picking up where we left off in a hotel room with my daughter and 2 prostitutes
(Recap of Part 1)

As my marriage unraveled, my wife was unable (unwilling) to join me on a vacation which was intended to salvage our relationship. Rather than cancel the trip, I decided to bring my 9 year old daughter Anna to the Dominican Republic with me. On our first day there, Anna was eager to use her new camera. She inadvertently hired two young, scantily clad, Dominican prostitutes to “model” for her. After a frolic on the beach, we retired to our hotel room for more “poses.”

In due course, I find myself under the covers while a dark skinned beauty named Carmen eagerly sucks my straining cock; her lighter skinned companion – Isabella – encourages my naked daughter to get under the covers with her and her girlfriend to “help keep daddy warm.”

(Part 2)

Before I can say anything, Isabella lifts the end of the light covers; as they balloon up, both Isabella and Anna dive under. The blankets fall back over them, three divine, naked bodies – well, technically the Dominicanas are wearing one and a half dental floss outfits that they call bikinis – wriggling around my legs and exposed cock.

I hear them giggling and I feel some shifting as someone (presumably Carmen) pulls my shorts all the way off. My dick is not left unmolested for very long. I feel a competent hand (presumably Isabella) wrap around my shaft guiding it into her mouth. She starts sucking and stroking vigorously. Sucking so hard my ass literally lifts off the bed

Legs occasionally appear off one side of the bed or the other as I clutch the covers to my chest. I hear my daughter exclaim with her patented earnestness, “That’s how you keep him warm?”

I feel Isabella remove her mouth from my cock, her fingers still grip it, then there is a moment, a still moment, before another mouth slips over my cock head. I feel the lips on it passively and I know whose mouth it is. She doesn’t suck at first, or even really move on it. Though it’s not technically the most skillful blow job I’ve ever head, knowing that my daughter has my cock in her mouth makes my cock feel more alive then it has ever felt. I start snorting through my nose.

”Tu necisitas a enseñar!” Carmen declares.

Isabelle begins to instruct my daughter in a kind tone, “Move your mouth up and down on it and suck harder.”

I have to see it – I have to see my little girl doing this thing to me, so I let go of the covers. The sheet and blanket quickly get kicked off the bed. Isabella’s hand is on the back of Anna’s head. The two girls’ faces are so close their cheeks touch. Isabella has a strangle hold on the base of my cock and as I see Anna’s cheeks suck in and feel the effect, it’s all I can do to keep from spewing right down my baby’s throat.

With little encouragement, she works faster as her slobber gets on my cock. It’s too amazing to behold and, once again, if it weren’t for Isabella’s constricting fingers, I would surely have squirted by now.

My little girl is doing such a good job. My god, what am I saying? Lost in bliss, I realize I’m proud of my daughter’s innate cock sucking abilities. I want to kiss her. I want to kiss her like a woman. I pull her up my body and hold her face adoringly.

She’s so excited. “Did I do a good job daddy?”

I feel a skilled mouth start to work my dick again as I kiss my daughter tenderly. “Oh my god angel, you did such a good job.”

She’s so happy she hardly knows how to respond but she gives her mouth to me, letting it part slightly. I suck her lip and taste my cum in her mouth as Isabella strokes me. Then my daughter jerks and her eyes go wide. She laughs a pure trill of crystal. “She licked me between my legs …” Her mouth making a perfect “O” as Isabella licks her again.

My little girl purrs, “Oh daddy, that feels so good!”

Feeling Isabella pump my straining member as she laps my daughter’s pussy, I don’t even know what to say as I watch the sexual ecstasy wash over my little girl’s face. I glance over to see Carmen take off her top, her bikini bottom has already disappeared. My baby quivers on me as Carmen takes something out of the bag: a small square plastic package … a condom!

Carmen comes back to the bed as Isabella lets go of my dick and shifts over. Anna looks to see what she’s up to as Isabella kneels beside us and sucks her fingers. Anna’s body is still quivering. My hands are right on my little girl’s bare ass and I realize I’ve been spreading her cheeks. I feel Carmen take my cock and roll the condom on it as Isabella rubs my little girl’s crotch with her slippery fingers. Anna instantly jerks on top of me.

Isabella looks right at me and says, “Anna’s pussy tastes so good, you should taste it.”

How do you respond to that? Anna is just writhing on Isabilla’s fingers as I feel Carmen get the condom all the way on. Isabella stops rubbing my daughter’s pussy and leans in to kiss her cheek. “You would let your daddy kiss you between your legs wouldn’t you Anna?”

Anna just bites her lip and nods as Isabella takes her hands to help her stand up so she can get up on my face. I can barely speak as Carmen strokes my rubber covered cock. Anna straddles me, the view of her crotch the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. She absent mindedly fingers her clit. My hands are on my daughter’s calves and thighs. I can’t take my eyes off my daughter’s naked sex parts as Carmen squats over my cock, fumbling to get it in her warm hole.

“Daddy, she’s putting you in her!” Anna gasps as I feel Carmen’s warm pussy envelop me. All I can do is grunt a long, labored exhalation.

“Sit down Anna, sit down on your daddy so he can taste you.” Isabella instructs my daughter as she touches Anna’s bare thigh, I watch the most beautiful ass and pussy I have ever seen get closer and closer to my lips.

Oh god can I do this? Can I really do this? My mind is in riot but I strain to reach it – to taste it.

I put my tongue right into my daughter’s moist quim. I am tasting my daughter’s pussy and Jesus God it tastes amazing. Yes, there is a woman bouncing on my cock. Yes Carmen is young and feels amazing as she fucks me but everything else fades and all I am aware of is my tongue going in and out of my little girl’s vagina. I vaguely notice hands on my chest as my little girl squats on my face. I hold my daughter’s ass open as I lap between her legs. I make Anna grind on my face; my nose is in her ass and I’m lapping from her clit to her butt hole.

The way she shudders every time I flick her clit! She jerks and gasps with each flick, lifting off then plopping back down on me and before I know it, her pussy floods. It happened so fast and the taste of it is so sweet and delicious I just want more. She cries out and slips off me clutching her crotch in a shuddering fetal position. At the exact same moment I hear Carmen cry out and feel her pussy spasm on my dick.

I scramble out from under Carmen as she vigorously works her pussy through her orgasm and grip my little girls shoulders kissing her cheek to make sure she’s ok as she keeps shuddering and nearly hyper ventilating.

“Angel! Are you OK?” I ask, so concerned.

She looks at me still covering her crotch, her eyes wide and a bit frantic as she beams up at me.

“Oh yes daddy! That was amazing!”

I’m mesmerized by the radiant beauty of my little girl as I realize she just came on my face. She seems to be glowing. She just smiles and looks at me, her body occasionally shuddering.
“Has that ever happened to you before?” I hear Isabella ask. Looking back, I see her standing behind Carmen, playing with her dark nipples.

Anna sits up so proud and informs her, “Oh yes, I masturbate!”

Isabella laughs and all I can do is pull my baby to me. Our faces are right next to each other and she says, just so I can hear her, “But it never felt that good daddy!”

I hear the two Dominicanas whispering then feel hands slide up my legs and spread them open. Isabella says, “I think your papi needs to cum too!”

As I feel their hands all over me I’m amazed I haven’t shot my load a long time ago as my daughter asks me, “Daddy, boys can do that?”

I feel someone tug the condom off my straining cock.

“Well yes but … mmmmm” I feel someone plunge my cock into their mouth and look down and see Isabella putting the whole thing in her face till her lips are at my pubes. Anna is up on her knees and my hand is on her ass as she watches intently.

Isabella’s lips literally makes a popping sound as she releases my cock and lets Carmen have a turn. She smiles at my daughter as she wipes her mouth.

“Oh yes, boys cum, but when they do, it squirts all over the place!”

I look up at Anna as her eyes go wide and she smiles a funny curious smile. My fingers savor her smooth naked body. I arch my back as Carmen works my dick and I know I’m so close.

“You want to see your daddy squirt?” Isabella asks as she massages my laden balls. I’m snorting like a bull.

Anna’s eyes are full of excitement. She nods and eagerly says, “Yeah!”

When Carmen comes up for air, Isabella puts her mouth on one side of my cock and Carmen starts working the other. The two women’s mouths slide up and down in shocking synchronicity. My breath is coming quicker, I can barely catch it and I know I’m going to spew as I grip my daughters precious ass. The girls are moaning. I start to grunt as I feel the cum rising. My middle finger is right at the threshold of my baby’s wet gash, I know I’m going to explode and I don’t try to hold it anymore. My cum shoots high and Anna squeals with pleasure.

Carmen can’t resist sucking the cum out of my dick and Anna looks at me.

“You did it daddy! You squirted!”

I try to respond but all I can do is grunt as Isabella sucks my tender balls.

“Ungh, no more, please,” I make them stop as I pull Anna to me. The crashing reality of what I’ve done with my little girl starts to wash over me but she just nuzzles into my chest and purrs, “Oh daddy, that was so fun.”

I watch Isabella and Carmen stand up. Carmen wipes her mouth. Isabella says, “we’re going to use your shower.”

I just nod as I squeeze my little girl so tight.

The sight of their asses actually makes my spent cock quiver as I watch them make their way into the bathroom. Anna wraps her little leg around me. Her bodily warmth and the intensity of my orgasm – not to mention all of the other events of the day – starts to wash over me as I feel myself drifting into oblivion.

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