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A few days had passed since my daughter and I's fuck on the couch. Thinking about that still gave me wood. sometimes when I was working on a car I would be laying under it and remembered how she rode my cock and playing with her small tits while ground up and down on my shaft.

I didn't work tonight so my wife asked me to go pick up Rosie from cheer-leading practice while she cooked dinner. Usually when I'm off I do the cooking, but tonight she offered to so I wasn't going to argue, plus it gave me some alone time with my daughter and she looked so good in that little cheerleader outfit. I grabbed my keys and headed off to the middle school practice field to go pick her up. I got there just a little before they got done so I found a spot kinda close to park and sat and watched them finish up. After about ten minutes or so of watching Rosie get tossed around and doing flips they all filed out to there perspective rides and said bye to each other.

Rosie lit up when she saw me and ran the rest of the way to the car. She ran around to the passenger side and flew in the car and gave me a big hug then kissed me a little to passionately for being in public. I quickly pulled her off and looked around. Everyone else sitting around was to preoccupied loading there children in the car and trying to leave so no one noticed. As soon as I made sure we weren't spotted I felt her flop into the seat next to me and her hand starts rubbing its way up my thigh to my crotch. "I've missed you Daddy. I hoped you'd make some time to see me before to long."

"Ok baby, I missed you too, but you need to calm down before someone sees us and I get into trouble for molesting my own daughter."

"Oh Daddy, no ones paying attention to us. All the mom's are in too much of a rush to get home to pay attention and most of the dad's are trying not to get caught checking out there own daughters." She said while she started trying to unbutton my jeans.

"Whoa baby, at least let me get us out of the parking lot. Scoot over to your seat and put your seatbelt on." I tried not to yell at her but I was really worried about getting caught on school grounds. She slid to her own seat and buckled up and I made my way out of the parking lot and on the road. When I got on the road I looked over at her and she had slid her bloomers and panties down and was slowly fingering her tight little pussy while watching me drive.

"I want you Daddy, I wanna feel you inside of me."

"Oh, you naughty little slut. Fine, get over here but stay low so no one sees you." She quickly yanked her seatbelt off and dove into my lap and immediately had my pants undone and my cock out and in her mouth. She was laying on her belly across the front seat and her skirt was still up around her waist from her playing with her pussy so I could now see her tight perky little ass hanging out. I took the steering with with my left hand and reached my right over and started massaging her ass and sliding my finger up and down the crack of it and around to her wet little cunt. I dug my finger into her pussy and she moaned on my cock. I started fingering her with my middle finger getting her good and wet, then I slid my finger back out and up around her anus then back to her pussy. I kept this up getting her asshole wet and lubricated then took my middle finger and started poking it into hers tight ass. When I got it in about to the first knuckle she let out a deep moan and started sucking on my balls while furiously jerking my cock with her left hand. I shoved my finger into the second knuckle and she let out a little squeal and her body shuttered. I think she was enjoying this. I pulled it out and dunked it deep into her pussy one more time then plunged it as deep as it would go into my daughters tight asshole.

"OH fuck Daddy, that feels soo good. Finger my ass, but find somewhere to park because I need you. My little pussy has been aching for you Daddy. It needs a good fucking."

"Way ahead of you baby-girl," I told her as I was making the exit to a nice little park where we could have some privacy. I kept pumping my finger in and out of her ass as she kept greedily sucking on my cock and playing with my balls. I pulled my finger out of her ass and pulled her skirt down as we pulled into the park so no one would see her ass through the window. I wasn't really worried since my truck is pretty tall anyway, which is part of the reason why I didn't stop her assault on my cock with her mouth. Plus, it felt really great. I got around the park and finally found a deserted section of parking and pulled my truck into a spot. As soon as I turned off the engine Rosie popped up and straddled me, lining her young pussy entrance to my fully erect cock and lowers herself down onto me. We both let out a moan when she sunk herself down onto me then she started bouncing up and down wasting no time fucking me deep and hard.

"Oh Daddy, I missed your cock. Oh it feels so good inside me, I love fucking your big dick Daddy, Ahhh..." She almost yelled out at me as she continued to fuck herself with my cock. I reached my right hand around and started playing with her asshole while she fucked me while other slid up her shirt and began fondling her little tits. "OH yeah Daddy, stick you finger up my ass while I fuck you." To which I complied. I rammed my middle finger all the way back up her ass and started working it in and out as she ground down on my cock hard. "OH Daddy, I'm cumming for you. Oh, yyeaahhhh..." She wailed as she was overcome with and intense orgasm. I felt her body go rigid against me and her pussy walls clenched down around my cock and that sent me over the edge. I let loose a massive load of cum deep into her little hole. "OH I can feel you filling me up with you cum Daddy, Yes, dump your cum inside me Daddy, it feels so good" she said as she continued to twitch from her orgasm and I twitched inside her.

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