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Stephanie learns the news and Lee learns something about her
It was the day after Lee and April had so tearfully agreed they would find a house together and live their lives apart from the others.

Lee had been quite quiet the night before and both his mother and Kim had asked what was wrong.

"Nothing's wrong" he lied. Well really it wasn't a lie, nothing was wrong, but it was strange, he had agreed to move out with April, leaving the family he was so close to behind and start afresh, but he knew deep down they had to tell their mother and sisters before they did.

That was last night, today was a new day, the sun was out and so were everyone but April and her brother.

"Hi Hun" April said as she hugged her brother waking him up in his bed.

"Hi, what time is it?" Lee asked as he kissed his sister.

"It’s... nine am" she said as she looked at the clock by his bed.

"Oh, ok, are we alone?" he asked his sister who nodded and kissed him deeply, her tongue find its way into his mouth.

Lee kissed her back; placing his arms around her he pulled her into his body.

"Oh Lee, I'm sorry but we can’t right now, I came to sort out what we're gonna tell the others" April said as she pulled away from her brother and sat up on his bed.

"Ok April" he said a little disappointedly he was really looking forwards to his time with April but he knew that soon they would have all the time they wanted.

"So what are we going to say?" April asked.

"I don't know, what do you think we should say?" Lee answered as he looked over his naked sister’s body as she sat on his bed.

April thought for a little while before answering.

"I think we should find somewhere to stay first... Dawn and the others will understand but I'm not sure about mum" April said as she laid her head on her brother and settled into his body.

"It'll all sort out April" Lee assured his sister before giving her a kiss on the forehead and hugging her to himself.

Lee woke up about two hours later, he hadn't realized it but he and April had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

"April wake up" he said softly not wanting to give his sister too much of a shock as he woke her.

"Hmmm what’s wrong?" she asked sleepily opening her eyes slowly and adjusting them to the light.

"I think I heard something downstairs" Lee said as he got out of bed and pulled on some clothes.

"Theirs no one in but us Lee, don't worry about it" April said as she snuggled down on her brother’s pillow, hugging it and feeling the warmth that Lee had left behind.

Lee wasn't so sure, he was sure he had heard something and wanted to check it out.

As he got to the bottom of the stairs, the pleasant sight of his sister Stephanie greeted Lee.

"Hi Lee" she said happily as she saw him at the staircase.

"Hi Steph..." Lee said a little surprised to see her home "What you doing home?"

"Class was abandoned something about a gas leak or something like that" she said with a smile "So I came home".

"Oh right, I see" Lee said as he stepped of the bottom step and onto the cold kitchen floor.

"So where's April?" Stephanie asked her brother who jumped a little at the question "Something wrong?"

"No I'm fine, April she’s... upstairs" Lee said after a little pause to think.

"Upstairs, a little late for her isn't it?" Stephanie asked.

"She was really tired this morning, not too well I don't think" Lee said, trying to cover his and April's tracks, not knowing how close Stephanie and April had got.

"Oh I'll have to see her and try to cheer her up a little" Stephanie said.

"No! Err she asleep I think, best not disturb her" Lee said quickly.

His reaction shocked Stephanie, he was being really strange about April and she wondered if he had found out about the night she and her sister had spent together.

"Ok I’ll see her later" she said.

"That’s probably best she needs some rest,” Lee said as he turned to go back upstairs.

"Where you going?" Stephanie asked.

"Just to get changed then I’ll be right back" Lee replied as he ran up the stairs in a big hurry.

He arrived in his room to find April asleep once more on his bed.

"April... Stephanie's home you've got to get up" he said as he gently shook her arm to wake her.

"Steph's home... hhmm she's early" April said nonchalantly as she settled back on to her brothers bed.

"April... I told her you were sick she said she's gonna see you later so you need to get to your own room" Lee said a little hurriedly, sitting on his bed next to his sister.

"Its fine Lee" April said "Don't worry so much"

"I'm not worried but I don't want Steph finding out like this" Lee said leaning over his sister and looking into her face.

"She already know Lee, just tell her to come and see me if she wants to" that shocked Lee, how did Stephanie find out about them?

"Lee just tell her will you please then give us a little time I’ll tell you everything later" April said before giving him a kiss on the cheek and sitting up in his bed, the covers falling from her body exposing her large breasts and perfect nipples.

Lee did as his sister asked and went to tell his sister Stephanie.

April smiled as she watched her brother leave the room, she knew she had to tell someone about her and Lee's plan and Stephanie was really the most likely to accept what they wanted and offer some advice, she may have been one of the youngest of the family but she was wise for her age.

"Steph... April said you can go see her if you want" Lee said as he found his sister in front of the TV.

"Oh ok" Stephanie said as she got up and went to the stairs

"She's up in my room" Lee said, Stephanie nodded and went.

"April you ok?" Stephanie asked as she opened her brother’s door and poked her head around it.

"Sure Steph come in and close the door will you" April said as she sat in her brother’s bed only her lower half coved by some sheets.

"Lee said you weren't well" Stephanie said as she went and sat on the bed with her sister.

"I'm fine... he just didn't want you to find out about him and me that’s all... its sweet really he didn't want to shock you" April said as she gave her sister a kiss.

"So he doesn't know what we did then?" Stephanie asked, April shook her head 'no'.

"That’s probably best" Stephanie said as she kissed her sister back, using her tongue more now.

"I don't know about that soon we're gonna tell each other everything" April said as she pulled her sisters t-shirt over her head and moved down to her breasts, holding one in with each hand and kissing her hard nipples.

"Why's that?" Stephanie asked as she leaned her head back to push out her breasts more for her sister to enjoy.

"Well me and Lee have decided to move out of here and live together" April had a little hesitation in her voice as she said it.

"Move in together!" Stephanie pulled back from her sister’s mouth and looked shocked at her.

"Yeah we decided last night" April said with a nervous smile to her sister.

"Is he really that good?" Stephanie joked and April started laughing, more from relief then anything.

"Much better" April said with a smile "But he hasn't got the same qualities as you" she said as she pulled her sister on top of her tight body and began to kiss her deeply.

Lee was downstairs wondering what April was saying to Stephanie, he still couldn't believe she knew about the two of them, had April told her or one of the other.

Back in the bedroom April was hugging her sister tightly to her body their breasts rubbing seductively together as their tongues licked each other’s mouths.

"So when are you two going?" Stephanie asked as she held her body off April’s so she could pull back the covers and let Stephanie slide her legs under, on each side of her sister’s body.

"We don't... hhhmmmm" she was cut off by her sisters mouth on hers, Stephanie pushing her tongue into her sisters mouth, and April only too happy to suck it like a Popsicle.

"Ok go on" Stephanie flashed her sister a smile as she reached down between their bodies and undid her jeans pushing them down her legs as she kissed her sisters soft skin, trailing her tongue in a long wet line down her stomach as she made her way under the sheet all the time pushing the jeans further down her legs.

"We don't know just yet we haven't decided..." April suddenly felt her sister’s tongue flick her wet pussy, under the cover she couldn't see what Stephanie was doing and that only made it more erotic, she was at Stephanie's mercy.

"Decided when or what to tell everyone yet" April said as she opened her legs further to give her sister better access to her target.

From April's view Stephanie was just a big mound in the sheet occasionally moving to get a better position to assault her sisters pussy from, but under the sheet, her sister was breathing her hot breath on April's pussy and giving it tantalizing little lick just below her clit sending her wild.

"Ohh fuck, Yes fuck!" April shouted as she felt her sister’s hot breath on her pussy lips, before her tongue pushed inside the sensitive crevice.

It was lucky for Stephanie that April didn't take much longer to cum; it was getting really hot under the sheet with all the heavy breathing and heat from April's body.

"Aaaaahhhhhh yessssss!" April moaned as she arched her back off the bed and let her cum flow onto her brothers bed spread and into her sister’s mouth.

Stephanie's tongue was all over her sister’s pussy making sure not to miss any of her sweet, tangy juice, which was not easy as it was dark under the cover.

Slowly Stephanie's brown hair came up from beneath the cover, her breasts pressed onto her sister’s skin, her nipples poking in to it as she slid her body up the sexy body of April.

April smiled as she felt her sister’s wet pussy slide up her legs leaving behind a little river of wetness that April knew she would have to scoop up and lick off later.

Stephanie finally made her way up April till her head was pressed next to her sisters on the pillow, her body stretching across April's.

"What do you think we should do Steph?" April asked as she hugged her naked sister to her body.

"Do you really love Lee?" Stephanie asked as she planted soft kisses on April's neck and earlobe.

"So much I can’t think sometimes,” April, said as she reached her hand down her sister’s back and gently caressed her soft asshole with her fingertips.

"Then I think you two should go for it" Stephanie said as she felt the light fingertip slide up and down the crack of her ass-cheeks.

"Thanks Steph" April said as she brought her sisters mouth to her and kissed her.

"But there is one thing" Stephanie said as she broke the kiss from her sister.

April looked curiously at Stephanie before she explained.

"Before you two go do you think Lee would... you know" Stephanie said as she placed her head onto April's chest and kissed her nipples.

"Oh I'm sure he will" April said with a smile as she felt her sister’s tongue lick the sensitive nipple on her left breast.

"Oh god I can’t wait" Stephanie said as she continued to lick her sister's nipple.

"Then why don't you go down now and get him to do what you want?" April suggested to a shocked Stephanie, but the shock soon wore off and she smiled wickedly at her sister before getting out of her brothers bed and running to the door.

Lee was astounded when Stephanie came walking into the living room naked, his mouth was dropped open as she swayed her hips and walked sexily towards him.

"Steph you’re... naked" Lee said shocked by his sister who just smiled and nodded.

"I think that’s obvious Lee,” she said sarcastically as she stood in front of her brother, her legs slightly open but just not enough to show her pussy.

Lee looked at her light brown pubic hair; it was cut short and neat just above her pussy and just looked so sexy.

Lee looked up to his sister’s breasts; they were firm and inviting, her nipples hard and suck able.

"So what are you doing down here... err naked?" he asked eyeing his sisters assets with awe.

"I'm here to do something that should have been done along time ago" Stephanie said with a wicked smile.

Lee realized what she meant, at least he thought he did and smiled back to her, before licking his lips in anticipation.

"Lee I’ve been naughty" Stephanie said out of the blue, that wasn't what Lee expected her to say at all and he was stuck for how to respond.

"What do you mean?" Lee said unsure what else to say.

"I've just been fucking April in your bed" she said rolling her bottom lip like a sorry child who's admitting wrongdoing to its parents.

Lee looked shocked by her confession.

"That’s the second time we've fucked" she continued, hanging her head and looking at her brother while trying to hide a smile, all this was turning her on enormously and she could see it was Lee too now he had cottoned onto the game they were playing.

"Oh you are a naughty girl then Steph" Lee said sternly, this was a real turn on, he felt his cock swell in his pants to almost painful hardness, he also saw the little glint of wetness form on Stephanie's inner thigh's, she was just as turned on as him.

"I am Lee, I think you need to punish me,” she said meekly.

"So do I" Lee said with a nod.

Lee had always been turned on by the thought of spankings, he had first found out when he saw a movie where a woman was being spanked and he couldn't help but get hard and later masturbate to a huge orgasm.

Stephanie too was turned on by spankings, she had received one from one of her boyfriend one night when she was 19 and that had set her on them for life, it was just something about having a strong hand leaving a red mark on her ass, the sting and burn on her soft flesh made her tingle all over.

Nothing was said between the two as Stephanie slowly stepped towards her brother and kneeled next to him on the sofa before she slid her chest onto his lap and pushed her body across his bulging crotch and to the other side of his legs until she felt the bulge press into her stomach and her as was just in the right position for her brothers hand.

Lee took a big breath and held it, his heart was beating like a drum in his chest, he had never done anything like this before, and though his confidence had improved greatly from the experiences he'd had over the last weeks, this was still nerve-racking.

Stephanie moaned as she felt her brothers palm brush over her ass cheeks, stopping to give them light squeezes before carrying on its journey.

"What about Kim? She could walk in if collage is shut like you say" Lee said as he felt Stephanie wiggle her ass under his hand, he was concerned because he didn't know how Kim would react to this situation should she find it.

"It’s just my building that's shut the other 2 are fine, she won't be back for ages" Stephanie said as she felt her brothers hand slide to her thighs and down in between them cupping her pussy.

He felt the wetness on his palm and could smell it starting to fill the room, it was much like April's but maybe a bit stronger, whatever it smelled like it was really arousing.

Lee slowly pulled his hand form between his sisters thighs and placed it back onto her ass-cheek's this time smearing her own juice onto her skin, teasing her, but really just calming his heart down before he started what would probably be one of the most memorable things he would ever do.

Stephanie closed her eyes in anticipation as she felt her brother remove his hand from her ass.

Lee looked down to his sister’s soft skin and smiled, her ass was clenched and her hands were gripping the sofa tight, she was ready and so was he, it was now or never.


Lee's hand came down onto his sister’s ass, not that hard but hard enough to make her cry out and raise her head up.

Lee waited until Stephanie lowered her head back down to the sofa before he lifted his hand again and saw the red mark left behind.

Stephanie felt the heat rise on her ass-cheek, it was her right that had been hit but the burning was spreading to both now.

Lee took another breath hand brought his hand down again.


Stephanie moaned this time, not cried out, as her brother’s hand came down on her left cheek.

Lee took the moan as a good sign and grew in confidence, not waiting so long this time before bringing his hand down again.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Stephanie moaned out a throaty growl after each slap on her ass, she felt the burning in her ass, it was so nice to her she felt her pussy begin to flow freely, her juice sliding onto her brothers pants leaving a big wet stop on them.

It was obviously turning Lee on too; Stephanie could feel his cock twitch under her stomach, which only added to the sensational, feels she was building in her pussy.


Another harder shot fell on her ass, Lee was really enjoying this now, he could feel the stinging in his hand and could only imagine what Stephanie was feeling right now.

"Oh god Lee yess! Spank my naughty ass" Stephanie shouted as she felt her brother slam his hand onto her ass again, the pain was really bad now every slap was making her want to cry but it was also sending pleasure right to her pussy which was dripping more then ever before.

Lee spanked her harder as he heard her say that, he was really turned on and the sight of her red ass was just turning him on more.


Stephanie shouted out as her body went stiff on her brother's lap as her orgasm, the biggest she had ever had in her life washed through her.

Lee felt his sister’s juice fall onto his pants and soak through to his skin, the room now stunk of pussy but that just turned him on further his cock was super hard and he needed a release for himself.

"Oh Lee that was... I don't know... it was too good,” Stephanie said as she turned over on her brother to face him, smiling as she felt the heat subside slightly on her ass, now more a tingle.

Lee smiled and nodded his agreement to her.

"But now I think it’s your turn" Stephanie said sternly.

Lee looked shocked at his sister; he didn't like the idea of being spanked himself. Stephanie saw the look in his face and smiled widely.

"I don't me I'm gonna spank you silly" she said with a giggle "But isn't that just like a guy all too willing to give but not wanting to receive" she said again giggling.

Lee smiled at her and started to laugh slightly too.

"No I was thinking more of this" Stephanie said as she sat up on her brother and placed her lags on either side of him, lowering her dripping pussy to the bulge in his pants.

"Ohhh" Lee moaned as he felt her pussy pres down on the material, which pushed, onto his cock head.

"Lets get these off" Stephanie said as she slid off the sofa and undid her brother’s pants pulling them down his legs. Lee helped her get them off and sat back naked on the sofa after removing his top too.

Stephanie watched his cock bounce in-between his legs, it was so hard and ready, and she just had to get it inside her now.

She slid back onto the sofa over her brother, her breasts hung just in front of his face and he couldn't resist taking them in his hands and bringing the left nipple to his mouth.

Stephanie moaned as she felt her brothers hot breath on her nipple as he closed his lips around it, she put her hands on his shoulders to get balanced as she tried to slide her hips over his cock without moving her breasts from his mouth.

Lee loved the feel of Stephanie's nipple on his tongue as he flicked it over, the little erect nipple seemed to grow harder in his mouth, Stephanie felt her nipples become sore they were so aroused and hard.

"Oh Lee stop" she moaned as she felt him gently nibble on her sensitive breast, letting go of her brothers shoulders she placed them on the sides of his head and took his mouth from her breast.

"This is your time to get off" she said as she pushed him back and slide forwards so her pussy was just over his hard cock.

Lee looked down and watched as Stephanie widened her legs and lowered her pussy to her brother cock, he moaned out as her extremely wet pussy opened around his cock as the head touched and began to slide in-between her lips.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh!" Stephanie moaned out as she felt her brothers cock enter her for the first time, it was so hot and the pre-cum combined with her own juice made it easy to get him all in.

Stephanie stopped when she felt her pubic hair hit his, he was balls deep inside her and the heat they had both made was intense.

Lee wanted this so much he could taste it, the spanking he had given his sister had made him so horny that it wouldn't take long for him to cum but he was going to enjoy it while he could.

Stephanie once used to having her brothers cock in her pussy began to ride him hard, she would push up with her legs so only his cock head was in her then she would sink it al back in, her breasts would bounce in front of her brothers face as she moved, his eyes following her nipples like a cat watching a ball on some rope.

"Aaahhhh god yess!" Stephanie moaned as she felt her pussy filled to the brim by the cock of Lee, he too was moaning, from the heat and tightness of her pussy, it must have been something in the family because all his sisters had the tightest pussy that possibly anyone could have.

Stephanie continued to bounce her body on Lee's, tightening her pussy yet further on his cock, she now had him a vice like grip, and stopping bouncing she began to grind her pussy on his cock, leaving it buried deep in her pussy she now just wiggled her hips in little circles moving his cock around inside her, grinding his pubic hair onto her clit and driving both wild.

Stephanie leaned forwards and took her brother’s head into her hands and brought her lips to his forcing his lips open with her tongue she began to stick her warm tongue into his mouth as they kissed passionately.

Lee moaned into her mouth as Stephanie began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy again, while still kissing him, she had wrapped her arms around is neck and was making sure he could pull away from her lips not that Lee would think of doing that anyway.

The sweat was falling from them both now as they neared the end, Lee felt his balls begin to tighten, a feeling he had felt a lot lately and that could mean only one thing... he was going to cum very soon.

Stephanie seemed to sense what was coming and broke the kiss, leaning her head back she shouted...

"Cum in me Lee!"

That pushed Lee over the edge, his hips pushed up and his cock drove deep into Stephanie who hugged tight to his body as she felt the white hot liquid shoot into her pussy, filling her up more then anyone before, her breath was ragged and heavy into her brothers ear as she panted with every shot of cum that filled her.

"Oh God!" Lee moaned as he finally finished cumming and his cock began to shrink inside his sister, his cum falling from her open pussy as she stepped off his cock.

Lee watched as she cupped her hand onto her pussy so not to stain the floor or sofa with the cum of her brother.

"That was the best Lee... I can see why you and April are moving in together... she a very lucky girl,” Stephanie said out of breath as she felt the cum fill her hand.

"No I'm a very lucky guy having such great sisters" Lee said smiling as he stood up from the sofa.

Stephanie smiled and took his hand.

"I think we need a shower,” she said as she led Lee to the stairs.

Lee agreed, at least he and April had one sister on their side, but how would the others react to their news?

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