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“Yes, baby?” he replied, still slowing pumping his cock, knowing what he wanted so badly to do and waiting for her to let him know she wanted the same thing.

“Please, Daddy,” she said, her voice nearly a whisper with desire.

“Are you sure?” he asked softly, and she nodded her head in reply. “It’s going to hurt some,” he cautioned.

“I don’t care,” she said as she lifted her legs up and spread them apart, making room for him to enter her. “I want you to fuck me, Daddy, I want you to fuck me with your big, thick cock!”

He moved in close, his thighs touching the edge of the mattress, then leaned over her and braced himself above her with his hands on the mattress on either side of her head, his drooling cock hovering over her stomach and dripping precum onto her abdomen. He leaned over and kissed his daughter, gently, their tongues touching briefly, before he straightened up again. He grasped his cock and pointed it down towards her pussy, placing the bulbous head against her outer lips. He rubbed the big head up and down her slit, her outer lips parting immediately to let him rub the head up and down against her soft, wet, slick inner lips. She gasped as it rubbed over her clit, he hips bucking. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit firmly three or four times, spreading his slippery precum up and down her pussy as her equally slick juices covered the head of his cock. Finally he slid the head down to her tight, wet tunnel, pressing it firmly against her opening and making her gasp lightly as he looked up at her.

“Ready, baby?” he asked; she bit her bottom lip and nodded, grabbing two handfuls of bedspread in preparation for his entering her.

He pumped his cock with his hand hard twice more to force as much precum into her opening as he could, then began slowly but firmly pushing the head of his cock into her pussy. She groaned and winced as the big head of his huge cock slowly slid inside her pussy, spreading her opening wide, stretching it more and more as it pushed its way inside her tight tunnel. She gripped the bedspread tightly in her fists, twisting them as the bulbous head slipped inside her, the flared ridges at the back of the head slipping inside her with a slight ‘thump’ that was more felt than heard. She gasped loudly at this and he paused, letter her pussy adjust to the big head of his cock being inside her.

“God DAMN, your cock is so big!” she moaned, panting for breath as she looked down at the tube of his incredibly long, incredibly thick cock pointed down to her pussy, the head now inside her. The sight of the head of his cock trapped tightly inside her young pussy excited him, and Sam was anxious to continue.

“Ready for the rest of it?” he asked, looking up at her. Her head snapped up and her eyes got wide at his words, and he chuckled briefly. “As much as you can take, that is!” he said, and she gave a quick smile at him and then nodded.

“I want your cock inside me, Daddy, as much as I can take!” she said, hooking her feet behind his thighs to keep him there. “Now give it to me! Push that monster cock inside my pussy and fuck me with it!”

Same felt his cock twitch with excitement at her demand, and he began pushing his cock into his daughter’s tight, young pussy again. He pushed slowly but firmly, his big, thick cock stretching her pussy walls as he slid further inside her tunnel, and she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as he continued to penetrate her. Her pussy was tight, incredibly tight, made even more so by the girth of his cock. She was also very, very wet, and the feeling of her wet pussy wrapped tightly around his cock was heavenly. He spread her lips apart with his thumbs, pulling his cock out until just the head was still inside her and then sliding it back in again to help spread her slick juices around and make it somewhat easier for her to take his monster cock. He pumped his cock in and out of her pussy slowly, pushing a little more into her tunnel, going a little deeper into her tight, wet pussy with each stroke, and she began moaning with his strokes as her pussy was stretched more and more.

“Oh…my…God!” she said in time with his strokes as he slid deeper and deeper into her tight pussy, pushing more and more of his cock inside her with each stroke. “I…unnnggh…God…oh, Daddy…..aahhh….” she moaned as he began stroking her in long, slow, deliberate strokes. Her pussy fluttered and clenched around his shaft, wrapped tightly around him as he stroked in and out. He was going deeper and deeper into her now, pushing more firmly as he slid more of his cock inside her. As he watched his thick, hard cock slide deeper and deeper into her tight, wet pussy he saw her abdomen bulge slightly in the shape of his cock with every push of his hips, the bulge disappearing when he pulled out and reappearing when he pushed in. He released his cock from his grip and put his hands on her knees, spreading them apart to open her up more and let her take more of his cock inside her, watching her abdomen bulge as he did so. He pushed harder in one long stroke, and she cried out as he slid his thick cock even further into her tight pussy.

“Ahhhh! Daddy!” she cried, twisting the bedspread hard in her hands. “Oh my God, it’s so big, so fuckin’ big, but it feels so good!” She was gasping for air, her breath coming in shallow gulps as she adjusted to the monster cock inside her pussy.

Sam looked down and was surprised to see more than eight inches of his cock buried inside his daughter’s pussy, the opening stretched wide, the lips glistening with fluids. He pushed forward just a bit, and Lisa cried out as he did so. He was in as far as he dared go for her first time, and he was amazed that she’d been able to take as much of his cock in her pussy as she did.

“That’s it for right now, baby,” he said, smiling at her as she lifted her head to see his cock buried inside her. “That’s as far as I want to go this first time.” Then she looked in his eyes, the fire of lust burning brightly there.

“Now fuck me with your big cock, Daddy,” she said breathlessly, reaching up and grabbing her big breasts in her hands, squeezing them and rolling the nipples in her fingers. “Fuck my tight pussy and cum for me, cum inside me, fill my pussy with the flood of your cum!”

He started to move then, thrusting his huge, thick cock in and out of her tight pussy in long, slow, firm strokes, his big balls swinging with every thrust. He was careful not to push too far into her as he thrust inside her, but every now and then he’d push too hard and make her cry out. But she never complained, never said for him to stop or slow down as he fucked her with his monster cock; she continued gripping and squeezing her big breasts as he moved, thrusting his shaft in and out of her tight pussy. She loosened up a little bit, enough so that it wasn’t hurting anymore, but she could still feel some pleasant discomfort as his huge, thick cock stretched her pussy as it filled her more than she’d ever been filled before. He alternated his gaze between watching the expression on his daughter’s face, his cock sliding in and out between her pussy lips, and the bulge in her abdomen appearing and disappearing as he thrust in and out of her.

He continued thrusting his cock in and out, sliding his thick, long shaft in and out of her tunnel, pulling out until just the big head was still inside her and then sliding it back in, stretching her tunnel out again and again as he slowly and deliberately fucked her. After a few minutes of his monster cock driving in and out of her pussy, she began to moan loudly, squeezing her breasts harder and tugging savagely on the nipples.

“I’m gonna cum, Daddy, I’m gonna cum all over your cock!” she cried out, hooking her legs around him and pulling him into her to drive his cock deeper inside her. As his cock hit her womb again she came, the orgasm exploding out of her pussy, racing through her body and shaking her like a cat with a mouse in its jaws. He continued thrusting his cock in and out of her clutching, gripping pussy, driving her to a second orgasm immediately behind the first one. She cried out as that orgasm hit, and he continued to drive his cock in and out of her pussy as she rode it out.

“Oh my God,” she gasped, her mouth hanging open, her lithe young body now covered in a fine layer of sweat. She looked up at her daddy’s face as he continued to fuck her, seeing the desire in his eyes. “Cum for me now, Daddy, please,” she begged, squeezing his cock with her pussy and making it even tighter around is cock. “I want to feel your cock pumping inside me as you fill me with your cum,” she said, urging him on as he continued thrusting. He felt the familiar tingling sensation in his balls and knew that he was going to cum soon, and this one was going to be a real gusher.

“Okay, baby, as you wish,” he gasped, increasing the speed of his thrusts. She cried out with every thrust of his big cock, matching her cries to his thrusts. He drove his cock a little deeper and a little harder into her pussy, feeling his cock widen in preparation, and he looked down to see his daughter's mouth hanging open and her head nodding quickly at him to tell him ‘NOW!’

He came then, driving his cock into her as it exploded, shooting long, thick streams of cum deeply into her pussy. She cried out as he thrust hard into her, feeling his cock pumping and throbbing inside her, actually being able to feel the streams of hot cum hitting the walls of her pussy and filling her up. His cock pumped again and again, shooting stream after long stream of cum into her waiting, gripping pussy. His cumming filled her up quickly, and the cum slid out of her pussy and down the crevice of her ass to pool on the bedspread beneath her. He continued to cum, his cock pumping six, seven, eight times inside her pussy, the cum flowing out of her like a river, and she thought he would never stop cumming. Somewhere along the way she came again with him, her pussy fluttering around his pumping, throbbing cock, and for the briefest of moments they were cumming together.

Sam pushed his cock forward and held it there as the last of the spasms ran through his cock and the last bit of his cum spit out into her full pussy, and he groaned as his orgasm finally subsided. He was covered with sweat, gasping and panting for breath, his knees shaking as he held his cock inside her pussy. He looked down at his daughter and saw that she, too, was gasping for breath, her heaving breasts reddened from where she had been squeezing them. Her body was covered with sweat and her hair damp with it, and she looked up at him and smiled. He leaned over her and kissed her, softly and tenderly, then lifted back up to look down on her again. She smiled brightly up at him with tired eyes.

“I did it, Daddy!” she said, obviously proud of herself. “I took your big cock inside me and made you cum inside my pussy!”

“You certainly did, sweetie,” he said, smiling back at her. “And you took a lot of it, too,” he added.

“How much did I take, Daddy?” she asked eagerly. “How much of your cock were you able to get inside me?”

“A little more than eight inches, I think,” he replied, and she laughed in triumph. He laughed along with her for a moment before she spoke again.

“Did you see the bulge, Daddy?” she asked, the excitement in her voice making her sound like the little girl she used to be. “Your big cock inside me was actually making my stomach bulge!”

“Yes, sweetie, I did see it,” Sam replied, smiling at her enthusiasm and excitement. He looked down instinctively to see if the bulge was still there, but it had faded with the softening of his cock inside her.

“Oh my God, that was fantastic, Daddy!” she said, sitting up and propping herself up on her hand behind her, he still between her legs with his softening cock still inside her pussy. She looked down to see it there, then reached down and stroked the top of his softening shaft with her fingertips. She looked up at him, a girlish look on her face as she spoke again.

“Can we do it again, Daddy?” she asked, lightly stroking the top of his shaft with her fingertips. “Would you fuck me again? Please?”

“Right now?” he asked, and she laughed.

“No, silly, not right now!” she replied, sitting back on her hands again. “You have to give me a little time to recover before you ravage my poor little pussy with that great, big, bad cock again! But can we, Daddy? Please?” she asked, looking up at him with her best puppy dog look. He looked at her for a moment, pausing before smiling at her.

“I’d like that very much, sweetie,” he said. She smiled a big smile back at him as he answered her. “But right now we’ve got to get cleaned up. We’ve made quite a mess here,” he said, looking down at the big puddle of cum she was sitting in. She sat up and looked down, seeing it for the first time.

“Wow! That’s a lot of cum!” she said.

“And there’s gonna be more when I pull out of you,” he said, looking around her room. “You wouldn’t happen to have a towel handy, would you?” he asked.

She smiled at him and twisted her body to reach under her pillow, producing two hand towels that she had put there earlier. She grinned triumphantly as she handed one to her father, and he grinned back.

“You little minx! You had this planned all along!” he said, slapping her leg with the towel.

“Well, I wasn’t sure if we were going to fuck or not, but I was hoping we would so I put the towels under my pillow just in case,” she replied.

“Smart girl,” he said.

“I take after my mother!” she said, and he slapped her again.

‘In more ways than one,’ Sam thought to himself.

“Ready?” he said, holding his towel down to his cock.

“Ready,” she replied. He stepped back and slid his cock out of her pussy, and she caught the flood of cum pouring out of her in the towel with no problem. He caught his swinging cock in the towel in his hand, wiping the cum from it as she gingerly climbed off of the bed. He noticed that she was wincing as she moved.

“Oh, wow, that hurts!” she said, walking bowlegged away from the bed.

“You’re going to be sore as hell tomorrow,” he said, slapping her on her taut ass as she walked past him towards the bathroom.

“Then I guess I’ll just have to suck your cock and make you cum that way, won’t I?” she asked, smiling at him over her shoulder. She hobbled into the bathroom and closed the door, then he heard the shower running. He finished toweling off his now-soft and sated cock, then spread the hand towel over the puddle of cum on the bedspread before pulling the whole thing off her bed and taking it downstairs to the laundry room, padding naked through the house. He put the bedspread in the washer, tossing in some detergent and turning it on. Then he went upstairs to his bathroom and took another shower, washing the sweat and cum from his body, his mind replaying the morning’s events over and over in his head.

In her shower Lisa’s mind was doing the same thing as she washed her lithe body, gingerly soaping up her tender, abused pussy. She smiled as she thought of her father’s huge cock penetrating her and cumming inside her, and she couldn’t wait until the next time she could make him cum.

Shortly after that Sam was downstairs in the kitchen, dressed in his usual summer attire of a polo shirt, loose fitting shorts with no underwear, and his old leather deck shoes making breakfast when Lisa came down the stairs. She wasn’t bounding down the stairs with her usual gusto, but instead was walking carefully down the stairs at a pace that would have been normal for most people, but for her with her high energy level she was crawling. Sam felt sorry for her but couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at her too, and she heard it as she turned the corner and came into the kitchen.

“And just what are you laughing at, Mr. Smarty Pants?” she demanded playfully as she walked slowly across the kitchen floor to where he was standing. She looked gorgeous as usual, wearing another tank top that was the right size and not two sizes too small this time, a white bra, a pair of dark loose-fitting shorts and her nylon hiking boots. Her blond hair was tied up in a ponytail with the tail sticking out of the hole in the back of the adjustable baseball-style cap she was wearing. He looked her up and down quickly, admiring how beautiful and sexy she was, before replying.

“I’m sorry, Lisa, it’s just that it’s kinda funny to see you hobbling around like that! You’re usually such a bundle of energy that this is just so different and…well, kinda funny!” he said, watching as his daughter slid a chair out from the kitchen table and sat down slowly, bracing herself on the table.

“Well, you let someone shove a telephone pole up inside of you and see how bubbly you are!” she replied, smiling at him as she gingerly sat down on the chair. She leaned back in the chair and sighed as she relaxed.

“Hey, I warned you…” he said, finishing cooking the eggs he was working on. He slid them out of the pan and onto a plate, putting the plate down in front of Lisa. She smiled up at him in return as she picked up the fork sitting on the table.

“I know, I know,” she said, cutting into her eggs and glancing up at him from under the bill of her hat with a devilish look on her face as she continued, “but it was so good! And I can’t wait to do it again!”

“Don’t rush it, sweetie,” Sam replied, cracking two more eggs into the frying pan for himself. “Give yourself some time to recover, at least a day or two.”

“I don’t know if I can wait that long!” she said around a mouthful of eggs, smiling. “A day, yes, but two? I don’t think so!”

“Just play it by ear, Lisa, okay?” he suggested.

“Okay, Daddy,” she said, smiling sweetly at him. She was quiet for a few minutes as he sat down at the table across from her and began to eat his own eggs. After a few minutes she spoke up again.

“Does it get any easier, Daddy?” she asked, putting her fork down on her now-empty plate and sitting back. “I mean, will I get used to it, adjust to it or something like that?”

“I’m sure it does, sweetie,” he replied, smiling at her. “I mean, your mom did – I guess she did, anyway!”

“Yeah, I guess so,” she said, getting up slowly from her chair. “All I know is I’m so sore that I can’t even wear my thong panties!” she said, smiling.

“Mmm, now there’s a nice thought to take with me through my day!” Sam said, sitting back in his chair and smiling at her.

“So you like the thought of me walking around with no panties on, huh?” she said, giving him a sly smile as she walked over to him and bent down in front of him, resting her hands on the arms of his chair and giving him an incredible view of her cleavage. “Well, here’s a thought for you,” she said softly, kissing him on the side of his neck and then whispering in his ear. “When I get back from the mall, I’m going to suck that great big cock of yours and make it cum all over me again!” Then she kissed him softly on the lips, her tongue gently and quickly tracing over his lips. She stood up and smiled at him, then turned and walked carefully out of the kitchen. She was walking a little faster than she was before, but was still moving slower than usual.

Sam sat and watched her firm, rounded ass flexing as she walked, the image of her massive cleavage just inches in front of his face still fresh in his mind, and when he got up to put the dishes in the sink he did so with the leg of his shorts tented out by his semi-erect cock.

“Damned thing has a mind of its own,” he said to himself, smiling as he finished cleaning up the kitchen.

Lisa came home in the middle of the afternoon while Sam was in his home office working on a project, and he looked out of the window to see her pulling up into the driveway. He watched her as she got out of her car and headed towards the back door, noticing that she was moving a lot better now than she had been five hours ago. He heard the back door open and her walking across the kitchen floor towards his office, and a few seconds later she appeared in the door.

“Hi, Daddy!” she said, walking over to him and kissing him on the cheek. “Miss me today?” she asked, standing in front of him with her big breasts just inches away from his nose. She was deliberately teasing him, and he knew it. He decided to tease her back.

“Nah, not really,” he said, turning back in his chair and putting his hands back up to the keyboard. “Been too busy to really notice you weren’t here, actually!” He glanced out of the corner of his eye at her and saw the shocked look on her face, and then he started to chuckle. She laughed and smacked him playfully on the shoulder with the flat of her hand.

“You’re terrible!” she said, smacking his shoulder again for good measure. “Just for that I won’t give you the present I bought you today!” she said, holding a small bag behind her back.

“You bought me a present?” he asked, turning to face her and trying to see what was behind her.

“So now you’re interested, huh?” she said, grinning at him. “Well, that’s just too bad, Mr. Smarty Pants, because now you’re just gonna have to wait!” she said, backing up a few steps as he started to reach for the bag behind her.

“Don’t make me get up out of this chair, young lady,” he cautioned, smiling at her. “You know you can’t outrun me, not in your present condition!”

“Who says I’d run?” she asked, teasing him back. “Besides, I actually bought two things for you; one of them is kinda for me, but the other one is just for you!”

“So what is it?” he asked, curious.

“Give me about five minutes, then come up to my room and I’ll show you!” she said, turning on her heel and leaving the room before he could say anything. He felt his cock instantly begin to grow as his mind raced through all of the possibilities of what she could have had in the bag. He heard her going up the stairs to her room, then heard the door close. He sat back in his chair, waiting as she had asked, and by the time five minutes had gone by his cock was at half-mast and just waiting to get fully erect. He got up out of his chair, walked out of his room and up the stairs to her room, then knocked on the door.

“Come in, Daddy!” Lisa said from the other side of the door, so he opened the door to her room and stepped inside. His mouth dropped open at what he saw.

Lisa was standing next to her bed, her hands on her hips and one knee bent and in front of the other. She was wearing a sheer pink baby doll nightie trimmed with fake pink fur, matching sheer pink thong panties, and her hair was tied into pony tails on the sides of her head with pink ribbons. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and the mounds of her generous breasts were clearly visible as they stood proudly on her chest, holding the front of the baby doll out from the rest of her body. Her nipples were hard and erect, poking at the thin material, and Sam felt his cock begin to respond immediately as she slowly turned in a circle in front of him to let him ogle her firm, round butt as the string of the thong disappeared between them. When she was facing him again she was smiling broadly, noticing the quickly growing bulge running down his pant leg.

“I see you like my outfit,” she said in a soft, sexy voice, a sexier voice than he’d ever heard come from her before, and the sound of it made his cock grow harder.

“Yes, I do, very much,” Sam replied, letting his eyes run up and down her body.

“So I see,” she said, looking directly at the outline of his cock pressing against his pant leg. “That must be getting very uncomfortable about now,” she said, walking over to him and rubbing his growing erection with the palm of her hand. “Why don’t you slip out of those shorts and set the monster free so I can play with him?”

“I can do that,” Sam said, reaching for his shorts and unfastening them. He let them drop to the ground as she looked down, and he saw her smile widen as his growing cock sprang into view.

“I love this big cock more and more every time I see it!” she said, reaching out and grasping it in her hand, her fingers barely able to fit around it only because he wasn’t fully erect yet. She tugged on it firmly with her hand and felt it growing in her fingers, getting longer, thicker, and harder with each passing moment until her fingers could no longer fit around it.

“Mmmm, I just love it when that happens!” she said sexily, her voice low. She moved in and kissed him then, the kiss deep and sensuous, and he slipped his arms around her and held her close as they kissed. She kept her hand on his now fully-erect cock, pumping it slowly. When she felt the precum begin to leak from the tip she broke off the kiss and backed up a bit, still keeping her grip on his shaft.

“Better let me take this off,” she said, lifting up the hem of her baby doll with one hand. “We wouldn’t want to get cum all over it the first time I wear it, now would we?” she said, releasing his cock and pulling the nightie up over her head with both hands. Sam watched her big breasts bob and sway with her movements, feeling his cock throbbing at the sight.

“No, I don’t guess we would,” he said, reaching out and stroking her breasts as she stood in front of him. She reached for his shaft again and wrapped her hands around it, pulling and tugging on it firmly. Her eyes were hooded and filled with lust, and the sight made Sam want her even more.

She backed up towards her bed, taking Sam with him by her grip on his cock. She sat down on the bed and pulled Sam closer to her, gripping his cock firmly and tugging on it harder to get his precum flowing. She was immediately rewarded with a big drop of the clear fluid appearing at the tip of his cock, and she smiled as she pulled his cock down to her mouth to lick it off with the flat of her tongue. She moaned with pleasure as she slipped her lips over the bulbous head of his thick, hard cock and sucked on it, pumping the shaft with her hands as she did so to suck the precum out of him. Sam could feel the familiar tickling in his shaft as his precum flowed, and he knew that he was flowly a river by now. She sucked on the head of his cock for nearly a minute, drinking the precum from his cock like she was drinking soda from a straw.

“Careful, sweetie, or you’re gonna suck me dry!” he said, looking down at her. She released the head of his cock from her sucking lips with a ‘pop,’ then looked up at him and smiled.

“Somehow I doubt that!” she said, licking her lips as she continued to pull on his hard cock. She looked back down at his cock and saw the precum at the tip, then looked back up at him in triumph. “See?” she said before licking the precum from his cock with her tongue.

“Now it’s time to get serious,” she said, looking back up at him. “I’m going to make you cum all over my tits this time!”

“You like it when I cum all over you, baby?” he asked, looking down and watching as she tugged on his cock.

“Yeah, I do!” she said, smiling up at him. “I just love the feeling of your thick, hot cum on my skin, it really turns me on!”

She turned her attention to his cock then, opening her mouth and sliding her lips over the head. She clamped her lips down around the head of his cock and began sucking it slowly into her mouth, working more and more of it in bit by bit as she pumped his shaft with both hands. She slathered her tongue along the underside of the head and then the underside of his shaft as she worked more and more of his cock into her mouth, swallowing the river of precum that flowed out of his cock and onto her wet tongue. Sam threw his head back, closed his eyes and stood there, just enjoying the sensations of his daughter sucking his big, thick, hard cock. He stood like that for several moments as she slid her mouth up and down his cock, taking him deeper into her mouth with each bob of her head, and when he looked back down he saw that she had a full six inches of his cock in her mouth. She held it in her mouth, swallowing his precum and running her tongue along the underside of his shaft, then looked up at him briefly before beginning to move. She began bobbing her head up and down the length of his cock, sliding the first six inches into her mouth over and over again, her jaws open wide to accommodate his girth, sucking on his cock as hard as she could. She continually pumped and stroked the rest of his cock in both hands, gripping his thick shaft firmly as she tugged on it. She wanted him to cum and cum quickly, as evidenced by the intensity of her actions on his cock, and he was more than willing to give her what she wanted.

“Oh, baby, that’s it, that’s it,” he moaned, putting his hand on the top of her head as he watched her suck his huge cock. “Keep that up, baby, and I’m gonna be cumming all over you in no time!” She nodded her head quickly with his cock still in her mouth, then slid one hand down to his big, heavy balls and gripped it firmly in her hand, squeezing and pulling on them as she gripped and sucked on his cock. He jumped when she did this, and she knew she had him. She tugged on his balls again, and felt his cock widen in her mouth as he groaned above her. She knew what was coming, and was ready for it.

“Oh God, baby, I’m gonna cum!” he warned, and she felt his cock widen in her mouth again and his balls shift in her hand as the first load of cum came racing up his shaft. His cock exploded in her mouth, the first stream of cum shooting right down her throat before she could get her mouth off of his cock. She gasped and swallowed the cum in her mouth as she held on to his cock, pointing it down to her breasts and pumping it as it throbbed and pulsed in her hands. Stream after stream of long, thick, heavy ropes of cum came blasting out of his cock in long torrents to land all over her chest and breasts, the cum splattering onto her face, chin and neck as it hit her breasts. She hosed herself down with his cock as it pumped and throbbed, laughing with glee as she watched his cock pump out his cum in torrents. By the time his orgasm was over his cock had pumped eight long streams of hot, thick, sticky cum out onto her big breasts, and she was literally covered with it from her chin down to the undersides of her breasts. She held on to his cock and squeezed the last drop of his cum from it, lifting the head up to her mouth and sucking it from the tip as his cum slowly slid down her breasts, dripping thickly from each nipple to land on her thighs. After making sure she had gotten all the cum from his cock she released her grip and let his cock go, and it swung down to hang heavily in front of him as it slowly softened. She looked down and held her hands up, laughing as she saw just how much cum he had shot onto her. She was drenched.

“My God, Daddy, you came big!” she exclaimed, looking up at him as he was gasping for breath. “I’ve never seen a man cum that much before!” she said as she reached down and plucked the cum dripping from her nipples with her fingers, then bringing her fingers to her mouth to suck the cum from them. He stood there, catching his breath without speaking, and watched as she licked his cum from her fingers after scraping it off of her breasts. Then she looked up at him and asked, “How much can you cum, anyway?”

“I don’t know,” he said, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, “never measured it. Two ounces, maybe…”

“Two ounces? Wow, Daddy, that’s a lot considering that the average man only cums about a tablespoon at most!”

“How do you know all this?” Sam asked, a quizzical look on his face. Lisa smiled up at him, shrugging her shoulders as she replied.

“I was curious after the first time I saw you cum, so I looked it up on the Internet!”

“Oh, I see,” he said, smiling at her.

“So I guess next time we’ll just have to measure it to see just how much cum you do shoot, huh, Daddy?” she said, a childish grin on her face.

“I guess so,” he replied.

“Time for me to go get cleaned up!” she said, standing up from the bed and then leaning over to kiss him, careful not to press her cum-covered breasts against his shirt. Then she walked past him towards her bathroom, and he smacked her on the ass as she went past. She yelped and laughed over her shoulder at him, then closed the door. A few seconds later he heard the shower running. Then he bent down and picked up his shorts, stepping back into them and fastening them before walking out of her room.

Later that night as he lay on his back in bed, his wife sleeping peacefully beside him after a long day at work, he thought back to the image of Lisa hanging on to his spurting, shooting cock as she aimed it at her breasts to cover herself with his cum, and the thought made his cock begin to grow. It grew quickly, reaching its full length and girth in a matter of less than a minute, and it was so hard it was throbbing. He looked over at his wife, sleeping on her side with the sheets down around her knees, her rounded, firm ass clearly visible in the moonlight. The sight of her ass made his cock throb even more.

“Shame to let this go to waste,” he said quietly to himself as he rolled over to her, pressing the hard tube of his big, thick cock against the crevice between her asscheeks as he slipped his arm around her waist and drew her close to him.

More to come….

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