main campus of her school to the off-campus apartments down the street where other students live. This was where her boyfriend Jamal lived. She had thoughts in her mind of a romantic evening with him, hoping it would take her mind off of her suspicions; their relationship had recently become rocky when she noticed Jamal acting a bit shady. She started to suspect that he may have been cheating on her, but didn’t want to believe it. Shaking it from her mind, she cruised down the road.

A few minutes later, she arrived at the apartment complex where Jamal lived; he lived in Apartment 312, Room B; each apartment in the building had three rooms: A, B, and C. She got out of her car and climbed the stairs up to 312. She knocked on the door.

About ten seconds later, the door opened, but it wasn’t Jamal standing there. Instead, the guy that lived in Room C, whom she was not familiar with, had answered the door. His eyes were glazed and red; he had obviously just been smoking weed.

“Whassup girl?” he said in a hoarse voice, giggling from being so high.

Makayla rolled her eyes, smiling, and began to ask, “Where’s Jam-”

But then, Jamal came out of Room B, dressed as though he were about to go out.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” giggled the other guy, and he left the apartment. It was one of those fancy apartments that had a kitchen and living room to go along with the bedrooms. Makayla wished she could live in one of these apartments.

But upon seeing Jamal dressed, her high spirits started to ebb away a bit. “Going somewhere?” she asked in a rather cool voice.

Jamal, who had just closed his door and had not noticed her until she spoke, froze.

“Uh, well me and some of my niggas were about to go out and eat somewhere,” he said.

Makayla scoffed and said, “Goddamnit, it’s like I ALWAYS get bad timing with you. You’re always out doing something with your niggas, watching movies, smoking weed, getting drunk—”

“Baby, quit trippin’!” Jamal said hastily. “We ain’t gon’ be gone that long, damn!” Makayla pursed her lips, scowling, and he said quickly, “But you know you welcome to stay here till I get back.”

She gave a slight smile. “Of course I am,” she said softly. “I’ll be waiting…”

He smiled and he walked up and kissed her, and then left. A few seconds after the door closed, she sighed and wondered, how long is ‘not that long’ gonna be this time?

She sat down on the couch in the living room and turned on the TV. She had only been at it for about ten minutes when she heard the front door open. She turned around eagerly—but it wasn’t Jamal. Neither was it the guy from Room C. It was Mike, the guy who stayed in Room A.

Mike was one of the few white people who attended the predominantly Black college. But he had established his reputation from the get-go. He was 22 years old, a junior. Despite being a white boy at a Black school, he was easily one of the coolest (if not THE coolest) guys at the school. He was without a doubt, a “wigger;” he usually wore oversized shirts, baggy jeans, and boots, and he almost always wore a black or white folded bandanna around his head, sometimes with a fitted cap, and he had that “Black” dialect. Plus, he was a SICK freestyle rapper. Yeah, he was a cool guy, but also a true badass. People respected him, and knew not to fuck with him.
Mike was a little over 6 feet tall and he had (in Makayla’s opinion) the face of a serial killer. His eyes were gray, and he had a short goatee. Makayla had heard rumors that bitches threw themselves at him, and she damn well believed them. Boy could that guy rap; there was no telling how many bitches had been on HIS dick…

Now here he was in his usual getup: black bandanna, oversized white T-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and black steel-toe boots, as well as the silver chain he wore around his neck, from which hung his Hatchet Man pendant; yeah, I forgot to mention, he was a Juggalo (you know, down with Insane Clown Posse and rappers like that). After closing the door, he walked a few steps and then paused, seeing Makayla sitting on the couch. He grinned.

“Ah, what up, ‘Kayla?” he asked in his rough voice.

“Oh, I’m just waiting for Jamal to get back from eating,” I said. He suddenly frowned.

“Oh, I see,” he muttered, then went to his room. I knew that look; Mike and Jamal didn’t get along. Jamal had established that he hated Mike for the simple fact that he was a Juggalo. Frankly, I didn’t see anything wrong with that, but he stood firm in his words.

Mike then came back out of his room, smoking a cigarette. He had taken his T-shirt off and was now in a white wifebeater tank-top. He wasn’t exactly skinny, nor was he fat or stocky. He was kind of small, but he had well-defined muscles, as well as several tattoos. Makayla started feeling uneasy.

“Yo ‘Kayla,” he shot at me. “There’s somethin’ I gotta show ya. Ya man is playin’ ya.”

My heart skipped a beat. “W-what do you mean?” she asked.

Mike sat down on the couch beside her, reached into his pocket, and pulled out his cell phone. “I don’t like niggas who do they girls dirty like this,” he said, pressing a few buttons until he found what he was looking for. “I really hate to break this to ya, babe,” he said somberly. “Press ‘play.’”

Makayla noticed that his camera was focused on Room B, Jamal’s room. She pressed ‘play’ and her heart sank. Sounds of sex were coming from the phone, a girl moaning, and it definitely was NOT her. Then she noticed the date that the video was taken; it was YESTERDAY! And she was NOT there anytime yesterday! Then she heard ‘Oh, Jamal!’ come from the phone. Mike had then turned the camera on himself and shaken his head. The video stopped there.

She set the phone down on the couch and looked at Mike, her eyes glistening with tears. “I FUCKING KNEW IT!” she screamed. She buried her face in her hands and Mike patted her shoulder.

“Sorry ya had to find out like this,” he said softly. “This is exactly why the FUCK I don’t do relationships. Can’t trust nobody up in this bitch, you know what I’m sayin’?” She nodded her head, stifling her sobs. “That mothafucka’s no good for ya. Get rid of his little bitch ass.”

“I should,” said Makayla. “In fact, I will. I’ll just wait here for him to get back and I’ll tell him he and I are DONE.”

“Hell yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about,” said Mike, grinning. “And I can handle him if he wants to start some shit up.”

Makayla looked up at him, smiling through her tears. Then suddenly, he moved in towards her, a look of lust in his eyes. Makayla suddenly felt more nervous. His gray eyes were so mesmerizing, so seductive. She backed away.

“Um, what are you doing?” she asked.

“You’re fuckin’ hot,” he said, his voice now lower, but also more aggressive. She felt a strange chill shoot through her body; that voice he was using was oddly turning her on. And yet she had never had sex with a white boy before. But then she thought ‘This is wrong. I can’t do this out of spite.’

Mike suddenly let out a quiet, animalistic growl. And she felt a tingling sensation in her nether region. This white boy wanted to fuck her…

“Wait,” she said, backing away again. “I don’t know if—”

“Shut up,” he said softly. And then he lost it; he went in and locked his lips onto hers, kissing her fiercely. She sat still in shock for a few seconds, then gave in to her lust and wrapped her arms across his back and accepted it. Their tongues wrestled with each other for what seemed ages. Then they pulled apart.

Mike grinned and said, “I bet you never had that pussy beat up by a white boy before.”

Makayla smiled too and replied, “No.”

“Well get ready,” said Mike, his voice growing more aggressive, “cuz this white boy’s about to fuck you beyond stupid!”

He reached down and forcefully pulled her shirt over her head, then reached behind her and unhooked her bra, revealing her luscious ebony tits. He fondled them in his large hands for a while before lurching forward and biting down hard on her left nipple.

“Ohh!” she squealed as he started to suck and nibble. Jamal had never had this kind of ferocity! But she was really loving it. Mike spent a good two minutes sucking her tits. He looked up at her, seeing her ecstatic face.

“I’m about to turn you into a dirty little bitch,” he said. “I’mma show you how the Juggalos do this shit!” Her pussy tingled again. He was talking dirty to her, something Jamal had also never done. She realized that this was going to be a VERY rough ride…

He smacked her tits a few times and then moved down, pulled off her shoes, and started undoing her jeans. He yanked them down along with her panties, and she felt a chill as her hairless pussy was revealed.

Mike leaned in and breathed deep, savoring the sweet smell of womanhood. He stuck his index and middle finger into his mouth, wetting them with his saliva. Then he got back up and started sucking her tits again, and after a few seconds, he shoved his two fingers into her cunt.

“Oh my God!” she yelled, spasming from the pleasure this was giving her.

“Oh yeah,” growled Mike. He started shoving his fingers in and out of her pussy really hard. “You gonna be my little freak bitch tonight!” He went back to sucking her large boobs while finger-fucking her twat. Makayla couldn’t believe what she was experiencing; this was more than she had EVER felt while simply having intercourse with Jamal. No wonder all the bad bitches threw themselves at him!

Once he felt his fingers growing tired, Mike stopped the tit-sucking and knelt down in front of her again. He look up at her with a sadistic grin and in one move, buried his tongue into her soggy twat.

“Oh shit!” she yelled. He started really going to work, tongue-fucking as hard as he could. Yet again, this was something that Mike was much better at than Jamal. Like a voracious beast he devoured her tasty pussy, every now and then brushing his teeth against her clitoris. She had to be dreaming; this was just too good to be true; this badass white boy was eating her pussy like no one else had. It wasn’t long before he brought her to that point, and her body shook as she exploded in orgasm.

“Fuck yeah, bitch!” Mike said as he stood up amid moans from Makayla. He gave her pussy one hard slap, making her squeal. “Now it’s time to get mine.”

Makayla smiled and got down on her knees as Mike removed his chain and his wifebeater. She rubbed her silky hands against his rock-hard chest and stomach muscles for a few seconds before starting to undo his pants. She could see the protrusion through the denim and knew this she was in for a BIG surprise. She slid his pants and underwear down, and ten inches of rigid cock pointed straight at her face. DAMN! Jamal’s cock had been nowhere near this big! Mike grabbed Makayla by the hair and forced her face upward. The pain of it was overwhelmed by pleasure; she LIKED this rough treatment!

“Now get to work,” he snarled with that evil grin she had come to like.

She wrapped her long fingers around his engorged meat and stroked it slowly, getting her lips nice and wet. After about 30 seconds, she opened her mouth and lowered her head onto Mike’s dick.

“Ooh damn, girl,” he growled. She started to suck slowly, trying to take as much of it in as she possibly could. She was overwhelmed with horniness and was determined to take that entire shaft into her mouth. But he was so thick, that her mouth was being stretched to capacity. She didn’t care though; her sex glands had taken control over her body, and she went harder and harder, making him groan in pleasure.

“Ooh, you wanna deep-throat that mothafucka?” he growled.

“Mm-hmm,” she mumbled.

“Yeah, keep going, I like that shit, bitch,” he said. A few minutes later, it happened; she thrust forward far enough to engulf all ten inches of his cock.

“Goddamn!” he said as she gagged; he didn’t want her to suffocate, so he tried to pull out, but she wasn’t having it. She went forward again, and now she was sucking with mad intensity, going all the way up and all the way down; she had officially lost herself to lust. After about five more minutes of ferocious fellatio…

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he panted. She wanted him to dump his load right down her dirty little throat, so she sucked as hard as she could and not soon after he grabbed her head as he screamed in ecstasy.


Holding her head in place, Mike busted a huge nut into her mouth. Makayla enjoyed every bit of the sweet white chocolate going down her throat. As his orgasm came down, she sat back down on the couch.

“That’s how I do up in the mothafucka!” he panted. Makayla then started to play with her pussy with one hand, while stroking his half-limp dick with the other. She wanted him to fuck her like the freak he’d turned her into. After a couple of minutes his cock returned to full mast and he was rough and ready to fuck.

“If only you knew exactly what you’re getting’ yaself into,” said Mike as he laid Makayla across the couch on her back. “I hope ya like it rough, raw, and nasty!”

“I WANT it rough, raw and nasty!” she replied spreading her legs.

Mike got on top of her and lined his big dick up to the entrance to her cunt.

“I’m about to turn you into a fuckin’ Juggalette!” he yelled, and with one thrust, he shoved all ten inches into her pussy.

She screamed at the intrusion; her pussy was still soaking wet, but as she had never had anything as big as his dick in there, she experienced a piercing pain.

“Shut up!” he snarled, his face close to hers, scrunched up from the tightness of her pussy. “I’m ‘bout to pop yo white-boy cherry now!” He gave a few slow thrusts, making sure his dick was nice and wet, and then he went in on it. He started fucked her slow, but very hard. His hips smashed into hers with wild force. He started sucking on her neck and chest while she clawed and scratched at his back, moaning loudly. He continued this for a good ten minutes, SMASH, SMASH, SMASH, while she moaned louder.

Suddenly she felt something she had never felt while getting fucked by any other man, a new sensation deep within her pussy; Mike’s cock kept rubbing against that one spot within: her G-spot! And now she was clawing even harder as she felt this exciting new pleasure. In response, Mike pounded her harder as well, going full force. Suddenly, she felt like she would explode and she yelled “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Mike yanked his dick out of her and a second later, and for the first time in her life, she squirted.

Makayla screamed loudly as the hot juices sprayed upward from her cunt onto Mike’s torso. “FUCK YEAH!” he roared as her entire body shook with the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

“Oh God Oh God!” she yelled as her body vibrated.

Once she had regained herself, Mike grabbed her by the arm and dragged her upward. “Lick this shit off my fuckin’ chest, bitch,” he said. She complied, feeling so dirty, but so great! After she was done, Mike grabbed her again and this time bent her over the arm of the couch. “Oh yeah, I ain’t fuckin’ done yet!” he yelled. She had her hands pressed hard into the couch, and he had a view of her beautiful, round ass. He gave both cheeks a couple of smacks before getting ready to fuck doggy style.

“Now it gets good!” he said, and grabbing her hips with one hand and her shoulder with the other, he started to fuck her again. At first he went at the same pace and force he had used before, but he was only getting started.

Makayla moaned loudly for five minutes before yelling out “FUCK ME!”

And then, Mike went beyond crazy; he grabbed Makayla’s arms and held them behind her back in a chicken-wing position, and started to REALLY put it to her. He pounded her pussy as hard and fast as he could; it was almost inhuman! Digging her nails into the couch, Makayla was screaming and practically crying from getting fucked so hard. The fucking was so intense, she was forgetting about everything else. All that mattered was the big, white cock that was tearing her cunt to pieces. She felt sorry for the other bitches Mike had fucked; they must have left this place hella sore after he was done with them. But she was enjoying this practical rape more and more with each thrust!

Then once again, she felt that new sensation in her G-spot that Mike had stimulated once before. She screamed “I’m cumming!” again, and Mike fucked for a few more seconds before pulling out only a little bit; the juices squirted all over his cock, getting it extremely wet, wet enough for what he was planning next.

“GODDAMN GIRL!” he yelled. “You are one FREAKY ASS BITCH!” She didn’t hear him because she was squealing and shaking from her second squirt of the night. She made to sit down, but once again, Mike grabbed her. “I haven’t nutted yet, bitch!” he laughed. Makayla realized this, horrified. How much more could she POSSIBLY take???

He bent her over the couch again, but this time, he lined his wet cock up with her asshole.

“Wait!” she yelled, “I don’t know how much more—”

“Shut the fuck up,” he grunted. “Ya wanted it rough; you’re gonna fuckin’ TAKE IT ROUGH!”

He thrust forward, but this time, he was actually a bit gentle on the entrance. But that wasn’t to last as she felt him start to fuck her wildly again, this time feeling the massive friction within her ass.

“Bet – Jamal – never – did – THIS – shit – to ya – either!” he grunted, accenting each word with a super hard thrust.

“Ohh…no…ahh…ohh!” was all she managed to get out. He smacked her fat ass hard as he kept fucking, smashing his hips into her cheeks, her ass clenching hard around his dick. Both of them were sweating like hell, and it was just getting hotter. She started to finger her sensitive pussy as he fucked her ass harder. Soon she had another orgasm as her body shook and she clenched the walls of her rectum hard enough to send Mike over the edge. He pulled out just in time and shoved her down on her knees just in time.

“SWALLOW THIS FUCKIN’ NUT!!!” he roared. Makayla wrapped her lips around the head of his dick just in time. Mike yelled as he came, shooting stream after stream into Makayla’s mouth, and she swallowed every delicious drop.

Mike collapsed onto the couch, panting and drenched in sweat, his dick going limp. A few seconds later, Makayla got up off of her knees and sat down beside him, her pussy and asshole worn out. Looking over at her, Mike said, “I think I’ve officially turned you into a Juggalette.”

“That’s possible,” she teased.


They both whipped around and looked. Jamal had just come in!


He ran over and went for Mike, who got out of the way just in time; Jamal went crashing into the side of the couch where Mike had just been. Makayla scrambled off the couch and then Jamal rounded on her.

“What the FUCK is THIS all about?!” he screamed at the top of his lungs. “I come home to you FUCKIN’ my GODDAMN roommate?! You CHEATING BITCH!”

Makayla looked a little frightened, but she stood her ground while Mike was quickly putting his pants back on.

“You got some DAMN nerve callin’ ME a cheater!” she yelled back. “Mike told me EVERYTHING! He HEARD you beating up some pussy last night that WASN’T MINE! I KNOW IT ALL!”

“That’s damn fuckin’ right, nigga!” Mike said, pointing at Jamal furiously. I caught the whole fuckin’ thing on my camera last night!”

For a split second, Jamal knew he was caught. Then he started towards Mike again. Makayla grabbed his arm to stop him and yelled, “YOU LEAVE HIM A—”


Jamal slapped her across the face as hard as she could. “DON’T YOU PUT YO MOTHAFUCKIN’ HANDS—”


Makayla looked up just in time to see Mike throw a devastating right fist into Jamal’s face. He dropped like a bag of rocks.

“You okay?” Mike said breathlessly.

“I think so,” she replied. “Thanks.”

He grinned and lit a cigarette. “No problem.”

Makayla made an awkward face. “We’re not gonna be like boyfriend-girlfriend, are we?”

Mike laughed and shook his head. “Nah. I already told ya, I don’t fuck with serious relationships like that.” Makayla sighed, and then Mike said quickly, “but hey, I’m down for friendship with benefits.”

Makayla smiled. “I can dig that…”



2017-06-27 18:35:33
Mike kinda reminds me of myself!! A white boy who's more black than white!!

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2016-10-19 08:37:11
This reads like someone wants to be from the south side of Chicago SO bad. This dialog is just real bad


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WHOOP WHOOP. Gotta love a Lo turning a bitch into a Lette. MMFCL

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I love to eat her after white guy fuck

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