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Intro: this something I wrote for school in my senior year. The teacher said it had to be in second person and it didn't have to be school appropriate. Sooo I decided to write about my sex life but a bit watered down and shorted. Theres one thing that's false. Anyway depending on how u guys like this one, I can extend it and go more into detail. Also note that I'm on an iPhone n I might have mistakes so bear with me.

Start out at 14 wondering what sex feels like. Your older friend who is about to turn 16 is still a virgin so she's no help. None the less, you both discuss the possible feelings and reactions that would occur. Your friend says she won't be loud but thinks you will. The only reason she thinks that is because when you're touched by the opposite sex, sparks fly and you melt like butter; your body demanding more. Of course, you're scared of what might happen beyond that. You and your friend have heard stories about girls bleeding their first time because of a 'cherry'. Even though both of you don't quite understand, you guys know the main message is pain. So, jump almost a year and feel your heart pounding as the first time comes upon you. Your boyfriend is also a virgin. What now? "Do you want to try it?" "I don't know, should we?" Talk about the subject as time escapes. Yes, no? Which is it? Finally, you decide yes, even though both your mom and sister are present in the house. A guest arrives; you don't know who and don't care. The barriers are gone and there's no going back. The first motion is foreign. You're not sure what to do. The moment is a blur. Your heart pounds in your chest. Quick! What's that sound? You don't know. Who could it be? The action stops. Your boyfriend quickly pulls up his pants and walks out the door to buy you more time to change.

Crap, as you try to dress your bottom half, your underwear decides to be a hassle. Afraid of being caught, you force the thing to slide up your now wobbly legs. The sound of the fabric ripping fills your ears. There's no time; quick comes the pants, then the hands to buckle them. Out the door you go, your mom standing in the hallway. With no breath, you awkwardly walk past her to the living room where your boyfriend sits. A big smile and contained giggles stir up in the both of you. As you sit down, your panties in funny places, you notice a man sitting across the room. It's the priest. As things work out in your head, your boyfriend whispers in your ear that while the short sex was taking place, your mom was talking to the priest at the back door! The priest gives you a side long look after watching your face turn beat red and little bursts of nervous giggles move your body. At the end of the day, claim that underwear is lucky, even though it is ripped and truly has no value. Tell your best friend and make her laugh. She'll tease you about it and ask why a priest was there. Say he was really there to talk to your stepdad, but he wasn't there but was offered in the door anyway. Years later you lose contact with her because she moved away. Always wanted to call but laziness beats you to it. With your other friend, talk about how you and your boyfriend break up. Cry about it but then you look for a new man.

It's a new year in high school and the table you and your friend usually sit at is taken. Whisper under your breath that they're bitches and joke about kicking them out. Across the room, you see two empty seats. You point a finger in the direction of the chairs. The table becomes your permit seat for the year. Meet strange new people. Ask their names, be brave this one time. They're all boys, six to be exact. Fall in love with the one you call "Hamster Boy". After about 2 months, you learn his real name. Feel shocked as he prank texts you, not telling you who he is. Fantasize that the guy texting you is sexy. When a week passes, he reveals his true identity and you feel a bit disappointed. Get closer to him to find he turns you on like no other. A first kiss is stolen in his room. Where his hand moves surprises you. Let a sound out and move closer. The fire is burning madly but the time has run out. His mother calls to take you home. Go home and fell light on your feet. Twirl around in a circle, land on the the bed and fantasize about him next to you. Fall asleep with a smile on your face. Wake up a few days later and make out with him again with more passion in the same place. As you lay half on top of him, listen to the TV, off to the side of the futon. The man in the box is doing stand up, talking about some joke that involves a fish. Let a laugh out to interrupt the kissing. Both of you can't help but laugh for awhile before resuming kissing. Later talk to him about sex. He knows you want it. You know he wants it too.

Next time when you arrive to his house, a man and his brother lay out on the living room couch. The man has his shirt off. Notice the tattoo of a half naked woman with pointed nipples. Wonder why anyone would want daggers for nipples. As you and your boyfriend head for his room, the brother asks where you two are going. Make up something funny and say, "to play doctor". Smile devilishly and make your way to the destination. Snuggle up for awhile and become turned on. Wait till you know your boyfriend's brother and companion are outside. As soon as you know they're outside the house, bend over a chair desk in the room, try to seem sexy. Taking your invitation, he comes to you. His hands travel up and down your body till they rest at your hips. He makes you beg for it. With that, your bottom half becomes naked once again. Feel the latex dive. Grab on to the desk that's facing his open window. Let half of your body lay on the desk. With a few thrusts you realize the noise you guys are making. He covers your mouth as you try to keep the desk still, trying to prevent the content banging on the wall. The movements quicken, making you loud. The sound travels out the window. Minutes later, the deed is done. You lay on his futon, relaxed. He goes to the bathroom to clean up. Moments later, you hear the bathroom door open and shut but he doesn't appear in the doorway. You hear voices and a hushed laugh. Your boyfriend comes back with a smile.

He tells you his brother and the man heard everything. You ask, "Well, what did they say?" He recites what they said to him, 'Did you guys have a banging time?', 'Did you put a glove on Mr. Sanchez?', and 'So since she was moaning like that, does that mean you don't have a chode?' Feel embarrassed with heat rising up to your cheeks but laugh at the same time. Your boyfriend just shakes his head and smiles. Feel dominate over him days later, feel like a lioness. Open his pants without permission and enjoy his surrender. At this stage you feel you got things down. Meet all his friends and feel dumb when you tell them you don't know what a white or red dragon means in sexual terms. Then, feel helpless when they won't tell you the meaning. Go to one of your friends and ask them what it means in the middle of class. Feel weird when the teacher asks you what was so important to talk about during his class. Get sent to the office after your friend tries to explain. In the principal's office, sit on a single chair in the middle of the room and wonder if the principal knows what the term means. When he asks what happened, manage to squeak out white dragon. Thinking you didn't take him seriously, you get get detention. When you tell your friends, they all bust up laughing expect you. One of your girlfriends lays a hand on your shoulder and explains. Afterwards you know it's a gross term and never plan on trying it, you go on with your love life.

Two months later feel the pain of breaking up. Get a bit insane and hate everything you see. Let the wounds heal after an agonizing 2 and half months. Be around friends who haven't moved away from school yet. Look for another to improve your sexual skills. Instead, find an old friend from 4 years ago. Your best friend from when you were 14. You find out she has a boyfriend now, not to mention sex. As you both predicted, she is quiet one in bed. She asks if you are loud you reply yes. Talk about the past for a while the exchange new phone numbers. Meet on a Saturday. Drive around in her car; catch up about each other's lives. End up at her house and go fishing. Be ok at it and talk about sex. She asks you if you ever had butt sex. Have a blonde moment and give her a strange look. She repeats her question. After a minute, it dawns on you that she's talking about anal sex. Start laughing really hard. A smile sprends on her face as she wonders what's so funny. Through your laughter tell her the image that popped in your head right away was two butts rubbing together. As she begins to understand, the same laughter pours from her like a happy water fountain. Both of you laugh for a while. When you calm down, giver her her answer and continue with the conversation. Get a text from your sister asking why the laptop has a virus. Remember that you took your mom's laptop to work on homework and looked up porn after you were done. Remember the problems that appeared after you got off the site. You panic. Don't tell her about the porn, say, "I don't know what happened". Your friend asks what's going on. You tell her about the porn. She laughs at you like she does any other time. "O my god, I love you Marie" she says with a smile.

"If you want a virus free porn site, go to" she recommends. Again, she looks at you with a grin. You don't blush because you're not ashamed anymore. Instead, you grin with her and say "Thanks". At 9:00 your friend drives you home. Before turning on your road, you guys stop at Food Lion. With a couple snacks in hand, you sit in the yellow car with your friend eating and looking at a Comso magazine. With sex positions on the one page, it reminds you of a story to tell your friend. She pays close attention while eating her ice cream. You go back to the day when you and your ex boyfriend were trying out certain positions. You say how you got on top and rode. Feeling sexy and rather tiger like, you let out a low growl. Then, an even louder one, acting cat like. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to be a big cat fan. He looked at you in the eye and asked what you were trying to do. You told your friend that, at that point you were just embarrassed, you say most guys you ever been with thought at least purring in their ear was sexy. She throws her head back and her mouth let's out a happy sound, moving her whole body. Finishing the food, she takes you to your house. Eager to stay with her, you buy some time by telling her about the girl you fooled around with. "You lucky!" she tells you. "Why?" you ask. She explains that her boyfriend sees kissing girls as cheating and the main reason for that is that she is bi. "But all I wanna do is just fool around a bit, you know? It's been three years since I've been with him" she explains the whole thing to you. You nod with understanding. The time is closing in on 11:40 and it is time for you to go. With that, you wave goodbye to her. You go to your room. Lay in your bed and think of your dream man beside you. Snuggle up with a pillow and smell his scent. You close your eyes and hope to have success with the next guy.


2012-01-13 03:42:39
i think it is very interestin an i love the detail u gave :)

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2012-01-11 04:24:58
use a computer to write on. break your paragraphs down. repost and i'll read and rate.i did'nt give a yea or nay for this version.

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