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As I opened my eyes, I looked at the clock next to the bed .It was gone 11:00 am.Normally I used to wake up before 9 in the morning . But I never had sex with a hot girl before.So it didn’t really matter. I was naked, my dick was still wet with the cum of my sister ,my clothes were scattered all over the floor. Every boy would have definitely dreamed of being in this situation. Thanks to my sister, my dream turned into reality. As the word sister came into my mind, I got off the bed to search for my girl. I searched for her in the bedroom, in the bathroom but she was nowhere to be found. Then I went downstairs to search for her.
"Hey hottie” I said softly as i walked into the kitchen. She was standing near the sink.She was wearing a top and panty.I immediately went over to her and wrapped my arms around her waist squeezing her tightly.
"Hey sexy" she said. She slowly turned around and gave me a long passionate kiss on my lips.
"what are you doing" I asked as I took a chair and sat beside her
"Making breakfast for both of us.You must be hungry, aren't you"? she asked while cutting vegetables
"Yeah! But you don’t have to make lunch for that.I can adjust with a desert "I winked.She was smiling as she understood the intention behind my words.
"Oh really?"
"Yeah" I laughed.
"What's the matter? You didn’t wear anything except your underwear" she asked as she looked me from head to toe.
"I didn’t want to take the pain of removing my clothes to have you in my arms and put my thing inside you" I answered
"Oh my ! where's my little shy brother. The guy who felt shy to remove his clothes" she said by raising her eyebrows
"I don’t know" I winked.
After having our lunch, we both went to hall to watch TV.She was watching her favorite movie but I was busy observing my sister.I had never been so close to a hot girl . Every boy in my class had a girlfriend, even the dumbest guys.During the weekends, my friends used to go out with their girlfriends but stayed at home. These things really made me feel bad.Now I have a girl beside me who was more sexy than any girl in my class. I wanted to forget all those bad memories with the help of my sister. So without wasting even a single second I quickly got on top of her and started kissing. She was surprised with the move I made but she didn’t object.Few minutes later she pulled me away and started looking my eyes.
"Not here.Let us take it to a more comfortable place baby" She said. She grabbed my hand and we ran upstairs .I pulled off her top as we went dropping it on the staircase. We burst through the door kissing; our bodies pressed together, our tongues pressed into each other’s mouths. Holding on to my sister’s shoulders i pulled her inside and closed the door behind us. I grabbed her around the waist and lowered my head to her left nipple sucking it into my mouth and picking my sister up off the ground. She threw her head back as i was licking her nipple.She brought her hand to the back of my head, again, as i licked and sucked on it like a little baby looking for milk. She leaned her body back, pressing her chest further out to my face, which was becoming engulfed by her cleavage, as moved across to the other nipple. I lowered her to the floor and quickly attacked her other nipple, once more licking and sucking hard as she brought her head to the side of me to whisper in my ear.

"Ohh... god , yessss... suck my nipple baby. Yes, that's sooo gooodddd. Aaahhhh..." She moaned out softly, before poking her tongue in my ear, tickling the sensitive inside with the wet, warm tip of her tongue.

Her tongue was licking the outside of my lips before pushing inside my mouth to mingle . I felt her press her breasts against my chest hard as she leaned forward to get her face closer to mine. She brought her hands to the sides and mouth to my stomach, which she began kissing, pressing her tongue around my belly button and giving me little kisses just above my underwear. This was driving me mad with pleasure.

She stood up again and i sat up on the bed. As my sexy sister stood before me, i brought my hands up and grabbed the waistband of her knickers and pulled the frilly cotton down her legs letting them go so they would drop to the floor. I was now facing her pussy. I brought my right hand up between her legs and grabbed her ass pressing my fingers into the supple flesh.

"Ohhh ooohhh..." She moaned . She kept her hands on my shoulders for support .Now her pussy was in line with my mouth. I closed my eyes and let instinct guide me as i moved forward and placed my lips on her pubic mound.I pushed her thighs wider open to open up her pussy for my exploring tongue. The sweet smell of arousal filled my nose as my tongue made contact with her dripping sex.

"AAAhhhhhh oohhhhhhh hhhhmmmmm..." She moaned as i touched her ass while my tongue touched the inner part of her pussy. She threw her head back as i touched a sensitive spot and she shouted out loudly for more. She pulled me off the bed and onto my knees. Not letting go of her ass, i was still in the same position, with my face buried in her pussy and my arms still between her legs. She moaned louder and more frequently as i began to knead her soft ass cheeks with my hands. "Ohhhhhhh ggoooooooooddddddd aaahhhhhhh ooohhhhhh oh oh aahhh." She was shouting . She held head tightly in each hand so that she directed me to the places she wanted to feel my tongue go.

I hit just the right place as a flood of fluid flow from her body which shook in orgasm. Her hands holding my head tight, her cum dripping all over my face and down her thighs onto my arms.

She came down soon after.I watched as she lowered herself onto my cock, which easily slid into her. "Ahhhh ahhhh oohhh..." She moaned as she, with my help, began to grind her pussy onto my cock. I held her waist with my both hands and with strong forearms i helped her lift her up my cock and down again, taking it out to the head then back to the hilt, deep in her pussy. The moaning and groaning continued as we two moved as one; I took my sister’s ample nipples into my mouth and squeezing her ass cheeks as i felt my cock being put in a vice like grip by my sister’s pussy. We were both ready to cum. We were shouting out loudly.I kept shooting my load inside her like a machine gun. Few minutes later her juices flowed all over my cock. We both laid beside each other and took a long time to catch our breaths.
“Brother. I think we should clean ourselves .We both are covered with sweat and cum.” She laughed
“Yeah sure, why not”
"Why don’t we hit the beach today. We can clean overselves , enjoy and I have never been to the beach with you before" she suggested
I liked the idea because i never really had the chance to visit the beach. Dad was always busy with work and mom would never let me go alone.Mom was afraid of the people who came to beach to make love with their partners.Now it was a perfect chance to go to beach.I was not alone and I have a partner. So I got up and quickly got into my wore swim trunks and a t-shirt. She went to her bedroom and after few minutes she came out wearing small purple tank top and some booty shorts.
"Where's your bikini" I enquired
"Its in my bag.Dont worry dear, I will wear it after we reach our destination. ok ?"she smiled
We quickly locked the door and got inside the car. Within no time we reached our destination as the beach was near to my sister's house.The smell of the sea water tickled my nose as we walked to the beach. She had to wear bikini so she went to the ladies bathroom . As I was busy imagining my sister in various bikini's, I felt a hand resting on my shoulders.
"Ready to go "she asked as she tried to adjust her thong.
As I turned around, I saw a beautiful girl wearing a white string bikini in front of me. The small cups of her bikini squeezed her D cup breasts together and brought them higher up so they looked even perkier .The beautiful girl was none other than Jessica, my sister. I literally wanted to have her in my arms and my dick inside her pussy. I held her hand and walked past the people who came with their family and friends.I liked the attention. Even some of my friends were present at the beach. They were looking at both of us with a confused face. I really loved the look on their faces. We walked deep inside the ocean and played with the water by splashing at each other. The water waves added more fun.I was enjoying each and every minute with my sister. Few minutes later we came out of the water and claimed a spot where my friends can easily see both of us. We laid down beside each other. Jessica set down her purse and laid down a towel.
She applied lotion to every part of her body and covered her eyes with the help of sunglasses. My friends were still watching us with their wide open eyes to figure out the situation. I leaned my head towards her cheek and started kissing it . Little later, I slowly lifted my hand and started massaging her breasts through the top.

"Mm, that feels good hun." She moaned
Slowly i slid her bra down; revealing her soft breasts.
"No! There are way too many people here brother
"Oh come on Sis, not that many people will see you, besides we are not the only one here who are making love" i said pointing out to the couples who were naked
"We had sex a little while ago.why dont you lay down and take some rest.I'll let you fuck the shit out of me after we get home" she said ,trying to convince me.
I wanna fuck the shit out of you here,right now!"
I knew i was behaving like a baby but i didn't want to loose this opportunity.
"Fine here, take off my bra, if that makes you happy "
"Trust me Sis. You are going to enjoy it"
I undid her top and tossed it aside; revealing her breasts to the beach.
My friends and some kids playing nearby got that instant boners as they watched me play joyfully with her boobs.Then i played with her nipples. Then i slowly moved my head near her lips and kissed her.As my left hand stayed on her breasts, I slid my right hand down her stomach. And slowly it slid to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy. I could feel the wet spot getting bigger. She moaned. I took this as a green light and peeled her thong down.
" no brother "she gasped
I just shushed her. I slid the panties down her legs, off the feet and cast them aside a few feet away where her top laid. I stuck my finger in her pussy and started fingering her. She moaned. As i started going faster and faster she moaned louder.
I moved my mouth on her pussy and started licking away. I moved my tongue deep in her pussy.
She wrapped her legs around my head
"Ohhhh " She moaned as she orgasmed once again. I kept my mouth on her pussy to drink her tasty juices.
When i finished, i lied back down beside her.
"Do you want me to stop"
"Naah!" She laughed
I put her bikini in her bag. She didn't object.
I got on top of her and took off my shirt. I slid down my pants and she grabbed my cock. I knew she wanted it. I thrust my cock deep inside her. She moaned.I did it again, and again as i found my rhythm She spread her legs wider and clenched the sand around us.Her tits bounced up with every blow to her pussy
"Yeah Baby! Fuck me harder" she begged
I quickened my rhythm. Every thrust made her let out a squeal. I fucked her faster and faster. I fucked her like an animal. It was amazing.
I withdrew as I was about to cum, i grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my dick. Soon i came all over her chest.She grabbed her breasts and licked the cum off of each.
It was getting late, my friends left as the show we put on came to an end.We were tired to get up so we decided to take some rest and then go home. She was in my arms; Her pussy was touching my limp penis, and i was slowly massaging her breasts.
The sight was beautiful; the sun was slowly going down.While I was looking at the sunset, she was looking at me. She wanted to ask me something, but something was stopping her.
"Do you want to say something sis?" i asked

I hope you've enjoyed. Please let me know that whether i should come back with part 4 of this story.

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