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So I have been getting good feedback on this so far so I’ll give you a few more chapters.

Chapter 10: My birthday weekend

Well a few months have gone by since the story left off I cleaned out my workshop behind my house and

bought some new toys for me to play with as well as a video recording system. It was Friday the day before

my birthday I was sitting around the house before leaving for work Who was doing her chores around the

house and everything was going good till a man stopped by and as I answered the door he asked if my wife

was home I told him she could not talk and asked him who he was. His response was “oh you must be the

brother she said she lived with I’m her boyfriend James.” Really I said so she said she lived with her brother

huh that’s funny because I live here with my wife. The look on his face went blank and skin turned pale and

before I knew it I slugged him in the jaw and he hit the porch hard. I screamed for her to come here and as

she rounded the corner she seen James out cold and a look of shock on her face ran to me dropped to her

knees and pleaded with me to forgive her. So there are other guys how many more were there. She looked

at me and said none he was the other guy and that she had only seen him once just like the last guy but he

got clingy and she quit calling him. I thought to myself now you have to be punished for this and it’s been

going so good lately. I grab her by the hair and drag her to the back yard to my workshop which is to the

back of the property which is about three acres or so. I threw her in the shop and turned on the light she had

not seen it yet as the light came on she saw a bench with a motor on the end of a big paddle, a medieval

stockade and a cross with straps hanging from it and something in the corner with a tarp over it. I go the tarp

and pull it off to reveal a cage up on a large wooden table I pull the cage off and set it down. I grab her and

put her on the table and strap her with her hands over her head and her legs spread open and to the legs of

the table. I place a ball gag in her mouth and a butt plug in her ass. Then I pull out a fucking machine from

under the table and place the biggest dildo insert it has on and position it to touch her pussy lips. I tell her to

have fun turn on the machine and leave for work. I know she was thinking I would be gone all night and that

she was stuck like this till I got home. Little did she know I was only going in to prep and I had the rest of the

weekend off for my birthday so I’d be gone about two hours or so then be back to finish what I started.

Chapter 11: My return home

As I was leaving work I got a call and it was from Brittany I had not heard from her since she left that day and

was happy to hear from her. She said she was off this weekend and was supposed to go out of town but

plans fell through and wanted to know if we could hang out I said sure ill swing by and pick you up or we can

meet somewhere. She told me to meet her at this hole in the wall bar outside of the city limits I agreed and

went home to get ready. As I pulled up in the drive way I got out my car and went straight to the shop and

there she was still tied down and being fucked her slit was dry and raw so I turned off the machine let her up

and told her that it was only the beginning she had a long weekend ahead of her. I told her to get dressed we

were going out but instead of riding in the car she was riding in the trunk and was going to stay there till we

got back home so all she needed to put on was a g string. I got dressed put her ass in the trunk and drove to

meet Brittany at the bar. I arrived at the bar a little early and as I walked in I got another call hoping that it

was not Brittany and it wasn’t it was Sammy she said her husband left this morning and she was missing me

really bad. I told her to meet me at the bar she agreed. Moments later in came Brittany in a short black dress

that hugged her nice firm ass that went on for days and her tits were almost showing with the low cut neck

and I was already aroused. She walked up to me and gave me a kiss and asked what I had in mind for

tonight I told her I had another woman meeting me here as well and then we were going to drink and play

some pool then take it back to my house for the real entertainment. Ok she said and ordered us a drink as I

walked to the pool table and put in some money and racked them up. She asked if I was a betting man and I

told her of course what you have in mind. She said I bet I can beat you and if I win I get full control of your

wife tonight I said ok and if I win what do I get. She shrugged her shoulders and said you tell me what you

want. I said ok how about this if I win you join my wife as my slave for the weekend. And before you agree

that means you do as you’re told and if you don’t you are punished just the way she was the night you stayed

over. She agreed and that was that I took it easy and let her think she was winning and when she missed

with only two balls on the table I stepped up to the table and ran it on her sinking all my remaining balls and

the eight ball and I could see it in her face she was a little scared but a bet is a bet and now you are mine.

She tried to give me a fake smile and about that time in walked Sammy in a mini skirt and a red shirt that was

low cut and fit her tits nicely. She walked up and kissed me and asked who my friend was and I told her well

this is Brittany and she is my new slave for the weekend since she lost to me in pool and she would be

joining us tonight. Go get us another round slut and make it quick. Now the bar was dim lit and we were in

the back corner of the bar and there was not too many people here as Brittany returned I told her to rack the

balls so me and Sammy could play and she could watch. She did as she was told and I broke the balls as

Sammy sat on the stool and waited for her turn I looked at Brittany and told her to get on her knees and lick

Sammy’s pussy. Sammy smiled and slid her panties off and spread her legs as Brittany walked to her and

dropped to her knees and started to lick her pussy. I missed a shot and walked over to Sammy pressing my

cock to the back of Brittany’s head and kissed her pushing her face deep in her pussy. I held there for a

minute then told her it was her shot she got up and made few shots as Brittany waited on her knees for her to

return. After she missed she sat again and Brittany continued to lick her pussy for all she was worth I finished

the game off sinking the eight ball hen walked up to them and took my hand and pushed her head forward

into her pussy again till she could not breath and then let go. Told Sammy to get her panties put them in

Brittany’s mouth and lets get out of here. We walked out of the bar and to my car as Brittany went to the door

I told her to stop. I walked to the trunk made sure no one was around and opened it up told her to get in with

Whore and take her dress of as well she stripped and got in I closed the trunk and got in the car. On the ride

home Sammy was turned on already and she was wanting to thank me so she leaned over and pulled out my

cock and started giving me head all the way home.

Chapter 12: The arrival home

As I pull in the drive I get out pop the trunk and tell the slave girls to get out and told Whore to take Brittany’s

to the shop and me and Sammy would be there shortly. As they went to the back I took Sammy in the house

and let her finish sucking my cock as I watched the girls in the back yard on their knees by the door waiting

on me to get there. She finished and swallowed my load and we went to the shop as I unlocked the door and

turned on the light Brittany’s eyes widened and I could tell she did not know what she got herself into. Now

Whore was still in trouble so I put her in the stocks which was the kind that was on the floor so she was on

her knees. I took Brittany over to the bench and tied her down and went to the control panel and turned it on.

Sammy asked what it did and I told her that she would see soon enough. And with that I hit the button and

the paddle swung and smacked Brittany’s ass and she screamed loudly so I hit it again and she screamed

louder than the first time. I told her to be quiet or they would keep coming harder and harder till she followed

directions. I hit it again and she was quiet and did not move so I hit it again and the same reaction I guess

she learns fast. I untie Brittany and tell her to lay on her back as I instruct Sammy to sit on her face and not

let her up till I said as I walked to Whore and stuck my cock in her ass and pounded away she squealed as I

drove it in with no lube and tears formed in her eyes. I took her out of the stocks and moved her to the bench

and strapped her in and let it rip slapping her ass hard and fast for about twenty minutes or so the whole

while Sammy was still sitting on Brittany’s face I walk up to Sammy and place my cock on her lips still

covered with Whores ass juice on it I insert it in her mouth and she sucks it to a full erection. I tell her to get

up take Brittany by the hair and drag her to the bench where Whore is at and place her face on her ass and I

plunge my cock back in her ass and pound it again. While I’m balls deep in ass I tell Sammy to grab

Brittany’s and hold her head still and her mouth open as I slide out of her ass and straight into Brittany’s

mouth she gags a little at first and then takes my thrusts very well as I fuck her face for a while then back in

Whores ass I rotated between the two for a while then stopped and came on the floor. I unstrap Whore and

tell her and Brittany to lick it up together. Sammy tells me she needs to piss and asked if there was a

bathroom around here and I said yes Whore open your mouth and drink her piss she obliged and Sammy

pissed in her mouth but most of it ran down on her face and on to my floor I was a little pissed about that but

then I heard it Brittany’s laughing at her for being a toilet. I turned to her and asked what’s so funny she

stopped laughing and looked down quickly I walked over to her grabbed her hair pulled her face up into view

told her to open her mouth and put my cock in her mouth. Now I have not used the bathroom since we left

the bar so I really had to go and I let it all out in her mouth so much she could not keep up with me and most

of it was on the floor as well so I finished pissing then took her hair and started to clean the floor with her face

then instructed her to lick it all off the floor and Whore to help her. After they finished I told them to get in the

house on their knees in front of the couch and wait. I told Sammy to come inside we were going to watch a

movie while they gave us head. We sat down and started to watch the movie I grabbed Brittany by the hair

and pulled her mouth on my cock. She sucked it with all she had to make up for earlier but was no use she

would regret that for the entire weekend. After the movie I was exhausted so me and Sammy went to bed

and left them on the floor curled up together by my pit-bull Dallas.

Chapter 13: Saturday My B-Day

I woke up early on Saturday around 10 and grabbed Brittany’s hair and she awoke and looked at me I told

her to open her mouth I had to pee and she was going to drink it for the rest of the weekend. She opened up

and swallowed it all down then I rolled over and woke up Sammy and told her to piss in her mouth as well

she did and she did not spill a drop. I tell Brittany to wake Whore and make breakfast as I turn to Sammy

and kiss her deeply as we kiss she runs her hand down my chest to my cock and fondles my balls. She

breaks our kiss to ask if I would like a morning blowjob and who was I to deprive her of her enjoyment sure I

said and down she went as she sucked my cock my toes started to curl and about that time Brittany walked

in I called her over and pulled out of Sammy’s mouth and came in Brittany’s hair and on her face. We ate

dinner and the slaves cleaned the house up from last night scrubbing the floor with panties stuck in their

mouth and the toilets as well and every time I had to piss it went right in Brittany’s mouth. Even when she

and whore had to pee they peed in a bowl and Brittany drank it through a straw. As the day progressed we

made it out to the shop and strapped Brittany to the cross and whore on her knees in front of her face

pressed in her pussy. I took out my whip and struck her ass and moved up to Brittany’s tits and back and

forth I went till they were both stripped red. After I was done with that I laid Sammy on the table and

positioned myself between her legs and whore leaned over wit her face on her lower stomach as I fucked her

hard till she screamed in ecstasy then I slid out and forced my whole cock down Whores throat and made her

swallow every drop. I and Sammy got up and I strapped Whore to the table and placed the machine in her

again and left Brittany in the stock with a pair of piss covered panties in her mouth and Sammy and I went to

dinner. When we returned Sammy had to go before her husband got home so she could shower and clean

herself up as she left she gave me a kiss and told me she would call the next time he went out of town. I said

ok and turned to Whore and let her up and told her to go shower and get the house back in order and I would

be in later. I walked over to Brittany pulled out my cock and pissed on her head and then made her suck my

cock for an hour so then came on her face and let her out of the stocks told her she had been a good sport

and she was free to go as well. She looked at me in my eyes and told me I am home master I loved this

weekend and I don’t ever want to leave. I told her she did not have to and to get in the house and help clean

up I had a surprise for her to join our house she had to be initiated.

Chapter 14: the initiation

Once the house was in order and I was satisfied where everything was I told Whore to get Dallas and bring

him in the living room as he came to me he sat in front of me and looked at my new slave. I told her that if

she wanted to be a part of this house she would have no limits and what I said went do you agree to these

terms. She agreed so I told her to crawl to me and sit like Dallas has done. She did as she was told and sat

next to him in front of me on the floor I told her that you are to please Dallas at all costs if I think for one

minute he is not happy you will be punished as well as pleasing me. Do you understand my orders yes

master she said good from this day on you are known as cum dump. Then I told her to lick the dogs cock and

swallow his cum she looked shocked but the obliged my request and started to lick him as his cock grew she

got more into it licking faster and faster. He was enjoying himself very much he was grunting and moving

then it happened he shot a rope of cum on her face then in her mouth as she swallowed the rest of it she got

on all fours and let him mount her as he started to fuck her pussy he moved closer I told Whore to get down

and lick his balls and help her please Dallas. Once he came his knot kept her connected for a few minutes

and then it popped out with a pretty loud sound and then Whore lick out the cum and shared it with her. I told

them to sleep with the dog tonight and I went to bed.

to be continued...........

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